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This name list was created for names given in the Second and Third Ages by Greenelves and Woodelves in Lothlórien and Mirkwood. Before choosing a name, review the Elven Naming Traditions of Middle-earth page to make certain you know how to choose a name.

At first glance, this namelist isn’t much different from the Sindarin namelist; however, it has some key changes. In Letter #211 Tolkien wrote, “Legolas means, ‘green-leaves’, a woodland name – dialectal form of pure Sindarin laegolas: *lassē (High-elven lasse, S. las(s)) ‘leaf’; *gwa-lassa/*gwa-lassiē ‘collection of of leaves, foliage’ (H.E. olassiē, S. golas, -olas); *laikā ‘green’ – basis LAY as in laire ‘summer’ (H.E. laica, S. laeg (seldom used, usually replaces by calen), woodland leg).” So, we know that in “Pure Sindarin” where the AE developed, E or AI developed in Woodelven Sindarin. Also, to reflect their Woodelven heritage, I mixed in words from Mithren in the same fashion that many of the place names around and in Mirkwood are. Remember, these Elves, like the Noldor, adopted Sindarin as their language; so their dialect would be rich with their own words. I also removed the names with refrences to the ocean, seeing as they don’t live near it, and the names referring to dark or red hair, because these Elves are blond.

When saying “son/daughter of” in this language, prefix go- onto the father or mother’s name. For example, “Legolas, son of Thranduil” would be “Legolas go-Thranduil“. The suffixes -ion and -iel can also be used, but go- and -ion/-iel shouldn’t be combined because then it would mean something like “descendant of the child of ___”, referring to a grandchild-grandparent relationship instead of a child-parent relationship.