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Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name

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Nirwastir – Scarred Face (nirwa+stir)
Nirwastirë Scarred Face nirwa+stir+-ë
Nirwastirië Scarred Face nirwa+stir+-ië
Nirwastirien Scarred Face nirwa+stir+-ien
Nirwastirwen Scarred Face Girl nirwa+stir+wendë
Nirwastirdis Scarred Face Woman nirwa+stir+níssë
Nirwastiriel Daughter of Scarred Face nirwa+stir+-iel
Nirwastiro Scarred Face nirwa+stir+-o
Nirwastiron Scarred Face nirwa+stir+-on
Nirwastirdo Scarred Face nirwa+stir+-no
Nirwastirder Scarred Face Man nirwa+stir+nér
Nirwastirion Son of Scarred Face nirwa+stir+-ion
Nirwastir Scarred Face nirwa+stir
Nirwastirquen Scarred Face Person nirwa+stir+quen
Nirwastirwë Scarred Face Being nirwa+stir+-wë
Nirwë – Scar (nirwë)
Nirwë Scar nirwë+-ë
Nirwië Scar nirwë+-ië
Nirwien Scar nirwë+-ien
Nirwenis Scar Woman nirwë+níssë
Nirwiel Daughter of Scar nirwë+-iel
Niro Scar nirwë+-o
Niron Scar nirwë+-on
Nirwener Scar Man nirwë+nér
Nirwion Son of Scar nirwë+-ion
Nirwë Scar nirwë
Nirwequen Scar Person nirwë+quen
Nísima – Fragrant (nísima)
Nísimë Fragrant One nísima+-ë
Nísimië Fragrant One nísima+-ië
Nísimien Fragrant One nísima+-ien
Nísimawen Fragrant Girl nísima+wendë
Nísimanis Fragrant Woman nísima+níssë
Nísimiel Daughter of Fragrant One nísima+-iel
Nísimo Fragrant One nísima+-o
Nísimon Fragrant One nísima+-on
Nísimano Fragrant One nísima+-no
Nísimaner Fragrant Man nísima+nér
Nísimion Son of Fragrant One nísima+-ion
Nísima Fragrant nísima
Nísimaquen Fragrant Person nísima+quen
Nísimandil Fragrant Lover/Friend nísima+-ndil
Nísimandur Fragrant Servant nísima+-ndur
Nítë – Moist/Dewy (nítë)
Nítë Moist/Dewy One nítë+-ë
Nítië Moist/Dewy One nítë+-ië
Nítien Moist/Dewy One nítë+-ien
Nítiwen Moist/Dewy Girl nítë+wendë
Nítinis Moist/Dewy Woman nítë+níssë
Nítiel Daughter of Moist/Dewy One nítë+-iel
Níto Moist/Dewy One nítë+-o
Níton Moist/Dewy One nítë+-on
Nítiner Moist/Dewy Man nítë+nér
Nítion Son of Moist/Dewy One nítë+-ion
Nítë Moist/Dewy nítë
Nítiquen Moist/Dewy Person nítë+quen
Nítindil Moist/Dewy Lover/Friend nítë+-ndil
Nítindur Moist/Dewy Servant nítë+-ndur
Nitya – Small (nitya)
Nityë Small One nitya+-ë
Nitië Small One nitya+-ië
Nitien Small One nitya+-ien
Nityawen Small Girl nitya+wendë
Nityanis Small Woman nitya+níssë
Nitiel Daughter of Small One nitya+-iel
Nityo Small One nitya+-o
Nityon Small One nitya+-on
Nityano Small One nitya+-no
Nityaner Small Man nitya+nér
Nition Son of Small One nitya+-ion
Nitya Small nitya
Nityaquen Small Person nitya+quen
Nityandil Small Lover/Friend nitya+-ndil
Nityandur Small Servant nitya+-ndur
Nórima – Swift at Running (nórima)
Nórimë Swift Runner nórima+-ë
Nórimië Swift Runner nórima+-ië
Nórimien Swift Runner nórima+-ien
Nórimawen Swift at Running Girl nórima+wendë
Nórimanis Swift at Running Woman nórima+níssë
Nórimiel Daughter of Swift Runner nórima+-iel
Nórimo Swift Runner nórima+-o
Nórimon Swift Runner nórima+-on
Nórimano Swift Runner nórima+-no
Nórimaner Swift at Running Man nórima+nér
Nórimion Son of Swift Runner nórima+-ion
Nórima Swift at Running nórima
Nórimaquen Swift at Running Person nórima+quen
Nórimandil Swift at Running Lover/Friend nórima+-ndil
Nórimandur Swift at Running Servant nórima+-ndur
Norna – Thrawn/Tough (norna)
Nornë Thrawn/Tough One norna+-ë
Nornië Thrawn/Tough One norna+-ië
Nornien Thrawn/Tough One norna+-ien
Nornawen Thrawn/Tough Girl norna+wendë
Nornanis Thrawn/Tough Woman norna+níssë
Norniel Daughter of Thrawn/Tough One norna+-iel
Norno Thrawn/Tough One norna+-o
Nornon Thrawn/Tough One norna+-on
Nornano Thrawn/Tough One norna+-no
Nornaner Thrawn/Tough Man norna+nér
Nornion Son of Thrawn/Tough One norna+-ion
Norna Thrawn/Tough norna
Nornaquen Thrawn/Tough Person norna+quen
Nornandil Thrawn/Tough Lover/Friend norna+-ndil
Nornandur Thrawn/Tough Servant norna+-ndur
Northa – Giant (northa)
Northë Giant northa+-ë
Northië Giant northa+-ië
Northien Giant northa+-ien
Northawen Giant Girl northa+wendë
Northanis Giant Woman northa+níssë
Northiel Daughter of Giant northa+-iel
Northo Giant northa+-o
Northon Giant northa+-on
Northano Giant northa+-no
Northaner Giant Man northa+nér
Northion Son of Giant northa+-ion
Northa Giant northa
Northaquen Giant Person northa+quen
Northandil Lover/Friend of Giants northa+-ndil
Northandur Servant of Giants northa+-ndur
Numba – Bent/Hunched (numba)
Numbë Bent/Hunched One numba+-ë
Numbië Bent/Hunched One numba+-ië
Numbien Bent/Hunched One numba+-ien
Numbawen Bent/Hunched Girl numba+wendë
Numbanis Bent/Hunched Woman numba+níssë
Numbiel Daughter of Bent/Hunched One numba+-iel
Numbo Bent/Hunched One numba+-o
Numbon Bent/Hunched One numba+-on
Numbano Bent/Hunched One numba+-no
Numbaner Bent/Hunched Man numba+nér
Numbion Son of Bent/Hunched One numba+-ion
Numba Bent/Hunched numba
Numbaquen Bent/Hunched Person numba+quen
Numbandil Bent/Hunched Lover/Friend numba+-ndil
Numbandur Bent/Hunched Servant numba+-ndur
Ñolda – Dark-haired (ñolda)
Ñoldë Dark-haired One ñolda+-ë
Ñoldië Dark-haired One ñolda+-ië
Ñoldien Dark-haired One ñolda+-ien
Ñoldawen Dark-haired Girl ñolda+wendë
Ñoldanis Dark-haired Woman ñolda+níssë
Ñoldiel Daughter of Dark-haired One ñolda+-iel
Ñoldo Dark-haired One ñolda+-o
Ñoldon Dark-haired One ñolda+-on
Ñoldano Dark-haired One ñolda+-no
Ñoldaner Dark-haired Man ñolda+nér
Ñoldion Son of Dark-haired One ñolda+-ion
Ñolda Dark-haired ñolda
Ñoldaquen Dark-haired Person ñolda+quen
Ñoldandil Dark-haired Lover/Friend ñolda+-ndil
Ñoldandur Dark-haired Servant ñolda+-ndur
Ñollótë – Scent of a Flower (ñol-+lótë)
Ñollótë Scent of a Flower ñol-+lótë+-ë
Ñollótië Scent of a Flower ñol-+lótë+-ië
Ñollótien Scent of a Flower ñol-+lótë+-ien
Ñollótewen Scent of a Flower Girl ñol-+lótë+wendë
Ñollótenis Scent of a Flower Woman ñol-+lótë+níssë
Ñollótiel Daughter of Scent of a Flower ñol-+lótë+-iel
Ñollóto Scent of a Flower ñol-+lótë+-o
Ñollóton Scent of a Flower ñol-+lótë+-on
Ñollótener Scent of a Flower Man ñol-+lótë+nér
Ñollótion Son of Scent of a Flower ñol-+lótë+-ion
Ñollót Scent of a Flower ñol-+lótë
Ñollótequen Scent of a Flower Person ñol-+lótë+quen
Ñolya – Dark-haired (ñolya)
Ñolyë Dark-haired One ñolya+-ë
Ñolië Dark-haired One ñolya+-ië
Ñolien Dark-haired One ñolya+-ien
Ñolyawen Dark-haired Girl ñolya+wendë
Ñolyanis Dark-haired Woman ñolya+níssë
Ñoliel Daughter of Dark-haired One ñolya+-iel
Ñolyo Dark-haired One ñolya+-o
Ñolyon Dark-haired One ñolya+-on
Ñolyano Dark-haired One ñolya+-no
Ñolyaner Dark-haired Man ñolya+nér
Ñolion Son of Dark-haired One ñolya+-ion
Ñolya Dark-haired ñolya
Ñolyaquen Dark-haired Person ñolya+quen
Ñolyandil Dark-haired Lover/Friend ñolya+-ndil
Ñolyandur Dark-haired Servant ñolya+-ndur
Orna – Tall/High/Lofty (orna)
Ornë Tall/High/Lofty One orna+-ë
Ornië Tall/High/Lofty One orna+-ië
Ornien Tall/High/Lofty One orna+-ien
Ornawen Tall/High/Lofty Girl orna+wendë
Ornanis Tall/High/Lofty Woman orna+níssë
Orniel Daughter of Tall/High/Lofty One orna+-iel
Orno Tall/High/Lofty One orna+-o
Ornon Tall/High/Lofty One orna+-on
Ornano Tall/High/Lofty One orna+-no
Ornaner Tall/High/Lofty Man orna+nér
Ornion Son of Tall/High/Lofty One orna+-ion
Orna Tall/High/Lofty orna
Ornaquen Tall/High/Lofty Person orna+quen
Ornandil Tall/High/Lofty Lover/Friend orna+-ndil
Ornandur Tall/High/Lofty Servant orna+-ndur
Ornalaurëa – Tall and Golden (orno+laurëa)
Ornalaurë Tall and Golden One orna+laurëa+-ë
Ornalaurië Tall and Golden One orna+laurëa+-ië
Ornalaurien Tall and Golden One orno+laurëa+-ien
Ornalaurëawen Tall and Golden Girl orna+laurëa+wendë
Ornalaurëanis Tall and Golden Woman orna+laurëa+níssë
Ornalauriel Daughter of Tall and Golden One orna+laurëa+-iel
Ornalaurëo Tall and Golden One orna+laurëa+-o
Ornalaurëon Tall and Golden One orna+laurëa+-on
Ornalaurëano Tall and Golden One orna+laurëa+-no
Ornalaurëaner Tall and Golden Man orna+laurëa+nér
Ornalaurion Son of Tall and Golden One orna+laurëa+-ion
Ornalaurëa Tall and Golden orna+laurëa
Ornalaurëaquen Tall and Golden Person orna+laurëa+quen
Ornalaurëandil Tall and Golden Lover/Friend orno+laurëa+-ndil
Ornalaurëandur Tall and Golden Servant orno+laurëa+-ndur
Orwa – Tall/High/Lofty (orwa)
Orwë Tall/High/Lofty One orwa+-ë
Orwië Tall/High/Lofty One orwa+-ië
Orwien Tall/High/Lofty One orwa+-ien
Orwawen Tall/High/Lofty Girl orwa+wendë
Orwanis Tall/High/Lofty Woman orwa+níssë
Orwiel Daughter of Tall/High/Lofty One orwa+-iel
Oro Tall/High/Lofty One orwa+-o
Oron Tall/High/Lofty One orwa+-on
Orwaner Tall/High/Lofty Man orwa+nér
Orwion Son of Tall/High/Lofty One orwa+-ion
Orwa Tall/High/Lofty orwa
Orwaquen Tall/High/Lofty Person orwa+quen
Orwandil Tall/High/Lofty Lover/Friend orwa+-ndil
Orwandur Tall/High/Lofty Servant orwa+-ndur
Palla – Wide (palla)
Pallë Wide One palla+-ë
Pallië Wide One palla+-ië
Pallien Wide One palla+-ien
Pallawen Wide Girl palla+wendë
Pallanis Wide Woman palla+níssë
Palliel Daughter of Wide One palla+-iel
Pallo Wide One palla+-o
Pallon Wide One palla+-on
Pallano Wide One palla+-no
Pallaner Wide Man palla+nér
Pallion Son of Wide One palla+-ion
Palla Wide palla
Pallaquen Wide Person palla+quen
Pallandil Wide Lover/Friend palla+-ndil
Pallandur Wide Servant palla+-ndur
Parca – Dry/Naked (parca)
Parcë Dry/Naked One parca+-ë
Parcië Dry/Naked One parca+-ië
Parcien Dry/Naked One parca+-ien
Parcawen Dry/Naked Girl parca+wendë
Parcanis Dry/Naked Woman parca+níssë
Parciel Daughter of Dry/Naked One parca+-iel
Parco Dry/Naked One parca+-o
Parcon Dry/Naked One parca+-on
Parcano Dry/Naked One parca+-no
Parcaner Dry/Naked Man parca+nér
Parcion Son of Dry/Naked One parca+-ion
Parca Dry/Naked parca
Parcaquen Dry/Naked Person parca+quen
Parcandil Dry/Naked Lover/Friend parca+-ndil
Parcandur Dry/Naked Servant parca+-ndur
Parna – Bare (parna)
Parnë Bare One parna+-ë
Parnië Bare One parna+-ië
Parnien Bare One parna+-ien
Parnawen Bare Girl parna+wendë
Parnanis Bare Woman parna+níssë
Parniel Daughter of Bare One parna+-iel
Parno Bare One parna+-o
Parnon Bare One parna+-on
Parnano Bare One parna+-no
Parnaner Bare Man parna+nér
Parnion Son of Bare One parna+-ion
Parna Bare parna
Parnaquen Bare Person parna+quen
Parnandil Bare Lover/Friend parna+-ndil
Parnandur Bare Servant parna+-ndur
Passa – Smooth (passa)
Passë Smooth One passa+-ë
Passië Smooth One passa+-ië
Passien Smooth One passa+-ien
Passawen Smooth Girl passa+wendë
Passanis Smooth Woman passa+níssë
Passiel Daughter of Smooth One passa+-iel
Passo Smooth One passa+-o
Passon Smooth One passa+-on
Passano Smooth One passa+-no
Passaner Smooth Man passa+nér
Passion Son of Smooth One passa+-ion
Passa Smooth passa
Passaquen Smooth Person passa+quen
Passandil Smooth Lover/Friend passa+-ndil
Passandur Smooth Servant passa+-ndur
Pasta – Smooth (pasta)
Pastë Smooth One pasta+-ë
Pastië Smooth One pasta+-ië
Pastien Smooth One pasta+-ien
Pastawen Smooth Girl pasta+wendë
Pastanis Smooth Woman pasta+níssë
Pastiel Daughter of Smooth One pasta+-iel
Pasto Smooth One pasta+-o
Paston Smooth One pasta+-on
Pastano Smooth One pasta+-no
Pastaner Smooth Man pasta+nér
Pastion Son of Smooth One pasta+-ion
Pasta Smooth pasta
Pastaquen Smooth Person pasta+quen
Pastandil Smooth Lover/Friend pasta+-ndil
Pastandur Smooth Servant pasta+-ndur
Pertunda – Half Tall (per-+tunda)
Pertundë Half Tall One per-+tunda+-ë
Pertundië Half Tall One per-+tunda+-ië
Pertundien Half Tall One per-+tunda+-ien
Pertundawen Half Tall Girl per-+tunda+wendë
Pertundanis Half Tall Woman per-+tunda+níssë
Pertundiel Daughter of Half Tall One per-+tunda+-iel
Pertundo Half Tall One per-+tunda+-o
Pertundon Half Tall One per-+tunda+-on
Pertundano Half Tall One per-+tunda+-no
Pertundaner Half Tall Man per-+tunda+nér
Pertundion Son of Half Tall One per-+tunda+-ion
Pertunda Half Tall per-+tunda
Pertundaquen Half Tall Person per-+tunda+quen
Pertundandil Half Tall Lover/Friend per-+tunda+-ndil
Pertundandur Half Tall Servant per-+tunda+-ndur
Pia – Little (pia)
Pië Little One pia+-ë
Piawen Little Girl pia+wendë
Pianis Little Woman pia+níssë
Pio Little One pia+-o
Pion Little One pia+-on
Piano Little One pia+-no
Pianer Little Man pia+nér
Pia Little pia
Piaquen Little Person pia+quen
Piandil Little Lover/Friend pia+-ndil
Piandur Little Servant pia+-ndur
Picina – Little (picina)
Picinë Little One picina+-ë
Picinië Little One picina+-ië
Picinien Little One picina+-ien
Picinawen Little Girl picina+wendë
Picinanis Little Woman picina+níssë
Piciniel Daughter of Little One picina+-iel
Picino Little One picina+-o
Picinon Little One picina+-on
Picinano Little One picina+-no
Picinaner Little Man picina+nér
Picinion Son of Little One picina+-ion
Picina Little picina
Picinaquen Little Person picina+quen
Picinandil Little Lover/Friend picina+-ndil
Picinandur Little Servant picina+-ndur
Pincë – Little (pincë)
Pincë Little One pincë+-ë
Pincië Little One pincë+-ië
Pincien Little One pincë+-ien
Pincewen Little Girl pincë+wendë
Pincenis Little Woman pincë+níssë
Pinciel Daughter of Little One pincë+-iel
Pinco Little One pincë+-o
Pincon Little One pincë+-on
Pincener Little Man pincë+nér
Pincion Son of Little One pincë+-ion
Pincë Little pincë
Pincequen Little Person pincë+quen
Pincendil Little Lover/Friend pincë+-ndil
Pincendur Little Servant pincë+-ndur
Pirucendëa – Pirouetting (pirucendëa)
Pirucendë Pirouetting One pirucendëa+-ë
Pirucendië Pirouetting One pirucendëa+-ië
Pirucendien Pirouetting One pirucendëa+-ien
Pirucendiel Daughter of Pirouetting One pirucendëa+-iel
Pirucendëawen Pirouetting Girl pirucendëa+wendë
Pirucendëanis Pirouetting Woman pirucendëa+níssë
Pirucendëo Pirouetting One pirucendëa+-o
Pirucendëon Pirouetting One pirucendëa+-on
Pirucendëano Pirouetting One pirucendëa+-no
Pirucendëaner Pirouetting Man pirucendëa+nér
Pirucendion Son of Pirouetting One pirucendëa+-ion
Pirucendëa Pirouetting pirucendëa
Pirucendëaquen Pirouetting Person pirucendëa+quen
Pirucendëandil Pirouetting Lover/Friend pirucendëa+-ndil
Pirucendëandur Pirouetting Servant pirucendëa+-ndur
Pitya – Little (pitya)
Pityë Little One pitya+-ë
Pitië Little One pitya+-ië
Pitien Little One pitya+-ien
Pityawen Little Girl pitya+wendë
Pityanis Little Woman pitya+níssë
Pitiel Daughter of Little One pitya+-iel
Pityo Little One pitya+-o
Pityon Little One pitya+-on
Pityano Little One pitya+-no
Pityaner Little Man pitya+nér
Pition Son of Little One pitya+-ion
Pitya Little pitya
Pityaquen Little Person pitya+quen
Pityandil Little Lover/Friend pitya+-ndil
Pityandur Little Servant pitya+-ndur
Poica – Clean/Pure (poica)
Poicë Clean/Pure One poica+-ë
Poicië Clean/Pure One poica+-ië
Poicien Clean/Pure One poica+-ien
Poicawen Clean/Pure Girl poica+wendë
Poicanis Clean/Pure Woman poica+níssë
Poiciel Daughter of Clean/Pure One poica+-iel
Poico Clean/Pure One poica+-o
Poicon Clean/Pure One poica+-on
Poicano Clean/Pure One poica+-no
Poicaner Clean/Pure Man poica+nér
Poicion Son of Clean/Pure One poica+-ion
Poica Clean/Pure poica
Poicaquen Clean/Pure Person poica+quen
Poicandil Clean/Pure Lover/Friend poica+-ndil
Poicandur Clean/Pure Servant poica+-ndur
Polda – Big/Strong/Burly (polda)
Poldë Big/Strong/Burly One polda+-ë
Poldië Big/Strong/Burly One polda+-ië
Poldien Big/Strong/Burly One polda+-ien
Poldawen Big/Strong/Burly Girl polda+wendë
Poldanis Big/Strong/Burly Woman polda+níssë
Poldiel Daughter of Big/Strong/Burly One polda+-iel
Poldo Big/Strong/Burly One polda+-o
Poldon Big/Strong/Burly One polda+-on
Poldano Big/Strong/Burly One polda+-no
Poldaner Big/Strong/Burly Man polda+nér
Poldion Son of Big/Strong/Burly One polda+-ion
Polda Big/Strong/Burly polda
Poldaquen Big/Strong/Burly Person polda+quen
Poldandil Big/Strong/Burly Lover/Friend polda+-ndil
Poldandur Big/Strong/Burly Servant polda+-ndur
Púrëa – Smeared/Discoloured (púrëa)
Púrë Smeared/Discoloured One púrëa+-ë
Púrië Smeared/Discoloured One púrëa+-ië
Púrien Smeared/Discoloured One púrëa+-ien
Púrëawen Smeared/Discoloured Girl púrëa+wendë
Púrëanis Smeared/Discoloured Woman púrëa+níssë
Púriel Daughter of Smeared/Discoloured One púrëa+-iel
Púrëo Smeared/Discoloured One púrëa+-o
Púrëon Smeared/Discoloured One púrëa+-on
Púrëano Smeared/Discoloured One púrëa+-no
Púrëaner Smeared/Discoloured Man púrëa+nér
Púrion Son of Smeared/Discoloured One púrëa+-ion
Púrëa Smeared/Discoloured púrëa
Púrëaquen Smeared/Discoloured Person púrëa+quen
Púrëandil Smeared/Discoloured Lover/Friend púrëa+-ndil
Púrëandur Smeared/Discoloured Servant púrëa+-ndur
Quanta – Full (quanta)
Quantë Full One quanta+-ë
Quantië Full One quanta+-ië
Quantien Full One quanta+-ien
Quantawen Full Girl quanta+wendë
Quantanis Full Woman quanta+níssë
Quantiel Daughter of Full One quanta+-iel
Quanto Full One quanta+-o
Quanton Full One quanta+-on
Quantano Full One quanta+-no
Quantaner Full Man quanta+nér
Quantion Son of Full One quanta+-ion
Quanta Full quanta
Quantaquen Full Person quanta+quen
Quantandil Full Lover/Friend quanta+-ndil
Quantandur Full Servant quanta+-ndur
Quel- – To Fade/Wither (quel-)
Quélë One who is Fading/Withering quel-+-ë
Quelissë One who is Fading/Withering quel-+-issë
Quelindë One who is Fading/Withering quel-+-indë
Quelmë One who is Fading/Withering quel-+-më
Quéliel Daughter of One who is Fading/Withering quel-+-ë+-iel
Quelissiel Daughter of One who is Fading/Withering quel-+-issë+-iel
Quelindiel Daughter of One who is Fading/Withering quel-+-indë+-iel
Quelmiel Daughter of One who is Fading/Withering quel-+-më+-iel
Quélo One who is Fading/Withering quel-+-o
Quelindo One who is Fading/Withering quel-+-indo
Queldo One who is Fading/Withering quel-+-no
Quelmo One who is Fading/Withering quel-+-mo
Quélion Son of One who is Fading/Withering quel-+-o+-ion
Quelindion Son of One who is Fading/Withering quel-+-indo+-ion
Queldion Son of One who is Fading/Withering quel-+-no+-ion
Quelmion Son of One who is Fading/Withering quel-+-mo+-ion
Quilinqua – Colorful (quilë+-inqua)
Quilinquë Colorful One quilë+-inqua+-ë
Quilinquië Colorful One quilë+-inqua+-ië
Quilinquien Colorful One quilë+-inqua+-ien
Quilinquawen Colorful Girl quilë+-inqua+wendë
Quilinquanis Colorful Woman quilë+-inqua+níssë
Quilinquiel Daughter of Colorful One quilë+-inqua+-iel
Quilinco Colorful One quilë+-inqua+-o
Quilincon Colorful One quilë+-inqua+-on
Quilinquano Colorful One quilë+-inqua+-no
Quilinquaner Colorful Man quilë+-inqua+nér
Quilinquion Son of Colorful One quilë+-inqua+-ion
Quilinqua Colorful quilë+-inqua
Quilinquandil Colorful Lover/Friend quilë+-inqua+-ndil
Quilinquandur Colorful Servant quilë+-inqua+-ndur
Rácina – Broken (rácina)
Rácinë Broken One rácina+-ë
Rácinië Broken One rácina+-ië
Rácinien Broken One rácina+-ien
Rácinawen Broken Girl rácina+wendë
Rácinanis Broken Woman rácina+níssë
Ráciniel Daughter of Broken One rácina+-iel
Rácino Broken One rácina+-o
Rácinon Broken One rácina+-on
Rácinano Broken One rácina+-no
Rácinaner Broken Man rácina+nér
Rácinion Son of Broken One rácina+-ion
Rácina Broken rácina
Rácinaquen Broken Person rácina+quen
Rácinandil Broken Lover/Friend rácina+-ndil
Rácinandur Broken Servant rácina+-ndur
Raina – Netted/Enlaced (raina)
Rainë Netted/Enlaced One raina+-ë
Rainië Netted/Enlaced One raina+-ië
Rainien Netted/Enlaced One raina+-ien
Rainawen Netted/Enlaced Girl raina+wendë
Rainanis Netted/Enlaced Woman raina+níssë
Rainiel Daughter of Netted/Enlaced One raina+-iel
Raino Netted/Enlaced One raina+-o
Rainon Netted/Enlaced One raina+-on
Rainano Netted/Enlaced One raina+-no
Rainaner Netted/Enlaced Man raina+nér
Rainion Son of Netted/Enlaced One raina+-ion
Raina Netted/Enlaced raina
Rainaquen Netted/Enlaced Person raina+quen
Rainandil Netted/Enlaced Lover/Friend raina+-ndil
Rainandur Netted/Enlaced Servant raina+-ndur
Rámavoitë – Winged (rámavoitë)
Rámavoitë Winged One rámavoitë+-ë
Rámavoitië Winged One rámavoitë+-ië
Rámavoitien Winged One rámavoitë+-ien
Rámavoitewen Winged Girl rámavoitë+wendë
Rámavoitenis Winged Woman rámavoitë+níssë
Rámavoitiel Daughter of Winged One rámavoitë+-iel
Rámavoito Winged One rámavoitë+-o
Rámavoiton Winged One rámavoitë+-on
Rámavoitener Winged Man rámavoitë+nér
Rámavoition Son of Winged One rámavoitë+-ion
Rámavoitë Winged rámavoitë
Rámavoitequen Winged Person rámavoitë+quen
Rámavoitendil Winged Lover/Friend rámavoitë+-ndil
Rámavoitendur Winged Servant rámavoitë+-ndur
Rembina – Entangled (rembina)
Rembinë Entangled One rembina+-ë
Rembinië Entangled One rembina+-ië
Rembinien Entangled One rembina+-ien
Rembinawen Entangled Girl rembina+wendë
Rembinanis Entangled Woman rembina+níssë
Rembiniel Daughter of Entangled One rembina+-iel
Rembino Entangled One rembina+-o
Rembinon Entangled One rembina+-on
Rembinano Entangled One rembina+-no
Rembinaner Entangled Man rembina+nér
Rembinion Son of Entangled One rembina+-ion
Rembina Entangled rembina
Rembinaquen Entangled Person rembina+quen
Rembinandil Entangled Lover/Friend rembina+-ndil
Rembinandur Entangled Servant rembina+-ndur
Rempa – Crooked (rempa)
Rempë Crooked One rempa+-ë
Rempië Crooked One rempa+-ië
Rempien Crooked One rempa+-ien
Rempawen Crooked Girl rempa+wendë
Rempanis Crooked Woman rempa+níssë
Rempiel Daughter of Crooked One rempa+-iel
Rempo Crooked One rempa+-o
Rempon Crooked One rempa+-on
Rempano Crooked One rempa+-no
Rempaner Crooked Man rempa+nér
Rempion Son of Crooked One rempa+-ion
Rempa Crooked rempa
Rempaquen Crooked Person rempa+quen
Rempandil Crooked Lover/Friend rempa+-ndil
Rempandur Crooked Servant rempa+-ndur
Ría – Wreath (ría)
Ríë Wreath ría+-ë
Ríawen Wreath Girl ría+wendë
Ríanis Wreath Woman ría+níssë
Río Wreath ría+-o
Ríon Wreath ría+-on
Ríno Wreath ría+-no
Ríaner Wreath Man ría+nér
Ría Wreath ría
Ríaquen Wreath Person ría+quen
Ríwë Wreath Being ría+-wë
Ríë – Crown (ríë)
Ríë Crown ríë+-ë
Ríewen Crown Girl ríë+wendë
Ríenis Crown Woman ríë+níssë
Río Crown ríë+-o
Ríon Crown ríë+-on
Ríno Crown ríë+-no
Ríener Crown Man ríë+nér
Ríë Crown ríë
Ríequen Crown Person ríë+quen
Ríwë Crown Being ríë+-wë
Ríendil Lover/Friend of the Crown ríë+-ndil
Ríendur Servant of the Crown ríë+-ndur
Rië – Garland (rië)
Rië Garland rië+-ë
Riewen Garland Girl rië+wendë
Rienis Garland Woman rië+níssë
Rio Garland rië+-o
Rion Garland rië+-on
Rino Garland rië+-no
Riener Garland Man rië+nér
Rië Garland rië
Riequen Garland Person rië+quen
Riwë Garland Being rië+-wë
Riel – Garlanded Maiden (riel)
Riellë Garlanded Maiden riell-+-ë
Riellië Garlanded Maiden riell-+-ië
Riellien Garlanded Maiden riell-+-ien
Rielliel Daughter of Garlanded Maiden riell-+-iel
Riellion Son of Garlanded Maiden riell-+-ion
Rieldil Lover/Friend of Garlanded Maidens riel+-ndil
Rieldur Servant of Garlanded Maidens riel+-ndur
Riendë – Garland (riendë)
Riendë Garland riendë+-ë
Riendië Garland riendë+-ië
Riendien Garland riendë+-ien
Riendewen Garland Girl riendë+wendë
Riendenis Garland Woman riendë+níssë
Riendiel Daughter of Garland riendë+-iel
Riendo Garland riendë+-o
Riendon Garland riendë+-on
Riendener Garland Man riendë+nér
Riendion Son of Garland riendë+-ion
Riendë Garland riendë
Riendequen Garland Person riendë+quen
Riwë Garland Being riendë+-wë
Rihta- – To Twitch (rihta-)
Rihtë Twitcher rihta-+-ë
Rihtissë Twitcher rihta-+-issë
Rihtindë Twitcher rihta-+-indë
Rihtallë Twitcher rihta-+-llë
Rihtamë Twitcher rihta-+-më
Rihtarë Twitcher rihta-+-rë
Rihtiel Daughter of Twitcher rihta-+-ë+-iel
Rihtissiel Daughter of Twitcher rihta-+-issë+-iel
Rihtindiel Daughter of Twitcher rihta-+-indë+-iel
Rihtalliel Daughter of Twitcher rihta-+-llë+-iel
Rihtamiel Daughter of Twitcher rihta-+-më+-iel
Rihtariel Daughter of Twitcher rihta-+-rë+-iel
Rihto Twitcher rihta-+-o
Rihtindo Twitcher rihta-+-indo
Rihtano Twitcher rihta-+-no
Rihtamo Twitcher rihta-+-mo
Rihtaro Twitcher rihta-+-ro
Rihtion Son of Twitcher rihta-+-o+-ion
Rihtindion Son of Twitcher rihta-+-indo+-ion
Rihtanion Son of Twitcher rihta-+-no+-ion
Rihtamion Son of Twitcher rihta-+-mo+-ion
Rihtarion Son of Twitcher rihta-+-ro+-ion
Rihtar Twitcher rihta-+-r
Rimpa – Rushing/Flying (rimpa)
Rimpë Rushing/Flying One rimpa+-ë
Rimpië Rushing/Flying One rimpa+-ië
Rimpien Rushing/Flying One rimpa+-ien
Rimpawen Rushing/Flying Girl rimpa+wendë
Rimpanis Rushing/Flying Woman rimpa+níssë
Rimpiel Daughter of Rushing/Flying One rimpa+-iel
Rimpo Rushing/Flying One rimpa+-o
Rimpon Rushing/Flying One rimpa+-on
Rimpano Rushing/Flying One rimpa+-no
Rimpaner Rushing/Flying Man rimpa+nér
Rimpion Son of Rushing/Flying One rimpa+-ion
Rimpa Rushing/Flying rimpa
Rimpaquen Rushing/Flying Person rimpa+quen
Rimpandil Rushing/Flying Lover/Friend rimpa+-ndil
Rimpandur Rushing/Flying Servant rimpa+-ndur
Rína – Crowned (rína)
Rínë Crowned One rína+-ë
Rínië Crowned One rína+-ië
Rínien Crowned One rína+-ien
Rínawen Crowned Girl rína+wendë
Rínanis Crowned Woman rína+níssë
Ríniel Daughter of Crowned One rína+-iel
Ríno Crowned One rína+-o
Rínon Crowned One rína+-on
Rínano Crowned One rína+-no
Rínaner Crowned Man rína+nér
Rínion Son of Crowned One rína+-ion
Rína Crowned rína
Rínaquen Crowned Person rína+quen
Rínandil Crowned Lover/Friend rína+-ndil
Rínandur Crowned Servant rína+-ndur
Rinda – Circular (rinda)
Rindë Circular One rinda+-ë
Rindië Circular One rinda+-ië
Rindien Circular One rinda+-ien
Rindawen Circular Girl rinda+wendë
Rindanis Circular Woman rinda+níssë
Rindiel Daughter of Circular One rinda+-iel
Rindo Circular One rinda+-o
Rindon Circular One rinda+-on
Rindano Circular One rinda+-no
Rindaner Circular Man rinda+nér
Rindion Son of Circular One rinda+-ion
Rinda Circular rinda
Rindaquen Circular Person rinda+quen
Rindandil Circular Lover/Friend rinda+-ndil
Rindandur Circular Servant rinda+-ndur
Ringa – Cold (ringa)
Ringë Cold One ringa+-ë
Ringië Cold One ringa+-ië
Ringien Cold One ringa+-ien
Ringawen Cold Girl ringa+wendë
Ringanis Cold Woman ringa+níssë
Ringiel Daughter of Cold One ringa+-iel
Ringo Cold One ringa+-o
Ringon Cold One ringa+-on
Ringano Cold One ringa+-no
Ringaner Cold Man ringa+nér
Ringion Son of Cold One ringa+-ion
Ringa Cold ringa
Ringaquen Cold Person ringa+quen
Ringandil Cold Lover/Friend ringa+-ndil
Ringandur Cold Servant ringa+-ndur
Roina – Ruddy (roina)
Roinë Ruddy One roina+-ë
Roinië Ruddy One roina+-ië
Roinien Ruddy One roina+-ien
Roinawen Ruddy Girl roina+wendë
Roinanis Ruddy Woman roina+níssë
Roiniel Daughter of Ruddy One roina+-iel
Roino Ruddy One roina+-o
Roinon Ruddy One roina+-on
Roinano Ruddy One roina+-no
Roinaner Ruddy Man roina+nér
Roinion Son of Ruddy One roina+-ion
Roina Ruddy roina
Roinaquen Ruddy Person roina+quen
Roinandil Ruddy Lover/Friend roina+-ndil
Roinandur Ruddy Servant roina+-ndur
Ronda – Solid/Firm (ronda)
Rondë Solid/Firm One ronda+-ë
Rondië Solid/Firm One ronda+-ië
Rondien Solid/Firm One ronda+-ien
Rondawen Solid/Firm Girl ronda+wendë
Rondanis Solid/Firm Woman ronda+níssë
Rondiel Daughter of Solid/Firm One ronda+-iel
Rondo Solid/Firm One ronda+-o
Rondon Solid/Firm One ronda+-on
Rondano Solid/Firm One ronda+-no
Rondaner Solid/Firm Man ronda+nér
Rondion Son of Solid/Firm One ronda+-ion
Ronda Solid/Firm ronda
Rondaquen Solid/Firm Person ronda+quen
Rondandil Solid/Firm Lover/Friend ronda+-ndil
Rondandur Solid/Firm Servant ronda+-ndur
Ruina – Blazing/Fiery (ruina)
Ruinë Blazing/Fiery One ruina+-ë
Ruinië Blazing/Fiery One ruina+-ië
Ruinien Blazing/Fiery One ruina+-ien
Ruinawen Blazing/Fiery Girl ruina+wendë
Ruinanis Blazing/Fiery Woman ruina+níssë
Ruiniel Daughter of Blazing/Fiery One ruina+-iel
Ruino Blazing/Fiery One ruina+-o
Ruinon Blazing/Fiery One ruina+-on
Ruinano Blazing/Fiery One ruina+-no
Ruinaner Blazing/Fiery Man ruina+nér
Ruinion Son of Blazing/Fiery One ruina+-ion
Ruina Blazing/Fiery ruina
Ruinaquen Blazing/Fiery Person ruina+quen
Ruinandil Blazing/Fiery Lover/Friend ruina+-ndil
Ruinandur Blazing/Fiery Servant ruina+-ndur
Runda – Smooth/Polished (runda)
Rundë Smooth/Polished One runda+-ë
Rundien Smooth/Polished One runda+-ien
Rundië Smooth/Polished One runda+-ië
Rundawen Smooth/Polished Girl runda+wendë
Rundanis Smooth/Polished Woman runda+níssë
Rundiel Daughter of Smooth/Polished One runda+-iel
Rundo Smooth/Polished One runda+-o
Rundon Smooth/Polished One runda+-on
Rundano Smooth/Polished One runda+-no
Rundaner Smooth/Polished Man runda+nér
Rundion Son of Smooth/Polished One runda+-ion
Runda Smooth/Polished runda
Rundaquen Smooth/Polished Person runda+quen
Rundandil Smooth/Polished Lover/Friend runda+-ndil
Rundandur Smooth/Polished Servant runda+-ndur
Russa – Red-Haired (russa)
Russë Red-Haired One russa+-ë
Russië Red-Haired One russa+-ië
Russien Red-Haired One russa+-ien
Russawen Red-Haired Girl russa+wendë
Russanis Red-Haired Woman russa+níssë
Russiel Daughter of Red-Haired One russa+-iel
Russo Red-Haired One russa+-o
Russon Red-Haired One russa+-on
Russano Red-Haired One russa+-no
Russaner Red-Haired Man russa+nér
Russion Son of Red-Haired One russa+-ion
Russa Red-Haired russa
Russaquen Red-Haired Person russa+quen
Russandil Red-Haired Lover/Friend russa+-ndil
Russandur Red-Haired Servant russa+-ndur
Russafinda – Red Haired (russa+finda)
Russafindë Red Haired One russa+finda+-ë
Russafindië Red Haired One russa+finda+-ië
Russafindien Red Haired One russa+finda+-ien
Russafindawen Red Haired Girl russa+finda+wendë
Russafindanis Red Haired Woman russa+finda+níssë
Russafindiel Daughter of Red Haired One russa+finda+-iel
Russafindo Red Haired One russa+finda+-o
Russafindon Red Haired One russa+finda+-on
Russafindano Red Haired One russa+finda+-no
Russafindaner Red Haired Man russa+finda+nér
Russafindion Son of Red Haired One russa+finda+-ion
Russafinda Red Haired russa+finda
Russafindaquen Red Haired Person russa+finda+quen
Russafindandil Red Haired Lover/Friend russa+finda+-ndil
Russafindandur Red Haired Servant russa+finda+-ndur
Russaloxë – Red-Brown Hair (russë+loxë)
Russaloxë Red-Brown Hair russë+loxë+-ë
Russaloxië Red-Brown Hair russë+loxë+-ië
Russaloxien Red-Brown Hair russë+loxë+-ien
Russaloxewen Red-Brown Girl russë+loxë+wendë
Russaloxenis Red-Brown Woman russë+loxë+níssë
Russaloxiel Daughter of Red-Brown Hair russë+loxë+-iel
Russaloxo Red-Brown Hair russë+loxë+-o
Russaloxon Red-Brown Hair russë+loxë+-on
Russaloxener Red-Brown Hair Man russë+loxë+nér
Russaloxion Son of Red-Brown Hair russë+loxë+-ion
Russaloxë Red-Brown Hair russë+loxë
Russaloxequen Red-Brown Hair Person russë+loxë+quen


Russariel – Maiden Crowned with Red Hair (russa+riellë)


Russë – Red Hair (russë)
Russë Red Hair russë+-ë
Russië Red Hair russë+-ië
Russien Red Hair russë+-ien
Russewen Red Hair Girl russë+wendë
Russenis Red Hair Woman russë+níssë
Russiel Daughter of Red Hair russë+-iel
Russo Red Hair russë+-o
Russon Red Hair russë+-on
Russener Red Hair Man russë+nér
Russion Son of Red Hair russë+-ion
Russë Red Hair russë
Russequen Red Hair Person russë+quen
Russelda – Red Haired Elf (russa+elda)
Russeldë Red Haired Elf russa+elda+-ë
Russeldiel Daughter of Red Haired Elf russa+elda+-iel
Russeldo Red Haired Elf russa+elda+-o
Russeldion Son of Red Haired Elf russa+elda+-ion
Russelda Red Haired Elf russa+elda
Russeldandil Lover/Friend of a Red Haired Elf russa+elda+-ndil
Russeldandur Servant of a Red Haired Elf russa+elda+-ndur
Sarda – Hard (sarda)
Sardë Hard One sarda+-ë
Sardië Hard One sarda+-ië
Sardien Hard One sarda+-ien
Sardawen Hard Girl sarda+wendë
Sardanis Hard Woman sarda+níssë
Sardiel Daughter of Hard One sarda+-iel
Sardo Hard One sarda+-o
Sardon Hard One sarda+-on
Sardano Hard One sarda+-no
Sardaner Hard Man sarda+nér
Sardion Son of Hard One sarda+-ion
Sarda Hard sarda
Sardaquen Hard Person sarda+quen
Sardandil Hard Lover/Friend sarda+-ndil
Sardandur Hard Servant sarda+-ndur
Sarna – Stony (sarna)
Sarnë Stony One sarna+-ë
Sarnië Stony One sarna+-ië
Sarnien Stony One sarna+-ien
Sarnawen Stony Girl sarna+wendë
Sarnanis Stony Woman sarna+níssë
Sarniel Daughter of Stony One sarna+-iel
Sarno Stony One sarna+-o
Sarnon Stony One sarna+-on
Sarnano Stony One sarna+-no
Sarnaner Stony Man sarna+nér
Sarnion Son of Stony One sarna+-ion
Sarna Stony sarna
Sarnaquen Stony Person sarna+quen
Sarnandil Stony Lover/Friend sarna+-ndil
Sarnandur Stony Servant sarna+-ndur
Soica – Thirsty (soica)
Soicë Thirsty One soica+-ë
Soicië Thirsty One soica+-ië
Soicien Thirsty One soica+-ien
Soicawen Thirsty Girl soica+wendë
Soicanis Thirsty Woman soica+níssë
Soiciel Daughter of Thirsty One soica+-iel
Soico Thirsty One soica+-o
Soicon Thirsty One soica+-on
Soicano Thirsty One soica+-no
Soicaner Thirsty Man soica+nér
Soicion Son of Thirsty One soica+-ion
Soica Thirsty soica
Soicaquen Thirsty Person soica+quen
Soicandil Thirsty Lover/Friend soica+-ndil
Soicandur Thirsty Servant soica+-ndur
Taina – Lengthened/Extended (taina)
Tainë Lengthened/Extended One taina+-ë
Tainië Lengthened/Extended One taina+-ië
Tainien Lengthened/Extended One taina+-ien
Tainawen Lengthened/Extended Girl taina+wendë
Tainanis Lengthened/Extended Woman taina+níssë
Tainiel Daughter of Lengthened/Extended One taina+-iel
Taino Lengthened/Extended One taina+-o
Tainon Lengthened/Extended One taina+-on
Tainano Lengthened/Extended One taina+-no
Tainaner Lengthened/Extended Man taina+nér
Tainion Son of Lengthened/Extended One taina+-ion
Taina Lengthened/Extended taina
Tainaquen Lengthened/Extended Person taina+quen
Tainandil Lengthened/Extended Lover/Friend taina+-ndil
Tainandur Lengthened/Extended Servant taina+-ndur
Tára – High/Lofty/Tall (tára)
Tárë High/Lofty/Tall One tára+-ë
Tárië High/Lofty/Tall One tára+-ië
Tárien High/Lofty/Tall One tára+-ien
Tárwë High/Lofty/Tall Being tára+-wë
Tárawen High/Lofty/Tall Girl tára+wendë
Táranis High/Lofty/Tall Woman tára+níssë
Táriel Daughter of High/Lofty/Tall One tára+-iel
Táro High/Lofty/Tall One tára+-o
Táron High/Lofty/Tall One tára+-on
Tárano High/Lofty/Tall One tára+-no
Táraner High/Lofty/Tall Man tára+nér
Tárion Son of High/Lofty/Tall One tára+-ion
Tára High/Lofty/Tall tára
Táraquen High/Lofty/Tall Person tára+quen
Tárandil High/Lofty/Tall Lover/Friend tára+-ndil
Tárandur High/Lofty/Tall Servant tára+-ndur
Tarya – Tough/Stiff (tarya)
Taryë Tough/Stiff One tarya+-ë
Tarië Tough/Stiff One tarya+-ië
Tarien Tough/Stiff One tarya+-ien
Taryawen Tough/Stiff Girl tarya+wendë
Taryanis Tough/Stiff Woman tarya+níssë
Tariel Daughter of Tough/Stiff One tarya+-iel
Taryo Tough/Stiff One tarya+-o
Taryon Tough/Stiff One tarya+-on
Taryano Tough/Stiff One tarya+-no
Taryaner Tough/Stiff Man tarya+nér
Tarion Son of Tough/Stiff One tarya+-ion
Tarya Tough/Stiff tarya
Taryaquen Tough/Stiff Person tarya+quen
Taryandil Tough/Stiff Lover/Friend tarya+-ndil
Taryandur Tough/Stiff Servant tarya+-ndur
Tauca – Stiff/Wooden (tauca)
Taucë Stiff/Wooden One tauca+-ë
Taucië Stiff/Wooden One tauca+-ië
Taucien Stiff/Wooden One tauca+-ien
Taucawen Stiff/Wooden Girl tauca+wendë
Taucanis Stiff/Wooden Woman tauca+níssë
Tauciel Daughter of Stiff/Wooden One tauca+-iel
Tauco Stiff/Wooden One tauca+-o
Taucon Stiff/Wooden One tauca+-on
Taucano Stiff/Wooden One tauca+-no
Taucaner Stiff/Wooden Man tauca+nér
Taucion Son of Stiff/Wooden One tauca+-ion
Tauca Stiff/Wooden tauca
Taucaquen Stiff/Wooden Person tauca+quen
Taucandil Stiff/Wooden Lover/Friend tauca+-ndil
Taucandur Stiff/Wooden Servant tauca+-ndur
Terellëo – Slender Shadow (teren+lëo)
Terellëowen Slender Shadow Girl teren+lëo+wendë
Terellëonis Slender Shadow Woman teren+lëo+níssë
Terellëo Slender Shadow teren+lëo+-o
Terellëon Slender Shadow teren+lëo+-on
Terellëoner Slender Shadow Man teren+lëo+nér
Terellëo Slender Shadow teren+lëo
Terellëoquen Slender Shadow Person teren+lëo+quen
Terellewë Slender Shadow Being teren+lëo+-wë
Teren – Slender (teren)
Terenë Slender One teren+-ë
Terenië Slender One teren+-ië
Terenien Slender One teren+-ien
Terenwen Slender Girl teren+wendë
Terendis Slender Woman teren+níssë
Tereniel Daughter of Slender One teren+-iel
Tereno Slender One teren+-o
Terenon Slender One teren+-on
Terendo Slender One teren+-no
Terender Slender Man teren+nér
Terenion Son of Slender One teren+-ion
Teren Slender teren
Terenquen Slender Person teren+quen
Terendil Slender Lover/Friend teren+-ndil
Terendur Slender Servant teren+-ndur
Tereva – Fine/Acute (tereva)
Terevë Fine/Acute One tereva+-ë
Terevië Fine/Acute One tereva+-ië
Terevien Fine/Acute One tereva+-ien
Terevawen Fine/Acute Girl tereva+wendë
Terevanis Fine/Acute Woman tereva+níssë
Tereviel Daughter of Fine/Acute One tereva+-iel
Terevo Fine/Acute One tereva+-o
Terevon Fine/Acute One tereva+-on
Terevano Fine/Acute One tereva+-no
Terevaner Fine/Acute Man tereva+nér
Terevion Son of Fine/Acute One tereva+-ion
Tereva Fine/Acute tereva
Terevaquen Fine/Acute Person tereva+quen
Terevandil Fine/Acute Lover/Friend tereva+-ndil
Terevandur Fine/Acute Servant tereva+-ndur
Thaura – Foul/Putrid (thaura)
Thaurë Foul/Putrid One thaura+-ë
Thaurië Foul/Putrid One thaura+-ië
Thaurien Foul/Putrid One thaura+-ien
Thaurawen Foul/Putrid Girl thaura+wendë
Thauranis Foul/Putrid Woman thaura+níssë
Thauriel Daughter of Foul/Putrid One thaura+-iel
Thaurano Foul/Putrid One thaura+-no
Thauraner Foul/Putrid Man thaura+nér
Thaurion Son of Foul/Putrid One thaura+-ion
Thaura Foul/Putrid thaura
Thauraquen Foul/Putrid Person thaura+quen
Thaurandil Foul/Putrid Lover/Friend thaura+-ndil
Thaurandur Foul/Putrid Servant thaura+-ndur
Thenna – Short (thenna)
Thennë Short One thenna+-ë
Thennië Short One thenna+-ië
Thennien Short One thenna+-ien
Thennawen Short Girl thenna+wendë
Thennanis Short Woman thenna+níssë
Thenniel Daughter of Short One thenna+-iel
Thenno Short One thenna+-o
Thennon Short One thenna+-on
Thennano Short One thenna+-no
Thennaner Short Man thenna+nér
Thennion Son of Short One thenna+-ion
Thenna Short thenna
Thennaquen Short Person thenna+quen
Thennandil Short Lover/Friend thenna+-ndil
Thennandur Short Servant thenna+-ndur
Thinta – Short (thinta)
Thintë Short One thinta+-ë
Thintië Short One thinta+-ië
Thintien Short thinta+-ien
Thintawen Short Girl thinta+wendë
Thintanis Short Woman thinta+níssë
Thintiel Daughter of Short One thinta+-iel
Thinto Short One thinta+-o
Thinton Short One thinta+-on
Thintano Short One thinta+-no
Thintaner Short Man thinta+nér
Thintion Son of Short One thinta+-ion
Thinta Short thinta
Thintaquen Short Person thinta+quen
Thintandil Short Lover/Friend thinta+-ndil
Thintandur Short Servant thinta+-ndur
Titta – Little/Tiny (titta)
Tittë Little/Tiny One titta+-ë
Tittië Little/Tiny One titta+-ië
Tittien Little/Tiny One titta+-ien
Tittawen Little/Tiny Girl titta+wendë
Tittanis Little/Tiny Woman titta+níssë
Tittiel Daughter of Little/Tiny One titta+-iel
Titto Little/Tiny One titta+-o
Titton Little/Tiny One titta+-on
Tittano Little/Tiny One titta+-no
Tittaner Little/Tiny Man titta+nér
Tittion Son of Little/Tiny One titta+-ion
Titta Little/Tiny titta
Tittaquen Little/Tiny Person titta+quen
Tittandil Little/Tiny Lover/Friend titta+-ndil
Tittandur Little/Tiny Servant titta+-ndur
Tiuca – Thick/Fat (tiuca)
Tiucë Thick/Fat One tiuca+-ë
Tiucië Thick/Fat One tiuca+-ië
Tiucien Thick/Fat One tiuca+-ien
Tiucawen Thick/Fat Girl tiuca+wendë
Tiucanis Thick/Fat Woman tiuca+níssë
Tiuciel Daughter of Thick/Fat One tiuca+-iel
Tiuco Thick/Fat One tiuca+-o
Tiucon Thick/Fat One tiuca+-on
Tiucano Thick/Fat One tiuca+-no
Tiucaner Thick/Fat Man tiuca+nér
Tiucion Son of Thick/Fat One tiuca+-ion
Tiuca Thick/Fat tiuca
Tiucaquen Thick/Fat Person tiuca+quen
Tiucandil Thick/Fat Lover/Friend tiuca+-ndil
Tiucandur Thick/Fat Servant tiuca+-ndur
Tiuya- – To Swell/Get Fat (tiuya-)
Tiuyë One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-ë
Tiuyallë One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-llë
Tiuyamë One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-më
Tiuyarë One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-rë
Tiuiel Daughter of One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-ë+-iel
Tiuyalliel Daughter of One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-llë+-iel
Tiuyamiel Daughter of One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-më+-iel
Tiuyariel Daughter of One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-rë+-iel
Tiuyo One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-o
Tiuyano One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-no
Tiuyamo One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-mo
Tiuyaro One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-ro
Tiuion Son of One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-o+-ion
Tiuyanion Son of One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-no+-ion
Tiuyamion Son of One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-mo+-ion
Tiuyarion Son of One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-ro+-ion
Tiuyar One who Swells Up/Gets Fat tiuya-+-r
Toa – Woollen (toa)
Toë Woollen One toa+-ë
Toawen Woollen Girl toa+wendë
Toanis Woollen Woman toa+níssë
Toano Woollen One toa+-no
Toaner Woollen Man toa+nér
Toa Woollen toa
Toaquen Woollen Person toa+quen
Toandil Woollen Lover/Friend toa+-ndil
Toandur Woollen Servant toa+-ndur
Torna – Hard (torna)
Tornë Hard One torna+-ë
Tornië Hard One torna+-ië
Tornien Hard One torna+-ien
Tornawen Hard Girl torna+wendë
Tornanis Hard Woman torna+níssë
Torniel Daughter of Hard One torna+-iel
Torno Hard One torna+-o
Tornon Hard One torna+-on
Tornano Hard One torna+-no
Tornaner Hard Man torna+nér
Tornion Son of Hard One torna+-ion
Torna Hard torna
Tornaquen Hard Person torna+quen
Tornandil Hard Lover/Friend torna+-ndil
Tornandur Hard Servant torna+-ndur
Tornanga – Iron Hard (tornanga)
Tornangë Iron Hard One tornanga+-ë
Tornangië Iron Hard One tornanga+-ië
Tornangien Iron Hard One tornanga+-ien
Tornangawen Iron Hard Girl tornanga+wendë
Tornanganis Iron Hard Woman tornanga+níssë
Tornangiel Daughter of Iron Hard One tornanga+-iel
Tornango Iron Hard One tornanga+-o
Tornangon Iron Hard One tornanga+-on
Tornangano Iron Hard One tornanga+-no
Tornanganer Iron Hard Man tornanga+nér
Tornangion Son of Iron Hard One tornanga+-ion
Tornanga Iron Hard tornanga
Tornangaquen Iron Hard Person tornanga+quen
Tornangandil Iron Hard Lover/Friend tornanga+-ndil
Tornangandur Iron Hard Servant tornanga+-ndur
Tumna – Lowlying/Deep/Low (tumna)
Tumnë Lowlying/Deep/Low One tumna+-ë
Tumnië Lowlying/Deep/Low One tumna+-ië
Tumnien Lowlying/Deep/Low One tumna+-ien
Tumnawen Lowlying/Deep/Low Girl tumna+wendë
Tumnanis Lowlying/Deep/Low Woman tumna+níssë
Tumniel Daughter of Lowlying/Deep/Low One tumna+-iel
Tumno Lowlying/Deep/Low One tumna+-o
Tumnon Lowlying/Deep/Low One tumna+-on
Tumnano Lowlying/Deep/Low One tumna+-no
Tumnaner Lowlying/Deep/Low Man tumna+nér
Tumnion Son of Lowlying/Deep/Low One tumna+-ion
Tumna Lowlying/Deep/Low tumna
Tumnaquen Lowlying/Deep/Low Person tumna+quen
Tumnandil Lowlying/Deep/Low Lover/Friend tumna+-ndil
Tumnandur Lowlying/Deep/Low Servant tumna+-ndur
Tunda – Tall (tunda)
Tundë Tall One tunda+-ë
Tundië Tall One tunda+-ië
Tundien Tall One tunda+-ien
Tundawen Tall Girl tunda+wendë
Tundanis Tall Woman tunda+níssë
Tundiel Daughter of Tall One tunda+-iel
Tundo Tall One tunda+-o
Tundon Tall One tunda+-on
Tundano Tall One tunda+-no
Tundaner Tall Man tunda+nér
Tundion Son of Tall One tunda+-ion
Tunda Tall tunda
Tundaquen Tall Person tunda+quen
Tundandil Tall Lover/Friend tunda+-ndil
Tundandur Tall Servant tunda+-ndur
Tunga – Taut/Tight (tunga)
Tungë Taut/Tight One tunga+-ë
Tungië Taut/Tight One tunga+-ië
Tungien Taut/Tight One tunga+-ien
Tungawen Taut/Tight Girl tunga+wendë
Tunganis Taut/Tight Woman tunga+níssë
Tungiel Daughter of Taut/Tight One tunga+-iel
Tungo Taut/Tight One tunga+-o
Tungon Taut/Tight One tunga+-on
Tungano Taut/Tight One tunga+-no
Tunganer Taut/Tight Man tunga+nér
Tungion Son of Taut/Tight One tunga+-ion
Tunga Taut/Tight tunga
Tungaquen Taut/Tight Person tunga+quen
Tungandil Taut/Tight Lover/Friend tunga+-ndil
Tungandur Taut/Tight Servant tunga+-ndur
Tuo – Muscle/Vigor/Strength (tuo)
Tuë Muscle/Vigor/Strength tuo+-ë
Tuië Muscle/Vigor/Strength tuo+-ië
Tuien Muscle/Vigor/Strength tuo+-ien
Tuowen Muscle/Vigor/Strength Girl tuo+wendë
Tuonis Muscle/Vigor/Strength Woman tuo+níssë
Tuiel Daughter of Muscle/Vigor/Strength tuo+-iel
Tuo Muscle/Vigor/Strength tuo+-o
Tuon Muscle/Vigor/Strength tuo+-on
Tuno Muscle/Vigor/Strength tuo+-no
Tuoner Muscle/Vigor/Strength Man tuo+nér
Tuion Son of Muscle/Vigor/Strength tuo+-ion
Tuo Muscle/Vigor/Strength tuo
Tuoquen Muscle/Vigor/Strength Person tuo+quen
Tuwë Muscle/Vigor/Strength Being tuo+-wë
Tyelca – Swift/Agile (tyelca)
Tyelcë Swift/Agile One tyelca+-ë
Tyelcië Swift/Agile One tyelca+-ië
Tyelcien Swift/Agile One tyelca+-ien
Tyelcawen Swift/Agile Girl tyelca+wendë
Tyelcanis Swift/Agile Woman tyelca+níssë
Tyelciel Daughter of Swift/Agile One tyelca+-iel
Tyelco Swift/Agile One tyelca+-o
Tyelcon Swift/Agile One tyelca+-on
Tyelcano Swift/Agile One tyelca+-no
Tyelcaner Swift/Agile Man tyelca+nér
Tyelcion Son of Swift/Agile One tyelca+-ion
Tyelca Swift/Agile tyelca
Tyelcaquen Swift/Agile Person tyelca+quen
Tyelcandil Swift/Agile Lover/Friend tyelca+-ndil
Tyelcandur Swift/Agile Servant tyelca+-ndur
Tyelpefinda – Silver Haired (tyelpë+finda)
Tyelpefindë Silver Haired One tyelpë+finda+-ë
Tyelpefindië Silver Haired One tyelpë+finda+-ië
Tyelpefindien Silver Haired One tyelpë+finda+-ien
Tyelpefindawen Silver Haired Girl tyelpë+finda+wendë
Tyelpefindanis Silver Haired Woman tyelpë+finda+níssë
Tyelpefindiel Daughter of Silver Haired One tyelpë+finda+-iel
Tyelpefindo Silver Haired One tyelpë+finda+-o
Tyelpefindon Silver Haired One tyelpë+finda+-on
Tyelpefindano Silver Haired One tyelpë+finda+-no
Tyelpefindaner Silver Haired Man tyelpë+finda+nér
Tyelpefindion Son of Silver Haired One tyelpë+finda+-ion
Tyelpefinda Silver Haired tyelpë+finda
Tyelpefindaquen Silver Haired Person tyelpë+finda+quen
Tyelpefindandil Silver Haired Lover/Friend tyelpë+finda+-ndil
Tyelpefindandur Silver Haired Servant tyelpë+finda+-ndur
Úfanwa – Obvious (úfanwa)
Úfanwë Obvious One úfanwa+-ë
Úfanwië Obvious One úfanwa+-ië
Úfanwien Obvious One úfanwa+-ien
Úfanwanis Obvious Woman úfanwa+níssë
Úfanwiel Daughter of Obvious One úfanwa+-iel
Úfano Obvious One úfanwa+-o
Úfanon Obvious One úfanwa+-on
Úfanwano Obvious One úfanwa+-no
Úfanwaner Obvious Man úfanwa+nér
Úfanwion Son of Obvious One úfanwa+-ion
Úfanwa Obvious úfanwa
Úfanwaquen Obvious Person úfanwa+quen
Úfanwandil Obvious Lover/Friend úfanwa+-ndil
Úfanwandur Obvious Servant úfanwa+-ndur
Úfanwëa – Obvious/Unveiled (úfanwëa)
Úfanwë Obvious/Unveiled One úfanwëa+-ë
Úfanwië Obvious/Unveiled One úfanwëa+-ië
Úfanwien Obvious/Unveiled One úfanwëa+-ien
Úfanwëawen Obvious/Unveiled Girl úfanwëa+wendë
Úfanwëanis Obvious/Unveiled Woman úfanwëa+níssë
Úfanwiel Daughter of Obvious/Unveiled One úfanwëa+-iel
Úfanwëo Obvious/Unveiled One úfanwëa+-o
Úfanwëon Obvious/Unveiled One úfanwëa+-on
Úfanwëano Obvious/Unveiled One úfanwëa+-no
Úfanwëaner Obvious/Unveiled Man úfanwëa+nér
Úfanwion Son of Obvious/Unveiled One úfanwëa+-ion
Úfanwëa Obvious/Unveiled úfanwëa
Úfanwëaquen Obvious/Unveiled Person úfanwëa+quen
Úfanwëandil Obvious/Unveiled Lover/Friend úfanwëa+-ndil
Úfanwëandur Obvious/Unveiled Servant úfanwëa+-ndur
Unqua – Hollow (unqua)
Unquë Hollow One unqua+-ë
Unquië Hollow One unqua+-ië
Unquien Hollow One unqua+-ien
Unquawen Hollow Girl unqua+wendë
Unquanis Hollow Woman unqua+níssë
Unquiel Daughter of Hollow One unqua+-iel
Unco Hollow One unqua+-o
Uncon Hollow One unqua+-on
Unquano Hollow One unqua+-no
Unquaner Hollow Man unqua+nér
Unquion Son of Hollow One unqua+-ion
Unqua Hollow unqua
Unquandil Hollow Lover/Friend unqua+-ndil
Unquandur Hollow Servant unqua+-ndur
Úra – Large (úra)
Úrë Large One úra+-ë
Úrië Large One úra+-ië
Úrien Large One úra+-ien
Úrawen Large Girl úra+wendë
Úranis Large Woman úra+níssë
Úriel Daughter of Large One úra+-iel
Úro Large One úra+-o
Úron Large One úra+-on
Úrano Large One úra+-no
Úraner Large Man úra+nér
Úra Large úra
Úraquen Large Person úra+quen
Úrandil Large Lover/Friend úra+-ndil
Úrandur Large Servant úra+-ndur
Úrë – Heat (úrë)
Úrë Heat úrë+-ë
Úrië Heat úrë+-ië
Úrewen Heat Girl úrë+wendë
Úrenis Heat Woman úrë+níssë
Úriel Daughter of Heat úrë+-iel
Úro Heat úrë+-o
Úron Heat úrë+-on
Úrdo Heat úrë+-no
Úrener Heat Man úrë+nér
Úrion Son of Heat úrë+-ion
Úrë Heat úrë
Úrequen Heat Person úrë+quen
Úrwë Heat Being úrë+-wë
Uruitë – Fiery (uruitë)
Uruitë Fiery One uruitë+-ë
Uruitië Fiery One uruitë+-ië
Uruitien Fiery One uruitë+-ien
Uruitewen Fiery Girl uruitë+wendë
Uruitenis Fiery Woman uruitë+níssë
Uruitiel Daughter of Fiery One uruitë+-iel
Uruito Fiery One uruitë+-o
Uruiton Fiery One uruitë+-on
Uruitener Fiery Man uruitë+nér
Uruition Son of Fiery One uruitë+-ion
Uruitë Fiery uruitë
Uruitequen Fiery Person uruitë+quen
Uruitendil Fiery Lover/Friend uruitë+-ndil
Uruitendur Fiery Servant uruitë+-ndur
Úruva – Fiery (úruva)
Úruvë Fiery One úruva+-ë
Úruvië Fiery One úruva+-ië
Úruvien Fiery One úruva+-ien
Úruvawen Fiery Girl úruva+wendë
Úruvanis Fiery Woman úruva+níssë
Úruviel Daughter of Fiery One úruva+-iel
Úruvo Fiery One úruva+-o
Úruvon Fiery One úruva+-on
Úruvano Fiery One úruva+-no
Úruvaner Fiery Man úruva+nér
Úruvion Son of Fiery One úruva+-ion
Úruva Fiery úruva
Úruvaquen Fiery Person úruva+quen
Úruvandil Fiery Lover/Friend úruva+-ndil
Úruvandur Fiery Servant úruva+-ndur
Úvanëa – Beautiless (úvanëa)
Úvanë Beautiless One úvanëa+-ë
Úvanië Beautiless One úvanëa+-ië
Úvanien Beautiless One úvanëa+-ien
Úvanëawen Beautiless Girl úvanëa+wendë
Úvanëanis Beautiless Woman úvanëa+níssë
Úvaniel Daughter of Beautiless One úvanëa+-iel
Úvanëo Beautiless One úvanëa+-o
Úvanëon Beautiless One úvanëa+-on
Úvanëano Beautiless One úvanëa+-no
Úvanëaner Beautiless Man úvanëa+nér
Úvanion Son of Beautiless One úvanëa+-ion
Úvanëa Beautiless úvanëa
Úvanëaquen Beautiless Person úvanëa+quen
Úvanëandil Beautiless Lover/Friend úvanëa+-ndil
Úvanëandur Beautiless Servant úvanëa+-ndur
Úvanima – Ugly (úvanima)
Úvanimë Ugly One úvanima+-ë
Úvanimië Ugly One úvanima+-ië
Úvanimien Ugly One úvanima+-ien
Úvanimawen Ugly Girl úvanima+wendë
Úvanimanis Ugly Woman úvanima+níssë
Úvanimiel Daughter of Ugly One úvanima+-iel
Úvanimo Ugly One úvanima+-o
Úvanimon Ugly One úvanima+-on
Úvanimano Ugly One úvanima+-no
Úvanimaner Ugly Man úvanima+nér
Úvanimion Son of Ugly One úvanima+-ion
Úvanima Ugly úvanima
Úvanimaquen Ugly Person úvanima+quen
Úvanimandil Ugly Lover/Friend úvanima+-ndil
Úvanimandur Ugly Servant úvanima+-ndur
Vanëa – Fair (vanëa)
Vanë Fair One vanëa+-ë
Vanië Fair One vanëa+-ië
Vanien Fair One vanëa+-ien
Vanëawen Fair Girl vanëa+wendë
Vanëanis Fair Woman vanëa+níssë
Vaniel Daughter of Fair One vanëa+-iel
Vanëo Fair One vanëa+-o
Vanëon Fair One vanëa+-on
Vanëano Fair One vanëa+-no
Vanëaner Fair Man vanëa+nér
Vanion Son of Fair One vanëa+-ion
Vanëa Fair vanëa
Vanëaquen Fair Person vanëa+quen
Vanëandil Fair Lover/Friend vanëa+-ndil
Vanëandur Fair Servant vanëa+-ndur
Vanessë – Beauty (vanessë)
Vanessë Beauty vanessë+-ë
Vanessië Beauty vanessë+-ië
Vanessien Beauty vanessë+-ien
Vanessiel Daughter of Beauty vanessë+-iel
Vanesso Beauty vanessë+-o
Vanesson Beauty vanessë+-on
Vanession Son of Beauty vanessë+-ion
Vanessë Beauty vanessë
Vanessendil Lover/Friend of Beauty vanessë+-ndil
Vanessendur Servant of Beauty vanessë+-ndur
Vanië – Beauty (vanië)
Vanë Beauty vanië+-ë
Vanië Beauty vanië+-ië
Vanien Beauty vanië+-ien
Vaniewen Beauty Girl vanië+wendë
Vanienis Beauty Woman vanië+níssë
Vaniel Daughter of Beauty vanië+-iel
Vano Beauty vanië+-o
Vanon Beauty vanië+-on
Vaniener Beauty Man vanië+nér
Vanion Son of Beauty vanië+-ion
Vanië Beauty vanië
Vaniequen Beauty Person vanië+quen
Vanwë Beauty Being vanië+-wë
Vaniendil Lover/Friend of Beauty vanië+-ndil
Vaniendur Servant of Beauty vanië+-ndur
Vanima – Beautiful/Fair (vanima)
Vanimë Beautiful/Fair One vanima+-ë
Vanimië Beautiful/Fair One vanima+-ië
Vanimien Beautiful/Fair One vanima+-ien
Vanimawen Beautiful/Fair Girl vanima+wendë
Vanimanis Beautiful/Fair Woman vanima+níssë
Vanimiel Daughter of Beautiful/Fair One vanima+-iel
Vanimon Beautiful/Fair One vanima+-on
Vanimano Beautiful/Fair One vanima+-no
Vanimaner Beautiful/Fair Man vanima+nér
Vanimion Son of Beautiful/Fair One vanima+-ion
Vanima Beautiful/Fair vanima
Vanimaquen Beautiful/Fair Person vanima+quen
Vanimandil Beautiful/Fair Lover/Friend vanima+-ndil
Vanimandur Beautiful/Fair Servant vanima+-ndur
Vanimelda – Beloved and Beautiful (vanimelda)
Vanimeldië Beloved and Beautiful One vanimelda+-ië
Vanimeldien Beloved and Beautiful One vanimelda+-ien
Vanimeldawen Beloved and Beautiful Girl vanimelda+wendë
Vanimeldanis Beloved and Beautiful Woman vanimelda+níssë
Vanimeldiel Daughter of Beloved and Beautiful One vanimelda+-iel
Vanimeldo Beloved and Beautiful One vanimelda+-o
Vanimeldon Beloved and Beautiful One vanimelda+-on
Vanimeldano Beloved and Beautiful One vanimelda+-no
Vanimeldaner Beloved and Beautiful Man vanimelda+nér
Vanimeldion Son of Beloved and Beautiful One vanimelda+-ion
Vanimelda Beloved and Beautiful vanimelda
Vanimeldaquen Beloved and Beautiful Person vanimelda+quen
Vanimeldandil Beloved and Beautiful Lover/Friend vanimelda+-ndil
Vanimeldandur Beloved and Beautiful Servant vanimelda+-ndur
Vanimórë – Dark Beauty (vani-+morë)
Vanimórë Dark Beauty vani-+morë+-ë
Vanimórië Dark Beauty vani-+morë+-ië
Vanimórien Dark Beauty vani-+morë+-ien
Vanimórewen Dark Beauty Girl vani-+morë+wendë
Vanimórenis Dark Beauty Woman vani-+morë+níssë
Vanimóriel Daughter of Dark Beauty vani-+morë+-iel
Vanimóro Dark Beauty vani-+morë+-o
Vanimóron Dark Beauty vani-+morë+-on
Vanimórdo Dark Beauty vani-+morë+-no
Vanimórener Dark Beauty Man vani-+morë+nér
Vanimórion Son of Dark Beauty vani-+morë+-ion
Vanimórë Dark Beauty vani-+morë
Vanimórequen Dark Beauty Person vani-+morë+quen
Vanimórendil Lover/Friend of Dark Beauty vani-+morë+-ndil
Vanimórendur Servant of Dark Beauty vani-+morë+-ndur
Vanisaila – Fair and Wise (vani-+saila)
Vanisailë Fair and Wise One vani-+saila+-ë
Vanisailië Fair and Wise One vani-+saila+-ië
Vanisailien Fair and Wise One vani-+saila+-ien
Vanisailawen Fair and Wise Girl vani-+saila+wendë
Vanisailanis Fair and Wise Woman vani-+saila+níssë
Vanisailiel Daughter of Fair and Wise One vani-+saila+-iel
Vanisailo Fair and Wise One vani-+saila+-o
Vanisailon Fair and Wise One vani-+saila+-on
Vanisailano Fair and Wise One vani-+saila+-no
Vanisailaner Fair and Wise Man vani-+saila+nér
Vanisailion Son of Fair and Wise One vani-+saila+-ion
Vanisaila Fair and Wise vani-+saila
Vanisailaquen Fair and Wise Person vani-+saila+quen
Vanisailandil Fair and Wise Lover/Friend vani-+saila+-ndil
Vanisailandur Fair and Wise Servant vani-+saila+-ndur


Vaniser – Fair Friend (vani-+ser)


Vanithaura – Beautiful and Foul/Mary Sue/Gary Stu (vani-+thaura)
Vanithaurë Beautiful and Foul One/Mary Sue vani-+thaura+-ë
Vanithaurië Beautiful and Foul One/Mary Sue vani-+thaura+-ië
Vanithaurien Beautiful and Foul One/Mary Sue vani-+thaura+-ien
Vanithaurawen Beautiful and Foul Girl/Mary Sue vani-+thaura+wendë
Vanithauranis Beautiful and Foul Woman/Mary Sue vani-+thaura+níssë
Vanithauriel Daughter of Beautiful and Foul One/Mary Sue vani-+thaura+-iel
Vanithauro Beautiful and Foul One/Gary Stu vani-+thaura+-o
Vanithauron Beautiful and Foul One/Gary Stu vani-+thaura+-on
Vanithaurano Beautiful and Foul One/Gary Stu vani-+thaura+-no
Vanithauraner Beautiful and Foul Man/Gary Stu vani-+thaura+nér
Vanithaurion Son of Beautiful and Foul One/Gary Stu vani-+thaura+-ion
Vanithaura Beautiful and Foul One vani-+thaura
Vanithauraquen Beautiful and Foul Person vani-+thaura+quen
Vanithaurandil Beautiful and Foul Lover/Friend vani-+thaura+-ndil
Vanithaurandur Beautiful and Foul Servant vani-+thaura+-ndur
Vanya – Beautiful/Fair (vanya)
Vanyë Beautiful/Fair One vanya+-ë
Vanië Beautiful/Fair One vanya+-ië
Vanien Beautiful/Fair One vanya+-ien
Vaniwen Beautiful/Fair Girl vanya+wendë
Vaninis Beautiful/Fair Woman vanya+níssë
Vaniel Daughter of Beautiful/Fair One vanya+-iel
Vanyo Beautiful/Fair One vanya+-o
Vanyon Beautiful/Fair One vanya+-on
Vanyano Beautiful/Fair One vanya+-no
Vaniner Beautiful/Fair Man vanya+nér
Vanion Son of Beautiful/Fair One vanya+-ion
Vanya Beautiful/Fair vanya
Vaniquen Beautiful/Fair Person vanya+quen
Vanindil Beautiful/Fair Lover/Friend vanya+-ndil
Vanindur Beautiful/Fair Servant vanya+-ndur
Wahta- – To Soil/Stain (wahta-)
Wahtë Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-ë
Wahtissë Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-issë
Wahtindë Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-indë
Wahtallë Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-llë
Wahtamë Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-më
Wahtarë Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-rë
Wahtiel Daughter of Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-ë+-iel
Wahtissiel Daughter of Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-issë+-iel
Wahtindiel Daughter of Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-indë+-iel
Wahtalliel Daughter of Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-llë+-iel
Wahtamiel Daughter of Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-më+-iel
Wahtariel Daughter of Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-rë+-iel
Wahto Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-o
Wahtindo Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-indo
Wahtano Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-no
Wahtamo Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-mo
Wahtaro Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-ro
Wahtion Son of Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-o+-ion
Wahtindion Son of Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-indo+-ion
Wahtanion Son of Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-no+-ion
Wahtamion Son of Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-mo+-ion
Wahtarion Son of Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-ro+-ion
Wahtar Soiler/Stainer wahta-+-r
Waina – Blonde (waina)
Wainë Blonde One waina+-ë
Wainië Blonde One waina+-ië
Wainien Blonde One waina+-ien
Wainawen Blonde Girl waina+wendë
Wainanis Blonde Woman waina+níssë
Wainiel Daughter of Blonde One waina+-iel
Waino Blond One waina+-o
Wainon Blond One waina+-on
Wainano Blond One waina+-no
Wainaner Blond Man waina+nér
Wainion Son of Blond One waina+-ion
Waina Blonde waina
Wainaquen Blonde Person waina+quen
Wainandil Blonde Lover/Friend waina+-ndil
Wainandur Blonde Servant waina+-ndur
Wára – Soiled/Dirty (wára)
Wárë Soiled/Dirty One wára+-ë
Wárië Soiled/Dirty One wára+-ië
Wárien Soiled/Dirty One wára+-ien
Wárawen Soiled/Dirty Girl wára+wendë
Wáranis Soiled/Dirty Woman wára+níssë
Wáriel Daughter of Soiled/Dirty One wára+-iel
Wáro Soiled/Dirty One wára+-o
Wáron Soiled/Dirty One wára+-on
Wárano Soiled/Dirty One wára+-no
Wáraner Soiled/Dirty Man wára+nér
Wárion Son of Soiled/Dirty One wára+-ion
Wára Soiled/Dirty wára
Wáraquen Soiled/Dirty Person wára+quen
Wárandil Soiled/Dirty Lover/Friend wára+-ndil
Wárandur Soiled/Dirty Servant wára+-ndur
Wathar – Veil (wathar)
Watharë Veil wathar+-ë
Watharië Veil wathar+-ië
Watharien Veil wathar+-ien
Watharwen Veil Girl wathar+wendë
Wathardis Veil Woman wathar+níssë
Wathariel Daughter of Veil wathar+-iel
Watharo Veil wathar+-o
Watharon Veil wathar+-on
Wathardo Veil wathar+-no
Watharder Veil Man wathar+nér
Watharion Son of Veil wathar+-ion
Wathar Veil wathar
Watharquen Veil Person wathar+quen
Wëa – Manly/Vigorous (vëa)
Manly/Vigorous One vëa+-ë
Wëawen Manly/Vigorous Girl vëa+wendë
Wëanis Manly/Vigorous Woman vëa+níssë
Wëo Manly/Vigorous One vëa+-o
Wëon Manly/Vigorous One vëa+-on
Wëano Manly/Vigorous One vëa+-no
Wëaner Manly/Vigorous Man vëa+nér
Wëa Manly/Vigorous vëa
Wëaquen Manly/Vigorous Person vëa+quen
Wëandil Manly/Vigorous Lover/Friend vëa+-ndil
Wëandur Manly/Vigorous Servant vëa+-ndur
Wëassë – Vigor (wëassë)
Wëassë Vigor wëassë+-ë
Wëassië Vigor wëassë+-ië
Wëassien Vigor wëassë+-ien
Wëassewen Vigor Girl wëassë+wendë
Wëassenis Vigor Woman wëassë+níssë
Wëassiel Daughter of Vigor wëassë+-iel
Wëasso Vigor wëassë+-o
Wëasson Vigor wëassë+-on
Wëassener Vigor Man wëassë+nér
Wëassion Son of Vigor wëassë+-ion
Wëassë Vigor wëassë
Wëassequen Vigor Person wëassë+quen
Wén – Greenness/Freshness (wén)
Wénë Greenness/Freshness wén+-ë
Wénië Greenness/Freshness wén+-ië
Wénien Greenness/Freshness wén+-ien
Wéndis Greenness/Freshness Woman wén+níssë
Wéniel Daughter of Greenness/Freshness wén+-iel
Wéno Greenness/Freshness wén+-o
Wénon Greenness/Freshness wén+-on
Wéndo Greenness/Freshness wén+-no
Wénder Greenness/Freshness Man wén+nér
Wénion Son of Greenness/Freshness wén+-ion
Wén Greenness/Freshness wén
Wénquen Greenness/Freshness Person wén+quen
Wénwë Greenness/Freshness Being wén+-wë
Wenya – Fresh (wenya)
Wenyë Fresh One wenya+-ë
Wenië Fresh One wenya+-ië
Wenien Fresh One wenya+-ien
Wenyanis Fresh Woman wenya+níssë
Weniel Daughter of Fresh One wenya+-iel
Wenyo Fresh One wenya+-o
Wenyon Fresh One wenya+-on
Wenyano Fresh One wenya+-no
Wenyaner Fresh Man wenya+nér
Wenion Son of Fresh One wenya+-ion
Wenya Fresh wenya
Wenyaquen Fresh Person wenya+quen
Wenyandil Fresh Lover/Friend wenya+-ndil
Wenyandur Fresh Servant wenya+-ndur
Winya – New/Fresh/Young (winya)
Winyë New/Fresh/Young One winya+-ë
Winië New/Fresh/Young One winya+-ië
Winien New/Fresh/Young One winya+-ien
Winyawen New/Fresh/Young Girl winya+wendë
Winyanis New/Fresh/Young Woman winya+níssë
Winiel Daughter of New/Fresh/Young One winya+-iel
Winyo New/Fresh/Young One winya+-o
Winyon New/Fresh/Young One winya+-on
Winyano New/Fresh/Young One winya+-no
Winyaner New/Fresh/Young Man winya+nér
Winion Son of New/Fresh/Young One winya+-ion
Winya New/Fresh/Young winya
Winyaquen New/Fresh/Young Person winya+quen
Winyandil New/Fresh/Young Lover/Friend winya+-ndil
Winyandur New/Fresh/Young Servant winya+-ndur
Wirya – Fresh (wirya)
Wiryë Fresh One wirya+-ë
Wirië Fresh One wirya+-ië
Wirien Fresh One wirya+-ien
Wiryawen Fresh Girl wirya+wendë
Wiryanis Fresh Woman wirya+níssë
Wiriel Daughter of Fresh One wirya+-iel
Wiryo Fresh One wirya+-o
Wiryon Fresh One wirya+-on
Wiryano Fresh One wirya+-no
Wiryaner Fresh Man wirya+nér
Wirion Son of Fresh One wirya+-ion
Wirya Fresh wirya
Wiryaquen Fresh Person wirya+quen
Wiryandil Fresh Lover/Friend wirya+-ndil
Wiryandur Fresh Servant wirya+-ndur
Yalúmëa – Old (yalúmëa)
Yalúmë Old One yalúmëa+-ë
Yalúmië Old One yalúmëa+-ië
Yalúmien Old One yalúmëa+-ien
Yalúmëawen Old Girl yalúmëa+wendë
Yalúmëanis Old Woman yalúmëa+níssë
Yalúmiel Daughter of Old One yalúmëa+-iel
Yalúmëo Old One yalúmëa+-o
Yalúmëon Old One yalúmëa+-on
Yalúmëano Old One yalúmëa+-no
Yalúmëaner Old Man yalúmëa+nér
Yalúmion Son of Old One yalúmëa+-ion
Yalúmëa Old yalúmëa
Yalúmëaquen Old Person yalúmëa+quen
Yalúmëandil Old Lover/Friend yalúmëa+-ndil
Yalúmëandur Old Servant yalúmëa+-ndur
Yámë – Yawning (yámë)
Yámë Yawning One yámë+-ë
Yámië Yawning One yámë+-ië
Yámien Yawning One yámë+-ien
Yámiwen Yawning Girl yámë+wendë
Yáminis Yawning Woman yámë+níssë
Yámiel Daughter of Yawning One yámë+-iel
Yámo Yawning One yámë+-o
Yámon Yawning One yámë+-on
Yáminer Yawning Man yámë+nér
Yámion Son of Yawning One yámë+-ion
Yámë Yawning yámë
Yámiquen Yawning Person yámë+quen
Yámindil Yawning Lover/Friend yámë+-ndil
Yámindur Yawning Servant yámë+-ndur
Yána – Vast/Huge/Wide (yána)
Yánë Vast/Huge/Wide One yána+-ë
Yánië Vast/Huge/Wide One yána+-ië
Yánien Vast/Huge/Wide One yána+-ien
Yánawen Vast/Huge/Wide Girl yána+wendë
Yánanis Vast/Huge/Wide Woman yána+níssë
Yániel Daughter of Vast/Huge/Wide One yána+-iel
Yáno Vast/Huge/Wide One yána+-o
Yánon Vast/Huge/Wide One yána+-on
Yánano Vast/Huge/Wide One yána+-no
Yánaner Vast/Huge/Wide Man yána+nér
Yánion Son of Vast/Huge/Wide One yána+-ion
Yána Vast/Huge/Wide yána
Yánaquen Vast/Huge/Wide Person yána+quen
Yánandil Vast/Huge/Wide Lover/Friend yána+-ndil
Yánandur Vast/Huge/Wide Servant yána+-ndur
Yanda – Wide (yanda)
Yandë Wide One yanda+-ë
Yandië Wide One yanda+-ië
Yandien Wide One yanda+-ien
Yandawen Wide Girl yanda+wendë
Yandanis Wide Woman yanda+níssë
Yandiel Daughter of Wide One yanda+-iel
Yando Wide One yanda+-o
Yandon Wide One yanda+-on
Yandano Wide One yanda+-no
Yandaner Wide Man yanda+nér
Yandion Son of Wide One yanda+-ion
Yanda Wide yanda
Yandaquen Wide Person yanda+quen
Yandandil Wide Lover/Friend yanda+-ndil
Yandandur Wide Servant yanda+-ndur
Yanga- – To Yawn (yanga-)
Yangë Yawner yanga-+-ë
Yangissë Yawner yanga-+-issë
Yangindë Yawner yanga-+-indë
Yangallë Yawner yanga-+-llë
Yangamë Yawner yanga-+-më
Yangarë Yawner yanga-+-rë
Yangiel Daughter of Yawner yanga-+-ë+-iel
Yangissiel Daughter of Yawner yanga-+-issë+-iel
Yangindiel Daughter of Yawner yanga-+-indë+-iel
Yangalliel Daughter of Yawner yanga-+-llë+-iel
Yangamiel Daughter of Yawner yanga-+-më+-iel
Yangariel Daughter of Yawner yanga-+-rë+-iel
Yango Yawner yanga-+-o
Yangindo Yawner yanga-+-indo
Yangano Yawner yanga-+-no
Yangamo Yawner yanga-+-mo
Yangaro Yawner yanga-+-ro
Yangion Son of Yawner yanga-+-o+-ion
Yangindion Son of Yawner yanga-+-indo+-ion
Yanganion Son of Yawner yanga-+-no+-ion
Yangamion Son of Yawner yanga-+-mo+-ion
Yangarion Son of Yawner yanga-+-ro+-ion
Yangar Yawner yanga-+-r
Yára – Ancient (yára)
Yárë Ancient One yára+-ë
Yárië Ancient One yára+-ië
Yárien Ancient One yára+-ien
Yárawen Ancient Girl yára+wendë
Yáranis Ancient Woman yára+níssë
Yáriel Daughter of Ancient One yára+-iel
Yáro Ancient One yára+-o
Yáron Ancient One yára+-on
Yárano Ancient One yára+-no
Yáraner Ancient Man yára+nér
Yárion Son of Ancient One yára+-ion
Yára Ancient yára
Yáraquen Ancient Person yára+quen
Yárandil Ancient Lover/Friend yára+-ndil
Yárandur Ancient Servant yára+-ndur
Yárëa – Old (yárëa)
Yárë Old One yárëa+-ë
Yárië Old One yárëa+-ië
Yárien Old One yárëa+-ien
Yárëawen Old Girl yárëa+wendë
Yárëanis Old Woman yárëa+níssë
Yáriel Daughter of Old One yárëa+-iel
Yárëo Old One yárëa+-o
Yárëon Old One yárëa+-on
Yárëano Old One yárëa+-no
Yárëaner Old Man yárëa+nér
Yárion Son of Old One yárëa+-ion
Yárëa Old yárëa
Yárëaquen Old Person yárëa+quen
Yárëandil Old Lover/Friend yárëa+-ndil
Yárëandur Old Servant yárëa+-ndur
Yerna – Old/Worn (yerna)
Yernë Old/Worn One yerna+-ë
Yernië Old/Worn One yerna+-ië
Yernien Old/Worn One yerna+-ien
Yernawen Old/Worn Girl yerna+wendë
Yernanis Old/Worn Woman yerna+níssë
Yerniel Daughter of Old/Worn One yerna+-iel
Yerno Old/Worn One yerna+-o
Yernon Old/Worn One yerna+-on
Yernano Old/Worn One yerna+-no
Yernaner Old/Worn Man yerna+nér
Yernion Son of Old/Worn One yerna+-ion
Yerna Old/Worn yerna
Yernaquen Old/Worn Person yerna+quen
Yernandil Old/Worn Lover/Friend yerna+-ndil
Yernandur Old/Worn Servant yerna+-ndur


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