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Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name

Miniel – First Daughter (min+iell)

Minion – First Son (min+iôn)

Main – First/Prime/Chief (main)
Maineth First/Prime/Chief One main+-eth
Mainel First/Prime/Chief One main+-el
Mainil First/Prime/Chief One main+-il
Mainien Daughter of First/Prime/Chief One main+-ien
Mainiel Daughter of First/Prime/Chief One main+iell
Maissel First/Prime/Chief Girl main+sell
Mainwen First/Prime/Chief Maiden main+gwend
Maineth First/Prime/Chief Girl main+neth
Maindis First/Prime/Chief Bride main+dîs
Maindes First/Prime/Chief Maiden main+dess
Mainith First/Prime/Chief Sister main+nîth
Mainthel First/Prime/Chief Sister main+thêl
Mainor First/Prime/Chief One main+-on
Mainion Son of First/Prime/Chief One main+-ion
Maindir First/Prime/Chief Man main+dîr
Maindor First/Prime/Chief Brother main+tôr
Main First/Prime/Chief main
Maimben First/Prime/Chief Person main+pen
Er – Single/Lone (er-)
Ereth Single/Lone One er-+-eth
Erel Single/Lone One er-+-el
Eril Single/Lone One er-+-il
Erien Daughter of Single/Lone One er-+-ien
Eriel Daughter of Single/Lone One er-+iell
Erhel Single/Lone Girl er-+sell
Erwen Single/Lone Maiden er-+gwend
Erneth Single/Lone Girl er-+neth
Erdis Single/Lone Bride er-+dîs
Erdes Single/Lone Woman er-+dess
Ernith Single/Lone Sister er-+nîth
Erthel Single/Lone Sister er-+thêl
Erbes Single/Lone Wife er-+bess
Eron Single/Lone One er-+-on
Erion Son of Single/Lone One er-+iôn
Erdaer Single/Lone Bridegroom er-+daer
Erdir Single/Lone Man er-+dîr
Erben Single/Lone Husband er-+benn
Erdor Single/Lone Brother er-+tôr
Erchon Single/Lone Brother er-+hawn
Erchanar Single/Lone Brother er-+hanar
Er Single/Lone er
Erphen Single/Lone Person er-+pen
Minai – Single/Unique (minai)
Minaihel Single/Unique Girl minai+sell
Minaiwen Single/Unique Maiden minai+gwend
Minaineth Single/Unique Girl minai+neth
Minainis Single/Unique Bride minai+dîs
Minaines Single/Unique Maiden minai+dess
Minainith Single/Unique Sister minai+nîth
Minaithel Single/Unique Sister minai+thêl
Minaives Single/Unique Wife minai+bess
Minainir Single/Unique Man minai+dîr
Minaiven Single/Unique Husband minai+benn
Minaidor Single/Unique Brother minai+tôr
Minaichon Single/Unique Brother minai+hawn
Minai Single/Unique minai
Minaiben Single/Unique Person minai+pen

Tadiel – Second Daughter (tâd+iell)

Tadion – Second Son (tâd+iôn)

Edwen – Second (edwen)
Edweneth Second One edwen+-eth
Edwenel Second One edwen+-el
Edwenil Second One edwen+-il
Edwenien Daughter of Second One edwen+-ien
Edweniel Daughter of Second One edwen+iell
Edwessel Second Girl edwen+sell
Edweneth Second Girl edwen+neth
Edwendes Second Maiden edwen+dess
Edwenith Second Sister edwen+nîth
Edwenthel Second Sister edwen+thêl
Edwenor Second One edwen+-on
Edwenion Son of Second One edwen+-ion
Edwendir Second Man edwen+dîr
Edwethor Second Brother edwen+tôr
Edwen Second edwen
Edwemben Second Person edwen+pen

Neliel – Third Daughter (nel-+iell)

Nelion – Third Son (nel-+iôn)

Canadiel – Fourth Daughter (canad+iell)

Canadion – Fourth Son (canad+iôn)

Abonnen – Born After (abonnen)
Abonneneth One Born After abonnen+-eth
Abonnenel One Born After abonnen+-el
Abennenil One Born After abonnen+-il
Abonnenien Daughter of One Born After abonnen+-ien
Abonneniel Daughter of One Born After abonnen+iell
Abonnessel Girl Born After abonnen+sell
Abonnengwen Maiden Born After abonnen+gwend
Abonneneth Girl Born After abonnen+neth
Abonnendis Bride Born After abonnen+dîs
Abonnendes Maiden Born After abonnen+dess
Abonnenith Sister Born After abonnen+nîth
Abonnenthel Sister Born After abonnen+thêl
Abonnemes Wife Born After abonnen+bess
Abonnenor One Born After abonnen+-on
Abonnenion Son of One Born After abonnen+-ion
Abonnendaer Bridegroom Born After abonnen+daer
Abonnendir Man Born After abonnen+dîr
Abonnemen Husband Born After abonnen+benn
Abonnethor Brother Born After abonnen+tôr
Abonnechon Brother Born After abonnen+hawn
Abonnen Born After abonnen
Abonnemben Person Born After abonnen+pen
Meth – End (meth)
Methes End meth+-eth
Methel End meth+-el
Methil End meth+-il
Methien Daughter of End meth+-ien
Methiel Daughter of End meth+iell
Methel End Girl meth+sell
Methwen End Maiden meth+gwend
Methel End Sister meth+thêl
Methon End meth+-on
Methion Son of End meth+-ion
Methon End Brother meth+hawn
Methanar End Brother meth+hanar
Meth End meth
Methed – End (methed)
Methedes End One methed+-eth
Methedel End One methed+-el
Methedil End methed+-il
Methedien Daughter of End methed+-ien
Methediel Daughter of End methed+iell
Methessel End Girl methed+sell
Methedwen End Maiden methed+gwend
Methedis End Bride methed+dîs
Methedes End Maiden methed+dess
Methedon End methed+-on
Methedion Son of End methed+-ion
Methedaer End Bridegroom methed+daer
Methedir End Man methed+dîr
Methedor End Brother methed+tôr
Methed End methed
Methen – Ending/Final (methen)
Methenes Ending/Final One methen+-eth
Methenel Ending/Final One methen+-el
Methenil Ending/Final One methen+-il
Methenien Daughter of Ending/Final One methen+-ien
Metheniel Daughter of Ending/Final One methen+iell
Methessel Ending/Final Girl methen+sell
Methengwen Ending/Final Maiden methen+gwend
Metheneth Ending/Final Girl methen+neth
Methendis Ending/Final Bride methen+dîs
Methendes Ending/Final Maiden methen+dess
Methenith Ending/Final Sister methen+nîth
Methenor Ending/Final One methen+-on
Methenion Son of Ending/Final One methen+-ion
Methendaer Ending/Final Bridegroom methen+daer
Methendir Ending/Final Man methen+dîr
Methendor Ending/Final Brother methen+tôr
Methen Ending/Final methen
Methemben Ending/Final Person methen+pen
Medui – Last (medui)
Meduihel Last Girl medui+sell
Meduiwen Last Maiden medui+gwend
Meduineth Last Girl medui+neth
Meduinis Last Bride medui+dîs
Meduines Last Woman medui+dess
Meduinith Last Sister medui+nîth
Meduithel Last Sister medui+thêl
Meduives Last Wife medui+bess
Meduinaer Last Bridegroom medui+daer
Meduinir Last Man medui+dîr
Meduiven Last Husband medui+benn
Meduidor Last Brother medui+tôr
Meduichon Last Brother medui+hawn
Medui Last medui
Meduiben Last Person medui+pen

Elvedui – Last Elf (ell-+medui)