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Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name
Adab – Building/House (adab)
Adabeth Building/House adab+-eth
Adabel Building/House adab+-el
Edebil Building/House adab+-il
Adabien Daughter of Building/House adab+-ien
Adabiel Daughter of Building/House adab+iell
Adabes Building/House Wife adab+bess
Adabon Building/House adab+-on
Adabion Son of Building/House adab+-ion
Adaben Building/House Husband adab+benn
Adab Building/House adab
Adaben Building/House Person adab+pen
Aear – Sea (aear)
Aeareth Sea aear+-eth
Aearel Sea aear+-el
Aearien Daughter of Sea aear+-ien
Aeariel Daughter of Sea aear+iell
Aearhel Sea Girl aear+sell
Aearwen Sea Maiden aear+gwend
Aearneth Sea Girl aear+neth
Aeardis Sea Bride aear+dîs
Aeardes Sea Maiden aear+dess
Aearnith Sea Sister aear+nîth
Aearthel Sea Sister aear+thêl
Aearbes Sea Wife aear+bess
Aearon Sea aear+-on
Aearion Son of Sea aear+-ion
Aeardir Sea Man aear+dîr
Aearben Sea Husband aear+benn
Aeardor Sea Brother aear+tôr
Aearchon Sea Brother aear+hawn
Aear Sea aear
Aearphen Sea Person aear+pen
Aearon – Ocean (aearon)
Aearoneth Ocean aearon+-eth
Aearonel Ocean aearon+-el
Aearonien Daughter of Ocean aearon+-ien
Aearoniel Daughter of Ocean aearon+iell
Aearossel Ocean Girl aearon+sell
Aearongwen Ocean Maiden aearon+gwend
Aearoneth Ocean Girl aearon+neth
Aearondis Ocean Bride aearon+dîs
Aearondes Ocean Maiden aearon+dess
Aearonith Ocean Sister aearon+nîth
Aearothel Ocean Sister aearon+thêl
Aearomes Ocean Wife aearon+bess
Aearonor Ocean aearon+-on
Aearondir Ocean Man aearon+dîr
Aearomen Ocean Husband aearon+benn
Aearothor Ocean Brother aearon+tôr
Aearon Ocean aearon
Aearomben Ocean Person aearon+pen
Ael – Lake/Pool (ael)
Aeleth Lake/Pool ael+-eth
Aelel Lake/Pool ael+-el
Aelil Lake/Pool ael+-il
Aelien Daughter of Lake/Pool ael+-ien
Aeliel Daughter of Lake/Pool ael+-iel
Aelhel Lake/Pool Girl ael+sell
Aelwen Lake/Pool Maiden ael+gwend
Aelneth Lake/Pool Girl ael+neth
Aeldis Lake/Pool Bride ael+dîs
Aeldes Lake/Pool Woman ael+dess
Aelnith Lake/Pool Sister ael+nîth
Aelthel Lake/Pool Sister ael+thêl
Aelbes Lake/Pool Wife ael+bess
Aelon Lake/Pool ael+-on
Aelion Son of Lake/Pool ael+-ion
Aeldir Lake/Pool Man ael+dîr
Aelben Lake/Pool Husband ael+benn
Aeldor Lake/Pool Brother ael+tôr
Aelchon Lake/Pool Brother ael+hawn
Aelchanar Lake/Pool Brother ael+hanar
Ael Lake/Pool ael
Aelben Lake/Pool Person ael+pen
Aer – Sea (aer)
Aereth Sea aer+-eth
Aerel Sea aer+-el
Aeril Sea aer+-il
Aerien Daughter of the Sea aer+-ien
Aeriel Daughter of the Sea aer+iell
Aerhel Sea Girl aer+sell
Aerwen Sea Maiden aer+gwend
Aerneth Sea Girl aer+neth
Aerdis Sea Bride aer+dîs
Aerdes Sea Woman aer+dess
Aernith Sea Sister aer+nîth
Aerthel Sea Sister aer+thêl
Aerbes Sea Wife aer+bess
Aeron Sea aer+-on
Aerion Son of the Sea aer+iôn
Aerdir Sea Man aer+dîr
Aerben Sea Husband aer+benn
Aerdor Sea Brother aer+tôr
Aerchon Sea Brother aer+hawn
Aerchanar Sea Brother aer+hanar
Aer Sea aer
Aerphen Sea Person aer+pen
Aglon – Pass Between High Walls (aglonn)
Aglonneth Pass aglonn+-eth
Aglonnel Pass aglonn+-el
Eglennil Pass aglonn+-il
Aglonnien Daughter of the Pass aglonn+-ien
Aglonniel Daughter of the Pass aglonn+iell
Aglonhel Pass Girl aglonn+sell
Aglongwen Pass Maiden aglonn+gwend
Aglonneth Pass Girl aglonn+neth
Aglondis Pass Bride aglonn+dîs
Aglondes Pass Maiden aglonn+dess
Aglonnith Pass Sister aglonn+nîth
Aglonthel Pass Sister aglonn+thêl
Aglombes Pass Wife aglonn+bess
Aglonor Pass aglonn+-on
Aglondaer Pass Bridegroom aglonn+daer
Aglondir Pass Man aglonn+dîr
Aglomben Pass Husband aglonn+benn
Aglondor Pass Brother aglonn+tôr
Aglon Pass Between High Walls aglonn
Aglomben Pass Person aglonn+pen
Amon – Hill (amon)
Amoneth Hill amon+-eth
Amonel Hill amon+-el
Emenil Hill amon+-il
Amonien Daughter of Hill amon+-ien
Amoniel Daughter of Hill amon+-iel
Amossel Hill Girl amon+sell
Amongwen Hill Maiden amon+gwend
Amoneth Hill Girl amon+neth
Amondis Hill Bride amon+dîs
Amondes Hill Woman amon+dess
Amonith Hill Sister amon+nîth
Amonthel Hill Sister amon+thêl
Amonor Hill amon+-on
Amonion Son of Hill amon+-ion
Amondaer Hill Bridegroom amon+daer
Amondir Hill Man amon+dîr
Amothor Hill Brother amon+tôr
Amon Hill amon
Amomben Hill Person amon+pen
Amrûn – East (amrûn)
Amrúneth East amrûn+-eth
Amrúnel East amrûn+-el
Emrýnil East amrûn+-il
Amrúnien Daughter of the East amrûn+-ien
Amrúniel Daughter of the East amrûn+iell
Amrússel East Girl amrûn+sell
Amrúngwen East Maiden amrûn+gwend
Amrúneth East Girl amrûn+neth
Amrúndis East Bride amrûn+dîs
Amrúndes East Maiden amrûn+dess
Amrúnith East Sister amrûn+nîth
Amrúnthel East Sister amrûn+thêl
Amrúmes East Wife amrûn+bess
Amrúnor East amrûn+-on
Amrúnion Son of the East amrûn+-ion
Amrúndaer East Bridegroom amrûn+daer
Amrúndir East Man amrûn+dîr
Amrúmen East Husband amrûn+benn
Amrúthor East Brother amrûn+tôr
Amrûn East amrûn
Amrúmben East Person amrûn+pen
Annon – Door/Gate (annon)
Annoneth Door/Gate annon+-eth
Annonel Door/Gate annon+-el
Ennenil Door/Gate annon+-il
Annonien Daughter of Door/Gate annon+-ien
Annoniel Daughter of Door/Gate annon+iell
Annossel Door/Gate Girl annon+sell
Annongwen Door/Gate Maiden annon+gwend
Annoneth Door/Gate Girl annon+neth
Annondis Door/Gate Bride annon+dîs
Annondes Door/Gate Maiden annon+dess
Annonith Door/Gate Sister annon+nîth
Annonthel Door/Gate Sister annon+thêl
Annomes Door/Gate Wife annon+bess
Annonor Door/Gate annon+-on
Annondaer Door/Gate Bridegroom annon+daer
Annondir Door/Gate Man annon+dîr
Annomen Door/Gate Husband annon+benn
Annothor Door/Gate Brother annon+tôr
Annon Door/Gate annon
Annomben Door/Gate Person annon+pen
Annui – Western (annui)
Annuihel Western Girl annui+sell
Annuiwen Western Maiden annui+gwend
Annuineth Western Girl annui+neth
Annuinis Western Bride annui+dîs
Annuines Western Maiden annui+dess
Annuinith Western Sister annui+nîth
Annuithel Western Sister annui+thêl
Annuives Western Wife annui+bess
Annuinaer Western Bridegroom annui+daer
Annuinir Western Man annui+dîr
Annuiven Western Husband annui+benn
Annuidor Western Brother annui+tôr
Annuichon Western Brother annui+hawn
Annui Western annui
Annuiben Western Person annui+pen
Annûn – West/Sunset (annûn)
Annúneth West/Sunset annûn+-eth
Annúnel West/Sunset annûn+-el
Ennýnil West/Sunset annûn+-il
Annúnien Daughter of the West/Sunset annûn+-ien
Annúniel Daughter of the West/Sunset annûn+iell
Annússel West/Sunset Girl annûn+sell
Annúngwen West/Sunset Maiden annûn+gwend
Annúneth West/Sunset Girl annûn+neth
Annúndis West/Sunset Bride annûn+dîs
Annúndes West/Sunset Maiden annûn+dess
Annúnith West/Sunset Sister annûn+nîth
Annúnthel West/Sunset Sister annûn+thêl
Annúmes West/Sunset Wife annûn+bess
Annúnor West/Sunset annûn+-on
Annúnion Son of West/Sunset annûn+-ion
Annúndaer West/Sunset Bridegroom annûn+daer
Annúndir West/Sunset Man annûn+dîr
Annúmen West/Sunset Husband annûn+benn
Annúthor West/Sunset Brother annûn+tôr
Annûn West/Sunset annûn
Annúmben West/Sunset Person annûn+pen
Balrant – Powerful Course (bal-+rant)
Balranneth Powerful Course bal-+rant+-eth
Balrannel Powerful Course bal-+rant+-el
Balrennil Powerful Course bal-+rant+-il
Balrannien Daughter of Powerful Course bal-+rant+-ien
Balranniel Daughter of Powerful Course bal-+rant+iell
Balranthel Powerful Course Girl bal-+rant+sell
Balrangwen Powerful Course Maiden bal-+rant+gwend
Balranneth Powerful Course Girl bal-+rant+neth
Balrandis Powerful Course Bride bal-+rant+dîs
Balrandes Powerful Course Maiden bal-+rant+dess
Balrannith Powerful Course Sister bal-+rant+nîth
Balranthel Powerful Course Sister bal-+rant+thêl
Balrambes Powerful Course Wife bal-+rant+bess
Balrannor Powerful Course bal-+rant+-on
Balrannion Son of Powerful Course bal-+rant+-ion
Balrandaer Powerful Course Bridegroom bal-+rant+daer
Balrandir Powerful Course Man bal-+rant+dîr
Balramben Powerful Course Husband bal-+rant+benn
Balrandor Powerful Course Brother bal-+rant+tôr
Balrant Powerful Course bal-+rant
Balramben Powerful Course Person bal-+rant+pen
Band – Prison (band)
Banneth Prison band+-eth
Bannel Prison band+-el
Bennil Prison band+-il
Bannien Daughter of Prison band+-ien
Banniel Daughter of Prison band+iell
Banhel Prison Girl band+sell
Bangwen Prison Maiden band+gwend
Banneth Prison Girl band+neth
Bandis Prison Bride band+dîs
Bandes Prison Maiden band+dess
Bannith Prison Sister band+nîth
Banthel Prison Sister band+thêl
Bannor Prison band+-on
Bannion Son of Prison band+-ion
Bandaer Prison Bridegroom band+daer
Bandir Prison Man band+dîr
Bandor Prison Brother band+tôr
Band Prison band
Bamben Prison Person band+pen
Bar – Dwelling/Home (bar)
Bareth Dwelling/Home bar+-eth
Barel Dwelling/Home bar+-el
Beril Dwelling/Home bar+-il
Barien Daughter of Dwelling/Home bar+-ien
Bariel Daughter of Dwelling/Home bar+iell
Barhel Dwelling/Home Girl bar+sell
Barwen Dwelling/Home Maiden bar+gwend
Barneth Dwelling/Home Girl bar+neth
Bardis Dwelling/Home Bride bar+dîs
Bardes Dwelling/Home Maiden bar+dess
Barnith Dwelling/Home Sister bar+nîth
Barthel Dwelling/Home Sister bar+thêl
Barves Dwelling/Home Wife bar+bess
Baron Dwelling/Home bar+-on
Barion Son of Dwelling/Home bar+-ion
Bardaer Dwelling/Home Bridegroom bar+daer
Bardir Dwelling/Home Man bar+dîr
Barven Dwelling/Home Husband bar+benn
Bardor Dwelling/Home Brother bar+tôr
Barchon Dwelling/Home Brother bar+hawn
Barchanar Dwelling/Home Brother bar+hanar
Bar Dwelling/Home bar
Barphen Dwelling/Home Person bar+pen
Barad – Tower/Fortress (barad)
Baradeth Tower/Fortress barad+-eth
Baradel Tower/Fortress barad+-el
Beredil Tower/Fortress barad+-il
Baradien Daughter of Tower/Fortress barad+-ien
Baradiel Daughter of Tower/Fortress barad+iell
Barassel Tower/Fortress Girl barad+sell
Baradwen Tower/Fortress Maiden barad+gwend
Baradis Tower/Fortress Bride barad+dîs
Barades Tower/Fortress Maiden barad+dess
Baradon Tower/Fortress barad+-on
Baradion Son of Tower/Fortress barad+-ion
Baradaer Tower/Fortress Bridegroom barad+daer
Baradir Tower/Fortress Man barad+dîr
Barador Tower/Fortress Brother barad+tôr
Barad Tower/Fortress barad
Both – Puddle/Small Pool (both)
Bothes Puddle/Small Pool both+-eth
Bothel Puddle/Small Pool both+-el
Bethil Puddle/Small Pool both+-il
Bothien Daughter of Puddle/Small Pool both+-ien
Bothiel Daughter of Puddle/Small Pool both+iell
Bothel Puddle/Small Pool Girl both+sell
Bothwen Puddle/Small Pool Maiden both+gwend
Bothel Puddle/Small Pool Sister both+thêl
Bothon Puddle/Small Pool both+-on
Bothion Son of Puddle/Small Pool both+-ion
Bothon Puddle/Small Pool Brother both+hawn
Bothanar Puddle/Small Pool Brother both+hanar
Both Puddle/Small Pool both
Caew – Lair (caew)
Caeweth Lair caew+-eth
Caewel Lair caew+-el
Caewil Lair caew+-il
Caewien Daughter of Lair caew+-ien
Caewiel Daughter of Lair caew+iell
Caewen Lair Maiden caew+gwend
Caewon Lair caew+-on
Caewion Son of Lair caew+-ion
Caew Lair caew
Cai – Hedge (cai)
Caissel Hedge Girl cai+sell
Caiwen Hedge Maiden cai+gwend
Caineth Hedge Girl cai+neth
Cainis Hedge Bride cai+dîs
Caines Hedge Maiden cai+dess
Cainith Hedge Sister cai+nîth
Caithel Hedge Sister cai+thêl
Caives Hedge Wife cai+bess
Cainir Hedge Man cai+dîr
Caiven Hedge Husband cai+benn
Caidor Hedge Brother cai+tôr
Caichon Hedge Brother cai+hawn
Caichanar Hedge Brother cai+hanar
Cai Hedge cai
Caiben Hedge Person cai+pen
Cail – Sharp Fence (cail)
Caileth Sharp Fence cail+-eth
Cailel Sharp Fence cail+-el
Cailil Sharp Fence cail+-il
Cailien Daughter of Sharp Fence cail+-ien
Cailiel Daughter of Sharp Fence cail+iell
Cailhel Sharp Fence Girl cail+sell
Cailwen Sharp Fence Maiden cail+gwend
Cailneth Sharp Fence Girl cail+neth
Caildis Sharp Fence Bride cail+dîs
Caildes Sharp Fence Maiden cail+dess
Cailnith Sharp Fence Sister cail+nîth
Cailthel Sharp Fence Sister cail+thêl
Cailbes Sharp Fence Wife cail+bess
Cailon Sharp Fence cail+-on
Cailion Son of Sharp Fence cail+-ion
Caildir Sharp Fence Man cail+dîr
Cailben Sharp Fence Husband cail+benn
Caildor Sharp Fence Brother cail+tôr
Cailchon Sharp Fence Brother cail+hawn
Cailchanar Sharp Fence Brother cail+hanar
Cail Sharp Fence cail
Cailben Sharp Fence Person cail+pen
Calaer – Light of the Sea (cal-+gaer)
Calaereth Light of the Sea cal-+gaer+-eth
Calaerel Light of the Sea cal-+gaer+-el
Calaeril Light of the Sea cal-+gaer+-il
Calaerien Daughter of Light of the Sea cal-+gaer+-ien
Calaeriel Daughter of Light of the Sea cal-+gaer+iell
Calaerhel Light of the Sea Girl cal-+gaer+sell
Calaerwen Light of the Sea Maiden cal-+gaer+gwend
Calaerneth Light of the Sea Girl cal-+gaer+neth
Calaerdis Light of the Sea Bride cal-+gaer+dîs
Calaerdes Light of the Sea Maiden cal-+gaer+dess
Calaernith Light of the Sea Sister cal-+gaer+nîth
Calaerthel Light of the Sea Sister cal-+gaer+thêl
Calaerbes Light of the Sea Wife cal-+gaer+bess
Calaeron Light of the Sea cal-+gaer+-on
Calaerion Son of Light of the Sea cal-+gaer+-ion
Calaerdir Light of the Sea Man cal-+gaer+dîr
Calaerben Light of the Sea Husband cal-+gaer+benn
Calaerdor Light of the Sea Brother cal-+gaer+tôr
Calaerchon Light of the Sea Brother cal-+gaer+hawn
Calaerchanar Light of the Sea Brother cal-+gaer+hanar
Calaer Light of the Sea cal-+gaer
Calaerphen Light of the Sea Person cal-+gaer+pen
Caras – City (caras)
Carasseth City caras+-eth
Carassel City caras+-el
Ceressil City caras+-il
Carassien Daughter of City caras+-ien
Carassiel Daughter of City caras+iell
Carassel City Girl caras+sell
Caraswen City Maiden caras+gwend
Carasdis City Bride caras+dîs
Carasdes City Maiden caras+dess
Carasbes City Wife caras+bess
Carasson City caras+-on
Carassion Son of City caras+-ion
Carasdaer City Bridegroom caras+daer
Carasdir City Man caras+dîr
Carasben City Husband caras+benn
Carastor City Brother caras+tôr
Caras City caras
Caraspen City Person caras+pen
Cast – Cape/Cove (cast)
Casteth Cape/Cove cast+-eth
Castel Cape/Cove cast+-el
Cestil Cape/Cove cast+-il
Castien Daughter of the Cape/Cove cast+-ien
Castiel Daughter of the Cape/Cove cast+-iel
Cassel Cape/Cove Girl cast+sell
Caston Cape/Cove cast+-on
Castion Son of the Cape/Cove cast+-ion
Castor Cape/Cove Brother cast+tôr
Cast Cape/Cove cast
Celon – River (celon)
Celoneth River celon+-eth
Celonel River celon+-el
Celenil River celon+-il
Celonien Daughter of the River celon+-ien
Celoniel Daughter of the River celon+-iel
Celossel River Girl celon+sell
Celongwen River Maiden celon+gwend
Celoneth River Girl celon+neth
Celondis River Bride celon+dîs
Celondes River Woman celon+dess
Celonith River Sister celon+nîth
Celonthel River Sister celon+thêl
Celomes River Wife celon+bess
Celonor River celon+-on
Celonion Son of the River celon+-ion
Celondaer River Bridegroom celon+daer
Celondir River Man celon+dîr
Celomen River Husband celon+benn
Celothor River Brother celon+tôr
Celon River celon
Celomben River Person celon+pen
Cîl – Cleft/Gorge (cîl)
Cíleth Cleft/Gorge cîl+-eth
Cílel Cleft/Gorge cîl+-el
Cílien Daughter of the Cleft/Gorge cîl+-ien
Cíliel Daughter of the Cleft/Gorge cîl+-iel
Cílhel Cleft/Gorge Girl cîl+sell
Cílwen Cleft/Gorge Maiden cîl+gwend
Cílneth Cleft/Gorge Girl cîl+neth
Cíldis Cleft/Gorge Bride cîl+dîs
Cíldes Cleft/Gorge Woman cîl+dess
Cílnith Cleft/Gorge Sister cîl+nîth
Cílthel Cleft/Gorge Sister cîl+thêl
Cílbes Cleft/Gorge Wife cîl+bess
Cílon Cleft/Gorge cîl+-on
Cílion Son of Cleft/Gorge cîl+-ion
Cíldaer Cleft/Gorge Bridegroom cîl+daer
Cíldir Cleft/Gorge Man cîl+dîr
Cílben Cleft/Gorge Husband cîl+benn
Cíldor Cleft/Gorge Brother cîl+tôr
Cílchon Cleft/Gorge Brother cîl+hawn
Cílchanar Cleft/Gorge Brother cîl+hanar
Cîl Cleft/Gorge cîl
Cílben Cleft/Gorge Person cîl+pen
Côf – Bay (côf)
Cóveth Bay côf+-eth
Cóvel Bay côf+-el
Cévil Bay côf+-il
Cóvien Daughter of the Bay côf+-ien
Cóviel Daughter of the Bay côf+-iel
Cóves Bay Wife côf+bess
Cóvon Bay côf+-on
Cóvion Son of the Bay côf+-ion
Cóven Bay Husband côf+benn
Côf Bay côf
Cóphen Bay Person côf+pen
Dath – Hole/Pit/Abyss (dath)
Dathes Hole/Pit/Abyss dath+-eth
Dathel Hole/Pit/Abyss dath+-el
Dethil Hole/Pit/Abyss dath+-il
Dathien Daughter of Hole/Pit/Abyss dath+-ien
Dathiel Daughter of Hole/Pit/Abyss dath+iell
Dathel Hole/Pit/Abyss Girl dath+sell
Dathwen Hole/Pit/Abyss Maiden dath+gwend
Dathel Hole/Pit/Abyss Sister dath+thêl
Dathon Hole/Pit/Abyss dath+-on
Dathion Son of Hole/Pit/Abyss dath+-ion
Dathon Hole/Pit/Abyss Brother dath+hawn
Dathanar Hole/Pit/Abyss Brother dath+hanar
Dath Hole/Pit/Abyss dath
Dôl – Hill/Mountain (dôl)
Doleth Hill/Mountain dôl+-eth
Dolel Hill/Mountain dôl+-el
Delil Hill/Mountain dôl+-il
Dolien Daughter of the Hill/Mountain dôl+-ien
Doliel Daughter of the Hill/Mountain dôl+-iel
Dolhel Hill/Mountain Girl dôl+sell
Dolwen Hill/Mountain Maiden dôl+gwend
Dolneth Hill/Mountain Girl dôl+neth
Doldis Hill/Mountain Bride dôl+dîs
Doldes Hill/Mountain Woman dôl+dess
Dolnith Hill/Mountain Sister dôl+nîth
Dolthel Hill/Mountain Sister dôl+thêl
Dolbes Hill/Mountain Wife dôl+bess
Dolon Hill/Mountain dôl+-on
Dolion Son of the Hill/Mountain dôl+-ion
Doldaer Hill/Mountain Bridegroom dôl+daer
Doldir Hill/Mountain Man dôl+dîr
Dolben Hill/Mountain Husband dôl+benn
Dolthor Hill/Mountain Brother dôl+tôr
Dolchon Hill/Mountain Brother dôl+hawn
Dolchanar Hill/Mountain Brother dôl+hanar
Dôl Hill/Mountain dôl
Dolben Hill/Mountain Person dôl+pen
Duin – River (duin)
Duineth River duin+-eth
Duinel River duin+-el
Duinil River duin+-il
Duinien Daughter of the River duin+-ien
Duiniel Daughter of the River duin+-iel
Duissel River Girl duin+sell
Duingwen River Maiden duin+gwend
Duineth River Girl duin+neth
Duindis River Bride duin+dîs
Duindes River Woman duin+dess
Duinith River Sister duin+nîth
Duinthel River Sister duin+thêl
Duimes River Wife duin+bess
Duinor River duin+-on
Duinion Son of the River duin+-ion
Duindaer River Bridegroom duin+daer
Duindir River Man duin+dîr
Duimen River Husband duin+benn
Duithor River Brother duin+tôr
Duin River duin
Duimben River Person duin+pen
Duinen – Flood/High Tide (duinen)
Duineneth Flood/High Tide duinen+-eth
Duinenel Flood/High Tide duinen+-el
Duinenil Flood/High Tide duinen+-il
Duinenien Daughter of Flood/High Tide duinen+-ien
Duineniel Daughter of Flood/High Tide duinen+iell
Duinessel Flood/High Tide Girl duinen+sell
Duinengwen Flood/High Tide Maiden duinen+gwend
Duineneth Flood/High Tide Girl duinen+neth
Duinendis Flood/High Tide Bride duinen+dîs
Duinendes Flood/High Tide Maiden duinen+dess
Duinenith Flood/High Tide Sister duinen+nîth
Duinenthel Flood/High Tide Sister duinen+thêl
Duinemes Flood/High Tide Wife duinen+bess
Duinenor Flood/High Tide duinen+-on
Duinenion Son of Flood/High Tide duinen+-ion
Duinendaer Flood/High Tide Bridegroom duinen+daer
Duinendir Flood/High Tide Man duinen+dîr
Duinemen Flood/High Tide Husband duinen+benn
Duinethor Flood/High Tide Brother duinen+tôr
Duinen Flood/High Tide duinen
Duinemben Flood/High Tide Person duinen+pen
Duirro – River-Bank (duirro)
Duirrohel River-Bank Girl duirro+sell
Duirrowen River-Bank Maiden duirro+gwend
Duirroneth River-Bank Girl duirro+neth
Duirronis River-Bank Bride duirro+dîs
Duirrones River-Bank Woman duirro+dess
Duirronith River-Bank Sister duirro+nîth
Duirrothel River-Bank Sister duirro+thêl
Duirroves River-Bank Wife duirro+bess
Duirronaer River-Bank Bridegroom duirro+daer
Duirronir River-Bank Man duirro+dîr
Duirroven River-Bank Husband duirro+benn
Duirrodor River-Bank Brother duirro+tôr
Duirrochon River-Bank Brother duirro+hawn
Duirro River-Bank duirro
Duirroben River-Bank Person duirro+pen
Dúven – Southern (dúven)
Duveneth Southern One dúven+-eth
Duvenel Southern One dúven+-el
Dyvenil Southern One dúven+-il
Duveniel Daughter of Southern One dúven+iell
Duvessel Southern Girl dúven+sell
Duvengwen Southern Maiden dúven+gwend
Duveneth Southern Girl dúven+neth
Duvendis Southern Bride dúven+dîs
Duvendes Southern Maiden dúven+dess
Duvenith Southern Sister dúven+nîth
Duventhel Southern Sister dúven+thêl
Duvemes Southern Wife dúven+bess
Duvenor Southern One dúven+-on
Duvenion Son of Southern One dúven+-ion
Duvendaer Southern Bridegroom dúven+daer
Duvendir Southern Man dúven+dîr
Duvemen Southern Husband dúven+benn
Duvethor Southern Brother dúven+tôr
Dúven Southern dúven
Duvemben Southern Person dúven+pen
Echad – Camp (echad)
Echadeth Camp echad+-eth
Echadel Camp echad+-el
Echedil Camp echad+-il
Echadien Daughter of Camp echad+-ien
Echadiel Daughter of Camp echad+iell
Echassel Camp Girl echad+sell
Echadwen Camp Maiden echad+gwend
Echadis Camp Bride echad+dîs
Echades Camp Maiden echad+dess
Echadon Camp echad+-on
Echadion Son of Camp echad+-ion
Echadaer Camp Bridegroom echad+daer
Echadir Camp Man echad+dîr
Echador Camp Brother echad+tôr
Echad Camp echad
Ened – Centre/Middle (ened)
Enedeth Centre/Middle ened+-eth
Enedel Centre/Middle ened+-el
Enedil Centre/Middle ened+-il
Enedien Daughter of Centre/Middle ened+-ien
Enediel Daughter of Centre/Middle ened+iell
Enessel Centre/Middle Girl ened+sell
Enedwen Centre/Middle Maiden ened+gwend
Enedis Centre/Middle Bride ened+dîs
Enedes Centre/Middle Maiden ened+dess
Enebes Centre/Middle Wife ened+bess
Enedon Centre/Middle ened+-on
Enedion Son of Centre/Middle ened+-ion
Enedaer Centre/Middle Bridegroom ened+daer
Enedir Centre/Middle Man ened+dîr
Enedor Centre/Middle Brother ened+tôr
Ened Centre/Middle ened
Ephel – Outer Fence (ephel)
Epheleth Outer Fence ephel+-eth
Ephelil Outer Fence ephel+-il
Ephelien Daughter of Outer Fence ephel+-ien
Epheliel Daughter of Outer Fence ephel+iell
Ephelwen Outer Fence Maiden ephel+gwend
Ephelneth Outer Fence Girl ephel+neth
Epheldis Outer Fence Bride ephel+dîs
Epheldes Outer Fence Maiden ephel+dess
Ephelnith Outer Fence Sister ephel+nîth
Ephelbes Outer Fence Wife ephel+bess
Ephelon Outer Fence ephel+-on
Ephelion Son of Outer Fence ephel+-ion
Epheldaer Outer Fence Bridegroom ephel+daer
Epheldir Outer Fence Man ephel+dîr
Ephelben Outer Fence Husband ephel+benn
Epheldor Outer Fence Brother ephel+tôr
Ephelchon Outer Fence Brother ephel+hawn
Ephel Outer Fence ephel
Ephelben Outer Fence Person ephel+pen
Eru – Waste/Desert (eru)
Erweth Waste/Desert eru+-eth
Erwel Waste/Desert eru+-el
Erwil Waste/Desert eru+-il
Erwien Daughter of Waste/Desert eru+-ien
Erwiel Daughter of Waste/Desert eru+iell
Eruhel Waste/Desert Girl eru+sell
Erwen Waste/Desert Maiden eru+gwend
Eruneth Waste/Desert Girl eru+neth
Erunis Waste/Desert Bride eru+dîs
Erunes Waste/Desert Maiden eru+dess
Erunith Waste/Desert Sister eru+nîth
Eruthel Waste/Desert Sister eru+thêl
Eruves Waste/Desert Wife eru+bess
Erwon Waste/Desert eru+-on
Erwion Son of Waste/Desert eru+-ion
Erunaer Waste/Desert Bridegroom eru+daer
Erunir Waste/Desert Man eru+dîr
Eruven Waste/Desert Husband eru+benn
Erudor Waste/Desert Brother eru+tôr
Eruchon Waste/Desert Brother eru+hawn
Eru Waste/Desert eru
Eruben Waste/Desert Person eru+pen
Eryn – Woods (eryn)
Eryneth Woods eryn+-eth
Erynel Woods eryn+-el
Erynil Woods eryn+-il
Erynien Daughter of Woods eryn+-ien
Eryniel Daughter of Woods eryn+iell
Eryssel Woods Girl eryn+sell
Eryngwen Woods Maiden eryn+gwend
Eryneth Woods Girl eryn+neth
Eryndis Woods Bride eryn+dîs
Eryndes Woods Maiden eryn+dess
Erynith Woods Sister eryn+nîth
Erynthel Woods Sister eryn+thêl
Erymes Woods Wife eryn+bess
Erynor Woods eryn+-on
Erynion Son of Woods eryn+-ion
Eryndaer Woods Bridegroom eryn+daer
Eryndir Woods Man eryn+dîr
Erymen Woods Husband eryn+benn
Erythor Woods Brother eryn+tôr
Eryn Woods eryn
Erymben Woods Person eryn+pen
Esgar – Shore (esgar)
Esgareth Shore esgar+-eth
Esgarel Shore esgar+-el
Esgeril Shore esgar+-il
Esgarien Daughter of the Shore esgar+-ien
Esgariel Daughter of the Shore esgar+-iel
Esgarhel Shore Girl esgar+sell
Esgarwen Shore Maiden esgar+gwend
Esgarneth Shore Girl esgar+neth
Esgardis Shore Bride esgar+dîs
Esgardes Shore Woman esgar+dess
Esgarnith Shore Sister esgar+nîth
Esgarthel Shore Sister esgar+thêl
Esgarbes Shore Wife esgar+bess
Esgaron Shore esgar+-on
Esgarion Son of the Shore esgar+-ion
Esgardaer Shore Bridegroom esgar+daer
Esgardir Shore Man esgar+dîr
Esgarben Shore Husband esgar+benn
Esgardor Shore Brother esgar+tôr
Esgarchon Shore Brother esgar+hawn
Esgar Shore esgar
Esgarphen Shore Person esgar+pen
Estolad – Encampment (estolad)
Estoladeth Encampment estolad+-eth
Estoladel Encampment estolad+-el
Esteledil Encampment estolad+-il
Estoladien Daughter of Encampment estolad+-ien
Estoladiel Daughter of Encampment estolad+iell
Estolassel Encampment Girl estolad+sell
Estoladwen Encampment Maiden estolad+gwend
Estoladis Encampment Bride estolad+dîs
Estolades Encampment Maiden estolad+dess
Estoladon Encampment estolad+-on
Estoladion Son of Encampment estolad+-ion
Estoladaer Encampment Bridegroom estolad+daer
Estoladir Encampment Man estolad+dîr
Estolador Encampment Brother estolad+tôr
Estolad Encampment estolad
Ethir – River Mouth/Estuary (ethir)
Ethireth River Mouth/Estuary ethir+-eth
Ethirel River Mouth/Estuary ethir+-el
Ethiril River Mouth/Estuary ethir+-il
Ethirien Daughter of the River Mouth/Estuary ethir+-ien
Ethiriel Daughter of the River Mouth/Estuary ethir+-iel
Ethirhel River Mouth/Estuary Girl ethir+sell
Ethirwen River Mouth/Estuary Maiden ethir+gwend
Ethirneth River Mouth/Estuary Girl ethir+neth
Ethirdis River Mouth/Estuary Bride ethir+dîs
Ethirdes River Mouth/Estuary Woman ethir+dess
Ethirnith River Mouth/Estuary Sister ethir+nîth
Ethirthel River Mouth/Estuary Sister ethir+thêl
Ethirbes River Mouth/Estuary Wife ethir+bess
Ethiron River Mouth/Estuary ethir+-on
Ethirion Son of the River Mouth/Estuary ethir+-ion
Ethirdaer River Mouth/Estuary Bridegroom ethir+daer
Ethirdir River Mouth/Estuary Man ethir+dîr
Ethirben River Mouth/Estuary Husband ethir+benn
Ethirdor River Mouth Brother/Estuary ethir+tôr
Ethirchon River Mouth Brother/Estuary ethir+hawn
Ethir River Mouth/Estuary ethir
Ethirphen River Mouth/Estuary Person ethir+pen
Falas – Beach (falas)
Falasseth Beach falas+-eth
Falassel Beach falas+-el
Felessil Beach falas+-il
Falassien Daughter of the Beach falas+-ien
Falassiel Daughter of the Beach falas+-iel
Falassel Beach Girl falas+sell
Falasdis Beach Bride falas+dîs
Falasdes Beach Woman falas+dess
Falasbes Beach Wife falas+bess
Falasson Beach falas+-on
Falassion Son of the Beach falas+-ion
Falasdaer Beach Bridegroom falas+daer
Falasdir Beach Man falas+dîr
Falasben Beach Husband falas+benn
Falastor Beach Brother falas+tôr
Falas Beach falas
Falaspen Beach Person falas+pen
Falch – Ravine (falch)
Falcheth Ravine falch+-eth
Falchel Ravine falch+-el
Felchil Ravine falch+-il
Falchien Daughter of the Ravine falch+-ien
Falchiel Daughter of the Ravine falch+-iel
Falchel Ravine falch+sell
Falchon Ravine falch+-on
Falchion Son of Ravine falch+-ion
Falchon Ravine Brother falch+hawn
Falchanar Ravine Brother falch+hanar
Falch Ravine falch
Faur – Beach/Shore (faur)
Foreth Beach/Shore faur+-eth
Forel Beach/Shore faur+-el
Foeril Beach/Shore faur+-il
Forien Daughter of the Beach/Shore faur+-ien
Foriel Daughter of the Beach/Shore faur+-iel
Forhel Beach/Shore Girl faur+sell
Forwen Beach/Shore Maiden faur+gwend
Forneth Beach/Shore Girl faur+neth
Fordis Beach/Shore Bride faur+dîs
Fordes Beach/Shore Woman faur+dess
Fornith Beach/Shore Sister faur+nîth
Forthel Beach/Shore Sister faur+thêl
Forbes Beach/Shore Wife faur+bess
Foron Beach/Shore faur+-on
Forion Son of Beach/Shore faur+-ion
Fordaer Beach/Shore Bridegroom faur+daer
Fordir Beach/Shore Man faur+dîr
Forben Beach/Shore Husband faur+benn
Forchon Beach/Shore Brother faur+hawn
Forchanar Beach/Shore Brother faur+hanar
Faur Beach/Shore faur
Forphen Beach/Shore Person faur+pen
Fela – Cave (fela)
Feleth Cave fela+-eth
Felil Cave fela+-il
Felien Daughter of Cave fela+-ien
Feliel Daughter of Cave fela+iell
Felahel Cave Girl fela+sell
Felawen Cave Maiden fela+gwend
Felaneth Cave Girl fela+neth
Felanis Cave Bride fela+dîs
Felanes Cave Maiden fela+dess
Felanith Cave Sister fela+nîth
Felathel Cave Sister fela+thêl
Felaves Cave Wife fela+bess
Felon Cave fela+-on
Felion Son of Cave fela+-ion
Felanaer Cave Bridegroom fela+daer
Felanir Cave Man fela+dîr
Felaven Cave Husband fela+benn
Felador Cave Brother fela+tôr
Felachon Cave Brother fela+hawn
Fela Cave fela
Felaben Cave Person fela+pen
Fend – Door/Threshold (fend)
Fenneth Door/Threshold fend+-eth
Fennel Door/Threshold fend+-el
Fennil Door/Threshold fend+-il
Fennien Daughter of Door/Threshold fend+-ien
Fenniel Daughter of Door/Threshold fend+iell
Fenhel Door/Threshold Girl fend+sell
Fenneth Door/Threshold Girl fend+neth
Fendis Door/Threshold Bride fend+dîs
Fendes Door/Threshold Maiden fend+dess
Fennith Door/Threshold Sister fend+nîth
Fenthel Door/Threshold Sister fend+thêl
Fembes Door/Threshold Wife fend+bess
Fennor Door/Threshold fend+-on
Fennion Son of Door/Threshold fend+-ion
Fendaer Door/Threshold Bridegroom fend+daer
Fendir Door/Threshold Man fend+dîr
Femben Door/Threshold Husband fend+benn
Fendor Door/Threshold Brother fend+tôr
Fend Door/Threshold fend
Femben Door/Threshold Person fend+pen
Forn – North (forn)
Forneth North forn+-eth
Fornel North forn+-el
Fernil North forn+-il
Fornien Daughter of North forn+-ien
Forniel Daughter of North forn+iell
Forsel North Girl forn+sell
Forneth North Girl forn+neth
Fornith North Sister forn+nîth
Formes North Wife forn+bess
Fornion Son of North forn+-ion
Formen North Husband forn+benn
Forn North forn
Forphen North Person forn+pen
Forod – North (forod)
Forodeth North forod+-eth
Forodel North forod+-el
Feredil North forod+-il
Forodien Daughter of North forod+-ien
Forodiel Daughter of North forod+iell
Forossel North Girl forod+sell
Forodwen North Maiden forod+gwend
Forodis North Bride forod+dîs
Forodes North Maiden forod+dess
Forodon North forod+-on
Forodion Son of North forod+-ion
Forodaer North Bridegroom forod+daer
Forodir North Man forod+dîr
Forodor North Brother forod+tôr
Forod North forod
Forven – North (forven)
Forveneth North forven+-eth
Forvenel North forven+-el
Fervenil North forven+-il
Forvenien Daughter of North forven+-ien
Forveniel Daughter of North forven+iell
Forvessel North Girl forven+sell
Forvengwen North Maiden forven+gwend
Forveneth North Girl forven+neth
Forvendis North Bride forven+dîs
Forvendes North Maiden forven+dess
Forvenith North Sister forven+nîth
Forventhel North Sister forven+thêl
Forvemes North Wife forven+bess
Forvenor North forven+-on
Forvenion Son of North forven+-ion
Forvendaer North Bridegroom forven+daer
Forvendir North Man forven+dîr
Forvemen North Husband forven+benn
Forvethor North Brother forven+tôr
Forven North forven
Forvemben North Person forven+pen
Fuir – North (fuir)
Fuireth North fuir+-eth
Fuirel North fuir+-el
Fuiril North fuir+-il
Fuirien Daughter of North fuir+-ien
Fuiriel Daughter of North fuir+iell
Fuirhel North Girl fuir+sell
Fuirwen North Maiden fuir+gwend
Fuirneth North Girl fuir+neth
Fuirdis North Bride fuir+dîs
Fuirdes North Maiden fuir+dess
Fuirnith North Sister fuir+nîth
Fuirthel North Sister fuir+thêl
Fuirbes North Wife fuir+bess
Fuiron North fuir+-on
Fuirion Son of North fuir+-ion
Fuirdaer North Bridegroom fuir+daer
Fuirdir North Man fuir+dîr
Fuirben North Husband fuir+benn
Fuirdor North Brother fuir+tôr
Fuirchon North Brother fuir+hawn
Fuirchanar North Brother fuir+hanar
Fuir North fuir
Fuirphen North Person fuir+pen
Gador – Prison/Dungeon (gador)
Gadoreth Prison/Dungeon gador+-eth
Gadorel Prison/Dungeon gador+-el
Gederil Prison/Dungeon gador+-il
Gadorien Daughter of Prison/Dungeon gador+-ien
Gadoriel Daughter of Prison/Dungeon gador+iell
Gadorhel Prison/Dungeon Girl gador+sell
Gadorwen Prison/Dungeon Maiden gador+gwend
Gadorneth Prison/Dungeon Girl gador+neth
Gadordis Prison/Dungeon Bride gador+dîs
Gadordes Prison/Dungeon Maiden gador+dess
Gadornith Prison/Dungeon Sister gador+nîth
Gadorthel Prison/Dungeon Sister gador+thêl
Gadorbes Prison/Dungeon Wife gador+bess
Gadoron Prison/Dungeon gador+-on
Gadorion Son of Prison/Dungeon gador+-ion
Gadordaer Prison/Dungeon Bridegroom gador+daer
Gadordir Prison/Dungeon Man gador+dîr
Gadorben Prison/Dungeon Husband gador+benn
Gadordor Prison/Dungeon Brother gador+tôr
Gadorchon Prison/Dungeon Brother gador+hawn
Gador Prison/Dungeon gador
Gadorphen Prison/Dungeon Person gador+pen
Gaear – Sea (gaear)
Gaeareth Sea gaear+-eth
Gaearel Sea gaear+-el
Gaearien Daughter of the Sea gaear+-ien
Gaeariel Daughter of the Sea gaear+iell
Gaearhel Sea Girl gaear+sell
Gaearwen Sea Maiden gaear+gwend
Gaearneth Sea Girl gaear+neth
Gaeardis Sea Bride gaear+dîs
Gaeardes Sea Woman gaear+dess
Gaearnith Sea Sister gaear+nîth
Gaearthel Sea Sister gaear+thêl
Gaearbes Sea Wife gaear+bess
Gaearon Sea gaear+-on
Gaearion Son of Sea gaear+iôn
Gaeardir Sea Man gaear+dîr
Gaearben Sea Husband gaear+benn
Gaeardor Sea Brother gaear+tôr
Gaearchon Sea Brother gaear+hawn
Gaear Sea gaear
Gaearphen Sea Person gaear+pen
Gaer – Sea (gaer)
Gaereth Sea gaer+-eth
Gaerel Sea gaer+-el
Gaeril Sea gaer+-il
Gaerien Daughter of the Sea gaer+-ien
Gaeriel Daughter of the Sea gaer+iell
Gaerhel Sea Girl gaer+sell
Gaerwen Sea Maiden gaer+gwend
Gaerneth Sea Girl gaer+neth
Gaerdis Sea Bride gaer+dîs
Gaerdes Sea Woman gaer+dess
Gaernith Sea Sister gaer+nîth
Gaerthel Sea Sister gaer+thêl
Gaerbes Sea Wife gaer+bess
Gaeron Sea gaer+-on
Gaerion Son of Sea gaer+-ion
Gaerdir Sea Man gaer+dîr
Gaerben Sea Husband gaer+benn
Gaerdor Sea Brother gaer+tôr
Gaerchon Sea Brother gaer+hawn
Gaerchanar Sea Brother gaer+hanar
Gaer Sea gaer
Gaerphen Sea Person gaer+pen

Gaeralagos – Sea Storm (gaer+alagos)

Garth – Fortress (garth)
Garthes Fortress garth+-eth
Garthel Fortress garth+-el
Gerthil Fortress garth+-il
Garthien Daughter of Fortress garth+-ien
Garthiel Daughter of Fortress garth+iell
Garthel Fortress Girl garth+sell
Garthel Fortress Sister garth+thêl
Garthon Fortress garth+-on
Garthion Son of Fortress garth+-ion
Garthon Fortress Brother garth+hawn
Garthanar Fortress Brother garth+hanar
Garth Fortress garth
Gas – Hole (gas)
Gasseth Hole gas+-eth
Gassel Hole gas+-el
Gessil Hole gas+-il
Gassien Daughter of Hole gas+-ien
Gassiel Daughter of Hole gas+iell
Gassel Hole Girl gas+sell
Gasson Hole gas+-on
Gassion Son of Hole gas+-ion
Gasdaer Hole Bridegroom gas+daer
Gasdir Hole Man gas+dîr
Gasben Hole Husband gas+benn
Gastor Hole Brother gas+tôr
Gas Hole gas
Gaspen Hole Person gas+pen
Gath – Cavern (gath)
Gathes Cavern gath+-eth
Gathel Cavern gath+-el
Gethil Cavern gath+-il
Gathien Daughter of Cavern gath+-ien
Gathiel Daughter of Cavern gath+iell
Gathel Cavern Girl gath+sell
Gathwen Cavern Maiden gath+gwend
Gathel Cavern Sister gath+thêl
Gathon Cavern gath+-on
Gathion Son of Cavern gath+-ion
Gathon Cavern Brother gath+hawn
Gathanar Cavern Brother gath+hanar
Gath Cavern gath
Gathrod – Cave (gathrod)
Gathrodeth Cave gathrod+-eth
Gathrodel Cave gathrod+-el
Gethredil Cave gathrod+-il
Gathrodien Daughter of Cave gathrod+-ien
Gathrodiel Daughter of Cave gathrod+iell
Gathrossel Cave Girl gathrod+sell
Gathrodwen Cave Maiden gathrod+gwend
Gathrodis Cave Bride gathrod+dîs
Gathrodes Cave Maiden gathrod+dess
Gathrodon Cave gathrod+-on
Gathrodion Son of Cave gathrod+-ion
Gathrodaer Cave Bridegroom gathrod+daer
Gathrodir Cave Man gathrod+dîr
Gathrodor Cave Brother gathrod+tôr
Gathrod Cave gathrod
Gaw – Void (gaw)
Gaweth Void gaw+-eth
Gawel Void gaw+-el
Gewil Void gaw+-il
Gawien Daughter of Void gaw+-ien
Gawiel Daughter of Void gaw+iell
Gohel Void Girl gaw+sell
Gawen Void Maiden gaw+gwend
Goneth Void Girl gaw+neth
Gonis Void Bride gaw+dîs
Gones Void Maiden gaw+dess
Gonith Void Sister gaw+nîth
Gothel Void Sister gaw+thêl
Goves Void Wife gaw+bess
Gawon Void gaw+-on
Gawion Son of Void gaw+-ion
Gonaer Void Bridegroom gaw+daer
Gonir Void Man gaw+dîr
Goven Void Husband gaw+benn
Godor Void Brother gaw+tôr
Gochon Void Brother gaw+hawn
Gochanar Void Brother gaw+hanar
Gaw Void gaw
Goben Void Person gaw+pen
Gobel – Town (gobel)
Gobeleth Town gobel+-eth
Gebelil Town gobel+-il
Gobelien Daughter of Town gobel+-ien
Gobeliel Daughter of Town gobel+iell
Gobelwen Town Maiden gobel+gwend
Gobelneth Town Girl gobel+neth
Gobeldis Town Bride gobel+dîs
Gobeldes Town Maiden gobel+dess
Gobelnith Town Sister gobel+nîth
Gobelbes Town Wife gobel+bess
Gobelon Town gobel+-on
Gobelion Son of Town gobel+-ion
Gobeldaer Town Bridegroom gobel+daer
Gobeldir Town Man gobel+dîr
Gobelben Town Husband gobel+benn
Gobeldor Town Brother gobel+tôr
Gobelchon Town Brother gobel+hawn
Gobel Town gobel
Gobelben Town Person gobel+pen
Gorthad – Barrow (gorthad)
Gorthadeth Barrow gorthad+-eth
Gorthadel Barrow gorthad+-el
Gerthedil Barrow gorthad+-il
Gorthadien Daughter of Barrow gorthad+-ien
Gorthadiel Daughter of Barrow gorthad+iell
Gorthassel Barrow Girl gorthad+sell
Gorthadwen Barrow Maiden gorthad+gwend
Gorthadis Barrow Bride gorthad+dîs
Gorthades Barrow Maiden gorthad+dess
Gorthadon Barrow gorthad+-on
Gorthadion Son of Barrow gorthad+-ion
Gorthadaer Barrow Bridegroom gorthad+daer
Gorthadir Barrow Man gorthad+dîr
Gorthador Barrow Brother gorthad+tôr
Gorthad Barrow gorthad
Groth – Cave/Tunnel (groth)
Grothes Cave/Tunnel groth+-eth
Grothel Cave/Tunnel groth+-el
Grethil Cave/Tunnel groth+-il
Grothien Daughter of Cave/Tunnel groth+-ien
Grothiel Daughter of Cave/Tunnel groth+iell
Grothel Cave/Tunnel Girl groth+sell
Grothwen Cave/Tunnel Maiden groth+gwend
Grothel Cave/Tunnel Sister groth+thêl
Grothon Cave/Tunnel groth+-on
Grothion Son of Cave/Tunnel groth+-ion
Grothon Cave/Tunnel Brother groth+hawn
Grothanar Cave/Tunnel Brother groth+hanar
Groth Cave/Tunnel groth
Hae – Far/Remote/Distant (hae)
Haehel Far/Remote/Distant Girl hae+sell
Haewen Far/Remote/Distant Maiden hae+gwend
Haeneth Far/Remote/Distant Girl hae+neth
Haenis Far/Remote/Distant Bride hae+dîs
Haenes Far/Remote/Distant Maiden hae+dess
Haenith Far/Remote/Distant Sister hae+nîth
Haethel Far/Remote/Distant Sister hae+thêl
Haeves Far/Remote/Distant Wife hae+bess
Haenir Far/Remote/Distant Man hae+dîr
Haeven Far/Remote/Distant Husband hae+benn
Haedor Far/Remote/Distant Brother hae+tôr
Haechon Far/Remote/Distant Brother hae+hawn
Haechanar Far/Remote/Distant Brother hae+hanar
Hae Far/Remote/Distant hae
Haeben Far/Remote/Distant Person hae+pen
Haered – Remote Distance (haered)
Haeredeth Remote Distance haered+-eth
Haeredel Remote Distance haered+-el
Haeredil Remote Distance haered+-il
Haeredien Daughter of Remote Distance haered+-ien
Haerediel Daughter of Remote Distance haered+iell
Haeressel Remote Distance Girl haered+sell
Haeredwen Remote Distance Maiden haered+gwend
Haeredis Remote Distance Bride haered+dîs
Haeredes Remote Distance Maiden haered+dess
Haeredon Remote Distance haered+-on
Haeredion Son of Remote Distance haered+-ion
Haeredaer Remote Distance Bridegroom haered+daer
Haeredir Remote Distance Man haered+dîr
Haeredor Remote Distance Brother haered+tôr
Haered Remote Distance haered
Haeron – Far/Remote/Distant (haeron)
Haeroneth Far/Remote/Distant One haeron+-eth
Haeronel Far/Remote/Distant One haeron+-el
Haerenil Far/Remote/Distant One haeron+-il
Haeronien Daughter of Far/Remote/Distant One haeron+-ien
Haeroniel Daughter of Far/Remote/Distant One haeron+iell
Haerossel Far/Remote/Distant Girl haeron+sell
Haerongwen Far/Remote/Distant Maiden haeron+gwend
Haeroneth Far/Remote/Distant Girl haeron+neth
Haerondis Far/Remote/Distant Bride haeron+dîs
Haerondes Far/Remote/Distant Maiden haeron+dess
Haeronith Far/Remote/Distant Sister haeron+nîth
Haeronthel Far/Remote/Distant Sister haeron+thêl
Haeromes Far/Remote/Distant Wife haeron+bess
Haeronor Far/Remote/Distant One haeron+-on
Haeronion Son of Far/Remote/Distant One haeron+-ion
Haerondir Far/Remote/Distant Man haeron+dîr
Haeromen Far/Remote/Distant Husband haeron+benn
Haerothor Far/Remote/Distant Brother haeron+tôr
Haeron Far/Remote/Distant haeron
Haeromben Far/Remote/Distant Person haeron+pen
Harad – South (harad)
Haradeth South harad+-eth
Haradel South harad+-el
Heredil South harad+-il
Haradien Daughter of South harad+-ien
Haradiel Daughter of South harad+iell
Harassel South Girl harad+sell
Haradwen South Maiden harad+gwend
Haradis South Bride harad+dîs
Harades South Maiden harad+dess
Haradon South harad+-on
Haradion Son of South harad+-ion
Haradaer South Bridegroom harad+daer
Haradir South Man harad+dîr
Harador South Brother harad+tôr
Harad South harad
Haradren – Southern (haradren)
Haradreneth Southern One haradren+-eth
Haradrenel Southern One haradren+-el
Heredrenil Southern One haradren+-il
Haradrenien Daughter of Southern One haradren+-ien
Haradreniel Daughter of Southern One haradren+iell
Haradressel Southern Girl haradren+sell
Haradreneth Southern Girl haradren+neth
Haradrendis Southern Bride haradren+dîs
Haradrendes Southern Maiden haradren+dess
Haradrenith Southern Sister haradren+nîth
Haradrenthel Southern Sister haradren+thêl
Haradremes Southern Wife haradren+bess
Haradrenor Southern One haradren+-on
Haradrenion Son of Southern One haradren+-ion
Haradrendaer Southern Bridegroom haradren+daer
Haradrendir Southern Man haradren+dîr
Haradremen Southern Husband haradren+benn
Haradrethor Southern Brother haradren+tôr
Haradren Southern haradren
Haradremben Southern Person haradren+pen
Harn – Southern (harn)
Harneth Southern One harn+-eth
Harnel Southern One harn+-el
Hernil Southern One harn+-il
Harnien Daughter of Southern One harn+-ien
Harniel Daughter of Southern One harn+iell
Harsel Southern Girl harn+sell
Harneth Southern Girl harn+neth
Harnith Southern Sister harn+nîth
Harmes Southern Wife harn+bess
Harnor Southern One harn+-on
Harnion Son of Southern One harn+-ion
Harmen Southern Husband harn+benn
Harthor Southern Brother harn+tôr
Harn Southern harn
Harphen Southern Person harn+pen
Haudh – Tomb (haudh)
Hodhes Tomb haudh+-eth
Hodhel Tomb haudh+-el
Hoedhil Tomb haudh+-il
Hodhien Daughter of Tomb haudh+-ien
Hodhiel Daughter of Tomb haudh+iell
Hodhel Tomb Girl haudh+sell
Hodhwen Tomb Maiden haudh+gwend
Hodhon Tomb haudh+-on
Hodhion Son of Tomb haudh+-ion
Hodhon Tomb Brother haudh+hawn
Hodhanar Tomb Brother haudh+hanar
Haudh Tomb haudh
Henneth – Window (henneth)
Hennethes Window henneth+-eth
Hennethel Window henneth+-el
Hennethil Window henneth+-il
Hennethien Daughter of Window henneth+-ien
Hennethiel Daughter of Window henneth+iell
Hennethel Window Girl henneth+sell
Hennethwen Window Maiden henneth+gwend
Hennethel Window Sister henneth+thêl
Hennethon Window henneth+-on
Hennethion Son of Window henneth+-ion
Hennethon Window Brother henneth+hawn
Henneth Window henneth
Hithaer – Sea Mist (hith+gaer)
Hithaereth Sea Mist hith+gaer+-eth
Hithaerel Sea Mist hith+gaer+-el
Hithaeril Sea Mist hith+gaer+-il
Hithaerien Daughter of Sea Mist hith+gaer+-ien
Hithaeriel Daughter of Sea Mist hith+gaer+iell
Hithaerwen Sea Mist Maiden hith+gaer+gwend
Hithaerneth Sea Mist Girl hith+gaer+neth
Hithaerdis Sea Mist Bride hith+gaer+dîs
Hithaerdes Sea Mist Maiden hith+gaer+dess
Hithaernith Sea Mist Sister hith+gaer+nîth
Hithaerbes Sea Mist Wife hith+gaer+bess
Hithaeron Sea Mist hith+gaer+-on
Hithaerion Son of Sea Mist hith+gaer+-ion
Hithaerdir Sea Mist Man hith+gaer+dîr
Hithaerben Sea Mist Husband hith+gaer+benn
Hithaerdor Sea Mist Brother hith+gaer+tôr
Hithaer Sea Mist hith+gaer
Hithaerphen Sea Mist Person hith+gaer+pen
Hûb – Haven/Harbor/Bay (hûb)
Húbeth Haven/Harbor/Bay hûb+-eth
Húbel Haven/Harbor/Bay hûb+-el
Hýbil Haven/Harbor/Bay hûb+-il
Húbien Daughter of Haven/Harbor/Bay hûb+-ien
Húbiel Daughter of the Haven/Harbor/Bay hûb+-iel
Húbes Haven/Harbor/Bay Wife hûb+bess
Húbon Haven/Harbor/Bay hûb+-on
Húbion Son of the Haven/Harbor/Bay hûb+-ion
Húben Haven/Harbor/Bay Husband hûb+benn
Hûb Haven/Harbor/Bay hûb
Húben Haven/Harbor/Bay Person hûb+pen
Iâ – Abyss (iâ)
Iahel Abyss Girl iâ+sell
Iawen Abyss Maiden iâ+gwend
Ianeth Abyss Girl iâ+neth
Ianis Abyss Bride iâ+dîs
Ianes Abyss Maiden iâ+dess
Ianith Abyss Sister iâ+nîth
Iathel Abyss Sister iâ+thêl
Iaves Abyss Wife iâ+bess
Ianaer Abyss Bridegroom iâ+daer
Ianir Abyss Man iâ+dîr
Iaven Abyss Husband iâ+benn
Iador Abyss Brother iâ+tôr
Iachon Abyss Brother iâ+hawn
Iachanar Abyss Brother iâ+hanar
Iaben Abyss Person iâ+pen
Iach – Ford/Crossing (iach)
Iacheth Ford/Crossing iach+-eth
Iachel Ford/Crossing iach+-el
Iechil Ford/Crossing iach+-il
Iachien Daughter of Ford/Crossing iach+-ien
Iachiel Daughter of Ford/Crossing iach+iell
Iachel Ford/Crossing Girl iach+sell
Iachwen Ford/Crossing Maiden iach+gwend
Iachon Ford/Crossing iach+-on
Iachion Son of Ford/Crossing iach+-ion
Iachon Ford/Crossing Brother iach+hawn
Iachanar Ford/Crossing Brother iach+hanar
Iach Ford/Crossing iach
Iant – Bridge (iant)
Ianneth Bridge iant+-eth
Iannel Bridge iant+-el
Iennil Bridge iant+-il
Iannien Daughter of Bridge iant+-ien
Ianniel Daughter of Bridge iant+iell
Ianthel Bridge Girl iant+sell
Iangwen Bridge Maiden iant+gwend
Ianneth Bridge Girl iant+neth
Iandis Bridge Bride iant+dîs
Iandes Bridge Maiden iant+dess
Iannith Bridge Sister iant+nîth
Iambes Bridge Wife iant+bess
Iannor Bridge iant+-on
Iannion Son of Bridge iant+-ion
Iandaer Bridge Bridegroom iant+daer
Iandir Bridge Man iant+dîr
Iamben Bridge Husband iant+benn
Iandor Bridge Brother iant+tôr
Iant Bridge iant
Iamben Bridge Person iant+pen
Iau – Ravine/Gulf (iau)
Iohel Ravine/Gulf Girl iau+sell
Iowen Ravine/Gulf Maiden iau+gwend
Ioneth Ravine/Gulf Girl iau+neth
Ionis Ravine/Gulf Bride iau+dîs
Iones Ravine/Gulf Woman iau+dess
Ionith Ravine/Gulf Sister iau+nîth
Iothel Ravine/Gulf Sister iau+thêl
Ioves Ravine/Gulf Wife iau+bess
Ionaer Ravine/Gulf Bridegroom iau+daer
Ionir Ravine/Gulf Man iau+dîr
Ioven Ravine/Gulf Husband iau+benn
Iodor Ravine/Gulf Brother iau+tôr
Iochon Ravine/Gulf Brother iau+hawn
Iochanar Ravine/Gulf Brother iau+hanar
Iau Ravine/Gulf iau
Ioben Ravine/Gulf Person iau+pen
Iaun – Sanctuary (iaun)
Ioneth Sanctuary iaun+-eth
Ionel Sanctuary iaun+-el
Ioenil Sanctuary iaun+-il
Ionien Daughter of Sanctuary iaun+-ien
Ioniel Daughter of Sanctuary iaun+iell
Iossel Sanctuary Girl iaun+sell
Iongwen Sanctuary Maiden iaun+gwend
Ioneth Sanctuary Girl iaun+neth
Iondis Sanctuary Bride iaun+dîs
Iondes Sanctuary Maiden iaun+dess
Ionith Sanctuary Sister iaun+nîth
Ionthel Sanctuary Sister iaun+thêl
Iomes Sanctuary Wife iaun+bess
Ionor Sanctuary iaun+-on
Iondaer Sanctuary Bridegroom iaun+daer
Iondir Sanctuary Man iaun+dîr
Iomen Sanctuary Husband iaun+benn
Iothor Sanctuary Brother iaun+tôr
Iaun Sanctuary iaun
Iomben Sanctuary Person iaun+pen
Iôl – Flood Plain (iôl)
Ióleth Flood Plain iôl+-eth
Iólel Flood Plain iôl+-el
Iélil Flood Plain iôl+-il
Iólien Daughter of the Flood Plain iôl+-ien
Ióliel Daughter of the Flood Plain iôl+-iel
Iólhel Flood Plain Girl iôl+sell
Iólwen Flood Plain Maiden iôl+gwend
Iólneth Flood Plain Girl iôl+neth
Ióldis Flood Plain Bride iôl+dîs
Ióldes Flood Plain Woman iôl+dess
Iólnith Flood Plain Sister iôl+nîth
Iólthel Flood Plain Sister iôl+thêl
Iólbes Flood Plain Wife iôl+bess
Iólon Flood Plain iôl+-on
Iólion Son of Flood Plain iôl+-ion
Ióldaer Flood Plain Bridegroom iôl+daer
Ióldir Flood Plain Man iôl+dîr
Iólben Flood Plain Husband iôl+benn
Ióldor Flood Plain Brother iôl+tôr
Iólchon Flood Plain Brother iôl+hawn
Iólchanar Flood Plain Brother iôl+hanar
Iôl Flood Plain iôl
Iólben Flood Plain Person iôl+pen
Lad – Plain/Valley (lad)
Ladeth Plain/Valley lad+-eth
Ladel Plain/Valley lad+-el
Ledil Plain/Valley lad+-il
Ladien Daughter of Plain/Valley lad+-ien
Ladiel Daughter of Plain/Valley lad+-iel
Lassel Plain/Valley Girl lad+sell
Ladwen Plain/Valley Maiden lad+gwend
Ladis Plain/Valley Bride lad+dîs
Lades Plain/Valley Woman lad+dess
Ladon Plain/Valley lad+-on
Ladion Son of Plain/Valley lad+-ion
Ladaer Plain/Valley Bridegroom lad+daer
Ladir Plain/Valley Man lad+dîr
Lador Plain/Valley Brother lad+tôr
Lad Plain/Valley lad
Lant – Clearing (lant)
Lanneth Clearing lant+-eth
Lannel Clearing lant+-el
Lennil Clearing lant+-il
Lannien Daughter of Clearing lant+-ien
Lanniel Daughter of Clearing lant+iell
Lanthel Clearing Girl lant+sell
Langwen Clearing Maiden lant+gwend
Lanneth Clearing Girl lant+neth
Landis Clearing Bride lant+dîs
Landes Clearing Maiden lant+dess
Lannith Clearing Sister lant+nîth
Lanthel Clearing Sister lant+thêl
Lambes Clearing Wife lant+bess
Lannor Clearing lant+-on
Lannion Son of Clearing lant+-ion
Landaer Clearing Bridegroom lant+daer
Landir Clearing Man lant+dîr
Lamben Clearing Husband lant+benn
Landor Clearing Brother lant+tôr
Lant Clearing lant
Lamben Clearing Person lant+pen
Lanthir – Waterfall (lanthir)
Lanthires Waterfall lanthir+-eth
Lanthirel Waterfall lanthir+-el
Lanthiril Waterfall lanthir+-il
Lanthirien Daughter of Waterfall lanthir+-ien
Lanthiriel Daughter of Waterfall lanthir+iell
Lanthirhel Waterfall Girl lanthir+sell
Lanthirwen Waterfall Maiden lanthir+gwend
Lanthirneth Waterfall Girl lanthir+neth
Lanthirdis Waterfall Bride lanthir+dîs
Lanthirdes Waterfall Maiden lanthir+dess
Lanthirnith Waterfall Sister lanthir+nîth
Lanthirbes Waterfall Wife lanthir+bess
Lanthiron Waterfall lanthir+-on
Lanthirion Son of Waterfall lanthir+-ion
Lanthirdaer Waterfall Bridegroom lanthir+daer
Lanthirben Waterfall Husband lanthir+benn
Lanthirdor Waterfall Brother lanthir+tôr
Lanthirchon Waterfall Brother lanthir+hawn
Lanthir Waterfall lanthir
Lanthirphen Waterfall Person lanthir+pen
Lîn – Pool (lîn)
Lineth Pool lîn+-eth
Linel Pool lîn+-el
Linil Pool lîn+-il
Linien Daughter of Pool lîn+-ien
Liniel Daughter of Pool lîn+iell
Lissel Pool Girl lîn+sell
Lingwen Pool Maiden lîn+gwend
Lineth Pool Girl lîn+neth
Lindis Pool Bride lîn+dîs
Lindes Pool Maiden lîn+dess
Linith Pool Sister lîn+nîth
Linthel Pool Sister lîn+thêl
Limes Pool Wife lîn+bess
Linor Pool lîn+-on
Linion Son of Pool lîn+-ion
Lindaer Pool Bridegroom lîn+daer
Lindir Pool Man lîn+dîr
Limen Pool Husband lîn+benn
Lithor Pool Brother lîn+tôr
Lîn Pool lîn
Limben Pool Person lîn+pen
Lô – Shallow Lake/Marshland (lô)
Lóhel Shallow Lake/Marshland Girl lô+sell
Lówen Shallow Lake/Marshland Maiden lô+gwend
Lóneth Shallow Lake/Marshland Girl lô+neth
Lónis Shallow Lake/Marshland Bride lô+dîs
Lónes Shallow Lake/Marshland Woman lô+dess
Lónith Shallow Lake/Marshland Sister lô+nîth
Lóthel Shallow Lake/Marshland Sister lô+thêl
Lóves Shallow Lake/Marshland Wife lô+bess
Lónaer Shallow Lake/Marshland Bridegroom lô+daer
Lónir Shallow Lake/Marshland Man lô+dîr
Lóven Shallow Lake/Marshland Husband lô+benn
Lódor Shallow Lake/Marshland Brother lô+tôr
Lóchon Shallow Lake/Marshland Brother lô+hawn
Lóchanar Shallow Lake/Marshland Brother lô+hanar
Shallow Lake/Marshland
Lóben Shallow Lake/Marshland Person lô+pen
Loeg – Pool (loeg)
Loegeth Pool loeg+-eth
Loegel Pool loeg+-el
Loegil Pool loeg+-il
Loegien Daughter of Pool loeg+-ien
Loegiel Daughter of Pool loeg+iell
Loegwen Pool Maiden loeg+gwend
Loegneth Pool Girl loeg+neth
Loegnis Pool Bride loeg+dîs
Loegnes Pool Maiden loeg+dess
Loegnith Pool Sister loeg+nîth
Loecthel Pool Sister loeg+thêl
Loegon Pool loeg+-on
Loegion Son of Pool loeg+-ion
Loegnaer Pool Bridegroom loeg+daer
Loegnir Pool Man loeg+dîr
Loechon Pool Brother loeg+hawn
Loechanar Pool Brother loeg+hanar
Loeg Pool loeg
Lorn – Harbour (lorn)
Lorneth Harbour lorn+-eth
Lornel Harbour lorn+-el
Lernil Harbour lorn+-il
Lornien Daughter of Harbour lorn+-ien
Lorniel Daughter of Harbour lorn+iell
Lorsel Harbour Girl lorn+sell
Lorneth Harbour Girl lorn+neth
Lornith Harbour Sister lorn+nîth
Lormes Harbour Wife lorn+bess
Lornion Son of Harbour lorn+-ion
Lormen Harbour Husband lorn+benn
Lorthor Harbour Brother lorn+tôr
Lorn Harbour lorn
Lorphen Harbour Person lorn+pen
Lossam – Empty Chamber (lost+sam)
Lossameth Empty Chamber lost+sam+-eth
Lossamel Empty Chamber lost+sam+-el
Lossemil Empty Chamber lost+sam+-il
Lossamien Daughter of Empty Chamber lost+sam+-ien
Lossamiel Daughter of Empty Chamber lost+sam+-iel
Lossamhel Empty Chamber Girl lost+sam+sell
Lossamdis Empty Chamber Bride lost+sam+dîs
Lossamdes Empty Chamber Woman lost+sam+dess
Lossambes Empty Chamber Wife lost+sam+bess
Lossamon Empty Chamber lost+sam+-on
Lossamion Son of Empty Chamber lost+sam+-ion
Lossamdaer Empty Chamber Bridegroom lost+sam+daer
Lossamdir Empty Chamber Man lost+sam+dîr
Lossamben Empty Chamber Husband lost+sam+benn
Lossamdor Empty Chamber Brother lost+sam+tôr
Lossam Empty Chamber lost+sam
Lossamben Empty Chamber Person lost+sam+pen
Maegorod – Sharp Mountain (maeg+orod)
Maegorodeth Sharp Mountain maeg+orod+-eth
Maegorodel Sharp Mountain maeg+orod+-el
Maegeredil Sharp Mountain maeg+orod+-il
Maegorodien Daughter of Sharp Mountain maeg+orod+-ien
Maegorodiel Daughter of Sharp Mountain maeg+orod+iell
Maegorossel Sharp Mountain Girl maeg+orod+sell
Maegorodwen Sharp Mountain Maiden maeg+orod+gwend
Maegorodis Sharp Mountain Bride maeg+orod+dîs
Maegorodes Sharp Mountain Maiden maeg+orod+dess
Maegorodon Sharp Mountain maeg+orod+-on
Maegorodion Son of Sharp Mountain maeg+orod+-ion
Maegorodaer Sharp Mountain Bridegroom maeg+orod+daer
Maegorodir Sharp Mountain Man maeg+orod+dîr
Maegorodor Sharp Mountain Brother maeg+orod+tôr
Maegorod Sharp Mountain maeg+orod
Men – Way/Road (men)
Meneth Way/Road men+-eth
Menel Way/Road men+-el
Menil Way/Road men+-il
Menien Daughter of Way/Road men+-ien
Meniel Daughter of Way/Road men+iell
Messel Way/Road Girl men+sell
Meneth Way/Road Girl men+neth
Mendis Way/Road Bride men+dîs
Mendes Way/Road Maiden men+dess
Menith Way/Road Sister men+nîth
Menthel Way/Road Sister men+thêl
Menor Way/Road men+-on
Menion Son of Way/Road men+-ion
Mendaer Way/Road Bridegroom men+daer
Mendir Way/Road Man men+dîr
Methor Way/Road Brother men+tôr
Men Way/Road men
Minas – Tower (minas)
Minasseth Tower minas+-eth
Minassel Tower minas+-el
Minessil Tower minas+-il
Minassien Daughter of Tower minas+-ien
Minassiel Daughter of Tower minas+iell
Minassel Tower Girl minas+sell
Minasdis Tower Bride minas+dîs
Minasdes Tower Maiden minas+dess
Minasbes Tower Wife minas+bess
Minasson Tower minas+-on
Minassion Son of Tower minas+-ion
Minasdaer Tower Bridegroom minas+daer
Minasdir Tower Man minas+dîr
Minasben Tower Husband minas+benn
Minastor Tower Brother minas+tôr
Minas Tower minas
Minaspen Tower Person minas+pen
Mindon – Hill/Tower (mindon)
Mindoneth Hill/Tower mindon+-eth
Mindonel Hill/Tower mindon+-el
Mindenil Hill/Tower mindon+-il
Mindonien Daughter of Hill/Tower mindon+-ien
Mindoniel Daughter of Hill/Tower mindon+iell
Mindossel Hill/Tower Girl mindon+sell
Mindongwen Hill/Tower Maiden mindon+gwend
Mindoneth Hill/Tower Girl mindon+neth
Mindonith Hill/Tower Sister mindon+nîth
Mindonthel Hill/Tower Sister mindon+thêl
Mindomes Hill/Tower Wife mindon+bess
Mindonor Hill/Tower mindon+-on
Mindomen Hill/Tower Husband mindon+benn
Mindothor Hill/Tower Brother mindon+tôr
Mindon Hill/Tower mindon
Mindomben Hill/Tower Person mindon+pen
Nadhor – Pasture (nadhor)
Nadhoreth Pasture nadhor+-eth
Nadhorel Pasture nadhor+-el
Nedheril Pasture nadhor+-il
Nadhorien Daughter of Pasture nadhor+-ien
Nadhoriel Daughter of Pasture nadhor+-iel
Nadhorhel Pasture Girl nadhor+sell
Nadhorwen Pasture Maiden nadhor+gwend
Nadhorneth Pasture Girl nadhor+neth
Nadhordis Pasture Bride nadhor+dîs
Nadhordes Pasture Woman nadhor+dess
Nadhornith Pasture Sister nadhor+nî
Nadhorthel Pasture Sister nadhor+thêl
Nadhorbes Pasture Wife nadhor+bess
Nadhoron Pasture nadhor+-on
Nadhorion Son of Pasture nadhor+-ion
Nadhordaer Pasture Bridegroom nadhor+daer
Nadhordir Pasture Man nadhor+dîr
Nadhorben Pasture Husband nadhor+benn
Nadhordor Pasture Brother nadhor+tôr
Nadhorchon Pasture Brother nadhor+hawn
Nadhor Pasture nadhor
Nadhorphen Pasture Person nadhor+pen
Nan – Grassland/Valley (nan)
Naneth Grassland/Valley nan+-eth
Nanel Grassland/Valley nan+-el
Nenil Grassland/Valley nan+-il
Nanien Daughter of Grassland/Valley nan+-ien
Naniel Daughter of Grassland/Valley nan+-iel
Nassel Grassland/Valley Girl nan+sell
Nangwen Grassland/Valley Maiden nan+gwend
Naneth Grassland/Valley Girl nan+neth
Nandis Grassland/Valley Bride nan+dîs
Nandes Grassland/Valley Woman nan+dess
Nanith Grassland/Valley Sister nan+nîth
Nanthel Grassland/Valley Sister nan+thêl
Names Grassland/Valley Wife nan+bess
Nanor Grassland/Valley nan+-on
Nanion Son of Grassland/Valley nan+-ion
Nandaer Grassland/Valley Bridegroom nan+daer
Nandir Grassland/Valley Man nan+dîr
Namen Grassland/Valley Husband nan+benn
Nathor Grassland/Valley Brother nan+tôr
Nan Grassland/Valley nan
Namben Grassland/Valley Person nan+pen
Ninael – Tears of a Pool (nîn+ael)
Ninaeleth Tears of a Pool nîn+ael+-eth
Ninaelel Tears of a Pool nîn+ael+-el
Ninaelil Tears of a Pool nîn+ael+-il
Ninaelien Daughter of Tears of a Pool nîn+ael+-ien
Ninaeliel Daughter of Tears of a Pool nîn+ael+iell
Ninaelhel Tears of a Pool Girl nîn+ael+sell
Ninaelwen Tears of a Pool Maiden nîn+ael+gwend
Ninaelneth Tears of a Pool Girl nîn+ael+neth
Ninaeldis Tears of a Pool Bride nîn+ael+dîs
Ninaeldes Tears of a Pool Maiden nîn+ael+dess
Ninaelnith Tears of a Pool Sister nîn+ael+nîth
Ninaelthel Tears of a Pool Sister nîn+ael+thêl
Ninaelbes Tears of a Pool Wife nîn+ael+bess
Ninaelon Tears of a Pool nîn+ael+-on
Ninaelion Son of Tears of a Pool nîn+ael+-ion
Ninaeldir Tears of a Pool Man nîn+ael+dîr
Ninaelben Tears of a Pool Husband nîn+ael+benn
Ninaeldor Tears of a Pool Brother nîn+ael+tôr
Ninaelchon Tears of a Pool Brother nîn+ael+hawn
Ninaelchanar Tears of a Pool Brother nîn+ael+hanar
Ninael Tears of a Pool nîn+ael
Ninaelben Tears of a Pool Person nîn+ael+pen
Ningaear – Tears of the Sea (nîn+gaear)
Ningaeareth Tears of the Sea nîn+gaear+-eth
Ningaearel Tears of the Sea nîn+gaear+-el
Ningaearil Tears of the Sea nîn+gaear+-il
Ningaearien Daughter of Tears of the Sea nîn+gaear+-ien
Ningaeariel Daughter of Tears of the Sea nîn+gaear+iell
Ningaearel Tears of the Sea Girl nîn+gaear+sell
Ningaearwen Tears of the Sea Maiden nîn+gaear+gwend
Ningaearneth Tears of the Sea Girl nîn+gaear+neth
Ningaeardis Tears of the Sea Bride nîn+gaear+dîs
Ningaeardes Tears of the Sea Maiden nîn+gaear+dess
Ningaearnith Tears of the Sea Sister nîn+gaear+nîth
Ningaearthel Tears of the Sea Sister nîn+gaear+thêl
Ningaearbes Tears of the Sea Wife nîn+gaear+bess
Ningaearon Tears of the Sea nîn+gaear+-on
Ningaearion Son of Tears of the Sea nîn+gaear+-ion
Ningaeardir Tears of the Sea Man nîn+gaear+dîr
Ningaearben Tears of the Sea Husband nîn+gaear+benn
Ningaeardor Tears of the Sea Brother nîn+gaear+tôr
Ningaearchon Tears of the Sea Brother nîn+gaear+hawn
Ningaearchanar Tears of the Sea Brother nîn+gaear+hanar
Ningaear Tears of the Sea nîn+gaear
Ningaearphen Tears of the Sea Person nîn+gaear+pen
Oll – Stream (oll)
Oleth Stream oll+-eth
Olel Stream oll+-el
Elil Stream oll+-il
Olien Daughter of Stream oll+-ien
Oliel Daughter of Stream oll+iell
Olhel Stream Girl oll+sell
Olwen Stream Maiden oll+gwend
Olneth Stream Girl oll+neth
Oldis Stream Bride oll+dîs
Oldes Stream Woman oll+dess
Olnith Stream Sister oll+nîth
Olthel Stream Sister oll+thêl
Olbes Stream Wife oll+bess
Olon Stream oll+-on
Olion Son of Stream oll+iôn
Oldaer Stream Bridegroom oll+daer
Oldir Stream Man oll+dîr
Olben Stream Husband oll+benn
Oldor Stream Brother oll+tôr
Olchon Stream Brother oll+hawn
Olchanar Stream Brother oll+hanar
Ol Stream oll
Olben Stream Person oll+pen
Óleryd – Dream of Mountains (ôl+eryd)
Ólerydeth Dream of Mountains ôl+eryd+-eth
Ólerydel Dream of Mountains ôl+eryd+-el
Ólerydil Dream of Mountains ôl+eryd+-il
Ólerydien Daughter of Dream of Mountains ôl+eryd+-ien
Ólerydiel Daughter of Dream of Mountains ôl+eryd+iell
Óleryssel Dream of Mountains Girl ôl+eryd+sell
Ólerydwen Dream of Mountains Maiden ôl+eryd+gwend
Ólerydis Dream of Mountains Bride ôl+eryd+dîs
Ólerydes Dream of Mountains Maiden ôl+eryd+dess
Ólerydon Dream of Mountains ôl+eryd+-on
Ólerydion Son of Dream of Mountains ôl+eryd+-ion
Ólerydaer Dream of Mountains Bridegroom ôl+eryd+daer
Ólerydir Dream of Mountains Man ôl+eryd+dîr
Ólerydor Dream of Mountains Brother ôl+eryd+tôr
Óleryd Dream of Mountains ôl+eryd
Orod – Mountain (orod)
Orodeth Mountain orod+-eth
Orodel Mountain orod+-el
Eredil Mountain orod+-il
Orodien Daughter of Mountain orod+-ien
Orodiel Daughter of Mountain orod+-iel
Orossel Mountain Girl orod+sell
Orodwen Mountain Maiden orod+gwend
Orodis Mountain Bride orod+dîs
Orodes Mountain Woman orod+dess
Orodon Mountain orod+-on
Orodion Son of Mountain orod+-ion
Orodaer Mountain Bridegroom orod+daer
Orodir Mountain Man orod+dîr
Orodor Mountain Brother orod+tôr
Orod Mountain orod
Pâd – Way/Path (pâd)
Padeth Way/Path pâd+-eth
Padel Way/Path pâd+-el
Pedil Way/Path pâd+-il
Padien Daughter of Way/Path pâd+-ien
Padiel Daughter of Way/Path pâd+-iel
Passel Way/Path Girl pâd+sell
Padwen Way/Path Maiden pâd+gwend
Padis Way/Path Bride pâd+dîs
Pades Way/Path Woman pâd+dess
Padon Way/Path pâd+-on
Padion Son of Way/Path pâd+-ion
Padaer Way/Path Bridegroom pâd+daer
Padir Way/Path Man pâd+dîr
Pador Way/Path Brother pâd+tôr
Pâd Way/Path pâd
Parth – Fenced Field (parth)
Parthes Fenced Field parth+-eth
Parthel Fenced Field parth+-el
Perthil Fenced Field parth+-il
Parthien Daughter of Fenced Field parth+-ien
Parthiel Daughter of Fenced Field parth+-iel
Parthel Fenced Field Girl parth+sell
Parthel Fenced Field Sister parth+thêl
Parthon Fenced Field parth+-on
Parthion Son of Fenced Field parth+-ion
Parthon Fenced Field Brother parth+hawn
Parthanar Fenced Field Brother parth+hanar
Parth Fenced Field parth
Pel – Fenced Field (pel)
Peleth Fenced Field pel+-eth
Pelil Fenced Field pel+-il
Pelien Daughter of Fenced Field pel+-ien
Peliel Daughter of Fenced Field pel+-iel
Pelwen Fenced Field Maiden pel+gwend
Pelneth Fenced Field Girl pel+neth
Peldis Fenced Field Bride pel+dîs
Peldes Fenced Field Woman pel+dess
Pelnith Fenced Field Sister pel+nîth
Pelbes Fenced Field Wife pel+bess
Pelon Fenced Field pel+-on
Pelion Son of Fenced Field pel+-ion
Peldaer Fenced Field Bridegroom pel+daer
Peldir Fenced Field Man pel+dîr
Pelben Fenced Field Husband pel+benn
Peldor Fenced Field Brother pel+tôr
Pelchon Fenced Field Brother pel+hawn
Pelchanar Fenced Field Brother pel+hanar
Pel Fenced Field pel
Pelben Fenced Field Person pel+pen
Râd – Path/Track (râd)
Radeth Path/Track râd+-eth
Radel Path/Track râd+-el
Redil Path/Track râd+-il
Radien Daughter of Path/Track râd+-ien
Radiel Daughter of a Path/Track râd+-iel
Rassel Path/Track Girl râd+sell
Radwen Path/Track Maiden râd+gwend
Radis Path/Track Bride râd+dîs
Rades Path/Track Woman râd+dess
Radon Path/Track râd+-on
Radion Son of a Path/Track râd+-ion
Radaer Path/Track Bridegroom râd+daer
Radir Path/Track Man râd+dîr
Rador Path/Track Brother râd+tôr
Râd Path/Track râd
Ram – Wall (ram)
Rameth Wall ram+-eth
Ramel Wall ram+-el
Remil Wall ram+-il
Ramien Daughter of Wall ram+-ien
Ramiel Daughter of Wall ram+-iel
Ramhel Wall Girl ram+sell
Ramdis Wall Bride ram+dîs
Ramdes Wall Woman ram+dess
Rambes Wall Wife ram+bess
Ramon Wall ram+-on
Ramion Son of Wall ram+-ion
Ramdaer Wall Bridegroom ram+daer
Ramdir Wall Man ram+dîr
Ramben Wall Husband ram+benn
Ramdor Wall Brother ram+tôr
Ram Wall ram
Ramben Wall Person ram+pen
Rant – Riverbed (rant)
Ranneth Riverbed rant+-eth
Rannel Riverbed rant+-el
Rannil Riverbed rant+-il
Rannien Daughter of Riverbed rant+-ien
Ranniel Daughter of Riverbed rant+-iel
Ranthel Riverbed Girl rant+sell
Rangwen Riverbed Maiden rant+gwend
Ranneth Riverbed Girl rant+neth
Randis Riverbed Bride rant+dîs
Randes Riverbed Woman rant+dess
Rannith Riverbed Sister rant+nîth
Ranthel Riverbed Sister rant+thêl
Rambes Riverbed Wife rant+bess
Rannor River Course/Riverbed rant+-on
Rannion Son of River Course/Riverbed rant+-ion
Randaer River Course/Riverbed Bridegroom rant+daer
Randir River Course/Riverbed Man rant+dîr
Ramben River Course/Riverbed Husband rant+benn
Randor River Course/Riverbed Brother rant+tôr
Rant Riverbed rant
Ramben Riverbed Person rant+pen
Raw – Riverbank (raw)
Raweth Riverbank raw+-eth
Rawel Riverbank raw+-el
Rewil Riverbank raw+-il
Rawien Daughter of Riverbank raw+-ien
Rawiel Daughter of Riverbank raw+-iel
Rohel Riverbank Girl raw+sell
Rawen Riverbank Maiden raw+gwend
Roneth Riverbank Girl raw+neth
Ronis Riverbank Bride raw+dîs
Rones Riverbank Woman raw+dess
Ronith Riverbank Sister raw+nîth
Rothel Riverbank Sister raw+thêl
Roves Riverbank Wife raw+bess
Rawion Son of Riverbank raw+-ion
Ronaer Riverbank Bridegroom raw+daer
Ronir Riverbank Man raw+dîr
Roven Riverbank Husband raw+benn
Rodor Riverbank Brother raw+tôr
Rochon Riverbank Brother raw+hawn
Rochanar Riverbank Brother raw+hanar
Raw Riverbank raw
Roben Riverbank Person raw+pen
Rhovan – Wilderness (rhovan)
Rhovaneth Wilderness rhovan+-eth
Rhovanel Wilderness rhovan+-el
Rhevenil Wilderness rhovan+-il
Rhovanien Daughter of Wilderness rhovan+-ien
Rhovaniel Daughter of Wilderness rhovan+-iel
Rhovassel Wilderness Girl rhovan+sell
Rhovangwen Wilderness Maiden rhovan+gwend
Rhovaneth Wilderness Girl rhovan+neth
Rhovandis Wilderness Bride rhovan+dîs
Rhovandes Wilderness Woman rhovan+dess
Rhovanith Wilderness Sister rhovan+nîth
Rhovanthel Wilderness Sister rhovan+thêl
Rhovames Wilderness Wife rhovan+bess
Rhovanon Wilderness rhovan+-on
Rhovanion Son of Wilderness rhovan+-ion
Rhovandaer Wilderness Bridegroom rhovan+daer
Rhovandir Wilderness Man rhovan+dîr
Rhovamen Wilderness Husband rhovan+benn
Rhovathor Wilderness Brother rhovan+tôr
Rhovan Wilderness rhovan
Rhovamben Wilderness Person rhovan+pen
Rim – Cold Mountain Pool (rim)
Rimeth Pool rim+-eth
Rimel Pool rim+-el
Rimil Pool rim+-il
Rimien Daughter of Pool rim+-ien
Rimiel Daughter of Pool rim+-iel
Rimhel Pool Girl rim+sell
Rimdis Pool Bride rim+dîs
Rimdes Pool Woman rim+dess
Rimbes Pool Wife rim+bess
Rimon Pool rim+-on
Rimion Son of Pool rim+-ion
Rimdaer Pool Bridegroom rim+daer
Rimdir Pool Man rim+dîr
Rimben Pool Husband rim+benn
Rimdor Pool Brother rim+tôr
Rim Pool rim
Rimben Pool Person rim+pen
Sîr – River (sîr)
Síreth River sîr+-eth
Sírel River sîr+-el
Síril River sîr+-il
Sírien Daughter of River sîr+-ien
Síriel Daughter of River sîr+-iel
Sírhel River Girl sîr+sell
Sírwen River Maiden sîr+gwend
Sírneth River Girl sîr+neth
Sírdis River Bride sîr+dîs
Sírdes River Woman sîr+dess
Sírnith River Sister sîr+nîth
Sírthel River Sister sîr+thêl
Sírbes River Wife sîr+bess
Síron River sîr+-on
Sírion Son of River sîr+-ion
Sírdaer River Bridegroom sîr+daer
Sírdir River Man sîr+dîr
Sírben River Husband sîr+benn
Sírdor River Brother sîr+tôr
Sírchon River Brother sîr+hawn
Sírchanar River Brother sîr+hanar
Sîr River sîr
Sírphen River Person sîr+pen
Talath – Flatland/Plain (talath)
Talathes Flatland/Plain talath+-eth
Talathel Flatland/Plain talath+-el
Telethil Flatland/Plain talath+-il
Talathien Daughter of Flatland/Plain talath+-ien
Talathiel Daughter of Flatland/Plain talath+-iel
Talathel Flatland/Plain Girl talath+sell
Talathwen Flatland/Plain Maiden talath+gwend
Talathel Flatland/Plain Sister talath+thêl
Talathon Flatland/Plain talath+-on
Talathion Son of Flatland/Plain talath+-ion
Talathon Flatland/Plain Brother talath+hawn
Talathanar Flatland/Plain Brother talath+hanar
Talath Flatland/Plain talath
Talf – Flatland/Field (talf)
Talveth Flatland/Field talf+-eth
Talvel Flatland/Field talf+-el
Telvil Flatland/Field talf+-il
Talvien Daughter of Flatland/Field talf+-ien
Talviel Daughter of Flatland/Field talf+-iel
Talves Flatland/Field Wife talf+bess
Talvon Flatland/Field talf+-on
Talvion Son of Flatland/Field talf+-ion
Talven Flatland/Field Husband talf+benn
Talf Flatland/Field talf
Talphen Flatland/Field Person talf+pen
Taur – Forest (taur)
Toreth Forest taur+-eth
Torel Forest taur+-el
Toeril Forest taur+-il
Torien Daughter of Forest taur+-ien
Toriel Daughter of Forest taur+iell
Torhel Forest Girl taur+sell
Torwen Forest Maiden taur+gwend
Torneth Forest Girl taur+neth
Tordis Forest Bride taur+dîs
Tordes Forest Woman taur+dess
Tornith Forest Sister taur+nîth
Torthel Forest Sister taur+thêl
Torbes Forest Wife taur+bess
Toron Forest taur+-on
Torion Son of Forest taur+iôn
Tordaer Forest Bridegroom taur+daer
Tordir Forest Man taur+dîr
Torben Forest Husband taur+benn
Tordor Forest Brother taur+tôr
Torchon Forest Brother taur+hawn
Torchanar Forest Brother taur+hanar
Taur Forest taur
Torphen Forest Person taur+pen
Tharbad – Crossroad (tharbad)
Tharbadeth Crossroad tharbad+-eth
Tharbadel Crossroad tharbad+-el
Therbedil Crossroad tharbad+-il
Tharbadien Daughter of Crossroad tharbad+-ien
Tharbadiel Daughter of Crossroad tharbad+-iel
Tharbassel Crossroad Girl tharbad+sell
Tharbadwen Crossroad Maiden tharbad+gwend
Tharbadis Crossroad Bride tharbad+dîs
Tharbades Crossroad Woman tharbad+dess
Tharbadon Crossroad tharbad+-on
Tharbadion Son of Crossroad tharbad+-ion
Tharbadaer Crossroad Bridegroom tharbad+daer
Tharbadir Crossroad Man tharbad+dîr
Tharbador Crossroad Brother tharbad+tôr
Tharbad Crossroad tharbad
Tol – Island (tol)
Toleth Island tol+-eth
Tolel Island tol+-el
Telil Island tol+-il
Tolien Daughter of Island tol+-ien
Toliel Daughter of Island tol+-iel
Tolhel Island Girl tol+sell
Tolwen Island Maiden tol+gwend
Tolneth Island Girl tol+neth
Toldis Island Bride tol+dîs
Toldes Island Woman tol+dess
Tolnith Island Sister tol+nîth
Tolthel Island Sister tol+thêl
Tolbes Island Wife tol+bess
Tolon Island tol+-on
Tolion Son of Island tol+-ion
Toldaer Island Bridegroom tol+daer
Toldir Island Man tol+dîr
Tolben Island Husband tol+benn
Toldor Island Brother tol+tôr
Tolchon Island Brother tol+hawn
Tolchanar Island Brother tol+hanar
Tol Island tol
Tolben Island Person tol+pen
Tund – Hill/Mound (tund)
Tunneth Hill/Mound tund+-eth
Tunnel Hill/Mound tund+-el
Tynnil Hill/Mound tund+-il
Tunnien Daughter of Hill/Mound tund+-ien
Tunniel Daughter of Hill/Mound tund+-iel
Tunhel Hill/Mound Girl tund+sell
Tungwen Hill/Mound Maiden tund+gwend
Tunneth Hill/Mound Girl tund+neth
Tundis Hill/Mound Bride tund+dîs
Tundes Hill/Mound Woman tund+dess
Tunnith Hill/Mound Sister tund+nîth
Tunthel Hill/Mound Sister tund+thêl
Tumbes Hill/Mound Wife tund+bess
Tunnor Hill/Mound tund+-on
Tunnion Son of Hill/Mound tund+-ion
Tundaer Hill/Mound Bridegroom tund+daer
Tundir Hill/Mound Man tund+dîr
Tumben Hill/Mound Husband tund+benn
Tundor Hill/Mound Brother tund+tôr
Tund Hill/Mound tund
Tumben Hill/Mound Person tund+pen
Ŷr – River Course (ŷr)
Ýreth River Course ŷr+-eth
Ýrel River Course ŷr+-el
Ýril River Course ŷr+-il
Ýrien Daughter of River Course ŷr+-ien
Ýriel Daughter of River Course ŷr+-iel
Ýrhel River Course Girl ŷr+sell
Ýrwen River Course Maiden ŷr+gwend
Ýrneth River Course Girl ŷr+neth
Ýrdis River Course Bride ŷr+dîs
Ýrdes River Course Woman ŷr+dess
Ýrnith River Course Sister ŷr+nîth
Ýrthel River Course Sister ŷr+thêl
Ýrbes River Course Wife ŷr+bess
Ýron River Course ŷr+-on
Ýrion Son of River Course ŷr+-ion
Ýrdaer River Course Bridegroom ŷr+daer
Ýrdir River Course Man ŷr+dîr
Ýrben River Course Husband ŷr+benn
Ýrdor River Course Brother ŷr+tôr
Ýrchon River Course Brother ŷr+hawn
Ýrchanar River Course Brother ŷr+hanar
Ŷr River Course ŷr
Ýrphen River Course Person ŷr+pen