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Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name

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Golwen – Wise (golwen)
Golweneth Wise One golwen+-eth
Golwenel Wise One golwen+-el
Gelwenil Wise One golwen+-il
Golwenien Daughter of Wise One golwen+-ien
Golweniel Daughter of Wise One golwen+iell
Golwessel Wise Girl golwen+sell
Golweneth Wise Girl golwen+neth
Golwendis Wise Bride golwen+dîs
Golwendes Wise Maiden golwen+dess
Golwenith Wise Sister golwen+nîth
Golwenthel Wise Sister golwen+thêl
Golwemes Wise Wife golwen+bess
Golwenor Wise One golwen+-on
Golwenion Son of Wise One golwen+-ion
Golwendaer Wise Bridegroom golwen+daer
Golwendir Wise Man golwen+dîr
Golwemen Wise Husband golwen+benn
Golwethor Wise Brother golwen+tôr
Golwen Wise golwen
Golwemben Wise Person golwen+pen
Goll – Wise (goll)
Golleth Wise One goll+-eth
Gollel Wise One goll+-el
Gellil Wise One goll+-il
Gollien Daughter of Wise One goll+-ien
Golliel Daughter of Wise One goll+-iel
Golwen Wise Maiden goll+gwend
Golneth Wise Girl goll+neth
Goldis Wise Bride goll+dîs
Goldes Wise Woman goll+dess
Golnith Wise Sister goll+nîth
Golves Wise Wife goll+bess
Gollon Wise One goll+-on
Gollion Son of Wise One goll+-ion
Goldaer Wise Bridegroom goll+daer
Goldir Wise Man goll+dîr
Golven Wise Husband goll+benn
Goldor Wise Brother goll+tôr
Golchon Wise Brother goll+hawn
Golchanar Wise Brother goll+hanar
Gol Wise goll
Golben Wise Person goll+pen
Gorf – Vigor (gorf)
Gorveth Vigor gorf+-eth
Gorvel Vigor gorf+-el
Gervil Vigor gorf+-il
Gorvien Daughter of Vigor gorf+-ien
Gorviel Daughter of Vigor gorf+iell
Gorves Vigor Wife gorf+bess
Gorvon Vigor gorf+-on
Gorvion Son of Vigor gorf+-ion
Gorven Vigor Husband gorf+benn
Gorf Vigor gorf
Gorphen Vigor Person gorf+pen
Gorn – Impetuous/Valor (gorn)
Gorneth Impetuous/Valor One gorn+-eth
Gornel Impetuous/Valor One gorn+-el
Gernil Impetuous/Valor One gorn+-il
Gornien Daughter of Impetuous/Valor One gorn+-ien
Gorniel Daughter of Impetuous/Valor One gorn+iell
Gorsel Impetuous/Valor Girl gorn+sell
Gorneth Impetuous/Valor Girl gorn+neth
Gornith Impetuous/Valor Sister gorn+nîth
Gormes Impetuous/Valor Wife gorn+bess
Gornion Son of Impetuous/Valor One gorn+-ion
Gormen Impetuous/Valor Husband gorn+benn
Gorthor Impetuous/Valor Brother gorn+tôr
Gorn Impetuous/Valor gorn
Gorphen Impetuous/Valor Person gorn+pen
Gorog – Horror (gorog)
Gorogeth Horror gorog+-eth
Gorogel Horror gorog+-el
Geregil Horror gorog+-il
Gorogien Daughter of Horror gorog+-ien
Gorogiel Daughter of Horror gorog+iell
Gorogwen Horror Maiden gorog+gwend
Gorogneth Horror Girl gorog+neth
Gorognis Horror Bride gorog+dîs
Gorognes Horror Maiden gorog+dess
Gorognith Horror Sister gorog+nîth
Gorocthel Horror Sister gorog+thêl
Gorogon Horror gorog+-on
Gorogion Son of Horror gorog+-ion
Gorognaer Horror Bridegroom gorog+daer
Gorognir Horror Man gorog+dîr
Gorochon Brother +hawn
Gorochanar Brother +hanar
Gorog Horror gorog
Goroth – Horror (goroth)
Gorothes Horror goroth+-eth
Gorothel Horror goroth+-el
Gerethil Horror goroth+-il
Gorothien Daughter of Horror goroth+-ien
Gorothiel Daughter of Horror goroth+iell
Gorothel Horror Girl goroth+sell
Gorothwen Horror Maiden goroth+gwend
Gorothel Horror Sister goroth+thêl
Gorothon Horror goroth+-on
Gorothion Son of Horror goroth+-ion
Gorothon Horror Brother goroth+hawn
Goroth Horror goroth
Gorth – Horror (gorth)
Gorthes Horror gorth+-eth
Gorthel Horror +gorth-el
Gerthil Horror gorth+-il
Gorthien Daughter of Horror gorth+-ien
Gorthiel Daughter of Horror gorth+iell
Gorthel Horror Girl gorth+sell
Gorthel Horror Sister gorth+thêl
Gorthon Horror gorth+-on
Gorthion Son of Horror gorth+-ion
Gorthon Horror Brother gorth+hawn
Gorthanar Horror Brother gorth+hanar
Gorth Horror gorth
Gortheb – Horrible (gortheb)
Gorthebeth Horrible One gortheb+-eth
Gorthebel Horrible One gortheb+-el
Gerthebil Horrible One gortheb+-il
Gorthebien Daughter of Horrible One gortheb+-ien
Gorthebiel Daughter of Horrible One gortheb+iell
Gorthebes Horrible Wife gortheb+bess
Gorthebon Horrible One gortheb+-on
Gorthebion Son of Horrible One gortheb+-ion
Gortheben Horrible Husband gortheb+benn
Gortheb Horrible gortheb
Gortheben Horrible Person gortheb+pen
Gost – Dread (gost)
Gosteth Dread gost+-eth
Gostel Dread gost+-el
Gestil Dread gost+-il
Gostien Daughter of Dread gost+-ien
Gostiel Daughter of Dread gost+iell
Gossel Dread Girl gost+sell
Goston Dread gost+-on
Gostion Son of Dread gost+-ion
Gostor Dread Brother gost+tôr
Gost Dread gost
Gosta- – To Fear (gosta-)
Gestedis Frightened One gostad+-dis
Gethril Frightened One gosta-+-ril
Gothriel Daughter of Frightened One gosta-+-or+iell
Gothrien Daughter of Frightened One gosta-+-or+-ien
Goston Frightened One gosta-+-on
Gestedir Frightened One gostad+-dir
Gothron Frightened One gosta-+-ron
Gothrion Son of Frightened One gosta-+-or+-ion
Gostor Frightened One gosta-+-or
Groga- – To be Terrified (groga-)
Gregedis Terrified One grogad+-dis
Gregril Terrified One groga-+-ril
Grogriel Daughter of Terrified One groga-+-or+iell
Grogrien Daughter of Terrified One groga-+-or+-ien
Grogon Terrified One groga-+-on
Gregedir Terrified One grogad+-dir
Grogron Terrified One groga-+-ron
Grogrion Son of Terrified One groga-+-or+-ion
Grogor Terrified One groga-+-or
Gruitha- – To Terrify (gruitha-)
Gruithedis Terrifier gruithad+-dis
Gruithril Terrifier gruitha-+-ril
Gruithriel Daughter of Terrifier gruitha-+-or+iell
Gruithrien Daughter of Terrifier gruitha-+-or+-ien
Gruithon Terrifier gruitha-+-on
Gruithedir Terrifier gruithad+-dir
Gruithron Terrifier gruitha-+-ron
Gruithrion Son of Terrifier gruitha-+-or+-ion
Gruithor Terrifier gruitha-+-or
Gûd – Foe (gûd)
Gúdeth Foe gûd+-eth
Gúdel Foe gûd+-el
Gýdil Foe gûd+-il
Gúdien Daughter of Foe gûd+-ien
Gúdiel Daughter of Foe gûd+iell
Gússel Foe Girl gûd+sell
Gúdwen Foe Maiden gûd+gwend
Gúdis Foe Bride gûd+dîs
Gúdes Foe Maiden gûd+dess
Gúdon Foe gûd+-on
Gúdion Son of Foe gûd+-ion
Gúdaer Foe Bridegroom gûd+daer
Gúdir Foe Man gûd+dîr
Gúdor Foe Brother gûd+tôr
Gûd Foe gûd
Gûr – Heart/Counsel (gûr)
Gureth Heart/Counsel gûr+-eth
Gurel Heart/Counsel gûr+-el
Gyril Heart/Counsel gûr+-il
Gurien Daughter of Heart/Counsel gûr+-ien
Guriel Daughter of Heart/Counsel gûr+iell
Gurhel Heart/Counsel Girl gûr+sell
Gurwen Heart/Counsel Maiden gûr+gwend
Gurneth Heart/Counsel Girl gûr+neth
Gurdis Heart/Counsel Bride gûr+dîs
Gurdes Heart/Counsel Maiden gûr+dess
Gurnith Heart/Counsel Sister gûr+nîth
Gurthel Heart/Counsel Sister gûr+thêl
Gurbes Heart/Counsel Wife gûr+bess
Guron Heart/Counsel gûr+-on
Gurion Son of Heart/Counsel gûr+-ion
Gurdaer Heart/Counsel Bridegroom gûr+daer
Gurdir Heart/Counsel Man gûr+dîr
Gurben Heart/Counsel Husband gûr+benn
Gurdor Heart/Counsel Brother gûr+tôr
Gurchon Heart/Counsel Brother gûr+hawn
Gurchanar Heart/Counsel Brother gûr+hanar
Gûr Heart/Counsel gûr
Gurphen Heart/Counsel Person gûr+pen
Gurgaran – Red Death (gûr+caran)
Gurgaraneth Red Death gûr+caran+-eth
Gurgaranel Red Death gûr+caran+-el
Gurgerenil Red Death gûr+caran+-il
Gurgaranien Daughter of Red Death gûr+caran+-ien
Gurgaraniel Daughter of Red Death gûr+caran+iell
Gurgarassel Red Death Girl gûr+caran+sell
Gurgarangwen Red Death Maiden gûr+caran+gwend
Gurgaraneth Red Death Girl gûr+caran+neth
Gurgarandis Red Death Bride gûr+caran+dîs
Gurgarandes Red Death Maiden gûr+caran+dess
Gurgaranith Red Death Sister gûr+caran+nîth
Gurgaranthel Red Death Sister gûr+caran+thêl
Gurgarames Red Death Wife gûr+caran+bess
Gurgaranor Red Death gûr+caran+-on
Gurgaranion Son of Red Death gûr+caran+-ion
Gurgarandaer Red Death Bridegroom gûr+caran+daer
Gurgarandir Red Death Man gûr+caran+dîr
Gurgaramen Red Death Husband gûr+caran+benn
Gurgarathor Red Death Brother gûr+caran+tôr
Gurgaran Red Death gûr+caran
Gurgaramben Red Death Person gûr+caran+pen
Gwend – Bond/Friendship (gwend)
Gwenneth Bond/Friendship gwend+-eth
Gwennel Bond/Friendship gwend+-el
Gwennil Bond/Friendship gwend+-il
Gwennien Daughter of Bond/Friendship gwend+-ien
Gwenniel Daughter of Bond/Friendship gwend+iell
Gwenhel Bond/Friendship Girl gwend+sell
Gwenneth Bond/Friendship Girl gwend+neth
Gwendis Bond/Friendship Bride gwend+dîs
Gwendes Bond/Friendship Maiden gwend+dess
Gwennith Bond/Friendship Sister gwend+nîth
Gwenthel Bond/Friendship Sister gwend+thêl
Gwembes Bond/Friendship Wife gwend+bess
Gwennor Bond/Friendship gwend+-on
Gwennion Son of Bond/Friendship gwend+-ion
Gwendaer Bond/Friendship Bridegroom gwend+daer
Gwendir Bond/Friendship Man gwend+dîr
Gwemben Bond/Friendship Husband gwend+benn
Gwendor Bond/Friendship Brother gwend+tôr
Gwend Bond/Friendship gwend
Gwemben Bond/Friendship Person gwend+pen
Gweria- – To Betray/Cheat (gweria-)
Gweriedis Betrayer/Cheater gweriad+-dis
Gweril Betrayer/Cheater gweria-+-ril
Gwariel Daughter of Betrayer/Cheater gweria-+-or+iell
Gwarien Daughter of Betrayer/Cheater gweria-+-or+-ien
Gwerion Betrayer/Cheater gweria-+-on
Gweriedir Betrayer/Cheater gweriad+-dir
Gwaron Betrayer/Cheater gweria-+-ron
Gwarion Son of Betrayer/Cheater gweria-+-or+-ion
Gwerior Betrayer/Cheater gweria-+-or
Hall – Exalted (hall)
Haleth Exalted One hall+-eth
Halel Exalted One hall+-el
Helil Exalted One hall+-il
Halien Daughter of Exalted One hall+-ien
Haliel Daughter of Exalted One hall+iell
Halhel Exalted Girl hall+sell
Halwen Exalted Maiden hall+gwend
Halneth Exalted Girl hall+neth
Haldis Exalted Bride hall+dîs
Haldes Exalted Woman hall+dess
Halnith Exalted Sister hall+nîth
Halthel Exalted Sister hall+thêl
Halbes Exalted Wife hall+bess
Halon Exalted One hall+-on
Halion Son of Exalted One hall+iôn
Haldaer Exalted Bridegroom hall+daer
Haldir Exalted Man hall+dîr
Halben Exalted Husband hall+benn
Haldor Exalted Brother hall+tôr
Halchon Exalted Brother hall+hawn
Halchanar Exalted Brother hall+hanar
Hal Exalted hall
Halben Exalted Person hall+pen
Hand – Intelligent (hand)
Hanneth Intelligent One hand+-eth
Hannel Intelligent One hand+-el
Hennil Intelligent One hand+-il
Hannien Daughter of Intelligent One hand+-ien
Hanniel Daughter of Intelligent One hand+iell
Hanhel Intelligent Girl hand+sell
Hangwen Intelligent Maiden hand+gwend
Hanneth Intelligent Girl hand+neth
Handis Intelligent Bride hand+dîs
Handes Intelligent Woman hand+dess
Hannith Intelligent Sister hand+nîth
Hanthel Intelligent Sister hand+thêl
Hambes Intelligent Wife hand+bess
Hannor Intelligent One hand+-on
Hannion Son of Intelligent One hand+iôn
Handaer Intelligent Bridegroom hand+daer
Handir Intelligent Man hand+dîr
Hamben Intelligent Husband hand+benn
Handor Intelligent Brother hand+tôr
Hand Intelligent hand
Hamben Intelligent Person hand+pen
Hartha- – To Hope (hartha-)
Herthedis Hopeful One harthad+-dis
Herthril Hopeful One hartha-+-ril
Harthriel Daughter of Hopeful One hartha-+-or+iell
Harthrien Daughter of Hopeful One hartha-+-or+-ien
Harthon Hopeful One hartha-+-on
Herthedir Hopeful One harthad+-dir
Harthron Hopeful One hartha-+-ron
Harthrion Son of Hopeful One hartha-+-or+-ion
Harthor Hopeful One hartha-+-or
Henia- – To Understand (henia-)
Heniedis Understander heniad+-dis
Hedhril Understander henia-+-ril
Hadhriel Daughter of Understander henia-+-or+iell
Hadhrien Daughter of Understander henia-+-or+-ien
Henion Understander henia-+-on
Heniedir Understander heniad+-dir
Hedhron Understander henia-+-ron
Hedhrion Son of Understander henia-+-or+-ion
Henior Understander henia-+-or
Heria- – To Have an Impulse/be Compelled/Set Out Vigorously to Do Something (heria-)
Heriedis Impulsive One heriad+-dis
Heril Impulsive One heria-+-ril
Horiel Daughter of Impulsive One heria-+-or+iell
Horien Daughter of Impulsive One heria-+-or+-ien
Herion Impulsive One heria-+-on
Heriedir Impulsive One heriad+-dir
Horon Impulsive One heria-+-ron
Horion Son of Impulsive One heria-+-or+-ion
Herior Impulsive One heria-+-or

Hethurin – Secret Child (hên+thurin)

Him – Steadfast/Abiding (him)
Himeth Steadfast/Abiding One him+-eth
Himel Steadfast/Abiding One him+-el
Himil Steadfast/Abiding One him+-il
Himien Daughter of Steadfast/Abiding One him+-ien
Himiel Daughter of Steadfast/Abiding One him+iell
Himdis Steadfast/Abiding Bride him+dîs
Himdes Steadfast/Abiding Maiden him+dess
Himbes Steadfast/Abiding Wife him+bess
Himon Steadfast/Abiding One him+-on
Himion Son of Steadfast/Abiding One him+-ion
Himdaer Steadfast/Abiding Bridegroom him+daer
Himdir Steadfast/Abiding Man him+dîr
Himben Steadfast/Abiding Husband him+benn
Himdor Steadfast/Abiding Brother him+tôr
Him Steadfast/Abiding him
Himben Steadfast/Abiding Person him+pen
Hinnor – Fire Eyes (hin+naur)
Hinnoreth Fire Eyed One hin+naur+-eth
Hinnorel Fire Eyed One hin+naur+-el
Hinnoeril Fire Eyed One hin+naur+-il
Hinnorien Daughter of Fire Eyed One hin+naur+-ien
Hinnoriel Daughter of Fire Eyed One hin+naur+iell
Hinnorwen Fire Eyed Maiden hin+naur+gwend
Hinnorneth Fire Eyed Girl hin+naur+neth
Hinnordis Fire Eyed Bride hin+naur+dîs
Hinnordes Fire Eyed Maiden hin+naur+dess
Hinnornith Fire Eyed Sister hin+naur+nîth
Hinnorthel Fire Eyed Sister hin+naur+thêl
Hinnorbes Fire Eyed Wife hin+naur+bess
Hinnoron Fire Eyed One hin+naur+-on
Hinnorion Son of Fire Eyed One hin+naur+-ion
Hinnordaer Fire Eyed Bridegroom hin+naur+daer
Hinnordir Fire Eyed Man hin+naur+dîr
Hinnorben Fire Eyed Husband hin+naur+benn
Hinnorchon Fire Eyed Brother hin+naur+hawn
Hinnorchanar Fire Eyed Brother hin+naur+hanar
Hinnor Fire Eyes hin+naur
Hinnorphen Fire Eyed Person hin+naur+pen
Hissael – Wise Eyes (hin+sael)
Hissaeleth Wise Eyed One hin+sael+-eth
Hissaelel Wise Eyed One hin+sael+-el
Hissaelil Wise Eyed One hin+sael+-il
Hissaelien Daughter of Wise Eyed One hin+sael+-ien
Hissaeliel Daughter of Wise Eyed One hin+sael+iell
Hissaelhel Wise Eyed Girl hin+sael+sell
Hissaelwen Wise Eyed Maiden hin+sael+gwend
Hissaelneth Wise Eyed Girl hin+sael+neth
Hissaeldis Wise Eyed Bride hin+sael+dîs
Hissaeldes Wise Eyed Maiden hin+sael+dess
Hissaelnith Wise Eyed Sister hin+sael+nîth
Hissaelthel Wise Eyed Sister hin+sael+thêl
Hissaelbes Wise Eyed Wife hin+sael+bess
Hissaelon Wise Eyed One hin+sael+-on
Hissaelion Son of Wise Eyed One hin+sael+-ion
Hissaeldaer Wise Eyed Bridegroom hin+sael+daer
Hissaeldir Wise Eyed Man hin+sael+dîr
Hissaelben Wise Eyed Husband hin+sael+benn
Hissaelthor Wise Eyed Brother hin+sael+tôr
Hissaelchon Wise Eyed Brother hin+sael+hawn
Hissaelchanar Wise Eyed Brother hin+sael+hanar
Hissael Wise Eyes hin+sael
Hissaelben Wise Eyed Person hin+sael+pen
Horn – Driven/Impelled (horn)
Horneth Driven/Impelled One horn+-eth
Hornel Driven/Impelled One horn+-el
Hernil Driven/Impelled One horn+-il
Hornien Daughter of Driven/Impelled One horn+-ien
Horniel Daughter of Driven/Impelled One horn+iell
Horsel Driven/Impelled Girl horn+sell
Horneth Driven/Impelled Girl horn+neth
Hornith Driven/Impelled Sister horn+nîth
Hormes Driven/Impelled Wife horn+bess
Hornion Son of Driven/Impelled One horn+-ion
Hormen Driven/Impelled Husband horn+benn
Horthor Driven/Impelled Brother horn+tôr
Horn Driven/Impelled horn
Horphen Driven/Impelled Person horn+pen
Hortha- – To Urge On/Impel (hortha-)
Herthedis Impeller horthad+-dis
Herthril Impeller hortha-+-ril
Horthriel Daughter of Impeller hortha-+-or+iell
Horthrien Daughter of Impeller hortha-+-or+-ien
Horthon Impeller hortha-+-on
Herthedir Impeller horthad+-dir
Horthron Impeller hortha-+-ron
Horthrion Son of Impeller hortha-+-or+-ion
Horthor Impeller hortha-+-or
Hûl – Battle Cry (hûl)
Húleth Battle Cry hûl+-eth
Húlel Battle Cry hûl+-el
Hýlil Battle Cry hûl+-il
Húlien Daughter of Battle Cry hûl+-ien
Húliel Daughter of Battle Cry hûl+iell
Húlhel Battle Cry Girl hûl+sell
Húlwen Battle Cry Maiden hûl+gwend
Húlneth Battle Cry Girl hûl+neth
Húldis Battle Cry Bride hûl+dîs
Húldes Battle Cry Maiden hûl+dess
Húlnith Battle Cry Sister hûl+nîth
Húlthel Battle Cry Sister hûl+thêl
Húlbes Battle Cry Wife hûl+bess
Húlon Battle Cry hûl+-on
Húlion Son of Battle Cry hûl+-ion
Húldaer Battle Cry Bridegroom hûl+daer
Húldir Battle Cry Man hûl+dîr
Húlben Battle Cry Husband hûl+benn
Húldor Battle Cry Brother hûl+tôr
Húlchon Battle Cry Brother hûl+hawn
Húlchanar Battle Cry Brother hûl+hanar
Hûl Battle Cry hûl
Húlben Battle Cry Person hûl+pen
Hûr – Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit (hûr)
Húreth Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit hûr+-eth
Húrel Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit hûr+-el
Hýril Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit hûr+-il
Húrien Daughter of Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit hûr+-ien
Húriel Daughter of Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit hûr+iell
Húrwen Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Maiden hûr+gwend
Húrneth Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Girl hûr+neth
Húrdis Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Bride hûr+dîs
Húrdes Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Maiden hûr+dess
Húrnith Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Sister hûr+nîth
Húrthel Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Sister hûr+thêl
Húrbes Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Wife hûr+bess
Húron Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit hûr+-on
Húrion Son of Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit hûr+-ion
Húrdaer Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Bridegroom hûr+daer
Húrdir Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Man hûr+dîr
Húrben Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Husband hûr+benn
Húrdor Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Brother hûr+tôr
Húrchon Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Brother hûr+hawn
Húrchanar Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Brother hûr+hanar
Hûr Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit hûr
Húrphen Readiness for Action/Vigour/Fiery Spirit Person hûr+pen
Hwind – Giddy/Twirling/Whirling (hwind)
Hwinneth Giddy/Twirling/Whirling One hwind+-eth
Hwinnel Giddy/Twirling/Whirling One hwind+-el
Hwinnil Giddy/Twirling/Whirling One hwind+-il
Hwinnien Daughter of Giddy/Twirling/Whirling One hwind+-ien
Hwinniel Daughter of Giddy/Twirling/Whirling One hwind+iell
Hwinhel Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Girl hwind+sell
Hwingwen Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Maiden hwind+gwend
Hwinneth Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Girl hwind+neth
Hwindis Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Bride hwind+dîs
Hwindes Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Woman hwind+dess
Hwinnith Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Sister hwind+nîth
Hwinthel Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Sister hwind+thêl
Hwimbes Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Wife hwind+bess
Hwinnor Giddy/Twirling/Whirling One hwind+-on
Hwinnion Son of Giddy/Twirling/Whirling One hwind+-ion
Hwindaer Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Bridegroom hwind+daer
Hwindir Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Man hwind+dîr
Hwimben Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Husband hwind+benn
Hwindor Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Brother hwind+tôr
Hwind Giddy/Twirling/Whirling hwind
Hwimben Giddy/Twirling/Whirling Person hwind+pen
Iaew – Mocking/Scorn (iaew)
Iaeweth Mocking/Scorn iaew+-eth
Iaewel Mocking/Scorn iaew+-el
Iaewil Mocking/Scorn iaew+-il
Iaewien Daughter of Mocking/Scorn iaew+-ien
Iaewiel Daughter of Mocking/Scorn iaew+iell
Iaewen Mocking/Scorn Maiden iaew+gwend
Iaewon Mocking/Scorn iaew+-on
Iaewion Son of Mocking/Scorn iaew+-ion
Iaew Mocking/Scorn iaew
Ídha- – To Long For/Desire [Doriathrin] (ídha-)
Ídhedis Desirer ídhad+-dis
Ídhril Desirer ídha-+-ril
Ídhriel Daughter of Desirer ídha-+-or+iell
Ídhrien Daughter of Desirer ídha-+-or+-ien
Ídhon Desirer ídha-+-on
Ídhedir Desirer ídhad+-dir
Ídhron Desirer ídha-+-ron
Ídhrion Son of Desirer ídha-+-or+-ion
Ídhor Desirer ídha-+-or
Ídhra- – To Long For/Desire [Doriathrin] (ídhra-)
Ídhredis Desirer ídhrad+-dis
Ídhril Desirer ídhra-+-ril
Ídhriel Daughter of Desirer ídhra-+-or+iell
Ídhrien Daughter of Desirer ídhra-+-or+-ien
Ídhron Desirer ídhra-+-on
Ídhredir Desirer ídhrad+-dir
Ídhron Desirer ídhra-+-ron
Ídhrion Son of Desirer ídhra-+-or+-ion
Ídhror Desirer ídhra-+-or
Idhren – Wise/Thoughtful (idhren)
Idhreneth Wise/Thoughtful One idhren+-eth
Idhrenel Wise/Thoughtful One idhren+-el
Idhrenil Wise/Thoughtful One idhren+-il
Idhorien Daughter of Wise/Thoughtful One idhor+-ien
Idhoriel Daughter of Wise/Thoughtful One idhor+-iel
Idhressel Wise/Thoughtful Girl idhren+sell
Idhrengwen Wise/Thoughtful Maiden idhren+gwend
Idhreneth Wise/Thoughtful Girl idhren+neth
Idhrendis Wise/Thoughtful Bride idhren+dîs
Idhrendes Wise/Thoughtful Woman idhren+dess
Idhrenith Wise/Thoughtful Sister idhren+nîth
Idhrenthel Wise/Thoughtful Sister idhren+thêl
Idhremes Wise/Thoughtful Wife idhren+bess
Idhrenor Wise/Thoughtful One idhren+-on
Idhorion Son of Wise/Thoughtfulness idhor+-ion
Idhrendaer Wise/Thoughtful Bridegroom idhren+daer
Idhrendir Wise/Thoughtful Man idhren+dîr
Idhremen Wise/Thoughtful Husband idhren+benn
Idhrethor Wise/Thoughtful Brother idhren+tôr
Idhren Wise/Thoughtful idhren
Idhremben Wise/Thoughtful Person idhren+pen
Iest – Wish (iest)
Iesteth Wish iest+-eth
Iestel Wish iest+-el
Iestil Wish iest+-il
Iestien Daughter of Wish iest+-ien
Iestiel Daughter of Wish iest+iell
Iessel Wish Girl iest+sell
Ieston Wish iest+-on
Iestion Son of Wish iest+-ion
Iestor Wish Brother iest+tôr
Iest Wish iest
Inc – Guess/Idea/Notion (inc)
Ingeth Guess/Idea/Notion inc+-eth
Ingel Guess/Idea/Notion inc+-el
Ingil Guess/Idea/Notion inc+-il
Ingien Of the Guess/Idea/Notion inc+-ien
Ingiel Daughter of Guess/Idea/Notion inc+iell
Ingwen Guess/Idea/Notion Maiden inc+gwend
Ingon Guess/Idea/Notion inc+-on
Ingion Son of Guess/Idea/Notion inc+-ion
Inc Guess/Idea/Notion inc
Ind – Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart (ind)
Inneth Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart ind+-eth
Innel Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart ind+-el
Innil Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart ind+-il
Innien Daughter of Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart ind+-ien
Inniel Daughter of Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart ind+iell
Inhel Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Girl ind+sell
Ingwen Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Maiden ind+gwend
Inneth Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Girl ind+neth
Indis Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Bride ind+dîs
Indes Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Maiden ind+dess
Innith Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Sister ind+nîth
Inthel Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Sister ind+thêl
Imbes Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Wife ind+bess
Innor Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart ind+-on
Innion Son of Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart ind+-ion
Indaer Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Bridegroom ind+daer
Indir Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Man ind+dîr
Imben Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Husband ind+benn
Indor Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Brother ind+tôr
Ind Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart ind
Imben Inner Thought/Meaning/Heart Person ind+pen
Îr – Sexual Disire (îr)
Íreth Desire îr+-eth
Írel Desire îr+-el
Íril Desire îr+-il
Írien Daughter of Desire îr+-ien
Íriel Daughter of Desire îr+iell
Írhel Desire Girl îr+sell
Írwen Desire Maiden îr+gwend
Írneth Desire Girl îr+neth
Írdis Desire Bride îr+dîs
Írdes Desire Woman îr+dess
Írnith Desire Sister îr+nîth
Írthel Desire Sister îr+thêl
Írbes Desire Wife îr+bess
Íron Desire îr+-on
Írion Son of Desire îr+iôn
Írdaer Desire Bridegroom îr+daer
Írdir Desire Man îr+dîr
Írven Desire Husband îr+benn
Írdor Desire Brother îr+tôr
Írchon Desire Brother îr+hawn
Írchanar Desire Brother îr+hanar
Îr Desire îr
Írphen Desire Person îr+pen
Ist – Knowledge/Lore (ist)
Isteth Knowledge/Lore ist+-eth
Istel Knowledge/Lore ist+-el
Istil Knowledge/Lore ist+-il
Istien Daughter of Knowledge/Lore ist+-ien
Istiel Daughter of Knowledge/Lore ist+iell
Issel Knowledge/Lore Girl ist+sell
Iston Knowledge/Lore ist+-on
Istion Son of Knowledge/Lore ist+iôn
Istor Knowledge/Lore Brother ist+tôr
Ist Knowledge/Lore ist
Ista- – To Have Knowledge/Know (ista-)
Istedis Knower istad+-dis
Ithril Knower ista-+-ril
Ithriel Daughter of Knower ista-+-or+iell
Ithrien Daughter of Knower ista-+-or+-ien
Iston Knower ista-+-on
Istedir Knower istad+-dir
Ithron Knower ista-+-ron
Ithrion Son of Knower ista-+-or+-ion
Istor Knower ista-+-or
Istui – Learned (istui)
Istuihel Learned Girl istui+sell
Istuiwen Learned Maiden istui+gwend
Istuineth Learned Girl istui+neth
Istuinis Learned Bride istui+dîs
Istuines Learned Maiden istui+dess
Istuinith Learned Sister istui+nîth
Istuithel Learned Sister istui+thêl
Istuives Learned Wife istui+bess
Istuinaer Learned Bridegroom istui+daer
Istuinir Learned Man istui+dîr
Istuiven Learned Husband istui+benn
Istuidor Learned Brother istui+tôr
Istuichon Learned Brother istui+hawn
Istui Learned istui
Istuiben Learned Person istui+pen
Lagorúth – Swift Anger (lagor+rûth)
Lagorúthes Swift Anger lagor+rûth+-eth
Lagorúthel Swift Anger One lagor+rûth+-el
Lagorýthil Swift Anger lagor+rûth+-il
Lagorúthien Daughter of Swift Anger lagor+rûth+-ien
Lagorúthiel Daughter of Swift Anger lagor+rûth+iell
Lagorúthel Swift Anger Girl lagor+rûth+sell
Lagorúthwen Swift Anger Maiden lagor+rûth+gwend
Lagorúthel Swift Anger Sister lagor+rûth+thêl
Lagorúthon Swift Anger lagor+rûth+-on
Lagorúthion Son of Swift Anger lagor+rûth+-ion
Lagorúthon Swift Anger Brother lagor+rûth+hawn
Lagorúth Swift Anger lagor+rûth
Lain – Free (lain)
Laineth Free One lain+-eth
Lainel Free One lain+-el
Lainil Free One lain+-il
Lainien Daughter of Free One lain+-ien
Lainiel Daughter of Free One lain+-iel
Laingwen Free Maiden lain+gwend
Laineth Free Girl lain+neth
Laindis Free Bride lain+dîs
Laindes Free Woman lain+dess
Lainith Free Sister lain+nîth
Lainthel Free Sister lain+thêl
Laimes Free Wife lain+bess
Lainor Free One lain+-on
Lainion Son of Free One lain+-ion
Laindir Free Man lain+dîr
Laimen Free Husband lain+benn
Laithor Free Brother lain+tôr
Lain Free lain
Laimben Free Person lain+pen
Lamaen – Clever Tongue (lam+maen)
Lamaeneth Clever Tongued One lam+maen+-eth
Lamaenel Clever Tongued One lam+maen+-el
Lamaenil Clever Tongued One lam+maen+-il
Lamaenien Daughter of Clever Tongue lam+maen+-ien
Lamaeniel Daughter of Clever Tongue lam+maen+iell
Lamaessel Clever Tongued Girl lam+maen+sell
Lamaengwen Clever Tongued Maiden lam+maen+gwend
Lamaeneth Clever Tongued Girl lam+maen+neth
Lamaendis Clever Tongued Bride lam+maen+dîs
Lamaendes Clever Tongued Woman lam+maen+dess
Lamaenith Clever Tongued Sister lam+maen+nîth
Lamaenthel Clever Tongued Sister lam+maen+thêl
Lamaenor Clever Tongue lam+maen+-on
Lamaenion Son of Clever Tongue lam+maen+iôn
Lamaendir Clever Tongue Man lam+maen+dîr
Lamaemen Clever Tongue Husband lam+maen+benn
Lamaethor Clever Tongued Brother lam+maen+tôr
Lamaen Clever Tongue lam+maen
Lamaemben Clever Tongued Person lam+maen+pen
Lend – Tuneful/Sweet (lend)
Lenneth Tuneful/Sweet One lend+-eth
Lennel Tuneful/Sweet One lend+-el
Lennil Tuneful/Sweet One lend+-il
Lennien Daughter of Tuneful/Sweet One lend+-ien
Lenniel Daughter of Tuneful/Sweet One lend+iell
Lenhel Tuneful/Sweet Girl lend+sell
Lengwen Tuneful/Sweet Maiden lend+gwend
Lenneth Tuneful/Sweet Girl lend+neth
Lendis Tuneful/Sweet Bride lend+dîs
Lendes Tuneful/Sweet Woman lend+dess
Lennith Tuneful/Sweet Sister lend+nîth
Lenthel Tuneful/Sweet Sister lend+thêl
Lembes Tuneful/Sweet Wife lend+bess
Lennor Tuneful/Sweet One lend+-on
Lennion Son of Tuneful/Sweet One lend+iôn
Lendaer Tuneful/Sweet Bridegroom lend+daer
Lendir Tuneful/Sweet Man lend+dîr
Lemben Tuneful/Sweet Husband lend+benn
Lendor Tuneful/Sweet Brother lend+tôr
Lend Tuneful/Sweet lend
Lemben Tuneful/Sweet Person lend+pen
Mael – Lust (mael)
Maeleth Lust mael+-eth
Maelel Lust mael+-el
Maelil Lust mael+-il
Maelien Daughter of Lust mael+-ien
Maeliel Daughter of Lust mael+-iel
Maelhel Lust Girl mael+sell
Maelwen Lust Maiden mael+gwend
Maelneth Lust Girl mael+neth
Maeldis Lust Bride mael+dîs
Maeldes Lust Woman mael+dess
Maelnith Lust Sister mael+nîth
Maelthel Lust Sister mael+thêl
Maelbes Lust Wife mael+bess
Maelon Lust mael+-on
Maelion Son of Lust mael+-ion
Maeldir Lust Man mael+dîr
Maelben Lust Husband mael+benn
Maeldor Lust Brother mael+tôr
Maelchon Lust Brother mael+hawn
Maelchanar Lust Brother mael+hanar
Mael Lust mael
Maelben Lust Person mael+pen
Maen – Skilled/Clever (maen)
Maeneth Skilled/Clever One maen+-eth
Maenel Skilled/Clever One maen+-el
Maenil Skilled/Clever One maen+-il
Maenien Daughter of Skilled/Clever One maen+-ien
Maeniel Daughter of Skilled/Clever One maen+iell
Maessel Skilled/Clever Girl maen+sell
Maengwen Skilled/Clever Maiden maen+gwend
Maeneth Skilled/Clever Girl maen+neth
Maendes Skilled/Clever Woman maen+dess
Maendis Skilled/Clever Bride maen+dîs
Maenith Skilled/Clever Sister maen+nîth
Maenthel Skilled/Clever Sister maen+thêl
Maemes Skilled/Clever Wife maen+bess
Maenor Skilled/Clever One maen+-on
Maenion Son of Skilled/Clever One maen+iôn
Maendir Skilled/Clever Man maen+dîr
Maemen Skilled/Clever Husband maen+ben
Maethor Skilled/Clever Brother maen+tôr
Maen Skilled/Clever maen
Maemben Skilled/Clever Person maen+pen
Maer – Good/Useful/Fit (maer)
Maereth Good/Useful/Fit One maer+-eth
Maerel Good/Useful/Fit One maer+-el
Maeril Good/Useful/Fit One maer+-il
Maerien Daughter of Good/Useful/Fit One maer+-ien
Maeriel Daughter of Good/Useful/Fit One maer+-iel
Maersel Good/Useful/Fit Girl maer+sell
Maerwen Good/Useful/Fit Maiden maer+gwend
Maerneth Good/Useful/Fit Girl maer+neth
Maerdis Good/Useful/Fit Bride maer+dîs
Maerdes Good/Useful/Fit Woman maer+dess
Maernith Good/Useful/Fit Sister maer+nîth
Maerthel Good/Useful/Fit Sister maer+thêl
Maerves Good/Useful/Fit Wife maer+bess
Maeron Good/Useful/Fit One maer+-on
Maerion Son of Good/Useful/Fit One maer+-ion
Maerdir Good/Useful/Fit Man maer+dîr
Maerven Good/Useful/Fit Husband maer+benn
Maerdor Good/Useful/Fit Brother maer+tôr
Maerchon Good/Useful/Fit Brother maer+hawn
Maerchanar Good/Useful/Fit Brother maer+hanar
Maer Good/Useful/Fit maer
Maerphen Good/Useful/Fit Person maer+pen

Malgelir – Golden Happy Person (mal-+gelir)

Melch – Greedy (melch)
Melcheth Greedy One melch+-eth
Melchil Greedy One melch+-il
Melchien Daughter of Greedy One melch+-ien
Melchiel Daughter of Greedy One melch+iell
Melchel Greedy Girl melch+sell
Melchon Greedy One melch+-on
Melchion Son of Greedy One melch+-ion
Melchon Greedy Brother melch+hawn
Melchanar Greedy Brother melch+hanar
Melch Greedy melch
Mell – Dear (mell)
Meleth Dear One mell+-eth
Melil Dear One mell+-il
Melien Daughter of Dear One mell+-ien
Meliel Daughter of Dear One mell+iell
Melwen Dear Maiden mell+gwend
Melneth Dear Girl mell+neth
Meldis Dear Bride mell+dîs
Meldes Dear Woman mell+dess
Melnith Dear Sister mell+nîth
Melthel Dear Sister mell+thêl
Melbes Dear Wife mell+bess
Melon Dear One mell+-on
Melion Son of Dear One mell+ion
Meldaer Dear Bridegroom mell+daer
Meldir Dear Man mell+dîr
Melben Dear Husband mell+benn
Meldor Dear Brother mell+tôr
Melchon Dear Brother mell+hawn
Melchanar Dear Brother mell+hanar
Mel Dear mell
Melben Dear Person mell+pen
Melui – Lovely/Sweet (melui)
Meluihel Lovely/Sweet Girl melui+sell
Meluiwen Lovely/Sweet Maiden melui+gwend
Meluineth Lovely/Sweet Girl melui+neth
Meluinis Lovely/Sweet Bride melui+dîs
Meluines Lovely/Sweet Woman melui+dess
Meluinith Lovely/Sweet Sister melui+nîth
Meluithel Lovely/Sweet Sister melui+thêl
Meluives Lovely/Sweet Wife melui+bess
Meluinaer Loving/Sweet Bridegroom melui+daer
Meluinir Loving/Sweet Man melui+dîr
Meluiven Loving/Sweet Husband melui+benn
Meluidor Loving/Sweet Brother melui+tôr
Meluichon Loving/Sweet Brother melui+hawn
Melui Lovely/Sweet melui
Meluiben Lovely/Sweet Person melui+pen
Meren – Festive/Gay/Joyous (meren)
Mereneth Festive/Gay/Joyous One meren+-eth
Merenel Festive/Gay/Joyous One meren+-el
Merenil Festive/Gay/Joyous One meren+-il
Merenien Daughter of Festive/Gay/Joyous One meren+-ien
Mereniel Daughter of Festive/Gay/Joyous One meren+iell
Meressel Festive/Gay/Joyous Girl meren+sell
Merengwen Festive/Gay/Joyous Maiden meren+gwend
Mereneth Festive/Gay/Joyous Girl meren+neth
Merendis Festive/Gay/Joyous Bride meren+dîs
Merendes Festive/Gay/Joyous Woman meren+dess
Merenith Festive/Gay/Joyous Sister meren+nîth
Merenthel Festive/Gay/Joyous Sister meren+thêl
Meremes Festive/Gay/Joyous Wife meren+bess
Merenor Festive/Gay/Joyous One meren+-on
Merenion Son of Festive/Gay/Joyous One meren+iôn
Merendaer Festive/Gay/Joyous Bridegroom meren+daer
Merendir Festive/Gay/Joyous Man meren+dîr
Meremen Festive/Gay/Joyous Husband meren+benn
Merethor Festive/Gay/Joyous Brother meren+tôr
Meren Festive/Gay/Joyous meren
Meremben Festive/Gay/Joyous Person meren+pen
Mîl – Love/Affection (mîl)
Mileth Love/Affection mîl+-eth
Milel Love/Affection mîl+-el
Milien Daughter of Love/Affection mîl+-ien
Miliel Daughter of Love/Affection mîl+iell
Milsel Love/Affection Girl mîl+sell
Milwen Love/Affection Maiden mîl+gwend
Milneth Love/Affection Girl mîl+neth
Mildis Love/Affection Bride mîl+dîs
Mildes Love/Affection Woman mîl+dess
Milnith Love/Affection Sister mîl+nîth
Milthel Love/Affection Sister mîl+thêl
Milbes Love/Affection Wife mîl+bess
Milon Love/Affection mîl+-on
Milion Son of Love/Affection mîl+iôn
Mildaer Love/Affection Bridegroom mîl+daer
Mildir Love/Affection Man mîl+dîr
Milben Love/Affection Husband mîl+benn
Mildor Love/Affection Brother mîl+tôr
Milchon Love/Affection Brother mîl+hawn
Milchanar Love/Affection Brother mîl+hanar
Mîl Love/Affection mîl
Milben Love/Affection Person mîl+pen
Milui – Friendly/Loving/Kind (milui)
Miluihel Friendly/Loving/Kind Girl milui+sell
Miluiwen Friendly/Loving/Kind Maiden milui+gwend
Miluineth Friendly/Loving/Kind Girl milui+neth
Miluinis Friendly/Loving/Kind Bride milui+dîs
Miluines Friendly/Loving/Kind Woman milui+dess
Miluinith Friendly/Loving/Kind Sister milui+nîth
Miluithel Friendly/Loving/Kind Sister milui+thêl
Miluives Friendly/Loving/Kind Wife milui+bess
Miluinaer Friendly/Loving/Kind Bridegroom milui+daer
Miluinir Friendly/Loving/Kind Man milui+dîr
Miluiven Friendly/Loving/Kind Husband milui+benn
Miluidor Friendly/Loving/Kind Brother milui+tôr
Miluichon Friendly/Loving/Kind Brother milui+hawn
Milui Friendly/Loving/Kind milui
Miluiben Friendly/Loving/Kind Person milui+pen
Mist – Straying/Error (mist)
Misteth Straying/Error One mist+-eth
Mistel Straying/Error One mist+-el
Mistil Straying/Error One mist+-il
Mistien Daughter of Straying/Error One mist+-ien
Mistiel Daughter of Straying/Error One mist+iell
Missel Straying/Error Girl mist+sell
Miston Straying One mist+-on
Mistion Son of Straying One mist+iôn
Mistor Straying Brother mist+tôr
Mist Straying/Error mist
Mista- – To Stray/be in Error/be Mistaken (mista-)
Mistedis She Who Strays/Erroneous One/Mistaken One mistad+-dis
Mithril She Who Strays/Erroneous One/Mistaken One mista-+-ril
Mithriel Daughter of One Who Strays/Erroneous One/Mistaken One mista-+-or+iell
Mithrien Daughter of One Who Strays/Erroneous One/Mistaken One mista-+-or+-ien
Miston He Who Strays/Erroneous One/Mistaken One mista-+-on
Mistedir He Who Strays/Erroneous One/Mistaken One mista-+-dir
Mithron He Who Strays/Erroneous One/Mistaken One mista-+-ron
Mithrion Son of One Who Strays/Erroneous One/Mistaken One mista-+-or+-ion
Mistor One Who Strays/Erroneous One/Mistaken One mista-+-or
Muil – Drear (muil)
Muileth Drear muil+-eth
Muilel Drear muil+-el
Muilil Drear muil+-il
Muilien Daughter of Drear muil+-ien
Muiliel Daughter of Drear muil+iell
Muilhel Drear Girl muil+sell
Muilwen Drear Maiden muil+gwend
Muilneth Drear Girl muil+neth
Muildis Drear Bride muil+dîs
Muildes Drear Maiden muil+dess
Muilnith Drear Sister muil+nîth
Muilthel Drear Sister muil+thêl
Muilbes Drear Wife muil+bess
Muilon Drear muil+-on
Muilion Son of Drear muil+-ion
Muildaer Drear Bridegroom muil+daer
Muildir Drear Man muil+dîr
Muilben Drear Husband muil+benn
Muildor Drear Brother muil+tôr
Muilchon Drear Brother muil+hawn
Muilchanar Drear Brother muil+hanar
Muil Drear muil
Muilben Drear Person muil+pen
Muin – Dear/Beloved (muin)
Muineth Dear/Beloved One muin+-eth
Muinel Dear/Beloved One muin+-el
Muinil Dear/Beloved One muin+-il
Muinien Daughter of Dear/Beloved One muin+-ien
Muiniel Daughter of Dear/Beloved One muin+iell
Muissel Dear/Beloved Girl muin+sell
Muingwen Dear/Beloved Maiden muin+gwend
Muineth Dear/Beloved Girl muin+neth
Muindis Dear/Beloved Bride muin+dîs
Muindes Dear/Beloved Maiden muin+dess
Muinith Dear/Beloved Sister muin+nîth
Muinthel Dear/Beloved Sister muin+thêl
Muimes Dear/Beloved Wife muin+bess
Muinor Dear/Beloved One muin+-on
Muinion Son of Dear/Beloved One muin+-ion
Muindaer Dear/Beloved Bridegroom muin+daer
Muindir Dear/Beloved Man muin+dîr
Muimen Dear/Beloved Husband muin+benn
Muithor Dear/Beloved Brother muin+tôr
Muin Dear/Beloved muin
Muimben Dear/Beloved Person muin+pen
Naegra- – To Cause Pain (naegra-)
Naegredis She Who Causes Pain naegrad+-dis
Naegril She Who Causes Pain naegra-+-ril
Naegriel Daughter of One Who Causes Pain naegra-+-or+iell
Naegrien Daughter of One Who Causes Pain naegra-+-or+-ien
Naegron He Who Causes Pain naegra-+-on
Naegredir He Who Causes Pain naegrad+-dir
Naegron He Who Causes Pain naegra-+-ron
Naegrion Son of One Who Causes Pain naegra-+-or+-ion
Naegror One Who Causes Pain naegra-+-or
Naer – Sad/Lamentable (naer)
Naereth Sad/Lamentable One naer+-eth
Naerel Sad/Lamentable One naer+-el
Naeril Sad/Lamentable One naer+-il
Naerien Daughter of Sad/Lamentable One naer+-ien
Naeriel Daughter of Sad/Lamentable One naer+-iel
Naerhel Sad/Lamentable Girl naer+sell
Naerwen Sad/Lamentable Maiden naer+gwend
Naerneth Sad/Lamentable Girl naer+neth
Naerdis Sad/Lamentable Bride naer+dîs
Naerdes Sad/Lamentable Woman naer+dess
Naernith Sad/Lamentable Sister naer+nîth
Naerthel Sad/Lamentable Sister naer+thêl
Naerbes Sad/Lamentable Wife naer+bess
Naeron Sad/Lamentable One naer+-on
Naerion Son of Sad/Lamentable One naer+-ion
Naerdir Sad/Lamentable Man naer+dîr
Naerben Sad/Lamentable Husband naer+benn
Naerdor Sad/Lamentable Brother naer+tôr
Naerchon Sad/Lamentable Brother naer+hawn
Naerchanar Sad/Lamentable Brother naer+hanar
Naer Sad/Lamentable naer
Naerphen Sad/Lamentable Person naer+pen
Naruthir – Red Face (naru+thîr)
Naruthireth Red Faced One naru+thîr+-eth
Naruthirel Red Faced One naru+thîr+-el
Naruthiril Red Faced One naru+thîr+-il
Naruthirien Daughter of Red Faced One naru+thîr+-ien
Naruthiriel Daughter of Red Faced One naru+thîr+iell
Naruthirhel Red Faced Girl naru+thîr+sell
Naruthirwen Red Faced Maiden naru+thîr+gwend
Naruthirneth Red Faced Girl naru+thîr+neth
Naruthirdis Red Faced Bride naru+thîr+dîs
Naruthirdes Red Faced Maiden naru+thîr+dess
Naruthirnith Red Faced Sister naru+thîr+nîth
Naruthirbes Red Faced Wife naru+thîr+bess
Naruthiron Red Faced One naru+thîr+-on
Naruthirion Son of Red Faced One naru+thîr+-ion
Naruthirdaer Red Faced Bridegroom naru+thîr+daer
Naruthirdir Red Faced Man naru+thîr+dîr
Naruthirben Red Faced Husband naru+thîr+benn
Naruthirdor Red Faced Brother naru+thîr+tôr
Naruthirchon Red Faced Brother naru+thîr+hawn
Naruthir Red Face naru+thîr
Naruthirben Red Faced Person naru+thîr+pen
Nautha- – To Conceive a Thought (nautha-)
Noethedis Thinker nauthad+-dis
Noethril Thinker nautha-+-ril
Nauthriel Daughter of Thinker nautha-+-or+iell
Nauthrien Daughter of Thinker nautha-+-or+-ien
Nauthon Thinker nautha-+-on
Noethedir Thinker nauthad+-dir
Nauthron Thinker nautha-+-ron
Nauthrion Son of Thinker nautha-+-or+-ion
Nauthor Thinker nautha-+-or
Neitha- – To Wrong/Deprive (neitha-)
Neithedis Wronger/Depriver neithad+-dis
Neithril Wronger/Depriver neitha-+-ril
Neithriel Daughter of Wronger/Depriver neitha-+-or+iell
Neithrien Daughter of Wronger/Depriver neitha-+-or+-ien
Neithon Wronger/Depriver neitha-+-on
Neithedir Wronger/Depriver neithad+-dir
Neithron Wronger/Depriver neitha-+-ron
Neithrion Son of Wronger/Depriver neitha-+-or+-ion
Neithor Wronger/Depriver neitha-+-or
Nîd – Tearful (nîd)
Nídeth Tearful One nîd+-eth
Nídel Tearful One nîd+-el
Nídil Tearful One nîd+-il
Nídien Daughter of Tearful One nîd+-ien
Nídiel Daughter of Tearful One nîd+-iel
Níssel Tearful Girl nîd+sell
Nídwen Tearful Maiden nîd+gwend
Nídis Tearful Bride nîd+dîs
Nídes Tearful Woman nîd+dess
Nídon Tearful One nîd+-on
Nídion Son of Tearful One nîd+-ion
Nídaer Tearful Bridegroom nîd+daer
Nídir Tearful Man nîd+dîr
Nídben Tearful Husband nîd+benn
Nídor Tearful Brother nîd+tôr
Nîd Tearful nîd
Nîn – Tear (nîn)
Níneth Tear nîn+-eth
Nínel Tear nîn+-el
Nínil Tear nîn+-il
Nínien Daughter of Tear nîn+-ien
Níniel Daughter of Tear nîn+-iel
Níssel Tear Girl nîn+sell
Níngwen Tear Maiden nîn+gwend
Níneth Tear Girl nîn+neth
Níndis Tear Bride nîn+dîs
Níndes Tear Woman nîn+dess
Nínith Tear Sister nîn+nîth
Nínthel Tear Sister nîn+thêl
Nímes Tear Wife nîn+bess
Nínor Tear nîn+-on
Nínion Son of Tear nîn+-ion
Níndaer Tear Bridegroom nîn+daer
Níndir Tear Man nîn+dîr
Nímen Tear Husband nîn+benn
Níthor Tear Brother nîn+tôr
Nîn Tear nîn
Nímben Tear Person nîn+pen

Ningannel – Tears of a Harp (nîn+gannel)

Nîr – Tear/Weeping (nîr)
Nireth Tear/Weeping nîr+-eth
Nirel Tear/Weeping nîr+-el
Niril Tear/Weeping nîr+-il
Nirien Daughter of Tear/Weeping nîr+-ien
Niriel Daughter of Tear/Weeping nîr+iell
Nirhel Tear/Weeping Girl nîr+sell
Nirwen Tear/Weeping Maiden nîr+gwend
Nirneth Tear/Weeping Girl nîr+neth
Nirdis Tear/Weeping Bride nîr+dîs
Nirdes Tear/Weeping Woman nîr+dess
Nirnith Tear/Weeping Sister nîr+nîth
Nirthel Tear/Weeping Sister nîr+thêl
Nirbes Tear/Weeping Wife nîr+bess
Niron Tear/Weeping nîr+-on
Nirion Son of Tear/Weeping nîr+iôn
Nirdaer Tear/Weeping Bridegroom nîr+daer
Nirben Tear/Weeping Husband nîr+benn
Nirdor Tear/Weeping Brother nîr+tôr
Nirchon Tear/Weeping Brother nîr+hawn
Nirchanar Tear/Weeping Brother nîr+hanar
Nîr Tear/Weeping nîr
Nirphen Tear/Weeping Person nîr+pen
Noruinif – Sunny Face (nórui+nîf)
Noruiniveth Sunny Faced One nórui+nîf+-eth
Noruinivel Sunny Faced One nórui+nîf+-el
Noruinivil Sunny Faced One nórui+nîf+-il
Noruinivien Daughter of Sunny Faced One nórui+nîf+-ien
Noruiniviel Daughter of Sunny Faced One nórui+nîf+iell
Noruinives Sunny Faced Wife nórui+nîf+bess
Noruinivon Sunny Faced One nórui+nîf+-on
Noruinivion Son of Sunny Faced One nórui+nîf+iôn
Noruiniven Sunny Faced Man nórui+nîf+benn
Noruinif Sunny Face nórui+nîf
Noruiniphen Sunny Faced Person nórui+nîf+pen
Nûr – Sad (nûr)
Núreth Sad One nûr+-eth
Núrel Sad One nûr+-el
Nýril Sad One nûr+-il
Núrien Daughter of Sad One nûr+-ien
Núriel Daughter of Sad One nûr+-iel
Núrhel Sad Girl nûr+sell
Núrwen Sad Maiden nûr+gwend
Núrneth Sad Girl nûr+neth
Núrdis Sad Bride nûr+dîs
Núrdes Sad Woman nûr+dess
Núrnith Sad Sister nûr+nîth
Núrthel Sad Sister nûr+thêl
Núrbes Sad Wife nûr+bess
Núron Sad One nûr+-on
Núrion Son of Sad One nûr+-ion
Núrdaer Sad Bridegroom nûr+daer
Núrdir Sad Man nûr+dîr
Núrben Sad Husband nûr+benn
Núrdor Sad Brother nûr+tôr
Núrchon Sad Brother nûr+hawn
Núrchanar Sad Brother nûr+hanar
Nûr Sad nûr
Núrphen Sad Person nûr+pen
Ogol – Wicked/Evil (ogol)
Ogoleth Wicked/Evil One ogol+-eth
Ogolel Wicked/Evil One ogol+-el
Egelil Wicked/Evil One ogol+-il
Ogolien Daughter of Wicked/Evil One ogol+-ien
Ogoliel Daughter of Wicked/Evil One ogol+-iel
Ogolhel Wicked/Evil Girl ogol+sell
Ogolwen Wicked/Evil Maiden ogol+gwend
Ogolneth Wicked/Evil Girl ogol+neth
Ogoldis Wicked/Evil Bride ogol+dîs
Ogoldes Wicked/Evil Woman ogol+dess
Ogolnith Wicked/Evil Sister ogol+nîth
Ogolthel Wicked/Evil Sister ogol+thêl
Ogolbes Wicked/Evil Wife ogol+bess
Ogolon Wicked/Evil One ogol+-on
Ogolion Son of Wicked/Evil One ogol+-ion
Ogoldaer Wicked/Evil Bridegroom ogol+daer
Ogoldir Wicked/Evil Man ogol+dîr
Ogolben Wicked/Evil Husband ogol+benn
Ogoldor Wicked/Evil Brother ogol+tôr
Ogolchon Wicked/Evil Brother ogol+hawn
Ogol Wicked/Evil ogol
Ogolben Wicked/Evil Person ogol+pen
Orchal – Superior/Lofty (orchal)
Orchaleth Superior/Lofty One orchal+-eth
Orchalel Superior/Lofty One orchal+-el
Orchelil Superior/Lofty One orchal+-il
Orchalien Daughter of Superior/Lofty One orchal+-ien
Orchaliel Daughter of Superior/Lofty One orchal+-iel
Orchalhel Superior/Lofty Girl orchal+sell
Orchalwen Superior/Lofty Maiden orchal+gwend
Orchalneth Superior/Lofty Girl orchal+neth
Orchaldis Superior/Lofty Bride orchal+dîs
Orchaldes Superior/Lofty Woman orchal+dess
Orchalnith Superior/Lofty Sister orchal+nîth
Orchalthel Superior/Lofty Sister orchal+thêl
Orchalbes Superior/Lofty Wife orchal+bess
Orchalon Superior/Lofty One orchal+-on
Orchalion Son of Superior/Lofty One orchal+-ion
Orchaldaer Superior/Lofty Bridegroom orchal+daer
Orchaldir Superior/Lofty Man orchal+dîr
Orchalben Superior/Lofty Husband orchal+benn
Orchaldor Superior/Lofty Brother orchal+tôr
Orchalchon Superior/Lofty Brother orchal+hawn
Orchal Superior/Lofty orchal
Orchalben Superior/Lofty Person orchal+pen
Pel- – To Fade/Wither (pel-)
Pellil She Who is Fading/Withering pel-+-ril
Peldis She Who is Fading/Withering pel-+-dis
Pelliel Daughter of One Who is Fading/Withering pel-+-or+iell
Pellien Daughter of One Who is Fading/Withering pel-+-or+-ien
Peldissiel Daughter of She Who is Fading/Withering pel-+-dis+iell
Peldissien Daughter of She Who is Fading/Withering pel-+-dis+-ien
Pellon He Who is Fading/Withering pel-+-ron
Peldir He Who is Fading/Withering pel-+-dir
Peldirion Son of He Who is Fading/Withering pel-+-dir+-ion
Pellion Son of One Who is Fading/Withering pel-+-or+-ion
Pelor One Who is Fading/Withering pel-+-or

Pen-estel – Hopeless (pen-+estel)

Presta- – To Affect/Disrupt (presta-)
Prestedis Affector/Disruptor prestad+-dis
Prethril Affector/Disruptor presta-+-ril
Prethriel Daughter of Affector/Disruptor presta-+-or+iell
Prethrien Daughter of Affector/Disruptor presta-+-or+-ien
Preston Affector/Disruptor presta-+-on
Prestedir Affector/Disruptor prestad+-dir
Prethron Affector/Disruptor presta-+-ron
Prethrion Son of Affector/Disruptor presta-+-or+-ion
Prestor Affector/Disruptor presta-+-or
Raeg – Wrong (raeg)
Raegeth Wrong One raeg+-eth
Raegel Wrong One raeg+-el
Raegil Wrong One raeg+-il
Raegien Daughter of Wrong One raeg+-ien
Raegiel Daughter of Wrong One raeg+-iel
Raegwen Wrong Maiden raeg+gwend
Raegneth Wrong Girl raeg+neth
Raegnis Wrong Bride raeg+dîs
Raegnes Wrong Woman raeg+dess
Raegnith Wrong Sister raeg+nîth
Raecthel Wrong Sister raeg+thêl
Raegon Wrong raeg+-on
Raegion Son of Wrong raeg+-ion
Raegnir Wrong Man raeg+dîr
Raechon Wrong Brother raeg+hawn
Raechanar Wrong Brother raeg+hanar
Raeg Wrong raeg
Remlas – Joy Net (rem+glass)
Remlasseth Joy Net rem+glass+-eth
Remlassel Joy Net rem+glass+-el
Remlessil Joy Net rem+glass+-il
Remlassien Daughter of Joy Net rem+glass+-ien
Remlassiel Daughter of Joy Net rem+glass+iell
Remlassel Joy Net Girl rem+glass+sell
Remlasdis Joy Net Bride rem+glass+dîs
Remlasdes Joy Net Maiden rem+glass+dess
Remlasbes Joy Net Wife rem+glass+bess
Remlasson Joy Net rem+glass+-on
Remlassion Son of Joy Net rem+glass+-ion
Remlasdaer Joy Net Bridegroom rem+glass+daer
Remlasdir Joy Net Man rem+glass+dîr
Remlasben Joy Net Husband rem+glass+benn
Remlastor Joy Net Brother rem+glass+tôr
Remlas Joy Net rem+glass
Remlaspen Joy Net Person rem+glass+pen
Rhaw – Wild/Untamed (rhaw)
Rhaweth Wild/Untamed One rhaw+-eth
Rhawel Wild/Untamed One rhaw+-el
Rhewil Wild/Untamed One rhaw+-il
Rhawien Daughter of Wild/Untamed One rhaw+-ien
Rhawiel Daughter of Wild/Untamed One rhaw+-iel
Rhohel Wild/Untamed Girl rhaw+sell
Rhawen Wild/Untamed Maiden rhaw+gwend
Rhoneth Wild/Untamed Girl rhaw+neth
Rhonis Wild/Untamed Bride rhaw+dîs
Rhones Wild/Untamed Woman rhaw+dess
Rhonith Wild/Untamed Sister rhaw+nîth
Rhothel Wild/Untamed Sister rhaw+thêl
Rhoves Wild/Untamed Wife rhaw+bess
Rhawion Son of Wild One rhaw+-ion
Rhonaer Wild Bridegroom rhaw+daer
Rhonir Wild Man rhaw+dîr
Rhoven Wild Husband rhaw+benn
Rhodor Wild Brother rhaw+tôr
Rhochon Wild Brother rhaw+hawn
Rhochanar Wild Brother rhaw+hanar
Rhaw Wild/Untamed rhaw
Rhoben Wild/Untamed Person rhaw+pen

Rodwen – Noble Virgin Maiden (rodwen)

Rûth – Anger (rûth)
Rúthes Anger rûth+-eth
Rúthel Anger rûth+-el
Rýthil Anger rûth+-il
Rúthien Daughter of Anger rûth+-ien
Rúthiel Daughter of Anger rûth+-iel
Rúthel Anger Girl rûth+sell
Rúthwen Anger Maiden rûth+gwend
Rúthel Anger Sister rûth+thêl
Rúthon Anger rûth+-on
Rúthion Son of Anger rûth+-ion
Rúthon Anger Brother rûth+hawn
Rúthanar Anger Brother rûth+hanar
Rûth Anger rûth
Ruthra- – To Rage (ruthra-)
Rythredis Rager ruthrad+-dis
Rythril Rager ruthra-+-ril
Ruthriel Daughter of Rager ruthra-+-or+iell
Ruthrien Daughter of Rager ruthra-+-or+-ien
Ruthron Rager ruthra-+-on
Rythredir Rager ruthrad+-dir
Ruthron Rager ruthra-+-ron
Ruthrion Son of Rager ruthra-+-or+-ion
Ruthror Rager ruthra-+-or
Sael – Wise (sael)
Saeleth Wise One sael+-eth
Saelel Wise One sael+-el
Saelil Wise One sael+-il
Saelien Daughter of Wise One sael+-ien
Saeliel Daughter of Wise One sael+-iel
Saelhel Wise Girl sael+sell
Saelwen Wise Maiden sael+gwend
Saelneth Wise Girl sael+neth
Saeldis Wise Bride sael+dîs
Saeldes Wise Woman sael+dess
Saelnith Wise Sister sael+nîth
Saelthel Wise Sister sael+thêl
Saelbes Wise Wife sael+bess
Saelon Wise One sael+-on
Saelion Son of Wise One sael+-ion
Saeldir Wise Man sael+dîr
Saelben Wise Husband sael+benn
Saeldor Wise Brother sael+tôr
Saelchon Wise Brother sael+hawn
Saelchanar Wise Brother sael+hanar
Sael Wise sael
Saelben Wise Person sael+pen

Saeledhel – Wise Elf (sael+edhel)

Saer – Bitter (saer)
Saereth Bitter One saer+-eth
Saerel Bitter One saer+-el
Saeril Bitter One saer+-il
Saerien Daughter of Bitter One saer+-ien
Saeriel Daughter of Bitter One saer+-iel
Saerhel Bitter Girl saer+sell
Saerwen Bitter Maiden saer+gwend
Saerneth Bitter Girl saer+neth
Saerdis Bitter Bride saer+dîs
Saerdes Bitter Woman saer+dess
Saernith Bitter Sister saer+nîth
Saerthel Bitter Sister saer+thêl
Saerbes Bitter Wife saer+bess
Saeron Bitter One saer+-on
Saerion Son of Bitter One saer+-ion
Saerdir Bitter Man saer+dîr
Saerben Bitter Husband saer+benn
Saerdor Bitter Brother saer+tôr
Saerchon Bitter Brother saer+hawn
Saerchanar Bitter Brother saer+hanar
Saer Bitter saer
Saerphen Bitter Person saer+pen
Seregruth – Blood Anger (sereg+rûth)
Seregruthes Blood Anger sereg+rûth+-eth
Seregruthel Blood Anger sereg+rûth+-el
Seregrythil Blood Anger sereg+rûth+-il
Seregruthien Daughter of Blood Anger sereg+rûth+-ien
Seregruthiel Daughter of Blood Anger sereg+rûth+iell
Seregruthel Blood Anger Girl sereg+rûth+sell
Seregruthwen Blood Anger Maiden sereg+rûth+gwend
Seregruthel Blood Anger Sister sereg+rûth+thêl
Seregruthon Blood Anger sereg+rûth+-on
Seregruthion Son of Blood Anger sereg+rûth+-ion
Seregruthon Blood Anger Brother sereg+rûth+hawn
Seregruth Blood Anger sereg+rûth

Seron – Lover (seron)

Sîdh – Peace (sîdh)
Sídhes Peace sîdh+-eth
Sídhel Peace sîdh+-el
Sídhil Peace sîdh+-il
Sídhien Daughter of Peace sîdh+-ien
Sídhiel Daughter of Peace sîdh+-iel
Sídhel Peace Girl sîdh+sell
Sídhwen Peace Maiden sîdh+gwend
Sídhon Peace sîdh+-on
Sídhion Son of Peace sîdh+-ion
Sídhon Peace Brother sîdh+hawn
Sídhanar Peace Brother sîdh+hanar
Sîdh Peace sîdh
Sírdhem – River of Sadness (sîr+dem)
Sírdhemeth River of Sadness sîr+dem+-eth
Sírdhemel River of Sadness sîr+dem+-el
Sírdhemil River of Sadness sîr+dem+-il
Sírdhemien Daughter of River of Sadness sîr+dem+-ien
Sírdhemiel Daughter of River of Sadness sîr+dem+iell
Sírdhemdis River of Sadness Bride sîr+dem+dîs
Sírdhemdes River of Sadness Maiden sîr+dem+dess
Sírdhembes River of Sadness Wife sîr+dem+bess
Sírdhemon River of Sadness sîr+dem+-on
Sírdhemion Son of River of Sadness sîr+dem+-ion
Sírdhemdaer River of Sadness Bridegroom sîr+dem+daer
Sírdhemdir River of Sadness Man sîr+dem+dîr
Sírdhemben River of Sadness Husband sîr+dem+benn
Sírdhemdor River of Sadness Brother sîr+dem+tôr
Sírdhem River of Sadness sîr+dem
Sírdhemben River of Sadness Person sîr+dem+pen
Tara – Tough/Stiff (tara)
Tarieth Tough/Stiff One tara+-eth
Tariel Tough/Stiff One tara+-el
Teril Tough/Stiff One tara+-il
Tarien Daughter of Tough/Stiff One tara+-ien
Tariel Daughter of Tough/Stiff One tara+-iel
Tarahel Tough/Stiff Girl tara+sell
Tarawen Tough/Stiff Maiden tara+gwend
Taraneth Tough/Stiff Girl tara+neth
Taranis Tough/Stiff Bride tara+dîs
Taranes Tough/Stiff Woman tara+dess
Taranith Tough/Stiff Sister tara+nîth
Tarathel Tough/Stiff Sister tara+thêl
Taraves Tough/Stiff Wife tara+bess
Tarion Tough/Stiff One tara+-on
Tarion Son of Tough/Stiff One tara+-ion
Taranaer Tough/Stiff Bridegroom tara+daer
Taranir Tough/Stiff Man tara+dîr
Taraven Tough/Stiff Husband tara+benn
Tarador Tough/Stiff Brother tara+tôr
Tarachon Tough/Stiff Brother tara+hawn
Tarachanar Tough/Stiff Brother tara+hanar
Tara Tough/Stiff tara
Taraben Tough/Stiff Person tara+pen
Thala – Stalwart/Steady/Firm (thala)
Thalieth Stalwart/Steady/Firm One thala+-eth
Thaliel Stalwart/Steady/Firm One thala+-el
Thelil Stalwart/Steady/Firm One thala+-il
Thalien Daughter of Stalwart/Steady/Firm One thala+-ien
Thaliel Daughter of Stalwart/Steady/Firm One thala+-iel
Thalahel Stalwart/Steady/Firm Girl thala+sell
Thalawen Stalwart/Steady/Firm Maiden thala+gwend
Thalaneth Stalwart/Steady/Firm Girl thala+neth
Thalanis Stalwart/Steady/Firm Bride thala+dîs
Thalanes Stalwart/Steady/Firm Woman thala+dess
Thalanith Stalwart/Steady/Firm Sister thala+nîth
Thalaves Stalwart/Steady/Firm Wife thala+bess
Thalion Stalwart/Steady/Firm One thala+-on
Thalion Son of Stalwart/Steady/Firm One thala+-ion
Thalanaer Stalwart/Steady/Firm Bridegroom thala+daer
Thalanir Stalwart/Steady/Firm Man thala+dîr
Thalaven Stalwart/Steady/Firm Husband thala+benn
Thalador Stalwart/Steady/Firm Brother thala+tôr
Thalachon Stalwart/Steady/Firm Brother thala+hawn
Thala Stalwart/Steady/Firm thala
Thalaben Stalwart/Steady/Firm Person thala+pen
Thalawest – Steady Oath (thala+gwest)
Thalawesteth Steady Oath thala+gwest+-eth
Thalawestel Steady Oath thala+gwest+-el
Thalawestil Steady Oath thala+gwest+-il
Thalawestien Daughter of Steady Oath thala+gwest+-ien
Thalawestiel Daughter of Steady Oath thala+gwest+iell
Thalawessel Steady Oath Girl thala+gwest+sell
Thalaweston Steady Oath thala+gwest+-on
Thalawestion Son of Steady Oath thala+gwest+-ion
Thalawestor Steady Oath Brother thala+gwest+tôr
Thalawest Steady Oath thala+gwest
Thand – Firm/True (thand)
Thanneth Firm/True One thand+-eth
Thannel Firm/True One thand+-el
Thennil Firm/True One thand+-il
Thannien Daughter of Firm/True One thand+-ien
Thanniel Daughter of Firm/True One thand+-iel
Thanhel Firm/True Girl thand+sell
Thangwen Firm/True Maiden thand+gwend
Thanneth Firm/True Girl thand+neth
Thandis Firm/True Bride thand+dîs
Thandes Firm/True Woman thand+dess
Thannith Firm/True Sister thand+nîth
Thanthel Firm/True Sister thand+thêl
Thambes Firm/True Wife thand+bess
Thannor Firm/True One thand+-on
Thannion Son of Firm/True One thand+-ion
Thandaer Firm/True Bridegroom thand+daer
Thandir Firm/True Man thand+dîr
Thamben Firm/True Husband thand+benn
Thandor Firm/True Brother thand+tôr
Thand Firm/True thand
Thamben Firm/True Person thand+pen
Thangur – True Heart (thand+gûr)
Thangureth True Heart thand+gûr+-eth
Thangurel True Heart thand+gûr+-el
Thangyril True Heart thand+gûr+-il
Thangurien Daughter of True Heart thand+gûr+-ien
Thanguriel Daughter of True Heart thand+gûr+iell
Thangurwen True Heart Maiden thand+gûr+gwend
Thangurneth True Heart Girl thand+gûr+neth
Thangurdis True Heart Bride thand+gûr+dîs
Thangurdes True Heart Maiden thand+gûr+dess
Thangurnith True Heart Sister thand+gûr+nîth
Thangurbes True Heart Wife thand+gûr+bess
Thanguron True Heart thand+gûr+-on
Thangurion Son of True Heart thand+gûr+-ion
Thangurdaer True Heart Bridegroom thand+gûr+daer
Thangurdir True Heart Man thand+gûr+dîr
Thangurben True Heart Husband thand+gûr+benn
Thangurdor True Heart Brother thand+gûr+tôr
Thangurchon True Heart Brother thand+gûr+hawn
Thangur True Heart thand+gûr
Thangurphen True Heart Person thand+gûr+pen
Thaur – Abominable/Abhorrent (thaur)
Thaureth Abominable One thaur+-eth
Thaurel Abominable One thaur+-el
Thoeril Abominable One thaur+-il
Thaurien Daughter of Abominable/Abhorrent One thaur+-ien
Thauriel Daughter of Abominable/Abhorrent One thaur+-iel
Thaurhel Abominable/Abhorrent Girl thaur+sell
Thaurwen Abominable/Abhorrent Maiden thaur+gwend
Thaurneth Abominable/Abhorrent Girl thaur+neth
Thaurdis Abominable/Abhorrent Bride thaur+dîs
Thaurdes Abominable/Abhorrent Woman thaur+dess
Thaurnith Abominable/Abhorrent Sister thaur+nîth
Thaurbes Abominable/Abhorrent Wife thaur+bess
Thauron Abominable/Abhorrent One thaur+-on
Thaurion Son of Abominable/Abhorrent One thaur+-ion
Thaurdaer Abominable/Abhorrent Bridegroom thaur+daer
Thaurdir Abominable/Abhorrent Man thaur+dîr
Thaurben Abominable/Abhorrent Husband thaur+benn
Thaurdor Abominable/Abhorrent Brother thaur+tôr
Thaurchon Abominable/Abhorrent Brother thaur+hawn
Thaurchanar Abominable/Abhorrent Brother thaur+hanar
Thaur Abominable/Abhorrent thaur
Thaurphen Abominable/Abhorrent Person thaur+pen
Thaw – Corrupt/Rotten (thaw)
Thaweth Corrupt/Rotten One thaw+-eth
Thawel Corrupt/Rotten One thaw+-el
Thewil Corrupt/Rotten One thaw+-il
Thawien Daughter of Corrupt/Rotten One thaw+-ien
Thawiel Daughter of Corrupt/Rotten One thaw+-iel
Thohel Corrupt/Rotten Girl thaw+sell
Thawen Corrupt/Rotten Maiden thaw+gwend
Thoneth Corrupt/Rotten Girl thaw+neth
Thonis Corrupt/Rotten Bride thaw+dîs
Thones Corrupt/Rotten Woman thaw+dess
Thonith Corrupt/Rotten Sister thaw+nîth
Thoves Corrupt/Rotten Wife thaw+bess
Thawion Son of Corrupt/Rotten One thaw+-ion
Thonaer Corrupt/Rotten Bridegroom thaw+daer
Thonir Corrupt/Rotten Man thaw+dîr
Thoven Corrupt/Rotten Husband thaw+benn
Thodor Corrupt/Rotten Brother thaw+tôr
Thochon Corrupt/Rotten Brother thaw+hawn
Thochanar Corrupt/Rotten Brother thaw+hanar
Thaw Corrupt/Rotten thaw
Thoben Corrupt/Rotten Person thaw+pen
Theria- – To Florish/Be Vigorous (theria-)
Theriedis Florishing/Vigorous One theriad+-dis
Theril Florishing/Vigorous One theria-+-ril
Thariel Daughter of Florishing/Vigorous One theria-+-or+iell
Tharien Daughter of Florishing/Vigorous One theria-+-or+-ien
Therion Florishing/Vigorous One theria-+-on
Theriedir Florishing/Vigorous One theriad+-dir
Tharon Florishing/Vigorous One theria-+-ron
Tharion Son of Florishing/Vigorous One theria-+-or+-ion
Therior Florishing/Vigorous One theria-+-or
Theria- – To Dread/Fear (theria-)
Theriedis Dreader/Fearer theriad+-dis
Theril Dreader/Fearer theria-+-ril
Thoriel Daughter of Dreader/Fearer theria-+-or+iell
Thorien Daughter of Dreader/Fearer theria-+-or+-ien
Therion Dreader/Fearer theria-+-on
Theriedir Dreader/Fearer theriad+-dir
Thoron Dreader/Fearer theria-+-ron
Thorion Son of Dreader/Fearer theria-+-or+-ion
Therior Dreader/Fearer theria-+-or
Thurilost – Empty Secret (thurin+lost)
Thurilosteth Empty Secret thurin+lost+-eth
Thurilostel Empty Secret thurin+lost+-el
Thurilostil Empty Secret thurin+lost+-il
Thurilostien Daughter of Empty Secret thurin+lost+-ien
Thurilostiel Daughter of Empty Secret thurin+lost+iell
Thurilossel Empty Secret Girl thurin+lost+sell
Thuriloston Empty Secret thurin+lost+-on
Thurilostion Son of Empty Secret thurin+lost+-ion
Thurilostor Empty Secret Brother thurin+lost+tôr
Thurilost Empty Secret thurin+lost
Thurin – Secret (thurin)
Thurineth Secret One thurin+-eth
Thurinel Secret One thurin+-el
Thurinil Secret One thurin+-il
Thurinien Daughter of Secret One thurin+-ien
Thuriniel Daughter of Secret One thurin+iell
Thurissel Secret Girl thurin+sell
Thuringwen Secret Maiden thurin+gwend
Thurineth Secret Girl thurin+neth
Thurindis Secret Bride thurin+dîs
Thurindes Secret Maiden thurin+dess
Thurinith Secret Sister thurin+nîth
Thurimes Secret Wife thurin+bess
Thurinor Secret One thurin+-on
Thurinion Son of Secret One thurin+-ion
Thurindaer Secret Bridegroom thurin+daer
Thurindir Secret Man thurin+dîr
Thurimen Secret Husband thurin+benn
Thurindor Secret Brother thurin+tôr
Thurin Secret thurin
Thurimben Secret Person thurin+pen
Trasta- – To Harass/Trouble (trasta-)
Trestedis Harasser/Troubler trastad+-dis
Trethril Harasser/Troubler trasta-+-ril
Trathriel Daughter of Harasser/Troubler trasta-+-or+iell
Trathrien Daughter of Harasser/Troubler trasta-+-or+-ien
Traston Harasser/Troubler trasta-+-on
Trestedir Harasser/Troubler trastad+-dir
Trathron Harasser/Troubler trasta-+-ron
Trathrion Son of Harasser/Troubler trasta-+-or+-ion
Trastor Harasser/Troubler trasta-+-or
Tûr – Mastery/Victory (tûr)
Túreth Mastery/Victory tûr+-eth
Túrel Mastery/Victory tûr+-el
Týril Mastery/Victory tûr+-il
Túrien Daughter of Mastery/Victory tûr+-ien
Túriel Daughter of Mastery/Victory tûr+-iel
Túrhel Mastery/Victory Girl tûr+sell
Túrwen Mastery/Victory Maiden tûr+gwend
Túrneth Mastery/Victory Girl tûr+neth
Túrdis Mastery/Victory Bride tûr+dîs
Túrdes Mastery/Victory Woman tûr+dess
Túrnith Mastery/Victory Sister tûr+nîth
Túrthel Mastery/Victory Sister tûr+thêl
Túrbes Mastery/Victory Wife tûr+bess
Túron Mastery/Victory tûr+-on
Túrion Son of Mastery/Victory tûr+-ion
Túrdaer Mastery/Victory Bridegroom tûr+daer
Túrdir Mastery/Victory Man tûr+dîr
Túrben Mastery/Victory Husband tûr+benn
Túrdor Mastery/Victory Brother tûr+tôr
Túrchon Mastery/Victory Brother tûr+hawn
Túrchanar Mastery/Victory Brother tûr+hanar
Tûr Mastery/Victory tûr
Túrphen Mastery/Victory Person tûr+pen
Úhael – Unwise (ú-+sael)
Úhaeleth Unwise One ú-+sael+-eth
Úhaelel Unwise One ú-+sael+-el
Úhaelil Unwise One ú-+sael+-il
Úhaelien Daughter of Unwise One ú-+sael+-ien
Úhaeliel Daughter of Unwise One al-+sael+iell
Úhaelwen Unwise Maiden ú-+sael+gwend
Úhaelneth Unwise Girl ú-+sael+neth
Úhaeldis Unwise Bride ú-+sael+dîs
Úhaeldes Unwise Maiden ú-+sael+dess
Úhaelnith Unwise Sister ú-+sael+nîth
Úhaelthel Unwise Sister ú-+sael+thêl
Úhaelbes Unwise Wife ú-+sael+bess
Úhaelon Unwise One ú-+sael+-on
Úhaelion Son of Unwise One ú-+sael+-ion
Úhaeldir Unwise Man ú-+sael+dîr
Úhaelben Unwise Husband ú-+sael+benn
Úhaeldor Unwise Brother ú-+sael+tôr
Úhaelchon Unwise Brother ú-+sael+hawn
Úhaelchanar Unwise Brother ú-+sael+hanar
Úhael Unwise ú-+sael
Úhaelben Unwise Person ú-+sael+pen
Um – Bad/Evil (um)
Umeth Bad/Evil One um+-eth
Umel Bad/Evil One um+-el
Ymil Bad/Evil One um+-il
Umien Daughter of Bad/Evil One um+-ien
Umiel Daughter of Bad/Evil One um+-iel
Umhel Bad/Evil Girl um+sell
Umdis Bad/Evil Bride um+dîs
Umdes Bad/Evil Woman um+dess
Umbes Bad/Evil Wife um+bess
Umon Bad/Evil One um+-on
Umion Son of Bad/Evil One um+-ion
Umdaer Bad/Evil Bridegroom um+daer
Umdir Bad/Evil Man um+dîr
Umben Bad/Evil Husband um+benn
Umdor Bad/Evil Brother um+tôr
Um Bad/Evil um
Umben Bad/Evil Person um+pen
Úthaes – Temptation (úthaes)
Uthaesseth Temptation úthaes+-eth
Uthaessel Temptation úthaes+-el
Uthaessil Temptation úthaes+-il
Uthaessien Daughter of Temptation úthaes+-ien
Uthaessiel Daughter of Temptation úthaes+-iel
Uthaessel Temptation Girl úthaes+sell
Uthaesdis Temptation Bride úthaes+dîs
Uthaesdes Temptation Woman úthaes+dess
Uthaesbes Temptation Wife úthaes+bess
Uthaesson Temptation úthaes+-on
Uthaession Son of Temptation úthaes+-ion
Uthaesdaer Temptation Bridegroom úthaes+daer
Uthaesdir Temptation Man úthaes+dîr
Uthaesben Temptation Husband úthaes+benn
Uthaestor Temptation Brother úthaes+tôr
Úthaes Temptation úthaes
Uthaespen Temptation Person úthaes+pen
Ýridhren – Wise Course (ýr+idhren)
Ýridhreneth Wise Course ýr+idhren+-eth
Ýridhrenel Wise Course ýr+idhren+-el
Ýridhrenil Wise Course ýr+idhren+-il
Ýridhrenien Daughter of Wise Course ýr+idhren+-ien
Ýridhreniel Daughter of Wise Course ýr+idhren+iell
Ýridhressel Wise Course Girl ýr+idhren+sell
Ýridhrengwen Wise Course Maiden ýr+idhren+gwend
Ýridhreneth Wise Course Girl ýr+idhren+neth
Ýridhrendis Wise Course Bride ýr+idhren+dîs
Ýridhrendes Wise Course Maiden ýr+idhren+dess
Ýridhrenith Wise Course Sister ýr+idhren+nîth
Ýridhrenthel Wise Course Sister ýr+idhren+thêl
Ýridhremes Wise Course Wife ýr+idhren+bess
Ýridhrenor Wise Course ýr+idhren+-on
Ýridhrenion Son of Wise Course ýr+idhren+-ion
Ýridhrendaer Wise Course Bridegroom ýr+idhren+daer
Ýridhrendir Wise Course Man ýr+idhren+dîr
Ýridhremen Wise Course Husband ýr+idhren+benn
Ýridhrendor Wise Course Brother ýr+idhren+tôr
Ýridhren Wise Course ýr+idhren
Ýridhremben Wise Course Person ýr+idhren+pen

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