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Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name

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Acharn – Vengeance (acharn)
Acharneth Vengeance acharn+-eth
Acharnien Of Vengeance acharn+-ien
Acharniel Daughter of Vengeance acharn+iell
Acharsel Vengeance Girl acharn+sell
Acharneth Vengeance Girl acharn+neth
Acharnith Vengeance Sister acharn+nîth
Acharmes Vengeance Wife acharn+bess
Acharnon Vengeance acharn+-on
Acharnion Son of Vengeance acharn+-ion
Acharmen Vengeance Husband acharn+benn
Acharthor Vengeance Brother acharn+tôr
Acharn Vengeance acharn
Go-Acharn___ Descendant of Vengeance go-+acharn
Acharphen Vengeance Person acharn+pen
Achas – Dread/Fear (achas)
Achasseth Dread/Fear achas+-eth
Achassien Of Dread/Fear achas+-ien
Achassiel Daughter of Dread/Fear achas+iell
Achassel Dread/Fear Girl achas+sell
Achasdis Dread/Fear Bride achas+dîs
Achasdes Dread/Fear Maiden achas+dess
Achasbes Dread/Fear Wife achas+bess
Achasson Dread/Fear achas+-on
Achassion Son of Dread/Fear achas+-ion
Achasder Dread/Fear Bridegroom achas+der
Achasdir Dread/Fear Man achas+dîr
Achasben Dread/Fear Husband achas+benn
Achastor Dread/Fear Brother achas+tôr
Achas Dread/Fear achas
Go-Achas___ Descendant of Dread/Fear go-+achas
Achaspen Dread/Fear Person achas+pen
Air – Holy (air)
Aireth Holy One air+-eth
Airien Holy One air+-ien
Airiel Daughter of Holy One air+iell
Airhel Holy Girl air+sell
Airwen Holy Maiden air+gwen
Airneth Holy Girl air+neth
Airdis Holy Bride air+dîs
Airdes Holy Woman air+dess
Airnith Holy Sister air+nîth
Airthel Holy Sister air+thêl
Airbes Holy Wife air+bess
Airon Holy One air+-on
Airion Son of Holy One air+iôn
Airder Holy Bridegroom air+der
Airdir Holy Man air+dîr
Airben Holy Husband air+benn
Airdor Holy Brother air+tôr
Airchon Holy Brother air+hawn
Airchanar Holy Brother air+hanar
Air Holy air
Go-Air___ Descendant of Holy go-+air
Airphen Holy Person air+pen
Alag – Rushing/Impetuous (alag)
Alageth Rushing/Impetuous One alag+-eth
Alagien Rushing/Impetuous One alag+-ien
Alagiel Daugher of Rushing/Impetuous One alag+iell
Alagwen Rushing/Impetuous Maiden alag+gwen
Alagneth Rushing/Impetuous Girl alag+neth
Alagnis Rushing/Impetuous Bride alag+dîs
Alagnes Rushing/Impetuous Woman alag+dess
Alagnith Rushing/Impetuous Sister alag+nîth
Alacthel Rushing/Impetuous Sister alag+thêl
Alagon Rushing/Impetuous One alag+-on
Alagion Son of Rushing/Impetuous One alag+iôn
Alagner Rushing/Impetuous Bridegroom alag+der
Alagnir Rushing/Impetuous Man alag+dîr
Alachon Rushing/Impetuous Brother alag+hawn
Alag Rushing/Impetuous alag
Go-Alag___ Descendant of Rushing/Impetuous go-+alag
Alhel – Not Wise (al+sel)
Alheleth Not Wise One al+sel+-eth
Alhelien Of the Not Wise One al+sel+-ien
Alheliel Daughter of Not Wise One al+sel+iell
Alhelwen Not Wise Maiden al+sel+gwen
Alhelneth Not Wise Girl al+sel+neth
Alheldis Not Wise Bride al+sel+dîs
Alheldes Not Wise Maiden al+sel+dess
Alhelnith Not Wise Sister al+sel+nîth
Alhelbes Not Wise Wife al+sel+bess
Alhelon Not Wise One al+sel+-on
Alhelion Son of Not Wise One al+sel+-ion
Alhelder Not Wise Bridegroom al+sel+der
Alheldir Not Wise Man al+sel+dîr
Alhelben Not Wise Husband al+sel+benn
Alheldor Not Wise Brother al+sel+tôr
Alhelchon Not Wise Brother al+sel+hawn
Alhelchanar Not Wise Brother al+sel+hanar
Alhel Not Wise al+sel
Go-Alhel___ Descendant of Not Wise go-+al+sel
Alhelben Not Wise Person al+sel+pen
Amdir – Hope Based on Reason (amdir)
Amdireth Hope amdir+-eth
Amdirien Of Hope amdir+-ien
Amdiriel Daughter of Hope amdir+iell
Amdirhel Hope Girl amdir+sell
Amdirwen Hope Maiden amdir+gwen
Amdirneth Hope Girl amdir+neth
Amdirdis Hope Bride amdir+dîs
Amdirdes Hope Maiden amdir+dess
Amdirnith Hope Sister amdir+nîth
Amdirthel Hope Sister amdir+thêl
Amdirbes Hope Wife amdir+bess
Amdiron Hope amdir+-on
Amdirion Son of Hope amdir+-ion
Amdirder Hope Bridegroom amdir+der
Amdirben Hope Husband amdir+benn
Amdirthor Hope Brother amdir+tôr
Amdirchon Hope Brother amdir+hawn
Amdir Hope amdir
Go-Amdir___ Descendant of Hope go-+amdir
Amdirphen Hope Person amdir+pen

Aníror – Desirer (aníra+-or)

Âr – Royal/Noble (âr)
Areth Royal/Noble One ar-+-eth
Arien Of Royal/Noble One ar-+-ien
Ariel Daughter of Royal/Noble One ar-+iell
Arahel Royal/Noble Girl ara-+sell
Araneth Royal/Noble Girl ara-+neth
Arawen Royal/Noble Maiden ara-+gwen
Aranis Royal/Noble Bride ara-+dîs
Aranes Royal/Noble Woman ara-+dess
Aranith Royal/Noble Sister ara-+nîth
Arathel Royal/Noble Sister ara-+thêl
Araves Royal/Noble Wife ara-+bess
Aron Royal/Noble One ar-+-eth
Arion Son of Royal/Noble One ar-+iôn
Araner Royal/Noble Bridegroom ar-+der
Aranir Royal/Noble Man ar-+dîr
Araven Royal/Noble Husband ar-+benn
Arador Royal/Noble Brother ar-+tôr
Arachon Royal/Noble Brother ar-+hawn
Âr Royal/Noble âr
Go-Ar___ Descendant of Royal/Noble go-+ar-
Araben Royal/Noble Person ar-+pen
Arhel – Noble and Wise (ar+sel)
Arheleth Noble and Wise One ar+sel+-eth
Arhelien Of the Noble and Wise One ar+sel+-ien
Arheliel Daughter of Noble and Wise One ar+sel+iell
Arhelwen Noble and Wise Maiden ar+sel+gwen
Arhelneth Noble and Wise Girl ar+sel+neth
Arheldis Noble and Wise Bride ar+sel+dîs
Arheldes Noble and Wise Maiden ar+sel+dess
Arhelnith Noble and Wise Sister ar+sel+nîth
Arhelbes Noble and Wise Wife ar+sel+bess
Arhelon Noble and Wise One ar+sel+-on
Arhelion Son of Noble and Wise One ar+sel+-ion
Arhelder Noble and Wise Bridegroom ar+sel+der
Arheldir Noble and Wise Man ar+sel+dîr
Arhelben Noble and Wise Husband ar+sel+benn
Arheldor Noble and Wise Brother ar+sel+tôr
Arhelchon Noble and Wise Brother ar+sel+hawn
Arhelchanar Noble and Wise Brother ar+sel+hanar
Arhel Noble and Wise ar+sel
Go-Arhel___ Descendant of Noble and Wise go-+ar+sel
Arhelben Noble and Wise Person ar+sel+pen
Arn – Royal (arn)
Arneth Royal One arn+-eth
Arnien Royal One arn+-ien
Arniel Daughter of Royal One arn+iell
Arsel Royal Girl arn+sell
Arneth Royal Girl arn+neth
Arnith Royal Sister arn+nîth
Armes Royal Wife arn+bess
Arnon Royal One arn+-on
Arnion Son of Royal One arn+iôn
Armen Royal Husband arn+benn
Arthor Royal Brother arn+tôr
Archon Royal Brother arn+hawn
Archanar Royal Brother arn+hanar
Arn Royal arn
Go-Arn___ Descendant of Royal go-+arn
Arphen Royal Person arn+pen
Arod – Noble (arod)
Arodeth Noble One arod+-eth
Arodien Noble One arod+-ien
Arodiel Daughter of Noble One arod+iell
Arossel Noble Girl arod+sell
Arodwen Noble Maiden arod+gwen
Arodis Noble Bride arod+dîs
Arodes Noble Woman arod+dess
Arodon Noble One arod+-on
Arodion Son of Noble One arod+iôn
Aroder Noble Bridegroom arod+der
Arodir Noble Man arod+dîr
Arodor Noble Brother arod+tôr
Arod Noble arod
Go-Arod___ Descendant of Noble go-+arod
Arth – Exalted (arth)
Arthien Exalted One arth+-ien
Arthiel Daughter of Exalted One arth+iell
Arthel Exalted Girl arth+sell
Arthel Exalted Sister arth+thêl
Arthon Exalted One arth+-on
Arthion Son of Exalted One arth+iôn
Arthor Exalted Brother arth+tôr
Arthon Exalted Brother arth+hawn
Arthanar Exalted Brother arth+hanar
Arth Exalted arth
Go-Arth___ Descendant of Exalted go-+arth

Arveldis – Royal Friend [female] (ar-+meldis)

Arveldir – Royal Friend [male] (ar-+meldir)

Arvellon – Royal Friend (ar-+mellon)

Asgar – Violent/Rushing/Impetuous (asgar)
Asgareth Violent/Rushing/Impetuous One asgar+-eth
Asgarien Of the Violent/Rushing/Impetuous One asgar+-ien
Asgariel Daughter of Violent/Rushing/Impetuous One asgar+iell
Asgarhel Violent/Rushing/Impetuous Girl asgar+sell
Asgarwen Violent/Rushing/Impetuous Maiden asgar+gwen
Asgarneth Violent/Rushing/Impetuous Girl asgar+neth
Asgardis Violent/Rushing/Impetuous Bride asgar+dîs
Asgardes Violent/Rushing/Impetuous Maiden asgar+dess
Asgarnith Violent/Rushing/Impetuous Sister asgar+nîth
Asgarthel Violent/Rushing/Impetuous Sister asgar+thêl
Asgarbes Violent/Rushing/Impetuous Wife asgar+bess
Asgaron Violent/Rushing/Impetuous One asgar+-on
Asgarion Son of Violent/Rushing/Impetuous One asgar+-ion
Asgarder Violent/Rushing/Impetuous Bridegroom asgar+der
Asgardir Violent/Rushing/Impetuous Man asgar+dîr
Asgarben Violent/Rushing/Impetuous Husband asgar+benn
Asgardor Violent/Rushing/Impetuous Brother asgar+tôr
Asgarchon Violent/Rushing/Impetuous Brother asgar+hawn
Asgar Violent/Rushing/Impetuous asgar
Go-Asgar___ Descendant of Violent/Rushing/Impetuous go-+asgar
Asgarphen Violent/Rushing/Impetuous Person asgar+pen
Avorn – Staying/Fast (avorn)
Avorneth Staying/Fast One avorn+-eth
Avornien Staying/Fast One avorn+-ien
Avorniel Daughter of Staying/Fast One avorn+iell
Avorsel Staying/Fast Girl avorn+sell
Avorneth Staying/Fast Girl avorn+neth
Avornith Staying/Fast Sister avorn+nîth
Avormes Staying/Fast Wife avorn+bess
Avornon Staying/Fast One avorn+-on
Avornion Son of Staying/Fast One avorn+-ion
Avormen Staying/Fast Husband avorn+benn
Avorthor Staying/Fast Brother avorn+tôr
Avorn Staying/Fast avorn
Go-Avorn___ Descendant of Staying/Fast go-+avorn
Avorphen Staying/Fast Person avorn+pen

Baimeldis – Fair Friend [female] (bain+meldis)

Baimeldir – Fair Friend [male] (bain+meldir)

Baimellon – Fair Friend (bain+mellon)

Baissel – Fair and Wise (bain+sel)
Baisseleth Fair and Wise One bain+sel+-eth
Baisselien Of the Fair and Wise One bain+sel+-ien
Baisseliel Daughter of Fair and Wise One bain+sel+iell
Baisselwen Fair and Wise Maiden bain+sel+gwen
Baisselneth Fair and Wise Girl bain+sel+neth
Baisseldis Fair and Wise Bride bain+sel+dîs
Baisseldes Fair and Wise Maiden bain+sel+dess
Baisselnith Fair and Wise Sister bain+sel+nîth
Baisselbes Fair and Wise Wife bain+sel+bess
Baisselon Fair and Wise One bain+sel+-on
Baisselion Son of Fair and Wise One bain+sel+-ion
Baisselder Fair and Wise Bridegroom bain+sel+der
Baisseldir Fair and Wise Man bain+sel+dîr
Baisselben Fair and Wise Husband bain+sel+benn
Baisseldor Fair and Wise Brother bain+sel+tôr
Baisselchon Fair and Wise Brother bain+sel+hawn
Baisselchanar Fair and Wise Brother bain+sel+hanar
Baissel Fair and Wise bain+sel
Go-Vaissel___ Descendant of Fair and Wise go-+bain+sel
Baisselben Fair and Wise Person bain+sel+pen
Balch – Cruel (balch)
Balcheth Cruel One balch+-eth
Balchien Of the Cruel One balch+-ien
Balchiel Daughter of Cruel One balch+iell
Balchel Cruel Girl balch+sell
Balchon Cruel One balch+-on
Balchion Son of Cruel One balch+-ion
Balchon Cruel Brother balch+hawn
Balchanar Cruel Brother balch+hanar
Balch Cruel balch
Go-Malch___ Descendant of Cruel go-+balch
Bara – Fiery (bara)
Barahel Fiery Girl bara+sell
Barawen Fiery Maiden bara+gwen
Baraneth Fiery Girl bara+neth
Baranes Fiery Woman bara+dess
Baranis Fiery Bride bara+dîs
Baranith Fiery Girl bara+nîth
Barathel Fiery Sister bara+thêl
Baraves Fiery Wife bara+bess
Baraner Fiery Bridegroom bara+der
Baranir Fiery Man bara+dîr
Baraven Fiery Husband bara+benn
Barador Fiery Brother bara+tôr
Barachon Fiery Brother bara+hawn
Bara Fiery bara
Go-Vara___ Descendant of Fiery go-+bara
Baraben Fiery Person bara+pen
Baug – Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive (baug)
Baugeth Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive One baug+-eth
Baugien Of the Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive One baug+-ien
Baugiel Daughter of Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive One baug+iell
Baugwen Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive Maiden baug+gwen
Baugneth Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive Girl baug+neth
Baugnis Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive Bride baug+dîs
Baugnes Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive Maiden baug+dess
Baugnith Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive Sister baug+nîth
Baucthel Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive Sister baug+thêl
Baugon Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive One baug+-on
Baugion Son of Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive One baug+-ion
Baugner Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive Bridegroom baug+der
Baugnir Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive Man baug+dîr
Bauchon Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive Brother baug+hawn
Bauchanar Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive Brother baug+hanar
Baug Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive baug
Go-Maug___ Descendant of Tyrannous/Cruel/Oppressive go-+baug
Baul – Torment (baul)
Bauleth Torment baul+-eth
Baulien Of Torment baul+-ien
Bauliel Daughter of Torment baul+iell
Baulhel Torment Girl baul+sell
Baulwen Torment Maiden baul+gwen
Baulneth Torment Girl baul+neth
Bauldis Torment Bride baul+dîs
Bauldes Torment Maiden baul+dess
Baulnith Torment Sister baul+nîth
Baulthel Torment Sister baul+thêl
Baulves Torment Wife baul+bess
Baulon Torment baul+-on
Baulion Son of Torment baul+-ion
Baulder Torment Bridegroom baul+der
Bauldir Torment Man baul+dîr
Baulven Torment Husband baul+benn
Bauldor Torment Brother baul+tôr
Baulchon Torment Brother baul+hawn
Baulchanar Torment Brother baul+hanar
Baul Torment baul
Go-Maul___ Descendant of Torment go-+baul
Baulben Torment Person baul+pen
Baur – Need (baur)
Boreth Need baur+-eth
Borien Of Need baur+-ien
Boriel Daughter of Need baur+iell
Borhel Need Girl baur+sell
Borwen Need Maiden baur+gwen
Borneth Need Girl baur+neth
Bordis Need Bride baur+dîs
Bordes Need Maiden baur+dess
Bornith Need Sister baur+nîth
Borthel Need Sister baur+thêl
Borves Need Wife baur+bess
Boron Need baur+-on
Borion Son of Need baur+-ion
Border Need Bridegroom baur+der
Bordir Need Man baur+dîr
Borven Need Husband baur+benn
Borchon Need Brother baur+hawn
Borchanar Need Brother baur+hanar
Baur Need baur
Go-Mor___ Descendant of Need go-+baur
Borphen Need Person baur+pen

Ber – Valiant Man/Warrior (ber)

Beren – Bold (beren)
Bereneth Bold One beren+-eth
Berenien Of the Bold One beren+-ien
Bereniel Daughter of Bold One beren+iell
Beressel Bold Girl beren+sell
Berengwen Bold Maiden beren+gwen
Bereneth Bold Girl beren+neth
Berendis Bold Bride beren+dîs
Berendes Bold Maiden beren+dess
Berenith Bold Sister beren+nîth
Berenthel Bold Sister beren+thêl
Beremes Bold Wife beren+bess
Berenon Bold One beren+-on
Berenion Son of Bold One beren+-ion
Berender Bold Bridegroom beren+der
Berendir Bold Man beren+dîr
Beremen Bold Husband beren+benn
Berethor Bold Brother beren+tôr
Beren Bold beren
Go-Veren___ Descendant of Bold go-+beren
Beremben Bold Person beren+pen
Bereth – Valor (bereth)
Berethien Of the Valor bereth+-ien
Berethiel Daughter of Valor bereth+iell
Berethel Valor Girl bereth+sell
Berethwen Valor Maiden bereth+gwen
Berethel Valor Sister bereth+thêl
Berethon Valor bereth+-on
Berethion Son of Valor bereth+-ion
Berethon Valor Brother bereth+hawn
Berethanar Valor Brother bereth+hanar
Bereth Valor bereth
Go-Vereth___ Descendant of Valor go-+bereth

Beridhren – Thoughtful Warrior (ber+idhren)

Boron – Faithful Man/Vassal (boron)

Bragol – Sudden (bragol)
Bragoleth Sudden One bragol+-eth
Bragolien Of the Sudden One bragol+-ien
Bragoliel Daughter of Sudden One bragol+iell
Bragolhel Sudden Girl bragol+sell
Bragolwen Sudden Maiden bragol+gwen
Bragolneth Sudden Girl bragol+neth
Bragoldis Sudden Bride bragol+dîs
Bragoldes Sudden Maiden bragol+dess
Bragolnith Sudden Sister bragol+nîth
Bragolthel Sudden Sister bragol+thêl
Bragolves Sudden Wife bragol+bess
Bragolon Sudden One bragol+-on
Bragolion Son of Sudden One bragol+-ion
Bragolder Sudden Bridegroom bragol+der
Bragoldir Sudden Man bragol+dîr
Bragolven Sudden Husband bragol+benn
Bragoldor Sudden Brother bragol+tôr
Bragolchon Sudden Brother bragol+hawn
Bragol Sudden bragol
Go-Vragol___ Descendant of Sudden go-+bragol
Bragolben Sudden Person bragol+pen
Braig – Wild/Fierce (braig)
Braigeth Wild/Fierce One braig+-eth
Braigien Of the Wild/Fierce One braig+-ien
Braigiel Daughter of Wild/Fierce One braig+iell
Braigwen Wild/Fierce Maiden braig+gwen
Braigneth Wild/Fierce Girl braig+neth
Braignis Wild/Fierce Bride braig+dîs
Braignes Wild/Fierce Maiden braig+dess
Braignith Wild/Fierce Sister braig+nîth
Braicthel Wild/Fierce Sister braig+thêl
Braigon Wild/Fierce One braig+-on
Braigion Son of Wild/Fierce One braig+-ion
Braigner Wild/Fierce Bridegroom braig+der
Braignir Wild/Fierce Man braig+dîr
Braichon Wild/Fierce Brother braig+hawn
Braichanar Wild/Fierce Brother braig+hanar
Braig Wild/Fierce braig
Go-Vraig___ Descendant of Wild/Fierce go-+braig
Brand – High/Noble/Fine (brand)
Branneth High/Noble/Fine One brand+-eth
Brannien High/Noble/Fine One brand+-ien
Branniel Daughter of High/Noble/Fine One brand+iell
Branhel High/Noble/Fine Girl brand+sell
Brangwen High/Noble/Fine Maiden brand+gwen
Branneth High/Noble/Fine Girl brand+neth
Brandis High/Noble/Fine Bride brand+dîs
Brandes High/Noble/Fine Woman brand+dess
Brannith High/Noble/Fine Sister brand+nîth
Branthel High/Noble/Fine Sister brand+thêl
Brambes High/Noble/Fine Wife brand+bess
Brannon High/Noble/Fine One brand+-on
Brannion Son of High/Noble/Fine One brand+iôn
Brander High/Noble/Fine Bridegroom brand+der
Brandir High/Noble/Fine Man brand+dîr
Bramben High/Noble/Fine Husband brand+benn
Brandor High/Noble/Fine Brother brand+tôr
Brand High/Noble/Fine brand
Go-Vrand___ Descendant of High/Noble/Fine go-+brand
Bramben High/Noble/Fine Person brand+pen
Brêg – Violent/Sudden/Fierce (brêg)
Bregeth Violent/Sudden/Fierce One brêg+-eth
Bregien Of the Violent/Sudden/Fierce One brêg+-ien
Bregiel Daughter of Violent/Sudden/Fierce One brêg+iell
Bregwen Violent/Sudden/Fierce Maiden brêg+gwen
Bregneth Violent/Sudden/Fierce Girl brêg+neth
Bregnis Violent/Sudden/Fierce Bride brêg+dîs
Bregnes Violent/Sudden/Fierce Maiden brêg+dess
Bregnith Violent/Sudden/Fierce Sister brêg+nîth
Bregon Violent/Sudden/Fierce One brêg+-on
Bregion Son of Violent/Sudden/Fierce One brêg+iôn
Bregner Violent/Sudden/Fierce Bridegroom brêg+der
Bregnir Violent/Sudden/Fierce Man brêg+dîr
Brechon Violent/Sudden/Fierce Brother brêg+hawn
Brechanar Violent/Sudden/Fierce Brother brêg+hanar
Brêg Violent/Sudden/Fierce brêg
Go-Vreg___ Descendant of Violent/Sudden/Fierce go-+brêg
Breged – Violence/Suddenness (breged)
Bregedeth Violence/Suddenness breged+-eth
Bregedien Of Violence/Suddenness breged+-ien
Bregediel Daughter of Violence/Suddenness breged+iell
Bregessel Violence/Suddenness Girl breged+sell
Bregedwen Violence/Suddenness Maiden breged+gwen
Bregedis Violence/Suddenness Bride breged+dîs
Bregedes Violence/Suddenness Maiden breged+dess
Bregedon Violence/Suddenness breged+-on
Bregedion Son of Violence/Suddenness breged+-ion
Bregeder Violence/Suddenness Bridegroom breged+der
Bregedir Violence/Suddenness Man breged+dîr
Bregedor Violence/Suddenness Brother breged+tôr
Breged Violence/Suddenness breged
Go-Vreged___ Descendant of Violence/Suddenness go-+breged
Bregol – Violent/Sudden/Fierce (bregol)
Bregoleth Violent/Sudden/Fierce One bregol+-eth
Bregolien Of the Violent/Sudden/Fierce One bregol+-ien
Bregoliel Daughter of Violent/Sudden/Fierce One bregol+iell
Bregolhel Violent/Sudden/Fierce Girl bregol+sell
Bregolwen Violent/Sudden/Fierce Maiden bregol+gwen
Bregolneth Violent/Sudden/Fierce Girl bregol+neth
Bregoldis Violent/Sudden/Fierce Bride bregol+dîs
Bregoldes Violent/Sudden/Fierce Maiden bregol+dess
Bregolnith Violent/Sudden/Fierce Sister bregol+nîth
Bregolthel Violent/Sudden/Fierce Sister bregol+thêl
Bregolves Violent/Sudden/Fierce Wife bregol+bess
Bregolon Violent/Sudden/Fierce One bregol+-on
Bregolion Son of Violent/Sudden/Fierce One bregol+-ion
Bregolder Violent/Sudden/Fierce Bridegroom bregol+der
Bregoldir Violent/Sudden/Fierce Man bregol+dîr
Bregolven Violent/Sudden/Fierce Husband bregol+benn
Bregoldor Violent/Sudden/Fierce Brother bregol+tôr
Bregolchon Violent/Sudden/Fierce Brother bregol+hawn
Bregol Violent/Sudden/Fierce bregol
Go-Vregol___ Descendant of Violent/Sudden/Fierce go-+bregol
Bregolben Violent/Sudden/Fierce Person bregol+pen
Bronwe – Endurance/Faith (bronwe)
Bronwehel Endurance/Faith Girl bronwe+sell
Bronweneth Endurance/Faith Girl bronwe+neth
Bronwenis Endurance/Faith Bride bronwe+dîs
Bronwenes Endurance/Faith Maiden bronwe+dess
Bronwenith Endurance/Faith Sister bronwe+nîth
Bronwethel Endurance/Faith Sister bronwe+thêl
Bronweves Endurance/Faith Wife bronwe+bess
Bronwener Endurance/Faith Bridegroom bronwe+der
Bronwenir Endurance/Faith Man bronwe+dîr
Bronweven Endurance/Faith Husband bronwe+benn
Bronwedor Endurance/Faith Brother bronwe+tôr
Bronwechon Endurance/Faith Brother bronwe+hawn
Bronwe Endurance/Faith bronwe
Go-Vronwe___ Descendant of Endurance/Faith go-+bronwe
Bronweben Endurance/Faith Person bronwe+pen

Callon – Hero (callon)

Cand – Bold (cand)
Canneth Bold One cand+-eth
Cannien Bold One cand+-ien
Canniel Daughter of Bold One cand+iell
Canhel Bold One cand+sell
Cangwen Bold Maiden cand+gwen
Canneth Bold Girl cand+neth
Candis Bold Bride cand+dîs
Candes Bold Woman cand+dess
Cannith Bold Sister cand+nîth
Canthel Bold Sister cand+thêl
Cambes Bold Wife cand+bess
Cannon Bold One cand+-on
Cannion Son of Bold One cand+iôn
Cander Bold Bridegroom cand+der
Candir Bold Man cand+dîr
Camben Bold Husband cand+benn
Candor Bold Brother cand+tôr
Cand Bold cand
Go-Gann___ Descendant of Bold go-+cand
Camben Bold Person cand+pen
Caun – Valor (caun)
Coneth Valor caun+-eth
Conien Of Valor caun+-ien
Coniel Daughter of Valor caun+iell
Cossel Valor Girl caun+sell
Congwen Valor Maiden caun+gwen
Coneth Valor Girl caun+neth
Condis Valor Bride caun+dîs
Condes Valor Maiden caun+dess
Conith Valor Sister caun+nîth
Conthel Valor Sister caun+thêl
Comes Valor Wife caun+bess
Conion Son of Valor caun+-ion
Conder Valor Bridegroom caun+der
Condir Valor Man caun+dîr
Comen Valor Husband caun+benn
Cothor Valor Brother caun+tôr
Caun Valor caun
Go-Gon___ Descendant of Valor go-+caun
Comben Valor Person caun+pen
Coru – Cunning (coru)
Corweth Cunning One coru+-eth
Corwien Cunning coru+-ien
Corwiel Daughter of Cunning One coru+-iel
Coruhel Cunning Girl coru+sell
Corwen Cunning Maiden coru+gwen
Coruneth Cunning Girl coru+neth
Corunes Cunning Woman coru+dess
Corunis Cunning Bride coru+dîs
Corunith Cunning Sister coru+nîth
Coruthel Cunning Sister coru+thêl
Coruves Cunning Wife coru+bess
Coruon Cunning One coru+-on
Corwion Son of a Cunning One coru+-ion
Coruner Cunning Bridegroom coru+der
Corunir Cunning Man coru+dîr
Coruven Cunning Husband coru+benn
Corudor Cunning Brother coru+tôr
Coruchon Cunning Brother coru+hawn
Coru Cunning coru
Go-Goru___ Descendant of Cunning go-+coru
Coruben Cunning Person coru+pen
Cost – Quarrel (cost)
Costeth Quarrel cost+-eth
Costien Of a Quarrel cost+-ien
Costiel Daughter of Quarrel cost+iell
Cossel Quarrel Girl cost+sell
Coston Quarrel cost+-on
Costion Son of Quarrel cost+-ion
Costor Quarrel Brother cost+tôr
Cost Quarrel cost
Go-Gost___ Descendant of Quarrel go-+cost
Coth – Enemy (coth)
Cothien Of the Enemy coth+-ien
Cothiel Daughter of Enemy coth+iell
Cothel Enemy Girl coth+sell
Cothwen Enemy Maiden coth+gwen
Cothel Enemy Sister coth+thêl
Cothon Enemy One coth+-on
Cothion Son of Enemy One coth+-ion
Cothon Enemy Brother coth+hawn
Cothanar Enemy Brother coth+hanar
Coth Enemy coth
Go-Goth___ Descendant of Enemy go-+coth
Curu – Skilled (curu)
Curweth Skilled One curu+-eth
Curwien Skilled curu+sell
Curwiel Daughter of Skilled One curu+sell
Curuhel Skilled Girl curu+sell
Curwen Skilled Maiden curu+gwen
Curuneth Skilled Girl curu+neth
Curunis Skilled Bride curu+dîs
Curunes Skilled Woman curu+dess
Curunith Skilled Sister curu+nîth
Curuthel Skilled Sister curu+thêl
Curuves Skilled Wife curu+bess
Curuon Skilled One curu+-on
Curwion Son of a Skilled One curu+-ion
Curuner Skilled Bridegroom curu+der
Curunir Skilled Man curu+dîr
Curuven Skilled Husband curu+benn
Curudor Skilled Brother curu+tôr
Curuchon Skilled Brother curu+hawn
Curu Skilled curu
Go-Guru___ Descendant of Skilled go-+curu
Curuben Skilled Person curu+pen
Dair – Great (dair)
Daireth Great One dair+-eth
Dairien Of the Great One dair+-ien
Dairiel Daughter of Great One dair+iell
Dairhel Great Girl dair+sell
Dairwen Great Maiden dair+gwen
Dairneth Great Girl dair+neth
Dairnith Great Sister dair+nîth
Dairthel Great Sister dair+thêl
Dairves Great Wife dair+bess
Dairon Great One dair+-on
Dairion Son of Great One dair+-ion
Dairven Great Husband dair+benn
Dairthor Great Brother dair+tôr
Dairchon Great Brother dair+hawn
Dairchanar Great Brother dair+hanar
Dair Great dair
Go-Dhair___ Descendant of Great go-+dair
Dairphen Great Person dair+pen
Dairdhel – Shadow of Horror (dair+del)
Dairdheleth Shadow of Horror dair+del+-eth
Dairdhelien Of the Shadow of Horror dair+del+-ien
Dairdheliel Daughter of Shadow of Horror dair+del+iell
Dairdhelwen Shadow of Horror Maiden dair+del+gwen
Dairdhelneth Shadow of Horror Girl dair+del+neth
Dairdheldis Shadow of Horror Bride dair+del+dîs
Dairdheldes Shadow of Horror Maiden dair+del+dess
Dairdhelnith Shadow of Horror Sister dair+del+nîth
Dairdhelbes Shadow of Horror Wife dair+del+bess
Dairdhelon Shadow of Horror dair+del+-on
Dairdhelion Son of Shadow of Horror dair+del+-ion
Dairdhelder Shadow of Horror Bridegroom dair+del+der
Dairdheldir Shadow of Horror Man dair+del+dîr
Dairdhelben Shadow of Horror Husband dair+del+benn
Dairdheldor Shadow of Horror Brother dair+del+tôr
Dairdhelchon Shadow of Horror Brother dair+del+hawn
Dairdhelchanar Shadow of Horror Brother dair+del+hanar
Dairdhel Shadow of Horror dair+del
Go-Dhairdhel___ Descendant of Shadow of Horror go-+dair+del
Dairdhelben Shadow of Horror Person dair+del+pen
Del – Fear/Disgust/Loathing/Horror (del)
Deleth Fear/Disgust/Loathing/Horror del+-eth
Delien Of the Fear/Disgust/Loathing/Horror del+-ien
Deliel Daughter of Fear/Disgust/Loathing/Horror del+iell
Delwen Fear/Disgust/Loathing/Horror Maiden del+gwen
Delneth Fear/Disgust/Loathing/Horror Girl del+neth
Delnith Fear/Disgust/Loathing/Horror Sister del+nîth
Delves Fear/Disgust/Loathing/Horror Wife del+bess
Delon Fear/Disgust/Loathing/Horror del+-on
Delion Son of Fear/Disgust/Loathing/Horror del+-ion
Delven Fear/Disgust/Loathing/Horror Husband del+benn
Delchon Fear/Disgust/Loathing/Horror Brother del+hawn
Delchanar Fear/Disgust/Loathing/Horror Brother del+hanar
Del Fear/Disgust/Loathing/Horror del
Go-Dhel___ Descendant of Fear/Disgust/Loathing/Horror go-+del
Delben Fear/Disgust/Loathing/Horror Person del+pen
Deldhinen – Silent Horror (del+dínen)
Deldhineneth Silent Horror del+dínen+-eth
Deldhinenien Of the Silent Horror del+dínen+-ien
Deldhineniel Daughter of Silent Horror del+dínen+iell
Deldhinessel Silent Horror Girl del+dínen+sell
Deldhinengwen Silent Horror Maiden del+dínen+gwen
Deldhinenneth Silent Horror Girl del+dínen+neth
Deldhinendis Silent Horror Bride del+dínen+dîs
Deldhinendes Silent Horror Maiden del+dínen+dess
Deldhinennith Silent Horror Sister del+dínen+nîth
Deldhinenthel Silent Horror Sister del+dínen+thêl
Deldhinemes Silent Horror Wife del+dínen+bess
Deldhinenon Silent Horror del+dínen+-on
Deldhinenion Son of Silent Horror del+dínen+-ion
Deldhinender Silent Horror Bridegroom del+dínen+der
Deldhinendir Silent Horror Man del+dínen+dîr
Deldhinemen Silent Horror Husband del+dínen+benn
Deldhinendor Silent Horror Brother del+dínen+tôr
Deldhinen Silent Horror del+dínen
Go-Dheldhinen___ Descendant of Silent Horror go-+del+dínen
Deldhinemen Silent Horror Person del+dínen+pen
Deleb – Horrible/Abominable/Loathsome (deleb)
Delebeth Horrible/Abominable/Loathsome One deleb+-eth
Delebien Of the Horrible/Abominable/Loathsome One deleb+-ien
Delebiel Daughter of Horrible/Abominable/Loathsome One deleb+iell
Delebes Horrible/Abominable/Loathsome Wife deleb+bess
Delebon Horrible/Abominable/Loathsome One deleb+-on
Delebion Son of Horrible/Abominable/Loathsome One deleb+-ion
Deleben Horrible/Abominable/Loathsome Husband deleb+benn
Deleb Horrible/Abominable/Loathsome deleb
Go-Dheleb___ Descendant of Horrible/Abominable/Loathsome go-+deleb
Delgaran – Red Horror (del+caran)
Delgaraneth Red Horror del+caran+-eth
Delgaranien Of the Red Horror del+caran+-ien
Delgaraniel Daughter of Red Horror del+caran+iell
Delgarassel Red Horror Girl del+caran+sell
Delgarangwen Red Horror Maiden del+caran+gwen
Delgaranneth Red Horror Girl del+caran+neth
Delgarandis Red Horror Bride del+caran+dîs
Delgarandes Red Horror Maiden del+caran+dess
Delgarannith Red Horror Sister del+caran+nîth
Delgaranthel Red Horror Sister del+caran+thêl
Delgarames Red Horror Wife del+caran+bess
Delgaranon Red Horror del+caran+-on
Delgaranion Son of Red Horror del+caran+-ion
Delgarander Red Horror Bridegroom del+caran+der
Delgarandir Red Horror Man del+caran+dîr
Delgaramen Red Horror Husband del+caran+benn
Delgarathor Red Horror Brother del+caran+tôr
Delgaran Red Horror del+caran
Go-Dhelgaran___ Descendant of Red Horror go-+del+caran
Delgaramben Red Horror Person del+caran+pen
Delos – Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing (delos)
Delosseth Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing delos+-eth
Delossien Of Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing delos+-ien
Delossiel Daughter of Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing delos+iell
Delossel Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing Girl delos+sell
Delosdis Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing Bride delos+dîs
Delosdes Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing Maiden delos+dess
Delosbes Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing Wife delos+bess
Delosson Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing delos+-on
Delossion Son of Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing delos+-ion
Delosder Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing Bridegroom delos+der
Delosdir Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing Man delos+dîr
Delosben Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing Husband delos+benn
Delostor Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing Brother delos+tôr
Delos Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing delos
Go-Dhelos___ Descendant of Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing go-+delos
Delospen Abhorrence/Detestation/Loathing Person delos+pen
Delu – Hateful/Deadly/Fell (delu)
Delweth Hateful/Deadly/Fell One delu+-eth
Delwien Of the Hateful/Deadly/Fell One delu+-ien
Delwiel Daughter of Hateful/Deadly/Fell One delu+iell
Delusel Hateful/Deadly/Fell Girl delu+sell
Delwen Hateful/Deadly/Fell Maiden delu+gwen
Deluneth Hateful/Deadly/Fell Girl delu+neth
Delunis Hateful/Deadly/Fell Bride delu+dîs
Delunes Hateful/Deadly/Fell Maiden delu+dess
Delunith Hateful/Deadly/Fell Sister delu+nîth
Deluthel Hateful/Deadly/Fell Sister delu+thêl
Deluves Hateful/Deadly/Fell Wife delu+bess
Delwon Hateful/Deadly/Fell One delu+-on
Delwion Son of Hateful/Deadly/Fell One delu+-ion
Deluner Hateful/Deadly/Fell Bridegroom delu+der
Delunir Hateful/Deadly/Fell Man delu+dîr
Deluven Hateful/Deadly/Fell Husband delu+benn
Deludor Hateful/Deadly/Fell Brother delu+tôr
Deluchon Hateful/Deadly/Fell Brother delu+hawn
Deluchanar Hateful/Deadly/Fell Brother delu+hanar
Delu Hateful/Deadly/Fell delu
Go-Dhelu___ Descendant of Hateful/Deadly/Fell go-+delu
Deluben Hateful/Deadly/Fell Person delu+pen
Dem – Sad/Gloomy (dem)
Demeth Sad/Gloomy One dem+-eth
Demien Of the Sad/Gloomy One dem+-ien
Demiel Daughter of Sad/Gloomy One dem+iell
Demhel Sad/Gloomy Girl dem+sell
Dembes Sad/Gloomy Wife dem+bess
Demon Sad/Gloomy One dem+-on
Demion Son of Sad/Gloomy One dem+-ion
Demben Sad/Gloomy Husband dem+benn
Dem Sad/Gloomy dem
Go-Dhem___ Descendant of Sad/Gloomy go-+dem
Demben Sad/Gloomy Person dem+pen
Dûr – Somber (dûr)
Dureth Somber One dûr+-eth
Durien Somber One dûr+-ien
Duriel Daughter of Somber One dûr+iell
Durhel Somber Girl dûr+sell
Durwen Somber Maiden dûr+gwen
Durneth Somber Girl dûr+neth
Durdis Somber Bride dûr+dîs
Durdes Somber Woman dûr+dess
Durnith Somber Sister dûr+nîth
Durthel Somber Sister dûr+thêl
Durbes Somber Wife dûr+bess
Duron Somber One dûr+-on
Durion Son of Somber One dûr+iôn
Durben Somber Husband dûr+benn
Durthor Somber Brother dûr+tôr
Durchon Somber Brother dûr+hawn
Durchanar Somber Brother dûr+hanar
Dûr Somber dûr
Go-Dhur___ Descendant of Somber go-+dûr
Durphen Somber Person dûr+pen

Edledhril – Exiled Woman (edledhril)

Edledhron – Exiled Man (edledhron)

Edlenn – Exiled (edlenn)
Edlenneth Exiled One edlenn+-eth
Edlennien Of the Exiled One edlenn+-ien
Edlenniel Daughter of Exiled One edlenn+iell
Edlenhel Exiled Girl edlenn+sell
Edlengwen Exiled Maiden edlenn+gwen
Edlenneth Exiled Girl edlenn+neth
Edlendis Exiled Bride edlenn+dîs
Edlendes Exiled Maiden edlenn+dess
Edlennith Exiled Sister edlenn+nîth
Edlenthel Exiled Sister edlenn+thêl
Edlembes Exiled Wife edlenn+bess
Edlennon Exiled One edlenn+-on
Edlennion Son of Exiled One edlenn+-ion
Edlender Exiled Bridegroom edlenn+der
Edlendir Exiled Man edlenn+dîr
Edlemben Exiled Husband edlenn+benn
Edlendor Exiled Brother edlenn+tôr
Edlen Exiled edlenn
Go-Edlenn___ Descendant of Exiled go-+edlenn
Edlemben Exiled Person edlenn+pen
Edraith – Saving (edraith)
Edraithien Of Saving edraith+-ien
Edraithiel Daughter of Saving edraith+iell
Edraithel Saving Girl edraith+sell
Edraithwen Saving Maiden edraith+gwen
Edraithel Saving Sister edraith+thêl
Edraithon Saving edraith+-on
Edraithion Son of Saving edraith+-ion
Edraithon Saving Brother edraith+hawn
Edraith Saving edraith
Go-Edraith___ Descendant of Saving go-+edraith
Eglan – Forsaken (eglan)
Eglaneth Forsaken One eglan+-eth
Eglanien of a Forsaken One eglan+-ien
Eglaniel Daughter of Forsaken One eglan+iell
Eglassel Forsaken Girl eglan+sell
Eglangwen Forsaken Maiden eglan+gwen
Eglaneth Forsaken Girl eglan+neth
Eglandis Forsaken Bride eglan+dîs
Eglandes Forsaken Woman eglan+dess
Eglanith Forsaken Sister eglan+nîth
Eglanthel Forsaken Sister eglan+thêl
Eglames Forsaken Wife eglan+bess
Eglanon Forsaken One eglan+-on
Eglanion Son of Forsaken One eglan+-ion
Eglander Forsaken Bridegroom eglan+der
Eglandir Forsaken Man eglan+dîr
Eglamen Forsaken Husband eglan+benn
Eglathor Forsaken Brother eglan+tôr
Eglan Forsaken eglan
Go-Eglan___ Descendant of Forsaken go-+eglan
Eglamben Forsaken Person eglan+pen

Elhador – Faithful Elf (el-+sador)

Elhadril – Faithful Elf-woman (el-+sadril)

Elhadron – Faithful Elf-man (el-+sadron)

Elnin – Pool of Tears (el+nîn)
Elnineth Pool of Tears el+nîn+-eth
Elninien Of the Pool of Tears el+nîn+-ien
Elniniel Daughter of Pool of Tears el+nîn+iell
Elnissel Pool of Tears Girl el+nîn+sell
Elningwen Pool of Tears Maiden el+nîn+gwen
Elninneth Pool of Tears Girl el+nîn+neth
Elnindis Pool of Tears Bride el+nîn+dîs
Elnindes Pool of Tears Maiden el+nîn+dess
Elninnith Pool of Tears Sister el+nîn+nîth
Elninthel Pool of Tears Sister el+nîn+thêl
Elnimes Pool of Tears Wife el+nîn+bess
Elninon Pool of Tears el+nîn+-on
Elninion Son of Pool of Tears el+nîn+-ion
Elninder Pool of Tears Bridegroom el+nîn+der
Elnindir Pool of Tears Man el+nîn+dîr
Elnimen Pool of Tears Husband el+nîn+benn
Elnithor Pool of Tears Brother el+nîn+tôr
Elnin Pool of Tears el+nîn
Go-Elnin___ Descendant of Pool of Tears go-+el+nîn
Elnimben Pool of Tears Person el+nîn+pen
Estel – Hope/Trust (estel)
Esteleth Hope/Trust estel+-eth
Estelien Of Hope/Trust estel+-ien
Esteliel Daughter of Hope/Trust estel+iell
Estelwen Hope/Trust Maiden estel+gwen
Estelneth Hope/Trust Girl estel+neth
Esteldis Hope/Trust Bride estel+dîs
Esteldes Hope/Trust Maiden estel+dess
Estelnith Hope/Trust Sister estel+nîth
Estelbes Hope/Trust Wife estel+bess
Estelon Hope/Trust estel+-on
Estelion Son of Hope/Trust estel+-ion
Estelder Hope/Trust Bridegroom estel+der
Esteldir Hope/Trust Man estel+dîr
Estelben Hope/Trust Husband estel+benn
Esteldor Hope/Trust Brother estel+tôr
Estelchon Hope/Trust Brother estel+hawn
Estel Hope/Trust estel
Go-Estel___ Descendant of Hope/Trust go-+estel
Estelben Hope/Trust Person estel+pen
Estelmist – Lost Hope (estel+mist)
Estelmisteth Lost Hope +estel+mist-eth
Estelmistien Of the Lost Hope estel+mist+-ien
Estelmistiel Daughter of Lost Hope estel+mist+iell
Estelmissel Lost Hope Girl estel+mist+sell
Estelmiston Lost Hope estel+mist+-on
Estelmistion Son of Lost Hope estel+mist+-ion
Estelmistor Lost Hope Brother estel+mist+tôr
Estelmist Lost Hope estel+mist
Go-Estelmist___ Descendant of Lost Hope go-+estel+mist
Far – Sufficient (far)
Fareth Sufficient One far+-eth
Farien Of the Sufficient One far+-ien
Fariel Daughter of Sufficient One far+iell
Farhel Sufficient Girl far+sell
Farwen Sufficient Maiden far+gwen
Farneth Sufficient Girl far+neth
Fardis Sufficient Bride far+dîs
Fardes Sufficient Maiden far+dess
Farnith Sufficient Sister far+nîth
Farthel Sufficient Sister far+thêl
Farbes Sufficient Wife far+bess
Faron Sufficient One far+-on
Farion Son of Sufficient One far+-ion
Farder Sufficient Bridegroom far+der
Fardir Sufficient Man far+dîr
Farben Sufficient Husband far+benn
Fardor Sufficient Brother far+tôr
Farchon Sufficient Brother far+hawn
Farchanar Sufficient Brother far+hanar
Far Sufficient far
Go-Far___ Descendant of Sufficient go-+far
Farphen Sufficient Person far+pen
Feg – Bad/Mean/Poor (feg)
Fegeth Bad/Mean/Poor One feg+-eth
Fegien Bad/Mean/Poor One feg+-ien
Fegiel Daughter of Bad/Mean/Poor One feg+-iel
Fegwen Bad/Mean/Poor Maiden feg+gwen
Fegneth Bad/Mean/Poor Girl feg+neth
Fegnis Bad/Mean/Poor Bride feg+dîs
Fegnes Bad/Mean/Poor Woman feg+dess
Fegnith Bad/Mean/Poor Sister feg+nîth
Fecthel Bad/Mean/Poor Sister feg+thêl
Fegon Bad/Mean/Poor One feg+-on
Fegion Son of Bad/Mean/Poor One feg+-ion
Fegner Bad/Mean/Poor Bridegroom feg+der
Fegnir Bad/Mean/Poor Man feg+dîr
Fechon Bad/Mean/Poor Brother feg+hawn
Fechanar Bad/Mean/Poor Brother feg+hanar
Feg Bad/Mean/Poor feg
Go-Feg___ Descendant of Bad/Mean/Poor go-+feg
Fel – Generous (fel)
Feleth Generous One fel+-eth
Felien Generous One fel+-ien
Feliel Daughter of Generous One fel+iell
Felwen Generous Maiden fel+gwen
Felneth Generous Girl fel+neth
Feldis Generous Bride fel+dîs
Feldes Generous Woman fel+dess
Felnith Generous Sister fel+nîth
Felbes Generous Wife fel+bess
Felon Generous One fel+-on
Felion Son of Generous One fel+iôn
Felder Bridegroom fel+der
Feldir Generous Man fel+dîr
Felben Generous Husband fel+benn
Feldor Generous Brother fel+tôr
Felchon Generous Brother fel+hawn
Felchanar Generous Brother fel+hanar
Fel Generous fel
Go-Fel___ Descendant of Generous go-+fel
Felben Generous Person fel+pen

Ferdhinen – Silent Spirit (fer+dínen)

Ferlain – Free Spirit (fer+lain)

Ferthuren – Secret Spirit (fer+thuren)

Ferveleg – Strong Spirit (fer+beleg)

Ferveren – Joyous Spirit (fer+meren)

Galu – Blessedness/Good Fortune (galu)
Galweth Blessedness/Good Fortune galu+-eth
Galuhel Blessed/Good Fortune Girl galu+-ien
Galwen Blessed/Good Fortune Maiden galu+gwen
Galuneth Blessed/Good Fortune Girl galu+neth
Galunis Blessed/Good Fortune Bride galu+dîs
Galunes Blessed/Good Fortune Woman galu+dess
Galunith Blessed/Good Fortune Sister galu+nîth
Galuthel Blessed/Good Fortune Sister galu+thêl
Galuves Blessed/Good Fortune Wife galu+bess
Galwon Blessedness/Good Fortune galu+-on
Galuner Blessedness/Good Fortune Bridegroom galu+der
Galunir Blessedness/Good Fortune Man galu+dîr
Galuven Blessedness/Good Fortune Husband galu+benn
Galudor Blessedness/Good Fortune Brother galu+tôr
Galuchon Blessedness/Good Fortune Brother galu+hawn
Galu Blessedness/Good Fortune galu
Go-‘Alu___ Descendant of Blessedness/Good Fortune go-+galu
Galuben Blessedness/Good Fortune Person galu+pen
Galuchin – Eyes of Good Fortune (galu+hin)
Galuchineth Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+-eth
Galuchinien Of the Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+-ien
Galuchiniel Daughter of Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+iell
Galuchissel Girl With Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+sell
Galuchingwen Maiden With Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+gwen
Galuchinneth Girl With Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+neth
Galuchindis Bride With Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+dîs
Galuchindes Maiden With Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+dess
Galuchinnith Sister With Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+nîth
Galuchinthel Sister With Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+thêl
Galuchimes Wife With Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+bess
Galuchinon Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+-on
Galuchinion Son of Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+-ion
Galuchinder Bridegroom With Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+der
Galuchindir Man With Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+dîr
Galuchimen Husband With Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+benn
Galuchithor Brother With Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+tôr
Galuchin Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin
Go-‘Aluchin___ Descendant of Eyes of Good Fortune go-+galu+hin
Galuchimben Person With Eyes of Good Fortune galu+hin+pen
Ge – Dread (ge)
Gehel Dread Girl ge+sell
Gewen Dread Maiden ge+gwen
Geneth Dread Girl ge+neth
Genis Dread Bride ge+dîs
Genes Dread Maiden ge+dess
Genith Dread Sister ge+nîth
Gethel Dread Sister ge+thêl
Geves Dread Wife ge+bess
Gener Dread Bridegroom ge+der
Genir Dread Man ge+dîr
Geven Dread Husband ge+benn
Gedor Dread Brother ge+tôr
Gechon Dread Brother ge+hawn
Gechanar Dread Brother ge+hanar
Ge Dread ge
Go-‘E___ Descendant of Dread go-+ge
Geben Dread Person ge+pen
Gel – Joy/Triumph (gell)
Geleth Joy/Triumph gell+-eth
Gelien Of Joy/Triumph gell+-ien
Geliel Daughter of Joy/Triumph gell+-iel
Gelwen Joy/Triumph Maiden gell+gwen
Gelneth Joy/Triumph Girl gell+neth
Geldis Joy/Triumph Bride gell+dîs
Geldes Joy/Triumph Woman gell+dess
Gelnith Joy/Triumph Sister gell+nîth
Gelbes Joy/Triumph Wife gell+bess
Gelon Joy/Triumph gell+-on
Gelion Son of Joy/Triumph gell+-ion
Gelder Joy/Triumph Bridegroom gell+der
Geldir Joy/Triumph Man gell+dîr
Gelben Joy/Triumph Husband gell+benn
Geldor Joy/Triumph Brother gell+tôr
Gelchon Joy/Triumph Brother gell+hawn
Gelchanar Joy/Triumph Brother gell+hanar
Gel Joy/Triumph gell
Go-‘El___ Descendant of Joy/Triumph go-+gell
Gelben Joy/Triumph Person gell+pen
Gelinnas – Joyful Will (gell+innas)
Gelinnasseth Joyful Will gell+innas+-eth
Gelinnassien Of the Joyful Will gell+innas+-ien
Gelinnassiel Daughter of Joyful Will gell+innas+iell
Gelinnassel Joyful Will Girl gell+innas+sell
Gelinnasdis Joyful Will Bride gell+innas+dîs
Gelinnasdes Joyful Will Maiden gell+innas+dess
Gelinnasbes Joyful Will Wife gell+innas+bess
Gelinnasson Joyful Will gell+innas+-on
Gelinnassion Son of Joyful Will gell+innas+-ion
Gelinnasder Joyful Will Bridegroom gell+innas+der
Gelinnasdir Joyful Will Man gell+innas+dîr
Gelinnasben Joyful Will Husband gell+innas+benn
Gelinnastor Joyful Will Brother gell+innas+tôr
Gelinnas Joyful Will gell+innas
Go-‘Elinnass___ Descendant of Joyful Will go-+gell+innas
Gelinnaspen Joyful Will Person gell+innas+pen
Gellam – Jubilation (gellam)
Gellameth Jubilation gellam+-eth
Gellamien Of the Jubilation gellam+-ien
Gellamiel Daughter of Jubilation gellam+iell
Gellamhel Jubilation Girl gellam+sell
Gellamdis Jubilation Bride gellam+dîs
Gellamdes Jubilation Maiden gellam+dess
Gellambes Jubilation Wife gellam+bess
Gellamon Jubilation gellam+-on
Gellamion Son of Jubilation gellam+-ion
Gellamder Jubilation Bridegroom gellam+der
Gellamdir Jubilation Man gellam+dîr
Gellamben Jubilation Husband gellam+benn
Gellamdor Jubilation Brother gellam+tôr
Gellam Jubilation gellam
Go-Gellam___ Descendant of Jubilation go-+gellam
Gellamben Jubilation Person gellam+pen
Gellui – Triumphant (gellui)
Gelluihel Triumphant Girl gellui+sell
Gelluiwen Triumphant Maiden gellui+gwen
Gelluineth Triumphant Girl gellui+neth
Gelluinis Triumphant Bride gellui+dîs
Gelluines Triumphant Maiden gellui+dess
Gelluinith Triumphant Sister gellui+nîth
Gelluithel Triumphant Sister gellui+thêl
Gelluives Triumphant Wife gellui+bess
Gelluiner Triumphant Bridegroom gellui+der
Gelluinir Triumphant Man gellui+dîr
Gelluiven Triumphant Husband gellui+benn
Gelluidor Triumphant Brother gellui+tôr
Gelluichon Triumphant Brother gellui+hawn
Gellui Triumphant gellui
Go-‘Ellui___ Descendant of Triumphant go-+gellui
Gelluiben Triumphant Person gellui+pen
Ger – Dreadful (ger)
Gereth Dreadful One ger+-eth
Gerien Of the Dreadful One ger+-ien
Geriel Daughter of Dreadful One ger+iell
Gerhel Dreadful Girl ger+sell
Gerwen Dreadful Maiden ger+gwen
Gerneth Dreadful Girl ger+neth
Gerdis Dreadful Bride ger+dîs
Gerdes Dreadful Maiden ger+dess
Gernith Dreadful Sister ger+nîth
Gerthel Dreadful Sister ger+thêl
Gerbes Dreadful Wife ger+bess
Geron Dreadful One ger+-on
Gerion Son of Dreadful One ger+-ion
Gerdir Dreadful Man ger+dîr
Gerven Dreadful Husband ger+benn
Gerdor Dreadful Brother ger+tôr
Gerchon Dreadful Brother ger+hawn
Gerchanar Dreadful Brother ger+hanar
Ger Dreadful ger
Go-‘Er___ Descendant of Dreadful go-+ger
Gerphen Dreadful Person ger+pen
Girith – Shuddering/Horror (girith)
Girithien Of Shuddering/Horror girith+-ien
Girithiel Daughter of Shuddering/Horror girith+iell
Girithel Shuddering/Horror Girl girith+sell
Girithwen Shuddering/Horror Maiden girith+gwen
Girithel Shuddering/Horror Sister girith+thêl
Girithon Shuddering/Horror girith+-on
Girithion Son of Shuddering/Horror girith+-ion
Girithon Shuddering/Horror Brother girith+hawn
Girith Shuddering/Horror girith
Go-‘Irith___ Descendant of Shuddering/Horror go-+girith
Glass – Joy (glass)
Glasseth Joy glass+-eth
Glassien Of Joy glass+-ien
Glassiel Daughter of Joy glass+-iel
Glassel Joy Girl glass+sell
Glasdis Joy Bride glass+dîs
Glasdes Joy Maiden glass+dess
Glasbes Joy Wife glass+bess
Glasson Joy glass+-on
Glassion Son of Joy glass+-ion
Glasder Joy Bridegroom glass+der
Glasdir Joy Man glass+dîr
Glasben Joy Husband glass+benn
Glastor Joy Brother glass+tôr
Glas Joy glass
Go-‘Lass___ Descendant of Joy go-+glass
Glaspen Joy Person glass+pen
Goe – Terror (goe)
Goehel Terror Girl goe+sell
Goewen Terror Maiden goe+gwen
Goeneth Terror Girl goe+neth
Goenis Terror Bride goe+dîs
Goenes Terror Maiden goe+dess
Goenith Terror Sister goe+nîth
Goethel Terror Sister goe+thêl
Goeves Terror Wife goe+bess
Goener Terror Bridegroom goe+der
Goenir Terror Man goe+dîr
Goeven Terror Husband goe+benn
Goedor Terror Brother goe+tôr
Goechon Terror Brother goe+hawn
Goechanar Terror Brother goe+hanar
Goe Terror goe
Go-‘Oe___ Descendant of Terror go-+goe
Goeben Terror Person goe+pen
Goeol – Dreadful/Terrifying (goeol)
Goeoleth Dreadful/Terrifying One goeol+-eth
Goeolien Of the Dreadful/Terrifying One goeol+-ien
Goeoliel Daughter of Dreadful/Terrifying One goeol+iell
Goeolhel Dreadful/Terrifying Girl goeol+sell
Goeolwen Dreadful/Terrifying Maiden goeol+gwen
Goeolneth Dreadful/Terrifying Girl goeol+neth
Goeoldis Dreadful/Terrifying Bride goeol+dîs
Goeoldes Dreadful/Terrifying Maiden goeol+dess
Goeolnith Dreadful/Terrifying Sister goeol+nîth
Goeolthel Dreadful/Terrifying Sister goeol+thêl
Goeolbes Dreadful/Terrifying Wife goeol+bess
Goeolon Dreadful/Terrifying One goeol+-on
Goeolion Son of Dreadful/Terrifying One goeol+-ion
Goeolder Dreadful/Terrifying Bridegroom goeol+der
Goeoldir Dreadful/Terrifying Man goeol+dîr
Goeolben Dreadful/Terrifying Husband goeol+benn
Goeoldor Dreadful/Terrifying Brother goeol+tôr
Goeolchon Dreadful/Terrifying Brother goeol+hawn
Goeol Dreadful/Terrifying goeol
Go-‘Oeol___ Descendant of Dreadful/Terrifying go-+goeol
Goeolben Dreadful/Terrifying Person goeol+pen
Goll – Wise (goll)
Goleth Wise One goll+-eth
Golien Wise One goll+-ien
Goliel Daughter of Wise One goll+-iel
Golhel Wise Girl goll+sell
Golwen Wise Maiden goll+gwen
Golneth Wise Girl goll+neth
Goldis Wise Bride goll+dîs
Goldes Wise Woman goll+dess
Golnith Wise Sister goll+nîth
Golthel Wise Sister goll+thêl
Golves Wise Wife goll+bess
Golon Wise One goll+-on
Golion Son of Wise One goll+-ion
Golder Wise Bridegroom goll+der
Goldir Wise Man goll+dîr
Golven Wise Husband goll+benn
Goldor Wise Brother goll+tôr
Golchon Wise Brother goll+hawn
Golchanar Wise Brother goll+hanar
Gol Wise goll
Go-Ngol___ Descendant of Wise go-+goll
Golben Wise Person goll+pen
Golwen – Wise (golwen)
Golweneth Wise One golwen+-eth
Golwenien Of the Wise One golwen+-ien
Golweniel Daughter of Wise One golwen+iell
Golwessel Wise Girl golwen+sell
Golweneth Wise Girl golwen+neth
Golwendis Wise Bride golwen+dîs
Golwendes Wise Maiden golwen+dess
Golwenith Wise Sister golwen+nîth
Golwenthel Wise Sister golwen+thêl
Golwemes Wise Wife golwen+bess
Golwenon Wise One golwen+-on
Golwenion Son of Wise One golwen+-ion
Golwender Wise Bridegroom golwen+der
Golwendir Wise Man golwen+dîr
Golwemen Wise Husband golwen+benn
Golwethor Wise Brother golwen+tôr
Golwen Wise golwen
Go-Ngolwen___ Descendant of Wise go-+golwen
Golwemben Wise Person golwen+pen
Gorf – Vigor (gorf)
Gorveth Vigor gorf+-eth
Gorvien Of Vigor gorf+-ien
Gorviel Daughter of Vigor gorf+iell
Gorves Vigor Wife gorf+bess
Gorvon Vigor gorf+-on
Gorvion Son of Vigor gorf+-ion
Gorven Vigor Husband gorf+benn
Gorf Vigor gorf
Go-‘Orv___ Descendant of Vigor go-+gorf
Gorphen Vigor Person gorf+pen
Gorn – Impetuous/Valor (gorn)
Gorneth Impetuous/Valor One gorn+-eth
Gornien Impetuous/Valor One gorn+-ien
Gorniel Daughter of Impetuous/Valor One gorn+iell
Gorsel Impetuous/Valor Girl gorn+sell
Gorneth Impetuous/Valor Girl gorn+neth
Gornith Impetuous/Valor Sister gorn+nîth
Gormes Impetuous/Valor Wife gorn+bess
Gornon Impetuous/Valor One gorn+-on
Gornion Son of Impetuous/Valor One gorn+-ion
Gormen Impetuous/Valor Husband gorn+benn
Gorthor Impetuous/Valor Brother gorn+tôr
Gorn Impetuous/Valor gorn
Go-‘Orn___ Descendant of Impetuous/Valor go-+gorn
Gorphen Impetuous/Valor Person gorn+pen
Gorog – Horror (gorog)
Gorogeth Horror gorog+-eth
Gorogien Of Horror gorog+-ien
Gorogiel Daughter of Horror gorog+iell
Gorogwen Horror Maiden gorog+gwen
Gorogneth Horror Girl gorog+neth
Gorognis Horror Bride gorog+dîs
Gorognes Horror Maiden gorog+dess
Gorognith Horror Sister gorog+nîth
Gorocthel Horror Sister gorog+thêl
Gorogon Horror gorog+-on
Gorogion Son of Horror gorog+-ion
Gorogner Horror Bridegroom gorog+der
Gorognir Horror Man gorog+dîr
Gorochon Horror Brother gorog+hawn
Gorochanar Horror Brother gorog+hanar
Gorog Horror gorog
Go-Ngorog___ Descendant of Horror go-+gorog
Goroth – Horror (goroth)
Gorothien Of Horror goroth+-ien
Gorothiel Daughter of Horror goroth+iell
Gorothel Horror Girl goroth+sell
Gorothwen Horror Maiden goroth+gwen
Gorothel Horror Sister goroth+thêl
Gorothon Horror goroth+-on
Gorothion Son of Horror goroth+-ion
Gorothon Horror Brother goroth+hawn
Goroth Horror goroth
Go-Ngoroth___ Descendant of Horror go-+goroth
Gorth – Horror (gorth)
Gorthien Of Horror gorth+-ien
Gorthiel Daughter of Horror gorth+iell
Gorthel Horror Girl gorth+sell
Gorthel Horror Sister gorth+thêl
Gorthon Horror gorth+-on
Gorthion Son of Horror gorth+-ion
Gorthon Horror Brother gorth+hawn
Gorthanar Horror Brother gorth+hanar
Gorth Horror gorth
Go-Ngorth___ Descendant of Horror go-+gorth

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