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Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name
Aith – Spearpoint (aith)
Aithien Of the Spearpoint aith+-ien
Aithiel Daughter of Spearpoint aith+iell
Aithel Spearpoint Girl +aithsell
Aithwen Spearpoint Maiden aith+gwen
Aithel Spearpoint Sister aith+thêl
Aithon Spearpoint aith+-on
Aithion Son of Spearpoint aith+-ion
Aithon Spearpoint Brother aith+hawn
Aithanar Spearpoint Brother aith+hanar
Aith Spearpoint aith
Go-Aith___ Descendant of Spearpoint go-+aith
Amath – Shield (amath)
Amathien Of the Shield amath+-ien
Amathiel Daughter of Shield amath+iell
Amathel Shield Girl amath+sell
Amathwen Shield Maiden amath+gwen
Amathel Shield Sister amath+thêl
Amathon Shield amath+-on
Amathion Son of Shield amath+-ion
Amathon Shield Brother amath+hawn
Amathanar Shield Brother amath+hanar
Amath Shield amath
Go-Amath___ Descendant of Shield go-+amath
Angol – Deep Lore/Magic (angol)
Angoleth Deep Lore/Magic angol+-eth
Angolien Of the Deep Lore/Magic angol+-ien
Angoliel Daughter of Deep Lore/Magic angol+iell
Angolhel Deep Lore/Magic Girl angol+sell
Angolwen Deep Lore/Magic Maiden angol+gwen
Angolneth Deep Lore/Magic Girl angol+neth
Angoldis Deep Lore/Magic Bride angol+dîs
Angoldes Deep Lore/Magic Maiden angol+dess
Angolnith Deep Lore/Magic Sister angol+nîth
Angolthel Deep Lore/Magic Sister angol+thêl
Angolbes Deep Lore/Magic Wife angol+bess
Angolon Deep Lore/Magic angol+-on
Angolion Son of Deep Lore/Magic angol+-ion
Angolder Deep Lore/Magic Bridegroom angol+der
Angoldir Deep Lore/Magic Man angol+dîr
Angolben Deep Lore/Magic Husband angol+benn
Angoldor Deep Lore/Magic Brother angol+tôr
Angolchon Deep Lore/Magic Brother angol+hawn
Angol Deep Lore/Magic angol
Go-Angol___ Descendant of Deep Lore/Magic go-+angol
Angolben Deep Lore/Magic Person angol+pen
Aradhel – Royal Terror (ara+del)
Aradheleth Royal Terror ara+del+-eth
Aradhelien Of the Royal Terror ara+del+-ien
Aradhelwen Royal Terror Maiden ara+del+gwen
Aradhelneth Royal Terror Girl ara+del+neth
Aradheldis Royal Terror Bride ara+del+dîs
Aradheldes Royal Terror Maiden ara+del+dess
Aradhelnith Royal Terror Sister ara+del+nîth
Aradhelbes Royal Terror Wife ara+del+bess
Aradhelon Royal Terror ara+del+-on
Aradhelion Son of Royal Terror ara+del+-ion
Aradhelder Royal Terror Bridegroom ara+del+der
Aradheldir Royal Terror Man ara+del+dîr
Aradhelben Royal Terror Husband ara+del+benn
Aradheldor Royal Terror Brother ara+del+tôr
Aradhelchon Royal Terror Brother ara+del+hawn
Aradhel Royal Terror ara+del
Go-Aradhel___ Descendant of Royal Terror go-+ara+del
Aradhelben Royal Terror Person ara+del+pen
Arahel – Noble and Wise (ara-+sel)
Araheleth Noble and Wise One ara-+sel+-eth
Arahelien Of the Noble and Wise One ara-+sel+-ien
Arahelwen Noble and Wise Maiden ara-+sel+gwen
Arahelneth Noble and Wise Girl ara-+sel+neth
Araheldis Noble and Wise Bride ara-+sel+dîs
Araheldes Noble and Wise Maiden ara-+sel+dess
Arahelnith Noble and Wise Sister ara-+sel+nîth
Arahelbes Noble and Wise Wife ara-+sel+bess
Arahelon Noble and Wise One ara-+sel+-on
Arahelion Son of Noble and Wise One ara-+sel+-ion
Arahelder Noble and Wise Bridegroom ara-+sel+der
Araheldir Noble and Wise Man ara-+sel+dîr
Arahelben Noble and Wise Husband ara-+sel+benn
Araheldor Noble and Wise Brother ara-+sel+tôr
Arahelchon Noble and Wise Brother ara-+sel+hawn
Arahel Noble and Wise ara-+sel
Go-Arahel___ Descendant of Noble and Wise go-+ara-+sel
Arahelben Noble and Wise Person ara-+sel+pen
Arrad – Beyond the Path (ar+râd)
Arradeth Beyond the Path One ar+râd+-eth
Arradien Beyond the Path One ar+râd+-ien
Arradiel Daughter of Beyond the Path ar+râd+iell
Arrassel Beyond the Path Girl ar+râd+sell
Arradis Beyond the Path Bride ar+râd+dîs
Arrades Beyond the Path Maiden ar+râd+dess
Arradon Beyond the Path One ar+râd+-on
Arradion Son of Beyond the Path One ar+râd+-ion
Arrader Beyond the Path Bridegroom ar+râd+der
Arradir Beyond the Path Man ar+râd+dîr
Arrador Beyond the Path Brother ar+râd+tôr
Arrad Beyond the Path ar+râd
Go-Arrad___ Descendant of Beyond the Path go-+ar+râd
Auth – War/Battle (auth)
Othien Of the War/Battle auth+-ien
Othiel Daughter of War/Battle auth+iell
Othel War/Battle Girl auth+sell
Othwen War/Battle Maiden auth+gwen
Othel War/Battle Sister auth+thêl
Othon War/Battle auth+-on
Othion Son of War/Battle auth+-ion
Othon War/Battle Brother auth+hawn
Othanar War/Battle Brother auth+hanar
Auth War/Battle auth
Go-Oth___ Descendant of War/Battle go-+auth

Bachor – Pedlar (bachor)

Badhor – Judge (badhor)

Badhril – Judge [female] (badhril)

Badhron – Judge [male] (badhron)

Calar – Lamp (calar)
Calareth Lamp calar+-eth
Calarien Of a Lamp calar+-ien
Calariel Daughter of Lamp calar+iell
Calarhel Lamp Girl calar+sell
Calarwen Lamp Maiden calar+gwen
Calarneth Lamp Girl calar+neth
Calardis Lamp Bride calar+dîs
Calardes Lamp Maiden calar+dess
Calarnith Lamp Sister calar+nîth
Calarthel Lamp Sister calar+thêl
Calarbes Lamp Wife calar+bess
Calaron Lamp calar+-on
Calarion Son of Lamp calar+-ion
Calarder Lamp Bridegroom calar+der
Calardir Lamp Man calar+dîr
Calarben Lamp Husband calar+benn
Calardor Lamp Brother calar+tôr
Calarchon Lamp Brother calar+hawn
Calar Lamp calar
Go-Galar___ Descendant of Lamp go-+calar
Calarben Lamp Person calar+pen
Calardan Lampwright calardan
Calph – Water-Vessel (calph)
Calpheth Water-Vessel calph+-eth
Calphien Of the Water-Vessel calph+-ien
Calphiel Daughter of Water-Vessel calph+iell
Calphel Water-Vessel Girl calph+sell
Calphon Water-Vessel calph+-on
Calphion Son of Water-Vessel calph+-ion
Calphon Water-Vessel Brother calph+hawn
Calphanar Water-Vessel Brother calph+hanar
Calph Water-Vessel calph
Go-Galph___ Descendant of Water-Vessel go-+calph
Calphen Water-Vessel Person calph+pen
Camen – Skilled Hand (cam+men)
Cameneth Skilled Hand cam+men+-eth
Camenien Of the Skilled Hand cam+men+-ien
Cameniel Daughter of Skilled Hand cam+men+iell
Camessel Skilled Hand Girl cam+men+sell
Camengwen Skilled Hand Maiden cam+men+gwen
Cameneth Skilled Hand Girl cam+men+neth
Camendis Skilled Hand Bride cam+men+dîs
Camendes Skilled Hand Maiden cam+men+dess
Camenith Skilled Hand Sister cam+men+nîth
Camenthel Skilled Hand Sister cam+men+thêl
Camenon Skilled Hand cam+men+-on
Camenion Son of Skilled Hand cam+men+-ion
Camender Skilled Hand Bridegroom cam+men+der
Camendir Skilled Hand Man cam+men+dîr
Camethor Skilled Hand Brother cam+men+tôr
Camen Skilled Hand cam+men
Go-Gamen___ Descendant of Skilled Hand go-+cam+men
Camemben Skilled Hand Person cam+men+pen
Cellind – Flowing Music (cell+lind)
Cellinneth Flowing Music cell+lind+-eth
Cellinnien Of the Flowing Music cell+lind+-ien
Cellinniel Daughter of Flowing Music cell+lind+iell
Cellinhel Flowing Music Girl cell+lind+sell
Cellingwen Flowing Music Maiden cell+lind+gwen
Cellinneth Flowing Music Girl cell+lind+neth
Cellindis Flowing Music Bride cell+lind+dîs
Cellindes Flowing Music Maiden cell+lind+dess
Cellinnith Flowing Music Sister cell+lind+nîth
Cellinthel Flowing Music Sister cell+lind+thêl
Cellimbes Flowing Music Wife cell+lind+bess
Cellinnon Flowing Music cell+lind+-on
Cellinnion Son of Flowing Music cell+lind+-ion
Cellinder Flowing Music Bridegroom cell+lind+der
Cellindir Flowing Music Man cell+lind+dîr
Cellimben Flowing Music Husband cell+lind+benn
Cellindor Flowing Music Brother cell+lind+tôr
Cellind Flowing Music cell+lind
Go-Cellinn___ Descendant of Flowing Music go-+cell+lind
Cellimben Flowing Music Person cell+lind+pen

Cennan- Potter (cennan)

– Bow (cû)
Cúeth Bow cû+-eth
Cúien of the Bow cû+-ien
Cúiel Daughter of Bow cû+iell
Cúhel Bow Girl cû+sell
Cúwen Bow Maiden cû+gwen
Cúneth Bow Girl cû+neth
Cúnis Bow Bride cû+dîs
Cúnes Bow Woman cû+dess
Cúnith Bow Sister cû+nîth
Cúthel Bow Sister cû+thêl
Cúves Bow Wife cû+bess
Cúon Bow cû+-on
Cúion Son of Bow cû+iôn
Cúner Bow Bridegroom cû+der
Cúnir Bow Man cû+dîr
Cúven Bow Husband cû+benn
Cúdor Bow Brother cû+tôr
Cúchon Bow Brother cû+hawn
Cúchanar Bow Brother cû+hanar
Go-Gú___ Descendant of Bow go-+cû
Cúben Bow Person cû+pen
Curuler – Skill of Song (curu+ler)
Curulereth Skill of Song curu+ler+-eth
Curulerien Of the Skill of Song curu+ler+-ien
Curuleriel Daughter of Skill of Song curu+ler+iell
Curulerhel Skill of Song Girl curu+ler+sell
Curulerwen Skill of Song Maiden curu+ler+gwen
Curulerneth Skill of Song Girl curu+ler+neth
Curulerdis Skill of Song Bride curu+ler+dîs
Curulerdes Skill of Song Maiden curu+ler+dess
Curulernith Skill of Song Sister curu+ler+nîth
Curulerthel Skill of Song Sister curu+ler+thêl
Curulerbes Skill of Song Wife curu+ler+bess
Curuleron Skill of Song curu+ler+-on
Curulerion Son of Skill of Song curu+ler+-ion
Curulerder Skill of Song Bridegroom curu+ler+der
Curulerdir Skill of Song Man curu+ler+dîr
Curulerben Skill of Song Husband curu+ler+benn
Curulerdor Skill of Song Brother curu+ler+tôr
Curulerchon Skill of Song Brother curu+ler+hawn
Curuler Skill of Song curu+ler
Go-Guruler___ Descendant of Skill of Song go-+curu+ler
Curulerphen Skill of Song Person curu+ler+pen

Dagnir – Killer/Bain [male] (dagnir)

Dagnis – Killer/Bain [female] (dagnis)

Dagor – Battle (dagor)
Dagoreth Battle dagor+-eth
Dagorien Of the Battle dagor+-ien
Dagoriel Daughter of Battle dagor+iell
Dagorhel Battle Girl dagor+sell
Dagorwen Battle Maiden dagor+gwen
Dagorneth Battle Girl dagor+neth
Dagornith Battle Sister dagor+nîth
Dagorthel Battle Sister dagor+thêl
Dagorves Battle Wife dagor+bess
Dagoron Battle dagor+-on
Dagorion Son of Battle dagor+-ion
Dagorven Battle Husband dagor+benn
Dagorthor Battle Brother dagor+tôr
Dagorchon Battle Brother dagor+hawn
Dagor Battle dagor
Go-Nagor___ Descendant of Battle go-+dagor
Dagorphen Battle Person dagor+pen
Dam – Hammer (dam)
Dameth Hammer dam+-eth
Damien Of a Hammer dam+-ien
Damiel Daughter of Hammer dam+iell
Damhel Hammer Girl dam+sell
Dambes Hammer Wife dam+bess
Damon Hammer dam+-on
Damion Son of Hammer dam+-ion
Damben Hammer Husband dam+benn
Dam Hammer dam
Go-Nam___ Descendant of Hammer go-+dam
Damben Hammer Person dam+pen
Daug – Warrior/Soldier (daug)
Dogeth Warrior/Soldier daug+-eth
Dogien Of the Warrior/Soldier daug+-ien
Dogiel Daughter of Warrior/Soldier daug+iell
Dogwen Warrior/Soldier Maiden daug+gwen
Dogneth Warrior/Soldier Girl daug+neth
Dognis Warrior/Soldier Bride daug+dîs
Dognes Warrior/Soldier Maiden daug+dess
Dognith Warrior/Soldier Sister daug+nîth
Docthel Warrior/Soldier Sister daug+thêl
Dogon Warrior/Soldier daug+-on
Dogion Son of Warrior/Soldier daug+-ion
Dogner Warrior/Soldier Bridegroom daug+der
Dognir Warrior/Soldier Man daug+dîr
Dochon Warrior/Soldier Brother daug+hawn
Dochanar Warrior/Soldier Brother daug+hanar
Daug Warrior/Soldier daug
Go-Nog___ Descendant of Warrior/Soldier go-+daug

Dimethor – Silence Warrior (dîn+methor)

Dringol – Wise Hammerer (dring+goll)

Ecthel – Spearpoint (ecthel)
Ectheleth Spearpoint ecthel+-eth
Ecthelien Of the Spearpoint ecthel+-ien
Ectheliel Daughter of Spearpoint ecthel+iell
Ecthelwen Spearpoint Maiden ecthel+gwen
Ecthelneth Spearpoint Girl ecthel+neth
Ectheldis Spearpoint Bride ecthel+dîs
Ectheldes Spearpoint Maiden ecthel+dess
Ecthelnith Spearpoint Sister ecthel+nîth
Ecthelves Spearpoint Wife ecthel+bess
Ecthelon Spearpoint ecthel+-on
Ecthelion Son of Spearpoint ecthel+-ion
Ecthelder Spearpoint Bridegroom ecthel+der
Ectheldir Spearpoint Man ecthel+dîr
Ecthelven Spearpoint Husband ecthel+benn
Ectheldor Spearpoint Brother ecthel+tôr
Ecthel Spearpoint ecthel
Go-Ecthel___ Descendant of Spearpoint go-+ecthel
Ecthelben Spearpoint Person ecthel+pen

Erfaron – Lone Hunter (er-+faron)

Erist – Lone Lore (er-+ist)
Eristeth Lone Lore er-+ist+-eth
Eristien of Lone Lore er-+ist+-ien
Eristiel Daughter of Lone Lore er-+ist+iell
Erissel Lone Lore Girl er-+ist+sell
Eriston Lone Lore er-+ist+-on
Eristion Son of Lone Lore er-+ist+-ion
Eristor Lone Lore Brother er-+ist+tôr
Erist Lone Lore er-+ist
Go-Erist___ Descendant of Lone Lore go-+er-+ist

Erthor – Uniter (ertha+-or)

Erwarth – Lone Betrayer (er-+gwarth)

Ethir – Spy (ethir)

Gangel – Harp (gangel)
Gangeleth Harper gangel+-eth
Gangelien Of the Harp gangel+-ien
Gangeliel Daughter of Harp gangel+iell
Gangelwen Harp Maiden gangel+gwen
Gangelneth Harp Girl gangel+neth
Gangeldis Harp Bride gangel+dîs
Gangeldes Harp Maiden gangel+dess
Gangelnith Harp Sister gangel+nîth
Gangelbes Harp Wife gangel+bess
Gangelon Harper gangel+-on
Gangelion Son of Harp gangel+-ion
Gangelder Harp Bridegroom gangel+der
Gangeldir Harp Man gangel+dîr
Gangelben Harp Husband gangel+benn
Gangeldor Harp Brother gangel+tôr
Gangelchon Harp Brother gangel+hawn
Gangel Harp gangel
Go-Ngangel___ Descendant of Harp go-+gangel
Gangelben Harp Person gangel+pen
Gaud – Machine (gaud)
Godeth Machine gaud+-eth
Godien Of the Machine gaud+-ien
Godiel Daughter of Machine gaud+iell
Gossel Machine Girl gaud+sell
Godwen Machine Maiden gaud+gwen
Goddis Machine Bride gaud+dîs
Goddes Machine Maiden gaud+dess
Godon Machine gaud+-on
Godion Son of Machine gaud+-ion
Goder Machine Bridegroom gaud+der
Godir Machine Man gaud+dîr
Godor Machine Brother gaud+tôr
Gaud Machine gaud
Go-‘Od___ Descendant of Machine go-+gaud
Gler – Long Lay/Narrative Poem (gler)
Glereth Long Lay/Narrative Poem gler+-eth
Glerien Of Long Lay/Narrative Poem gler+-ien
Gleriel Daughter of Long Lay/Narrative Poem gler+iell
Glerhel Long Lay/Narrative Poem Girl gler+sell
Glerwen Long Lay/Narrative Poem Maiden gler+gwen
Glerneth Long Lay/Narrative Poem Girl gler+neth
Glerdis Long Lay/Narrative Poem Bride gler+dîs
Glerdes Long Lay/Narrative Poem Maiden gler+dess
Glernith Long Lay/Narrative Poem Sister gler+nîth
Glerthel Long Lay/Narrative Poem Sister gler+thêl
Glerbes Long Lay/Narrative Poem Wife gler+bess
Gleron Long Lay/Narrative Poem gler+-on
Glerion Son of Long Lay/Narrative Poem gler+-ion
Glerdir Long Lay/Narrative Poem Man gler+dîr
Glerben Long Lay/Narrative Poem Husband gler+benn
Glerdor Long Lay/Narrative Poem Brother gler+tôr
Glerchon Long Lay/Narrative Poem Brother gler+hawn
Glerchanar Long Lay/Narrative Poem Brother gler+hanar
Gler Long Lay/Narrative Poem gler
Go-‘Ler___ Descendant of Long Lay/Narrative Poem go-+gler
Glerphen Long Lay/Narrative Poem Person gler+pen
Glew – Salve (glew)
Gleweth Salve glew+-eth
Glewien Of the Salve glew+-ien
Glewiel Daughter of Salve glew+iell
Glewen Salve Maiden glew+gwen
Glewon Salve glew+-on
Glewion Son of Salve glew+-ion
Glew Salve glew
Go-‘Lew___ Descendant of Salve go-+glew
Glîr – Song (glîr)
Glireth Song glîr+-eth
Glirien of the Song glîr+-ien
Gliriel Daughter of Song glîr+iell
Glirhel Song Girl glîr+sell
Glirwen Song Maiden glîr+gwen
Glirneth Song Girl glîr+neth
Glirdis Song Bride glîr+dîs
Glirdes Song Woman glîr+dess
Glirnith Song Sister glîr+nîth
Glirthel Song Sister glîr+thêl
Glirbes Song Wife glîr+bess
Gliron Singer glîr+-on
Glirion Son of Song glîr+-ion
Glirdir Song Man glîr+dîr
Glirder Song Bridegroom glîr+der
Glirben Song Man glîr+benn
Glirdor Song Brother glîr+tôr
Glirchon Song Brother glîr+hawn
Glirchanar Song Brother glîr+hanar
Glîr Song glîr
Go-‘Lir___ Descendant of Song go-+glîr
Glirphen Song Person glîr+pen
Glûdh – Soap (glûdh)
Glúdhien Of Soap glûdh+-ien
Glúdhiel Daughter of Soap glûdh+iell
Glúdhel Soap Girl glûdh+sell
Glúdhwen Soap Maiden glûdh+gwen
Glúdhon Soap glûdh+-on
Glúdhion Son of Soap glûdh+-ion
Glúdhon Soap Brother glûdh+hawn
Glúdhanar Soap Brother glûdh+hanar
Glûdh Soap glûdh
Go-‘Lúdh___ Descendant of Soap go-+glûdh

Gollor – Magician (gollor)

Gowest – Contract/Treaty (gowest)
Gowesteth Contract/Treaty gowest+-eth
Gowestien Of a Contract/Treaty gowest+-ien
Gowestiel Daughter of Contract/Treaty gowest+iell
Gowessel Contract/Treaty Girl gowest+sell
Goweston Contract/Treaty gowest+-on
Gowestion Son of Contract/Treaty gowest+-ion
Gowestor Contract/Treaty Brother gowest+tôr
Gowest Contract/Treaty gowest
Go-‘Owest___ Descendant of Contract/Treaty go-+gowest
Grond – Club (grond)
Gronneth Club grond+-eth
Gronnien Of the Club grond+-ien
Gronniel Daughter of Club grond+iell
Gronhel Club Girl grond+sell
Grongwen Club Maiden grond+gwen
Gronneth Club Girl grond+neth
Grondis Club Bride grond+dîs
Grondes Club Maiden grond+dess
Gronnith Club Sister grond+nîth
Gronthel Club Sister grond+thêl
Grombes Club Wife grond+bess
Gronnon Club grond+-on
Gronnion Son of Club grond+-ion
Gronder Club Bridegroom grond+der
Grondir Club Man grond+dîr
Gromben Club Husband grond+benn
Grondor Club Brother grond+tôr
Grond Club grond
Go-‘Ronn___ Descendant of Club go-+grond
Gromben Club Person grond+pen
Gûl – Sorcery (gûl)
Guleth Sorcery gûl+-eth
Gulien of Sorcery gûl+-ien
Guliel Daughter of Sorcery gûl+iell
Gulhel Sorcery Girl gûl+sell
Gulwen Sorcery Maiden gûl+gwen
Gulneth Sorcery Girl gûl+neth
Guldis Sorcery Bride gûl+dîs
Guldes Sorcery Woman gûl+dess
Gulnith Sorcery Sister gûl+nîth
Gulthel Sorcery Sister gûl+thêl
Gulbes Sorcery Wife gûl+bess
Gulon Sorcerer gûl+-on
Gulion Son of Sorcery gûl+-ion
Gulder Sorcery Bridegroom gûl+der
Guldir Sorcery Man gûl+dîr
Gulben Sorcery Husband gûl+benn
Guldor Sorcery Brother gûl+tôr
Gulchon Sorcery Brother gûl+hawn
Gulchanar Sorcery Brother gûl+hanar
Gûl Sorcery gûl
Go-Ngul___ Descendant of Sorcery go-+gûl
Gulben Sorcery Person gûl+pen
Guldur – Black Magic (guldur)
Guldureth Black Magician guldur+-eth
Guldurien Of Black Magic guldur+-ien
Gulduriel Daughter of Black Magic guldur+iell
Guldurhel Black Magic Girl guldur+sell
Guldurwen Black Magic Maiden guldur+gwen
Guldurneth Black Magic Girl guldur+neth
Guldurdis Black Magic Bride guldur+dîs
Guldurdes Black Magic Maiden guldur+dess
Guldurnith Black Magic Sister guldur+nîth
Guldurthel Black Magic Sister guldur+thêl
Guldurbes Black Magic Wife guldur+bess
Gulduron Black Magician guldur+-on
Guldurion Son of Black Magic guldur+-ion
Guldurder Black Magic Bridegroom guldur+der
Guldurdir Black Magic Man guldur+dîr
Guldurben Black Magic Husband guldur+benn
Guldurdor Black Magic Brother guldur+tôr
Guldurchon Black Magic Brother guldur+hawn
Guldur Black Magic guldur
Go-Nguldur___ Descendant of Black Magic go-+guldur
Guldurphen Black Magic Person guldur+pen
Gwedh – Bond/Oath (gwedh)
Gwedhien Of the Bond/Oath gwedh+-ien
Gwedhiel Daughter of Bond/Oath gwedh+iell
Gwedhel Bond/Oath Girl gwedh+sell
Gwedhon Bond/Oath gwedh+-on
Gwedhion Son of Bond/Oath gwedh+-ion
Gwedhon Bond/Oath Brother gwedh+hawn
Gwedhanar Bond/Oath Brother gwedh+hanar
Gwedh Bond/Oath gwedh
Go-‘Wedh___ Descendant of Bond/Oath go-+gwedh
Habad – Shoe (habad)
Habadeth Shoe habad+-eth
Habadien Of the Shoe habad+-ien
Habadiel Daughter of Shoe habad+iell
Habassel Shoe Girl habad+sell
Habadwen Shoe Maiden habad+gwen
Habadis Shoe Bride habad+dîs
Habades Shoe Maiden habad+dess
Habadon Shoe habad+-on
Habadion Son of Shoe habad+-ion
Habader Shoe Bridegroom habad+der
Habadir Shoe Man habad+dîr
Habador Shoe Brother habad+tôr
Habad Shoe habad
Go-Chabad___ Descendant of Shoe go-+habad
Hâdh – Cleaver (hâdh)
Hádhien Of the Cleaver hâdh+-ien
Hádhiel Daughter of Cleaver hâdh+iell
Hádhel Cleaver Girl hâdh+sell
Hádhwen Cleaver Maiden hâdh+gwen
Hádhon Cleaver hâdh+-on
Hádhion Son of Cleaver hâdh+-ion
Hádhon Cleaver Brother hâdh+hawn
Hádhanar Cleaver Brother hâdh+hanar
Hâdh Cleaver hâdh
Go-Chádh___ Descendant of Cleaver go-+hâdh
Hadlath – Sling (hadlath)
Hadlathien Of the Sling hadlath+-ien
Hadlathiel Daughter of Sling hadlath+iell
Hadlathel Sling Girl hadlath+sell
Hadlathwen Sling Maiden hadlath+gwen
Hadlathel Sling Sister hadlath+thêl
Hadlathon Sling hadlath+-on
Hadlathion Son of Sling hadlath+-ion
Hadlathon Sling Brother hadlath+hawn
Hadlathanar Sling Brother hadlath+hanar
Hadlath Sling hadlath
Go-Chadlath___ Descendant of Sling go-+hadlath

Hador – Thrower of Spears (hador)

Hadril – Thrower of Spears [female] (hadril)

Hadron – Thrower of Spears [male] (hadron)

Ham – Chair (ham)
Hameth Chair ham+-eth
Hamien Of a Chair ham+-ien
Hamiel Daughter of Chair ham+iell
Hamhel Chair Girl ham+sell
Hamdis Chair Bride ham+dîs
Hamdes Chair Maiden ham+dess
Hambes Chair Wife ham+bess
Hamon Chair ham+-on
Hamion Son of Chair ham+-ion
Hamder Chair Bridegroom ham+der
Hamdir Chair Man ham+dîr
Hamben Chair Husband ham+benn
Hamdor Chair Brother ham+tôr
Ham Chair ham
Go-Cham___ Descendant of Chair go-+ham
Hamben Chair Person ham+pen
Harn – Helmet (harn)
Harneth Helmet harn+-eth
Harnien Of a Helmet harn+-ien
Harniel Daughter of Helmet harn+iell
Harsel Helmet Girl harn+sell
Harneth Helmet Girl harn+neth
Harnith Helmet Sister harn+nîth
Harmes Helmet Wife harn+bess
Harnon Helmet harn+-on
Harnion Son of Helmet harn+-ion
Harmen Helmet Husband harn+benn
Harthor Helmet Brother harn+tôr
Harn Helmet harn
Go-Charn___ Descendant of Helmet go-+harn
Harphen Helmet Person harn+pen
Hast – Axe-Stroke (hast)
Hasteth Axe-Stroke hast+-eth
Hastien Of an Axe-Stroke hast+-ien
Hastiel Daughter of Axe-Stroke hast+iell
Hassel Axe-Stroke Girl hast+sell
Haston Axe-Stroke hast+-on
Hastion Son of Axe-Stroke hast+-ion
Hastor Axe-Stroke Brother hast+tôr
Hast hast
Go-Chast___ Descendant of go-+hast
Hathol – Blade/Axe (hathol)
Hatholien Of the Blade/Axe hathol+-ien
Hatholiel Daughter of Blade/Axe hathol+iell
Hatholhel Blade/Axe Girl hathol+sell
Hatholwen Blade/Axe Maiden hathol+gwen
Hatholdis Blade/Axe Bride hathol+dîs
Hatholdes Blade/Axe Maiden hathol+dess
Hatholbes Blade/Axe Wife hathol+bess
Hatholon Blade/Axe hathol+-on
Hatholion Son of Blade/Axe hathol+-ion
Hatholder Blade/Axe Bridegroom hathol+der
Hatholdir Blade/Axe Man hathol+dîr
Hatholben Blade/Axe Husband hathol+benn
Hatholdor Blade/Axe Brother hathol+tôr
Hatholchon Blade/Axe Brother hathol+hawn
Hathol Blade/Axe hathol
Go-Hathol___ Descendant of Blade/Axe go-+hathol
Hatholben Blade/Axe Person hathol+pen
Haust – Bed (haust)
Hosteth Bed haust+-eth
Hostien Of the Bed haust+-ien
Hostiel Daughter of Bed haust+iell
Hossel Bed Girl haust+sell
Hoston Bed haust+-on
Hostion Son of Bed haust+-ion
Hostor Bed Brother haust+tôr
Haust Bed haust
Go-Chost___ Descendant of Bed go-+haust

Hedirn – Remote Watcher (he+tirn)

Ianu – Yoke (ianu)
Ianweth Yoke ianu+-eth
Ianwien Of the Yoke ianu+-ien
Ianwiel Daughter of Yoke ianu+iell
Ianuhel Yoke Girl ianu+sell
Ianwen Yoke Maiden ianu+gwen
Ianuneth Yoke Girl ianu+neth
Ianunis Yoke Bride ianu+dîs
Ianunes Yoke Maiden ianu+dess
Ianunith Yoke Sister ianu+nîth
Ianuthel Yoke Sister ianu+thêl
Ianuves Yoke Wife ianu+bess
Ianwon Yoke ianu+-on
Ianwion Son of Yoke ianu+-ion
Ianuner Yoke Bridegroom ianu+der
Ianunir Yoke Man ianu+dîr
Ianuven Yoke Husband ianu+benn
Ianudor Yoke Brother ianu+tôr
Ianuchon Yoke Brother ianu+hawn
Ianu Yoke ianu
Go-Ianu___ Descendant of Yoke go-+ianu
Ianuben Yoke Person ianu+pen
Iorist – Ancient Lore (iaur+ist)
Ioristeth Ancient Lore iaur+ist+-eth
Ioristien of Ancient Lore iaur+ist+-ien
Ioristiel Daughter of Ancient Lore iaur+ist+iell
Iorissel Ancient Lore Girl iaur+ist+sell
Ioriston Ancient Lore iaur+ist+-on
Ioristion Son of Ancient Lore iaur+ist+-ion
Ioristor Ancient Lore Brother iaur+ist+tôr
Iorist Ancient Lore iaur+ist
Go-Iorist___ Descendant of Ancient Lore go-+iaur+ist
Ist – Knowledge/Lore (ist)
Isteth Knowledge/Lore ist+-eth
Istien of Knowledge/Lore ist+-ien
Istiel Daughter of Knowledge/Lore ist+iell
Issel Knowledge/Lore Girl ist+sell
Iston Knowledge/Lore ist+-on
Istion Son of Knowledge/Lore ist+-ion
Istor Knowledge/Lore Brother ist+tôr
Ist Knowledge/Lore ist
Go-Ist___ Descendant of Knowledge/Lore go-+ist
Lain – Thread (lain)
Laineth Thread One lain+-eth
Lainien Thread One lain+-ien
Lainiel Daughter of Thread One lain+-iel
Laingwen Thread Maiden lain+gwen
Laineth Thread Girl lain+neth
Laindis Thread Bride lain+dîs
Laindes Thread Woman lain+dess
Lainith Thread Sister lain+nîth
Lainthel Thread Sister lain+thêl
Laimes Thread Wife lain+bess
Lainon Thread lain+-on
Lainion Son of Thread lain+-ion
Lainder Thread Bridegroom lain+der
Laindir Thread Man lain+dîr
Laimen Thread Husband lain+benn
Laithor Thread Brother lain+tôr
Lain Thread lain
Go-Lain___ Descendant of Thread go-+lain
Laimben Thread Person lain+pen
Lang – Cutlass/Sword (lang)
Langeth Cutlass/Sword lang+-eth
Langien Of the Cutlass/Sword lang+-ien
Langiel Daughter of Cutlass/Sword lang+iell
Langwen Cutlass/Sword Maiden lang+gwen
Langon Cutlass/Sword lang+-on
Langion Son of Cutlass/Sword lang+-ion
Lang Cutlass/Sword lang
Go-Lang___ Descendant of Cutlass/Sword go-+lang

Lathron – Eavesdropper (lathron)

Legolang – Rapid Sword (legol+lang)
Legolangeth Rapid Sword legol+lang+-eth
Legolangien Of the Rapid Sword legol+lang+-ien
Legolangiel Daughter of Rapid Sword legol+lang+iell
Legolangwen Rapid Sword Maiden legol+lang+gwen
Legolangon Rapid Sword legol+lang+-on
Legolangion Son of Rapid Sword legol+lang+-ion
Legolang Rapid Sword legol+lang
Go-Legolang___ Descendant of Rapid Sword go-+legol+lang
Lend – Journey (lend)
Lenneth Journeyer lend+-eth
Lennien Of the Journey lend+-ien
Lenniel Daughter of Journey lend+iell
Lenhel Journey Girl lend+sell
Lengwen Journey Maiden lend+gwen
Lenneth Journey Girl lend+neth
Lendis Journey Bride lend+dîs
Lendes Journey Maiden lend+dess
Lennith Journey Sister lend+nîth
Lenthel Journey Sister lend+thêl
Lembes Journey Wife lend+bess
Lennon Journeyer lend+-on
Lennion Son of Journey lend+-ion
Lender Journey Bridegroom lend+der
Lendir Journey Man lend+dîr
Lemben Journey Husband lend+benn
Lendor Journey Brother lend+tôr
Lend Journey lend
Go-Lenn___ Descendant of Journey go-+lend
Lemben Journey Person lend+pen
Ler – Song (ler)
Lereth Song ler+-eth
Lerien of Song ler+-ien
Leriel Daughter of Song ler+iell
Lerhel Song Girl ler+sell
Lerwen Song Maiden ler+gwen
Lerneth Song Girl ler+neth
Lerdis Song Bride ler+dîs
Lerdes Song Woman ler+dess
Lernith Song Bride ler+nîth
Lerthel Song Sister ler+thêl
Lerbes Song Wife ler+bess
Leron Song ler+-on
Lerion Son of Song ler+-ion
Lerdir Song Man ler+dîr
Lerben Song Husband ler+benn
Lerdor Song Brother ler+tôr
Lerchon Song Brother ler+hawn
Lerchanar Song Brother ler+hanar
Ler Song ler
Go-Ler___ Descendant of Song go-+ler
Lerphen Song Person ler+pen

Lethril – Eavesdropper (lethril)

Lhê – Thread (lhê)
Lhéhel Thread Girl lhê+sell
Lhéwen Thread Maiden lhê+gwen
Lhéneth Thread Girl lhê+neth
Lhénis Thread Bride lhê+dîs
Lhénes Thread Maiden lhê+dess
Lhénith Thread Sister lhê+nîth
Lhéthel Thread Sister lhê+thêl
Lhéves Thread Wife lhê+bess
Lhéner Thread Bridegroom lhê+der
Lhénir Thread Man lhê+dîr
Lhéven Thread Husband lhê+benn
Lhédor Thread Brother lhê+tôr
Lhéchon Thread Brother lhê+hawn
Lhéchanar Thread Brother lhê+hanar
Lhê Thread lhê
Go-Thlé___ Descendant of Thread go-+lhê
Lhében Thread Person lhê+pen
Lingul – Song of Sorcery (lind+gûl)
Linguleth Song of Sorcery lind+gûl+-eth
Lingulien Of the Song of Sorcery lind+gûl+-ien
Linguliel Daughter of Song of Sorcery lind+gûl+iell
Lingulhel Song of Sorcery Girl lind+gûl+sell
Lingulwen Song of Sorcery Maiden lind+gûl+gwen
Lingulneth Song of Sorcery Girl lind+gûl+neth
Linguldis Song of Sorcery Bride lind+gûl+dîs
Linguldes Song of Sorcery Maiden lind+gûl+dess
Lingulnith Song of Sorcery Sister lind+gûl+nîth
Lingulthel Song of Sorcery Sister lind+gûl+thêl
Lingulbes Song of Sorcery Wife lind+gûl+bess
Lingulon Song of Sorcery lind+gûl+-on
Lingulion Son of Song of Sorcery lind+gûl+-ion
Lingulder Song of Sorcery Bridegroom lind+gûl+der
Linguldir Song of Sorcery Man lind+gûl+dîr
Lingulben Song of Sorcery Husband lind+gûl+benn
Linguldor Song of Sorcery Brother lind+gûl+tôr
Lingulchon Song of Sorcery Brother lind+gûl+hawn
Lingulchanar Song of Sorcery Brother lind+gûl+hanar
Lingul Song of Sorcery lind+gûl
Go-Lingul___ Descendant of Song of Sorcery go-+lind+gûl
Lingulben Song of Sorcery Person lind+gûl+pen

Linnor – Singer (linna+-or)

Lîr – Song/Poem (lîr)
Líreth Song/Poem lîr+-eth
Lírien Of the Song/Poem lîr+-ien
Líriel Daughter of Song/Poem lîr+iell
Lírhel Song/Poem Girl lîr+sell
Lírwen Song/Poem Maiden lîr+gwen
Lírneth Song/Poem Girl lîr+neth
Lírdis Song/Poem Bride lîr+dîs
Lírdes Song/Poem Maiden lîr+dess
Lírnith Song/Poem Sister lîr+nîth
Lírthel Song/Poem Sister lîr+thêl
Lírbes Song/Poem Wife lîr+bess
Líron Song/Poem lîr+-on
Lírion Son of Song/Poem lîr+-ion
Lírder Song/Poem Bridegroom lîr+der
Lírben Song/Poem Husband lîr+benn
Lírdor Song/Poem Brother lîr+tôr
Lírchon Song/Poem Brother lîr+hawn
Lírchanar Song/Poem Brother lîr+hanar
Lîr Song/Poem lîr
Go-Lír___ Descendant of Song/Poem go-+lîr
Lírphen Song/Poem Person lîr+pen
Lûth – Spell/Charm (lûth)
Lúthiel Daughter of a Spell/Charm lûth+-iel
Lúthel Spell/Charm Girl lûth+sell
Lúthwen Spell/Charm Maiden lûth+gwen
Lúthel Spell/Charm Sister lûth+thêl
Lúthon Spell/Charm lûth+-on
Lúthion Son of Spell/Charm lûth+-ion
Lúthon Spell/Charm Brother lûth+hawn
Lúthanar Spell/Charm Brother lûth+hanar
Lûth Spell/Charm lûth
Go-Lúth___ Descendant of Spell/Charm go-+lûth
Magol – Sword (magol)
Magoleth Sword magol+-eth
Magolien Of the Sword magol+-ien
Magoliel Daughter of Sword magol+iell
Magolhel Sword Girl magol+sell
Magolwen Sword Maiden magol+gwen
Magolneth Sword Girl magol+neth
Magoldis Sword Bride magol+dîs
Magoldes Sword Maiden magol+dess
Magolnith Sword Sister magol+nîth
Magolthel Sword Sister magol+thêl
Magolbes Sword Wife magol+bess
Magolon Sword magol+-on
Magolion Son of Sword magol+-ion
Magolder Sword Bridegroom magol+der
Magoldir Sword Man magol+dîr
Magolben Sword Husband magol+benn
Magoldor Sword Brother magol+tôr
Magolchon Sword Brother magol+hawn
Magol Sword magol
Go-Vagol___ Descendant of Sword go-+magol
Magolben Sword Person magol+pen

Magor – Swordsman [genderless] (magor)

Maias – Dough (maias)
Maiasseth Dough maias+-eth
Maiassien Of Dough maias+-ien
Maiassiel Daughter of Dough maias+iell
Maiassel Dough Girl maias+sell
Maiasdis Dough Bride maias+dîs
Maiasdes Dough Maiden maias+dess
Maiasbes Dough Wife maias+bess
Maiasson Dough maias+-on
Maiassion Son of Dough maias+-ion
Maiasder Dough Bridegroom maias+der
Maiasdir Dough Man maias+dîr
Maiasben Dough Husband maias+benn
Maiastor Dough Brother maias+tôr
Maias Dough maias
Go-Maiass___ Descendant of Dough go-+maias
Maiaspen Dough Person maias+pen
Meth – Battle/Fight (meth)
Methien Of the Battle/Fight meth+-ien
Methiel Daughter of Battle/Fight meth+iell
Methel Battle/Fight Girl meth+sell
Methwen Battle/Fight Maiden meth+gwen
Methel Battle/Fight Sister meth+thêl
Methon Battle/Fight meth+-on
Methion Son of Battle/Fight meth+-ion
Methon Battle/Fight Brother meth+hawn
Methanar Battle/Fight Brother meth+hanar
Meth Battle/Fight meth
Go-Veth___ Descendant of Battle/Fight go-+meth

Mírdan – Jewel Smith (mírdan)

Mist – Wandering (mist)
Misteth Wandering One mist+-eth
Mistien Of Wandering One mist+-ien
Mistiel Daughter of Wandering One mist+iell
Missel Wandering Girl mist+sell
Miston Straying One mist+-on
Mistion Son of Straying One mist+iôn
Mistor Straying Brother mist+tôr
Mist Wandering mist
Go-Vist___ Descendant of Wandering go-+mist
Morgul – Black Magic/Necromancy (morgul)
Morguleth Black Magic/Necromancy morgul+-eth
Morgulien Of Black Magic/Necromancy morgul+-ien
Morguliel Daughter of Black Magic/Necromancy morgul+iell
Morgulhel Black Magic/Necromancy Girl morgul+sell
Morgulwen Black Magic/Necromancy Maiden morgul+gwen
Morgulneth Black Magic/Necromancy Girl morgul+neth
Morguldis Black Magic/Necromancy Bride morgul+dîs
Morguldes Black Magic/Necromancy Maiden morgul+dess
Morgulnith Black Magic/Necromancy Sister morgul+nîth
Morgulthel Black Magic/Necromancy Sister morgul+thêl
Morgulbes Black Magic/Necromancy Wife morgul+bess
Morgulon Black Magic/Necromancy morgul+-on
Morgulion Son of Black Magic/Necromancy morgul+-ion
Morgulder Black Magic/Necromancy Bridegroom morgul+der
Morguldir Black Magic/Necromancy Man morgul+dîr
Morgulben Black Magic/Necromancy Husband morgul+benn
Morguldor Black Magic/Necromancy Brother morgul+tôr
Morgulchon Black Magic/Necromancy Brother morgul+hawn
Morgul Black Magic/Necromancy morgul
Go-Vorgul___ Descendant of Black Magic/Necromancy go-+morgul
Morgulben Black Magic/Necromancy Person morgul+pen
Mûl – Slave (mûl)
Múleth Slave mûl+-eth
Múlien Of the Slave mûl+-ien
Múliel Daughter of Slave mûl+iell
Múlhel Slave Girl mûl+sell
Múlwen Slave Maiden mûl+gwen
Múlneth Slave Girl mûl+neth
Múldis Slave Bride mûl+dîs
Múldes Slave Maiden mûl+dess
Múlnith Slave Sister mûl+nîth
Múlthel Slave Sister mûl+thêl
Múlbes Slave Wife mûl+bess
Múlon Slave mûl+-on
Múlion Son of Slave mûl+-ion
Múlder Slave Bridegroom mûl+der
Múldir Slave Man mûl+dîr
Múlben Slave Husband mûl+benn
Múldor Slave Brother mûl+tôr
Múlchon Slave Brother mûl+hawn
Múlchanar Slave Brother mûl+hanar
Mûl Slave mûl
Go-Vúl___ Descendant of Slave go-+mûl
Múlben Slave Person mûl+pen
Nath – Web (nath)
Nathien Of a Web nath+-ien
Nathiel Daughter of Web nath+-iel
Nathel Web Girl nath+sell
Nathwen Web Maiden nath+gwen
Nathel Web Sister nath+thêl
Nathon Web nath+-on
Nathion Son of Web nath+-ion
Nathon Web Brother nath+hawn
Nathanar Web Brother nath+hanar
Nath Web nath
Go-Nath___ Descendant of Web go-+nath

Nathril – Weaver [female] (nathril)

Nathron – Weaver [male] (nathron)

Nestad – Healing (nestad)
Nestadeth Healing nestad+-eth
Nestadien Of the Healing nestad+-ien
Nestadiel Daughter of Healing nestad+iell
Nestassel Healing Girl nestad+sell
Nestadis Healing Bride nestad+dîs
Nestades Healing Maiden nestad+dess
Nestadon Healing nestad+-on
Nestadion Son of Healing nestad+-ion
Nestader Healing Bridegroom nestad+der
Nestadir Healing Man nestad+dîr
Nestador Healing Brother nestad+tôr
Nestad Healing nestad
Go-Nestad___ Descendant of Healing go-+nestad

Nestor – Healer (nesta+-or)

Ningangel – Tears of a Harp (nîn+gangel)
Ningangeleth Tears of a Harp nîn+gangel+-eth
Ningangelien Of the Tears of a Harp nîn+gangel+-ien
Ningangeliel Daughter of Tears of a Harp nîn+gangel+iell
Ningangelwen Tears of a Harp Maiden nîn+gangel+gwen
Ningangelneth Tears of a Harp Girl nîn+gangel+neth
Ningangeldis Tears of a Harp Bride nîn+gangel+dîs
Ningangeldes Tears of a Harp Maiden nîn+gangel+dess
Ningangelnith Tears of a Harp Sister nîn+gangel+nîth
Ningangelbes Tears of a Harp Wife nîn+gangel+bess
Ningangelon Tears of a Harp nîn+gangel+-on
Ningangelion Son of Tears of a Harp nîn+gangel+-ion
Ningangelder Tears of a Harp Bridegroom nîn+gangel+der
Ningangeldir Tears of a Harp Man nîn+gangel+dîr
Ningangelben Tears of a Harp Husband nîn+gangel+benn
Ningangeldor Tears of a Harp Brother nîn+gangel+tôr
Ningangelchon Tears of a Harp Brother nîn+gangel+hawn
Ningangel Tears of a Harp nîn+gangel
Go-Ningangel___ Descendant of Tears of a Harp go-+nîn+gangel
Ningangelben Tears of a Harp Person nîn+gangel+pen

Pador – Walker (pada-+-or)

Parf – Book (parf)
Parveth Book parf+-eth
Parvien Of a Book parf+-ien
Parviel Daughter of Book parf+-iel
Parves Book Wife parf+bess
Parvon Book parf+-on
Parvion Son of Book parf+-ion
Parven Book Husband parf+benn
Parf Book parf
Go-Barv___ Descendant of Book go-+parf
Parphen Book Person parf+pen

Pedir – Speaker (ped-+-ir)

Peng – Bow (peng)
Pengeth Bow peng+-eth
Pengien Of the Bow peng+-ien
Pengiel Daughter of Bow peng+iell
Pengwen Bow Maiden peng+gwen
Pengon Bow peng+-on
Pengion Son of Bow peng+-ion
Peng Bow peng
Go-Beng___ Descendant of Bow go-+peng
Pent – Tale (pent)
Pendeth Tale pent+-eth
Pendien Of a Tale pent+-ien
Pendiel Daughter of a Tale pent+-iel
Penthel Tale Girl pent+sell
Penneth Tale Girl pent+neth
Pendis Tale Bride pent+dîs
Pendes Tale Woman pent+dess
Pennith Tale Sister pent+nîth
Penthel Tale Sister pent+thêl
Pembes Tale Wife pent+bess
Pendon Tale pent+-on
Pendion Son of Tale pent+-ion
Pender Tale Bridegroom pent+der
Pendir Tale Man pent+dîr
Pemben Tale Husband pent+benn
Pendor Tale Brother pent+tôr
Pent Tale pent
Go-Bend___ Descendant of Tale go-+pent
Pemben Tale Person pent+pen
Peth – Word (peth)
Pethien Of a Word peth+-ien
Pethiel Daughter of Word peth+-iel
Pethel Word Girl peth+sell
Pethwen Word Maiden peth+gwen
Pethel Word Sister peth+thêl
Pethon Word peth+-on
Pethion Son of Word peth+-ion
Pethon Word Brother peth+hawn
Pethanar Word Brother peth+hanar
Peth Word peth
Go-Beth___ Descendant of Word go-+peth

Pethril – Narrator [female] (pethril)

Pethron – Narrator [male] (pethron)

Rain – Erratic Wandering (rain)
Raineth Wandering One rain+-eth
Rainien Wandering rain+-ien
Rainiel Daughter of Wandering rain+-iel
Raissel Wandering Girl rain+sell
Raingwen Wandering Maiden rain+gwen
Raineth Wandering Girl rain+neth
Raindis Wandering Bride rain+dîs
Raindes Wandering Woman rain+dess
Rainith Wandering Sister rain+nîth
Rainthel Wandering Sister rain+thêl
Raimes Wandering Wife rain+bess
Rainon Wandering One rain+-on
Rainion Son of Wandering One rain+-ion
Rainder Wandering Bridegroom rain+der
Raindir Wandering Man rain+dîr
Raimen Wandering Husband rain+benn
Raithor Wandering Brother rain+tôr
Rain Wandering rain
Go-Rain___ Descendant of Wandering go-+rain
Raimben Wandering Person rain+pen

Raniel – Daughter of a Wanderer (ran+iell)

Ranion – Son of a Wanderer (ran+-ion)

Ref – Net (ref)
Reveth Net ref+-eth
Revien Of a Net ref+-ien
Reviel Daughter of Net ref+-iel
Reves Net Wife ref+bess
Revon Net ref+-on
Revion Son of Net ref+-ion
Reven Net Husband ref+benn
Ref Net ref
Go-Rev___ Descendant of Net go-+ref
Rephen Net Person ref+pen
Rem – Mesh/Net (rem)
Remeth Mesh/Net rem+-eth
Remien Of a Mesh/Net rem+-ien
Remiel Daughter of Mesh/Net rem+-iel
Remhel Mesh/Net Girl rem+sell
Remdis Mesh/Net Bride rem+dîs
Remdes Mesh/Net Woman rem+dess
Rembes Mesh/Net Wife rem+bess
Remon Mesh/Net rem+-on
Remion Son of Mesh/Net rem+-ion
Remder Mesh/Net Bridegroom rem+der
Remdir Mesh/Net Man rem+dîr
Remben Mesh/Net Husband rem+benn
Remdor Mesh/Net Brother rem+tôr
Rem Mesh/Net rem
Go-Rem___ Descendant of Mesh/Net go-+rem
Remben Mesh/Net Person rem+pen
– Crown/Wreath/Garland (rî)
Ríhel Crown/Wreath/Garland Girl rî+sell
Ríwen Crown/Wreath/Garland Maiden rî+gwen
Ríneth Crown/Wreath/Garland Girl rî+neth
Rínis Crown/Wreath/Garland Bride rî+dîs
Rínes Crown/Wreath/Garland Woman rî+dess
Rínith Crown/Wreath/Garland Sister rî+nîth
Ríthel Crown/Wreath/Garland Sister rî+thêl
Ríves Crown/Wreath/Garland Wife rî+bess
Ríner Crown/Wreath/Garland Bridegroom rî+der
Rínir Crown/Wreath/Garland Man rî+dîr
Ríven Crown/Wreath/Garland Husband rî+benn
Rídor Crown/Wreath/Garland Brother rî+tôr
Ríchon Crown/Wreath/Garland Brother rî+hawn
Ríchanar Crown/Wreath/Garland Brother rî+hanar
Go-Rí___ Descendant of Crown/Wreath/Garland go-+rî
Ríben Crown/Wreath/Garland Person rî+pen
Rîn – Crowned (rîn)
Ríneth Crowned One rîn+-eth
Rínien Of a Crowned Lay rîn+-ien
Ríniel Daughter of a Crowned Lady rîn+-iel
Ríssel Crowned Girl rîn+sell
Ríngwen Crowned Maiden rîn+gwen
Ríneth Crowned Girl rîn+neth
Ríndis Crowned Bride rîn+dîs
Ríndes Crowned Woman rîn+dess
Rínith Crowned Sister rîn+nîth
Rínthel Crowned Sister rîn+thêl
Rímes Crowned Wife rîn+bess
Rínon Crowned rîn+-on
Rínion Son of Crowned rîn+-ion
Rínder Crowned Bridegroom rîn+der
Ríndir Crowned Man rîn+dîr
Rímen Crowned Husband rîn+benn
Ríthor Crowned Brother rîn+tôr
Rîn Crowned rîn
Go-Rín___ Descendant of Crowned go-+rîn
Rímben Crowned Person rîn+pen
Rîs – Queen (rîs)
Rîs Queen rîs
Rísseth Queen rîs+-eth
Ríssien Of a Queen rîs+-ien
Ríssiel Daughter of Queen rîs+-iel
Ríssel Queen Girl rîs+sell
Rísdis Queen Bride rîs+dîs
Rísdes Queen Woman rîs+dess
Rísbes Queen Wife rîs+bess
Ríssion Son of Queen rîs+-ion
Go-Ríss___ Descendant of Queen go-+rîs

Rochiriel – Daughter of a Horse Lord (roch+hîr+iell)

Rochirion – Son of a Horse Lord (roch+hîr+-ion)

Rom – Horn/Trumpet (rom)
Rometh Horn/Trumpet rom+-eth
Romien Of a Horn/Trumpet rom+-ien
Romiel Daughter of Horn/Trumpet rom+-iel
Romhel Horn/Trumpet Girl rom+sell
Romdis Horn/Trumpet Bride rom+dîs
Romdes Horn/Trumpet Woman rom+dess
Rombes Horn/Trumpet Wife rom+bess
Romon Horn/Trumpet rom+-on
Romion Son of Horn/Trumpet rom+-ion
Romder Horn/Trumpet Bridegroom rom+der
Romdir Horn/Trumpet Man rom+dîr
Romben Horn/Trumpet Husband rom+benn
Romdor Horn/Trumpet Brother rom+tôr
Rom Horn/Trumpet rom
Go-Rom___ Descendant of Horn/Trumpet go-+rom
Romben Horn/Trumpet Person rom+pen
Rui – Hunting (rui)
Ruihel Hunting Girl rui+sell
Ruiwen Hunting Maiden rui+gwen
Ruineth Hunting Girl rui+neth
Ruinis Hunting Bride rui+dîs
Ruines Hunting Maiden rui+dess
Ruinith Hunting Sister rui+nîth
Ruithel Hunting Sister rui+thêl
Ruives Hunting Wife rui+bess
Ruiner Hunting Bridegroom rui+der
Ruinir Hunting Man rui+dîr
Ruiven Hunting Husband rui+benn
Ruidor Hunting Brother rui+tôr
Ruichon Hunting Brother rui+hawn
Ruichanar Hunting Brother rui+hanar
Rui Hunting rui
Go-Rui___ Descendant of Hunting go-+rui
Ruiben Hunting Person rui+pen

Talagan – Harper (talagan)

Tegol – Pen (tegol)
Tegoleth Pen tegol+-eth
Tegolien Of a Pen tegol+-ien
Tegoliel Daughter of Pen tegol+-iel
Tegolhel Pen Girl tegol+sell
Tegolwen Pen Maiden tegol+gwen
Tegolneth Pen Girl tegol+neth
Tegoldis Pen Bride tegol+dîs
Tegoldes Pen Woman tegol+dess
Tegolnith Pen Sister tegol+nîth
Tegolthel Pen Sister tegol+thêl
Tegolbes Pen Wife tegol+bess
Tegolon Pen tegol+-on
Tegolion Son of Pen tegol+-ion
Tegolder Pen Bridegroom tegol+der
Tegoldir Pen Man tegol+dîr
Tegolben Pen Husband tegol+benn
Tegoldor Pen Brother tegol+tôr
Tegolchon Pen Brother tegol+hawn
Tegol Pen tegol
Go-Degol___ Descendant of Pen go-+tegol
Tegolben Pen Person tegol+pen

Tegolbor – Writer (tegolbor)

Thand – Shield (thand)
Thanneth Shield thand+-eth
Thannien Of a Shield thand+-ien
Thanniel Daughter of Shield thand+-iel
Thanhel Shield Girl thand+sell
Thangwen Shield Maiden thand+gwen
Thanneth Shield Girl thand+neth
Thandis Shield Bride thand+dîs
Thandes Shield Woman thand+dess
Thannith Shield Sister thand+nîth
Thambes Shield Wife thand+bess
Thannon Shield thand+-on
Thannion Son of Shield thand+-ion
Thander Shield Bridegroom thand+der
Thandir Shield Man thand+dîr
Thamben Shield Husband thand+benn
Thandor Shield Brother thand+tôr
Thand Shield thand
Go-Thann___ Descendant of Shield go-+thand
Thamben Shield Person thand+pen

Thavon – Carpenter/Wright/Builder (thavon)

Thavril – Carpenter/Wright/Builder [female] (thavril)

Thavron – Carpenter/Wright/Builder [male] (thavron)