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Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name
Aeglos – Icicle (aeglos)
Aeglosseth Icicle aeglos+-eth
Aeglossel Icicle aeglos+-el
Aeglessil Icicle aeglos+-il
Aeglossien Daughter of Icicle aeglos+-ien
Aeglossiel Daughter of Icicle aeglos+-iel
Aeglossel Icicle Girl aeglos+sell
Aeglosdis Icicle Bride aeglos+dîs
Aeglosdes Icicle Woman aeglos+dess
Aeglosbes Icicle Wife aeglos+bess
Aeglosson Icicle aeglos+-on
Aeglossion Son of Icicle aeglos+-ion
Aeglosdaer Icicle Bridegroom aeglos+daer
Aeglosdir Icicle Man aeglos+dîr
Aeglosben Icicle Husband aeglos+benn
Aeglostor Icicle Brother aeglos+tôr
Aeglos Icicle aeglos
Aeglospen Icicle Person aeglos+pen
Alagos – Wind Storm (alagos)
Alagosseth Wind Storm alagos+-eth
Alagossel Wind Storm alagos+-el
Elegessil Wind Storm alagos+-il
Alagossien Daughter of Wind Storm alagos+-ien
Alagossiel Daughter of Wind Storm alagos+iell
Alagossel Wind Storm Girl alagos+sell
Alagosdis Wind Storm Bride alagos+dîs
Alagosdes Wind Storm Maiden alagos+dess
Alagosbes Wind Storm Wife alagos+bess
Alagosson Wind Storm alagos+-on
Alagossion Son of Wind Storm alagos+-ion
Alagosdaer Wind Storm Bridegroom alagos+daer
Alagosdir Wind Storm Man alagos+dîr
Alagosben Wind Storm Husband alagos+benn
Alagostor Wind Storm Brother alagos+tôr
Alagos Wind Storm alagos
Alagospen Wind Storm Person alagos+pen
Dinalagos – Silent Storm (dîn+alagos)
Dinalagosseth Silent Storm dîn+alagos+-eth
Dinalagossel Silent Storm dîn+alagos+-el
Dinelegessil Silent Storm dîn+alagos+-il
Dinalagossien Daughter of Silent Storm dîn+alagos+-ien
Dinalagossiel Daughter of Silent Storm dîn+alagos+iell
Dinalagossel Silent Storm Girl dîn+alagos+sell
Dinalagosdis Silent Storm Bride dîn+alagos+dîs
Dinalagosdes Silent Storm Maiden dîn+alagos+dess
Dinalagosbes Silent Storm Wife dîn+alagos+bess
Dinalagosson Silent Storm dîn+alagos+-on
Dinalagossion Son of Silent Storm dîn+alagos+-ion
Dinalagosdaer Silent Storm Bridegroom dîn+alagos+daer
Dinalagosdir Silent Storm Man dîn+alagos+dîr
Dinalagosben Silent Storm Husband dîn+alagos+benn
Dinalagostor Silent Storm Brother dîn+alagos+tôr
Dinalagos Silent Storm dîn+alagos
Dinalagospen Silent Storm Person dîn+alagos+pen
Eiliant – Rainbow (eiliant)
Eilianneth Rainbow eiliant+-eth
Eiliannel Rainbow eiliant+-el
Eiliannil Rainbow eiliant+-il
Eiliannien Daughter of Rainbow eiliant+-ien
Eilianniel Daughter of Rainbow eiliant+iell
Eilianthel Rainbow Girl eiliant+sell
Eiliangwen Rainbow Maiden eiliant+gwend
Eilianneth Rainbow Girl eiliant+neth
Eiliandis Rainbow Bride eiliant+dîs
Eiliandes Rainbow Maiden eiliant+dess
Eiliannith Rainbow Sister eiliant+nîth
Eilianthel Rainbow Sister eiliant+thêl
Eiliambes Rainbow Wife eiliant+bess
Eiliannor Rainbow eiliant+-on
Eiliannion Son of Rainbow eiliant+-ion
Eiliandaer Rainbow Bridegroom eiliant+daer
Eiliandir Rainbow Man eiliant+dîr
Eiliamben Rainbow Husband eiliant+benn
Eiliandor Rainbow Brother eiliant+tôr
Eiliant Rainbow eiliant
Eiliamben Rainbow Person eiliant+pen
Fain – Cloud (fain)
Faineth Cloud fain+-eth
Fainel Cloud fain+-el
Fainil Cloud fain+-il
Fainien Daughter of Cloud fain+-ien
Fainiel Daughter of Cloud fain+iell
Faissel Cloud Girl fain+sell
Faingwen Cloud Maiden fain+gwend
Faineth Cloud Girl fain+neth
Faindis Cloud Bride fain+dîs
Faindes Cloud Woman fain+dess
Fainith Cloud Sister fain+nîth
Fainthel Cloud Sister fain+thêl
Faimes Cloud Wife fain+bess
Fainor Cloud fain+-on
Fainion Son of Cloud fain+ion
Faindir Cloud Man fain+dîr
Faimen Cloud Husband fain+benn
Faithor Cloud Brother fain+tôr
Fain Cloud fain
Faimben Cloud Person fain+pen
Faun – Cloud (faun)
Foneth Cloud faun+-eth
Fonel Cloud faun+-el
Foenil Cloud faun+-il
Fonien Daughter of Cloud faun+-ien
Foniel Daughter of Cloud faun+iell
Fossel Cloud Girl faun+sell
Fongwen Cloud Maiden faun+gwend
Foneth Cloud Girl faun+neth
Fondis Cloud Bride faun+dîs
Fondes Cloud Maiden faun+dess
Fonith Cloud Sister faun+nîth
Fothel Cloud Sister faun+thêl
Fomes Cloud Wife faun+bess
Fonor Cloud faun+-on
Fondaer Cloud Bridegroom faun+daer
Fondir Cloud Man faun+dîr
Fomen Cloud Husband faun+benn
Fothor Cloud Brother faun+tôr
Faun Cloud faun
Fomben Cloud Person faun+pen
Gwaeren – Windy (gwaeren)
Gwaereneth Windy One gwaeren+-eth
Gwaerenel Windy One gwaeren+-el
Gwaerenil Windy One gwaeren+-il
Gwaerenien Daughter of Windy One gwaeren+-ien
Gwaereniel Daughter of Windy One gwaeren+-iel
Gwaeressel Windy Girl gwaeren+sell
Gwaerengwen Windy Maiden gwaeren+gwend
Gwaereneth Windy Girl gwaeren+neth
Gwaerendis Windy Bride gwaeren+dîs
Gwaerendes Windy Woman gwaeren+dess
Gwaerenith Windy Sister gwaeren+nîth
Gwaerenthel Windy Sister gwaeren+thêl
Gwaeremes Windy Wife gwaeren+bess
Gwaerenor Windy One gwaeren+-on
Gwaerenion Son of Windy One gwaeren+-ion
Gwaerendaer Windy Bridegroom gwaeren+daer
Gwaerendir Windy Man gwaeren+dîr
Gwaeremen Windy Husband gwaeren+benn
Gwaerethor Windy Brother gwaeren+tôr
Gwaeren Windy gwaeren
Gwaeremben Windy Person gwaeren+pen
Gwaew – Wind (gwaew)
Gwaeweth Wind gwaew+-eth
Gwaewel Wind gwaew+-el
Gwaewil Wind gwaew+-il
Gwaewien Daughter of Wind gwaew+-ien
Gwaewiel Daughter of Wind gwaew+-iel
Gwaewen Wind Maiden gwaew+gwend
Gwaewon Wind gwaew+-on
Gwaewion Son of Wind gwaew+-ion
Gwaew Wind gwaew
Helch – Bitter Cold (helch)
Helcheth Bitter Cold One helch+-eth
Helchil Bitter Cold One helch+-il
Helchien Daughter of Bitter Cold One helch+-ien
Helchiel Daughter of Bitter Cold One helch+iell
Helchel Bitter Cold Girl helch+sell
Helchon Bitter Cold One helch+-on
Helchion Son of Bitter Cold One helch+-ion
Helchon Bitter Cold Brother helch+hawn
Helchanar Bitter Cold Brother helch+hanar
Helch Bitter Cold helch
Heleg – Ice (heleg)
Helegeth Ice heleg+-eth
Helegel Ice heleg+-el
Helegil Ice heleg+-il
Helegien Daughter of Ice heleg+-ien
Helegiel Daughter of Ice heleg+iell
Heleghel Ice Girl heleg+sell
Helegneth Ice Girl heleg+neth
Helegwen Ice Maiden heleg+gwend
Helegnith Ice Sister heleg+nîth
Helecthel Ice Sister heleg+thêl
Helegon Ice heleg+-on
Helegion Son of Ice heleg+iôn
Helegnaer Ice Bridegroom heleg+daer
Helegnir Ice Man heleg+dîr
Helechon Ice Brother heleg+hawn
Helechanar Ice Brother heleg+hanar
Heleg Ice heleg
Hith – Mist/Fog (hîth)
Hithes Mist/Fog hîth+-eth
Hithel Mist/Fog hîth+-el
Hithil Mist/Fog hîth+-il
Hithien Daughter of Mist/Fog hîth+-ien
Hithiel Daughter of Mist/Fog hîth+iell
Hithel Mist/Fog Girl hîth+sell
Hithwen Mist/Fog Maiden hîth+gwend
Hithel Mist/Fog Sister hîth+thêl
Hithon Mist/Fog hîth+-on
Hithion Son of Mist/Fog hîth+iôn
Hithon Mist/Fog Brother hîth+hawn
Hithanar Mist/Fog Brother hîth+hanar
Hith Mist/Fog hîth
Hithfaer – Mist Spirit (hith+faer)
Hithfaereth Mist Spirit hith+faer+-eth
Hithfaerel Mist Spirit hith+faer+-el
Hithfaeril Mist Spirit hith+faer+-il
Hithfaerien Daughter of Mist Spirit hith+faer+-ien
Hithfaeriel Daughter of Mist Spirit hith+faer+iell
Hithfaerhel Mist Spirit Girl hith+faer+sell
Hithfaerwen Mist Spirit Maiden hith+faer+gwend
Hithfaerneth Mist Spirit Girl hith+faer+neth
Hithfaerdis Mist Spirit Bride hith+faer+dîs
Hithfaerdes Mist Spirit Maiden hith+faer+dess
Hithfaernith Mist Spirit Sister hith+faer+nîth
Hithfaerthel Mist Spirit Sister hith+faer+thêl
Hithfaerbes Mist Spirit Wife hith+faer+bess
Hithfaeron Mist Spirit hith+faer+-on
Hithfaerion Son of Mist Spirit hith+faer+-ion
Hithfaerdir Mist Spirit Man hith+faer+dîr
Hithfaerben Mist Spirit Husband hith+faer+benn
Hithfaerthor Mist Spirit Brother hith+faer+tôr
Hithfaerchon Mist Spirit Brother hith+faer+hawn
Hithfaerchanar Mist Spirit Brother hith+faer+hanar
Hithfaer Mist Spirit hith+faer
Hithfaerphen Mist Spirit Person hith+faer+pen
Hithu – Fog (hithu)
Hithweth Fog hithu+-eth
Hithwel Fog hithu+-el
Hithwil Fog hithu+-il
Hithwien Daughter of Fog hithu+-ien
Hithwiel Daughter of Fog hithu+iell
Hithuhel Fog Girl hithu+sell
Hithwen Fog Maiden hithu+gwend
Hithuneth Fog Girl hithu+neth
Hithunis Fog Bride hithu+dîs
Hithunes Fog Maiden hithu+dess
Hithunith Fog Sister hithu+nîth
Hithuthel Fog Sister hithu+thêl
Hithuves Fog Wife hithu+bess
Hithwon Fog hithu+-on
Hithwion Son of Fog hithu+-ion
Hithunaer Fog Bridegroom hithu+daer
Hithunir Fog Man hithu+dîr
Hithuven Fog Husband hithu+benn
Hithudor Fog Brother hithu+tôr
Hithuchon Fog Brother hithu+hawn
Hithuchanar Fog Brother hithu+hanar
Hithu Fog hithu
Hithuben Fog Person hithu+pen
Hwest – Breeze (hwest)
Hwesteth Breeze hwest+-eth
Hwestel Breeze hwest+-el
Hwestil Breeze hwest+-il
Hwestien Daughter of Breeze hwest+-ien
Hwestiel Daughter of Breeze hwest+iell
Hwessel Breeze Girl hwest+sell
Hweston Breeze hwest+-on
Hwestion Son of Breeze hwest+-ion
Hwestor Breeze Brother hwest+tôr
Hwest Breeze hwest
Loss – Snow (loss)
Losseth Snow loss+-eth
Lossel Snow loss+-el
Lessil Snow loss+-il
Lossien Daughter of Snow loss+-ien
Lossiel Daughter of Snow loss+iell
Lossel Snow Girl loss+sell
Losdis Snow Bride loss+dîs
Losdes Snow Maiden loss+dess
Losbes Snow Wife loss+bess
Losson Snow loss+-on
Lossion Son of Snow loss+iôn
Losdaer Snow Bridegroom loss+daer
Losdir Snow Man loss+dîr
Losben Snow Husband loss+benn
Lostor Snow Brother loss+tôr
Los Snow loss
Lospen Snow Person loss+pen
Lossen – Snowy (lossen)
Losseneth Snowy One lossen+-eth
Lossenel Snowy One lossen+-el
Lessenil Snowy One lossen+-il
Lossenien Daughter of Snowy One lossen+-ien
Losseniel Daughter of Snowy One lossen+iell
Lossengwen Snowy Maiden lossen+gwend
Losseneth Snowy Girl lossen+neth
Lossenith Snowy Sister lossen+nîth
Lossenthel Snowy Sister lossen+thêl
Lossenor Snowy One lossen+-on
Lossenion Son of Snowy One lossen+-ion
Lossendaer Snowy Bridegroom lossen+daer
Lossendir Snowy Man lossen+dîr
Lossemen Snowy Husband lossen+benn
Lossethor Snowy Brother lossen+tôr
Lossen Snowy lossen
Lossemben Snowy Person lossen+pen
Midh – Dew (midh)
Midhes Dew midh+-eth
Midhel Dew midh+-el
Midhil Dew midh+-il
Midhien Daughter of Dew midh+-ien
Midhiel Daughter of Dew midh+-iel
Midhel Dew Girl midh+sell
Midhwen Dew Maiden midh+gwend
Midhon Dew midh+-on
Midhion Son of Dew midh+-ion
Midhon Dew Brother midh+hawn
Midhanar Dew Brother midh+hanar
Midh Dew midh
Mith – White Fog/Wet Mist (mith)
Mithes White Fog/Wet Mist mith+-eth
Mithel White Fog/Wet Mist mith+-el
Mithil White Fog/Wet Mist mith+-il
Mithien Daughter of White Fog/Wet Mist mith+-ien
Mithiel Daughter of White Fog/Wet Mist mith+iell
Mithel White Fog/Wet Mist Girl mith+sell
Mithwen White Fog/Wet Mist Maiden mith+gwend
Mithel White Fog/Wet Mist Sister mith+thêl
Mithon White Fog/Wet Mist mith+-on
Mithion Son of White Fog/Wet Mist mith+iôn
Mithon White Fog/Wet Mist Brother mith+hawn
Mithanar White Fog/Wet Mist Brother mith+hanar
Mith White Fog/Wet Mist mith
Ninniach – Rainbow (ninniach)
Ninniacheth Rainbow ninniach+-eth
Ninniachel Rainbow ninniach+-el
Ninniechil Rainbow ninniach+-il
Ninniachien Daughter of Rainbow ninniach+-ien
Ninniachiel Daughter of Rainbow ninniach+iell
Ninniachel Rainbow Girl ninniach+sell
Ninniachwen Rainbow Maiden ninniach+gwend
Ninniachon Rainbow ninniach+-on
Ninniachion Son of Rainbow ninniach+-ion
Ninniachon Rainbow Brother ninniach+hawn
Ninniachanar Rainbow Brother ninniach+hanar
Ninniach Rainbow ninniach
Nórui – Sunny (nórui)
Noruihel Sunny Girl nórui+sell
Noruiwen Sunny Maiden nórui+gwend
Noruineth Sunny Girl nórui+neth
Noruinis Sunny Bride nórui+dîs
Noruines Sunny Maiden nórui+dess
Noruinith Sunny Sister nórui+nîth
Noruithel Sunny Sister nórui+thêl
Noruives Sunny Wife nórui+bess
Noruinaer Sunny Bridegroom nórui+daer
Noruinir Sunny Man nórui+dîr
Noruien Sunny Husband nórui+benn
Noruidor Sunny Brother nórui+tôr
Noruichon Sunny Brother nórui+hawn
Noruichanar Sunny Brother nórui+hanar
Nórui Sunny
Noruiben Sunny Person +pen
Ross – Rain (ross)
Rosseth Rain ross+-eth
Rossel Rain ross+-el
Ressil Rain ross+-il
Rossien Daughter of Rain ross+-ien
Rossiel Daughter of Rain ross+iell
Rossel Rain Girl ross+sell
Rosdis Rain Bride ross+dîs
Rosdes Rain Maiden ross+dess
Rosbes Rain Wife ross+bess
Rosson Rain ross+-on
Rossion Son of Rain ross+-ion
Rosdaer Rain Bridegroom ross+daer
Rosdir Rain Man ross+dîr
Rosben Rain Husband ross+benn
Rostor Rain Brother ross+tôr
Ros Rain ross
Rospen Rain Person ross+pen
Sûl – Wind (sûl)
Súleth Wind sûl+-eth
Súlel Wind sûl+-el
Sýlil Wind sûl+-il
Súlien Daughter of Wind sûl+-ien
Súliel Daughter of Wind sûl+-iel
Súlhel Wind Girl sûl+sell
Súlwen Wind Maiden sûl+gwend
Súlneth Wind Girl sûl+neth
Súldis Wind Bride sûl+dîs
Súldes Wind Woman sûl+dess
Súlnith Wind Sister sûl+nîth
Súlthel Wind Sister sûl+thêl
Súlbes Wind Wife sûl+bess
Súlon Wind sûl+-on
Súlion Son of Wind sûl+-ion
Súldaer Wind Bridegroom sûl+daer
Súldir Wind Man sûl+dîr
Súlben Wind Husband sûl+benn
Súldor Wind Brother sûl+tôr
Súlchon Wind Brother sûl+hawn
Súlchanar Wind Brother sûl+hanar
Sûl Wind sûl
Súlben Wind Person sûl+pen