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Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name


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Alarca – Swift/Rapid (alarca)
Alarcë Swift/Rapid One alarca+-ë
Alarcië Swift/Rapid One alarca+-ië
Alarcien Swift/Rapid alarca+-ien
Alarcawen Swift/Rapid Girl alarca+wendë
Alarcanis Swift/Rapid Woman alarca+níssë
Alarciel Daughter of Swift/Rapid One alarca+-iel
Alarco Swift/Rapid One alarca+-o
Alarcon Swift/Rapid One alarca+-on
Alarcaner Swift/Rapid Man alarca+nér
Alarcion Son of Swift/Rapid One alarca+-ion
Alarca Swift/Rapid alarca
Alarcaquen Swift/Rapid Person alarca+quen
Alarcandil Swift/Rapid Lover/Friend +-ndil
Alarcandur Swift/Rapid Servant alarca+-ndur
Alata – Large/Great (alata)
Alatë Large/Great One alata+-ë
Alatië Large/Great One alata+-ië
Alatien Large/Great alata+-ien
Alatawen Large/Great Girl alata+wendë
Alatanis Large/Great Woman alata+níssë
Alatiel Daughter of Large/Great One alata+-iel
Alato Large/Great One alata+-o
Alaton Large/Great One alata+-on
Alataner Large/Great Man alata+nér
Alation Son of Large/Great One alata+-ion
Alata Large/Great alata
Alataquen Large/Great Person alata+quen
Alatandil Large/Great Lover/Friend alata+-ndil
Alatandur Large/Great Servant alata+-ndur
Alta – Large (alta)
Altë Large One alta+-ë
Altië Large One alta+-ië
Altien Large One alta+-ien
Altawen Large Girl alta+wendë
Altanis Large Woman alta+níssë
Altiel Daughter of Large One alta+-iel
Alto Large One alta+-o
Alton Large One alta+-on
Altaner Large Man alta+nér
Altion Son of Large One alta+-ion
Alta Large alta
Altaquen Large Person alta+quen
Altandil Large Lover/Friend alta+-ndil
Altandur Large Servant alta+-ndur
Alwa – Healthy/Strong/Flourishing (alwa)
Alwë Healthy/Strong/Flourishing One alwa+-ë
Alwië Healthy/Strong/Flourishing One alwa+-ië
Alwien Healthy/Strong/Flourishing One alwa+-ien
Alwanis Healthy/Strong/Flourishing Woman alwa+níssë
Alwiel Daughter of Healthy/Strong/Flourishing One alwa+-iel
Alo Healthy/Strong/Flourishing One alwa+-o
Alon Healthy/Strong/Flourishing One alwa+-on
Alwaner Healthy/Strong/Flourishing Man alwa+nér
Alwion Son of Healthy/Strong/Flourishing One alwa+-ion
Alwa Healthy/Strong/Flourishing alwa
Alwaquen Healthy/Strong/Flourishing Person alwa+quen
Alwandil Healthy/Strong/Flourishing Lover/Friend alwa+-ndil
Alwandur Healthy/Strong/Flourishing Servant alwa+-ndur
Anda – Long (anda)
Andë Long One anda+-ë
Andië Long One anda+-ië
Andien Long One anda+-ien
Andawen Long Girl anda+wendë
Andanis Long Woman anda+níssë
Andiel Daughter of Long One anda+-iel
Ando Long One anda+-o
Andon Long One anda+-on
Andaner Long Man anda+nér
Andion Son of Long One anda+-ion
Anda Long anda
Andaquen Long Person anda+quen
Andandil Long Lover/Friend anda+-ndil
Andandur Long Servant anda+-ndur
Angol – Stench (angol)
Angolë Stench angol+-ë
Angolië Stench angol+-ië
Angolien Stench angol+-ien
Angolwen Stench Girl angol+wendë
Angoldis Stench Woman angol+níssë
Angoliel Daughter of Stench angol+-iel
Angolo Stench angol+-o
Angolon Stench angol+-on
Angoldo Stench angol+-no
Angolder Stench Man angol+nér
Angolion Son of Stench angol+-ion
Angol Stench angol
Angolquen Stench Person angol+quen
Angolwë Stench Being angol+-wë
Antara – Very High/Very Lofty (antara)
Antarë Very High/Very Lofty One antara+-ë
Antarië Very High/Very Lofty One antara+-ië
Antarien Very High/Very Lofty One antara+-ien
Antarawen Very High/Very Lofty Girl antara+wendë
Antaranis Very High/Very Lofty Woman antara+níssë
Antariel Daughter of Very High/Very Lofty One antara+-iel
Antaro Very High/Very Lofty One antara+-o
Antaron Very High/Very Lofty One antara+-on
Antarno Very High/Very Lofty One antara+-no
Antaraner Very High/Very Lofty Man antara+nér
Antarion Son of Very High/Very Lofty One antara+-ion
Antara Very High/Very Lofty antara
Antaraquen Very High/Very Lofty Person antara+quen
Antarandil Very High/Very Lofty Lover/Friend antara+-ndil
Antarandur Very High/Very Lofty Servant antara+-ndur
Arca – Narrow (arca)
Arcë Narrow One arca+-ë
Arcië Narrow One arca+-ië
Arcien Narrow One arca+-ien
Arcawen Narrow Girl arca+wendë
Arcanis Narrow Woman arca+níssë
Arciel Daughter of Narrow One arca+-iel
Arco Narrow One arca+-o
Arcon Narrow One arca+-on
Arcaner Narrow Man arca+nér
Arcion Son of Narrow One arca+-ion
Arca Narrow arca
Arcaquen Narrow Person arca+quen
Arcandil Narrow Lover/Friend arca+-ndil
Arcandur Narrow Servant arca+-ndur
Autha – Dim Shape/Apparition (autha)
Authë Dim Shape/Apparition autha+-ë
Authië Dim Shape/Apparition autha+-ië
Authien Dim Shape/Apparition autha+-ien
Authawen Dim Shape/Apparition Girl autha+wendë
Authanis Dim Shape/Apparition Woman autha+níssë
Authiel Daughter of Dim Shape/Apparition autha+-iel
Autho Dim Shape/Apparition autha+-o
Authon Dim Shape/Apparition autha+-on
Authaner Dim Shape/Apparition Man autha+nér
Authion Son of Dim Shape/Apparition autha+-ion
Autha Dim Shape/Apparition autha
Authaquen Dim Shape/Apparition Person autha+quen
Authwë Dim Shape/Apparition Being autha+-wë
Axëa – Bony (axëa)
Axë Bony One axëa+-ë
Axië Bony One axëa+-ië
Axëaien Bony One axëa+-ien
Axëawen Bony Girl axëa+wendë
Axëanis Bony Woman axëa+níssë
Axiel Daughter of Bony One axëa+-iel
Axëo Bony One axëa+-o
Axëon Bony One axëa+-on
Axëaner Bony Man axëa+nér
Axion Son of Bony One axëa+-ion
Axëa Bony axëa
Axëaquen Bony Person axëa+quen
Axëandil Bony Lover/Friend axëa+-ndil
Axëandur Bony Servant axëa+-ndur
Caila – Bedridden/Sick (caila)
Cailë Bedridden/Sick One caila+-ë
Cailië Bedridden/Sick One caila+-ië
Cailien Bedridden/Sick One caila+-ien
Cailawen Bedridden/Sick Girl caila+wendë
Cailanis Bedridden/Sick Woman caila+níssë
Cailiel Daughter of Bedridden/Sick One caila+-iel
Cailo Bedridden/Sick One caila+-o
Cailon Bedridden/Sick One caila+-on
Caildo Bedridden/Sick One caila+-no
Cailaner Bedridden/Sick Man caila+nér
Cailion Son of Bedridden/Sick One caila+-ion
Caila Bedridden/Sick caila
Cailaquen Bedridden/Sick Person caila+quen
Cailandil Bedridden/Sick Lover/Friend caila+-ndil
Cailandur Bedridden/Sick Servant caila+-ndur
Caimassë – Sickness (caimassë)
Caimassë Sickness caimassë+-ë
Caimassië Sickness caimassë+-ië
Caimassien Sickness caimassë+-ien
Caimassewen Sickness Girl caimassë+wendë
Caimassenis Sickness Woman caimassë+níssë
Caimassiel Daughter of Sickness caimassë+-iel
Caimasso Sickness caimassë+-o
Caimasson Sickness caimassë+-on
Caimassener Sickness Man caimassë+nér
Caimassion Son of Sickness caimassë+-ion
Caimassë Sickness caimassë
Caimassequen Sickness Person caimassë+quen
Caimassëa – Bedridden/Sick (caimassëa)
Caimassë Bedridden/Sick One caimassëa+-ë
Caimassië Bedridden/Sick One caimassëa+-ië
Caimassien Bedridden/Sick One caimassëa+-ien
Caimassëawen Bedridden/Sick Girl caimassëa+wendë
Caimassëanis Bedridden/Sick Woman caimassëa+níssë
Caimassiel Daughter of Bedridden/Sick One caimassëa+-iel
Caimasso Bedridden/Sick One caimassëa+-o
Caimasson Bedridden/Sick One caimassëa+-on
Caimassëaner Bedridden/Sick Man caimassëa+nér
Caimassion Son of Bedridden/Sick One caimassëa+-ion
Caimassëa Bedridden/Sick caimassëa
Caimassëaquen Bedridden/Sick Person caimassëa+quen
Caimassëandil Bedridden/Sick Lover/Friend caimassëa+-ndil
Caimassëandur Bedridden/Sick Servant caimassëa+-ndur
Carnifinda – Red Haired (carni-+finda)
Carnifindë Red Haired carni-+finda+-ë
Carnifindië Red Haired carni-+finda+-ië
Carnifindien Red Haired carni-+finda+-ien
Carnifindawen Red Haired Girl carni-+finda+wendë
Carnifindanis Red Haired Woman carni-+finda+níssë
Carnifindiel Daughter of Red Haired carni-+finda+-iel
Carnifindo Red Haired carni-+finda+-o
Carnifindon Red Haired carni-+finda+-on
Carnifindaner Red Haired Man carni-+finda+nér
Carnifindion Son of Red Hair carni-+finda+-ion
Carnifinda Red Haired carni-+finda
Carnifindaquen Red Haired Person carni-+finda+quen
Carnifindandil Red Haired Lover/Friend carni-+finda+-ndil
Carnifindandur Red Haired Servant carni-+finda+-ndur
Carningorto – Red Horror (carni-+ñorto)
Carningortë Red Horror carni-+ñorto+-ë
Carningortië Red Horror carni-+ñorto+-ië
Carningortien Red Horror carni-+ñorto+-ien
Carningortowen Red Horror Girl carni-+ñorto+wendë
Carningortonis Red Horror Woman carni-+ñorto+níssë
Carningortiel Daughter of Red Horror carni-+ñorto+-iel
Carningorto Red Horror carni-+ñorto+-o
Carningorton Red Horror carni-+ñorto+-on
Carningortoner Red Horror Man carni-+ñorto+nér
Carningortion Son of Red Horror carni-+ñorto+-ion
Carningorto Red Horror carni-+ñorto
Céva – Fresh/New (céva)
Cévë Fresh/New One céva+-ë
Cévië Fresh/New One céva+-ië
Cévien Fresh/New One céva+-ien
Cévawen Fresh/New Girl céva+wendë
Cévanis Fresh/New Woman céva+níssë
Céviel Daughter of Fresh/New One céva+-iel
Cévo Fresh/New One céva+-o
Cévon Fresh/New One céva+-on
Cévaner Fresh/New Man céva+nér
Cévion Son of Fresh/New One céva+-ion
Céva Fresh/New céva
Cévaquen Fresh/New Person céva+quen
Cévandil Fresh/New Lover/Friend céva+-ndil
Cévandur Fresh/New Servant céva+-ndur
Corima – Round (corima)
Corimë Round One corima+-ë
Corimië Round One corima+-ië
Corimien Round One corima+-ien
Corimiel Daughter of Round One corima+-iel
Corimawen Round Girl corima+wendë
Corimanis Round Woman corima+níssë
Corimo Round One corima+-o
Corimon Round One corima+-on
Corimano Round One corima+-no
Corimion Son of Round One corima+-ion
Corimaner Round Man corima+nér
Corima Round corima
Corimaquen Round Person corima+quen
Corimandil Round Lover/Friend corima+-ndil
Corimandur Round Servant corima+-ndur
Corna – Round/Globed (corna)
Cornë Round/Globed One corna+-ë
Cornië Round/Globed One corna+-ië
Cornien Round/Globed One corna+-ien
Corniel Daughter of Round/Globed One corna+-iel
Cornawen Round/Globed Girl corna+wendë
Cornanis Round/Globed Woman corna+níssë
Corno Round/Globed One corna+-o
Cornon Round/Globed One corna+-on
Cornion Son of Round/Globed One corna+-ion
Cornaner Round/Globed Man corna+nér
Corna Round/Globed corna
Cornaquen Round/Globed Person corna+quen
Cornandil Round/Globed Lover/Friend corna+-ndil
Cornandur Round/Globed Servant corna+-ndur
– Crescent/Arch (cú)
Cúwen Crescent/Arch Girl cú+wendë
Cúnis Crescent/Arch Woman cú+níssë
Cúno Crescent/Arch cú+-no
Cúner Crescent/Arch Man cú+nér
Cúquen Crescent/Arch Person cú+quen
Cúwë Crescent/Arch Being cú+-wë
Cumna – Empty (cumna)
Cumnë Empty One cumna+-ë
Cumnië Empty One cumna+-ië
Cumnien Empty One cumna+-ien
Cumniel Daughter of Empty One cumna+-iel
Cumnawen Empty Girl cumna+wendë
Cumnanis Empty Woman cumna+níssë
Cumno Empty One cumna+-o
Cumnon Empty One cumna+-on
Cumnion Son of Empty One cumna+-ion
Cumnaner Empty Man cumna+nér
Cumna Empty cumna
Cumnaquen Empty Person cumna+quen
Cumnandil Empty Lover/Friend cumna+-ndil
Cumnandur Empty Servant cumna+-ndur
Cúna – Bent/Curved (cúna)
Cúnë Bent/Curved One cúna+-ë
Cúnië Bent/Curved One cúna+-ië
Cúnien Bent/Curved One cúna+-ien
Cúniel Daughter of Bent/Curved One cúna+-iel
Cúnawen Bent/Curved Girl cúna+wendë
Cúnanis Bent/Curved Woman cúna+níssë
Cúno Bent/Curved One cúna+-o
Cúnon Bent/Curved One cúna+-on
Cúndo Bent/Curved One cúna+-no
Cúnion Son of Bent/Curved One cúna+-ion
Cúnaner Bent/Curved Man cúna+nér
Cúna Bent/Curved cúna
Cúnaquen Bent/Curved Person cúna+quen
Cúnandil Bent/Curved Lover/Friend cúna+-ndil
Cúnandur Bent/Curved Servant cúna+-ndur
Eldasilquë – Elf-hair (eldasilquë)
Eldasilquë Elf-hair eldasilquë+-ë
Eldasilquië Elf-hair eldasilquë+-ië
Eldasilquien Elf-hair eldasilquë+-ien
Eldasilquewen Elf-hair Girl eldasilquë+wendë
Eldasilquenis Elf-hair Woman eldasilquë+níssë
Eldasilquiel Daughter of Elf-hair eldasilquë+-iel
Eldasilco Elf-hair eldasilquë+-o
Eldasilcon Elf-hair eldasilquë+-on
Eldasilquener Elf-hair Man eldasilquë+nér
Eldasilquion Son of Elf-hair eldasilquë+-ion
Eldasilquë Elf-hair eldasilquë
Engwa – Sickly (engwa)
Engwë Sickly One engwa+-ë
Engwië Sickly One engwa+-ië
Engwien Sickly One engwa+-ien
Engwanis Sickly Woman engwa+níssë
Engwiel Daughter of Sickly One engwa+-iel
Engo Sickly One engwa+-o
Engon Sickly One engwa+-on
Engwaner Sickly Man engwa+nér
Engwion Son of Sickly One engwa+-ion
Engwa Sickly engwa
Engwaquen Sickly Person engwa+quen
Engwandil Sickly Lover/Friend engwa+-ndil
Engwandur Sickly Servant engwa+-ndur
Enwina – Old (enwina)
Enwinë Old One enwina+-ë
Enwinië Old One enwina+-ië
Enwinien Old One enwina+-ien
Enwinanis Old Woman enwina+níssë
Enwiniel Daughter of Old One enwina+-iel
Enwino Old One enwina+-o
Enwinon Old One +-on
Enwindo Old One enwina+-no
Enwinaner Old Man enwina+nér
Enwinion Son of Old One enwina+-ion
Enwina Old enwina
Enwinaquen Old Person enwina+quen
Enwinandil Old Lover/Friend enwina+-ndil
Enwinandur Old Servant enwina+-ndur
Eteminya – Prominent (eteminya)
Eteminyë Prominent One eteminya+-ë
Eteminië Prominent One eteminya+-ië
Eteminien Prominent One eteminya+-ien
Eteminyawen Prominent Girl eteminya+wendë
Eteminyanis Prominent Woman eteminya+níssë
Eteminiel Daughter of Prominent One eteminya+-iel
Eteminyo Prominent One eteminya+-o
Eteminyon Prominent One eteminya+-on
Eteminyaner Prominent Man eteminya+nér
Eteminion Son of Prominent One eteminya+-ion
Eteminya Prominent eteminya
Eteminyaquen Prominent Person eteminya+quen
Eteminyandil Prominent Lover/Friend eteminya+-ndil
Eteminyandur Prominent Servant eteminya+-ndur
Fana – Veils/Raiment (fana)
Fanë Veils/Raiment fana+-ë
Fanië Veils/Raiment fana+-ië
Fanien Veils/Raiment fana+-ien
Fanawen Veils/Raiment Girl fana+wendë
Fananis Veils/Raiment Woman fana+níssë
Faniel Daughter of Veils/Raiment fana+-iel
Fano Veils/Raiment fana+-o
Fanon Veils/Raiment fana+-on
Fando Veils/Raiment fana+-no
Fananer Veils/Raiment Man fana+nér
Fanion Son of Veils/Raiment fana+-ion
Fana Veils/Raiment fana
Fanaquen Veils/Raiment Person fana+quen
Fanwë Veils/Raiment Being fana+-wë
Fanga – Beard (fanga)
Fango Beard fanga+-o
Fangon Beard fanga+-on
Fanganer Beard Man fanga+nér
Fangion Son of Beard fanga+-ion
Fanga Beard fanga
Fangaquen Beard Person fanga+quen
Fangë – Long Beard (fangë)
Fango Long Beard fangë+-o
Fangon Long Beard fangë+-on
Fangener Long Beard Man fangë+nér
Fangion Son of Long Beard fangë+-ion
Fangë Long Beard fangë
Fangequen Long Beard Person fangë+quen
Fanwa – Veil/Screen (fanwa)
Fanwë Veil/Screen fanwa+-ë
Fanwië Veil/Screen fanwa+-ië
Fanwien Veil/Screen fanwa+-ien
Fanwanis Veil/Screen Woman fanwa+níssë
Fanwiel Daughter of Veil/Screen fanwa+-iel
Fano Veil/Screen fanwa+-o
Fanon Veil/Screen fanwa+-on
Fanwaner Veil/Screen Man fanwa+nér
Fanwion Son of Veil/Screen fanwa+-ion
Fanwa Veil/Screen fanwa
Fanwaquen Veil/Screen Person fanwa+quen
Fassë – Tangled, Shaggy Hair (fassë)
Fassë Tangled, Shaggy Hair fassë+-ë
Fassië Tangled, Shaggy Hair fassë+-ië
Fassien Tangled, Shaggy Hair fassë+-ien
Fassewen Tangled, Shaggy Hair Girl fassë+wendë
Fassenis Tangled, Shaggy Hair Woman fassë+níssë
Fassiel Daughter of Tangled, Shaggy Hair fassë+-iel
Fasso Tangled, Shaggy Hair fassë+-o
Fasson Tangled, Shaggy Hair fassë+-on
Fassener Tangled, Shaggy Hair Man fassë+nér
Fassion Son of Tangled, Shaggy Hair fassë+-ion
Fassë Tangled, Shaggy Hair fassë
Fassequen Tangled, Shaggy Hair Person fassë+quen
Fauca – Thirsty (fauca)
Faucë Thirsty One fauca+-ë
Faucië Thirsty One fauca+-ië
Faucien Thirsty One fauca+-ien
Faucawen Thirsty Girl fauca+wendë
Faucanis Thirsty Woman fauca+níssë
Fauciel Daughter of Thirsty One fauca+-iel
Fauco Thirsty One fauca+-o
Faucon Thirsty One fauca+-on
Faucaner Thirsty Man fauca+nér
Faucion Son of Thirsty One fauca+-ion
Fauca Thirsty fauca
Faucaquen Thirsty Person fauca+quen
Faucandil Thirsty Lover/Friend fauca+-ndil
Faucandur Thirsty Servant fauca+-ndur
Fimbë – Slender (fimbë)
Fimbë Slender One fimbë+-ë
Fimbië Slender One fimbë+-ië
Fimbien Slender One fimbë+-ien
Fimbiwen Slender Girl fimbi-+wendë
Fimbinis Slender Woman fimbi-+níssë
Fimbiel Daughter of Slender One fimbë+-iel
Fimbo Slender One fimbë+-o
Fimbon Slender One fimbë+-on
Fimbiner Slender Man fimbi-+nér
Fimbion Son of Slender One fimbë+-ion
Fimbë Slender fimbë
Fimbiquen Slender Person fimbi-+quen
Fimbindil Slender Lover/Friend fimbë+-ndil
Fimbindur Slender Servant fimbë+-ndur
Findelë – Lots of Long Hair (findelë)
Findelë Lots of Long Hair findelë+-ë
Findelië Lots of Long Hair findelë+-ië
Findelien Lots of Long Hair findelë+-ien
Findelewen Lots of Long Hair Girl findelë+wendë
Findelenis Lots of Long Hair Woman findelë+níssë
Findeliel Daughter of Lots of Long Hair findelë+-iel
Findelo Lots of Long Hair findelë+-o
Findelon Lots of Long Hair findelë+-on
Findeldo Lots of Long Hair findelë+-no
Findelener Lots of Long Hair Man findelë+nér
Findelion Son of Lots of Long Hair findelë+-ion
Findelë Lots of Long Hair findelë
Findelequen Lots of Long Hair Person findelë+quen
Fínëa – Dexterous (fínëa)
Fínë Dexterous One fínëa+-ë
Fínië Dexterous One fínëa+-ië
Fínien Dexterous One fínëa+-ien
Fínëawen Dexterous Girl fínëa+wendë
Fínëanis Dexterous Woman fínëa+níssë
Fíniel Daughter of Dexterous One fínëa+-iel
Fínëo Dexterous One fínëa+-o
Fínëon Dexterous One fínëa+-on
Fínëaner Dexterous Man fínëa+nér
Fínion Son of Dexterous One fínëa+-ion
Fínëa Dexterous fínëa
Fínëaquen Dexterous Person fínëa+quen
Fínëandil Dexterous Lover/Friend fínëa+-ndil
Fínëandur Dexterous Servant fínëa+-ndur
Halda – Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady (halda)
Haldë Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady One halda+-ë
Haldië Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady One halda+-ië
Haldien Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady One halda+-ien
Haldawen Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady Girl halda+wendë
Haldanis Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady Woman halda+níssë
Haldiel Daughter of Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady One halda+-iel
Haldo Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady One halda+-o
Haldon Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady One halda+-on
Haldaner Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady Man halda+nér
Haldion Son of Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady One halda+-ion
Halda Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady halda
Haldaquen Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady Person halda+quen
Haldandil Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady Lover/Friend halda+-ndil
Haldandur Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady Servant halda+-ndur
Halla – Tall (halla)
Hallë Tall One halla+-ë
Hallië Tall One halla+-ië
Hallien Tall One halla+-ien
Hallawen Tall Girl halla+wendë
Hallanis Tall Woman halla+níssë
Halliel Daughter of Tall One halla+-iel
Hallo Tall One halla+-o
Hallon Tall One halla+-on
Hallaner Tall Man halla+nér
Hallion Son of Tall One halla+-ion
Halla Tall halla
Hallaquen Tall Person halla+quen
Hallandil Tall Lover/Friend halla+-ndil
Hallandur Tall Servant halla+-ndur
Halya- – To Veil/Conceal (halya-)
Halyë Veiler/Concealer halya-+-ë
Halyallë Veiler/Concealer halya-+-llë
Halyamë Veiler/Concealer halya-+-më
Halyarë Veiler/Concealer halya-+-rë
Haliel Daughter of Veiler/Concealer halya-+-ë+-iel
Halyalliel Daughter of Veiler/Concealer halya-+-llë+-iel
Halyamiel Daughter of Veiler/Concealer halya-+-më+-iel
Halyariel Daughter of Veiler/Concealer halya-+-rë+-iel
Halyo Veiler/Concealer halya-+-o
Halyano Veiler/Concealer halya-+-no
Halyamo Veiler/Concealer halya-+-mo
Halyaro Veiler/Concealer halya-+-ro
Halion Son of Veiler/Concealer halya-+-o+-ion
Halyanion Son of Veiler/Concealer halya-+-no+-ion
Halyamion Son of Veiler/Concealer halya-+-mo+-ion
Halyarion Son of Veiler/Concealer halya-+-ro+-ion
Halyar Veiler/Concealer halya-+-r
Hanaco – Giant (hanaco)
Hanacë Giant hanaco+-ë
Hanacië Giant hanaco+-ië
Hanacien Giant hanaco+-ien
Hanacowen Giant Girl hanaco+wendë
Hanaconis Giant Woman hanaco+níssë
Hanaciel Daughter of Giant hanaco+-iel
Hanaco Giant hanaco+-o
Hanacon Giant hanaco+-on
Hanaconer Giant Man hanaco+nér
Hanacion Son of Giant hanaco+-ion
Hanaco Giant hanaco
Hanacondil Lover/Friend of Giants hanaco+-ndil
Hanacondur Servant of Giants hanaco+-ndur
Harna – Wounded (harna)
Harnë Wounded One harna+-ë
Harnië Wounded One harna+-ië
Harnien Wounded One harna+-ien
Harnawen Wounded Girl harna+wendë
Harnanis Wounded Woman harna+níssë
Harniel Daughter of Wounded One harna+-iel
Harno Wounded One harna+-o
Harnon Wounded One harna+-on
Harnaner Wounded Man harna+nér
Harnion Son of Wounded One harna+-ion
Harna Wounded harna
Harnaquen Wounded Person harna+quen
Harnandil Wounded Lover/Friend harna+-ndil
Harnandur Wounded Servant harna+-ndur
Harwë – Wound (harwë)
Harwë Wound harwë+-ë
Harwië Wound harwë+-ië
Harwien Wound harwë+-ien
Harwenis Wound Woman harwë+níssë
Harwiel Daughter of Wound harwë+-iel
Haro Wound harwë+-o
Haron Wound harwë+-on
Harwener Wound Man harwë+nér
Harwion Son of Wound harwë+-ion
Harwë Wound harwë
Harwequen Wound Person harwë+quen
Haura – Huge (haura)
Haurë Huge One haura+-ë
Haurië Huge One haura+-ië
Haurien Huge One haura+-ien
Haurawen Huge Girl haura+wendë
Hauranis Huge Woman haura+níssë
Hauriel Daughter of Huge One haura+-iel
Hauro Huge One haura+-o
Hauron Huge One haura+-on
Haurdo Huge One haura+-no
Hauraner Huge Man haura+nér
Haurion Son of Huge One haura+-ion
Haura Huge haura
Hauraquen Huge Person haura+quen
Haurandil Huge Lover/Friend haura+-ndil
Haurandur Huge Servant haura+-ndur
Helda – Naked (helda)
Heldë Naked One helda+-ë
Heldië Naked One helda+-ië
Heldien Naked One helda+-ien
Heldawen Naked Girl helda+wendë
Heldanis Naked Woman helda+níssë
Heldiel Daughter of Naked One helda+-iel
Heldo Naked One helda+-o
Heldon Naked One helda+-on
Heldaner Naked Man helda+nér
Heldion Son of Naked One helda+-ion
Helda Naked helda
Heldaquen Naked Person helda+quen
Heldandil Naked Lover/Friend helda+-ndil
Heldandur Naked Servant helda+-ndur
Hendumaica – Sharp-eyed (hendumaica)
Hendumaicë Sharp-eyed One hendumaica+-ë
Hendumaicië Sharp-eyed One hendumaica+-ië
Hendumaicien Sharp-eyed One hendumaica+-ien
Hendumaicawen Sharp-eyed Girl hendumaica+wendë
Hendumaicanis Sharp-eyed Woman hendumaica+níssë
Hendumaiciel Daughter of Sharp-eyed One hendumaica+-iel
Hendumaico Sharp-eyed One hendumaica+-o
Hendumaicon Sharp-eyed One hendumaica+-on
Hendumaicaner Sharp-eyed Man hendumaica+nér
Hendumaicion Son of Sharp-eyed One hendumaica+-ion
Hendumaica Sharp-eyed hendumaica
Hendumaicaquen Sharp-eyed Person hendumaica+quen
Hendumaicandil Sharp-eyed Lover/Friend hendumaica+-ndil
Hendumaicandur Sharp-eyed Servant hendumaica+-ndur
Hendunárë – Fire-Eyed (hendu+nárë)
Hendunárë Fire-Eyed One hendu+nárë+-ë
Hendunárië Fire-Eyed One hendu+nárë+-ië
Hendunárien Fire-Eyed One hendu+nárë+-ien
Hendunárewen Fire-Eyed Girl hendu+nárë+wendë
Hendunárenis Fire-Eyed Woman hendu+nárë+níssë
Hendunáriel Daughter of Fire-Eyed One hendu+nárë+-iel
Hendunáro Fire-Eyed One hendu+nárë+-o
Hendunáron Fire-Eyed One hendu+nárë+-on
Hendunárdo Fire-Eyed One hendu+nárë+-no
Hendunárener Fire-Eyed Man hendu+nárë+nér
Hendunárion Son of Fire-Eyed One hendu+nárë+-ion
Hendunar Fire-Eyed hendu+nárë
Hendunárequen Fire-Eyed Person hendu+nárë+quen
Hendunárendil Fire-Eyed Lover/Friend hendu+nárë+-ndil
Hendunárendur Fire-Eyed Servant hendu+nárë+-ndur
Hendunívë – Dew-Eyed (hendu+nívë)
Hendunívë Dew-Eyed One hendu+nívë+-ë
Hendunívië Dew-Eyed One hendu+nívë+-ië
Hendunívien Dew-Eyed One hendu+nívë+-ien
Hendunívewen Dew-Eyed Girl hendu+nívë+wendë
Hendunívenis Dew-Eyed Woman hendu+nívë+níssë
Henduníviel Daughter of Dew-Eyed One hendu+nívë+-iel
Hendunívo Dew-Eyed One hendu+nívë+-o
Hendunívon Dew-Eyed One hendu+nívë+-on
Hendunívener Dew-Eyed Man hendu+nívë+nér
Hendunívion Son of Dew-Eyed One hendu+nívë+-ion
Hendunívë Dew-Eyed hendu+nívë
Hendunívequen Dew-Eyed Person hendu+nívë+quen
Hendunívendil Dew-Eyed Lover/Friend hendu+nívë+-ndil
Hendunívendur Dew-Eyed Servant hendu+nívë+-ndur
Holwë – Stink (holwë)
Holwë Stink holwë+-ë
Holwië Stink holwë+-ië
Holwien Stink holwë+-ien
Holwenis Stink Woman holwë+níssë
Holwiel Daughter of Stink holwë+-iel
Holo Stink holwë+-o
Holon Stink holwë+-on
Holwener Stink Man holwë+nér
Holwion Son of Stink holwë+-ion
Holwë Stink holwë
Holwequen Stink Person holwë+quen
Holwëa – Stinking (holwëa)
Holwë Stinking One holwëa+-ë
Holwië Stinking One holwëa+-ië
Holwien Stinking One holwëa+-ien
Holwëanis Stinking Woman holwëa+níssë
Holwiel Daughter of Stinking One holwëa+-iel
Holwëo Stinking One holwëa+-o
Holwëon Stinking One holwëa+-on
Holwëaner Stinking Man holwëa+nér
Holwion Son of Stinking One holwëa+-ion
Holwëa Stinking holwëa
Holwëaquen Stinking Person holwëa+quen
Holwëandil Stinking Lover/Friend holwëa+-ndil
Holwëandur Stinking Servant holwëa+-ndur
Hurin – Hidden/Concealed (hurin)
Hurinë Hidden/Concealed One hurin+-ë
Hurinië Hidden/Concealed One hurin+-ië
Hurinien Hidden/Concealed One hurin+-ien
Hurinwen Hidden/Concealed Girl hurin+wendë
Hurindis Hidden/Concealed Woman hurin+níssë
Huriniel Daughter of Hidden/Concealed One hurin+-iel
Hurino Hidden/Concealed One hurin+-o
Hurinon Hidden/Concealed One hurin+-on
Hurindo Hidden/Concealed One hurin+-no
Hurinder Hidden/Concealed Man hurin+nér
Hurinion Son of Hidden/Concealed One hurin+-ion
Hurin Hidden/Concealed hurin
Hurinquen Hidden/Concealed Person hurin+quen
Hurindil Hidden/Concealed Lover/Friend hurin+-ndil
Hurindur Hidden/Concealed Servant hurin+-ndur
Hwarin – Crooked (hwarin)
Hwarinë Crooked One hwarin+-ë
Hwarinië Crooked One hwarin+-ië
Hwarinien Crooked One hwarin+-ien
Hwarinwen Crooked Girl hwarin+wendë
Hwarindis Crooked Woman hwarin+níssë
Hwariniel Daughter of Crooked One hwarin+-iel
Hwarino Crooked One hwarin+-o
Hwarinon Crooked One hwarin+-on
Hwarindo Crooked One hwarin+-no
Hwarinder Crooked Man hwarin+nér
Hwarinion Son of Crooked One hwarin+-ion
Hwarin Crooked hwarin
Hwarinquen Crooked Person hwarin+quen
Hwarindil Crooked Lover/Friend hwarin+-ndil
Hwarindur Crooked Servant hwarin+-ndur
Ilfirin – Immortal (ilfirin)
Ilfirinë Immortal One ilfirin+-ë
Ilfirinië Immortal One ilfirin+-ië
Ilfirinien Immortal One ilfirin+-ien
Ilfirinwen Immortal Girl ilfirin+wendë
Ilfirindis Immortal Woman ilfirin+níssë
Ilfiriniel Daughter of Immortal One ilfirin+-iel
Ilfirino Immortal One ilfirin+-o
Ilfirinon Immortal One ilfirin+-on
Ilfirindo Immortal One ilfirin+-no
Ilfirinder Immortal Man ilfirin+nér
Ilfirinion Son of Immortal One ilfirin+-ion
Ilfirin Immortal ilfirin
Ilfirinquen Immortal Person ilfirin+quen
Ilfirindil Immortal Lover/Friend ilfirin+-ndil
Ilfirindur Immortal Servant ilfirin+-ndur
Inya – Feminine (inya)
Inyo Feminine One inya+-o
Inyon Feminine One inya+-on
Inyano Feminine One inya+-no
Inyaner Feminine Man inya+nér
Inion Son of Feminine One inya+-ion
Inya Feminine inya
Inyaquen Feminine Person inya+quen
Inyandil Feminine Lover/Friend inya+-ndil
Inyandur Feminine Servant inya+-ndur
Írima – Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable (írima)
Írimë Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable One írima+-ë
Írimië Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable One írima+-ië
Írimien Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable One írima+-ien
Írimawen Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable Girl írima+wendë
Írimanis Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable Woman írima+níssë
Írimiel Daughter of Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable One írima+-iel
Írimo Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable One írima+-o
Írimon Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable One írima+-on
Írimaner Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable Man írima+nér
Írimion Son of Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable One írima+-ion
Írima Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable írima
Írimaquen Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable Person írima+quen
Írimandil Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable Lover/Friend írima+-ndil
Írimandur Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable Servant írima+-ndur
Laica – Keen/Sharp/Piercing (laica)
Laicë Keen/Sharp/Piercing One laica+-ë
Laicië Keen/Sharp/Piercing One laica+-ië
Laicien Keen/Sharp/Piercing One laica+-ien
Laicawen Keen/Sharp/Piercing Girl laica+wendë
Laicanis Keen/Sharp/Piercing Woman laica+níssë
Laiciel Daughter of Keen/Sharp/Piercing One laica+-iel
Laico Keen/Sharp/Piercing One laica+-o
Laicon Keen/Sharp/Piercing One laica+-on
Laicano Keen/Sharp/Piercing One laica+-no
Laicaner Keen/Sharp/Piercing Man laica+nér
Laicion Son of Keen/Sharp/Piercing One laica+-ion
Laica Keen/Sharp/Piercing laica
Laicaquen Keen/Sharp/Piercing Person laica+quen
Laicandil Keen/Sharp/Piercing Lover/Friend laica+-ndil
Laicandur Keen/Sharp/Piercing Servant laica+-ndur
Laiwa – Sickly/Ill (laiwa)
Laiwë Sickly/Ill One laiwa+-ë
Laiwië Sickly/Ill One laiwa+-ië
Laiwien Sickly/Ill One laiwa+-ien
Laiwanis Sickly/Ill Woman laiwa+níssë
Laiwiel Daughter of Sickly/Ill One laiwa+-iel
Laio Sickly/Ill One laiwa+-o
Laion Sickly/Ill One laiwa+-on
Laiwano Sickly/Ill One laiwa+-no
Laiwaner Sickly/Ill Man laiwa+nér
Laiwion Son of Sickly/Ill One laiwa+-ion
Laiwa Sickly/Ill laiwa
Laiwaquen Sickly/Ill Person laiwa+quen
Laiwandil Sickly/Ill Lover/Friend laiwa+-ndil
Laiwandur Sickly/Ill Servant laiwa+-ndur
Landa – Wide (landa)
Landë Wide One landa+-ë
Landië Wide One landa+-ië
Landien Wide One landa+-ien
Landawen Wide Girl landa+wendë
Landanis Wide Woman landa+níssë
Landiel Daughter of Wide One landa+-iel
Lando Wide One landa+-o
Landon Wide One landa+-on
Landano Wide One landa+-no
Landaner Wide Man landa+nér
Landion Son of Wide One landa+-ion
Landa Wide landa
Landaquen Wide Person landa+quen
Landandil Wide Lover/Friend landa+-ndil
Landandur Wide Servant landa+-ndur
Larca – Swift/Rapid (larca)
Larcë Swift/Rapid One larca+-ë
Larcië Swift/Rapid One larca+-ië
Larcien Swift/Rapid One larca+-ien
Larcawen Swift/Rapid Girl larca+wendë
Larcanis Swift/Rapid Woman larca+níssë
Larciel Daughter of Swift/Rapid One larca+-iel
Larco Swift/Rapid One larca+-o
Larcon Swift/Rapid One larca+-on
Larcano Swift/Rapid One larca+-no
Larcaner Swift/Rapid Man larca+nér
Larcion Son of Swift/Rapid One larca+-ion
Larca Swift/Rapid larca
Larcaquen Swift/Rapid Person larca+quen
Larcandil Swift/Rapid Lover/Friend larca+-ndil
Larcandur Swift/Rapid Servant larca+-ndur
Lassecanta – Leaf-shaped (lassecanta)
Lassecantë Leaf-shaped One lassecanta+-ë
Lassecantië Leaf-shaped One lassecanta+-ië
Lassecantien Leaf-shaped One lassecanta+-ien
Lassecantawen Leaf-shaped Girl lassecanta+wendë
Lassecantanis Leaf-shaped Woman lassecanta+níssë
Lassecantiel Daughter of Leaf-shaped One lassecanta+-iel
Lassecanto Leaf-shaped One lassecanta+-o
Lassecanton Leaf-shaped One lassecanta+-on
Lassecantano Leaf-shaped One lassecanta+-no
Lassecantaner Leaf-shaped Man lassecanta+nér
Lassecantion Son of Leaf-shaped One lassecanta+-ion
Lassecanta Leaf-shaped lassecanta
Lassecantaquen Leaf-shaped Person lassecanta+quen
Lassecantandil Leaf-shaped Lover/Friend lassecanta+-ndil
Lassecantandur Leaf-shaped Servant lassecanta+-ndur
Lauca – Warm (lauca)
Laucë Warm One lauca+-ë
Laucië Warm One lauca+-ië
Laucien Warm One lauca+-ien
Laucawen Warm Girl lauca+wendë
Laucanis Warm Woman lauca+níssë
Lauciel Daughter of Warm One lauca+-iel
Lauco Warm One lauca+-o
Laucon Warm One lauca+-on
Laucano Warm One lauca+-no
Laucaner Warm Man lauca+nér
Laucion Son of Warm One lauca+-ion
Lauca Warm lauca
Laucaquen Warm Person lauca+quen
Laucandil Warm Lover/Friend lauca+-ndil
Laucandur Warm Servant lauca+-ndur
Laurëaloxë – Golden Hair (laurëa+loxë)
Laurëaloxë Golden Hair laurëa+loxë+-ë
Laurëaloxië Golden Hair laurëa+loxë+-ië
Laurëaloxien Golden Hair laurëa+loxë+-ien
Laurëaloxewen Golden Haired Girl laurëa+loxë+wendë
Laurëaloxenis Golden Haired Woman laurëa+loxë+níssë
Laurëaloxiel Daughter of Golden Hair laurëa+loxë+-iel
Laurëaloxo Golden Hair laurëa+loxë+-o
Laurëaloxon Golden Haire laurëa+loxë+-on
Laurëaloxener Golden Haired Man laurëa+loxë+nér
Laurëaloxion Son of Golden Hair laurëa+loxë+-ion
Laurëaloxë Golden Hair laurëa+loxë
Laurëaloxequen Golden Haired Person laurëa+loxë+quen
Lelya – Delicate/Slender/Lovely (lelya)
Lelyë Delicate/Slender/Lovely One lelya+-ë
Lelië Delicate/Slender/Lovely One lelya+-ië
Lelien Delicate/Slender/Lovely One lelya+-ien
Lelyawen Delicate/Slender/Lovely Girl lelya+wendë
Lelyanis Delicate/Slender/Lovely Woman lelya+níssë
Leliel Daughter of Delicate/Slender/Lovely One lelya+-iel
Lelyo Delicate/Slender/Lovely One lelya+-o
Lelyon Delicate/Slender/Lovely One lelya+-on
Lelyano Delicate/Slender/Lovely One lelya+-no
Lelyaner Delicate/Slender/Lovely Man lelya+nér
Lelion Son of Delicate/Slender/Lovely One lelya+-ion
Lelya Delicate/Slender/Lovely lelya
Lelyaquen Delicate/Slender/Lovely Person lelya+quen
Lelyandil Delicate/Slender/Lovely Lover/Friend lelya+-ndil
Lelyandur Delicate/Slender/Lovely Servant lelya+-ndur
Lenca – Slow (lenca)
Lencë Slow One lenca+-ë
Lencië Slow One lenca+-ië
Lencien Slow One lenca+-ien
Lencawen Slow Girl lenca+wendë
Lencanis Slow Woman lenca+níssë
Lenciel Daughter of Slow One lenca+-iel
Lenco Slow One lenca+-o
Lencon Slow One lenca+-on
Lencano Slow One lenca+-no
Lencaner Slow Man lenca+nér
Lencion Son of Slow One lenca+-ion
Lenca Slow lenca
Lencaquen Slow Person lenca+quen
Lencandil Slow Lover/Friend lenca+-ndil
Lencandur Slow Servant lenca+-ndur
Lenwa – Long and Thin (lenwa)
Lenwë Long and Thin One lenwa+-ë
Lenwië Long and Thin One lenwa+-ië
Lenwien Long and Thin One lenwa+-ien
Lenwawen Long and Thin Girl +wendë
Lenwanis Long and Thin Woman lenwa+níssë
Lenwiel Daughter of Long and Thin One lenwa+-iel
Leno Long and Thin One lenwa+-o
Lenon Long and Thin One lenwa+-on
Lenwaner Long and Thin Man lenwa+nér
Lenwion Son of Long and Thin One lenwa+-ion
Lenwa Long and Thin lenwa
Lenwaquen Long and Thin Person lenwa+quen
Lenwandil Long and Thin Lover/Friend lenwa+-ndil
Lenwandur Long and Thin Servant lenwa+-ndur
Leptafinya – Clever-fingered (leptafinya)
Leptafinyë Clever-fingered One leptafinya+-ë
Leptafinië Clever-fingered One leptafinya+-ië
Leptafinien Clever-fingered One leptafinya+-ien
Leptafinyawen Clever-fingered Girl leptafinya+wendë
Leptafinyanis Clever-fingered Woman leptafinya+níssë
Leptafiniel Daughter of Clever-fingered One leptafinya+-iel
Leptafinyo Clever-fingered One leptafinya+-o
Leptafinyon Clever-fingered One leptafinya+-on
Leptafinyaner Clever-fingered Man leptafinya+nér
Leptafinion Son of Clever-fingered One leptafinya+-ion
Leptafinya Clever-fingered leptafinya
Leptafinyaquen Clever-fingered Person leptafinya+quen
Leptafinyandil Clever-fingered Lover/Friend leptafinya+-ndil
Leptafinyandur Clever-fingered Servant leptafinya+-ndur
Limbë – Quick/Swift (limbë)
Limbë Quick/Swift One limbë+-ë
Limbië Quick/Swift One limbë+-ië
Limbien Quick/Swift One limbë+-ien
Limbewen Quick/Swift Girl limbë+wendë
Limbenis Quick/Swift Woman limbë+níssë
Limbiel Daughter of Quick/Swift One limbë+-iel
Limbo Quick/Swift One limbë+-o
Limbon Quick/Swift One limbë+-on
Limbener Quick/Swift Man limbë+nér
Limbion Son of Quick/Swift One limbë+-ion
Limbë Quick/Swift limbë
Limbequen Quick/Swift Person limbë+quen
Limbendil Quick/Swift Lover/Friend limbë+-ndil
Limbendur Quick/Swift Servant limbë+-ndur
Limpa – Frail (limpa)
Limpë Frail One limpa+-ë
Limpië Frail One limpa+-ië
Limpien Frail One limpa+-ien
Limpawen Frail Girl limpa+wendë
Limpanis Frail Woman limpa+níssë
Limpiel Daughter of Frail One limpa+-iel
Limpo Frail One limpa+-o
Limpon Frail One limpa+-on
Limpano Frail One limpa+-no
Limpaner Frail Man limpa+nér
Limpion Son of Frail One limpa+-ion
Limpa Frail limpa
Limpaquen Frail Person limpa+quen
Limpandil Frail Lover/Friend limpa+-ndil
Limpandur Frail Servant limpa+-ndur
Linda – Beautiful Sounding (linda)
Lindë Beautiful Sounding One linda+-ë
Lindië Beautiful Sounding One linda+-ië
Lindien Beautiful Sounding One linda+-ien
Lindawen Beautiful Sounding Girl linda+wendë
Lindanis Beautiful Sounding Woman linda+níssë
Lindiel Daughter of Beautiful Sounding One linda+-iel
Lindo Beautiful Sounding One linda+-o
Lindon Beautiful Sounding One linda+-on
Lindano Beautiful Sounding One linda+-no
Lindaner Beautiful Sounding Man linda+nér
Lindion Son of Beautiful Sounding One linda+-ion
Linda Beautiful Sounding linda
Lindaquen Beautiful Sounding Person linda+quen
Lindandil Beautiful Sounding Lover/Friend linda+-ndil
Lindandur Beautiful Sounding Servant linda+-ndur
Lindalëa – Melodious (lindalëa)
Lindalë Melodious One lindalëa+-ë
Lindalië Melodious One lindalëa+-ië
Lindalien Melodious lindalëa+-ien
Lindalëawen Melodious Girl lindalëa+wendë
Lindalëanis Melodious Woman lindalëa+níssë
Lindaliel Daughter of Melodious One lindalëa+-iel
Lindalëo Melodious One lindalëa+-o
Lindalëon Melodious One lindalëa+-on
Lindalëano Melodious One +lindalëa-no
Lindalëaner Melodious Man lindalëa+nér
Lindalion Son of Melodious One lindalëa+-ion
Lindalëa Melodious lindalëa
Lindalëaquen Melodious Person lindalëa+quen
Lindalëandil Melodious Lover/Friend lindalëa+-ndil
Lindalëandur Melodious Servant lindalëa+-ndur
Lindóma – Sweet Voice (linda+óma)
Lindómë Sweet Voice linda+óma+-ë
Lindómië Sweet Voice linda+óma+-ië
Lindómien Sweet Voice linda+óma+-ien
Lindómawen Sweet Voice Girl linda+óma+wendë
Lindómanis Sweet Voice Woman linda+óma+níssë
Lindómiel Daughter of Sweet Voice linda+óma+-iel
Lindómo Sweet Voice linda+óma+-o
Lindómon Sweet Voice linda+óma+-on
Lindómano Sweet Voice linda+óma+-no
Lindómaner Sweet Voice Man linda+óma+nér
Lindómion Son of Sweet Voice linda+óma+-ion
Lindóma Sweet Voice linda+óma
Lindómaquen Sweet Voice Person linda+óma+quen
Lindómandil Lover/Friend of a Sweet Voice linda+óma+-ndil
Lindómandur Servant of a Sweet Voice linda+óma+-ndur
Linquë – Wet (linquë)
Linquë Wet One linquë+-ë
Linquië Wet One linquë+-ië
Linquien Wet One linquë+-ien
Linquewen Wet Girl linquë+wendë
Linquenis Wet Woman linquë+níssë
Linquiel Daughter of Wet One linquë+-iel
Linco Wet One linquë+-o
Lincon Wet One linquë+-on
Linquener Wet Man linquë+nér
Linquion Son of Wet One linquë+-ion
Linquë Wet linquë
Linquendil Wet Lover/Friend linquë+-ndil
Linquendur Wet Servant linquë+-ndur
Linta – Swift (linta)
Lintë Swift One linta+-ë
Lintië Swift One linta+-ië
Lintien Swift One linta+-ien
Lintawen Swift Girl linta+wendë
Lintanis Swift Woman linta+níssë
Lintiel Daughter of Swift One linta+-iel
Linto Swift One linta+-o
Linton Swift One linta+-on
Lintano Swift One linta+-no
Lintaner Swift Man linta+nér
Lintion Son of Swift One linta+-ion
Linta Swift linta
Lintaquen Swift Person linta+quen
Lintandil Swift Lover/Friend linta+-ndil
Lintandur Swift Servant linta+-ndur
Linyenwa – Old/Year-full (linyenwa)
Linyenwë Old/Year-full One linyenwa+-ë
Linyenwië Old/Year-full One linyenwa+-ië
Linyenwien Old/Year-full One linyenwa+-ien
Linyenwanis Old/Year-full Woman linyenwa+níssë
Linyenwiel Daughter of Old/Year-full One linyenwa+-iel
Linyenwo Old/Year-full One linyenwa+-o
Linyenwon Old/Year-full One linyenwa+-on
Linyenwano Old/Year-full One linyenwa+-no
Linyenwaner Old/Year-full Man linyenwa+nér
Linyenwion Son of Old/Year-full One linyenwa+-ion
Linyenwa Old/Year-full linyenwa
Linyenwaquen Old/Year-full Person linyenwa+quen
Linyenwandil Old/Year-full Lover/Friend linyenwa+-ndil
Linyenwandur Old/Year-full Servant linyenwa+-ndur
Lissë – Sweet (lissë)
Lissë Sweet One lissë+-ë
Lissië Sweet One lissë+-ië
Lissien Sweet One lissë+-ien
Lissewen Sweet Girl lissë+wendë
Lissenis Sweet Woman lissë+níssë
Lissiel Daughter of Sweet One lissë+-iel
Lisso Sweet One lissë+-o
Lisson Sweet One lissë+-on
Lissener Sweet Man lissë+nér
Lission Son of Sweet One lissë+-ion
Lissë Sweet lissë
Lissequen Sweet Person lissë+quen
Lissendil Sweet Lover/Friend lissë+-ndil
Lissendur Sweet Servant lissë+-ndur


Loteriel – Maiden Crowned in Flowers (lotë+riellë)


Lótëaloxë – Flowery Hair (lótëa+loxë)
Lótëaloxë Flowery Hair lótëa+loxë+-ë
Lótëaloxië Flowery Hair lótëa+loxë+-ië
Lótëaloxien Flowery Hair lótëa+loxë+-ien
Lótëaloxewen Flowery Hair Girl lótëa+loxë+wendë
Lótëaloxenis Flowery Hair Woman lótëa+loxë+níssë
Lótëaloxiel Daughter of Flowery Hair lótëa+loxë+-iel
Lótëaloxo Flowery Hair lótëa+loxë+-o
Lótëaloxon Flowery Hair lótëa+loxë+-on
Lótëaloxener Flowery Hair Man lótëa+loxë+nér
Lótëaloxë Flowery Hair lótëa+loxë
Lótëaloxequen Flowery Hair Person lótëa+loxë+quen
Loxa – Brunette (loxa)
Loxë Brunette One loxa+-ë
Loxië Brunette One loxa+-ië
Loxien Brunette One loxa+-ien
Loxawen Brunette Girl loxa+wendë
Loxanis Brunette Woman loxa+níssë
Loxiel Daughter of Brunette One loxa+-iel
Loxo Brunet One loxa+-o
Loxon Brunet One loxa+-on
Loxano Brunet One loxa+-no
Loxaner Brunet Man loxa+nér
Loxion Son of Brunet One loxa+-ion
Loxa Brunette loxa
Loxaquen Brunette Person loxa+quen
Loxandil Brunette Lover/Friend loxa+-ndil
Loxandur Brunette Servant loxa+-ndur
Lusta – Empty (lusta)
Lustë Empty One lusta+-ë
Lustië Empty One lusta+-ië
Lustien Empty One lusta+-ien
Lustawen Empty Girl lusta+wendë
Lustanis Empty Woman lusta+níssë
Lustiel Daughter of Empty One lusta+-iel
Lusto Empty One lusta+-o
Luston Empty One lusta+-on
Lustano Empty One lusta+-no
Lustaner Empty Man lusta+nér
Lustion Son of Empty One lusta+-ion
Lusta Empty lusta
Lustaquen Empty Person lusta+quen
Lustandil Empty Lover/Friend lusta+-ndil
Lustandur Empty Servant lusta+-ndur
Maita – Hungry (maita)
Maitë Hungry One maita+-ë
Maitië Hungry One maita+-ië
Maitien Hungry One maita+-ien
Maitawen Hungry Girl maita+wendë
Maitanis Hungry Woman maita+níssë
Maitiel Daughter of Hungry One maita+-iel
Maito Hungry One maita+-o
Maiton Hungry One maita+-on
Maitano Hungry One maita+-no
Maitaner Hungry Man maita+nér
Maition Son of Hungry One maita+-ion
Maita Hungry maita
Maitaquen Hungry Person maita+quen
Maitandil Hungry Lover/Friend maita+-ndil
Maitandur Hungry Servant maita+-ndur


Maltariel – Maiden Garlanded with Gold (malta+riellë)

Malwafinda – Flaxen Haired (malwa+finda)
Malwafindë Flaxen Haired malwa+finda+-ë
Malwafindië Flaxen Haired malwa+finda+-ië
Malwafindien Flaxen Haired malwa+finda+-ien
Malwafindawen Flaxen Haired Girl malwa+finda+wendë
Malwafindanis Flaxen Haired Woman malwa+finda+níssë
Malwafindiel Daughter of Flaxen Haired malwa+finda+-iel
Malwafindo Flaxen Haired malwa+finda+-o
Malwafindon Flaxen Haired malwa+finda+-on
Malwafindaner Flaxen Haired Man malwa+finda+nér
Malwafindion Son of Flaxen Haired malwa+finda+-ion
Malwafinda Flaxen Haired malwa+finda
Malwafindaquen Flaxen Haired Person malwa+finda+quen
Malwafindandil Flaxen Haired Lover/Friend malwa+finda+-ndil
Malwafindandur Flaxen Haired Servant malwa+finda+-ndur
Maxa – Pliable/Soft (maxa)
Maxë Pliable/Soft One maxa+-ë
Maxië Pliable/Soft One maxa+-ië
Maxien Pliable/Soft One maxa+-ien
Maxawen Pliable/Soft Girl maxa+wendë
Maxanis Pliable/Soft Woman maxa+níssë
Maxiel Daughter of Pliable/Soft One maxa+-iel
Maxo Pliable/Soft One maxa+-o
Maxon Pliable/Soft One maxa+-on
Maxaner Pliable/Soft Man maxa+nér
Maxion Son of Pliable/Soft One maxa+-ion
Maxa Pliable/Soft maxa
Maxaquen Pliable/Soft Person maxa+quen
Maxandil Pliable/Soft Lover/Friend maxa+-ndil
Maxandur Pliable/Soft Servant maxa+-ndur
Milya – Soft/Gentle/Weak (milya)
Milyë Soft/Gentle/Weak One milya+-ë
Milië Soft/Gentle/Weak One milya+-ië
Milien Soft/Gentle/Weak One milya+-ien
Milyawen Soft/Gentle/Weak Girl milya+wendë
Milyanis Soft/Gentle/Weak Woman milya+níssë
Miliel Daughter of Soft/Gentle/Weak One milya+-iel
Milyo Soft/Gentle/Weak One milya+-o
Milyon Soft/Gentle/Weak One milya+-on
Milyano Soft/Gentle/Weak One milya+-no
Milyaner Soft/Gentle/Weak Man milya+nér
Milion Son of Soft/Gentle/Weak One milya+-ion
Milya Soft/Gentle/Weak milya
Milyaquen Soft/Gentle/Weak Person milya+quen
Milyandil Soft/Gentle/Weak Lover/Friend milya+-ndil
Milyandur Soft/Gentle/Weak Servant milya+-ndur
Minda – Prominent/Conspicuous (minda)
Mindë Prominent/Conspicuous One minda+-ë
Mindië Prominent/Conspicuous One minda+-ië
Mindien Prominent/Conspicuous One minda+-ien
Mindawen Prominent/Conspicuous Girl minda+wendë
Mindanis Prominent/Conspicuous Woman minda+níssë
Mindiel Daughter of Prominent/Conspicuous One minda+-iel
Mindo Prominent/Conspicuous One minda+-o
Mindon Prominent/Conspicuous One minda+-on
Mindano Prominent/Conspicuous One minda+-no
Mindaner Prominent/Conspicuous Man minda+nér
Mindion Son of Prominent/Conspicuous One minda+-ion
Minda Prominent/Conspicuous minda
Mindaquen Prominent/Conspicuous Person minda+quen
Mindandil Prominent/Conspicuous Lover/Friend minda+-ndil
Mindandur Prominent/Conspicuous Servant minda+-ndur
Mintë – Small (mintë)
Mintë Small One mintë+-ë
Mintië Small One mintë+-ië
Mintien Small One mintë+-ien
Mintewen Small Girl mintë+wendë
Mintenis Small Woman mintë+níssë
Mintiel Daughter of Small One mintë+-iel
Minto Small One mintë+-o
Minton Small One mintë+-on
Mintener Small Man mintë+nér
Mintion Son of Small One mintë+-ion
Mintë Small mintë
Mintequen Small Person mintë+quen
Mintendil Small Lover/Friend mintë+-ndil
Mintendur Small Servant mintë+-ndur


Mírriel – Maiden Garlanded with Jewels (mírë+riellë)


Mitsa – Small (mitsa)
Mitsë Small One mitsa+-ë
Mitsië Small One mitsa+-ië
Mitsien Small One mitsa+-ien
Mitsawen Small Girl mitsa+wendë
Mitsanis Small Woman mitsa+níssë
Mitsiel Daughter of Small One mitsa+-iel
Mitso Small One mitsa+-o
Mitson Small One mitsa+-on
Mitsano Small One mitsa+-no
Mitsaner Small Man mitsa+nér
Mitsion Son of Small One mitsa+-ion
Mitsa Small mitsa
Mitsaquen Small Person mitsa+quen
Mitsandil Small Lover/Friend mitsa+-ndil
Mitsandur Small Servant mitsa+-ndur
Mixa – Wet (mixa)
Mixë Wet One mixa+-ë
Mixië Wet One mixa+-ië
Mixien Wet One mixa+-ien
Mixawen Wet Girl mixa+wendë
Mixanis Wet Woman mixa+níssë
Mixiel Daughter of Wet One mixa+-iel
Mixo Wet One mixa+-o
Mixon Wet One mixa+-on
Mixaner Wet Man mixa+nér
Mixion Son of Wet One mixa+-ion
Mixa Wet mixa
Mixaquen Wet Person mixa+quen
Mixandil Wet Lover/Friend mixa+-ndil
Mixandur Wet Servant mixa+-ndur
Morifindë – Black Hair (morë+findë)
Morifindë Black Hair morë+findë+-ë
Morifindië Black Hair morë+findë+-ië
Morifindien Black Hair morë+findë+-ien
Morifindiel Daughter of Black Hair morë+findë+-iel
Morifindewen Black Hair Girl morë+findë+wendë
Morifindenis Black Hair Woman morë+findë+níssë
Morifindo Black Hair morë+findë+-o
Morifindon Black Hair morë+findë+-on
Morifindener Black Hair Man morë+findë+nér
Morifindion Son of Black Hair morë+findë+-ion
Morifindë Black Hair morë+findë
Morifindequen Black Hair Person morë+findë+quen
Morivanya – Dark Beauty (mórë+vanya)
Morivanyë Dark Beauty mórë+vanya+-ë
Morivanië Dark Beauty mórë+vanya+-ië
Morivanien Dark Beauty mórë+vanya+-ien
Morivanyawen Dark Beautiful Girl mórë+vanya+wendë
Morivanyanis Dark Beautiful Woman mórë+vanya+níssë
Morivaniel Daughter of Dark Beauty mórë+vanya+-iel
Morivanyo Dark Beauty mórë+vanya+-o
Morivanyon Dark Beauty mórë+vanya+-on
Morivanyaner Dark Beauty Man mórë+vanya+nér
Morivanion Son of Dark Beauty mórë+vanya+-ion
Morivanya Dark Beauty mórë+vanya
Morivanyaquen Dark Beauty Person mórë+vanya+quen
Morna – Black-haired (morna)
Mornë Black-haired One morna+-ë
Mornië Black-haired One morna+-ië
Mornien Black-haired One morna+-ien
Mornawen Black-haired Girl morna+wendë
Mornanis Black-haired Woman morna+níssë
Morniel Daughter of Black-haired One morna+-iel
Morno Black-haired One morna+-o
Mornon Black-haired One morna+-on
Mornano Black-haired One morna+-no
Mornaner Black-haired Man morna+nér
Mornion Son of Black-haired One morna+-ion
Morna Black-haired morna
Mornaquen Black-haired Person morna+quen
Mornandil Black-haired Lover/Friend morna+-ndil
Mornandur Black-haired Servant morna+-ndur


Moririel – Maiden Crowned with Darkness (mori-+riellë)


Muilë – Secrecy (muilë)
Muilë Secrecy muilë+-ë
Muilië Secrecy muilë+-ië
Muilien Secrecy muilë+-ien
Muilewen Secrecy Girl muilë+wendë
Muilenis Secrecy Woman muilë+níssë
Muiliel Daughter of Secrecy muilë+-iel
Muilo Secrecy muilë+-o
Muilon Secrecy muilë+-on
Muildo Secrecy muilë+-no
Muilener Secrecy Man muilë+nér
Muilion Son of Secrecy muilë+-ion
Muilë Secrecy muilë
Muilequen Secrecy Person muilë+quen
Muilwë Secrecy Being muilë+-wë
Muina – Hidden/Secret (muina)
Muinë Hidden/Secret One muina+-ë
Muinië Hidden/Secret One muina+-ië
Muinien Hidden/Secret One muina+-ien
Muinawen Hidden/Secret Girl muina+wendë
Muinanis Hidden/Secret Woman muina+níssë
Muiniel Daughter of Hidden/Secret One muina+-iel
Muino Hidden/Secret One muina+-o
Muinon Hidden/Secret One muina+-on
Muinano Hidden/Secret One muina+-no
Muinaner Hidden/Secret Man muina+nér
Muinion Son of Hidden/Secret One muina+-ion
Muina Hidden/Secret muina
Muinaquen Hidden/Secret Person muina+quen
Muinandil Hidden/Secret Lover/Friend muina+-ndil
Muinandur Hidden/Secret Servant muina+-ndur


Muinahína – Secret Child (muina+hína)


Mussë – Soft (mussë)
Mussë Soft One mussë+-ë
Mussië Soft One mussë+-ië
Mussien Soft One mussë+-ien
Mussewen Soft Girl mussë+wendë
Mussenis Soft Woman mussë+níssë
Mussiel Daughter of Soft One mussë+-iel
Musso Soft One mussë+-o
Musson Soft One mussë+-on
Mussener Soft Man mussë+nér
Mussion Son of Soft One mussë+-ion
Mussë Soft mussë
Mussequen Soft Person mussë+quen
Mussendil Soft Lover/Friend mussë+-ndil
Mussendur Soft Servant mussë+-ndur
Náha – Narrow (náha)
Náhë Narrow One náha+-ë
Náhië Narrow One náha+-ië
Náhien Narrow One náha+-ien
Náhawen Narrow Girl náha+wendë
Náhanis Narrow Woman náha+níssë
Náhiel Daughter of Narrow One náha+-iel
Náho Narrow One náha+-o
Náhon Narrow One náha+-on
Náhano Narrow One náha+-no
Náhaner Narrow Man náha+nér
Náhion Son of Narrow One náha+-ion
Náha Narrow náha
Náhaquen Narrow Person náha+quen
Náhandil Narrow Lover/Friend náha+-ndil
Náhandur Narrow Servant náha+-ndur
Naica – Bitterly Painful/Egregious (naica)
Naicë Bitterly Painful/Egregious One naica+-ë
Naicië Bitterly Painful/Egregious One naica+-ië
Naicien Bitterly Painful/Egregious One naica+-ien
Naicawen Bitterly Painful/Egregious Girl naica+wendë
Naicanis Bitterly Painful/Egregious Woman naica+níssë
Naiciel Daughter of Bitterly Painful/Egregious One naica+-iel
Naico Bitterly Painful/Egregious One naica+-o
Naicon Bitterly Painful/Egregious One naica+-on
Naicano Bitterly Painful/Egregious One naica+-no
Naicaner Bitterly Painful/Egregious Man naica+nér
Naicion Son of Bitterly Painful/Egregious One naica+-ion
Naica Bitterly Painful/Egregious naica
Naicaquen Bitterly Painful/Egregious Person naica+quen
Naicandil Bitterly Painful/Egregious Lover/Friend naica+-ndil
Naicandur Bitterly Painful/Egregious Servant naica+-ndur
Naicë – Sharp Pain (naicë)
Naicë Sharp Pain naicë+-ë
Naicië Sharp Pain naicë+-ië
Naicien Sharp Pain naicë+-ien
Naicewen Sharp Pain Girl naicë+wendë
Naicenis Sharp Pain Woman naicë+níssë
Naiciel Daughter of Sharp Pain naicë+-iel
Naico Sharp Pain naicë+-o
Naicon Sharp Pain naicë+-on
Naicener Sharp Pain Man naicë+nér
Naicion Son of Sharp Pain naicë+-ion
Naicë Sharp Pain naicë
Naicequen Sharp Pain Person naicë+quen
Naicelë – Sharp Pain (naicelë)
Naicelë Sharp Pain naicelë+-ë
Naicelië Sharp Pain naicelë+-ië
Naicelien Sharp Pain naicelë+-ien
Naicelewen Sharp Pain Girl naicelë+wendë
Naicelenis Sharp Pain Woman naicelë+níssë
Naiceliel Daughter of Sharp Pain naicelë+-iel
Naicelo Sharp Pain naicelë+-o
Naicelon Sharp Pain naicelë+-on
Naicelener Sharp Pain Man naicelë+nér
Naicelion Son of Sharp Pain naicelë+-ion
Naicelë Sharp Pain naicelë
Naicelequen Sharp Pain Person naicelë+quen
Naicelëa – Painful (naicelëa)
Naicelë Painful One naicelëa+-ë
Naicelië Painful One naicelëa+-ië
Naicelien Painful One naicelëa+-ien
Naicelëawen Painful Girl naicelëa+wendë
Naicelëanis Painful Woman naicelëa+níssë
Naiceliel Daughter of Painful One naicelëa+-iel
Naicelëo Painful One naicelëa+-o
Naicelëon Painful One naicelëa+-on
Naicelëaner Painful Man naicelëa+nér
Naicelion Son of Painful One naicelëa+-ion
Naicelëa Painful naicelëa
Naicelëaquen Painful Person naicelëa+quen
Naicelëandil Painful Lover/Friend naicelëa+-ndil
Naicelëandur Painful Servant naicelëa+-ndur
Naira – Vast/Wide/Empty (naira)
Nairë Vast/Wide/Empty One naira+-ë
Nairië Vast/Wide/Empty One naira+-ië
Nairien Vast/Wide/Empty One naira+-ien
Nairawen Vast/Wide/Empty Girl naira+wendë
Nairanis Vast/Wide/Empty Woman naira+níssë
Nairiel Daughter of Vast/Wide/Empty One naira+-iel
Nairo Vast/Wide/Empty One naira+-o
Nairon Vast/Wide/Empty One naira+-on
Nairano Vast/Wide/Empty One naira+-no
Nairaner Vast/Wide/Empty Man naira+nér
Nairion Son of Vast/Wide/Empty One naira+-ion
Naira Vast/Wide/Empty naira
Nairaquen Vast/Wide/Empty Person naira+quen
Nairandil Vast/Wide/Empty Lover/Friend naira+-ndil
Nairandur Vast/Wide/Empty Servant naira+-ndur
Narwa – Red-haired (narwa)
Narwë Red-haired One narwa+-ë
Narwië Red-haired One narwa+-ië
Narwien Red-haired One narwa+-ien
Narwawen Red-haired Girl narwa+wendë
Narwanis Red-haired Woman narwa+níssë
Narwiel Daughter of Red-haired One narwa+-iel
Naro Red-haired One narwa+-o
Naron Red-haired One narwa+-on
Narwaner Red-haired Man narwa+nér
Narwion Son of Red-haired One narwa+-ion
Narwa Red-haired narwa
Narwaquen Red-haired Person narwa+quen
Narwandil Red-haired Lover/Friend narwa+-ndil
Narwandur Red-haired Servant narwa+-ndur
Narwanta – Red Face (narwa+anta)
Narwantë Red Face narwa+anta+-ë
Narwantië Red Face narwa+anta+-ië
Narwantien Red Face narwa+anta+-ien
Narwantiel Daughter of Red Face narwa+anta+-iel
Narwantawen Red Faced Girl narwa+anta+wendë
Narwantanis Red Faced Woman narwa+anta+níssë
Narwanto Red Face narwa+anta+-o
Narwanton Red Face narwa+anta+-on
Narwantaner Red Faced Man narwa+anta+nér
Narwantion Son of Red Face narwa+anta+-ion
Narwanta Red Face narwa+anta
Narwantaquen Red Faced Person narwa+anta+quen
Narwafinda – Fiery Red-Haired (narwa+finda)
Narwafindë Fiery Red-Haired One narwa+finda+-ë
Narwafindië Fiery Red-Haired One narwa+finda+-ië
Narwafindien Fiery Red-Haired One narwa+finda+-ien
Narwafindawen Fiery Red-Haired Girl narwa+finda+wendë
Narwafindanis Fiery Red-Haired Woman narwa+finda+níssë
Narwafindiel Daughter of Fiery Red-Haired One narwa+finda+-iel
Narwafindo Fiery Red-Haired One narwa+finda+-o
Narwafindon Fiery Red-Haired One narwa+finda+-on
Narwafindano Fiery Red-Haired One narwa+finda+-no
Narwafindaner Fiery Red-Haired Man narwa+finda+nér
Narwafindion Son of Fiery Red-Haired One narwa+finda+-ion
Narwafinda Fiery Red-Haired narwa+finda
Narwafindaquen Fiery Red-Haired Person narwa+finda+quen
Narwafindandil Fiery Red-Haired Lover/Friend narwa+finda+-ndil
Narwafindandur Fiery Red-Haired Servant narwa+finda+-ndur
Nauca – Stunted/Shortened (nauca)
Naucë Stunted/Shortened One nauca+-ë
Naucië Stunted/Shortened One nauca+-ië
Naucien Stunted/Shortened One nauca+-ien
Naucawen Stunted/Shortened Girl nauca+wendë
Naucanis Stunted/Shortened Woman nauca+níssë
Nauciel Daughter of Stunted/Shortened One nauca+-iel
Nauco Stunted/Shortened One nauca+-o
Naucon Stunted/Shortened One nauca+-on
Naucano Stunted/Shortened One nauca+-no
Naucaner Stunted/Shortened Man nauca+nér
Naucion Son of Stunted/Shortened One nauca+-ion
Nauca Stunted/Shortened nauca
Naucaquen Stunted/Shortened Person nauca+quen
Naucandil Stunted/Shortened Lover/Friend nauca+-ndil
Naucandur Stunted/Shortened Servant nauca+-ndur
Néna – Wet (néna)
Nénë Wet One néna+-ë
Nénië Wet One néna+-ië
Nénien Wet One néna+-ien
Nénawen Wet Girl néna+wendë
Nénanis Wet Woman néna+níssë
Néniel Daughter of Wet One néna+-iel
Néno Wet One néna+-o
Nénon Wet One néna+-on
Nénano Wet One néna+-no
Nénaner Wet Man néna+nér
Nénion Son of Wet One néna+-ion
Néna Wet néna
Nénaquen Wet Person néna+quen
Nénandil Wet Lover/Friend néna+-ndil
Nénandur Wet Servant néna+-ndur
Nenda – Wet (nenda)
Nendë Wet One nenda+-ë
Nendië Wet One nenda+-ië
Nendien Wet One nenda+-ien
Nendawen Wet Girl nenda+wendë
Nendanis Wet Woman nenda+níssë
Nendiel Daughter of Wet One nenda+-iel
Nendo Wet One nenda+-o
Nendon Wet One nenda+-on
Nendano Wet One nenda+-no
Nendaner Wet Man nenda+nér
Nendion Son of Wet One nenda+-ion
Nenda Wet nenda
Nendaquen Wet Person nenda+quen
Nendandil Wet Lover/Friend nenda+-ndil
Nendandur Wet Servant nenda+-ndur
Nenya – Wet/Watery (nenya)
Nenyë Wet/Watery One nenya+-ë
Nenië Wet/Watery One nenya+-ië
Nenien Wet/Watery One nenya+-ien
Nenyawen Wet/Watery Girl nenya+wendë
Nenyanis Wet/Watery Woman nenya+níssë
Neniel Daughter of Wet/Watery One nenya+-iel
Nenyo Wet/Watery One nenya+-o
Nenyon Wet/Watery One nenya+-on
Nenyano Wet/Watery One nenya+-no
Nenyaner Wet/Watery Man nenya+nér
Nenion Son of Wet/Watery One nenya+-ion
Nenyaquen Wet/Watery Person nenya+quen
Nenyandil Wet/Watery Lover/Friend nenya+-ndil
Nenyandur Wet/Watery Servant nenya+-ndur
Nerca – Sharp/Angular (nerca)
Nercë Sharp/Angular One nerca+-ë
Nercië Sharp/Angular One nerca+-ië
Nercien Sharp/Angular One nerca+-ien
Nercawen Sharp/Angular Girl nerca+wendë
Nercanis Sharp/Angular Woman nerca+níssë
Nerciel Daughter of Sharp/Angular One nerca+-iel
Nerco Sharp/Angular One nerca+-o
Nercon Sharp/Angular One nerca+-on
Nercano Sharp/Angular One nerca+-no
Nercaner Sharp/Angular Man nerca+nér
Nercion Son of Sharp/Angular One nerca+-ion
Nerca Sharp/Angular nerca
Nercaquen Sharp/Angular Person nerca+quen
Nercandil Sharp/Angular Lover/Friend nerca+-ndil
Nercandur Sharp/Angular Servant nerca+-ndur
Netha – Youthful/Young (netha) [becomes “Nessa” in New Quenya]
Nethë Youthful/Young One netha+-ë
Nethië Youthful/Young One netha+-ië
Nethien Youthful/Young One netha+-ien
Nethiel Daughter of Youthful/Young One netha+-iel
Nethawen Youthful/Young Girl netha+wendë
Nethanis Youthful/Young Woman netha+níssë
Netho Youthful/Young One netha+-o
Nethon Youthful/Young One netha+-on
Nethano Youthful/Young One netha+-no
Nethaner Youthful/Young Man netha+nér
Nethion Son of Youthful/Young One netha+-ion
Nethaquen Youthful/Young Person netha+quen
Nethandil Youthful/Young Lover/Friend netha+-ndil
Nethandur Youthful/Young Servant netha+-ndur
Nethima – Youthful (nethima) [becomes “Nessima” in New Quenya]
Nethimë Youthful One nethima+-ë
Nethimië Youthful One nethima+-ië
Nethimien Youthful One nethima+-ien
Nethimawen Youthful Girl nethima+wendë
Nethimanis Youthful Woman nethima+níssë
Nethimiel Daughter of Youthful One nethima+-iel
Nethimo Youthful One nethima+-o
Nethimon Youthful One nethima+-on
Nethimano Youthful One nethima+-no
Nethimaner Youthful Man nethima+nér
Nethimion Son of Youthful One nethima+-ion
Nethima Youthful nethima
Nethimaquen Youthful Person nethima+quen
Nethimandil Youthful Lover/Friend nethima+-ndil
Nethimandur Youthful Servant nethima+-ndur
Netya – Pretty/Dainty (netya)
Netyë Pretty/Dainty One netya+-ë
Netië Pretty/Dainty One netya+-ië
Netien Pretty/Dainty One netya+-ien
Netyawen Pretty/Dainty Girl netya+wendë
Netyanis Pretty/Dainty Woman netya+níssë
Netiel Daughter of Pretty/Dainty One netya+-iel
Netyo Pretty/Dainty One netya+-o
Netyon Pretty/Dainty One netya+-on
Netyano Pretty/Dainty One netya+-no
Netyaner Pretty/Dainty Man netya+nér
Netion Son of Pretty/Dainty One netya+-ion
Netya Pretty/Dainty netya
Netyaquen Pretty/Dainty Person netya+quen
Netyandil Pretty/Dainty Lover/Friend netya+-ndil
Netyandur Pretty/Dainty Servant netya+-ndur
Níca – Small (níca)
Nícë Small One níca+-ë
Nícië Small One níca+-ië
Nícien Small One níca+-ien
Nícawen Small Girl níca+wendë
Nícanis Small Woman níca+níssë
Níciel Daughter of Small One níca+-iel
Níco Small One níca+-o
Nícon Small One níca+-on
Nícano Small One níca+-no
Nícaner Small Man níca+nér
Nícion Son of Small One níca+-ion
Níca Small níca
Nícaquen Small Person níca+quen
Nícandil Small Lover/Friend níca+-ndil
Nícandur Small Servant níca+-ndur
Nimpa – Wilting/Ailing (nimpa)
Nimpë Wilting/Ailing One nimpa+-ë
Nimpië Wilting/Ailing One nimpa+-ië
Nimpien Wilting/Ailing One nimpa+-ien
Nimpawen Wilting/Ailing Girl nimpa+wendë
Nimpanis Wilting/Ailing Woman nimpa+níssë
Nimpiel Daughter of Wilting/Ailing One nimpa+-iel
Nimpo Wilting/Ailing One nimpa+-o
Nimpon Wilting/Ailing One nimpa+-on
Nimpano Wilting/Ailing One nimpa+-no
Nimpaner Wilting/Ailing Man nimpa+nér
Nimpion Son of Wilting/Ailing One nimpa+-ion
Nimpa Wilting/Ailing nimpa
Nimpaquen Wilting/Ailing Person nimpa+quen
Nimpandil Wilting/Ailing Lover/Friend nimpa+-ndil
Nimpandur Wilting/Ailing Servant nimpa+-ndur
Nimpë – Small/Frail (nimpë)
Nimpë Small/Frail One nimpë+-ë
Nimpië Small/Frail One nimpë+-ië
Nimpien Small/Frail One nimpë+-ien
Nimpiwen Small/Frail Girl nimpi-+wendë
Nimpinis Small/Frail Woman nimpi-+níssë
Nimpiel Daughter of Small/Frail One nimpë+-iel
Nimpo Small/Frail One nimpi-nimpë+-o
Nimpon Small/Frail One nimpi-nimpë+-on
Nimpiner Small/Frail Man nimpi-+nér
Nimpion Son of Small/Frail One nimpë+-ion
Nimpë Small/Frail nimpë
Nimpiquen Small/Frail Person nimpi-+quen
Nimpindil Small/Frail Lover/Friend nimpi-+-ndil
Nimpindur Small/Frail Servant nimpi-+-ndur
Nincë – Small (nincë)
Nincë Small One nincë+-ë
Nincië Small One nincë+-ië
Nincien Small One nincë+-ien
Ninciwen Small Girl ninci-+wendë
Nincinis Small Woman ninci-+níssë
Ninciel Daughter of Small One nincë+-iel
Ninco Small One nincë+-o
Nincon Small One nincë+-on
Ninciner Small Man ninci-+nér
Nincion Son of Small One nincë+-ion
Nincë Small nincë
Ninciquen Small Person nincë+quen
Nincindil Small Lover/Friend nincë+-ndil
Nincindur Small Servant nincë+-ndur
Nindë – Slender (nindë)
Nindë Slender One nindë+-ë
Nindië Slender One nindë+-ië
Nindien Slender One nindë+-ien
Nindiwen Slender Girl nindi-+wendë
Nindinis Slender Woman nindi-+níssë
Nindiel Daughter of Slender One nindë+-iel
Nindo Slender One nindë+-o
Nindon Slender One nindë+-on
Nindiner Slender Man nindi-+nér
Nindion Son of Slender One nindë+-ion
Nindë Slender nindë
Nindiquen Slender Person nindi-+quen
Nindindil Slender Lover/Friend nindi-+-ndil
Nindindur Slender Servant nindi-+-ndur
Ninquë – Chill/Cold (ninquë)
Ninquë Chill/Cold One ninquë+-ë
Ninquië Chill/Cold One ninquë+-ië
Ninquien Chill/Cold One ninquë+-ien
Ninquiwen Chill/Cold Girl ninquë+wendë
Ninquinis Chill/Cold Woman ninquë+níssë
Ninquiel Daughter of Chill/Cold One ninquë+-iel
Ninco Chill/Cold One ninquë+-o
Nincon Chill/ColdOne ninquë+-on
Ninquiner Chill/Cold Man ninquë+nér
Ninquion Son of Chill/Cold One ninquë+-ion
Ninquë Chill/Cold ninquë
Ninquindil Chill/Cold Lover/Friend ninquë+-ndil
Ninquindur Chill/Cold Servant ninquë+-ndur
Nípa – Small/Frail (nípa)
Nípë Small/Frail One nípa+-ë
Nípië Small/Frail One nípa+-ië
Nípien Small/Frail One nípa+-ien
Nípawen Small/Frail Girl nípa+wendë
Nípanis Small/Frail Woman nípa+níssë
Nípiel Daughter of Small/Frail One nípa+-iel
Nípo Small/Frail One nípa+-o
Nípon Small/Frail One nípa+-on
Nípano Small/Frail One nípa+-no
Nípaner Small/Frail Man nípa+nér
Nípion Son of Small/Frail One nípa+-ion
Nípa Small/Frail nípa
Nípaquen Small/Frail Person nípa+quen
Nípandil Small/Frail Lover/Friend nípa+-ndil
Nípandur Small/Frail Servant nípa+-ndur
Nirwa – Scarred (nirwa)
Nirwë Scarred One nirwa+-ë
Nirwië Scarred One nirwa+-ië
Nirwien Scarred One nirwa+-ien
Nirwanis Scarred Woman nirwa+níssë
Nirwiel Daughter of Scarred One nirwa+-iel
Niro Scarred One nirwa+-o
Niron Scarred One nirwa+-on
Nirwano Scarred One nirwa+-no
Nirwaner Scarred Man nirwa+nér
Nirwion Son of Scarred One nirwa+-ion
Nirwa Scarred nirwa
Nirwaquen Scarred Person nirwa+quen
Nirwandil Scarred Lover/Friend nirwa+-ndil
Nirwandur Scarred Servant nirwa+-ndur


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