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Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name
Ablad – Prohibition/Refusal (ablad)
Abladeth Prohibition/Refusal ablad+-eth
Abladien Of Prohibition/Refusal ablad+-ien
Abladiel Daughter of Prohibition/Refusal ablad+iell
Ablassel Prohibition/Refusal Girl ablad+sell
Abladwen Prohibition/Refusal Maiden ablad+gwen
Abladis Prohibition/Refusal Bride ablad+dîs
Ablades Prohibition/Refusal Maiden ablad+dess
Abladon Prohibition/Refusal ablad+-on
Abladion Son of Prohibition/Refusal ablad+-ion
Ablader Prohibition/Refusal Bridegroom ablad+der
Abladir Prohibition/Refusal Man ablad+dîr
Ablador Prohibition/Refusal Brother ablad+tôr
Ablad Prohibition/Refusal ablad
Go-Ablad___ Descendant of Prohibition/Refusal go-+ablad

Adasseron – Lover of Humans (adan+seron)

Amarth – Fate/Doom (amarth)
Amarthien Of Fate/Doom amarth+-ien
Amarthiel Daughter of Fate/Doom amarth+iell
Amarthel Fate/Doom Girl amarth+sell
Amarthanwen Fated Maiden amarthan+gwen
Amarthaneth Fated Girl amarthan+neth
Amarthandis Fated Bride amarthan+dîs
Amarthandes Fated Maiden amarthan+dess
Amarthanith Fated Sister amarthan+nîth
Amarthel Fate/Doom Sister amarth+thêl
Amarthames Fated Wife amarthan+bess
Amarthon Fate/Doom amarth+-on
Amarthion Son of Fate/Doom amarth+-ion
Amarthander Fated Bridegroom amarthan+der
Amarthandir Fated Man amarthan+dîr
Amarthamen Fated Husband amarthan+benn
Amarthandor Fated Brother amarthan+tôr
Amarthon Fate/Doom Brother amarth+hawn
Amarth Fate/Doom amarth
Go-Amarth___ Descendant of Fate/Doom go-+amarth
Amarthedhel – Fate of an Elf (amarth+edhel)
Amarthelleth Fate of an Elf amarth+ell-+-eth
Amarthellien Of the Fate of an Elf amarth+ell-+-ien
Amarthelwen Fate of an Elf Maiden amarth+ell-+gwen
Amarthelneth Fate of an Elf Girl amarth+ell-+neth
Amartheldis Fate of an Elf Bride amarth+ell-+dîs
Amartheldes Fate of an Elf Maiden amarth+ell-+dess
Amarthelnith Fate of an Elf Sister amarth+ell-+nîth
Amarthelbes Fate of an Elf Wife amarth+ell-+bess
Amarthellon Fate of an Elf amarth+ell-+-on
Amarthellion Son of Fate of an Elf amarth+ell-+-ion
Amarthelder Fate of an Elf Bridegroom amarth+ell-+der
Amartheldir Fate of an Elf Man amarth+ell-+dîr
Amarthelben Fate of an Elf Husband amarth+ell-+benn
Amartheldor Fate of an Elf Brother amarth+ell-+tôr
Amarthelchon Fate of an Elf Brother amarth+ell-+hawn
Amarthedhel Fate of an Elf amarth+edhel
Go-Amarthell___ Descendant of Fate of an Elf go-+amarth+ell-
Amarthelben Fate of an Elf-Person amarth+ell-+pen
Angwedh – Chain (angwedh)
Angwedhien Of the Chain angwedh+-ien
Angwedhiel Daughter of Chain angwedh+iell
Angwedhel Chain Girl angwedh+sell
Angwedhon Chain angwedh+-on
Angwedhion Son of Chain angwedh+-ion
Angwedhon Chain Brother angwedh+hawn
Angwedh Chain angwedh
Go-Angwedh___ Descendant of Chain go-+angwedh
Ant – Gift (ant)
Andeth Gift ant+-eth
Andien Of a Gift ant+-ien
Andiel Daughter of Gift ant+iell
Anthel Gift Girl ant+sell
Angwen Gift Maiden ant+gwen
Anneth Gift Girl ant+neth
Andis Gift Bride ant+dîs
Andes Gift Maiden ant+dess
Annith Gift Sister ant+nîth
Amben Gift Wife ant+bess
Andon Gift ant+-on
Andion Son of Gift ant+-ion
Ander Gift Bridegroom ant+der
Andir Gift Man ant+dîr
Amben Gift Husband ant+benn
Andor Gift Brother ant+tôr
Ant Gift ant
Go-And___ Descendant of Gift go-+ant
Amben Gift Person ant+pen
Avornedhel – Staying Elf (avorn+edhel)
Avornelleth Staying Elf avorn+ell-+-eth
Avornellien Staying Elf avorn+ell-+-ien
Avornelwen Staying Elf Maiden avorn+ell-+gwen
Avornelneth Staying Elf Girl avorn+ell-+neth
Avorneldis Staying Elf Bride avorn+ell-+dîs
Avorneldes Staying Elf Maiden avorn+ell-+dess
Avornelnith Staying Elf Sister avorn+ell-+nîth
Avornelbes Staying Elf Wife avorn+ell-+bess
Avornellon Staying Elf avorn+ell-+-on
Avornellion Son of Staying Elf avorn+ell-+-ion
Avornelder Staying Elf Bridegroom avorn+ell-+der
Avorneldir Staying Elf Man avorn+ell-+dîr
Avornelben Staying Elf Husband avorn+ell-+benn
Avorneldor Staying Elf Brother avorn+ell-+tôr
Avornelchon Staying Elf Brother avorn+ell-+hawn
Avornedhel Staying Elf avorn+edhel
Go-Avornell___ Descendant of Staying Elf go-+avorn+ell-
Avornelben Staying Elf-Person avorn+ell-+pen
Barad – Doomed (barad)
Baradeth Doomed One barad+-eth
Baradien Of the Doomed One barad+-ien
Baradiel Daughter of Doomed One barad+iell
Barassel Doomed Girl barad+sell
Baradwen Doomed Maiden barad+gwen
Baradis Doomed Bride barad+dîs
Barades Doomed Maiden barad+dess
Baradon Doomed One barad+-on
Baradion Son of Doomed One barad+-ion
Barader Doomed Bridegroom barad+der
Baradir Doomed Man barad+dîr
Barador Doomed Brother barad+tôr
Barad Doomed barad
Go-Varad___ Descendant of Doomed go-+barad

Barhador – One Faithful to Home (bar+sador)

Baudh – Judgement (baudh)
Bodhien Of Judgement baudh+-ien
Bodhiel Daughter of Judgement baudh+iell
Bodhel Judgement Girl baudh+sell
Bodhon Judgement baudh+-on
Bodhion Son of Judgement baudh+-ion
Bodhon Judgement Brother baudh+hawn
Bodhanar Judgement Brother baudh+hanar
Baudh Judgement baudh
Go-Vodh___ Descendant of Judgement go-+baudh
Bronad – Survival (bronad)
Bronadeth Survival bronad+-eth
Bronadien Of Survival bronad+-ien
Bronadiel Daughter of Survival bronad+iell
Bronassel Survival Girl bronad+sell
Bronadis Survival Bride bronad+dîs
Bronades Survival Maiden bronad+dess
Bronadon Survival bronad+-on
Bronadion Son of Survival bronad+-ion
Bronader Survival Bridegroom bronad+der
Bronadir Survival Man bronad+dîr
Bronador Survival Brother bronad+tôr
Bronad Survival bronad
Go-Vronad___ Descendant of Survival go-+bronad
Carangur – Red Death (caran+gûr)
Carangureth Red Death caran+gûr+-eth
Carangurien Of the Red Death caran+gûr+-ien
Caranguriel Daughter of Red Death caran+gûr+iell
Carangurhel Red Death Girl caran+gûr+sell
Carangurwen Red Death Maiden caran+gûr+gwen
Carangurneth Red Death Girl caran+gûr+neth
Carangurdis Red Death Bride caran+gûr+dîs
Carangurdes Red Death Maiden caran+gûr+dess
Carangurnith Red Death Sister caran+gûr+nîth
Carangurthel Red Death Sister caran+gûr+thêl
Carangurves Red Death Wife caran+gûr+bess
Caranguron Red Death caran+gûr+-on
Carangurion Son of Red Death caran+gûr+-ion
Carangurder Red Death Bridegroom caran+gûr+der
Carangurdir Red Death Man caran+gûr+dîr
Carangurven Red Death Husband caran+gûr+benn
Carangurdor Red Death Brother caran+gûr+tôr
Carangurchon Red Death Brother caran+gûr+hawn
Carangur Red Death caran+gûr
Go-Garangur___ Descendant of Red Death go-+caran+gûr
Carangurphen Red Death Person caran+gûr+pen
Cîl – Renewal (cîl)
Cíleth Renewal cîl+-eth
Cílien Of the Renewal cîl+-ien
Cíliel Daughter of Renewal cîl+iell
Cílhel Renewal Girl cîl+sell
Cílwen Renewal Maiden cîl+gwen
Cílneth Renewal Girl cîl+neth
Cíldis Renewal Bride cîl+dîs
Cíldes Renewal Maiden cîl+dess
Cílnith Renewal Sister cîl+nîth
Cílthel Renewal Sister cîl+thêl
Cílbes Renewal Wife cîl+bess
Cílon Renewal cîl+-on
Cílion Son of Renewal cîl+-ion
Cílder Renewal Bridegroom cîl+der
Cíldir Renewal Man cîl+dîr
Cílben Renewal Husband cîl+benn
Cíldor Renewal Brother cîl+tôr
Cílchon Renewal Brother cîl+hawn
Cílchanar Renewal Brother cîl+hanar
Cîl Renewal cîl
Go-Gíl___ Descendant of Renewal go-+cîl
Cílben Renewal Person cîl+pen
Cîr – Renewed (cîr)
Círeth Renewed One cîr+-eth
Círien Of the Renewed One cîr+-ien
Círiel Daughter of Renewed One cîr+iell
Círhel Renewed Girl cîr+sell
Círwen Renewed Maiden cîr+gwen
Círneth Renewed Girl cîr+neth
Círdis Renewed Bride cîr+dîs
Círdes Renewed Maiden cîr+dess
Círnith Renewed Sister cîr+nîth
Círthel Renewed Sister cîr+thêl
Círbes Renewed Wife cîr+bess
Círon Renewed One cîr+-on
Círion Son of Renewed One cîr+-ion
Círder Renewed Bridegroom cîr+der
Círdir Renewed Man cîr+dîr
Círben Renewed Husband cîr+benn
Círdor Renewed Brother cîr+tôr
Círchon Renewed Brother cîr+hawn
Círchanar Renewed Brother cîr+hanar
Cîr Renewed cîr
Go-Gír___ Descendant of Renewed go-+cîr
Círben Renewed Person cîr+pen
Ech – Spine (ech)
Echeth Spine ech+-eth
Echien Of the Spine ech+-ien
Echiel Daughter of Spine ech+iell
Echel Spine Girl ech+sell
Echwen Spine Maiden ech+gwen
Echon Spine ech+-on
Echion Son of Spine ech+-ion
Echon Spine Brother ech+hawn
Echanar Spine Brother ech+hanar
Ech Spine ech
Go-Ech___ Descendant of Spine go-+ech
Echui – Awakening (echui)
Echuihel Awakening Girl echui+sell
Echuiwen Awakening Maiden echui+gwen
Echuineth Awakening Girl echui+neth
Echuinis Awakening Bride echui+dîs
Echuines Awakening Maiden echui+dess
Echuinith Awakening Sister echui+nîth
Echuithel Awakening Sister echui+thêl
Echuives Awakening Wife echui+bess
Echuiner Awakening Bridegroom echui+der
Echuinir Awakening Man echui+dîr
Echuiven Awakening Husband echui+benn
Echuidor Awakening Brother echui+tôr
Echui Awakening echui
Go-Echui___ Descendant of Awakening go-+echui
Echuiben Awakening Person echui+pen
Eg – Sharp Point (eg)
Egeth Sharp Point eg+-eth
Egien Of the Sharp Point eg+-ien
Egiel Daughter of Sharp Point eg+iell
Egwen Sharp Point Maiden eg+gwen
Egneth Sharp Point Girl eg+neth
Egnis Sharp Point Bride eg+dîs
Egnes Sharp Point Maiden eg+dess
Egnith Sharp Point Sister eg+nîth
Ecthel Sharp Point Sister eg+thêl
Egon Sharp Point eg+-on
Egion Son of Sharp Point eg+-ion
Egner Sharp Point Bridegroom eg+der
Egnir Sharp Point Man eg+dîr
Echon Sharp Point Brother eg+hawn
Echanar Sharp Point Brother eg+hanar
Eg Sharp Point eg
Go-Eg___ Descendant of Sharp Point go-+eg
Egnas – Sharp Point (egnas)
Egnasseth Sharp Point egnas+-eth
Egnassien Of a Sharp Point egnas+-ien
Egnassiel Daughter of Sharp Point egnas+iell
Egnassel Sharp Point Girl egnas+sell
Egnasdis Sharp Point Bride egnas+dîs
Egnasdes Sharp Point Maiden egnas+dess
Egnasbes Sharp Point Wife egnas+bess
Egnasson Sharp Point egnas+-on
Egnassion Son of Sharp Point egnas+-ion
Egnasder Sharp Point Bridegroom egnas+der
Egnasdir Sharp Point Man egnas+dîr
Egnasben Sharp Point Husband egnas+benn
Egnastor Sharp Point Brother egnas+tôr
Egnas Sharp Point egnas
Go-Egnas___ Descendant of Sharp Point go-+egnas
Egnaspen Sharp Point Person egnas+pen
Erch – Prickle (erch)
Ercheth Prickle erch+-eth
Erchien Of the Prickle erch+-ien
Erchiel Daughter of Prickle erch+iell
Erchel Prickle Girl erch+sell
Erchon Prickle erch+-on
Erchion Son of Prickle erch+-ion
Erchon Prickle Brother erch+hawn
Erchanar Prickle Brother erch+hanar
Erch Prickle erch
Go-Erch___ Descendant of Prickle go-+erch
Glam – Shouting/Uproar (glam)
Glameth Shouting/Uproar glam+-eth
Glamien Of the Shouting/Uproar glam+-ien
Glamiel Daughter of Shouting/Uproar glam+iell
Glamhel Shouting/Uproar Girl glam+sell
Glamdis Shouting/Uproar Bride glam+dîs
Glamdes Shouting/Uproar Maiden glam+dess
Glambes Shouting/Uproar Wife glam+bess
Glamon Shouting/Uproar glam+-on
Glamion Son of Shouting/Uproar glam+-ion
Glamder Shouting/Uproar Bridegroom glam+der
Glamdir Shouting/Uproar Man glam+dîr
Glamben Shouting/Uproar Husband glam+benn
Glamdor Shouting/Uproar Brother glam+tôr
Glam Shouting/Uproar glam
Go-‘Lam___ Descendant of Shouting/Uproar go-+glam
Glamben Shouting/Uproar Person glam+pen
Glamor – Echo (glamor)
Glamoreth Echo glamor+-eth
Glamorien Of the Echo glamor+-ien
Glamoriel Daughter of Echo glamor+iell
Glamorhel Echo Girl glamor+sell
Glamorwen Echo Maiden glamor+gwen
Glamorneth Echo Girl glamor+neth
Glamordis Echo Bride glamor+dîs
Glamordes Echo Maiden glamor+dess
Glamornith Echo Sister glamor+nîth
Glamorthel Echo Sister glamor+thêl
Glamorbes Echo Wife glamor+bess
Glamoron Echo glamor+-on
Glamorion Son of Echo glamor+-ion
Glamorder Echo Bridegroom glamor+der
Glamordir Echo Man glamor+dîr
Glamorben Echo Husband glamor+benn
Glamordor Echo Brother glamor+tôr
Glamorchon Echo Brother glamor+hawn
Glamor Echo glamor
Go-‘Lamor___ Descendant of Echo go-+glamor
Glamorphen Echo Person glamor+pen
Glamren – Echoing (glamren)
Glamreneth Echoing One glamren+-eth
Glamrenien Of the Echoing One glamren+-ien
Glamreniel Daughter of Echoing One glamren+iell
Glamressel Echoing Girl glamren+sell
Glamreneth Echoing Girl glamren+neth
Glamrendis Echoing Bride glamren+dîs
Glamrendes Echoing Maiden glamren+dess
Glamrenith Echoing Sister glamren+nîth
Glamrenthel Echoing Sister glamren+thêl
Glamremes Echoing Wife glamren+bess
Glamrenon Echoing One glamren+-on
Glamrenion Son of Echoing One glamren+-ion
Glamrender Echoing Bridegroom glamren+der
Glamrendir Echoing Man glamren+dîr
Glamremen Echoing Husband glamren+benn
Glamrethor Echoing Brother glamren+tôr
Glamren Echoing glamren
Go-‘Lamren___ Descendant of Echoing go-+glamren
Glamremben Echoing Person glamren+pen
Glavrol – Babbling (glavrol)
Glavroleth Babbling One glavrol+-eth
Glavrolien Of the Babbling One glavrol+-ien
Glavroliel Daughter of Babbling One glavrol+iell
Glavrolhel Babbling Girl glavrol+sell
Glavrolwen Babbling Maiden glavrol+gwen
Glavrolneth Babbling Girl glavrol+neth
Glavroldis Babbling Bride glavrol+dîs
Glavroldes Babbling Maiden glavrol+dess
Glavrolnith Babbling Sister glavrol+nîth
Glavrolthel Babbling Sister glavrol+thêl
Glavrolbes Babbling Wife glavrol+bess
Glavrolon Babbling One glavrol+-on
Glavrolion Son of Babbling One glavrol+-ion
Glavrolder Babbling Bridegroom glavrol+der
Glavroldir Babbling Man glavrol+dîr
Glavrolben Babbling Husband glavrol+benn
Glavroldor Babbling Brother glavrol+tôr
Glavrolchon Babbling Brother glavrol+hawn
Glavrol Babbling glavrol
Go-‘Lavrol___ Descendant of Babbling go-+glavrol
Glavrolben Babbling Person glavrol+pen
Glî – Honey (glî)
Glíeth Honey glî+-eth
Glíhel Honey Girl glî+sell
Glíwen Honey Maiden glî+gwen
Glíneth Honey Girl glî+neth
Glínis Honey Bride glî+dîs
Glínes Honey Maiden glî+dess
Glínith Honey Sister glî+nîth
Glíthel Honey Sister glî+thêl
Glíves Honey Wife glî+bess
Glíon Honey glî+-on
Glíner Honey Bridegroom glî+der
Glínir Honey Man glî+dîr
Glíven Honey Husband glî+benn
Glídor Honey Brother glî+tôr
Glíchon Honey Brother glî+hawn
Glíchanar Honey Brother glî+hanar
Glî Honey glî
Go-‘Lí___ Descendant of Honey go-+glî
Glíben Honey Person glî+pen
Gûr – Death (gûr)
Gureth Death gûr+-eth
Gurien Of Death gûr+-ien
Guriel Daughter of Death gûr+iell
Gurhel Death Girl gûr+sell
Gurwen Death Maiden gûr+gwen
Gurneth Death Girl gûr+neth
Gurdis Death Bride gûr+dîs
Gurdes Death Maiden gûr+dess
Gurnith Death Sister gûr+nîth
Gurthel Death Sister gûr+thêl
Gurbes Death Wife gûr+bess
Guron Death gûr+-on
Gurion Son of Death gûr+-ion
Gurder Death Bridegroom gûr+der
Gurdir Death Man gûr+dîr
Gurben Death Husband gûr+benn
Gurdor Death Brother gûr+tôr
Gurchon Death Brother gûr+hawn
Gurchanar Death Brother gûr+hanar
Gûr Death gûr
Go-‘Ur___ Descendant of Death go-+gûr
Gurphen Death Person gûr+pen
Gurth – Death (gurth)
Gurthien Of Death gurth+-ien
Gurthiel Daughter of Death gurth+iell
Gurthel Death Girl gurth+sell
Gurthel Death Sister gurth+thêl
Gurthon Death gurth+-on
Gurthion Son of Death gurth+-ion
Gurthon Death Brother gurth+hawn
Gurthanar Death Brother gurth+hanar
Gurth Death gurth
Go-Ngurth___ Descendant of Death go-+gurth
Guruth – Death (guruth)
Guruthien Of Death guruth+-ien
Guruthiel Daughter of Death guruth+iell
Guruthel Death Girl guruth+sell
Guruthwen Death Maiden guruth+gwen
Guruthel Death Sister guruth+thêl
Guruthon Death guruth+-on
Guruthion Son of Death guruth+-ion
Guruthon Death Brother guruth+hawn
Guruth Death guruth
Go-Nguruth___ Descendant of Death go-+guruth
Gwedh – Bond (gwedh)
Gwedhien Of the Bond gwedh+-ien
Gwedhiel Daughter of Bond gwedh+iell
Gwedhel Bond Girl gwedh+sell
Gwedhwen Bond Maiden gwedh+gwen
Gwedhon Bond gwedh+-on
Gwedhion Son of Bond gwedh+-ion
Gwedhon Bond Brother gwedh+hawn
Gwedhanar Bond Brother gwedh+hanar
Gwedh Bond gwedh
Go-‘Wedh___ Descendant of Bond go-+gwedh
Gwî – Net/Web (gwî)
Gwíeth Net/Web gwî+-eth
Gwíhel Net/Web Girl gwî+sell
Gwíwen Net/Web Maiden gwî+gwen
Gwíneth Net/Web Girl gwî+neth
Gwínis Net/Web Bride gwî+dîs
Gwínes Net/Web Maiden gwî+dess
Gwínith Net/Web Sister gwî+nîth
Gwíthel Net/Web Sister gwî+thêl
Gwíves Net/Web Wife gwî+bess
Gwíner Net/Web Bridegroom gwî+der
Gwínir Net/Web Man gwî+dîr
Gwíven Net/Web Husband gwî+benn
Gwídor Net/Web Brother gwî+tôr
Gwíchon Net/Web Brother gwî+hawn
Gwíchanar Net/Web Brother gwî+hanar
Gwî Net/Web gwî
Go-‘Wí___ Descendant of Net/Web go-+gwî
Gwíben Net/Web Person gwî+pen
Hew – Custom/Habit (hew)
Heweth Custom/Habit hew+-eth
Hewien Of the Custom/Habit hew+-ien
Hewiel Daughter of Custom/Habit hew+iell
Hewen Custom/Habit Maiden hew+gwen
Hewon Custom/Habit hew+-on
Hewion Son of Custom/Habit hew+-ion
Hew Custom/Habit hew
Go-Chew___ Descendant of Custom/Habit go-+hew
Ial – Call/Cry (ial)
Ialeth Call/Cry ial+-eth
Ialien Of the Call/Cry ial+-ien
Ialiel Daughter of Call/Cry ial+iell
Ialhel Call/Cry Girl ial+sell
Ialwen Call/Cry Maiden ial+gwen
Ialneth Call/Cry Girl ial+neth
Ialdis Call/Cry Bride ial+dîs
Ialdes Call/Cry Maiden ial+dess
Ialnith Call/Cry Sister ial+nîth
Ialthel Call/Cry Sister ial+thêl
Ialbes Call/Cry Wife ial+bess
Ialon Call/Cry ial+-on
Ialion Son of Call/Cry ial+-ion
Ialder Call/Cry Bridegroom ial+der
Ialdir Call/Cry Man ial+dîr
Ialben Call/Cry Husband ial+benn
Ialdor Call/Cry Brother ial+tôr
Ialchon Call/Cry Brother ial+hawn
Ialchanar Call/Cry Brother ial+hanar
Ial Call/Cry ial
Go-Ial___ Descendant of Call/Cry go-+ial
Ialben Call/Cry Person ial+pen
Îdh – Rest/Repose (îdh)
Ídhien Of the Rest/Repose îdh+-ien
Ídhiel Daughter of Rest/Repose îdh+iell
Ídhel Rest/Repose Girl îdh+sell
Ídhwen Rest/Repose Maiden îdh+gwen
Ídhon Rest/Repose îdh+-on
Ídhion Son of Rest/Repose îdh+-ion
Ídhon Rest/Repose Brother îdh+hawn
Ídhanar Rest/Repose Brother îdh+hanar
Îdh Rest/Repose îdh
Go-Ídh___ Descendant of Rest/Repose go-+îdh
Laig – Keen/Sharp/Acute (laig)
Laigeth Keen/Sharp/Acute One laig+-eth
Laigien Of the Keen/Sharp/Acute One laig+-ien
Laigiel Daughter of Keen/Sharp/Acute One laig+iell
Laigwen Keen/Sharp/Acute Maiden laig+gwen
Laigneth Keen/Sharp/Acute Girl laig+neth
Laignis Keen/Sharp/Acute Bride laig+dîs
Laignes Keen/Sharp/Acute Maiden laig+dess
Laignith Keen/Sharp/Acute Sister laig+nîth
Laicthel Keen/Sharp/Acute Sister laig+thêl
Laigon Keen/Sharp/Acute One laig+-on
Laigion Son of Keen/Sharp/Acute One laig+-ion
Laigner Keen/Sharp/Acute Bridegroom laig+der
Laignir Keen/Sharp/Acute Man laig+dîr
Laichon Keen/Sharp/Acute Brother laig+hawn
Laichanar Keen/Sharp/Acute Brother laig+hanar
Laig Keen/Sharp/Acute laig
Go-Laig___ Descendant of Keen/Sharp/Acute go-+laig
Lant – Fall (lant)
Landeth Fall lant+-eth
Landien Of the Fall lant+-ien
Landiel Daughter of Fall lant+iell
Lanthel Fall Girl lant+sell
Langwen Fall Maiden lant+gwen
Lanneth Fall Girl lant+neth
Landis Fall Bride lant+dîs
Landes Fall Maiden lant+dess
Lannith Fall Sister lant+nîth
Lanthel Fall Sister lant+thêl
Lambes Fall Wife lant+bess
Landon Fall lant+-on
Landion Son of Fall lant+-ion
Lander Fall Fall lant+der
Landir Fall Man lant+dîr
Lamben Fall Husband lant+benn
Landor Fall Brother lant+tôr
Lant Fall lant
Go-Land___ Descendant of Fall go-+lant
Lamben Fall Person lant+pen
Leithian – Release/Freeing (leithian)
Leithianiel Daughter of Release/Freeing leithian+iell
Leithiassel Release/Freeing Girl leithian+sell
Leithiangwen Release/Freeing Maiden leithian+gwen
Leithianeth Release/Freeing Girl leithian+neth
Leithiandis Release/Freeing Bride leithian+dîs
Leithiandes Release/Freeing Maiden leithian+dess
Leithianith Release/Freeing Sister leithian+nîth
Leithiames Release/Freeing Wife leithian+bess
Leithianon Release/Freeing leithian+-on
Leithiander Release/Freeing Bridegroom leithian+der
Leithiandir Release/Freeing Man leithian+dîr
Leithiamen Release/Freeing Husband leithian+benn
Leithian Release/Freeing leithian
Go-Leithian___ Descendant of Release/Freeing go-+leithian
Leithiamben Release/Freeing Person leithian+pen
Lhîw – Sickness (lhîw)
Lhíweth Sickness lhîw+-eth
Lhíwien Of the Sickness lhîw+-ien
Lhíwiel Daughter of Sickness lhîw+iell
Lhíwen Sickness Maiden lhîw+gwen
Lhíwon Sickness lhîw+-on
Lhíwion Son of Sickness lhîw+-ion
Lhîw Sickness lhîw
Go-Thlíw___ Descendant of Sickness go-+lhîw
Lhos – Whisper/Rustle (lhoss)
Lhosseth Whisper/Rustle lhoss+-eth
Lhossien Of Whisper/Rustle lhoss+-ien
Lhossiel Daughter of Whisper/Rustle lhoss+-iel
Lhossel Whisper/Rustle Girl lhoss+sell
Lhosdis Whisper/Rustle Bride lhoss+dîs
Lhosdes Whisper/Rustle Maiden lhoss+dess
Lhosbes Whisper/Rustle Wife lhoss+bess
Lhoson Whisper lhoss+-on
Lhosion Son of Whisper lhoss+-ion
Lhosder Whisper/Rustle Bridegroom lhoss+der
Lhosdir Whisper/Rustle Man lhoss+dîr
Lhosben Whisper/Rustle Husband lhoss+benn
Lhostor Whisper Brother lhoss+tôr
Lhos Whisper/Rustle lhoss
Go-Thloss___ Descendant of Whisper/Rustle go-+lhoss
Lhospen Whisper/Rustle Person lhoss+pen
Lif – Link (lif)
Liveth Link lif+-eth
Livien Of the Link lif+-ien
Liviel Daughter of Link lif+iell
Lives Link Wife lif+bess
Livon Link lif+-on
Livion Son of Link lif+-ion
Liven Link Husband lif+benn
Lif Link lif
Go-Liv___ Descendant of Link go-+lif
Liphen Link Person lif+pen
Mâl – Pollen (mâl)
Máleth Pollen mâl+-eth
Málien Of the Pollen mâl+-ien
Máliel Daughter of Pollen mâl+iell
Málhel Pollen Girl mâl+sell
Málwen Pollen Maiden mâl+gwen
Málneth Pollen Girl mâl+neth
Máldis Pollen Bride mâl+dîs
Máldes Pollen Maiden mâl+dess
Málnith Pollen Sister mâl+nîth
Málthel Pollen Sister mâl+thêl
Málbes Pollen Wife mâl+bess
Málon Pollen mâl+-on
Málion Son of Pollen mâl+-ion
Málder Pollen Bridegroom mâl+der
Máldir Pollen Man mâl+dîr
Málben Pollen Husband mâl+benn
Máldor Pollen Brother mâl+tôr
Málchon Pollen Brother mâl+hawn
Málchanar Pollen Brother mâl+hanar
Mâl Pollen mâl
Go-Vál___ Descendant of Pollen go-+mâl
Málben Pollen Person mâl+pen
Manadh – Doom/Fate/Fortune (manadh)
Manadhien Of Doom/Fate/Fortune -ien+
Manadhiel Daughter of Doom/Fate/Fortune manadh+-iel
Manadhel Doom/Fate/Fortune Girl manadh+sell
Manadhwen Doom/Fate/Fortune Maiden manadh+gwen
Manadhon Doom/Fate/Fortune manadh+-on
Manadhion Son of Doom/Fate/Fortune manadh+-ion
Manadhon Doom/Fate/Fortune Brother manadh+hawn
Manadh Doom/Fate/Fortune manadh
Go-Vanadh___ Descendant of Doom/Fate/Fortune go-+manadh
Megor – Sharp/Pointed (megor)
Megoreth Sharp/Pointed One megor+-eth
Megorien Of the Sharp/Pointed One megor+-ien
Megoriel Daughter of Sharp/Pointed One megor+iell
Megorhel Sharp/Pointed Girl megor+sell
Megorwen Sharp/Pointed Maiden megor+gwen
Megorneth Sharp/Pointed Girl megor+neth
Megordis Sharp/Pointed Bride megor+dîs
Megordes Sharp/Pointed Maiden megor+dess
Megornith Sharp/Pointed Sister megor+nîth
Megorthel Sharp/Pointed Sister megor+thêl
Megorves Sharp/Pointed Wife megor+bess
Megoron Sharp/Pointed One megor+-on
Megorion Son of Sharp/Pointed One megor+-ion
Megorder Sharp/Pointed Bridegroom megor+der
Megordir Sharp/Pointed Man megor+dîr
Megorven Sharp/Pointed Husband megor+benn
Megorchon Sharp/Pointed Brother megor+hawn
Megor Sharp/Pointed megor
Go-Vegor___ Descendant of Sharp/Pointed go-+megor
Megorphen Sharp/Pointed Person megor+pen
Ment – Point (ment)
Mendeth Point ment+-eth
Mendien Of the Point ment+-ien
Mendiel Daughter of Point ment+iell
Menthel Point Girl ment+sell
Mengwen Point Maiden ment+gwen
Menneth Point Girl ment+neth
Mendis Point Bride ment+dîs
Mendes Point Maiden ment+dess
Mennith Point Sister ment+nîth
Menthel Point Sister ment+thêl
Membes Point Wife ment+bess
Mendon Point ment+-on
Mendion Son of Point ment+-ion
Mender Point Bridegroom ment+der
Mendir Point Man ment+dîr
Memben Point Husband ment+benn
Mendor Point Brother ment+tôr
Ment Point ment
Go-Vend___ Descendant of Point go-+ment
Memben Point Person ment+pen
Nardh – Knot (nardh)
Nardhien Of a Knot nardh+-ien
Nardhiel Daughter of Knot nardh+-iel
Nardhel Knot Girl nardh+sell
Nardhon Knot nardh+-on
Nardhion Son of Knot nardh+-ion
Nardhon Knot Brother nardh+hawn
Nardhanar Knot Brother nardh+hanar
Nardh Knot nardh
Go-Nardh___ Descendant of Knot go-+nardh
Nell – Bell (nell)
Neleth Bell nell+-eth
Nelien Of a Bell nell+-ien
Neliel Daughter of Bell nell+-iel
Nelwen Bell Maiden nell+gwen
Nelneth Bell Girl nell+neth
Neldis Bell Bride nell+dîs
Neldes Bell Woman nell+dess
Nelnith Bell Sister nell+nîth
Nelbes Bell Wife nell+bess
Nelon Bell nell+-on
Nelion Son of Bell nell+-ion
Nelder Bell Bridegroom nell+der
Neldir Bell Man nell+dîr
Nelben Bell Husband nell+benn
Neldor Bell Brother nell+tôr
Nelchon Bell Brother nell+hawn
Nelchanar Bell Brother nell+hanar
Nel Bell nell
Go-Nel___ Descendant of Bell go-+nell
Nelben Bell Person nell+pen
Nîdh – Honeycomb (nîdh)
Nídhien Of a Honeycomb nîdh+-ien
Nídhiel Daughter of Honeycomb nîdh+-iel
Nídhel Honeycomb Girl nîdh+sell
Nídhwen Honeycomb Maiden nîdh+gwen
Nídhon Honeycomb nîdh+-on
Nídhion Son of Honeycomb nîdh+-ion
Nídhon Honeycomb Brother nîdh+hawn
Nídhanar Honeycomb Brother nîdh+hanar
Nîdh Honeycomb nîdh
Go-Nídh___ Descendant of Honeycomb go-+nîdh
Ôl – Dream (ôl)
Óleth Dream ôl+-eth
Ólien of a Dream ôl+-ien
Óliel Daughter of Dream ôl+iell
Ólhel Dream Girl ôl+sell
Ólneth Dream Girl ôl+neth
Ólwen Dream Maiden ôl+gwen
Óldes Dream Woman ôl+dess
Óldis Dream Bride ôl+dîs
Ólnith Dream Sister ôl+nîth
Ólthel Dream Sister ôl+thêl
Ólbes Dream Wife ôl+bess
Ólon Dream ôl+-on
Ólion Son of Dream ôl+-ion
Ólder Dream Bridegroom ôl+der
Óldir Dream Man ôl+dîr
Ólben Dream Husband ôl+benn
Óldor Dream Brother ôl+tôr
Ólchon Dream Brother ôl+hawn
Ólchanar Dream Brother ôl+hanar
Ôl Dream ôl
Go-Ól___ Descendant of Dream go-+ôl
Ólben Dream Person ôl+pen
Oldhinen – Silent Dream (ôl+dínen)
Oldhineneth Silent Dream ôl+dínen+-eth
Oldhinenien Of the Silent Dream ôl+dínen+-ien
Oldhineniel Daughter of Silent Dream ôl+dínen+iell
Oldhinessel Silent Dream Girl ôl+dínen+sell
Oldhinengwen Silent Dream Maiden ôl+dínen+gwen
Oldhinenneth Silent Dream Girl ôl+dínen+neth
Oldhinendis Silent Dream Bride ôl+dínen+dîs
Oldhinendes Silent Dream Maiden ôl+dínen+dess
Oldhinennith Silent Dream Sister ôl+dínen+nîth
Oldhinenthel Silent Dream Sister ôl+dínen+thêl
Oldhinemes Silent Dream Wife ôl+dínen+bess
Oldhinenon Silent Dream ôl+dínen+-on
Oldhinenion Son of Silent Dream ôl+dínen+-ion
Oldhinender Silent Dream Bridegroom ôl+dínen+der
Oldhinendir Silent Dream Man ôl+dínen+dîr
Oldhinemen Silent Dream Husband ôl+dínen+benn
Oldhinendor Silent Dream Brother ôl+dínen+tôr
Oldhinen Silent Dream ôl+dínen
Go-Oldhinen___ Descendant of Silent Dream go-+ôl+dínen
Oldhinemben Silent Dream Person ôl+dínen+pen
Oleryd – Dream of Mountains (ôl+eryd)
Olerydeth Dream of Mountains ôl+eryd+-eth
Olerydien Of the Dream of Mountains ôl+eryd+-ien
Olerydiel Daughter of Dream of Mountains ôl+eryd+iell
Oleryssel Dream of Mountains Girl ôl+eryd+sell
Olerydis Dream of Mountains Bride ôl+eryd+dîs
Olerydes Dream of Mountains Maiden ôl+eryd+dess
Olerydon Dream of Mountains ôl+eryd+-on
Olerydion Son of Dream of Mountains ôl+eryd+-ion
Oleryder Dream of Mountains Bridegroom ôl+eryd+der
Olerydir Dream of Mountains Man ôl+eryd+dîr
Olerydor Dream of Mountains Brother ôl+eryd+tôr
Oleryd Dream of Mountains ôl+eryd
Go-Oleryd___ Descendant of Dream of Mountains go-+ôl+eryd
Peg – Spot/Dot (peg)
Pegeth Spot/Dot peg+-eth
Pegien Of a Spot/Dot peg+-ien
Pegiel Daughter of Spot/Dot peg+-iel
Pegwen Spot/Dot Maiden peg+gwen
Pegneth Spot/Dot Girl peg+neth
Pegnis Spot/Dot Bride peg+dîs
Pegnes Spot/Dot Woman peg+dess
Pegnith Spot/Dot Sister peg+nîth
Pecthel Spot/Dot Sister peg+thêl
Pegon Spot/Dot peg+-on
Pegion Son of Spot/Dot peg+-ion
Pegner Spot/Dot Bridegroom peg+der
Pegnir Spot/Dot Man peg+dîr
Pechon Spot/Dot Brother peg+hawn
Pechanar Spot/Dot Brother peg+hanar
Peg Spot/Dot peg
Go-Beg___ Descendant of Spot/Dot go-+peg
Pess – Feather/Down (pess)
Pesseth Feather/Down pess+-eth
Pessien Of Feather/Down pess+-ien
Pessiel Daughter of Feather/Down pess+iell
Pessel Feather/Down Girl pess+sell
Pesson Feather/Down pess+-on
Pession Son of Feather/Down pess+-ion
Pesder Feather/Down Bridegroom pess+der
Pesdir Feather/Down Man pess+dîr
Pesben Feather/Down Husband pess+benn
Pestor Feather/Down Brother pess+tôr
Pes Feather/Down pess
Go-Bes___ Descendant of Feather/Down go-+pess
Pespen Feather/Down Person pess+pen
Raph – Rope (raph)
Rapheth Rope raph+-eth
Raphien Of a Rope raph+-ien
Raphiel Daughter of Rope raph+-iel
Raphel Rope Girl raph+sell
Raphwen Rope Maiden raph+gwen
Raphon Rope raph+-on
Raphion Son of Rope raph+-ion
Raphon Rope Brother raph+hawn
Raphanar Rope Brother raph+hanar
Raph Rope raph
Go-Raph___ Descendant of Rope go-+raph
Raphen Rope Person raph+pen
Ravon – Wing (ravon)
Ravoneth Wing ravon+-eth
Ravonien Of a Wing ravon+-ien
Ravoniel Daughter of Wing ravon+-iel
Ravossel Wing Girl ravon+sell
Ravongwen Wing Maiden ravon+gwen
Ravoneth Wing Girl ravon+neth
Ravondis Wing Bride ravon+dîs
Ravondes Wing Woman ravon+dess
Ravonith Wing Sister ravon+nîth
Ravonthel Wing Sister ravon+thêl
Ravomes Wing Wife ravon+bess
Ravonon Wing ravon+-on
Ravonion Son of Wing ravon+-ion
Ravonder Wing Bridegroom ravon+der
Ravondir Wing Man ravon+dîr
Ravomen Wing Husband ravon+benn
Ravothor Wing Brother ravon+tôr
Ravon Wing ravon
Go-Ravon___ Descendant of Wing go-+ravon
Ravomben Wing Person ravon+pen
Ren – Nettled/Enlaced (ren)
Reneth Nettled/Enlaced One ren+-eth
Renien Nettled/Enlaced ren+-ien
Reniel Daughter of Nettled/Enlaced One ren+-iel
Ressel Nettled/Enlaced Girl ren+sell
Rengwen Nettled/Enlaced Maiden ren+gwen
Reneth Nettled/Enlaced Girl ren+neth
Rendis Nettled/Enlaced Bride ren+dîs
Rendes Nettled/Enlaced Woman ren+dess
Renith Nettled/Enlaced Sister ren+nîth
Renthel Nettled/Enlaced Sister ren+thêl
Remes Nettled/Enlaced Wife ren+bess
Renon Netted/Enlaced One ren+-on
Renion Son of Netted/Enlaced One ren+-ion
Render Netted/Enlaced Bridegroom ren+der
Rendir Netted/Enlaced Man ren+dîr
Remen Netted/Enlaced Husband ren+benn
Rethor Netted/Enlaced Brother ren+tôr
Ren Nettled/Enlaced ren
Go-Ren___ Descendant of Nettled/Enlaced go-+ren
Remben Nettled/Enlaced Person ren+pen
Rhoss – Whisper/Rustle (rhoss)
Rhosseth Whisper/Rustle rhoss+-eth
Rhossien Of Whisper/Rustle rhoss+-ien
Rhossiel Daughter of Whisper/Rustle rhoss+-iel
Rhossel Whisper/Rustle Girl rhoss+sell
Rhosdis Whisper/Rustle Bride rhoss+dîs
Rhosdes Whisper/Rustle Maiden rhoss+dess
Rhosbes Whisper/Rustle Wife rhoss+bess
Rhosson Whisper/Rustle rhoss+-on
Rhossion Son of Whisper/Rustle rhoss+-ion
Rhosder Whisper/Rustle Bridegroom rhoss+der
Rhosdir Whisper/Rustle Man rhoss+dîr
Rhosben Whisper/Rustle Husband rhoss+benn
Rhostor Whisper/Rustle Brother rhoss+tôr
Rhos Whisper/Rustle rhoss
Go-Thross___ Descendant of Whisper/Rustle go-+rhoss
Rhospen Whisper/Rustle Person rhoss+pen
Rîn – Remembrance (rîn)
Ríneth Remembrance rîn+-eth
Rínien Of Remembrance rîn+-ien
Ríniel Daughter of Remembrance rîn+-iel
Ríssel Remembrance Girl rîn+sell
Ríngwen Remembrance Maiden rîn+gwen
Ríneth Remembrance Girl rîn+neth
Ríndis Remembrance Bride rîn+dîs
Ríndes Remembrance Woman rîn+dess
Rínith Remembrance Sister rîn+nîth
Rínthel Remembrance Sister rîn+thêl
Rímes Remembrance Wife rîn+bess
Rínon Remembrance rîn+-on
Rínion Son of Remembrance rîn+-ion
Rínder Remembrance Bridegroom rîn+der
Ríndir Remembrance Man rîn+dîr
Rímen Remembrance Husband rîn+benn
Ríthor Remembrance Brother rîn+tôr
Rîn Remembrance rîn
Go-Rín___ Descendant of Remembrance go-+rîn
Rímben Remembrance Person rîn+pen
Tûr – Mastery/Victory (tûr)
Túreth Mastery/Victory tûr+-eth
Túrien Of a Mastery/Victory tûr+-ien
Túriel Daughter of Mastery/Victory tûr+-iel
Túrhel Mastery/Victory Girl tûr+sell
Túrwen Mastery/Victory Maiden tûr+gwen
Túrneth Mastery/Victory Girl tûr+neth
Túrdis Mastery/Victory Bride tûr+dîs
Túrdes Mastery/Victory Woman tûr+dess
Túrnith Mastery/Victory Sister tûr+nîth
Túrthel Mastery/Victory Sister tûr+thêl
Túrbes Mastery/Victory Wife tûr+bess
Túron Mastery/Victory tûr+-on
Túrion Son of Mastery/Victory tûr+-ion
Túrder Bridegroom +der
Túrdir Mastery/Victory Man tûr+dîr
Túrben Mastery/Victory Husband tûr+benn
Túrdor Mastery/Victory Brother tûr+tôr
Túrchon Mastery/Victory Brother tûr+hawn
Túrchanar Mastery/Victory Brother tûr+hanar
Tûr Mastery/Victory tûr
Go-Dúr___ Descendant of Mastery/Victory go-+tûr
Túrphen Mastery/Victory Person tûr+pen
Uir – Eternity (uir)
Uireth Eternity uir+-eth
Uirien Of an Eternity uir+-ien
Uiriel Daughter of Eternity uir+-iel
Uirhel Eternity Girl uir+sell
Uirwen Eternity Maiden uir+gwen
Uirneth Eternity Girl uir+neth
Uirdis Eternity Bride uir+dîs
Uirdes Eternity Woman uir+dess
Uirnith Eternity Sister uir+nîth
Uirthel Eternity Sister uir+thêl
Uirbes Eternity Wife uir+bess
Uiron Eternity uir+-on
Uirion Son of Eternity uir+-ion
Uirder Eternity Bridegroom uir+der
Uirdir Eternity Man uir+dîr
Uirben Eternity Husband uir+benn
Uirdor Eternity Brother uir+tôr
Uirchon Eternity Brother uir+hawn
Uirchanar Eternity Brother uir+hanar
Uir Eternity uir
Go-Uir___ Descendant of Eternity go-+uir
Uirphen Eternity Person uir+pen
Uireb – Eternal (uireb)
Uirebeth Eternal One uireb+-eth
Uirebien Of an Eternal One uireb+-ien
Uirebiel Daughter of Eternal uireb+-iel
Uirebes Eternal Wife uireb+bess
Uirebon Eternal uireb+-on
Uirebion Son of Eternal uireb+-ion
Uireben Eternal Husband uireb+benn
Uireb Eternal uireb
Go-Uireb___ Descendant of Eternal go-+uireb
Uireben Eternal Person uireb+pen