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Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name
Alph – Swan (alph)
Alpheth Swan alph+-eth
Alphien of a Swan alph+-ien
Alphiel Daughter of Swan alph+iell
Alphel Swan Girl alph+sell
Alphon Swan alph+-on
Alphion Son of Swan alph+iôn
Alphon Swan Brother alph+hawn
Alphanar Swan Brother alph+hanar
Alph Swan alph
Go-Alph___ Descendant of Swan go-+alph
Alphen Swan Person alph+pen
Amlug – Dragon (amlug)
Amlugeth Dragon amlug+-eth
Amlugien Of the Dragon amlug+-ien
Amlugiel Daughter of Dragon amlug+iell
Amlugwen Dragon Maiden amlug+gwen
Amlugneth Dragon Girl amlug+neth
Amlugnis Dragon Bride amlug+dîs
Amlugnes Dragon Maiden amlug+dess
Amlugnith Dragon Sister amlug+nîth
Amlucthel Dragon Sister amlug+thêl
Amlugon Dragon amlug+-on
Amlugion Son of Dragon amlug+-ion
Amlugner Dragon Bridegroom amlug+der
Amlugnir Dragon Man amlug+dîr
Amluchon Dragon Brother amlug+hawn
Amluchanar Dragon Brother amlug+hanar
Amlug Dragon amlug
Go-Amlug___ Descendant of Dragon go-+amlug
Aras – Deer (aras)
Arasseth Doe aras+-eth
Arassien Of a Deer aras+-ien
Arassiel Daughter of a Deer aras+-iel
Arassel Deer Girl aras+sell
Arasdis Deer Bride aras+dîs
Arasdes Deer Woman aras+dess
Arasbes Deer Wife aras+bess
Arasson Buck aras+-on
Arassion Son of a Deer aras+-ion
Arasder Deer Bridegroom aras+der
Arasdir Deer Man aras+dîr
Arasben Deer Husband aras+benn
Arastor Deer Brother aras+tôr
Aras Deer aras
Go-Aras___ Descendant of Deer go-+aras
Araspen Deer Person aras+pen
Corch – Crow (corch)
Corcheth Crow corch+-eth
Corchien Of a Crow corch+-ien
Corchiel Daughter of Crow corch+-iel
Corchel Crow Girl corch+sell
Corchon Crow corch+-on
Corchion Son of Crow corch+-ion
Corchon Crow Brother corch+hawn
Corchanar Crow Brother corch+hanar
Corch Crow corch
Go-Gorch___ Descendant of Crow go-+corch
Craban – Raven (craban)
Crabaneth Raven craban+-eth
Crabanien Of a Raven craban+-ien
Crabaniel Daughter of Raven craban+-iel
Crabassel Raven Girl craban+sell
Crabangwen Raven Maiden craban+gwen
Crabaneth Raven Girl craban+neth
Crabandis Raven Bride craban+dîs
Crabandes Raven Woman craban+dess
Crabanith Raven Sister craban+nîth
Crabanthel Raven Sister craban+thêl
Crabames Raven Wife craban+bess
Crabanon Raven craban+-on
Crabanion Son of Raven craban+-ion
Crabander Raven Bridegroom craban+der
Crabandir Raven Man craban+dîr
Crabamen Raven Husband craban+benn
Crabathor Raven Brother craban+tôr
Craban Raven craban
Go-Graban___ Descendant of Raven go-+craban
Crabamben Raven Person craban+pen
Cugu – Dove (cugu)
Cugweth Dove cugu+-eth
Cugwien Of a Dove cugu+-ien
Cugwiel Daughter of Dove cugu+iell
Cuguhel Dove Girl cugu+sell
Cugwen Dove Maiden cugu+gwen
Cuguneth Dove Girl cugu+neth
Cugunis Dove Bride cugu+dîs
Cugunes Dove Maiden cugu+dess
Cugunith Dove Sister cugu+nîth
Cuguthel Dove Sister cugu+thêl
Cuguves Dove Wife cugu+bess
Cugwon Dove cugu+-on
Cugwion Son of Dove cugu+-ion
Cuguner Dove Bridegroom cugu+der
Cugunir Dove Man cugu+dîr
Cuguven Dove Husband cugu+benn
Cugudor Dove Brother cugu+tôr
Cuguchon Dove Brother cugu+hawn
Cugu Dove cugu
Go-Gugu___ Descendant of Dove go-+cugu
Cuguben Dove Person cugu+pen

Drauchir – Wolf Lord (draug+hîr)

Draug – Wolf (draug)
Draugeth Wolf draug+-eth
Draugien Of a Wolf draug+-ien
Draugiel Daughter of Wolf draug+-iel
Draugwen Wolf Maiden draug+gwen
Draugneth Wolf Girl draug+neth
Draugnis Wolf Bride draug+dîs
Draugnes Wolf Woman draug+dess
Draugnith Wolf Sister draug+nîth
Draucthel Wolf Sister draug+thêl
Draugon Wolf draug+-on
Draugion Son of Wolf draug+-ion
Draugner Wolf Bridegroom draug+der
Draugnir Wolf Man draug+dîr
Drauchon Wolf Brother draug+hawn
Drauchanar Wolf Brother draug+hanar
Draug Wolf draug
Go-Dhraug___ Descendant of Wolf go-+draug

Draugris – Wolf Queen (draug+rîs)

Dúlind – Nightingale (dúlind)
Dulinneth Nightingale dúlind+-eth
Dulinnien Of a Nightingale dúlind+-ien
Dulinniel Daughter of Nightingale dúlind+-iel
Dulinhel Nightingale Girl dúlind+sell
Dulingwen Nightingale Maiden dúlind+gwen
Dulinneth Nightingale Girl dúlind+neth
Dulindis Nightingale Bride dúlind+dîs
Dulindes Nightingale Woman dúlind+dess
Dulinnith Nightingale Sister dúlind+nîth
Dulinthel Nightingale Sister dúlind+thêl
Dulimbes Nightingale Wife dúlind+bess
Dulinnon Nightingale One dúlind+-on
Dulinnion Son of Nightingale One dúlind+-ion
Dulinder Nightingale Bridegroom dúlind+der
Dulindir Nightingale Man dúlind+dîr
Dulimben Nightingale Husband dúlind+benn
Dulindor Nightingale Brother dúlind+tôr
Dúlind Nightingale dúlind
Go-Dhulinn___ Descendant of Nightingale go-+dúlind
Dulimben Nightingale Person dúlind+pen
Emlin – Yellow Bird (emlin)
Emlineth Yellow-Bird emlin+-eth
Emlinien Of a Yellow-Bird emlin+-ien
Emliniel Daughter of Yellow-Bird emlin+-iel
Emlissel Yellow-Bird Girl emlin+sell
Emlingwen Yellow-Bird Maiden emlin+gwen
Emlineth Yellow-Bird Girl emlin+neth
Emlindis Yellow-Bird Bride emlin+dîs
Emlindes Yellow-Bird Woman emlin+dess
Emlinith Yellow-Bird Sister emlin+nîth
Emlinthel Yellow-Bird Sister emlin+thêl
Emlimes Yellow-Bird Wife emlin+bess
Emlinon Yellow-Bird emlin+-on
Emlinion Son of Yellow-Bird emlin+-ion
Emlinder Yellow-Bird Bridegroom emlin+der
Emlindir Yellow-Bird Man emlin+dîr
Emlimen Yellow-Bird Husband emlin+benn
Emlithor Yellow-Bird Brother emlin+tôr
Emlin Yellow-Bird emlin
Go-Emlin___ Descendant of Yellow-Bird go-+emlin
Emlimben Yellow-Bird Person emlin+pen
Ew – Small Bird (ew)
Eweth Bird ew+-eth
Ewiel Daughter of a Bird ew+-iel
Ewien Of a Bird ew+-ien
Ewessel Girl of Birds ewen+sell
Ewen Bird Maiden ew+gwen
Eweneth Girl of Birds ewen+neth
Ewendis Bride of Birds ewen+dîs
Ewendes Maiden of Birds ewen+dess
Ewenith Sister of Birds ewen+nîth
Ewenthel Sister of Birds ewen+thêl
Ewemes Wife of Birds ewen+bess
Ewon Bird ew+-on
Ewion Son of a Bird ew+-ion
Ewender Bridegroom of Birds ewen+der
Ewendir Man of Birds ewen+dîr
Ewemen Husband of Birds ewen+benn
Ewethor Brother of Birds ewen+tôr
Ew Bird ew
Go-Ew___ Descendant of a Bird go-+ew
Ewemben Person of Birds ewen+pen
Fileg – Little Birds (fileg)
Filegeth Little Birds fileg+-eth
Filegien Of a Little Birds fileg+-ien
Filegiel Daughter of Little Birds fileg+-iel
Filegwen Little Birds Maiden fileg+gwen
Filegneth Little Birds Girl fileg+neth
Filegnis Little Birds Bride fileg+dîs
Filegnes Little Birds Woman fileg+dess
Filegnith Little Birds Sister fileg+nîth
Filecthel Little Birds Sister fileg+thêl
Filegon Little Birds fileg+-on
Filegion Son of Little Birds fileg+-ion
Filegner Little Birds Bridegroom fileg+der
Filegnir Little Birds Man fileg+dîr
Filechon Little Birds Brother fileg+hawn
Fileg Little Birds fileg
Go-Fileg___ Descendant of Little Birds go-+fileg
Garaf – Wolf (garaf)
Garaveth Wolf garaf+-eth
Garavien Of a Wolf garaf+-ien
Garaviel Daughter of Wolf garaf+-iel
Garaves Wolf Wife garaf+bess
Garavon Wolf garaf+-on
Garavion Son of Wolf garaf+-ion
Garaven Wolf Husband garaf+benn
Garaf Wolf garaf
Go-Ngarav___ Descendant of Wolf go-+garaf
Garaphen Wolf Person garaf+pen
Gaul – Wolf-Howl (gaul)
Goleth Wolf-Howl gaul+-eth
Golien Of a Wolf-Howl gaul+-ien
Goliel Daughter of Wolf-Howl gaul+iell
Golhel Wolf-Howl Girl gaul+sell
Golwen Wolf-Howl Maiden gaul+gwen
Golneth Wolf-Howl Girl gaul+neth
Goldis Wolf-Howl Bride gaul+dîs
Goldes Wolf-Howl Maiden gaul+dess
Golnith Wolf-Howl Sister gaul+nîth
Golthel Wolf-Howl Sister gaul+thêl
Golves Wolf-Howl Wife gaul+bess
Golon Wolf-Howl gaul+-on
Golion Son of Wolf-Howl gaul+-ion
Golder Wolf-Howl Bridegroom gaul+der
Goldir Wolf-Howl Man gaul+dîr
Golben Wolf-Howl Husband gaul+benn
Goldor Wolf-Howl Brother gaul+tôr
Golchon Wolf-Howl Brother gaul+hawn
Golchanar Wolf-Howl Brother gaul+hanar
Gaul Wolf-Howl gaul
Go-Ngol___ Descendant of Wolf-Howl go-+gaul
Gaulben Wolf-Howl Person gaul+pen
Gaur – Werewolf (gaur)
Gaureth Werewolf gaur+-eth
Gaurien Of a Werewolf gaur+-ien
Gauriel Daughter of Werewolf gaur+iell
Gaurhel Werewolf Girl gaur+sell
Gaurwen Werewolf Maiden gaur+gwen
Gaurneth Werewolf Girl gaur+neth
Gaurdis Werewolf Bride gaur+dîs
Gaurdes Werewolf Maiden gaur+dess
Gaurnith Werewolf Sister gaur+nîth
Gaurthel Werewolf Sister gaur+thêl
Gaurves Werewolf Wife gaur+bess
Gauron Werewolf gaur+-on
Gaurion Son of Werewolf gaur+-ion
Gaurder Werewolf Bridegroom gaur+der
Gaurdir Werewolf Man gaur+dîr
Gaurven Werewolf Husband gaur+benn
Gaurdor Werewolf Brother gaur+tôr
Gaurchon Werewolf Brother gaur+hawn
Gaurchanar Werewolf Brother gaur+hanar
Gaur Werewolf gaur
Go-Ngaur___ Descendant of Werewolf go-+gaur
Gaurphen Werewolf Person gaur+pen
Gawad – Howling (gawad)
Gawadeth Howling One gawad+-eth
Gawadien Of the Howling gawad+-ien
Gawadiel Daughter of Howling One gawad+iell
Gawassel Howling Girl gawad+sell
Gawadwen Howling Maiden gawad+gwen
Gawadis Howling Bride gawad+dîs
Gawades Howling Maiden gawad+dess
Gawadon Howling One gawad+-on
Gawadion Son of Howling One gawad+-ion
Gawader Howling Bridegroom gawad+der
Gawadir Howling Man gawad+dîr
Gawador Howling Brother gawad+tôr
Gawad Howling gawad
Go-Ngawad___ Descendant of Howling go-+gawad
Gawadphen Howling Person gawad+pen
Graw – Bear (graw)
Graweth Bear graw+-eth
Grawien Of a Bear graw+-ien
Grawiel Daughter of Bear graw+-iel
Grohel Bear Girl graw+sell
Growen Bear Maiden graw+gwen
Groneth Bear Girl graw+neth
Gronis Bear Bride graw+dîs
Grones Bear Woman graw+dess
Gronith Bear Sister graw+nîth
Grothel Bear Sister graw+thêl
Groves Bear Wife graw+bess
Grawon Bear One graw+-on
Grawion Son of Bear graw+-ion
Groner Bear Bridegroom graw+der
Gronir Bear Man graw+dîr
Groven Bear Husband graw+benn
Grodor Bear Brother graw+tôr
Grochon Bear Brother graw+hawn
Grochanar Bear Brother graw+hanar
Graw Bear graw
Go-‘Ro___ Descendant of Bear go-+graw
Groben Bear Person graw+pen
Gwaun – Goose (gwaun)
Gwoneth Goose gwaun+-eth
Gwonien Of a Goose gwaun+-ien
Gwoniel Daughter of Goose gwaun+-iel
Gwossel Goose Girl gwaun+sell
Gwongwen Goose Maiden gwaun+gwen
Gwoneth Goose Girl gwaun+neth
Gwondis Goose Bride gwaun+dîs
Gwondes Goose Woman gwaun+dess
Gwonith Goose Sister gwaun+nîth
Gwonthel Goose Sister gwaun+thêl
Gwomes Goose Wife gwaun+bess
Gwonon Goose gwaun+-on
Gwonion Son of Goose gwaun+-ion
Gwonder Goose Bridegroom gwaun+der
Gwondir Goose Man gwaun+dîr
Gwomen Goose Husband gwaun+benn
Gwothor Goose Brother gwaun+tôr
Gwaun Goose gwaun
Go-‘Won___ Descendant of Goose go-+gwaun
Gwomben Goose Person gwaun+pen
Gwilwering – Butterfly (gwilwering)
Gwilweringien Of a Butterfly gwilwering+-ien
Gwilweringiel Daughter of Butterfly gwilwering+iell
Gwilweringwen Butterfly Maiden gwilwering+gwen
Gwilweringon Butterfly One gwilwering+-on
Gwilweringion Son of Butterfly One gwilwering+-ion
Gwilwering Butterfly gwilwering
Go-‘Wilwering___ Descendant of Butterfly go-+gwilwering
Hâl – Fish (hâl)
Háleth Fish hâl+-eth
Hálien Of a Fish hâl+-ien
Háliel Daughter of Fish hâl+-iel
Hálhel Fish Girl hâl+sell
Hálwen Fish Maiden hâl+gwen
Hálneth Fish Girl hâl+neth
Háldis Fish Bride hâl+dîs
Háldes Fish Woman hâl+dess
Hálnith Fish Sister hâl+nîth
Hálthel Fish Sister hâl+thêl
Hálbes Fish Wife hâl+bess
Hálon Fish hâl+-on
Hálion Son of Fish hâl+-ion
Hálder Fish Bridegroom hâl+der
Háldir Fish Man hâl+dîr
Hálben Fish Husband hâl+benn
Háldor Fish Brother hâl+tôr
Hálchon Fish Brother hâl+hawn
Hálchanar Fish Brother hâl+hanar
Hâl Fish hâl
Go-Chál___ Descendant of Fish go-+hâl
Hálben Fish Person hâl+pen
Half – Seashell (half)
Halveth Seashell half+-eth
Halvien Of a Seashell half+-ien
Halviel Daughter of Seashell half+iell
Halves Seashell Wife half+bess
Halvon Seashell half+-on
Halvion Son of Seashell half+-ion
Halven Seashell Husband half+benn
Half Seashell half
Go-Chalf___ Descendant of Seashell go-+half
Halphen Seashell Person half+pen
Heledir – Kingfisher (heledir)
Heledireth Kingfisher heledir+-eth
Heledirien Of the Kingfisher heledir+-ien
Heledirwen Kingfisher Maiden heledir+gwen
Heledirneth Kingfisher Girl heledir+neth
Heledirnith Kingfisher Sister heledir+nîth
Heledirbes Kingfisher Wife heledir+bess
Helediron Kingfisher heledir+-on
Heledirion Son of Kingfisher heledir+-ion
Heledirben Kingfisher Husband heledir+benn
Heledirchon Kingfisher Brother heledir+hawn
Heledir Kingfisher heledir
Go-Cheledir___ Descendant of Kingfisher go-+heledir
Heledirphen Kingfisher Person heledir+pen
– Dog (hû)
Húeth Dog hû+-eth
Húhel Dog Girl hû+sell
Húwen Dog Maiden hû+gwen
Húneth Dog Girl hû+neth
Húnis Dog Bride hû+dîs
Húnes Dog Woman hû+dess
Húnith Dog Sister hû+nîth
Húthel Dog Sister hû+thêl
Húves Dog Wife hû+bess
Húon Dog hû+-on
Húner Dog Bridegroom hû+der
Húnir Dog Man hû+dîr
Húven Dog Husband hû+benn
Húdor Dog Brother hû+tôr
Húchon Dog Brother hû+hawn
Húchanar Dog Brother hû+hanar
Go-Chú___ Descendant of Dog go-+hû
Húben Dog Person hû+pen
Lavan – Animal (lavan)
Lavaneth Animal lavan+-eth
Lavanien Of a Animal lavan+-ien
Lavaniel Daughter of Animal lavan+-iel
Lavassel Animal Girl lavan+sell
Lavangwen Animal Maiden lavan+gwen
Lavaneth Animal Girl lavan+neth
Lavandis Animal Bride lavan+dîs
Lavandes Animal Woman lavan+dess
Lavanith Animal Sister lavan+nîth
Lavanthel Animal Sister lavan+thêl
Lavames Animal Wife lavan+bess
Lavanon Animal lavan+-on
Lavanion Son of Animal lavan+-ion
Lavander Animal Bridegroom lavan+der
Lavandir Animal Man lavan+dîr
Lavamen Animal Husband lavan+benn
Lavathor Animal Brother lavan+tôr
Lavachon Animal Brother lavan+hawn
Lavan Animal lavan
Go-Lavan___ Descendant of Animal go-+lavan
Lavamben Animal Person lavan+pen
Lhing – Spider/Spiderweb/Cobweb (lhing)
Lhingeth Spider/Spiderweb/Cobweb lhing+-eth
Lhingien Of the Spider/Spiderweb/Cobweb lhing+-ien
Lhingiel Daughter of Spider/Spiderweb/Cobweb lhing+iell
Lhingwen Spider/Spiderweb/Cobweb Maiden lhing+gwen
Lhingon Spider/Spiderweb/Cobweb lhing+-on
Lhingion Son of Spider/Spiderweb/Cobweb lhing+-ion
Lhing Spider/Spiderweb/Cobweb lhing
Go-Thling___ Descendant of Spider/Spiderweb/Cobweb go-+lhing

Lhingril – Spider (lhingril)

Lhingron – Spider (lhingron)

Lim – Fish (lim)
Limeth Fish lim+-eth
Limien Of a Fish lim+-ien
Limiel Daughter of Fish lim+-iel
Limhel Fish Girl lim+sell
Limdis Fish Bride lim+dîs
Limdes Fish Woman lim+dess
Limbes Fish Wife lim+bess
Limon Fish lim+-on
Limion Son of Fish lim+-ion
Limder Fish Bridegroom lim+der
Limdir Fish Man lim+dîr
Limben Fish Husband lim+benn
Limdor Fish Brother lim+tôr
Lim Fish lim
Go-Lim___ Descendant of Fish go-+lim
Limben Fish Person lim+pen
Lobor – Horse (lobor)
Loboreth Horse lobor+-eth
Loborien Of a Horse lobor+-ien
Loboriel Daughter of Horse lobor+-iel
Loborhel Horse Girl lobor+sell
Loborwen Horse Maiden lobor+gwen
Loborneth Horse Girl lobor+neth
Lobordis Horse Bride lobor+dîs
Lobordes Horse Woman lobor+dess
Lobornith Horse Sister lobor+nîth
Loborthel Horse Sister lobor+thêl
Loborbes Horse Wife lobor+bess
Loboron Horse lobor+-on
Loborion Son of Horse lobor+-ion
Loborder Horse Bridegroom lobor+der
Lobordir Horse Man lobor+dîr
Loborben Horse Husband lobor+benn
Lobordor Horse Brother lobor+tôr
Loborchon Horse Brother lobor+hawn
Lobor Horse lobor
Go-Lobor___ Descendant of Horse go-+lobor
Loborphen Horse Person lobor+pen
Lûg – Snake/Serpent (lûg)
Lugeth Snake/Serpent lûg+-eth
Lugien Of a Snake/Serpent lûg+-ien
Lugiel Daughter of Snake/Serpent lûg+-iel
Lugwen Snake/Serpent Maiden lûg+gwen
Lugneth Snake/Serpent Girl lûg+neth
Lugnis Snake/Serpent Bride lûg+dîs
Lugnes Snake/Serpent Woman lûg+dess
Lugnith Snake/Serpent Sister lûg+nîth
Lucthel Snake/Serpent Sister lûg+thêl
Lugon Snake/Serpent lûg+-on
Lugion Son of Snake/Serpent lûg+-ion
Lugner Snake/Serpent Bridegroom lûg+der
Lugnir Snake/Serpent Man lûg+dîr
Luchon Snake/Serpent Brother lûg+hawn
Luchanar Snake/Serpent Brother lûg+hanar
Lûg Snake/Serpent lûg
Go-Lug___ Descendant of Snake/Serpent go-+lûg
Medlí – Bear (medlí)
Medlineth Bearlike One medlin+-eth
Medlíen Of a Bear medli+-ien
Medlíel Daughter of Bear medli+-iel
Medlissel Bearlike Girl medlin+sell
Medlingwen Bearlike Maiden medlin+gwen
Medlineth Bearlike Girl medlin+neth
Medlindis Bearlike Bride medlin+dîs
Medlindes Bearlike Woman medlin+dess
Medlinith Bearlike Sister medlin+nîth
Medlinthel Bearlike Sister medlin+thêl
Medlimes Bearlike Wife medlin+bess
Medlinon Bearlike One medlin+-on
Medlíon Son of Bear medlí+-ion
Medlinder Bearlike Bridegroom medlin+der
Medlindir Bearlike Man medlin+dîr
Medlimen Bearlike Husband medlin+benn
Medlithor Bearlike Brother medlin+tôr
Medlichon Bearlike Brother medlin+hawn
Medlí Bear medlí
Go-Vedlin___ Descendant of Bear go-+medlí
Medlimben Bearlike Person medlin+pen
Merilin – Nightingale (merilin)
Merilineth Nightingale merilin+-eth
Merilinien Of a Nightingale merilin+-ien
Meriliniel Daughter of Nightingale merilin+-iel
Merilissel Nightingale Girl merilin+sell
Merilingwen Nightingale Maiden merilin+gwen
Merilineth Nightingale Girl merilin+neth
Merilindis Nightingale Bride merilin+dîs
Merilindes Nightingale Woman merilin+dess
Merilinith Nightingale Sister merilin+nîth
Merilinthel Nightingale Sister merilin+thêl
Merilimes Nightingale Wife merilin+bess
Merilinon Nightingale One merilin+-on
Merilinion Son of Nightingale One merilin+-ion
Merilinder Nightingale Bridegroom merilin+der
Merilindir Nightingale Man merilin+dîr
Merilimen Nightingale Husband merilin+benn
Merilindor Nightingale Brother merilin+tôr
Merilin Nightingale merilin
Go-Verilin___ Descendant of Nightingale go-+merilin
Merilimben Nightingale Person merilin+pen
Mund – Bull (mund)
Munneth Cow mund+-eth
Munnien Of the Bull mund+-ien
Munniel Daughter of Bull mund+iell
Munhel Bull Girl mund+sell
Mungwen Bull Maiden mund+gwen
Munneth Bull Girl mund+neth
Mundis Bull Bride mund+dîs
Mundes Bull Maiden mund+dess
Munnith Bull Sister mund+nîth
Munthel Bull Sister mund+thêl
Mumbes Bull Wife mund+bess
Munnon Bull mund+-on
Munnion Son of Bull mund+-ion
Munder Bull Bridegroom mund+der
Mundir Bull Man mund+dîr
Mumben Bull Husband mund+benn
Mundor Bull Brother mund+tôr
Mund Bull mund
Go-Vund___ Descendant of Bull go-+mund
Mumben Bull Person mund+pen
Raw – Lion (raw)
Raweth Lioness raw+-eth
Rawien Of a Lion raw+-ien
Rawiel Daughter of Lion raw+-iel
Rohel Lion Girl raw+sell
Rawen Lion Maiden raw+gwen
Roneth Lion Girl raw+neth
Ronis Lion Bride raw+dîs
Rones Lion Woman raw+dess
Ronith Lion Sister raw+nîth
Rothel Lion Sister raw+thêl
Roves Lion Wife raw+bess
Rawion Son of Lion raw+-ion
Roner Lion Bridegroom raw+der
Ronir Lion Man raw+dîr
Roven Lion Husband raw+benn
Rodor Lion Brother raw+tôr
Rochon Lion Brother raw+hawn
Rochanar Lion Brother raw+hanar
Raw Lion raw
Go-Ro___ Descendant of Lion go-+raw
Roben Lion Person raw+pen
Roch – Horse (roch)
Rocheth Horse roch+-eth
Rochien Of a Horse roch+-ien
Rochiel Daughter of Horse roch+-iel
Rochel Horse Girl roch+sell
Rochwen Horse Maiden roch+gwen
Rochon Horse roch+-on
Rochion Son of Horse roch+-ion
Rochon Horse Brother roch+hawn
Rochanar Horse Brother roch+hanar
Roch Horse roch
Go-Roch___ Descendant of Horse go-+roch
Rusc – Fox (rusc)
Rusgeth Fox rusc+-eth
Rusgien Of a Fox rusc+-ien
Rusgiel Daughter of Fox rusc+-iel
Rusgon Fox rusc+-on
Rusgion Son of Fox rusc+-ion
Rusc Fox rusc
Go-Rusg___ Descendant of Fox go-+rusc
Rŷn – Hound (rŷn)
Rýneth Hound rŷn+-eth
Rýnien Of a Hound rŷn+-ien
Rýniel Daughter of Hound rŷn+-iel
Rýssel Hound Girl rŷn+sell
Rýngwen Hound Maiden rŷn+gwen
Rýneth Hound Girl rŷn+neth
Rýndis Hound Bride rŷn+dîs
Rýndes Hound Woman rŷn+dess
Rýnith Hound Sister rŷn+nîth
Rýnthel Hound Sister rŷn+thêl
Rýmes Hound Wife rŷn+bess
Rýnon Hound rŷn+-on
Rýnion Son of Hound rŷn+-ion
Rýnder Hound Bridegroom rŷn+der
Rýndir Hound Man rŷn+dîr
Rýmen Hound Husband rŷn+benn
Rýthor Hound Brother rŷn+tôr
Rŷn Hound rŷn
Go-Rýn___ Descendant of Hound go-+rŷn
Rýmben Hound Person rŷn+pen
Tavor – Woodpecker (tavor)
Tavoreth Woodpecker tavor+-eth
Tavorien Of a Woodpecker tavor+-ien
Tavoriel Daughter of Woodpecker tavor+-iel
Tavorhel Woodpecker Girl tavor+sell
Tavorwen Woodpecker Maiden tavor+gwen
Tavorneth Woodpecker Girl tavor+neth
Tavordis Woodpecker Bride tavor+dîs
Tavordes Woodpecker Woman tavor+dess
Tavornith Woodpecker Sister tavor+nîth
Tavorthel Woodpecker Sister tavor+thêl
Tavorbes Woodpecker Wife tavor+bess
Tavoron Woodpecker tavor+-on
Tavorion Son of Woodpecker tavor+-ion
Tavorder Woodpecker Bridegroom tavor+der
Tavordir Woodpecker Man tavor+dîr
Tavorben Woodpecker Husband tavor+benn
Tavordor Woodpecker Brother tavor+tôr
Tavorchon Woodpecker Brother tavor+hawn
Tavor Woodpecker tavor
Go-Davor___ Descendant of Woodpecker go-+tavor
Tavorphen Woodpecker Person tavor+pen
Thorn – Eagle (thorn)
Thorneth Eagle thorn+-eth
Thornien Of a Eagle thorn+-ien
Thorniel Daughter of Eagle thorn+-iel
Thorsel Eagle Girl thorn+sell
Thorneth Eagle Girl thorn+neth
Thornith Eagle Sister thorn+nîth
Thormes Eagle Wife thorn+bess
Thornon Eagle thorn+-on
Thornion Son of Eagle thorn+-ion
Thormen Eagle Husband thorn+benn
Thorn Eagle thorn
Go-Thorn___ Descendant of Eagle go-+thorn
Thorphen Eagle Person thorn+pen
Tuilind – Swallow [a species of bird] (tuilind)
Tuilinneth Swallow tuilind+-eth
Tuilinnien Of a Swallow tuilind+-ien
Tuilinniel Daughter of Swallow tuilind+-iel
Tuilinhel Swallow Girl tuilind+sell
Tuilingwen Swallow Maiden tuilind+gwen
Tuilinneth Swallow Girl tuilind+neth
Tuilindis Swallow Bride tuilind+dîs
Tuilindes Swallow Woman tuilind+dess
Tuilinnith Swallow Sister tuilind+nîth
Tuilinthel Swallow Sister tuilind+thêl
Tuilimbes Swallow Wife tuilind+bess
Tuilinnon Swallow tuilind+-on
Tuilinnion Son of Swallow tuilind+-ion
Tuilinder Swallow Bridegroom tuilind+der
Tuilindir Swallow Man tuilind+dîr
Tuilimben Swallow Husband tuilind+benn
Tuilindor Swallow Brother tuilind+tôr
Tuilind Swallow tuilind
Go-Duilinn___ Descendant of Swallow go-+tuilind
Tuilimben Swallow Person tuilind+pen
Úan – Monster (úan)
Uaneth Monster úan+-eth
Uanien Of a Monster úan+-ien
Uaniel Daughter of a Monster úan+-iel
Uassel Monster Girl úan+sell
Uangwen Monster Maiden úan+gwen
Uaneth Monster Girl úan+neth
Uandis Monster Bride úan+dîs
Uandes Monster Woman úan+dess
Uanith Monster Sister úan+nîth
Uanthel Monster Sister úan+thêl
Uames Monster Wife úan+bess
Uanon Monster úan+-on
Uanion Son of a Monster úan+-ion
Uander Monster Bridegroom úan+der
Uandir Monster Man úan+dîr
Uamen Monster Husband úan+benn
Uathor Monster Brother úan+tôr
Úan Monster úan
Go-Uan___ Descendant of Monster go-+úan
Uamben Monster Person úan+pen
Ulund – Monster (ulund)
Ulunneth Monster ulund+-eth
Ulunnien Of a Monster ulund+-ien
Ulunniel Daughter of a Monster ulund+-iel
Ulunhel Monster Girl ulund+sell
Ulungwen Monster Maiden ulund+gwen
Ulunneth Monster Girl ulund+neth
Ulundis Monster Bride ulund+dîs
Ulundes Monster Woman ulund+dess
Ulunnith Monster Sister ulund+nîth
Ulunthel Monster Sister ulund+thêl
Ulumbes Monster Wife ulund+bess
Ulunnon Monster ulund+-on
Ulunnion Son of a Monster ulund+-ion
Ulunder Monster Bridegroom ulund+der
Ulundir Monster Man ulund+dîr
Ulunben Monster Husband ulund+benn
Ulundor Monster Brother ulund+tôr
Ulund Monster ulund
Go-Ulunn___ Descendant of Monster go-+ulund
Ulumben Monster Person ulund+pen
Ûn – Creature (ûn)
Úneth Creature ûn+-eth
Únien Of a Creature ûn+-ien
Úniel Daughter of Creature ûn+-iel
Ússel Creature Girl ûn+sell
Úngwen Creature Maiden ûn+gwen
Úneth Creature Girl ûn+neth
Úndis Creature Bride ûn+dîs
Úndes Creature Woman ûn+dess
Únith Creature Sister ûn+nîth
Únthel Creature Sister ûn+thêl
Úmes Creature Wife ûn+bess
Únon Creature ûn+-on
Únion Son of Creature ûn+-ion
Únder Creature Bridegroom ûn+der
Úndir Creature Man ûn+dîr
Úmen Creature Husband ûn+benn
Úthor Creature Brother ûn+tôr
Ûn Creature ûn
Go-Ún___ Descendant of Creature go-+ûn
Úmben Creature Person ûn+pen
Ungol – Spider (ungol)
Ungoleth Spider ungol+-eth
Ungolien Of a Spider ungol+-ien
Ungoliel Daughter of Spider ungol+-iel
Ungolhel Spider Girl ungol+sell
Ungolwen Spider Maiden ungol+gwen
Ungolneth Spider Girl ungol+neth
Ungoldis Spider Bride ungol+dîs
Ungoldes Spider Woman ungol+dess
Ungolnith Spider Sister ungol+nîth
Ungolthel Spider Sister ungol+thêl
Ungolbes Spider Wife ungol+bess
Ungolon Spider ungol+-on
Ungolion Son of Spider ungol+-ion
Ungolder Spider Bridegroom ungol+der
Ungoldir Spider Man ungol+dîr
Ungolben Spider Husband ungol+benn
Ungoldor Spider Brother ungol+tôr
Ungolchon Spider Brother ungol+hawn
Ungol Spider ungol
Go-Ungol___ Descendant of Spider go-+ungol
Ungolben Spider Person ungol+pen