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Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name

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Gortheb – Horrible (gortheb)
Gorthebeth Horrible One gortheb+-eth
Gorthebien Of the Horrible One gortheb+-ien
Gorthebiel Daughter of Horrible One gortheb+iell
Gorthebes Horrible Wife gortheb+bess
Gorthebon Horrible One gortheb+-on
Gorthebion Son of Horrible One gortheb+-ion
Gortheben Horrible Husband gortheb+benn
Gortheb Horrible gortheb
Go-Ngortheb___ Descendant of Horrible go-+gortheb
Gortheben Horrible Person gortheb+pen
Gost – Dread (gost)
Gosteth Dread gost+-eth
Gostien Of Dread gost+-ien
Gostiel Daughter of Dread gost+iell
Gossel Dread Girl gost+sell
Goston Dread gost+-on
Gostion Son of Dread gost+-ion
Gostor Dread Brother gost+tôr
Gost Dread gost
Go-‘Ost___ Descendant of Dread go-+gost
Gûd – Foe (gûd)
Gúdeth Foe gûd+-eth
Gúdien Of the Foe gûd+-ien
Gúdiel Daughter of Foe gûd+iell
Gússel Foe Girl gûd+sell
Gúdwen Foe Maiden gûd+gwen
Gúdis Foe Bride gûd+dîs
Gúdes Foe Maiden gûd+dess
Gúdon Foe gûd+-on
Gúdion Son of Foe gûd+-ion
Gúder Foe Bridegroom gûd+der
Gúdir Foe Man gûd+dîr
Gúdor Foe Brother gûd+tôr
Gûd Foe gûd
Go-Ngúd___ Descendant of Foe go-+gûd
Gûr – Heart/Counsel (gûr)
Gureth Heart/Counsel gûr+-eth
Gurien Of the Heart/Counsel gûr+-ien
Guriel Daughter of Heart/Counsel gûr+iell
Gurhel Heart/Counsel Girl gûr+sell
Gurwen Heart/Counsel Maiden gûr+gwen
Gurneth Heart/Counsel Girl gûr+neth
Gurdis Heart/Counsel Bride gûr+dîs
Gurdes Heart/Counsel Maiden gûr+dess
Gurnith Heart/Counsel Sister gûr+nîth
Gurthel Heart/Counsel Sister gûr+thêl
Gurbes Heart/Counsel Wife gûr+bess
Guron Heart/Counsel gûr+-on
Gurion Son of Heart/Counsel gûr+-ion
Gurder Heart/Counsel Bridegroom gûr+der
Gurdir Heart/Counsel Man gûr+dîr
Gurben Heart/Counsel Husband gûr+benn
Gurdor Heart/Counsel Brother gûr+tôr
Gurchon Heart/Counsel Brother gûr+hawn
Gurchanar Heart/Counsel Brother gûr+hanar
Gûr Heart/Counsel gûr
Go-‘Ur___ Descendant of Heart/Counsel go-+gûr
Gurphen Heart/Counsel Person gûr+pen
Gurveleg – Great Heart (gûr+beleg)
Gurvelegeth Great Heart gûr+beleg+-eth
Gurvelegien Of the Great Heart gûr+beleg+-ien
Gurvelegiel Daughter of Great Heart gûr+beleg+iell
Gurvelegwen Great Heart Maiden gûr+beleg+gwen
Gurvelegneth Great Heart Girl gûr+beleg+neth
Gurvelegnis Great Heart Bride gûr+beleg+dîs
Gurvelegnes Great Heart Maiden gûr+beleg+dess
Gurvelegnith Great Heart Sister gûr+beleg+nîth
Gurvelegon Great Heart gûr+beleg+-on
Gurvelegion Son of Great Heart gûr+beleg+-ion
Gurvelegner Great Heart Bridegroom gûr+beleg+der
Gurvelegnir Great Heart Man gûr+beleg+dîr
Gurvelechon Great Heart Brother gûr+beleg+hawn
Gurveleg Great Heart gûr+beleg
Go-‘Urveleg___ Descendant of Great Heart go-+gûr+beleg
Gwend – Bond/Friendship (gwend)
Gwenneth Bond/Friendship gwend+-eth
Gwennien Of Bond/Friendship gwend+-ien
Gwenniel Daughter of Bond/Friendship gwend+iell
Gwenhel Bond/Friendship Girl gwend+sell
Gwenneth Bond/Friendship Girl gwend+neth
Gwendis Bond/Friendship Bride gwend+dîs
Gwendes Bond/Friendship Maiden gwend+dess
Gwennith Bond/Friendship Sister gwend+nîth
Gwenthel Bond/Friendship Sister gwend+thêl
Gwembes Bond/Friendship Wife gwend+bess
Gwennon Bond/Friendship gwend+-on
Gwennion Son of Bond/Friendship gwend+-ion
Gwender Bond/Friendship Bridegroom gwend+der
Gwendir Bond/Friendship Man gwend+dîr
Gwemben Bond/Friendship Husband gwend+benn
Gwendor Bond/Friendship Brother gwend+tôr
Gwend Bond/Friendship gwend
Go-‘Wend___ Descendant of Bond/Friendship go-+gwend
Gwemben Bond/Friendship Person gwend+pen
Hal – Exalted (hall)
Halien Of Exalted One hall+-ien
Haliel Daughter of Exalted One hall+iell
Halwen Exalted Maiden hall+gwen
Halneth Exalted Girl hall+neth
Haldis Exalted Bride hall+dîs
Haldes Exalted Woman hall+dess
Halnith Exalted Sister hall+nîth
Halthel Exalted Sister hall+thêl
Halbes Exalted Wife hall+bess
Halon Exalted One hall+-on
Halion Son of Exalted One hall+iôn
Halder Exalted Bridegroom hall+der
Haldir Exalted Man hall+dîr
Halben Exalted Husband hall+benn
Haldor Exalted Brother hall+tôr
Halchon Exalted Brother hall+hawn
Halchanar Exalted Brother hall+hanar
Hal Exalted hall
Go-Chal___ Descendant of Exalted go-+hall
Halben Exalted Person hall+pen
Hand – Intelligent (hand)
Hanneth Intelligent One hand+-eth
Hannien Intelligent One hand+-ien
Hanniel Daughter of Intelligent One hand+iell
Hanhel Intelligent Girl hand+sell
Hangwen Intelligent Maiden hand+gwen
Hanneth Intelligent Girl hand+neth
Handis Intelligent Bride hand+dîs
Handes Intelligent Woman hand+dess
Hannith Intelligent Sister hand+nîth
Hanthel Intelligent Sister hand+thêl
Hambes Intelligent Wife hand+bess
Hannon Intelligent One hand+-on
Hannion Son of Intelligent One hand+iôn
Hander Intelligent Bridegroom hand+der
Handir Intelligent Man hand+dîr
Hamben Intelligent Husband hand+benn
Handor Intelligent Brother hand+tôr
Hand Intelligent hand
Go-Chann___ Descendant of Intelligent go-+hand
Hamben Intelligent Person hand+pen
Hethu – Vague (hethu)
Hethwien Of the Vague One hethu+-ien
Hethwiel Daughter of Vague One hethu+iell
Hethwen Vague Maiden hethu+gwen
Hethuneth Vague Girl hethu+neth
Hethunis Vague Bride hethu+dîs
Hethunes Vague Maiden hethu+dess
Hethunith Vague Sister hethu+nîth
Hethuves Vague Wife hethu+bess
Hethuon Vague One hethu+-on
Hethuion Son of Vague One hethu+-ion
Hethuner Vague Bridegroom hethu+der
Hethunir Vague Man hethu+dîr
Hethuven Vague Husband hethu+benn
Hethudor Vague Brother hethu+tôr
Hethuchon Vague Brother hethu+hawn
Hethuchanar Vague Brother hethu+hanar
Hethu Vague hethu
Go-Chethu___ Descendant of Vague go-+hethu
Hethuben Vague Person hethu+pen

Hethuren – Secret Child (hên+thúren)

Him – Steadfast/Abiding (him)
Himeth Steadfast/Abiding One him+-eth
Himien Of the Steadfast/Abiding One him+-ien
Himiel Daughter of Steadfast/Abiding One him+iell
Himdis Steadfast/Abiding Bride him+dîs
Himdes Steadfast/Abiding Maiden him+dess
Himbes Steadfast/Abiding Wife him+bess
Himon Steadfast/Abiding One him+-on
Himion Son of Steadfast/Abiding One him+-ion
Himder Steadfast/Abiding Bridegroom him+der
Himdir Steadfast/Abiding Man him+dîr
Himben Steadfast/Abiding Husband him+benn
Himdor Steadfast/Abiding Brother him+tôr
Him Steadfast/Abiding him
Go-Chim___ Descendant of Steadfast/Abiding go-+him
Himben Steadfast/Abiding Person him+pen
Horn – Driven/Impelled (horn)
Horneth Driven/Impelled One horn+-eth
Hornien Of the Driven/Impelled One horn+-ien
Horniel Daughter of Driven/Impelled One horn+iell
Horsel Driven/Impelled Girl horn+sell
Horneth Driven/Impelled Girl horn+neth
Hornith Driven/Impelled Sister horn+nîth
Horthel Driven/Impelled Sister horn+thêl
Hormes Driven/Impelled Wife horn+bess
Hornon Driven/Impelled One horn+-on
Hornion Son of Driven/Impelled One horn+-ion
Hormen Driven/Impelled Husband horn+benn
Horthor Driven/Impelled Brother horn+tôr
Horn Driven/Impelled horn
Go-Chorn___ Descendant of Driven/Impelled go-+horn
Horphen Driven/Impelled Person horn+pen
Hûl – Battle Cry (hûl)
Húleth Battle Cry hûl+-eth
Húlien Of the Battle Cry hûl+-ien
Húliel Daughter of Battle Cry hûl+iell
Húlhel Battle Cry Girl hûl+sell
Húlwen Battle Cry Maiden hûl+gwen
Húlneth Battle Cry Girl hûl+neth
Húldis Battle Cry Bride hûl+dîs
Húldes Battle Cry Maiden hûl+dess
Húlnith Battle Cry Sister hûl+nîth
Húlthel Battle Cry Sister hûl+thêl
Húlbes Battle Cry Wife hûl+bess
Húlon Battle Cry hûl+-on
Húlion Son of Battle Cry hûl+-ion
Húlder Battle Cry Bridegroom hûl+der
Húldir Battle Cry Man hûl+dîr
Húlben Battle Cry Husband hûl+benn
Húldor Battle Cry Brother hûl+tôr
Húlchon Battle Cry Brother hûl+hawn
Húlchanar Battle Cry Brother hûl+hanar
Hûl Battle Cry hûl
Go-Chúl___ Descendant of Battle Cry go-+hûl
Húlben Battle Cry Person hûl+pen
Hûr – Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit (hûr)
Húreth Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit hûr+-eth
Húrien Of the Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit hûr+-ien
Húriel Daughter of Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit hûr+iell
Húrhel Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Girl hûr+sell
Húrwen Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Maiden hûr+gwen
Húrneth Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Girl hûr+neth
Húrdis Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Bride hûr+dîs
Húrdes Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Maiden hûr+dess
Húrnith Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Sister hûr+nîth
Húrthel Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Sister hûr+thêl
Húrbes Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Wife hûr+bess
Húron Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit hûr+-on
Húrion Son of Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit hûr+-ion
Húrder Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Bridegroom hûr+der
Húrdir Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Man hûr+dîr
Húrben Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Husband hûr+benn
Húrdor Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Brother hûr+tôr
Húrchon Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Brother hûr+hawn
Húrchanar Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Brother hûr+hanar
Hûr Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit hûr
Go-Chúr___ Descendant of Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit go-+hûr
Húrphen Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Person hûr+pen
Hwind – Giddy/Twirling/Whirling (hwind)
Hwinneth Giddy/Twirling/Whirling One hwind+-eth
Hwinnien Giddy/Twirling/Whirling One hwind+-ien
Hwinniel Daughter of Giddy/Twirling/Whirling One hwind+iell
Hwinhel Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Girl hwind+sell
Hwingwen Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Maiden hwind+gwen
Hwinneth Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Girl hwind+neth
Hwindis Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Bride hwind+dîs
Hwindes Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Woman hwind+dess
Hwinnith Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Sister hwind+nîth
Hwinthel Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Sister hwind+thêl
Hwimbes Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Wife hwind+bess
Hwinnon Giddy/Twirling/Whirling One hwind+-on
Hwinnion Son of Giddy/Twirling/Whirling One hwind+-ion
Hwinder Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Bridegroom hwind+der
Hwindir Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Man hwind+dîr
Hwimben Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Husband hwind+benn
Hwindor Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Brother hwind+tôr
Hwind Giddy/Twirling/Whirling hwind
Go-Chwinn___ Descendant of Giddy/Twirling/Whirling go-+hwind
Hwimben Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Person hwind+pen
Idhren – Wise/Thoughtful (idhren)
Idhreneth Wise/Thoughtful One idhren+-eth
Idhorien Of Wise/Thoughtful One idhor+-ien
Idhoriel Daughter of Wise/Thoughtful One idhor+-iel
Idhressel Wise/Thoughtful Girl idhren+sell
Idhrengwen Wise/Thoughtful Maiden idhren+gwen
Idhreneth Wise/Thoughtful Girl idhren+neth
Idhrendis Wise/Thoughtful Bride idhren+dîs
Idhrendes Wise/Thoughtful Woman idhren+dess
Idhrenith Wise/Thoughtful Sister idhren+nîth
Idhrenthel Wise/Thoughtful Sister idhren+thêl
Idhremes Wise/Thoughtful Wife idhren+bess
Idhrenon Wise/Thoughtful One idhren+-on
Idhorion Son of Wise/Thoughtfulness idhor+-ion
Idhrender Wise/Thoughtful Bridegroom idhren+der
Idhrendir Wise/Thoughtful Man idhren+dîr
Idhremen Wise/Thoughtful Husband idhren+benn
Idhrethor Wise/Thoughtful Brother idhren+tôr
Idhren Wise/Thoughtful idhren
Go-Idhren___ Descendant of Wise/Thoughtful go-+idhren
Idhremben Wise/Thoughtful Person idhren+pen
Iest – Wish (iest)
Iesteth Wish iest+-eth
Iestien Of the Wish iest+-ien
Iestiel Daughter of Wish iest+iell
Iessel Wish Girl iest+sell
Ieston Wish iest+-on
Iestion Son of Wish iest+-ion
Iestor Wish Brother iest+tôr
Iest Wish iest
Go-Iest___ Descendant of Wish go-+iest
Iew – Mocking/Scorn (iew)
Ieweth Mocking/Scorn iew+-eth
Iewien Of Mocking/Scorn iew+-ien
Iewiel Daughter of Mocking/Scorn iew+iell
Iewen Mocking/Scorn Maiden iew+gwen
Iewon Mocking/Scorn iew+-on
Iewion Son of Mocking/Scorn iew+-ion
Iew Mocking/Scorn iew
Go-Iew___ Descendant of Mocking/Scorn go-+iew
Inc – Guess/Idea/Notion (inc)
Ingeth Guess/Idea/Notion inc+-eth
Ingien Of the Guess/Idea/Notion inc+-ien
Ingiel Daughter of Guess/Idea/Notion inc+iell
Ingwen Guess/Idea/Notion Maiden inc+gwen
Ingon Guess/Idea/Notion inc+-on
Ingion Son of Guess/Idea/Notion inc+-ion
Inc Guess/Idea/Notion inc
Go-Ing___ Descendant of Guess/Idea/Notion go-+inc
Ind – Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart (ind)
Inneth Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart ind+-eth
Innien Of Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart ind+-ien
Inniel Daughter of Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart ind+iell
Inhel Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Girl ind+sell
Ingwen Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Maiden ind+gwen
Inneth Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Girl ind+neth
Indis Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Bride ind+dîs
Indes Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Maiden ind+dess
Innith Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Sister ind+nîth
Inthel Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Sister ind+thêl
Imbes Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Wife ind+bess
Innon Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart ind+-on
Innion Son of Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart ind+-ion
Inder Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Bridegroom ind+der
Indir Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Man ind+dîr
Imben Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Husband ind+benn
Indor Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Brother ind+tôr
Ind Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart ind
Go-Inn___ Descendant of Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart go-+ind
Imben Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Person ind+pen
Îr – Sexual Disire (îr)
Ireth Desire îr+-eth
Irien Of Desire îr+-ien
Iriel Daughter of Desire îr+iell
Irhel Desire Girl îr+sell
Irwen Desire Maiden îr+gwen
Irneth Desire Girl îr+neth
Irdis Desire Bride îr+dîs
Irdes Desire Woman îr+dess
Irnith Desire Sister îr+nîth
Irthel Desire Sister îr+thêl
Irbes Desire Wife îr+bess
Iron Desire îr+-on
Irion Son of Desire îr+iôn
Irder Desire Bridegroom îr+der
Irdir Desire Man îr+dîr
Irven Desire Husband îr+benn
Irdor Desire Brother îr+tôr
Irchon Desire Brother îr+hawn
Irchanar Desire Brother îr+hanar
Îr Desire îr
Go-Ir___ Descendant of Desire go-+îr
Irphen Desire Person îr+pen
Istui – Learned (istui)
Istuihel Learned Girl istui+sell
Istuiwen Learned Maiden istui+gwen
Istuineth Learned Girl istui+neth
Istuinis Learned Bride istui+dîs
Istuines Learned Maiden istui+dess
Istuinith Learned Sister istui+nîth
Istuithel Learned Sister istui+thêl
Istuives Learned Wife istui+bess
Istuiner Learned Bridegroom istui+der
Istuinir Learned Man istui+dîr
Istuiven Learned Husband istui+benn
Istuidor Learned Brother istui+tôr
Istuichon Learned Brother istui+hawn
Istui Learned istui
Go-Istui___ Descendant of Learned go-+istui
Istuiben Learned Person istui+pen
Lain – Free (lain)
Laineth Free One lain+-eth
Lainien Free One lain+-ien
Lainiel Daughter of Free One lain+-iel
Laingwen Free Maiden lain+gwen
Laineth Free Girl lain+neth
Laindis Free Bride lain+dîs
Laindes Free Woman lain+dess
Lainith Free Sister lain+nîth
Lainthel Free Sister lain+thêl
Laimes Free Wife lain+bess
Lainon Free One lain+-on
Lainion Son of Free One lain+-ion
Lainder Free Bridegroom lain+der
Laindir Free Man lain+dîr
Laimen Free Husband lain+benn
Laithor Free Brother lain+tôr
Lain Free lain
Go-Lain___ Descendant of Free go-+lain
Laimben Free Person lain+pen
Lamen – Clever Tongue (lam+men)
Lameneth Clever Tongued One lam+men+-eth
Lamenien of a Clever Tongue lam+men+-ien
Lameniel Daughter of Clever Tongue lam+men+iell
Lamessel Clever Tongued Girl lam+men+sell
Lamengwen Clever Tongued Maiden lam+men+gwen
Lameneth Clever Tongued Girl lam+men+neth
Lamendis Clever Tongued Bride lam+men+dîs
Lamendes Clever Tongued Woman lam+men+dess
Lamenith Clever Tongued Sister lam+men+nîth
Lamenthel Clever Tongued Sister lam+men+thêl
Lamenon Clever Tongue lam+men+-on
Lamenion Son of Clever Tongue lam+men+iôn
Lamendir Clever Tongue Man lam+men+dîr
Lamemen Clever Tongue Husband lam+men+benn
Lamethor Clever Tongued Brother lam+men+tôr
Lamechon Clever Tongued Brother lam+men+hawn
Lamen Clever Tongue lam+men
Go-Lamen___ Descendant of Clever Tongue go-+lam+men
Lamemben Clever Tongue Person lam+men+pen
Lind – Tuneful/Sweet (lind)
Linneth Tuneful/Sweet One lind+-eth
Linnien Tuneful/Sweet One lind+-ien
Linniel Daughter of Tuneful/Sweet One lind+iell
Linhel Tuneful/Sweet Girl lind+sell
Linnwen Tuneful/Sweet Maiden lind+gwen
Linneth Tuneful/Sweet Girl lind+neth
Lindis Tuneful/Sweet Bride lind+dîs
Lindes Tuneful/Sweet Woman lind+dess
Linnith Tuneful/Sweet Sister lind+nîth
Linthel Tuneful/Sweet Sister lind+thêl
Limbes Tuneful/Sweet Wife lind+bess
Linnon Tuneful/Sweet One lind+-on
Linnion Son of Tuneful/Sweet One lind+iôn
Linder Tuneful/Sweet Bridegroom lind+der
Lindir Tuneful/Sweet Man lind+dîr
Limben Tuneful/Sweet Husband lind+benn
Lindor Tuneful/Sweet Brother lind+tôr
Lind Tuneful/Sweet lind
Go-Linn___ Descendant of Tuneful/Sweet go-+lind
Limben Tuneful/Sweet Person lind+pen

Malgelir – Golden Happy Person (mal-+gelir)

Mel – Lust (mel)
Meleth Lust mel+-eth
Melien Of Lust mel+-ien
Meliel Daughter of Lust mel+-iel
Melwen Lust Maiden mel+gwen
Melneth Lust Girl mel+neth
Meldis Lust Bride mel+dîs
Meldes Lust Woman mel+dess
Melnith Lust Sister mel+nîth
Melbes Lust Wife mel+bess
Melon Lust mel+-on
Melion Son of Lust mel+-ion
Melder Lust Bridegroom mel+der
Meldir Lust Man mel+dîr
Melben Lust Husband mel+benn
Meldor Lust Brother mel+tôr
Melchon Lust Brother mel+hawn
Melchanar Lust Brother mel+hanar
Mel Lust mel
Go-Vel___ Descendant of Lust go-+mel
Melben Lust Person mel+pen
Mel – Dear (mell)
Meleth Dear One mell+-eth
Melien Dear One mell+-ien
Meliel Daughter of Dear One mell+iell
Melwen Dear Maiden mell+gwen
Melneth Dear Girl mell+neth
Meldis Dear Bride mell+dîs
Meldes Dear Woman mell+dess
Melnith Dear Sister mell+nîth
Melbes Dear Wife mell+bess
Melon Dear One mell+-on
Melion Son of Dear One mell+ion
Melder Dear Bridegroom mell+der
Meldir Dear Man mell+dîr
Melben Dear Husband mell+benn
Meldor Dear Brother mell+tôr
Melchon Dear Brother mell+hawn
Melchanar Dear Brother mell+hanar
Mel Dear mell
Go-Vel___ Descendant of Dear go-+mell
Melben Dear Person mell+pen
Melch – Greedy (melch)
Melcheth Greedy One melch+-eth
Melchien Of the Greedy One melch+-ien
Melchiel Daughter of Greedy One melch+iell
Melchel Greedy Girl melch+sell
Melchon Greedy One melch+-on
Melchion Son of Greedy One melch+-ion
Melchon Greedy Brother melch+hawn
Melchanar Greedy Brother melch+hanar
Melch Greedy melch
Go-Velch___ Descendant of Greedy go-+melch
Melui – Lovely/Sweet (melui)
Meluihel Lovely/Sweet Girl melui+sell
Meluiwen Lovely/Sweet Maiden melui+gwen
Meluineth Lovely/Sweet Girl melui+neth
Meluinis Lovely/Sweet Bride melui+dîs
Meluines Lovely/Sweet Woman melui+dess
Meluinith Lovely/Sweet Sister melui+nîth
Meluithel Lovely/Sweet Sister melui+thêl
Meluives Lovely/Sweet Wife melui+bess
Meluiner Lovely/Sweet Bridegroom melui+der
Meluinir Loving/Sweet Man melui+dîr
Meluiven Loving/Sweet Husband melui+benn
Meluidor Loving/Sweet Brother melui+tôr
Meluichon Loving/Sweet Brother melui+hawn
Melui Lovely/Sweet melui
Go-Velui___ Descendant of Lovely/Sweet go-+melui
Meluiben Lovely/Sweet Person melui+pen
Men – Skilled/Clever (men)
Meneth Skilled/Clever One men+-eth
Meniel Daughter of Skilled/Clever One men+iell
Menien Skilled/Clever One men+-ien
Messel Skilled/Clever Girl men+sell
Mengwen Skilled/Clever Maiden men+gwen
Meneth Skilled/Clever Girl men+neth
Mendes Skilled/Clever Woman men+dess
Mendis Skilled/Clever Bride men+dîs
Menith Skilled/Clever Sister men+nîth
Menthel Skilled/Clever Sister men+thêl
Memes Skilled/Clever Wife men+bess
Menon Skilled/Clever One men+-on
Menion Son of Skilled/Clever One men+iôn
Mender Skilled/Clever Bridegroom men+der
Mendir Skilled/Clever Man men+dîr
Memen Skilled/Clever Husband men+ben
Methor Skilled/Clever Brother men+tôr
Men Skilled/Clever men
Go-Ven___ Descendant of Skilled/Clever go-+men
Memben Skilled/Clever Person men+pen
Mer – Good/Useful/Fit (mer)
Mereth Good/Useful/Fit One mer+-eth
Merien Good/Useful/Fit One mer+-ien
Meriel Daughter of Good/Useful/Fit One mer+-iel
Mersel Good/Useful/Fit Girl mer+sell
Merwen Good/Useful/Fit Maiden mer+gwen
Merneth Good/Useful/Fit Girl mer+neth
Merdis Good/Useful/Fit Bride mer+dîs
Merdes Good/Useful/Fit Woman mer+dess
Mernith Good/Useful/Fit Sister mer+nîth
Merthel Good/Useful/Fit Sister mer+thêl
Merves Good/Useful/Fit Wife mer+bess
Meron Good/Useful/Fit One mer+-on
Merion Son of Good/Useful/Fit One mer+-ion
Merdir Good/Useful/Fit Man mer+dîr
Merven Good/Useful/Fit Husband mer+benn
Merdor Good/Useful/Fit Brother mer+tôr
Merchon Good/Useful/Fit Brother mer+hawn
Merchanar Good/Useful/Fit Brother mer+hanar
Mer Good/Useful/Fit mer
Go-Ver___ Descendant of Good/Useful/Fit go-+mer
Merphen Good/Useful/Fit Person mer+pen
Meren – Festive/Gay/Joyous (meren)
Mereneth Festive/Gay/Joyous One meren+-eth
Merenien Festive/Gay/Joyous One meren+-ien
Mereniel Daughter of Festive/Gay/Joyous One meren+iell
Meressel Festive/Gay/Joyous Girl meren+sell
Merengwen Festive/Gay/Joyous Maiden meren+gwen
Mereneth Festive/Gay/Joyous Girl meren+neth
Merendis Festive/Gay/Joyous Bride meren+dîs
Merendes Festive/Gay/Joyous Woman meren+dess
Merenith Festive/Gay/Joyous Sister meren+nîth
Merenthel Festive/Gay/Joyous Sister meren+thêl
Meremes Festive/Gay/Joyous Wife meren+bess
Merenon Festive/Gay/Joyous One meren+-on
Merenion Son of Festive/Gay/Joyous One meren+iôn
Merender Festive/Gay/Joyous Bridegroom meren+der
Merendir Festive/Gay/Joyous Man meren+dîr
Meremen Festive/Gay/Joyous Husband meren+benn
Merethor Festive/Gay/Joyous Brother meren+tôr
Meren Festive/Gay/Joyous meren
Go-Veren___ Descendant of Festive/Gay/Joyous go-+meren
Meremben Festive/Gay/Joyous Person meren+pen
Mîl – Love/Affection (mîl)
Mileth Love/Affection mîl+-eth
Milien of Love/Affection mîl+-ien
Miliel Daughter of Love/Affection mîl+iell
Milhel Love/Affection Girl mîl+sell
Milwen Love/Affection Maiden mîl+gwen
Milneth Love/Affection Girl mîl+neth
Mildis Love/Affection Bride mîl+dîs
Mildes Love/Affection Woman mîl+dess
Milnith Love/Affection Sister mîl+nîth
Milthel Love/Affection Sister mîl+thêl
Milbes Love/Affection Wife mîl+bess
Milon Love/Affection mîl+-on
Milion Son of Love/Affection mîl+iôn
Milder Love/Affection Bridegroom mîl+der
Mildir Love/Affection Man mîl+dîr
Milben Love/Affection Husband mîl+benn
Mildor Love/Affection Brother mîl+tôr
Milchon Love/Affection Brother mîl+hawn
Milchanar Love/Affection Brother mîl+hanar
Mîl Love/Affection mîl
Go-Vil___ Descendant of Love/Affection go-+mîl
Milben Love/Affection Person mîl+pen
Milui – Friendly/Loving/Kind (milui)
Miluihel Friendly/Loving/Kind Girl milui+sell
Miluiwen Friendly/Loving/Kind Maiden milui+gwen
Miluineth Friendly/Loving/Kind Girl milui+neth
Miluinis Friendly/Loving/Kind Bride milui+dîs
Miluines Friendly/Loving/Kind Woman milui+dess
Miluinith Friendly/Loving/Kind Sister milui+nîth
Miluithel Friendly/Loving/Kind Sister milui+thêl
Miluives Friendly/Loving/Kind Wife milui+bess
Miluiner Friendly/Loving/Kind Bridegroom milui+der
Miluinir Friendly/Loving/Kind Man milui+dîr
Miluiven Friendly/Loving/Kind Husband milui+benn
Miluidor Friendly/Loving/Kind Brother milui+tôr
Miluichon Friendly/Loving/Kind Brother milui+hawn
Milui Friendly/Loving/Kind milui
Go-Vilui___ Descendant of Friendly/Loving/Kind go-+milui
Miluiben Friendly/Loving/Kind Person milui+pen
Mist – Straying/Error (mist)
Misteth Straying/Error One mist+-eth
Mistien Of Straying/Error One mist+-ien
Mistiel Daughter of Straying/Error One mist+iell
Missel Straying/Error Girl mist+sell
Miston Straying One mist+-on
Mistion Son of Straying One mist+iôn
Mistor Straying Brother mist+tôr
Mist Straying/Error mist
Go-Vist___ Descendant of Straying/Error go-+mist
Muil – Drear (muil)
Muileth Drear muil+-eth
Muilien Of Drear muil+-ien
Muiliel Daughter of Drear muil+iell
Muilhel Drear Girl muil+sell
Muilwen Drear Maiden muil+gwen
Muilneth Drear Girl muil+neth
Muildis Drear Bride muil+dîs
Muildes Drear Maiden muil+dess
Muilnith Drear Sister muil+nîth
Muilthel Drear Sister muil+thêl
Muilbes Drear Wife muil+bess
Muilon Drear muil+-on
Muilion Son of Drear muil+-ion
Muilder Drear Bridegroom muil+der
Muildir Drear Man muil+dîr
Muilben Drear Husband muil+benn
Muildor Drear Brother muil+tôr
Muilchon Drear Brother muil+hawn
Muilchanar Drear Brother muil+hanar
Muil Drear muil
Go-Vuil___ Descendant of Drear go-+muil
Muilben Drear Person muil+pen
Muin – Dear/Beloved (muin)
Muineth Dear/Beloved One muin+-eth
Muinien Of the Dear/Beloved One muin+-ien
Muiniel Daughter of Dear/Beloved One muin+iell
Muissel Dear/Beloved Girl muin+sell
Muingwen Dear/Beloved Maiden muin+gwen
Muineth Dear/Beloved Girl muin+neth
Muindis Dear/Beloved Bride muin+dîs
Muindes Dear/Beloved Maiden muin+dess
Muinith Dear/Beloved Sister muin+nîth
Muinthel Dear/Beloved Sister muin+thêl
Muimes Dear/Beloved Wife muin+bess
Muinon Dear/Beloved One muin+-on
Muinion Son of Dear/Beloved One muin+-ion
Muinder Dear/Beloved Bridegroom muin+der
Muindir Dear/Beloved Man muin+dîr
Muimen Dear/Beloved Husband muin+benn
Muithor Dear/Beloved Brother muin+tôr
Muin Dear/Beloved muin
Go-Vuin___ Descendant of Dear/Beloved go-+muin
Muimben Dear/Beloved Person muin+pen
Ner – Sad/Lamentable (ner)
Nereth Sad/Lamentable One ner+-eth
Nerien Sad/Lamentable ner+-ien
Neriel Daughter of Sad/Lamentable One ner+-iel
Nerhel Sad/Lamentable Girl ner+sell
Nerwen Sad/Lamentable Maiden ner+gwen
Nerneth Sad/Lamentable Girl ner+neth
Nerdis Sad/Lamentable Bride ner+dîs
Nerdes Sad/Lamentable Woman ner+dess
Nernith Sad/Lamentable Sister ner+nîth
Nerthel Sad/Lamentable Sister ner+thêl
Nerbes Sad/Lamentable Wife ner+bess
Neron Sad/Lamentable One ner+-on
Nerion Son of Sad/Lamentable One ner+-ion
Nerdir Sad/Lamentable Man ner+dîr
Nerben Sad/Lamentable Husband ner+benn
Nerdor Sad/Lamentable Brother ner+tôr
Nerchon Sad/Lamentable Brother ner+hawn
Nerchanar Sad/Lamentable Brother ner+hanar
Ner Sad/Lamentable ner
Go-Ner___ Descendant of Sad/Lamentable go-+ner
Nerphen Sad/Lamentable Person ner+pen
Nîd – Tearful (nîd)
Nídeth Tearful One nîd+-eth
Nídien Of a Tearful One nîd+-ien
Nídiel Daughter of Tearful One nîd+-iel
Níssel Tearful Girl nîd+sell
Nídwen Tearful Maiden nîd+gwen
Nídis Tearful Bride nîd+dîs
Nídes Tearful Woman nîd+dess
Nídon Tearful One nîd+-on
Nídion Son of Tearful One nîd+-ion
Níder Tearful Bridegroom nîd+der
Nídir Tearful Man nîd+dîr
Nídor Tearful Brother nîd+tôr
Nîd Tearful nîd
Go-Níd___ Descendant of Tearful go-+nîd
Nîn – Tear (nîn)
Níneth Tear nîn+-eth
Nínien Of a Tear nîn+-ien
Níniel Daughter of Tear nîn+-iel
Níssel Tear Girl nîn+sell
Níngwen Tear Maiden nîn+gwen
Níneth Tear Girl nîn+neth
Níndis Tear Bride nîn+dîs
Níndes Tear Woman nîn+dess
Nínith Tear Sister nîn+nîth
Nínthel Tear Sister nîn+thêl
Nímes Tear Wife nîn+bess
Nínon Tear nîn+-on
Nínion Son of Tear nîn+-ion
Nínder Tear Bridegroom nîn+der
Níndir Tear Man nîn+dîr
Nímen Tear Husband nîn+benn
Níthor Tear Brother nîn+tôr
Nîn Tear nîn
Go-Nín___ Descendant of Tear go-+nîn
Nímben Tear Person nîn+pen
Nîr – Tear/Weeping (nîr)
Nireth Tear nîr+-eth
Nirien of a Tear nîr+-ien
Niriel Daughter of Tear nîr+iell
Nirhel Tear Girl nîr+sell
Nirwen Tear Maiden nîr+gwen
Nirneth Tear Girl nîr+neth
Nirdis Tear Bride nîr+dîs
Nirdes Tear Woman nîr+dess
Nirnith Tear Sister nîr+nîth
Nirthel Tear Sister nîr+thêl
Nirbes Tear Wife nîr+bess
Niron Tear nîr+-on
Nirion Son of Tear nîr+iôn
Nirder Tear Bridegroom nîr+der
Nirben Tear Husband nîr+benn
Nirdor Tear Brother nîr+tôr
Nirchon Tear Brother nîr+hawn
Nirchanar Tear Brother nîr+hanar
Nîr Tear nîr
Go-Nir___ Descendant of Tear go-+nîr
Nirphen Tear Person nîr+pen
Nûr – Sad (nûr)
Núreth Sad One nûr+-eth
Núrien Sad nûr+-ien
Núriel Daughter of Sad One nûr+-iel
Núrhel Sad Girl nûr+sell
Núrwen Sad Maiden nûr+gwen
Núrneth Sad Girl nûr+neth
Núrdis Sad Bride nûr+dîs
Núrdes Sad Woman nûr+dess
Núrnith Sad Sister nûr+nîth
Núrthel Sad Sister nûr+thêl
Núrbes Sad Wife nûr+bess
Núron Sad nûr+-on
Núrion Son of Sad One nûr+-ion
Núrder Sad Bridegroom nûr+der
Núrdir Sad Man nûr+dîr
Núrben Sad Husband nûr+benn
Núrdor Sad Brother nûr+tôr
Núrchon Sad Brother nûr+hawn
Núrchanar Sad Brother nûr+hanar
Nûr Sad nûr
Go-Núr___ Descendant of Sad go-+nûr
Núrphen Sad Person nûr+pen
Olg – Wicked/Evil (olg)
Olgeth Wicked/Evil One olg+-eth
Olgien Wicked/Evil One olg+-ien
Olgiel Daughter of Wicked/Evil One olg+-iel
Olgwen Wicked/Evil Maiden olg+gwen
Olgon Wicked/Evil One olg+-on
Olgion Son of Wicked/Evil One olg+-ion
Olchon Wicked/Evil Brother olg+hawn
Olg Wicked/Evil olg
Go-Olg___ Descendant of Wicked/Evil go-+olg
Orchal – Superior/Lofty (orchal)
Orchaleth Superior/Lofty One orchal+-eth
Orchalien Superior/Lofty orchal+-ien
Orchaliel Daughter of Superior/Lofty One orchal+-iel
Orchalhel Superior/Lofty Girl orchal+sell
Orchalwen Superior/Lofty Maiden orchal+gwen
Orchalneth Superior/Lofty Girl orchal+neth
Orchaldis Superior/Lofty Bride orchal+dîs
Orchaldes Superior/Lofty Woman orchal+dess
Orchalnith Superior/Lofty Sister orchal+nîth
Orchalthel Superior/Lofty Sister orchal+thêl
Orchalbes Superior/Lofty Wife orchal+bess
Orchalon Superior/Lofty One orchal+-on
Orchalion Son of Superior/Lofty One orchal+-ion
Orchalder Superior/Lofty Bridegroom orchal+der
Orchaldir Superior/Lofty Man orchal+dîr
Orchalben Superior/Lofty Husband orchal+benn
Orchaldor Superior/Lofty Brother orchal+tôr
Orchalchon Superior/Lofty Brother orchal+hawn
Orchal Superior/Lofty orchal
Go-Orchal___ Descendant of Superior/Lofty go-+orchal
Orchalben Superior/Lofty Person orchal+pen

Pen-estel – Hopeless (pen-+estel)

Pe-phennas – No Past (pen-+pennas)

Reg – Wrong (reg)
Regeth Wrong One reg+-eth
Regien Of a Wrong One reg+-ien
Regiel Daughter of Wrong One reg+-iel
Regwen Wrong Maiden reg+gwen
Regneth Wrong Girl reg+neth
Regnis Wrong Bride reg+dîs
Regnes Wrong Woman reg+dess
Regnith Wrong Sister reg+nîth
Recthel Wrong Sister reg+thêl
Regon Wrong reg+-on
Region Son of Wrong reg+-ion
Regner Wrong Bridegroom reg+der
Regnir Wrong Man reg+dîr
Rechon Wrong Brother reg+hawn
Rechanar Wrong Brother reg+hanar
Reg Wrong reg
Go-Reg___ Descendant of Wrong go-+reg
Remlas – Joy Net (rem+glass)
Remlasseth Joy Net rem+glass+-eth
Remlassien Of the Joy Net rem+glass+-ien
Remlassiel Daughter of Joy Net rem+glass+iell
Remlassel Joy Net Girl rem+glass+sell
Remlasdis Joy Net Bride rem+glass+dîs
Remlasdes Joy Net Maiden rem+glass+dess
Remlasbes Joy Net Wife rem+glass+bess
Remlasson Joy Net rem+glass+-on
Remlassion Son of Joy Net rem+glass+-ion
Remlasder Joy Net Bridegroom rem+glass+der
Remlasdir Joy Net Man rem+glass+dîr
Remlasben Joy Net Husband rem+glass+benn
Remlastor Joy Net Brother rem+glass+tôr
Remlas Joy Net rem+glass
Go-Remlass___ Descendant of Joy Net go-+rem+glass
Remlaspen Joy Net Person rem+glass+pen
Rhaw – Wild/Untamed (rhaw)
Rhaweth Wild/Untamed One rhaw+-eth
Rhawien Wild/Untamed rhaw+-ien
Rhawiel Daughter of Wild/Untamed One rhaw+-iel
Rhohel Wild/Untamed Girl rhaw+sell
Rhawen Wild/Untamed Maiden rhaw+gwen
Rhoneth Wild/Untamed Girl rhaw+neth
Rhonis Wild/Untamed Bride rhaw+dîs
Rhones Wild/Untamed Woman rhaw+dess
Rhonith Wild/Untamed Sister rhaw+nîth
Rhothel Wild/Untamed Sister rhaw+thêl
Rhoves Wild/Untamed Wife rhaw+bess
Rhawon Wild/Untamed One rhaw+-on
Rhawion Son of Wild/Untamed One rhaw+-ion
Rhoner Wild/Untamed Bridegroom rhaw+der
Rhonir Wild/Untamed Man rhaw+dîr
Rhoven Wild/Untamed Husband rhaw+benn
Rhodor Wild/Untamed Brother rhaw+tôr
Rhochon Wild/Untamed Brother rhaw+hawn
Rhochanar Wild/Untamed Brother rhaw+hanar
Rhaw Wild/Untamed rhaw
Go-Thro___ Descendant of Wild/Untamed go-+rhaw
Rhoben Wild/Untamed Person rhaw+pen

Rodwen – Noble Virgin Maiden (rodwen)

Rûth – Anger (rûth)
Rúthien Of Anger rûth+-ien
Rúthiel Daughter of Anger rûth+-iel
Rúthel Anger Girl rûth+sell
Rúthwen Anger Maiden rûth+gwen
Rúthel Anger Sister rûth+thêl
Rúthon Anger rûth+-on
Rúthion Son of Anger rûth+-ion
Rúthon Anger Brother rûth+hawn
Rúthanar Anger Brother rûth+hanar
Rûth Anger rûth
Go-Rúth___ Descendant of Anger go-+rûth
Rúthlegol – Swift Anger (rûth+legol)
Rúthlegoleth Swift Anger rûth+legol+-eth
Rúthlegolien Of Swift Anger rûth+legol+-ien
Rúthlegoliel Daughter of Swift Anger rûth+legol+iell
Rúthlegolhel Swift Anger Girl rûth+legol+sell
Rúthlegolwen Swift Anger Maiden rûth+legol+gwen
Rúthlegolneth Swift Anger Girl rûth+legol+neth
Rúthlegoldis Swift Anger Bride rûth+legol+dîs
Rúthlegoldes Swift Anger Maiden rûth+legol+dess
Rúthlegolnith Swift Anger Sister rûth+legol+nîth
Rúthlegolbes Swift Anger Wife rûth+legol+bess
Rúthlegolon Swift Anger rûth+legol+-on
Rúthlegolion Son of Swift Anger rûth+legol+-ion
Rúthlegolder Swift Anger Bridegroom rûth+legol+der
Rúthlegoldir Swift Anger Man rûth+legol+dîr
Rúthlegolben Swift Anger Husband rûth+legol+benn
Rúthlegoldor Swift Anger Brother rûth+legol+tôr
Rúthlegolchon Swift Anger Brother rûth+legol+hawn
Rúthlegol Swift Anger rûth+legol
Go-Rúthlegol___ Descendant of Swift Anger go-+rûth+legol
Rúthlegolben Swift Anger Person rûth+legol+pen
Sel – Wise (sel)
Seleth Wise One sel+-eth
Selien Wise sel+-ien
Seliel Daughter of Wise One sel+-iel
Selwen Wise Maiden sel+gwen
Selneth Wise Girl sel+neth
Seldis Wise Bride sel+dîs
Seldes Wise Woman sel+dess
Selnith Wise Sister sel+nîth
Selbes Wise Wife sel+bess
Selon Wise One sel+-on
Selion Son of Wise One sel+-ion
Selder Wise Bridegroom sel+der
Seldir Wise Man sel+dîr
Selben Wise Husband sel+benn
Seldor Wise Brother sel+tôr
Selchon Wise Brother sel+hawn
Selchanar Wise Brother sel+hanar
Sel Wise sel
Go-Hel___ Descendant of Wise go-+sel
Selben Wise Person sel+pen

Seledhel – Wise Elf (sel+edhel)

Ser – Bitter (ser)
Sereth Bitter One ser+-eth
Serien Bitter ser+-ien
Seriel Daughter of Bitter One ser+-iel
Serhel Bitter Girl ser+sell
Serwen Bitter Maiden ser+gwen
Serneth Bitter Girl ser+neth
Serdis Bitter Bride ser+dîs
Serdes Bitter Woman ser+dess
Sernith Bitter Sister ser+nîth
Serthel Bitter Sister ser+thêl
Serbes Bitter Wife ser+bess
Seron Bitter One ser+-on
Serion Son of Bitter One ser+-ion
Serdir Bitter Man ser+dîr
Serben Bitter Husband ser+benn
Serdor Bitter Brother ser+tôr
Serchon Bitter Brother ser+hawn
Serchanar Bitter Brother ser+hanar
Ser Bitter ser
Go-Her___ Descendant of Bitter go-+ser
Serphen Bitter Person ser+pen
Seregruth – Blood Anger (sereg+rûth)
Seregruthien Of the Blood Anger sereg+rûth+-ien
Seregruthiel Daughter of Blood Anger sereg+rûth+iell
Seregruthel Blood Anger Girl sereg+rûth+sell
Seregruthwen Blood Anger Maiden sereg+rûth+gwen
Seregruthel Blood Anger Sister sereg+rûth+thêl
Seregruthon Blood Anger sereg+rûth+-on
Seregruthion Son of Blood Anger sereg+rûth+-ion
Seregruthon Blood Anger Brother sereg+rûth+hawn
Seregruth Blood Anger sereg+rûth
Go-Heregruth___ Descendant of Blood Anger go-+sereg+rûth

Seron – Lover/Friend (seron)

Sîdh – Peace (sîdh)
Sídhien Of Peace sîdh+-ien
Sídhiel Daughter of Peace sîdh+-iel
Sídhel Peace Girl sîdh+sell
Sídhwen Peace Maiden sîdh+gwen
Sídhon Peace sîdh+-on
Sídhion Son of Peace sîdh+-ion
Sídhon Peace Brother sîdh+hawn
Sídhanar Peace Brother sîdh+hanar
Sîdh Peace sîdh
Go-Hídh___ Descendant of Peace go-+sîdh
Sírdhem – River of Sadness (sîr+dem)
Sírdhemeth River of Sadness sîr+dem+-eth
Sírdhemien Of the River of Sadness sîr+dem+-ien
Sírdhemiel Daughter of River of Sadness sîr+dem+iell
Sírdhemhel River of Sadness Girl sîr+dem+sell
Sírdhemdis River of Sadness Bride sîr+dem+dîs
Sírdhemdes River of Sadness Maiden sîr+dem+dess
Sírdhembes River of Sadness Wife sîr+dem+bess
Sírdhemon River of Sadness sîr+dem+-on
Sírdhemion Son of River of Sadness sîr+dem+-ion
Sírdhemder River of Sadness Bridegroom sîr+dem+der
Sírdhemdir River of Sadness Man sîr+dem+dîr
Sírdhemben River of Sadness Husband sîr+dem+benn
Sírdhemdor River of Sadness Brother sîr+dem+tôr
Sírdhem River of Sadness sîr+dem
Go-Hírdhem___ Descendant of River of Sadness go-+sîr+dem
Sírdhemben River of Sadness Person sîr+dem+pen
Thala – Stalwart/Steady/Firm (thala)
Thaleth Stalwart/Steady/Firm One thala+-eth
Thalien Stalwart/Steady/Firm thala+-ien
Thaliel Daughter of Stalwart/Steady/Firm One thala+-iel
Thalahel Stalwart/Steady/Firm Girl thala+sell
Thalawen Stalwart/Steady/Firm Maiden thala+gwen
Thalaneth Stalwart/Steady/Firm Girl thala+neth
Thalanis Stalwart/Steady/Firm Bride thala+dîs
Thalanes Stalwart/Steady/Firm Woman thala+dess
Thalanith Stalwart/Steady/Firm Sister thala+nîth
Thalaves Stalwart/Steady/Firm Wife thala+bess
Thalon Stalwart/Steady/Firm One thala+-on
Thalion Son of Stalwart/Steady/Firm One thala+-ion
Thalaner Stalwart/Steady/Firm Bridegroom thala+der
Thalanir Stalwart/Steady/Firm Man thala+dîr
Thalaven Stalwart/Steady/Firm Husband thala+benn
Thalador Stalwart/Steady/Firm Brother thala+tôr
Thalachon Stalwart/Steady/Firm Brother thala+hawn
Thala Stalwart/Steady/Firm thala
Go-Thala___ Descendant of Stalwart/Steady/Firm go-+thala
Thalaben Stalwart/Steady/Firm Person thala+pen
Thalawest – Steady Oath (thala+gwest)
Thalawesteth Steady Oath thala+gwest+-eth
Thalawestien Of the Steady Oath thala+gwest+-ien
Thalawestiel Daughter of Steady Oath thala+gwest+iell
Thalawessel Steady Oath Girl thala+gwest+sell
Thalaweston Steady Oath thala+gwest+-on
Thalawestion Son of Steady Oath thala+gwest+-ion
Thalawestor Steady Oath Brother thala+gwest+tôr
Thalawest Steady Oath thala+gwest
Go-Thalawest___ Descendant of Steady Oath go-+thala+gwest
Thand – Firm/True (thand)
Thanneth Firm/True One thand+-eth
Thannien Of Firm/True One thand+-ien
Thanniel Daughter of Firm/True One thand+-iel
Thanhel Firm/True Girl thand+sell
Thangwen Firm/True Maiden thand+gwen
Thanneth Firm/True Girl thand+neth
Thandis Firm/True Bride thand+dîs
Thandes Firm/True Woman thand+dess
Thannith Firm/True Sister thand+nîth
Thanthel Firm/True Sister thand+thêl
Thambes Firm/True Wife thand+bess
Thannon Firm/True One thand+-on
Thannion Son of Firm/True One thand+-ion
Thander Firm/True Bridegroom thand+der
Thandir Firm/True Man thand+dîr
Thanben Firm/True Husband thand+benn
Thandor Firm/True Brother thand+tôr
Thand Firm/True thand
Go-Thann___ Descendant of Firm/True go-+thand
Thamben Firm/True Person thand+pen
Thangur – True Heart (thand+gûr)
Thangureth True Heart thand+gûr+-eth
Thangurien Of the True Heart thand+gûr+-ien
Thanguriel Daughter of True Heart thand+gûr+iell
Thangurhel True Heart Girl thand+gûr+sell
Thangurwen True Heart Maiden thand+gûr+gwen
Thangurneth True Heart Girl thand+gûr+neth
Thangurdis True Heart Bride thand+gûr+dîs
Thangurdes True Heart Maiden thand+gûr+dess
Thangurnith True Heart Sister thand+gûr+nîth
Thangurbes True Heart Wife thand+gûr+bess
Thanguron True Heart thand+gûr+-on
Thangurion Son of True Heart thand+gûr+-ion
Thangurder True Heart Bridegroom thand+gûr+der
Thangurdir True Heart Man thand+gûr+dîr
Thangurben True Heart Husband thand+gûr+benn
Thangurdor True Heart Brother thand+gûr+tôr
Thangurchon True Heart Brother thand+gûr+hawn
Thangurchanar True Heart Brother thand+gûr+hanar
Thangur True Heart thand+gûr
Go-Thangur___ Descendant of True Heart go-+thand+gûr
Thangurphen True Heart Person thand+gûr+pen
Thaur – Abominable/Abhorrent (thaur)
Thaureth Abominable One thaur+-eth
Thaurien Of Abominable/Abhorrent One thaur+-ien
Thauriel Daughter of Abominable/Abhorrent One thaur+-iel
Thaurhel Abominable/Abhorrent Girl thaur+sell
Thaurwen Abominable/Abhorrent Maiden thaur+gwen
Thaurneth Abominable/Abhorrent Girl thaur+neth
Thaurdis Abominable/Abhorrent Bride thaur+dîs
Thaurdes Abominable/Abhorrent Woman thaur+dess
Thaurnith Abominable/Abhorrent Sister thaur+nîth
Thaurbes Abominable/Abhorrent Wife thaur+bess
Thauron Abominable/Abhorrent One thaur+-on
Thaurion Son of Abominable/Abhorrent One thaur+-ion
Thaurder Abominable/Abhorrent Bridegroom thaur+der
Thaurdir Abominable/Abhorrent Man thaur+dîr
Thaurben Abominable/Abhorrent Husband thaur+benn
Thaurdor Abominable/Abhorrent Brother thaur+tôr
Thaurchanar Abominable/Abhorrent Brother thaur+hanar
Thaur Abominable/Abhorrent thaur
Go-Thaur___ Descendant of Abominable/Abhorrent go-+thaur
Thaurphen Abominable/Abhorrent Person thaur+pen
Thaw – Corrupt/Rotten (thaw)
Thaweth Corrupt/Rotten One thaw+-eth
Thawien Corrupt/Rotten thaw+-ien
Thawiel Daughter of Corrupt/Rotten One thaw+-iel
Thohel Corrupt/Rotten Girl thaw+sell
Thawen Corrupt/Rotten Maiden thaw+gwen
Thoneth Corrupt/Rotten Girl thaw+neth
Thonis Corrupt/Rotten Bride thaw+dîs
Thones Corrupt/Rotten Woman thaw+dess
Thonith Corrupt/Rotten Sister thaw+nîth
Thoves Corrupt/Rotten Wife thaw+bess
Thawon Corrupt/Rotten One thaw+-on
Thawion Son of Corrupt/Rotten One thaw+-ion
Thoner Corrupt/Rotten Bridegroom thaw+der
Thonir Corrupt/Rotten Man thaw+dîr
Thoven Corrupt/Rotten Husband thaw+benn
Thodor Corrupt/Rotten Brother thaw+tôr
Thochon Corrupt/Rotten Brother thaw+hawn
Thochanar Corrupt/Rotten Brother thaw+hanar
Thaw Corrupt/Rotten thaw
Go-Tho___ Descendant of Corrupt/Rotten go-+thaw
Thoben Corrupt/Rotten Person thaw+pen
Thurelost – Empty Secret (thúren+lost)
Thurelosteth Empty Secret thúren+lost+-eth
Thurelostien Of the Empty Secret thúren+lost+-ien
Thurelostiel Daughter of Empty Secret thúren+lost+iell
Thurelossel Empty Secret Girl thúren+lost+sell
Thureloston Empty Secret thúren+lost+-on
Thurelostion Son of Empty Secret thúren+lost+-ion
Thurelostor Empty Secret Brother thúren+lost+tôr
Thurelost Empty Secret thúren+lost
Go-Thurelost___ Descendant of Empty Secret go-+thúren+lost
Um – Bad/Evil (um)
Umeth Bad/Evil One um+-eth
Umien Of a Bad/Evil One um+-ien
Umiel Daughter of Bad/Evil One um+-iel
Umhel Bad/Evil Girl um+sell
Umdis Bad/Evil Bride um+dîs
Umdes Bad/Evil Woman um+dess
Umbes Bad/Evil Wife um+bess
Umon Bad/Evil One um+-on
Umion Son of Bad/Evil One um+-ion
Umder Bad/Evil Bridegroom um+der
Umdir Bad/Evil Man um+dîr
Umben Bad/Evil Husband um+benn
Umdor Bad/Evil Brother um+tôr
Um Bad/Evil um
Go-Um___ Descendant of Bad/Evil go-+um
Umben Bad/Evil Person um+pen
Úthes – Temptation (úthes)
Uthesseth Temptation úthes+-eth
Uthessien Of Temptation úthes+-ien
Uthessiel Daughter of Temptation úthes+-iel
Uthessel Temptation Girl úthes+sell
Uthesdis Temptation Bride úthes+dîs
Uthesdes Temptation Woman úthes+dess
Uthesbes Temptation Wife úthes+bess
Uthesson Temptation úthes+-on
Uthession Son of Temptation úthes+-ion
Uthesder Temptation Bridegroom úthes+der
Uthesdir Temptation Man úthes+dîr
Uthesben Temptation Husband úthes+benn
Uthestor Temptation Brother úthes+tôr
Úthes Temptation úthes
Go-Uthess___ Descendant of Temptation go-+úthes
Uthespen Temptation Person úthes+pen
Ýridhren – Wise Course (ŷr+idhren)
Ýridhreneth Wise Course ŷr+idhren+-eth
Ýridhrenien Of the Wise Course ŷr+idhren+-ien
Ýridhreniel Daughter of Wise Course ŷr+idhren+iell
Ýridhressel Wise Course Girl ŷr+idhren+sell
Ýridhrengwen Wise Course Maiden ŷr+idhren+gwen
Ýridhrenneth Wise Course Girl ŷr+idhren+neth
Ýridhrendis Wise Course Bride ŷr+idhren+dîs
Ýridhrendes Wise Course Maiden ŷr+idhren+dess
Ýridhrennith Wise Course Sister ŷr+idhren+nîth
Ýridhrenthel Wise Course Sister ŷr+idhren+thêl
Ýridhremes Wise Course Wife ŷr+idhren+bess
Ýridhrenon Wise Course ŷr+idhren+-on
Ýridhrenion Son of Wise Course ŷr+idhren+-ion
Ýridhrender Wise Course Bridegroom ŷr+idhren+der
Ýridhrendir Wise Course Man ŷr+idhren+dîr
Ýridhremen Wise Course Husband ŷr+idhren+benn
Ýridhrethor Wise Course Brother ŷr+idhren+tôr
Ýridhren Wise Course ŷr+idhren
Go-Ýridhren___ Descendant of Wise Course go-+ŷr+idhren
Ýridhremben Wise Course Person ŷr+idhren+pen

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