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Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name
Alfirin – Immortal [a spieces of bell-like flower] (alfirin)
Alfirineth Immortal Flower alfirin+-eth
Alfirinien Of the Immortal Flower alfirin+-ien
Alfiriniel Daughter of Immortal Flower alfirin+iell
Alfirissel Immortal Flower Girl alfirin+sell
Alfiringwen Immortal Flower Maiden alfirin+gwen
Alfirineth Immortal Flower Girl alfirin+neth
Alfirindis Immortal Flower Bride alfirin+dîs
Alfirindes Immortal Flower Maiden alfirin+dess
Alfirinnith Immortal Flower Sister alfirin+nîth
Alfirinthel Immortal Flower Sister alfirin+thêl
Alfirimes Immortal Flower Wife alfirin+bess
Alfirinon Immortal One alfirin+-on
Alfirinion Son of Immortal One alfirin+-ion
Alfirinder Immortal Bridegroom alfirin+der
Alfirindir Immortal Man alfirin+dîr
Alfirimen Immortal Husband alfirin+benn
Alfirithor Immortal Brother alfirin+tôr
Alfirin Immortal alfirin
Go-Alfirin___ Descendant of Immortal go-+alfirin
Alfirimben Immortal Person alfirin+pen
Belegorn – Mighty Tree (beleg+orn)
Belegorneth Mighty Tree beleg+orn+-eth
Belegornien Of the Mighty Tree beleg+orn+-ien
Belegorniel Daughter of Mighty Tree beleg+orn+iell
Belegorsel Mighty Tree Girl beleg+orn+sell
Belegorneth Mighty Tree Girl beleg+orn+neth
Belegornith Mighty Tree Sister beleg+orn+nîth
Belegormes Mighty Tree Wife beleg+orn+bess
Belegornon Mighty Tree beleg+orn+-on
Belegornion Son of Mighty Tree beleg+orn+-ion
Belegormen Mighty Tree Husband beleg+orn+benn
Belegorthor Mighty Tree Brother beleg+orn+tôr
Belegorn Mighty Tree beleg+orn
Go-Velegorn___ Descendant of Mighty Tree go-+beleg+orn
Belegorphen Mighty Tree Person beleg+orn+pen
Breth – Beech (breth)
Brethien Of a Beech breth+-ien
Brethiel Daughter of Beech breth+-iel
Brethel Beech Girl breth+sell
Brethwen Beech Maiden breth+gwen
Brethel Beech Sister breth+thêl
Brethon Beech breth+-on
Brethion Son of Beech breth+-ion
Brethon Beech Brother breth+hawn
Brethanar Beech Brother breth+hanar
Breth Beech breth
Go-Vreth___ Descendant of Beech go-+breth
Cullas – Golden Red Leaf (cull+lass)
Cullasseth Golden Red Leaf cull+lass+-eth
Cullassien Of the Golden Red Leaf cull+lass+-ien
Cullassiel Daughter of Golden Red Leaf cull+lass+iell
Cullasssel Golden Red Leaf Girl cull+lass+sell
Cullasdis Golden Red Leaf Bride cull+lass+dîs
Cullasdes Golden Red Leaf Maiden cull+lass+dess
Cullasbes Golden Red Leaf Wife cull+lass+bess
Cullasson Golden Red Leaf cull+lass+-on
Cullassion Son of Golden Red Leaf cull+lass+-ion
Cullasder Golden Red Leaf Bridegroom cull+lass+der
Cullasdir Golden Red Leaf Man cull+lass+dîr
Cullasben Golden Red Leaf Husband cull+lass+benn
Cullastor Golden Red Leaf Brother cull+lass+tôr
Cullas Golden Red Leaf cull+lass
Go-Gullas___ Descendant of Golden Red Leaf go-+cull+lass
Cullaspen Golden Red Leaf Person cull+lass+pen
Dínelloth – Silent Flower (dínen+loth)
Dínellothien Of the Silent Flower dínen+loth+-ien
Dínellothiel Daughter of Silent Flower dínen+loth+iell
Dínellothel Silent Flower Girl dínen+loth+sell
Dínellothwen Silent Flower Maiden dínen+loth+gwen
Dínellothel Silent Flower Sister dínen+loth+thêl
Dínellothon Silent Flower dínen+loth+-on
Dínellothion Son of Silent Flower dínen+loth+-ion
Dínellothon Silent Flower Brother dínen+loth+hawn
Dínelloth Silent Flower dínen+loth
Go-Dhínelloth___ Descendant of Silent Flower go-+dínen+loth
Dorn – Oak (dorn)
Dorneth Oak dorn+-eth
Dornien Of a Oak dorn+-ien
Dorniel Daughter of Oak dorn+-iel
Dorsel Oak Girl dorn+sell
Dorneth Oak Girl dorn+neth
Dornith Oak Sister dorn+nîth
Dormes Oak Wife dorn+bess
Dornon Oak dorn+-on
Dornion Son of Oak dorn+-ion
Dormen Oak Husband dorn+benn
Dorn Oak dorn
Go-Norn___ Descendant of Oak go-+dorn
Dorphen Oak Person dorn+pen
Dumloth – Twilight Blossom (dûm+loth)
Dumlothien Of the Twilight Blossom dûm+loth+-ien
Dumlothiel Daughter of Twilight Blossom dûm+loth+iell
Dumlothel Twilight Blossom Girl dûm+loth+sell
Dumlothwen Twilight Blossom Maiden dûm+loth+gwen
Dumlothel Twilight Blossom Sister dûm+loth+thêl
Dumlothon Twilight Blossom dûm+loth+-on
Dumlothion Son of Twilight Blossom dûm+loth+-ion
Dumlothon Twilight Blossom Brother dûm+loth+hawn
Dumlothanar Twilight Blossom Brother dûm+loth+hanar
Dumloth Twilight Blossom dûm+loth
Go-Dhumloth___ Descendant of Twilight Blossom go-+dûm+loth
Êg – Thorn (êg)
Égeth Thorn êg+-eth
Égien Of a Thorn êg+-ien
Égiel Daughter of Thorn êg+iell
Égwen Thorn Maiden êg+gwen
Égneth Thorn Girl êg+neth
Égnis Thorn Bride êg+dîs
Égnes Thorn Maiden êg+dess
Égnith Thorn Sister êg+nîth
Écthel Thorn Sister êg+thêl
Égon Thorn êg+-on
Égion Son of Thorn êg+-ion
Égner Thorn Bridegroom êg+der
Égnir Thorn Man êg+dîr
Échon Thorn Brother êg+hawn
Échanar Thorn Brother êg+hanar
Êg Thorn êg
Go-Ég___ Descendant of Thorn go-+êg
Eglos – Snowthorn [a flower] (eglos)
Eglosseth Snowthorn eglos+-eth
Eglossien Of Snowthorn eglos+-ien
Eglossiel Daughter of Snowthorn eglos+-iel
Eglossel Snowthorn Girl eglos+sell
Eglosdis Snowthorn Bride eglos+dîs
Eglosdes Snowthorn Woman eglos+dess
Eglosbes Snowthorn Wife eglos+bess
Eglosson Snowthorn eglos+-on
Eglossion Son of Snowthorn eglos+-ion
Eglosder Snowthorn Bridegroom eglos+der
Eglosdir Snowthorn Man eglos+dîr
Eglosben Snowthorn Husband eglos+benn
Eglostor Snowthorn Brother eglos+tôr
Eglos Snowthorn eglos
Go-Eglos___ Descendant of Snowthorn go-+eglos
Eglospen Snowthorn Person eglos+pen
Elanor – Starsun [a type of flower] (elanor)
Elanoreth Starsun elanor+-eth
Elanorien Of a Starsun elanor+-ien
Elanoriel Daughter of Starsun elanor+iell
Elanorhel Starsun Girl elanor+sell
Elanorwen Starsun Maiden elanor+gwen
Elanorneth Starsun Girl elanor+neth
Elanordis Starsun Bride elanor+dîs
Elanordes Starsun Maiden elanor+dess
Elanornith Starsun Sister elanor+nîth
Elanorthel Starsun Sister elanor+thêl
Elanorbes Starsun Wife elanor+bess
Elanoron Starsun elanor+-on
Elanorion Son of Starsun elanor+-ion
Elanorder Starsun Bridegroom elanor+der
Elanordir Starsun Man elanor+dîr
Elanorben Starsun Husband elanor+benn
Elanordor Starsun Brother elanor+tôr
Elanorchon Starsun Brother elanor+hawn
Elanor Starsun elanor
Go-Elanor___ Descendant of Starsun go-+elanor
Elanorphen Starsun Person elanor+pen
Erdh – Seed (erdh)
Erdhien Of a Seed erdh+-ien
Erdhiel Daughter of Seed erdh+-iel
Erdhel Seed Girl erdh+sell
Erdhon Seed erdh+-on
Erdhion Son of Seed erdh+-ion
Erdhon Seed Brother erdh+hawn
Erdh Seed erdh
Go-Erdh___ Descendant of Seed go-+erdh
Ereg – Holly [thorny plant] (Ereg)
Eregeth Holly ereg+-eth
Eregien Of Holly ereg+-ien
Eregiel Daughter of Holly ereg+-iel
Eregwen Holly Maiden ereg+gwen
Eregneth Holly Girl ereg+neth
Eregnis Holly Bride ereg+dîs
Eregnes Holly Woman ereg+dess
Eregnith Holly Sister ereg+nîth
Erecthel Holly Sister ereg+thêl
Eregon Holly ereg+-on
Eregion Son of Holly ereg+-ion
Eregner Holly Bridegroom ereg+der
Eregnir Holly Man ereg+dîr
Erechon Holly Brother ereg+hawn
Ereg Holly ereg
Go-Ereg___ Descendant of Holly go-+ereg
Esgar – Reed-bed (esgar)
Esgareth Reed-bed esgar+-eth
Esgarien Of the Reed-bed esgar+-ien
Esgariel Daughter of Reed-bed esgar+iell
Esgarhel Reed-bed Girl esgar+sell
Esgarwen Reed-bed Maiden esgar+gwen
Esgarneth Reed-bed Girl esgar+neth
Esgardis Reed-bed Bride esgar+dîs
Esgardes Reed-bed Maiden esgar+dess
Esgarnith Reed-bed Sister esgar+nîth
Esgarthel Reed-bed Sister esgar+thêl
Esgarbes Reed-bed Wife esgar+bess
Esgaron Reed-bed esgar+-on
Esgarion Son of Reed-bed esgar+-ion
Esgarder Reed-bed Bridegroom esgar+der
Esgardir Reed-bed Man esgar+dîr
Esgarben Reed-bed Husband esgar+benn
Esgardor Reed-bed Brother esgar+tôr
Esgarchon Reed-bed Brother esgar+hawn
Esgar Reed-bed esgar
Go-Esgar___ Descendant of Reed-bed go-+esgar
Esgarphen Reed-bed Person esgar+pen
Fêr – Beech-Tree (fêr)
Fereth Beech-Tree fêr+-eth
Ferien Of Beech-Tree fêr+-ien
Feriel Daughter of Beech-Tree fêr+-iel
Ferhel Beech-Tree Girl fêr+sell
Ferwen Beech-Tree Maiden fêr+gwen
Ferneth Beech-Tree Girl fêr+neth
Ferdis Beech-Tree Bride fêr+dîs
Ferdes Beech-Tree Woman fêr+dess
Fernith Beech-Tree Sister fêr+nîth
Ferthel Beech-Tree Sister fêr+thêl
Ferbes Beech-Tree Wife fêr+bess
Feron Beech-Tree fêr+-on
Ferion Son of Beech-Tree fêr+-ion
Ferdir Beech-Tree Man fêr+dîr
Ferben Beech-Tree Husband fêr+benn
Ferdor Beech-Tree Brother fêr+tôr
Ferchon Beech-Tree Brother fêr+hawn
Ferchanar Beech-Tree Brother fêr+hanar
Fêr Beech-Tree fêr
Go-Fer___ Descendant of Beech-Tree go-+fêr
Ferphen Beech-Tree Person fêr+pen
Galadh – Tree (galadh)
Galadhien of a Tree galadh+-ien
Galadhiel Daughter of Tree galadh+iell
Galadhel Tree Girl galadh+sell
Galadhwen Tree Maiden galadh+gwen
Galadhon Tree galadh+-on
Galadhion Son of Tree galadh+iôn
Galadhon Tree Brother galadh+hawn
Galadh Tree galadh
Go-‘Aladh___ Descendant of Tree go-+galadh
Galas – Plant (galas)
Galasseth Plant galas+-eth
Galassien Of a Plant galas+-ien
Galassiel Daughter of Plant galas+-iel
Galassel Plant Girl galas+sell
Galasdis Plant Bride galas+dîs
Galasdes Plant Woman galas+dess
Galasbes Plant Wife galas+bess
Galasson Plant galas+-on
Galassion Son of Plant galas+-ion
Galasder Plant Bridegroom galas+der
Galasdir Plant Man galas+dîr
Galasben Plant Husband galas+benn
Galastor Plant Brother galas+tôr
Galas Plant galas
Go-‘Alas___ Descendant of Plant go-+galas
Galaspen Plant Person galas+pen
Gilorn – Star Tree (gîl+orn)
Gilorneth Star Tree gîl+orn+-eth
Gilornien Of the Star Tree gîl+orn+-ien
Gilorniel Daughter of Star Tree gîl+orn+iell
Gilorsel Star Tree Girl gîl+orn+sell
Gilorneth Star Tree Girl gîl+orn+neth
Gilornith Star Tree Sister gîl+orn+nîth
Gilormes Star Tree Wife gîl+orn+bess
Gilornon Star Tree gîl+orn+-on
Gilornion Son of Star Tree gîl+orn+-ion
Gilormen Star Tree Husband gîl+orn+benn
Gilorn Star Tree gîl+orn
Go-Ngilorn___ Descendant of Star Tree go-+gîl+orn
Gilorphen Star Tree Person gîl+orn+pen
Golf – Branch (golf)
Golveth Branch golf+-eth
Golvien Of a Branch golf+-ien
Golviel Daughter of Branch golf+-iel
Golves Branch Wife golf+bess
Golvon Branch golf+-on
Golvion Son of Branch golf+-ion
Golven Branch Husband golf+benn
Golf Branch golf
Go-‘Olv___ Descendant of Branch go-+golf
Golphen Branch Person golf+pen
Gwastar – Hummock (gwastar)
Gwastareth Hummock gwastar+-eth
Gwastarien Of Hummock gwastar+-ien
Gwastariel Daughter of Hummock gwastar+iell
Gwastarhel Hummock Girl gwastar+sell
Gwastarwen Hummock Maiden gwastar+gwen
Gwastarneth Hummock Girl gwastar+neth
Gwastardis Hummock Bride gwastar+dîs
Gwastardes Hummock Maiden gwastar+dess
Gwastarnith Hummock Sister gwastar+nîth
Gwastarthel Hummock Sister gwastar+thêl
Gwastarbes Hummock Wife gwastar+bess
Gwastaron Hummock gwastar+-on
Gwastarion Son of Hummock gwastar+-ion
Gwastarder Hummock Bridegroom gwastar+der
Gwastardir Hummock Man gwastar+dîr
Gwastarben Hummock Husband gwastar+benn
Gwastardor Hummock Brother gwastar+tôr
Gwastarchon Hummock Brother gwastar+hawn
Gwastar Hummock gwastar
Go-‘Wastar___ Descendant of Hummock go-+gwastar
Gwastarphen Hummock Person gwastar+pen
Halloth – Hiding Flower (hall+loth)
Hallothien Of the Hiding Flower hall+loth+-ien
Hallothiel Daughter of Hiding Flower hall+loth+iell
Hallothel Hiding Flower Girl hall+loth+sell
Hallothwen Hiding Flower Maiden hall+loth+gwen
Hallothel Hiding Flower Sister hall+loth+thêl
Hallothon Hiding Flower hall+loth+-on
Hallothion Son of Hiding Flower hall+loth+-ion
Hallothon Hiding Flower Brother hall+loth+hawn
Hallothanar Hiding Flower Brother hall+loth+hanar
Halloth Hiding Flower hall+loth
Go-Challoth___ Descendant of Hiding Flower go-+hall+loth
Iau – Corn (iau)
Iohel Corn Girl iau+sell
Iowen Corn Maiden iau+gwen
Ioneth Corn Girl iau+neth
Ionis Corn Bride iau+dîs
Iones Corn Woman iau+dess
Ionith Corn Sister iau+nîth
Iothel Corn Sister iau+thêl
Ioves Corn Wife iau+bess
Ioner Corn Bridegroom iau+der
Ionir Corn Man iau+dîr
Ioven Corn Husband iau+benn
Iodor Corn Brother iau+tôr
Iochon Corn Brother iau+hawn
Iochanar Corn Brother iau+hanar
Iau Corn iau
Go-Io___ Descendant of Corn go-+iau
Ioben Corn Person iau+pen
Iorthon – Old Pine (iaur+thôn)
Iorthoneth Old Pine iaur+thôn+-eth
Iorthonien Of the Old Pine iaur+thôn+-ien
Iorthoniel Daughter of Old Pine iaur+thôn+iell
Iorthossel Old Pine Girl iaur+thôn+sell
Iorthongwen Old Pine Maiden iaur+thôn+gwen
Iorthoneth Old Pine Girl iaur+thôn+neth
Iorthondis Old Pine Bride iaur+thôn+dîs
Iorthondes Old Pine Maiden iaur+thôn+dess
Iorthonith Old Pine Sister iaur+thôn+nîth
Iorthomes Old Pine Wife iaur+thôn+bess
Iorthonon Old Pine iaur+thôn+-on
Iorthonion Son of Old Pine iaur+thôn+-ion
Iorthonder Old Pine Bridegroom iaur+thôn+der
Iorthondir Old Pine Man iaur+thôn+dîr
Iorthomen Old Pine Husband iaur+thôn+benn
Iorthondor Old Pine Brother iaur+thôn+tôr
Iorthon Old Pine iaur+thôn
Go-Iorthon___ Descendant of Old Pine go-+iaur+thôn
Iorthomben Old Pine Person iaur+thôn+pen
Lalf – Elm (lalf)
Lalveth Elm lalf+-eth
Lalvien Of a Elm lalf+-ien
Lalviel Daughter of Elm lalf+-iel
Lalves Elm Wife lalf+bess
Lalvon Elm lalf+-on
Lalvion Son of Elm lalf+-ion
Lalven Elm Husband lalf+benn
Lalf Elm lalf
Go-Lalv___ Descendant of Elm go-+lalf
Lalphen Elm Person lalf+pen
Lass – Leaf (lass)
Lasseth Leaf lass+-eth
Lassien Of a Leaf lass+-ien
Lassiel Daughter of Leaf lass+-iel
Lassel Leaf Girl lass+sell
Lasdis Leaf Bride lass+dîs
Lasdes Leaf Woman lass+dess
Lasbes Leaf Wife lass+bess
Lasson Leaf lass+-on
Lassion Son of Leaf lass+-ion
Lasder Leaf Bridegroom lass+der
Lasdir Leaf Man lass+dîr
Lasben Leaf Husband lass+benn
Lastor Leaf Brother lass+tôr
Las Leaf lass
Go-Lass___ Descendant of Leaf go-+lass
Laspen Leaf Person lass+pen
Linnorn – Tuneful Tree (lind+orn)
Linnorneth Tuneful Tree lind+orn+-eth
Linnornien Of the Tuneful Tree lind+orn+-ien
Linnorniel Daughter of Tuneful Tree lind+orn+iell
Linnorsel Tuneful Tree Girl lind+orn+sell
Linnorneth Tuneful Tree Girl lind+orn+neth
Linnornith Tuneful Tree Sister lind+orn+nîth
Linnormes Tuneful Tree Wife lind+orn+bess
Linnornon Tuneful Tree lind+orn+-on
Linnornion Son of Tuneful Tree lind+orn+-ion
Linnormen Tuneful Tree Husband lind+orn+benn
Linnorn Tuneful Tree lind+orn
Go-Linnorn___ Descendant of Tuneful Tree go-+lind+orn
Linnorphen Tuneful Tree Person lind+orn+pen
Loth – Flower (loth)
Lothien of a Flower loth+-ien
Lothiel Daughter of Flower loth+iell
Lothel Flower Girl loth+sell
Lothwen Flower Maiden loth+gwen
Lothel Flower Sister loth+thêl
Lothon Flower loth+-on
Lothion Son of Flower loth+iôn
Lothon Flower Brother loth+hawn
Lothanar Flower Brother loth+hanar
Loth Flower loth
Go-Loth___ Descendant of Flower go-+loth
Lumorn – Shade of a Tree (lum+orn)
Lumorneth Shade of a Tree lum+orn+-eth
Lumornien Of the Shade of a Tree lum+orn+-ien
Lumorniel Daughter of Shade of a Tree lum+orn+iell
Lumorsel Shade of a Tree Girl lum+orn+sell
Lumorneth Shade of a Tree Girl lum+orn+neth
Lumornith Shade of a Tree Sister lum+orn+nîth
Lumormes Shade of a Tree Wife lum+orn+bess
Lumornon Shade of a Tree lum+orn+-on
Lumornion Son of Shade of a Tree lum+orn+-ion
Lumormen Shade of a Tree Husband lum+orn+benn
Lumorn Shade of a Tree lum+orn
Go-Lumorn___ Descendant of Shade of a Tree go-+lum+orn
Lumorphen Shade of a Tree Person lum+orn+pen
Mallos – Golden Flower (mallos)
Mallosseth Golden Flower mallos+-eth
Mallossien Of a Golden Flower mallos+-ien
Mallossiel Daughter of Golden Flower mallos+-iel
Mallossel Golden Flower Girl mallos+sell
Mallosdis Golden Flower Bride mallos+dîs
Mallosdes Golden Flower Woman mallos+dess
Mallosbes Golden Flower Wife mallos+bess
Mallosson Golden Flower mallos+-on
Mallossion Son of Golden Flower mallos+-ion
Mallosder Golden Flower Bridegroom mallos+der
Mallosdir Golden Flower Man mallos+dîr
Mallosben Golden Flower Husband mallos+benn
Mallostor Golden Flower Brother mallos+tôr
Mallos Golden Flower mallos
Go-Vallos___ Descendant of Golden Flower go-+mallos
Mallospen Golden Flower Person mallos+pen
Meril – Rose (meril)
Merileth Rose meril+-eth
Merilien Of a Rose meril+-ien
Meriliel Daughter of Rose meril+-iel
Merilhel Rose Girl meril+sell
Merilwen Rose Maiden meril+gwen
Merilneth Rose Girl meril+neth
Merildis Rose Bride meril+dîs
Merildes Rose Woman meril+dess
Merilnith Rose Sister meril+nîth
Merilthel Rose Sister meril+thêl
Merilbes Rose Wife meril+bess
Merilon Rose meril+-on
Merilion Son of Rose meril+-ion
Merilder Rose Bridegroom meril+der
Merildir Rose Man meril+dîr
Merilben Rose Husband meril+benn
Merildor Rose Brother meril+tôr
Merilchon Rose Brother meril+hawn
Merilchanar Rose Brother meril+hanar
Meril Rose meril
Go-Veril___ Descendant of Rose go-+meril
Merilben Rose Person meril+pen
Mormeril – Black Rose (morn+meril)
Mormerileth Black Rose morn+meril+-eth
Mormerilien Of the Black Rose morn+meril+-ien
Mormeriliel Daughter of Black Rose morn+meril+iell
Mormerilhel Black Rose Girl morn+meril+sell
Mormerilwen Black Rose Maiden morn+meril+gwen
Mormerilneth Black Rose Girl morn+meril+neth
Mormerildis Black Rose Bride morn+meril+dîs
Mormerildes Black Rose Maiden morn+meril+dess
Mormerilnith Black Rose Sister morn+meril+nîth
Mormerilthel Black Rose Sister morn+meril+thêl
Mormerilbes Black Rose Wife morn+meril+bess
Mormerilon Black Rose morn+meril+-on
Mormerilion Son of Black Rose morn+meril+-ion
Mormerilder Black Rose Bridegroom morn+meril+der
Mormerildir Black Rose Man morn+meril+dîr
Mormerilben Black Rose Husband morn+meril+benn
Mormerildor Black Rose Brother morn+meril+tôr
Mormerilchon Black Rose Brother morn+meril+hawn
Mormeril Black Rose morn+meril
Go-Vormeril___ Descendant of Black Rose go-+morn+meril
Mormerilben Black Rose Person morn+meril+pen
Nínim – Snowdrop [the flower] (nínim)
Ninimeth Snowdrop nínim+-eth
Ninimien Of a Snowdrop nínim+-ien
Ninimiel Daughter of Snowdrop nínim+-iel
Ninimhel Snowdrop Girl nínim+sell
Ninimdis Snowdrop Bride nínim+dîs
Ninimdes Snowdrop Woman nínim+dess
Ninimbes Snowdrop Wife nínim+bess
Ninimon Snowdrop nínim+-on
Ninimion Son of Snowdrop nínim+-ion
Ninimder Snowdrop Bridegroom nínim+der
Ninimdir Snowdrop Man nínim+dîr
Ninimben Snowdrop Husband nínim+benn
Ninimdor Snowdrop Brother nínim+tôr
Nínim Snowdrop nínim
Go-Ninim___ Descendant of Snowdrop go-+nínim
Ninimben Snowdrop Person nínim+pen
Nirorn – Tear Tree (nîr+orn)
Nirorneth Tear Tree nîr+orn+-eth
Nirornien Of the Tear Tree nîr+orn+-ien
Nirorniel Daughter of Tear Tree nîr+orn+iell
Nirorsel Tear Tree Girl nîr+orn+sell
Nirorneth Tear Tree Girl nîr+orn+neth
Nirornith Tear Tree Sister nîr+orn+nîth
Nirormes Tear Tree Wife nîr+orn+bess
Nirornon Tear Tree nîr+orn+-on
Nirornion Son of Tear Tree nîr+orn+-ion
Nirormen Tear Tree Husband nîr+orn+benn
Nirorn Tear Tree nîr+orn
Go-Nirorn___ Descendant of Tear Tree go-+nîr+orn
Nirorphen Tear Tree Person nîr+orn+pen
Orn – Tree (orn)
Orneth Tree orn+-eth
Ornien Of a Tree orn+-ien
Orniel Daughter of Tree orn+-iel
Orsel Tree Girl orn+sell
Orneth Tree Girl orn+neth
Ornith Tree Sister orn+nîth
Ormes Tree Wife orn+bess
Ornon Tree orn+-on
Ornion Son of Tree orn+-ion
Ormen Tree Husband orn+benn
Orthor Tree Brother orn+tôr
Orn Tree orn
Go-Orn___ Descendant of Tree go-+orn
Orphen Tree Person orn+pen
Pelillas – Fading Leaf (pelin+lass)
Pelillasseth Fading Leaf pelin+lass+-eth
Pelillassien Of the Fading Leaf pelin+lass+-ien
Pelillassiel Daughter of Fading Leaf pelin+lass+iell
Pelillassel Fading Leaf Girl pelin+lass+sell
Pelillasdis Fading Leaf Bride pelin+lass+dîs
Pelillasdes Fading Leaf Maiden pelin+lass+dess
Pelillasbes Fading Leaf Wife pelin+lass+bess
Pelillasson Fading Leaf pelin+lass+-on
Pelillassion Son of Fading Leaf pelin+lass+-ion
Pelillasder Fading Leaf Bridegroom pelin+lass+der
Pelillasdir Fading Leaf Man pelin+lass+dîr
Pelillasben Fading Leaf Husband pelin+lass+benn
Pelillastor Fading Leaf Brother pelin+lass+tôr
Pelillas Fading Leaf pelin+lass
Go-Pelillass___ Descendant of Fading Leaf go-+pelin+lass
Pelillaspen Fading Leaf Person pelin+lass+pen
Rhossolas – Rustling Foliage (rhoss+golass)
Rhossolasseth Rustling Foliage rhoss+golass+-eth
Rhossolassien Of the Rustling Foliage rhoss+golass+-ien
Rhossolassiel Daughter of Rustling Foliage rhoss+golass+iell
Rhossolassel Rustling Foliage Girl rhoss+golass+sell
Rhossolasdis Rustling Foliage Bride rhoss+golass+dîs
Rhossolasdes Rustling Foliage Maiden rhoss+golass+dess
Rhossolasbes Rustling Foliage Wife rhoss+golass+bess
Rhossolasson Rustling Foliage rhoss+golass+-on
Rhossolassion Son of Rustling Foliage rhoss+golass+-ion
Rhossolasder Rustling Foliage Bridegroom rhoss+golass+der
Rhossolasdir Rustling Foliage Man rhoss+golass+dîr
Rhossolasben Rustling Foliage Husband rhoss+golass+benn
Rhossolastor Rustling Foliage Brother rhoss+golass+tôr
Rhossolas Rustling Foliage rhoss+golass
Go-Rhossolass___ Descendant of Rustling Foliage go-+rhoss+golass
Rhossolaspen Rustling Foliage Person rhoss+golass+pen
Salab – Herb (salab)
Salabeth Herb salab+-eth
Salabien Of a Herb salab+-ien
Salabiel Daughter of Herb salab+-iel
Salabes Herb Wife salab+bess
Salabon Herb salab+-on
Salabion Son of Herb salab+-ion
Salaben Herb Husband salab+benn
Salab Herb salab
Go-Halab___ Descendant of Herb go-+salab
Salaben Herb Person salab+pen
Solch – Root (solch)
Solcheth Root solch+-eth
Solchien Of a Root solch+-ien
Solchiel Daughter of Root solch+-iel
Solchel Root Girl solch+sell
Solchon Root solch+-on
Solchion Son of Root solch+-ion
Solchon Root Brother solch+hawn
Solchanar Root Brother solch+hanar
Solch Root solch
Go-Holch___ Descendant of Root go-+solch
Tathar – Willow (tathar)
Tathareth Willow tathar+-eth
Tatharien of a Willow tathar+-ien
Tathariel Daughter of Willow tathar+iell
Tatharhel Willow Girl tathar+sell
Tatharwen Willow Maiden tathar+gwen
Tatharneth Willow Girl tathar+neth
Tathardis Willow Bride tathar+dîs
Tathardes Willow Woman tathar+dess
Tatharnith Willow Sister tathar+nîth
Tatharthel Willow Sister tathar+thêl
Tatharbes Willow Wife tathar+bess
Tatharon Willow tathar+-on
Tatharion Son of Willow tathar+iôn
Tatharder Willow Bridegroom tathar+der
Tathardir Willow Man tathar+dîr
Tatharben Willow Husband tathar+benn
Tathardor Willow Brother tathar+tôr
Tatharchon Willow Brother tathar+hawn
Tathar Willow tathar
Go-Dathar___ Descendant of Willow go-+tathar
Tatharphen Willow Person tathar+pen
Telvolas – Silver Foliage (telf+golass)
Telvolasseth Silver Foliage telf+golass+-eth
Telvolassien Of the Silver Foliage telf+golass+-ien
Telvolassiel Daughter of Silver Foliage telf+golass+iell
Telvolassel Silver Foliage Girl telf+golass+sell
Telvolasdis Silver Foliage Bride telf+golass+dîs
Telvolasdes Silver Foliage Maiden telf+golass+dess
Telvolasbes Silver Foliage Wife telf+golass+bess
Telvolasson Silver Foliage telf+golass+-on
Telvolassion Son of Silver Foliage telf+golass+-ion
Telvolasder Silver Foliage Bridegroom telf+golass+der
Telvolasdir Silver Foliage Man telf+golass+dîr
Telvolasben Silver Foliage Husband telf+golass+benn
Telvolastor Silver Foliage Brother telf+golass+tôr
Telvolas Silver Foliage telf+golass
Go-Telvolass___ Descendant of Silver Foliage go-+telf+golass
Telvolaspen Silver Foliage Person telf+golass+pen
Thâr – Stiff Grass (thâr)
Tháreth Grass thâr+-eth
Thárien Of a Grass thâr+-ien
Tháriel Daughter of Grass thâr+-iel
Thárhel Grass Girl thâr+sell
Thárwen Grass Maiden thâr+gwen
Thárneth Grass Girl thâr+neth
Thárdis Grass Bride thâr+dîs
Thárdes Grass Woman thâr+dess
Thárnith Grass Sister thâr+nîth
Thárthel Grass Sister thâr+thêl
Thárbes Grass Wife thâr+bess
Tháron Grass thâr+-on
Thárion Son of Grass thâr+-ion
Thárder Grass Bridegroom thâr+der
Thárdir Grass Man thâr+dîr
Thárben Grass Husband thâr+benn
Thárdor Grass Brother thâr+tôr
Thárchon Grass Brother thâr+hawn
Thárchanar Grass Brother thâr+hanar
Thâr Grass thâr
Go-Thár___ Descendant of Grass go-+thâr
Thárphen Grass Person thâr+pen
Thôn – Pine (thôn)
Thoneth Pine thôn+-eth
Thonien Of a Pine thôn+-ien
Thoniel Daughter of Pine thôn+-iel
Thossel Pine Girl thôn+sell
Thongwen Pine Maiden thôn+gwen
Thoneth Pine Girl thôn+neth
Thondis Pine Bride thôn+dîs
Thondes Pine Woman thôn+dess
Thonith Pine Sister thôn+nîth
Thomes Pine Wife thôn+bess
Thonder Pine Bridegroom thôn+der
Thondir Pine Man thôn+dîr
Thomen Pine Husband thôn+benn
Thondor Pine Brother thôn+tôr
Thôn Pine thôn
Go-Thon___ Descendant of Pine go-+thôn
Thomben Pine Person thôn+pen
Thond – Root (thond)
Thonneth Root thond+-eth
Thonnien Of a Root thond+-ien
Thonniel Daughter of Root thond+-iel
Thonhel Root Girl thond+sell
Thongwen Root Maiden thond+gwen
Thonneth Root Girl thond+neth
Thondis Root Bride thond+dîs
Thondes Root Woman thond+dess
Thonnith Root Sister thond+nîth
Thonthel Root Sister thond+thêl
Thombes Root Wife thond+bess
Thonnon Root thond+-on
Thonnion Son of Root thond+-ion
Thonder Root Bridegroom thond+der
Thondir Root Man thond+dîr
Thomben Root Husband thond+benn
Thondor Root Brother thond+tôr
Thond Root thond
Go-Thonn___ Descendant of Root go-+thond
Thomben Root Person thond+pen
Toss – Bush (toss)
Tosseth Bush toss+-eth
Tossien Of a Bush toss+-ien
Tossiel Daughter of Bush toss+-iel
Tossel Bush Girl toss+sell
Tosdis Bush Bride toss+dîs
Tosdes Bush Woman toss+dess
Tosbes Bush Wife toss+bess
Tosson Bush toss+-on
Tossion Son of Bush toss+-ion
Tosder Bush Bridegroom toss+der
Tosdir Bush Man toss+dîr
Tosben Bush Husband toss+benn
Tostor Bush Brother toss+tôr
Tos Bush toss
Go-Toss___ Descendant of Bush go-+toss
Tospen Bush Person toss+pen
Tui – Sprout/Bud (tui)
Tuihel Sprout/Bud Girl tui+sell
Tuiwen Sprout/Bud Maiden tui+gwen
Tuineth Sprout/Bud Girl tui+neth
Tuinis Sprout/Bud Bride tui+dîs
Tuines Sprout/Bud Maiden tui+dess
Tuinith Sprout/Bud Sister tui+nîth
Tuithel Sprout/Bud Sister tui+thêl
Tuives Sprout/Bud Wife tui+bess
Tuiner Sprout/Bud Bridegroom tui+der
Tuinir Sprout/Bud Man tui+-on
Tuiven Sprout/Bud Husband tui+-ion
Tuidor Sprout/Bud Brother tui+tôr
Tuichon Sprout/Bud Brother tui+hawn
Tuichanar Sprout/Bud Brother tui+hanar
Tui Sprout/Bud tui
Go-Dui___ Descendant of Sprout/Bud go-+tui
Tuiben Sprout/Bud Person tui+pen
Tulus – Poplar-Tree (tulus)
Tulusseth Poplar tulus+-eth
Tulussien Of a Poplar tulus+-ien
Tulussiel Daughter of Poplar tulus+-iel
Tulussel Poplar Girl tulus+sell
Tulusdis Poplar Bride tulus+dîs
Tulusdes Poplar Woman tulus+dess
Tulusbes Poplar Wife tulus+bess
Tulusson Poplar tulus+-on
Tulussion Son of Poplar tulus+-ion
Tulusder Poplar Bridegroom tulus+der
Tulusdir Poplar Man tulus+dîr
Tulusben Poplar Husband tulus+benn
Tulustor Poplar Brother tulus+tôr
Tulus Poplar tulus
Go-Dulus___ Descendant of Poplar go-+tulus
Tuluspen Poplar Person tulus+pen
Uilos – Simbelmynë [a small white flower] (uilos)
Uilosseth Simbelmynë uilos+-eth
Uilossien Of Simbelmynë uilos+-ien
Uilossiel Daughter of Simbelmynë uilos+-iel
Uilossel Simbelmynë Girl uilos+sell
Uilosdis Simbelmynë Bride uilos+dîs
Uilosdes Simbelmynë Woman uilos+dess
Uilosbes Simbelmynë Wife uilos+bess
Uilosson Simbelmynë uilos+-on
Uilossion Son of Simbelmynë uilos+-ion
Uilosder Simbelmynë Bridegroom uilos+der
Uilosdir Simbelmynë Man uilos+dîr
Uilosben Simbelmynë Husband uilos+benn
Uilostor Simbelmynë Brother uilos+tôr
Uilos Simbelmynë uilos
Go-Uilos___ Descendant of Simbelmynë go-+uilos
Uilospen Simbelmynë Person uilos+pen
Úlloth – Scent of a Flower (ûl+loth)
Úllothien Of the Scent of a Flower ûl+loth+-ien
Úllothiel Daughter of Scent of a Flower ûl+loth+iell
Úllothel Scent of a Flower Girl ûl+loth+sell
Úllothwen Scent of a Flower Maiden ûl+loth+gwen
Úllothel Scent of a Flower Sister ûl+loth+thêl
Úllothon Scent of a Flower ûl+loth+-on
Úllothion Son of Scent of a Flower ûl+loth+-ion
Úllothon Scent of a Flower Brother ûl+loth+hawn
Úllothanar Scent of a Flower Brother ûl+loth+hanar
Úlloth Scent of a Flower ûl+loth
Go-Úlloth___ Descendant of Scent of a Flower go-+ûl+loth