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Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name
Agar – Blood (agar)
Agareth Blood agar+-eth
Agarien Of Blood agar+-ien
Agariel Daughter of Blood agar+iell
Agarhel Blood Girl agar+sell
Agarwen Blood Maiden agar+gwen
Agarneth Blood Girl agar+neth
Agardis Blood Bride agar+dîs
Agardes Blood Maiden agar+dess
Agarnith Blood Sister agar+nîth
Agarthel Blood Sister agar+thêl
Agarves Blood Wife agar+bess
Agaron Blood agar+-on
Agarion Son of Blood agar+-ion
Agarder Blood Bridegroom agar+der
Agardir Blood Man agar+dîr
Agarven Blood Husband agar+benn
Agardor Blood Brother agar+tôr
Agarchon Blood Brother agar+hawn
Agar Blood agar
Go-Agar___ Descendant of Blood go-+agar
Agarphen Blood Person agar+pen
Amar – Earth (amar)
Amareth Earth amar+-eth
Amarien Of the Earth amar+-ien
Amariel Daughter of Earth amar+iell
Amarhel Earth Girl amar+sell
Amarwen Earth Maiden amar+gwen
Amarneth Earth Girl amar+neth
Amardis Earth Bride amar+dîs
Amardes Earth Maiden amar+dess
Amarnith Earth Sister amar+nîth
Amarthel Earth Sister amar+thêl
Amarbes Earth Wife amar+bess
Amaron Earth amar+-on
Amarion Son of Earth amar+-ion
Amarder Earth Bridegroom amar+der
Amardir Earth Man amar+dîr
Amarben Earth Husband amar+benn
Amardor Earth Brother amar+tôr
Amarchon Earth Brother amar+hawn
Amar Earth amar
Go-Amar___ Descendant of Earth go-+amar
Amarphen Earth Person amar+pen
Ang – Iron (ang)
Angeth Iron ang+-eth
Angien Of the Iron ang+-ien
Angiel Daughter of Iron ang+iell
Angressel Iron Girl angren+sell
Angwen Iron Maiden ang+gwen
Angreneth Iron Girl angren+neth
Angrendis Iron Bride angren+dîs
Angrendes Iron Maiden angren+dess
Angrenith Iron Sister angren+nîth
Angrenthel Iron Sister angren+thêl
Angremes Iron Wife angren+bess
Angon Iron ang+-on
Angion Son of Iron ang+-ion
Angrender Iron Bridegroom angren+der
Angrendir Iron Man angren+dîr
Angremen Iron Husband angren+benn
Angrethor Iron Brother angren+tôr
Ang Iron ang
Go-Ang___ Descendant of Iron go-+ang
Bril – Glass/Crystal (bril)
Brileth Glass/Crystal bril+-eth
Brilien Of the Glass/Crystal bril+-ien
Briliel Daughter of Glass/Crystal bril+iell
Brilhel Glass/Crystal Girl bril+sell
Brilwen Glass/Crystal Maiden bril+gwen
Brilneth Glass/Crystal Girl bril+neth
Brildis Glass/Crystal Bride bril+dîs
Brildes Glass/Crystal Maiden bril+dess
Brilnith Glass/Crystal Sister bril+nîth
Brilthel Glass/Crystal Sister bril+thêl
Brilves Glass/Crystal Wife bril+bess
Brilon Glass/Crystal One bril+-on
Brilion Son of Glass/Crystal bril+-ion
Brilder Glass/Crystal Bridegroom bril+der
Brildir Glass/Crystal Man bril+dîr
Brilven Glass/Crystal Husband bril+benn
Brildor Glass/Crystal Brother bril+tôr
Brilchon Glass/Crystal Brother bril+hawn
Brilchanar Glass/Crystal Brother bril+hanar
Bril Glass/Crystal bril
Go-Vril___ Descendant of Glass/Crystal go-+bril
Brilben Glass/Crystal Person bril+pen
Calemir – Green Jewel (calen+mîr)
Calemireth Green Jewel calen+mîr+-eth
Calemirien Of the Green Jewel calen+mîr+-ien
Calemiriel Daughter of Green Jewel calen+mîr+iell
Calemirhel Green Jewel Girl calen+mîr+sell
Calemirwen Green Jewel Maiden calen+mîr+gwen
Calemirneth Green Jewel Girl calen+mîr+neth
Calemirdis Green Jewel Bride calen+mîr+dîs
Calemirdes Green Jewel Maiden calen+mîr+dess
Calemirnith Green Jewel Sister calen+mîr+nîth
Calemirthel Green Jewel Sister calen+mîr+thêl
Calemirbes Green Jewel Wife calen+mîr+bess
Calemiron Green Jewel calen+mîr+-on
Calemirion Son of Green Jewel calen+mîr+-ion
Calemirder Green Jewel Bridegroom calen+mîr+der
Calemirdir Green Jewel Man calen+mîr+dîr
Calemirben Green Jewel Husband calen+mîr+benn
Calemirdor Green Jewel Brother calen+mîr+tôr
Calemirchon Green Jewel Brother calen+mîr+hawn
Calemir Green Jewel calen+mîr
Go-Galemir___ Descendant of Green Jewel go-+calen+mîr
Calemirphen Green Jewel Person calen+mîr+pen
Caranor – Red Fire (caran+naur)
Caranoreth Red Fire caran+naur+-eth
Caranorien Of the Red Fire caran+naur+-ien
Caranoriel Daughter of Red Fire caran+naur+iell
Caranorhel Red Fire Girl caran+naur+sell
Caranorwen Red Fire Maiden caran+naur+gwen
Caranorneth Red Fire Girl caran+naur+neth
Caranordis Red Fire Bride caran+naur+dîs
Caranordes Red Fire Maiden caran+naur+dess
Caranornith Red Fire Sister caran+naur+nîth
Caranorthel Red Fire Sister caran+naur+thêl
Caranorbes Red Fire Wife caran+naur+bess
Caranoron Red Fire caran+naur+-on
Caranorion Son of Red Fire caran+naur+-ion
Caranorder Red Fire Bridegroom caran+naur+der
Caranordir Red Fire Man caran+naur+dîr
Caranorben Red Fire Husband caran+naur+benn
Caranorchon Red Fire Brother caran+naur+hawn
Caranor Red Fire caran+naur
Go-Garanor___ Descendant of Red Fire go-+caran+naur
Caranorphen Red Fire Person caran+naur+pen
Ce – Earth (ce)
Cehel Earth Girl ce+sell
Cewen Earth Maiden ce+gwen
Ceneth Earth Girl ce+neth
Cenes Earth Woman ce+dess
Cenis Earth Bride ce+dîs
Cenith Earth Sister ce+nîth
Cethel Earth Sister ce+thêl
Ceves Earth Wife ce+bess
Cener Earth Bridegroom ce+der
Cenir Earth Man ce+dîr
Ceven Earth Husband ce+benn
Cedor Earth Brother ce+tôr
Cechon Earth Brother ce+hawn
Cechanar Earth Brother ce+hanar
Ce Earth ce
Go-Ge___ Descendant of Earth go-+ce
Ceben Earth Person ce+pen
Cef – Soil (cef)
Ceveth Soil cef+-eth
Cevien Of the Soil cef+-ien
Ceviel Daughter of Soil cef+iell
Cevessel Earthen Girl ceven+sell
Cevengwen Earthen Maiden ceven+gwen
Ceveneth Earthen Girl ceven+neth
Cevendis Earthen Bride ceven+dîs
Cevendes Earthen Maiden ceven+dess
Cevenith Earthen Sister ceven+nîth
Cevethel Earthen Sister ceven+thêl
Ceves Soil Wife cef+bess
Cevon Soil cef+-on
Cevion Son of Soil cef+-ion
Cevender Earthen Bridegroom ceven+der
Cevendir Earthen Man ceven+dîr
Ceven Soil Husband cef+benn
Cevethor Earthen Brother ceven+tôr
Cef Soil cef
Go-Gev___ Descendant of Soil go-+cef
Cephen Soil Person cef+pen
Côl – Gold (côl)
Coleth Gold côl+-eth
Colien Of Gold côl+-ien
Coliel Daughter of Gold côl+iell
Colhel Gold Girl côl+sell
Colwen Gold Maiden côl+gwen
Colneth Gold Girl côl+neth
Coldis Gold Bride côl+dîs
Coldes Gold Maiden côl+dess
Colnith Gold Sister côl+nîth
Colthel Gold Sister côl+thêl
Colbes Gold Wife côl+bess
Colion Son of Gold côl+-ion
Colder Gold Bridegroom côl+der
Coldir Gold Man côl+dîr
Colben Gold Husband côl+benn
Coldor Gold Brother côl+tôr
Colchon Gold Brother côl+hawn
Colchanar Gold Brother côl+hanar
Côl Gold côl
Go-Gol___ Descendant of Gold go-+côl
Colben Gold Person côl+pen
Dinthalos – Storm of Silence (dîn+thalos)
Dinthalosseth Storm of Silence dîn+thalos+-eth
Dinthalossien Of the Storm of Silence dîn+thalos+-ien
Dinthalossiel Daughter of Storm of Silence dîn+thalos+iell
Dinthalossel Storm of Silence Girl dîn+thalos+sell
Dinthalosdis Storm of Silence Bride dîn+thalos+dîs
Dinthalosdes Storm of Silence Maiden dîn+thalos+dess
Dinthalosbes Storm of Silence Wife dîn+thalos+bess
Dinthalosson Storm of Silence dîn+thalos+-on
Dinthalossion Son of Storm of Silence dîn+thalos+-ion
Dinthalosder Storm of Silence Bridegroom dîn+thalos+der
Dinthalosdir Storm of Silence Man dîn+thalos+dîr
Dinthalosben Storm of Silence Husband dîn+thalos+benn
Dinthalostor Storm of Silence Brother dîn+thalos+tôr
Dinthalos Storm of Silence dîn+thalos
Go-Dhinthaloss___ Descendant of Storm of Silence go-+dîn+thalos
Dinthalospen Storm of Silence Person dîn+thalos+pen
Eglos – Icicle (eglos)
Eglosseth Icicle eglos+-eth
Eglossien Of an Icicle eglos+-ien
Eglossiel Daughter of Icicle eglos+-iel
Eglossel Icicle Girl eglos+sell
Eglosdis Icicle Bride eglos+dîs
Eglosdes Icicle Woman eglos+dess
Eglosbes Icicle Wife eglos+bess
Eglosson Icicle eglos+-on
Eglossion Son of Icicle eglos+-ion
Eglosder Icicle Bridegroom eglos+der
Eglosdir Icicle Man eglos+dîr
Eglosben Icicle Husband eglos+benn
Eglostor Icicle Brother eglos+tôr
Eglos Icicle eglos
Go-Eglos___ Descendant of Icicle go-+eglos
Eglospen Icicle Person eglos+pen
Eiliant – Rainbow (eiliant)
Eilianneth Rainbow eiliant+-eth
Eiliannien Of the Rainbow eiliant+-ien
Eilianniel Daughter of Rainbow eiliant+iell
Eilianthel Rainbow Girl eiliant+sell
Eiliangwen Rainbow Maiden eiliant+gwen
Eilianneth Rainbow Girl eiliant+neth
Eiliandis Rainbow Bride eiliant+dîs
Eiliandes Rainbow Maiden eiliant+dess
Eiliannith Rainbow Sister eiliant+nîth
Eilianthel Rainbow Sister eiliant+thêl
Eiliambes Rainbow Wife eiliant+bess
Eiliannon Rainbow eiliant+-on
Eiliannion Son of Rainbow eiliant+-ion
Eiliander Rainbow Bridegroom eiliant+der
Eiliandir Rainbow Man eiliant+dîr
Eiliamben Rainbow Husband eiliant+benn
Eiliandor Rainbow Brother eiliant+tôr
Eiliant Rainbow eiliant
Go-Eiliand___ Descendant of Rainbow go-+eiliant
Eiliamben Rainbow Person eiliant+pen
Esgalnor – Hiding Fire (esgal+naur)
Esgalnoreth Hiding Fire esgal+naur+-eth
Esgalnorien Of the Hiding Fire esgal+naur+-ien
Esgalnoriel Daughter of Hiding Fire esgal+naur+iell
Esgalnorhel Hiding Fire Girl esgal+naur+sell
Esgalnorwen Hiding Fire Maiden esgal+naur+gwen
Esgalnorneth Hiding Fire Girl esgal+naur+neth
Esgalnordis Hiding Fire Bride esgal+naur+dîs
Esgalnordes Hiding Fire Maiden esgal+naur+dess
Esgalnornith Hiding Fire Sister esgal+naur+nîth
Esgalnorthel Hiding Fire Sister esgal+naur+thêl
Esgalnorbes Hiding Fire Wife esgal+naur+bess
Esgalnoron Hiding Fire esgal+naur+-on
Esgalnorion Son of Hiding Fire esgal+naur+-ion
Esgalnorder Hiding Fire Bridegroom esgal+naur+der
Esgalnordir Hiding Fire Man esgal+naur+dîr
Esgalnorben Hiding Fire Husband esgal+naur+benn
Esgalnorchon Hiding Fire Brother esgal+naur+hawn
Esgalnor Hiding Fire esgal+naur
Go-Esgalnor___ Descendant of Hiding Fire go-+esgal+naur
Esgalnorphen Hiding Fire Person esgal+naur+pen
Faun – Cloud (faun)
Foneth Cloud faun+-eth
Fonien Of a Cloud faun+-ien
Foniel Daughter of Cloud faun+iell
Fossel Cloud Girl faun+sell
Fongwen Cloud Maiden faun+gwen
Foneth Cloud Girl faun+neth
Fondis Cloud Bride faun+dîs
Fondes Cloud Maiden faun+dess
Fonith Cloud Sister faun+nîth
Fonthel Cloud Sister faun+thêl
Fomes Cloud Wife faun+bess
Fonder Cloud Bridegroom faun+der
Fondir Cloud Man faun+dîr
Fomen Cloud Husband faun+benn
Fothor Cloud Brother faun+tôr
Faun Cloud
Go-Fon___ Descendant of Cloud go-+
Fomben Cloud Person +pen
Gond – Stone/Rock (gond)
Gonneth Stone/Rock gond+-eth
Gonnien Of Stone/Rock gond+-ien
Gonniel Daughter of Stone/Rock gond+iell
Gonhel Stone/Rock Girl gond+sell
Gongwen Stone/Rock Maiden gond+gwen
Gonneth Stone/Rock Girl gond+neth
Gondis Stone/Rock Bride gond+dîs
Gondes Stone/Rock Maiden gond+dess
Gonnith Stone/Rock Sister gond+nîth
Gonthel Stone/Rock Sister gond+thêl
Gombes Stone/Rock Wife gond+bess
Gonnon Stone/Rock gond+-on
Gonnion Son of Stone/Rock gond+-ion
Gonder Stone/Rock Bridegroom gond+der
Gondir Stone/Rock Man gond+dîr
Gomben Stone/Rock Husband gond+benn
Gondor Stone/Rock Brother gond+tôr
Gond Stone/Rock gond
Go-‘Onn___ Descendant of Stone/Rock go-+gond
Gomben Stone/Rock Person gond+pen
Gwau – Wind (gwau)
Gwohel Wind Girl gwau+sell
Gwawen Wind Maiden gwau+gwen
Gwoneth Wind Girl gwau+neth
Gwonis Wind Bride gwau+dîs
Gwones Wind Woman gwau+dess
Gwonith Wind Sister gwau+nîth
Gwothel Wind Sister gwau+thêl
Gwoves Wind Wife gwau+bess
Gwoner Wind Bridegroom gwau+der
Gwonir Wind Man gwau+dîr
Gwoven Wind Husband gwau+benn
Gwodor Wind Brother gwau+tôr
Gwochon Wind Brother gwau+hawn
Gwochanar Wind Brother gwau+hanar
Gwau Wind gwau
Go-‘Wau___ Descendant of Wind go-+gwau
Gwoben Wind Person gwau+pen
Gwelo – Air (gwelo)
Gwelohel Air Girl gwelu+sell
Gwelowen Air Maiden gwelu+gwen
Gweloneth Air Girl gwelu+neth
Gwelonis Air Bride gwelu+dîs
Gwelones Air Woman gwelu+dess
Gwelonith Air Sister gwelu+nîth
Gwelothel Air Sister gwelu+thêl
Gweloves Air Wife gwelu+bess
Gweloner Air Bridegroom gwelo+der
Gwelonir Air Man gwelo+dîr
Gweloven Air Husband gwelo+benn
Gwelodor Air Brother gwelo+tôr
Gwelochon Air Brother gwelo+hawn
Gwelo Air gwelo
Go-‘Welo___ Descendant of Air go-+gwelo
Gweloben Air Person gwelo+pen
Gweren – Windy (gweren)
Gwereneth Windy One gweren+-eth
Gwerenien Windy One gweren+-ien
Gwereniel Daughter of Windy gweren+-iel
Gweressel Windy Girl gweren+sell
Gwerengwen Windy Maiden gweren+gwen
Gwereneth Windy Girl gweren+neth
Gwerendis Windy Bride gweren+dîs
Gwerendes Windy Woman gweren+dess
Gwerenith Windy Sister gweren+nîth
Gwerenthel Windy Sister gweren+thêl
Gweremes Windy Wife gweren+bess
Gwerenon Windy One gweren+-on
Gwerenion Son of Windy One gweren+-ion
Gwerender Windy Bridegroom gweren+der
Gwerendir Windy Man gweren+dîr
Gweremen Windy Husband gweren+benn
Gwerethor Windy Brother gweren+tôr
Gweren Windy gweren
Go-‘Weren___ Descendant of Windy go-+gweren
Gweremben Windy Person gweren+pen
Gwilith – Air (gwilith)
Gwilithien Of the Air gwilith+-ien
Gwilithiel Daughter of Air gwilith+iell
Gwilithel Air Girl gwilith+sell
Gwilithwen Air Maiden gwilith+gwen
Gwilithel Air Sister gwilith+thêl
Gwilithon Air gwilith+-on
Gwilithion Son of Air gwilith+-ion
Gwilithon Air Brother gwilith+hawn
Gwilith Air gwilith
Go-‘Wilith___ Descendant of Air go-+gwilith
Gwing – Spindrift/Foam (gwing)
Gwingeth Spindrift/Foam gwing+-eth
Gwingien Of the Spindrift/Foam gwing+-ien
Gwingiel Daughter of Spindrift/Foam gwing+iell
Gwingwen Spindrift/Foam Maiden gwing+gwen
Gwingon Spindrift/Foam gwing+-on
Gwingion Son of Spindrift/Foam gwing+-ion
Gwing Spindrift/Foam gwing
Go-‘Wing___ Descendant of Spindrift/Foam go-+gwing
Heledh – Glass (heledh)
Heledhien Of Glass heledh+-ien
Heledhiel Daughter of Glass heledh+-iel
Heledhel Glass Girl heledh+sell
Heledhwen Glass Maiden heledh+gwen
Heledhon Glass heledh+-on
Heledhion Son of Glass heledh+-ion
Heledhon Glass Brother heledh+hawn
Heledh Glass heledh
Go-Cheledh___ Descendant of Glass go-+heledh
Heleg – Ice (heleg)
Helegeth Ice heleg+-eth
Helegien of Ice heleg+-ien
Helegiel Daughter of Ice heleg+iell
Helegwen Ice Maiden heleg+gwen
Helegneth Ice Girl heleg+neth
Helegnis Ice Bride heleg+dîs
Helegnes Ice Maiden heleg+dess
Helegnith Ice Sister heleg+nîth
Helecthel Ice Sister heleg+thêl
Helegon Ice heleg+-on
Helegion Son of Ice heleg+iôn
Helegner Ice Bridegroom heleg+der
Helegnir Ice Man heleg+dîr
Helechon Ice Brother heleg+hawn
Heleg Ice heleg
Go-Cheleg___ Descendant of Ice go-+heleg
Hith – Mist/Fog (hîth)
Hithien Of Mist/Fog hîth+-ien
Hithiel Daughter of Mist/Fog hîth+iell
Hithel Mist/Fog Girl hîth+sell
Hithwen Mist/Fog Maiden hîth+gwen
Hithel Mist/Fog Sister hîth+thêl
Hithon Mist/Fog hîth+-on
Hithion Son of Mist/Fog hîth+iôn
Hithon Mist/Fog Brother hîth+hawn
Hithanar Mist/Fog Brother hîth+hanar
Hith Mist/Fog hîth
Go-Chith___ Descendant of Mist/Fog go-+hîth
Hither – Mist of a Sea (hith+ger)
Hithereth Mist of a Sea hith+ger+-eth
Hitherien Of the Mist of a Sea hith+ger+-ien
Hitheriel Daughter of Mist of a Sea hith+ger+iell
Hitherhel Mist of a Sea Girl hith+ger+sell
Hitherwen Mist of a Sea Maiden hith+ger+gwen
Hitherneth Mist of a Sea Girl hith+ger+neth
Hitherdis Mist of a Sea Bride hith+ger+dîs
Hitherdes Mist of a Sea Maiden hith+ger+dess
Hithernith Mist of a Sea Sister hith+ger+nîth
Hitherthel Mist of a Sea Sister hith+ger+thêl
Hitherbes Mist of a Sea Wife hith+ger+bess
Hitheron Mist of a Sea hith+ger+-on
Hitherion Son of Mist of a Sea hith+ger+-ion
Hitherdir Mist of a Sea Man hith+ger+dîr
Hitherben Mist of a Sea Husband hith+ger+benn
Hitherdor Mist of a Sea Brother hith+ger+tôr
Hitherchon Mist of a Sea Brother hith+ger+hawn
Hitherchanar Mist of a Sea Brother hith+ger+hanar
Hither Mist of a Sea hith+ger
Go-Chither___ Descendant of Mist of a Sea go-+hith+ger
Hitherphen Mist of a Sea Person hith+ger+pen

Hithfer – Mist Spirit (hith+fer)

Iâr – Blood (iâr)
Iareth Blood iâr+-eth
Iarien Of the Blood iâr+-ien
Iariel Daughter of Blood iâr+iell
Iarhel Blood Girl iâr+sell
Iarwen Blood Maiden iâr+gwen
Iarneth Blood Girl iâr+neth
Iardis Blood Bride iâr+dîs
Iardes Blood Maiden iâr+dess
Iarnith Blood Sister iâr+nîth
Iarthel Blood Sister iâr+thêl
Iarbes Blood Wife iâr+bess
Iaron Blood iâr+-on
Iarion Son of Blood iâr+-ion
Iarder Blood Bridegroom iâr+der
Iardir Blood Man iâr+dîr
Iarben Blood Husband iâr+benn
Iardor Blood Brother iâr+tôr
Iarchon Blood Brother iâr+hawn
Iâr Blood iâr
Go-Iar___ Descendant of Blood go-+iâr
Iarphen Blood Person iâr+pen
Iûl – Embers (iûl)
Iúleth Embers iûl+-eth
Iúlien Of the Embers iûl+-ien
Iúliel Daughter of Embers iûl+iell
Iúlhel Embers Girl iûl+sell
Iúlwen Embers Maiden iûl+gwen
Iúlneth Embers Girl iûl+neth
Iúldis Embers Bride iûl+dîs
Iúldes Embers Maiden iûl+dess
Iúlnith Embers Sister iûl+nîth
Iúlthel Embers Sister iûl+thêl
Iúlbes Embers Wife iûl+bess
Iúlon Embers iûl+-on
Iúlion Son of Embers iûl+-ion
Iúlder Embers Bridegroom iûl+der
Iúldir Embers Man iûl+dîr
Iúlben Embers Husband iûl+benn
Iúldor Embers Brother iûl+tôr
Iúlchon Embers Brother iûl+hawn
Iúlchanar Embers Brother iûl+hanar
Iûl Embers iûl
Go-Iúl___ Descendant of Embers go-+iûl
Iúlben Embers Person iûl+pen
Ivor – Crystal (ivor)
Ivoreth Crystal ivor+-eth
Ivorien Of Crystal ivor+-ien
Ivoriel Daughter of Crystal ivor+-iel
Ivorhel Crystal Girl ivor+sell
Ivorwen Crystal Maiden ivor+gwen
Ivorneth Crystal Girl ivor+neth
Ivordis Crystal Bride ivor+dîs
Ivordes Crystal Woman ivor+dess
Ivornith Crystal Sister ivor+nîth
Ivorthel Crystal Sister ivor+thêl
Ivorves Crystal Wife ivor+bess
Ivoron Crystal ivor+-on
Ivorion Son of Crystal ivor+-ion
Ivorder Crystal Bridegroom ivor+der
Ivordir Crystal Man ivor+dîr
Ivorben Crystal Husband ivor+benn
Ivorchon Crystal Brother ivor+hawn
Ivor Crystal ivor
Go-Ivor___ Descendant of Crystal go-+ivor
Ivorphen Crystal Person ivor+pen
Lach – Flame (lach)
Lacheth Flame lach+-eth
Lachien Of the Flame lach+-ien
Lachiel Daughter of Flame lach+iell
Lachel Flame Girl lach+sell
Lachwen Flame Maiden lach+gwen
Lachon Flame lach+-on
Lachion Son of Flame lach+-ion
Lachon Flame Brother lach+hawn
Lachanar Flame Brother lach+hanar
Lach Flame lach
Go-Lach___ Descendant of Flame go-+lach
Limp – Wet (limp)
Limmeth Wet One limp+-eth
Limmien Of the Wet One limp+-ien
Limmiel Daughter of Wet One limp+iell
Limhel Wet Girl limp+sell
Limdis Wet Bride limp+dîs
Limdes Wet Maiden limp+dess
Limbes Wet Wife limp+bess
Limmon Wet One limp+-on
Limmion Son of Wet One limp+-ion
Limder Wet Bridegroom limp+der
Limdir Wet Man limp+dîr
Limben Wet Husband limp+benn
Limdor Wet Brother limp+tôr
Limp Wet limp
Go-Limm___ Descendant of Wet go-+limp
Limben Wet Person limp+pen
Lith – Ash/Sand/Dust (lith)
Lithien Of Ash/Sand/Dust lith+-ien
Lithiel Daughter of Ash/Sand/Dust lith+iell
Lithel Ash/Sand/Dust Girl lith+sell
Lithwen Ash/Sand/Dust Maiden lith+gwen
Lithel Ash/Sand/Dust Sister lith+thêl
Lithon Ash/Sand/Dust lith+-on
Lithion Son of Ash/Sand/Dust lith+-ion
Lithon Ash/Sand/Dust Brother lith+hawn
Lithanar Ash/Sand/Dust Brother lith+hanar
Lith Ash/Sand/Dust lith
Go-Lith___ Descendant of Ash/Sand/Dust go-+lith
Lithui – Ashen/Dusty (lithui)
Lithuihel Ashen/Dusty Girl lithui+sell
Lithuiwen Ashen/Dusty Maiden lithui+gwen
Lithuineth Ashen/Dusty Girl lithui+neth
Lithuinis Ashen/Dusty Bride lithui+dîs
Lithuines Ashen/Dusty Maiden lithui+dess
Lithuinith Ashen/Dusty Sister lithui+nîth
Lithuives Ashen/Dusty Wife lithui+bess
Lithuiner Ashen/Dusty Bridegroom lithui+der
Lithuinir Ashen/Dusty Man lithui+dîr
Lithuiven Ashen/Dusty Husband lithui+benn
Lithuidor Ashen/Dusty Brother lithui+tôr
Lithuichon Ashen/Dusty Brother lithui+hawn
Lithui Ashen/Dusty lithui
Go-Lithui___ Descendant of Ashen/Dusty go-+lithui
Lithuiben Ashen/Dusty Person lithui+pen
Loen – Soaking Wet/Swamped (loen)
Loeneth Soaking Wet/Swamped One loen+-eth
Loenien Of the Soaking Wet/Swamped One loen+-ien
Loeniel Daughter of Soaking Wet/Swamped One loen+iell
Loessel Soaking Wet/Swamped Girl loen+sell
Loengwen Soaking Wet/Swamped Maiden loen+gwen
Loeneth Soaking Wet/Swamped Girl loen+neth
Loendis Soaking Wet/Swamped Bride loen+dîs
Loendes Soaking Wet/Swamped Maiden loen+dess
Loenith Soaking Wet/Swamped Sister loen+nîth
Loenthel Soaking Wet/Swamped Sister loen+thêl
Loemes Soaking Wet/Swamped Wife loen+bess
Loenon Soaking Wet/Swamped One loen+-on
Loenion Son of Soaking Wet/Swamped One loen+-ion
Loender Soaking Wet/Swamped Bridegroom loen+der
Loendir Soaking Wet/Swamped Man loen+dîr
Loemen Soaking Wet/Swamped Husband loen+benn
Loethor Soaking Wet/Swamped Brother loen+tôr
Loen Soaking Wet/Swamped loen
Go-Loen___ Descendant of Soaking Wet/Swamped go-+loen
Loemben Soaking Wet/Swamped Person loen+pen
Loss – Snow (loss)
Losseth Snow loss+-eth
Lossien of Snow loss+-ien
Lossiel Daughter of Snow loss+iell
Lossel Snow Girl loss+sell
Losdis Snow Bride loss+dîs
Losdes Snow Maiden loss+dess
Losbes Snow Wife loss+bess
Losson Snow loss+-on
Lossion Son of Snow loss+iôn
Losder Snow Bridegroom loss+der
Losdir Snow Man loss+dîr
Losben Snow Husband loss+benn
Lostor Snow Brother loss+tôr
Los Snow loss
Go-Los___ Descendant of Snow go-+loss
Lospen Snow Person loss+pen
Lossen – Snowy (lossen)
Losseneth Snowy One lossen+-eth
Lossenien Of the Snowy One lossen+-ien
Losseniel Daughter of Snowy One lossen+iell
Lossengwen Snowy Maiden lossen+gwen
Losseneth Snowy Girl lossen+neth
Lossenith Snowy Sister lossen+nîth
Lossenthel Snowy Sister lossen+thêl
Lossenon Snowy One lossen+-on
Lossenion Son of Snowy One lossen+-ion
Lossender Snowy Bridegroom lossen+der
Lossendir Snowy Man lossen+dîr
Lossemen Snowy Husband lossen+benn
Lossethor Snowy Brother lossen+tôr
Lossen Snowy lossen
Go-Lossen___ Descendant of Snowy go-+lossen
Lossemben Snowy Person lossen+pen
Malt – Gold (malt)
Malleth Gold mall-+-eth
Mallien Of the Gold mall-+-ien
Malliel Daughter of Gold mall-+iell
Malhel Gold Girl mall-+sell
Malwen Gold Maiden mall-+gwen
Malneth Gold Girl mall-+neth
Maldis Gold Bride mall-+dîs
Maldes Gold Maiden mall-+dess
Malnith Gold Sister mall-+nîth
Malthel Gold Sister mall-+thêl
Malbes Gold Wife mall-+bess
Mallon Gold mall-+-on
Mallion Son of Gold mall-+-ion
Malder Gold Bridegroom mall-+der
Maldir Gold Man mall-+dîr
Malben Gold Husband mall-+benn
Maldor Gold Brother mall-+tôr
Malchon Gold Brother mall-+hawn
Malchanar Gold Brother mall-+hanar
Malt Gold malt
Go-Vall___ Descendant of Gold go-+mall-
Malben Gold Person mall-+pen
Midh – Dew (midh)
Midhien Dew midh+-ien
Midhiel Daughter of Dew midh+-iel
Midhel Dew Girl midh+sell
Midhwen Dew Maiden midh+gwen
Midhon Dew midh+-on
Midhion Son of Dew midh+-ion
Midhon Dew Brother midh+hawn
Midhanar Dew Brother midh+hanar
Midh Dew midh
Go-Vidh___ Descendant of Dew go-+midh
Mîr – Jewel/Treasure (mîr)
Míreth Jewel/Treasure mîr+-eth
Mírien Of a Jewel/Treasure mîr+-ien
Mírhel Jewel/Treasure Girl mîr+sell
Mírwen Jewel/Treasure Maiden mîr+gwen
Mírneth Jewel/Treasure Girl mîr+neth
Mírdis Jewel/Treasure Bride mîr+dîs
Mírdes Jewel/Treasure Woman mîr+dess
Mírnith Jewel/Treasure Sister mîr+nîth
Mírthel Jewel/Treasure Sister mîr+thêl
Mírbes Jewel/Treasure Wife mîr+bess
Míron Jewel/Treasure mîr+-on
Mírion Son of Jewel/Treasure mîr+-ion
Mírder Jewel/Treasure Bridegroom mîr+der
Mírdir Jewel/Treasure Man mîr+dîr
Mírben Jewel/Treasure Husband mîr+benn
Mírdor Jewel/Treasure Brother mîr+tôr
Mírchon Jewel/Treasure Brother mîr+hawn
Mírchanar Jewel/Treasure Brother mîr+hanar
Mîr Jewel/Treasure mîr
Go-Vír___ Descendant of Jewel/Treasure go-+mîr
Mírphen Jewel/Treasure Person mîr+pen
Miresgal – Hidden Jewel (mîr+esgal)
Miresgaleth Hidden Jewel mîr+esgal+-eth
Miresgalien Of the Hidden Jewel mîr+esgal+-ien
Miresgaliel Daughter of Hidden Jewel mîr+esgal+iell
Miresgalhel Hidden Jewel Girl mîr+esgal+sell
Miresgalwen Hidden Jewel Maiden mîr+esgal+gwen
Miresgalneth Hidden Jewel Girl mîr+esgal+neth
Miresgaldis Hidden Jewel Bride mîr+esgal+dîs
Miresgaldes Hidden Jewel Maiden mîr+esgal+dess
Miresgalnith Hidden Jewel Sister mîr+esgal+nîth
Miresgalthel Hidden Jewel Sister mîr+esgal+thêl
Miresgalbes Hidden Jewel Wife mîr+esgal+bess
Miresgalon Hidden Jewel mîr+esgal+-on
Miresgalion Son of Hidden Jewel mîr+esgal+-ion
Miresgalder Hidden Jewel Bridegroom mîr+esgal+der
Miresgaldir Hidden Jewel Man mîr+esgal+dîr
Miresgalben Hidden Jewel Husband mîr+esgal+benn
Miresgaldor Hidden Jewel Brother mîr+esgal+tôr
Miresgalchon Hidden Jewel Brother mîr+esgal+hawn
Miresgal Hidden Jewel mîr+esgal
Go-Viresgal___ Descendant of Hidden Jewel go-+mîr+esgal
Miresgalben Hidden Jewel Person mîr+esgal+pen
Mith – White Fog/Wet Mist (mith)
Mithien Of the White Fog/Wet Mist mith+-ien
Mithiel Daughter of White Fog/Wet Mist mith+iell
Mithel White Fog/Wet Mist Girl mith+sell
Mithwen White Fog/Wet Mist Maiden mith+gwen
Mithel White Fog/Wet Mist Sister mith+thêl
Mithon White Fog/Wet Mist mith+-on
Mithion Son of White Fog/Wet Mist mith+iôn
Mithon White Fog/Wet Mist Brother mith+hawn
Mithanar White Fog/Wet Mist Brother mith+hanar
Mith White Fog/Wet Mist mith
Go-Vith___ Descendant of White Fog/Wet Mist go-+mith
Mithril – True-Silver (mithril)
Mithrileth True-Silver mithril+-eth
Mithrilien Of True-Silver mithril+-ien
Mithriliel Daughter of True-Silver mithril+iell
Mithrilhel True-Silver Girl mithril+sell
Mithrilwen True-Silver Maiden mithril+gwen
Mithrilneth True-Silver Girl mithril+neth
Mithrildis True-Silver Bride mithril+dîs
Mithrildes True-Silver Maiden mithril+dess
Mithrilnith True-Silver Sister mithril+nîth
Mithrilbes True-Silver Wife mithril+bess
Mithrilon True-Silver mithril+-on
Mithrilion Son of True-Silver mithril+-ion
Mithrilder True-Silver Bridegroom mithril+der
Mithrildir True-Silver Man mithril+dîr
Mithrilben True-Silver Husband mithril+benn
Mithrildor True-Silver Brother mithril+tôr
Mithrilchon True-Silver Brother mithril+hawn
Mithril True-Silver mithril
Go-Vithril___ Descendant of True-Silver go-+mithril
Mithrilben True-Silver Person mithril+pen
Naur – Fire (naur)
Noreth Fire naur+-eth
Norien of Fire naur+-ien
Noriel Daughter of Fire naur+iell
Norhel Fire Girl naur+sell
Norwen Fire Maiden naur+gwen
Norneth Fire Girl naur+neth
Nordis Fire Bride naur+dîs
Nordes Fire Woman naur+dess
Nornith Fire Sister naur+nîth
Northel Fire Sister naur+thêl
Norbes Fire Wife naur+bess
Noron Fire naur+-on
Norion Son of Fire naur+iôn
Norder Fire Bridegroom naur+der
Nordir Fire Man naur+dîr
Norben Fire Husband naur+benn
Norchon Fire Brother naur+hawn
Norchanar Fire Brother naur+hanar
Naur Fire naur
Go-Nor___ Descendant of Fire go-+naur
Norphen Fire Person naur+pen
Nemir – Water Jewel (nen+mîr)
Nemireth Water Jewel nen+mîr+-eth
Nemirien Of the Water Jewel nen+mîr+-ien
Nemiriel Daughter of Water Jewel nen+mîr+iell
Nemirhel Water Jewel Girl nen+mîr+sell
Nemirwen Water Jewel Maiden nen+mîr+gwen
Nemirneth Water Jewel Girl nen+mîr+neth
Nemirdis Water Jewel Bride nen+mîr+dîs
Nemirdes Water Jewel Maiden nen+mîr+dess
Nemirnith Water Jewel Sister nen+mîr+nîth
Nemirthel Water Jewel Sister nen+mîr+thêl
Nemirbes Water Jewel Wife nen+mîr+bess
Nemiron Water Jewel nen+mîr+-on
Nemirion Son of Water Jewel nen+mîr+-ion
Nemirder Water Jewel Bridegroom nen+mîr+der
Nemirben Water Jewel Husband nen+mîr+benn
Nemirdor Water Jewel Brother nen+mîr+tôr
Nemirchon Water Jewel Brother nen+mîr+hawn
Nemirchanar Water Jewel Brother nen+mîr+hanar
Nemir nen+mîr
Go-Nemir___ Descendant of go-+nen+mîr
Nemirphen Person nen+mîr+pen
Nen – Water (nen)
Neneth Water nen+-eth
Nenien Of a Water nen+-ien
Neniel Daughter of Water nen+-iel
Nessel Water Girl nen+sell
Nengwen Water Maiden nen+gwen
Neneth Water Girl nen+neth
Nendis Water Bride nen+dîs
Nendes Water Woman nen+dess
Nenith Water Sister nen+nîth
Nenthel Water Sister nen+thêl
Nemes Water Wife nen+bess
Nenon Water nen+-on
Nenion Son of Water nen+-ion
Nender Water Bridegroom nen+der
Nendir Water Man nen+dîr
Nemen Water Husband nen+benn
Nethor Water Brother nen+tôr
Nen Water nen
Go-Nen___ Descendant of Water go-+nen
Nemben Water Person nen+pen
Nengel – Water Joy (nen+gell)
Nengeleth Water Joy nen+gell+-eth
Nengelien Of the Water Joy nen+gell+-ien
Nengelwen Water Joy Maiden nen+gell+gwen
Nengelneth Water Joy Girl nen+gell+neth
Nengeldis Water Joy Bride nen+gell+dîs
Nengeldes Water Joy Maiden nen+gell+dess
Nengelnith Water Joy Sister nen+gell+nîth
Nengelbes Water Joy Wife nen+gell+bess
Nengelon Water Joy nen+gell+-on
Nengelion Son of Water Joy nen+gell+-ion
Nengelder Water Joy Bridegroom nen+gell+der
Nengeldir Water Joy Man nen+gell+dîr
Nengelben Water Joy Husband nen+gell+benn
Nengeldor Water Joy Brother nen+gell+tôr
Nengelchon Water Joy Brother nen+gell+hawn
Nengelchanar Water Joy Brother nen+gell+hanar
Nengel Water Joy nen+gell
Go-Nengel___ Descendant of Water Joy go-+nen+gell
Nengelben Water Joy Person nen+gell+pen
Nîd – Wet (nîd)
Nídeth Wet One nîd+-eth
Nídien Of the Wet One nîd+-ien
Nídiel Daughter of Wet One nîd+iell
Níssel Wet Girl nîd+sell
Nídis Wet Bride nîd+dîs
Nídes Wet Maiden nîd+dess
Nídon Wet One nîd+-on
Nídion Son of Wet One nîd+-ion
Níder Wet Bridegroom nîd+der
Nídir Wet Man nîd+dîr
Nídor Wet Brother nîd+tôr
Nîd Wet nîd
Go-Níd___ Descendant of Wet go-+nîd
Nîn – Watery (nîn)
Níneth Watery One nîn+-eth
Nínien Of the Watery One nîn+-ien
Níniel Daughter of Watery One nîn+iell
Níssel Watery Girl nîn+sell
Níngwen Watery Maiden nîn+gwen
Nínneth Watery Girl nîn+neth
Níndis Watery Bride nîn+dîs
Níndes Watery Maiden nîn+dess
Nínnith Watery Sister nîn+nîth
Nínthel Watery Sister nîn+thêl
bes Watery Wife nîn+bess
Nínon Watery One nîn+-on
Nínion Son of Watery One nîn+-ion
Nínder Watery Bridegroom nîn+der
Níndir Watery Man nîn+dîr
Nímen Watery Husband nîn+benn
Níthor Watery Brother nîn+tôr
Nîn Watery nîn
Go-Nín___ Descendant of Watery go-+nîn
Nímben Watery Person nîn+pen
Norawarth – Forsaking of Fire (naur+awarth)
Norawarthien Of the Forsaking of Fire naur+awarth+-ien
Norawarthiel Daughter of Forsaking of Fire naur+awarth+iell
Norawarthel Forsaking of Fire Girl naur+awarth+sell
Norawarthwen Forsaking of Fire Maiden naur+awarth+gwen
Norawarthel Forsaking of Fire Sister naur+awarth+thêl
Norawarthon Forsaking of Fire naur+awarth+-on
Norawarthion Son of Forsaking of Fire naur+awarth+-ion
Norawarthon Forsaking of Fire Brother naur+awarth+hawn
Norawarth Forsaking of Fire naur+awarth
Go-Norawarth___ Descendant of Forsaking of Fire go-+naur+awarth
Norgalad – Fire Radiance (naur+galad)
Norgaladeth Fire Radiance naur+galad+-eth
Norgaladien Of the Fire Radiance naur+galad+-ien
Norgaladiel Daughter of Fire Radiance naur+galad+iell
Norgalassel Fire Radiance Girl naur+galad+sell
Norgaladis Fire Radiance Bride naur+galad+dîs
Norgalades Fire Radiance Maiden naur+galad+dess
Norgaladon Fire Radiance naur+galad+-on
Norgaladion Son of Fire Radiance naur+galad+-ion
Norgalader Fire Radiance Bridegroom naur+galad+der
Norgaladir Fire Radiance Man naur+galad+dîr
Norgalador Fire Radiance Brother naur+galad+tôr
Norgalad Fire Radiance naur+galad
Go-Norgalad___ Descendant of Fire Radiance go-+naur+galad

Norrin – Fire Queen (naur+rîn)

Rust – Copper (rust)
Rusteth Copper rust+-eth
Rustien Of Copper rust+-ien
Rustiel Daughter of Copper rust+-iel
Russel Copper Girl rust+sell
Ruston Copper rust+-on
Rustion Son of Copper rust+-ion
Rustor Copper Brother rust+tôr
Rust Copper rust
Go-Rust___ Descendant of Copper go-+rust
Sarn – Pebble/Stone (sarn)
Sarneth Pebble/Stone sarn+-eth
Sarnien Of a Pebble/Stone sarn+-ien
Sarniel Daughter of Pebble/Stone sarn+-iel
Sarneth Pebble/Stone Girl sarn+neth
Sarnith Pebble/Stone Sister sarn+nîth
Sarmes Pebble/Stone Wife sarn+bess
Sarnon Pebble/Stone sarn+-on
Sarnion Son of Pebble/Stone sarn+-ion
Sarmen Pebble/Stone Husband sarn+benn
Sarthor Pebble/Stone Brother sarn+tôr
Sarn Pebble/Stone sarn
Go-Harn___ Descendant of Pebble/Stone go-+sarn
Sarphen Pebble/Stone Person sarn+pen
Sereg – Blood (sereg)
Seregeth Blood sereg+-eth
Seregien Of Blood sereg+-ien
Seregiel Daughter of Blood sereg+-iel
Seregwen Blood Maiden sereg+gwen
Seregneth Blood Girl sereg+neth
Seregnis Blood Bride sereg+dîs
Seregnes Blood Woman sereg+dess
Seregnith Blood Sister sereg+nîth
Serecthel Blood Sister sereg+thêl
Seregon Blood sereg+-on
Seregion Son of Blood sereg+-ion
Seregner Blood Bridegroom sereg+der
Seregnir Blood Man sereg+dîr
Serechon Blood Brother sereg+hawn
Sereg Blood sereg
Go-Hereg___ Descendant of Blood go-+sereg
Sew – Poison (sew)
Seweth Poison sew+-eth
Sewien Of Poison sew+-ien
Sewiel Daughter of Poison sew+-iel
Sewen Poison Maiden sew+gwen
Sewon Poison sew+-on
Sewion Son of Poison sew+-ion
Sew Poison sew
Go-Hew___ Descendant of Poison go-+sew
Sûl – Wind (sûl)
Súleth Wind sûl+-eth
Súlien Of Wind sûl+-ien
Súliel Daughter of Wind sûl+-iel
Súlhel Wind Girl sûl+sell
Súlwen Wind Maiden sûl+gwen
Súlneth Wind Girl sûl+neth
Súldis Wind Bride sûl+dîs
Súldes Wind Woman sûl+dess
Súlnith Wind Sister sûl+nîth
Súlthel Wind Sister sûl+thêl
Súlbes Wind Wife sûl+bess
Súlon Wind sûl+-on
Súlion Son of Wind sûl+-ion
Súlder Wind Bridegroom sûl+der
Súldir Wind Man sûl+dîr
Súlben Wind Husband sûl+benn
Súldor Wind Brother sûl+tôr
Súlchon Wind Brother sûl+hawn
Súlchanar Wind Brother sûl+hanar
Sûl Wind sûl
Go-Húl___ Descendant of Wind go-+sûl
Súlben Wind Person sûl+pen
Taw – Wool/Woollen (taw)
Taweth Wool taw+-eth
Tawien Of Wool taw+-ien
Tawiel Daughter of Wool taw+-iel
Tohel Woollen Girl taw+sell
Tawen Woollen Maiden taw+gwen
Toneth Woollen Girl taw+neth
Tonis Woollen Bride taw+dîs
Tones Woollen Woman taw+dess
Tonith Woollen Sister taw+nîth
Tothel Woollen Sister taw+thêl
Toves Woollen Wife taw+bess
Tawon Wool taw+-on
Tawion Son of Wool taw+-ion
Toner Woollen Bridegroom taw+der
Tonir Woollen Man taw+dîr
Toven Woollen Husband taw+benn
Todor Woollen Brother taw+tôr
Tochon Woollen Brother taw+hawn
Tochanar Woollen Brother taw+hanar
Taw Wool/Woollen taw
Go-Do___ Descendant of Wool/Woollen go-+taw
Toben Woollen Person taw+pen
Telf – Silver (telf)
Telveth Silver telf+-eth
Telvien Of Silver telf+-ien
Telviel Daughter of Silver telf+iell
Telves Silver Wife telf+bess
Telvon Silver telf+-on
Telvion Son of Silver telf+-ion
Telven Silver Husband telf+benn
Telf Silver telf
Go-Delv___ Descendant of Silver go-+telf
Telphen Silver Person telf+pen
Tinc – Metal (tinc)
Tingeth Metal tinc+-eth
Tingien Of Metal tinc+-ien
Tingiel Daughter of Metal tinc+-iel
Tingwen Metal Maiden tinc+gwen
Tingon Metal +-on
Tingion Son of Metal +-ion
Tinc Metal tinc
Go-Ding___ Descendant of Metal go-+tinc
Tint – Spark (tint)
Tindeth Spark tint+-eth
Tindien Of a Spark tint+-ien
Tindiel Daughter of Spark tint+-iel
Tinthel Spark Girl tint+sell
Tingwen Spark Maiden tint+gwen
Tinneth Spark Girl tint+neth
Tindis Spark Bride tint+dîs
Tindes Spark Woman tint+dess
Tinnith Spark Sister tint+nîth
Tinthel Spark Sister tint+thêl
Timbes Spark Wife tint+bess
Tindon Spark tint+-on
Tindion Son of Spark tint+-ion
Tinder Spark Bridegroom tint+der
Tindir Spark Man tint+dîr
Timben Spark Husband tint+benn
Tindor Spark Brother tint+tôr
Tint Spark tint
Go-Dind___ Descendant of Spark go-+tint
Timben Spark Person tint+pen
Tinu – Spark (tinu)
Tinweth Spark tinu+-eth
Tinwien Of a Spark tinu+-eth
Tinwiel Daughter of a Spark tinu+-eth
Tinuhel Spark Girl tinu+sell
Tinwen Spark Maiden tinu+gwen
Tinuneth Spark Girl tinu+neth
Tinunis Spark Brides tinu+dîs
Tinunes Spark Woman tinu+dess
Tinunith Spark Sister tinu+nîth
Tinuthel Spark Sister tinu+thêl
Tinuves Spark Wife tinu+bess
Tinuon Spark tinu+-on
Tinwion Son of a Spark tinu+-ion
Tinuner Spark Bridegroom tinu+der
Tinunir Spark Man tinu+dîr
Tinuven Spark Husband tinu+benn
Tinudor Spark Brother tinu+tôr
Tinuchon Spark Brother tinu+hawn
Tinu Spark tinu
Go-Dinu___ Descendant of Spark go-+tinu
Tinuben Spark Person tinu+pen
Ûr – Fire (ûr)
Úreth Fire ûr+-eth
Úrien Of Fire ûr+-ien
Úriel Daughter of Fire ûr+-iel
Úrhel Fire Girl ûr+sell
Úrwen Fire Maiden ûr+gwen
Úrneth Fire Girl ûr+neth
Úrdis Fire Bride ûr+dîs
Úrdes Fire Woman ûr+dess
Úrnith Fire Sister ûr+nîth
Úrthel Fire Sister ûr+thêl
Úrbes Fire Wife ûr+bess
Úron Fire ûr+-on
Úrion Son of Fire ûr+-ion
Úrder Fire Bridegroom ûr+der
Úrdir Fire Man ûr+dîr
Úrben Fire Husband ûr+benn
Úrdor Fire Brother ûr+tôr
Úrchon Fire Brother ûr+hawn
Úrchanar Fire Brother ûr+hanar
Ûr Fire ûr
Go-Úr___ Descendant of Fire go-+ûr
Úrphen Fire Person ûr+pen
Usp – Smoke (usp)
Usbeth Smoke usp+-eth
Usbien Of Smoke usp+-ien
Usbiel Daughter of Smoke usp+-iel
Usbes Smoke Wife usp+bess
Usbon Smoke usp+-on
Usbion Son of Smoke usp+-ion
Usben Smoke Husband usp+benn
Usp Smoke usp
Go-Usb___ Descendant of Smoke go-+usp
Uspen Smoke Person usp+pen