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Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name

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Aica – Fell/Terrible/Dire (aica)
Aicë Fell/Terrible/Dire One aica+-ë
Aicië Fell/Terrible/Dire One aica+-ië
Aicien Fell/Terrible/Dire One aica+-ien
Aicawen Fell/Terrible/Dire Girl aica+wendë
Aicanis Fell/Terrible/Dire Woman aica+níssë
Aiciel Daughter of Fell/Terrible/Dire One aica+-iel
Aico Fell/Terrible/Dire One aica+-o
Aicon Fell/Terrible/Dire One aica+-on
Aicano Fell/Terrible/Dire One aica+-no
Aicaner Fell/Terrible/Dire Man aica+nér
Aicion Son of Fell/Terrible/Dire One aica+-ion
Aica Fell/Terrible/Dire aica
Aicaquen Fell/Terrible/Dire Person aica+quen
Aicandil Fell/Terrible/Dire Lover/Friend aica+-ndil
Aicandur Fell/Terrible/Dire Servant aica+-ndur
Alasaila – Unwise (alasaila)
Alasailë Unwise One alasaila+-ë
Alasailië Unwise One alasaila+-ië
Alasailien Unwise One alasaila+-ien
Alasailawen Unwise Girl alasaila+wendë
Alasailanis Unwise Woman alasaila+níssë
Alasailiel Daughter of Unwise One alasaila+-iel
Alasailo Unwise One alasaila+-o
Alasailon Unwise One alasaila+-on
Alasaildo Unwise One alasaila+-no
Alasailaner Unwise Man alasaila+nér
Alasailion Son of Unwise One alasaila+-ion
Alasaila Unwise alasaila
Alasailaquen Unwise Person alasaila+quen
Alasailandil Unwise Lover/Friend alasaila+-ndil
Alasailandur Unwise Servant alasaila+-ndur
Alassë – Joy (alassë)
Alassë Joy alassë+-ë
Alassië Joy alassë+-ië
Alassien Joy alassë+-ien
Alassewen Joy Girl alassë+wendë
Alassenis Joy Woman alassë+níssë
Alassiel Daughter of Joy alassë+-iel
Alasso Joy alassë+-o
Alasson Joy alassë+-on
Alassener Joy Man alassë+nér
Alassion Son of Joy alassë+-ion
Alassë Joy alassë
Alassequen Joy Person alassë+quen
Alaswë Joy Being alassë+-wë
Alassendil Lover of Joy alassë+-ndil
Alassendur Servant of Joy alassë+-ndur
Alasselóra – Joyless (alassë+-lóra)
Alasselórë Joyless One alassë+-lóra+-ë
Alasselórië Joyless One alassë+-lóra+-ië
Alasselórien Joyless alassë+-lóra+-ien
Alasselórawen Joyless Girl alassë+-lóra+wendë
Alasselóranis Joyless Woman alassë+-lóra+níssë
Alasselóriel Daughter of Joyless One alassë+-lóra+-iel
Alasselóro Joyless One alassë+-lóra+-o
Alasselóron Joyless One alassë+-lóra+-on
Alasselórno Joyless One alassë+-lóra+-no
Alasselóraner Joyless Man alassë+-lóra+nér
Alasselórion Son of Joyless One alassë+-lóra+-ion
Alasselóra Joyless alassë+-lóra
Alasselóraquen Joyless Person alassë+-lóra+quen
Alasselórandil Joyless Lover/Friend alassë+-lóra+-ndil
Alasselórandur Joyless Servant alassë+-lóra+-ndur
Alassindo – Joyful Heart (alassëa+indo)
Alassindë Joyful Heart alassëa+indo+-ë
Alassindië Joyful Heart alassëa+indo+-ië
Alassindien Joyful Heart alassëa+indo+-ien
Alassindowen Joyful Heart Girl alassëa+indo+wendë
Alassindonis Joyful Heart Woman alassëa+indo+níssë
Alassindiel Daughter of Joyful Heart alassëa+indo+-iel
Alassindo Joyful Heart alassëa+indo+-o
Alassindon Joyful Heart alassëa+indo+-on
Alassindoner Joyful Heart Man alassëa+indo+nér
Alassindion Son of Joyful Heart alassëa+indo+-ion
Alassindo Joyful Heart alassëa+indo
Alima – Fair/Good (alima)
Alimë Fair/Good One alima+-ë
Alimië Fair/Good One alima+-ië
Alimien Fair/Good alima+-ien
Alimawen Fair/Good Girl alima+wendë
Alimanis Fair/Good Woman alima+níssë
Alimiel Daughter of Fair/Good One alima+-iel
Alimo Fair/Good One alima+-o
Alimon Fair/Good One alima+-on
Alimno Fair/Good One alima+-no
Alimaner Fair/Good Man alima+nér
Alimion Son of Fair/Good One alima+-ion
Alima Fair/Good alima
Alimaquen Fair/Good Person alima+quen
Alimandil Fair/Good Lover/Friend alima+-ndil
Alimandur Fair/Good Servant alima+-ndur
Alma – Good Fortune/Wealth (alma)
Almë Good Fortune/Wealth alma+-ë
Almië Good Fortune/Wealth alma+-ië
Almien Good Fortune/Wealth alma+-ien
Almawen Good Fortune/Wealth Girl alma+wendë
Almanis Good Fortune/Wealth Woman alma+níssë
Almiel Daughter of Good Fortune/Wealth alma+-iel
Almo Good Fortune/Wealth alma+-o
Almon Good Fortune/Wealth alma+-on
Almaner Good Fortune/Wealth Man alma+nér
Almion Son of Good Fortune/Wealth alma+-ion
Alma Good Fortune/Wealth alma
Almaquen Good Fortune/Wealth Person alma+quen
Almarë – Blessing/Good Fortune/Bliss (almarë)
Almarë Blessing/Good Fortune/Bliss almarë+-ë
Almarië Blessing/Good Fortune/Bliss almarë+-ië
Almarien Blessing/Good Fortune/Bliss almarë+-ien
Almariel Daughter of Blessing/Good Fortune/Bliss almarë+-iel
Almarewen Blessing/Good Fortune/Bliss Girl almarë+wendë
Almarenis Blessing/Good Fortune/Bliss Woman almarë+níssë
Almaro Blessing/Good Fortune/Bliss almarë+-o
Almaron Blessing/Good Fortune/Bliss almarë+-on
Almarno Blessing/Good Fortune/Bliss almarë+-no
Almarion Son of Blessing/Good Fortune/Bliss almarë+-ion
Almarener Blessing/Good Fortune/Bliss Man almarë+nér
Almarë Blessing/Good Fortune/Bliss almarë
Almarequen Blessing/Good Fortune/Bliss Person almarë+quen
Almarwë Blessing/Good Fortune/Bliss Being almarë+-wë
Almárëa – Blessed (almárëa)
Almárë Blessed One almárëa+-ë
Almárië Blessed One almárëa+-ië
Almárien Blessed One almárëa+-ien
Almáriel Daughter of Blessed One almárëa+-iel
Almárëawen Blessed Girl almárëa+wendë
Almárëanis Blessed Woman almárëa+níssë
Almáro Blessed One almárëa+-o
Almáron Blessed One almárëa+-on
Almárno Blessed One almárëa+-no
Almárion Son of Blessed One almárëa+-ion
Almárëaner Blessed Man almárëa+nér
Almárëa Blessed almárëa
Almárëaquen Blessed Person almárëa+quen
Almárëandil Blessed Lover/Friend almárëa+-ndil
Almárëandur Blessed Servant almárëa+-ndur
Alya – Prosperous/Rich/Blessed (alya)
Alyë Prosperous/Rich/Blessed One alya+-ë
Alië Prosperous/Rich/Blessed One alya+-ië
Alien Prosperous/Rich/Blessed One alya+-ien
Aliel Daughter of Prosperous/Rich/Blessed One alya+-iel
Alyawen Prosperous/Rich/Blessed Girl alya+wendë
Alyanis Prosperous/Rich/Blessed Woman alya+níssë
Alyo Prosperous/Rich/Blessed One alya+-o
Alyon Prosperous/Rich/Blessed One alya+-on
Alion Son of Prosperous/Rich/Blessed One alya+-ion
Alyaner Prosperous/Rich/Blessed Man alya+nér
Alya Prosperous/Rich/Blessed alya
Alyaquen Prosperous/Rich/Blessed Person alya+quen
Alyandil Prosperous/Rich/Blessed Lover/Friend alya+-ndil
Alyandur Prosperous/Rich/Blessed Servant alya+-ndur
Alya- – To Help Out/Make Prosper (alya-)
Alyë Helper alya-+-ë
Alyallë Helper alya-+-llë
Alyamë Helper alya-+-më
Alyarë Helper alya-+-rë
Aliel Daughter of Helper alya-+-ë+-iel
Alyalliel Daughter of Helper alya-+-llë+-iel
Alyamiel Daughter of Helper alya-+-më+-iel
Alyariel Daughter of Helper alya-+-rë+-iel
Alyo Helper alya-+-o
Alyano Helper alya-+-no
Alyamo Helper alya-+-mo
Alyaro Helper alya-+-ro
Alion Son of Helper alya-+-o+-ion
Alyanion Son of Helper alya-+-no+-ion
Alyamion Son of Helper alya-+-mo+-ion
Alyarion Son of Helper alya-+-ro+-ion
Alyar Helper alya-+-r
Apsen- – To Forgive (apsen-)
Apsenë Forgiver apsen-+-ë
Apsenissë Forgiver apsen-+-issë
Apsenindë Forgiver apsen-+-indë
Apseniel Daughter of Forgiver apsen-+-ë+-iel
Apsenissiel Daughter of Forgiver apsen-+-issë+-iel
Apsenindiel Daughter of Forgiver apsen-+-indë+-iel
Apseno Forgiver apsen-+-o
Apsendo Forgiver apsen-+-no
Apsenindo Forgiver apsen-+-indo
Apsenion Son of Forgiver apsen-+-o+-ion
Apsendion Son of Forgiver apsen-+-no+-ion
Apsenindion Son of Forgiver apsen-+-indo+-ion
Aranya – Free (aranya)
Aranyë Free One aranya+-ë
Aranië Free One aranya+-ië
Aranien Free One aranya+-ien
Araniel Daughter of Free One aranya+-iel
Aranyawen Free Girl aranya+wendë
Aranyanis Free Woman aranya+níssë
Aranyo Free One aranya+-o
Aranyon Free One aranya+-on
Aranion Son of Free One aranya+-ion
Aranyaner Free Man aranya+nér
Aranya Free aranya
Aranyaquen Free Person aranya+quen
Aranyandil Free Lover/Friend aranya+-ndil
Aranyandur Free Servant aranya+-ndur
Arata – High/Lofty/Noble (arata)
Aratë High/Lofty/Noble One arata+-ë
Aratië High/Lofty/Noble One arata+-ië
Aratien High/Lofty/Noble One arata+-ien
Aratiel Daughter of High/Lofty/Noble One arata+-iel
Aratawen High/Lofty/Noble Girl arata+wendë
Aratanis High/Lofty/Noble Woman arata+níssë
Arato High/Lofty/Noble One arata+-o
Araton High/Lofty/Noble One arata+-on
Aration Son of High/Lofty/Noble One arata+-ion
Arataner High/Lofty/Noble Man arata+nér
Arata High/Lofty/Noble arata
Arataquen High/Lofty/Noble Person arata+quen
Aratandil High/Lofty/Noble Lover/Friend arata+-ndil
Aratandur High/Lofty/Noble Servant arata+-ndur
Aravaldëa – Noble and Important (ara-+valdëa)
Aravaldë Noble and Important One ara-+valdëa+-ë
Aravaldië Noble and Important One ara-+valdëa+-ië
Aravaldien Noble and Important One ara-+valdëa+-ien
Aravaldiel Daughter of Noble and Important One ara-+valdëa+-iel
Aravaldëawen Noble and Important Girl ara-+valdëa+wendë
Aravaldëanis Noble and Important Woman ara-+valdëa+níssë
Aravaldo Noble and Important One ara-+valdëa+-o
Aravaldon Noble and Important One ara-+valdëa+-on
Aravaldion Son of Noble and Important One ara-+valdëa+-ion
Aravaldëaner Noble and Important Man ara-+valdëa+nér
Aravaldëa Noble and Important ara-+valdëa
Aravaldëaquen Noble and Important Person ara-+valdëa+quen
Aravaldëandil Noble and Important Lover/Friend ara-+valdëa+-ndil
Aravaldëandur Noble and Important Servant ara-+valdëa+-ndur
Arta – Exalted/Lofty (arta)
Artë Exalted/Lofty One arta+-ë
Artië Exalted/Lofty One arta+-ië
Artien Exalted/Lofty One arta+-ien
Artiel Daughter of Exalted/Lofty One arta+-iel
Artawen Exalted/Lofty Girl arta+wendë
Arto Exalted/Lofty One arta+-o
Arton Exalted/Lofty One arta+-on
Artion Son of Exalted/Lofty One arta+-ion
Artaner Exalted/Lofty Man arta+nér
Arta Exalted/Lofty arta
Artaquen Exalted/Lofty Person arta+quen
Artandil Exalted/Lofty Lover/Friend arta+-ndil
Artandur Exalted/Lofty Servant arta+-ndur
Astar – Faith/Loyalty (astar)
Astarë Faith/Loyalty astar+-ë
Astarië Faith/Loyalty astar+-ië
Astarien Faith/Loyalty astar+-ien
Astariel Daughter of Faith/Loyalty astar+-iel
Astarwen Faith/Loyalty Girl astar+wendë
Astarnis Faith/Loyalty Woman astar+níssë
Astaro Faith/Loyalty astar+-o
Astaron Faith/Loyalty astar+-on
Astarno Faith/Loyalty astar+-no
Astarion Son of Faith/Loyalty astar+-ion
Astarner Faith/Loyalty Man astar+nér
Astar Faith/Loyalty astar
Astarwë Faith/Loyalty Being astar+-wë
Athëa – Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly (athëa)
Athë Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly One athëa+-ë
Athië Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly One athëa+-ië
Athien Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly One athëa+-ien
Athiel Daughter of Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly One athëa+-iel
Athëawen Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly Girl athëa+wendë
Athëanis Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly Woman athëa+níssë
Atho Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly One athëa+-o
Athon Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly One athëa+-on
Athion Son of Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly One athëa+-ion
Athëaner Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly Man athëa+nér
Athëa Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly athëa
Athëaquen Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly Person athëa+quen
Athëandil Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly Lover/Friend athëa+-ndil
Athëandur Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly Servant athëa+-ndur
Athya- – To Ease/Assist/Comfort (athya-)
Athyë Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-ë
Athyallë Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-llë
Athyamë Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-më
Athyarë Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-rë
Athiel Daughter of Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-ë+-iel
Athyalliel Daughter of Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-llë+-iel
Athyamiel Daughter of Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-më+-iel
Athyariel Daughter of Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-rë+-iel
Athyo Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-o
Athyano Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-no
Athyamo Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-mo
Athyaro Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-ro
Athion Son of Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-o+-ion
Athyanion Son of Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-no+-ion
Athyamion Son of Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-mo+-ion
Athyarion Son of Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-ro+-ion
Athyar Easer/Assister/Comforter athya-+-r
Avanwa – Forbidden/Banned (avanwa)
Avanwë Forbidden/Banned One avanwa+-ë
Avanwië Forbidden/Banned One avanwa+-ië
Avanwien Forbidden/Banned One avanwa+-ien
Avanwiel Daughter of Forbidden/Banned One avanwa+-iel
Avanwawen Forbidden/Banned Girl +wendë
Avanwanis Forbidden/Banned Woman avanwa+níssë
Avano Forbidden/Banned One avanwa+-o
Avanon Forbidden/Banned One avanwa+-on
Avanwion Son of Forbidden/Banned One avanwa+-ion
Avanwaner Forbidden/Banned Man avanwa+nér
Avanwa Forbidden/Banned avanwa
Avanwaquen Forbidden/Banned Person avanwa+quen
Avanwandil Forbidden/Banned Lover/Friend avanwa+-ndil
Avanwandur Forbidden/Banned Servant avanwa+-ndur
Awalda – Excited (awalda)
Awaldë Excited One awalda+-ë
Awaldië Excited One awalda+-ië
Awaldien Excited One awalda+-ien
Awaldiel Daughter of Excited One awalda+-iel
Awaldawen Excited Girl awalda+wendë
Awaldanis Excited Woman awalda+níssë
Awaldo Excited One awalda+-o
Awaldon Excited One awalda+-on
Awaldion Son of Excited One awalda+-ion
Awaldaner Excited Man awalda+nér
Awalda Excited awalda
Awaldaquen Excited Person awalda+quen
Awaldandil Excited Lover/Friend awalda+-ndil
Awaldandur Excited Servant awalda+-ndur
Cánë – Valor (cánë)
Cánë Valor cánë+-ë
Cánië Valor cánë+-ië
Cánien Valor cánë+-ien
Cániel Daughter of Valor cánë+-iel
Cánewen Valor Girl cánë+wendë
Cánenis Valor Woman cánë+níssë
Cáno Valor cánë+-o
Cánon Valor cánë+-on
Cándo Valor cánë+-no
Cánion Son of Valor cánë+-ion
Cánener Valor Man cánë+nér
Cánë Valor cánë
Cánwë Valor Being cánë+-wë
Cánequen Valor Person cánë+quen
Canya – Bold (canya)
Canyë Bold One canya+-ë
Canië Bold One canya+-ië
Canien Bold One canya+-ien
Caniel Daughter of Bold One canya+-iel
Canyawen Bold Girl canya+wendë
Canyanis Bold Woman canya+níssë
Canyo Bold One canya+-o
Canyon Bold One canya+-on
Canion Son of Bold One canya+-ion
Canyaner Bold Man canya+nér
Canya Bold canya
Canyaquen Bold Person canya+quen
Canyandil Bold Lover/Friend canya+-ndil
Canyandur Bold Servant canya+-ndur
Caurë – Fear (caurë)
Caurë Fear caurë+-ë
Caurië Fear caurë+-ië
Caurien Fear caurë+-ien
Cauriel Daughter of Fear caurë+-iel
Caurewen Fear Girl caurë+wendë
Caurenis Fear Woman caurë+níssë
Cauro Fear caurë+-o
Cauron Fear caurë+-on
Caurno Fear caurë+-no
Caurion Son of Fear caurë+-ion
Caurener Fear Man caurë+nér
Caurë Fear caurë
Caurwë Fear Being caurë+-wë
Caurequen Fear Person caurë+quen
Caurëa – Timid (caurëa)
Caurë Timid One caurëa+-ë
Caurië Timid One caurëa+-ië
Caurien Timid One caurëa+-ien
Cauriel Daughter of Timid One caurëa+-iel
Caurëawen Timid Girl caurëa+wendë
Caurëanis Timid Woman caurëa+níssë
Cauro Timid One caurëa+-o
Cauron Timid One caurëa+-on
Caurno Timid One caurëa+-no
Caurion Son of Timid One caurëa+-ion
Caurëaner Timid Man caurëa+nér
Caurëa Timid caurëa
Caurëaquen Timid Person caurëa+quen
Caurëandil Timid Lover/Friend caurëa+-ndil
Caurëandur Timid Servant caurëa+-ndur
Costa- – To Quarrel (costa-)
Costë Quarreler costa-+-ë
Costissë Quarreler costa-+-issë
Costindë Quarreler costa-+-indë
Costallë Quarreler costa-+-llë
Costamë Quarreler costa-+-më
Costarë Quarreler costa-+-rë
Costiel Daughter of Quarreler costa-+-ë+-iel
Costissiel Daughter of Quarreler costa-+-issë+-iel
Costindiel Daughter of Quarreler costa-+-indë+-iel
Costalliel Daughter of Quarreler costa-+-llë+-iel
Costamiel Daughter of Quarreler costa-+-më+-iel
Costariel Daughter of Quarreler costa-+-rë+-iel
Costo Quarreler costa-+-o
Costindo Quarreler costa-+-indo
Costano Quarreler costa-+-no
Costamo Quarreler costa-+-mo
Costaro Quarreler costa-+-ro
Costion Son of Quarreler costa-+-o+-ion
Costindion Son of Quarreler costa-+-indo+-ion
Costanion Son of Quarreler costa-+-no+-ion
Costamion Son of Quarreler costa-+-mo+-ion
Costarion Son of Quarreler costa-+-ro+-ion
Costar Quarreler costa-+-r
Cotto – Enemy (cotto)
Cottë Enemy cotto+-ë
Cottië Enemy cotto+-ië
Cottien Enemy cotto+-ien
Cottiel Daughter of the Enemy cotto+-iel
Cotto Enemy cotto
Cotton Enemy cotto+-on
Cottion Son of the Enemy cotto+-ion
Cottendil Lover/Friend of the Enemy cotto+-ë+-ndil
Cottendur Servant of the Enemy cotto+-ë+-ndur
Cottondil Lover/Friend of the Enemy cotto+-ndil
Cottondur Servant of the Enemy cotto+-ndur
Cotumo – Enemy (cotumo)
Cotumë Enemy cotumo+-ë
Cotumiel Daughter of the Enemy cotumo+-iel
Cotumo Enemy cotumo+-o
Cotumion Son of the Enemy cotumo+-ion
Cotumendil Lover/Friend of the Enemy cotumo+-ë+-ndil
Cotumendur Servant of the Enemy cotumo+-ë+-ndur
Cotumondil Lover/Friend of the Enemy cotumo+-ndil
Cotumondur Servant of the Enemy cotumo+-ndur
Cotya – Hostile (cotya)
Cotyë Hostile One cotya+-ë
Cotië Hostile One cotya+-ië
Cotien Hostile One cotya+-ien
Cotiel Daughter of Hostile One cotya+-iel
Cotyawen Hostile Girl cotya+wendë
Cotyanis Hostile Woman cotya+níssë
Cotyo Hostile One cotya+-o
Cotyon Hostile One cotya+-on
Cotion Son of Hostile One cotya+-ion
Cotyaner Hostile Man cotya+nér
Cotya Hostile cotya
Cotyaquen Hostile Person cotya+quen
Cotyandil Hostile Lover/Friend cotya+-ndil
Cotyandur Hostile Servant cotya+-ndur
Curulambë – Clever Tongue (curu+lambë)
Curulambë Clever Tongue curu+lambë+-ë
Curulambië Clever Tongue curu+lambë+-ië
Curulambien Clever Tongue curu+lambë+-ien
Curulambiel Daughter of Clever Tongue curu+lambë+-iel
Curulambewen Clever Tongue Girl curu+lambë+wendë
Curulambenis Clever Tongue Woman curu+lambë+níssë
Curulambo Clever Tongue curu+lambë+-o
Curulambon Clever Tongue curu+lambë+-on
Curulambion Son of Clever Tongue curu+lambë+-ion
Curulambener Clever Tongue Man curu+lambë+nér
Curulambë Clever Tongue curu+lambë
Curulambequen Clever Tongue Person curu+lambë+quen
Estel – Trust/Hope (estel)
Estelë Trust/Hope estel+-ë
Estelië Trust/Hope estel+-ië
Estelien Trust/Hope estel+-ien
Estelissë Truster/Hoper estel+-issë
Estelindë Truster/Hoper estel+-indë
Estelmë Truster/Hoper estel+-më
Estelwen Trust/Hope Girl estel+wendë
Esteldis Trust/Hope Woman estel+níssë
Esteliel Daughter of Trust/Hope estel+-iel
Estelissiel Daughter of Truster/Hopeer estel+-issë+-iel
Estelindiel Daughter of Truster/Hoper estel+-indë+-iel
Estelmiel Daughter of Truster/Hoper estel+-më+-iel
Estelo Trust/Hope estel+-o
Estelon Trust/Hope estel+-on
Esteldo Trust/Hope estel+-no
Estelindo Truster/Hoper estel+-indo
Estelmo Truster/Hoper estel+-mo
Estelder Trust/Hope Man estel+nér
Estelion Son of Trust/Hope estel+-ion
Estelmion Son of Truster/Hoper estel+-mo+-ion
Estelindion Son of Truster/Hoper estel+-indo+-ion
Estel Trust/Hope estel
Estelquen Trust/Hope Person estel+quen
Estelwë Trust/Hope Being estel+-wë
Esteldil Lover/Friend of Trust/Hope estel+-ndil
Esteldur Servant of Trust/Hope estel+-ndur
Faica – Contemptible/Mean (faica)
Faicë Contemptible/Mean One faica+-ë
Faicië Contemptible/Mean One faica+-ië
Faicien Contemptible/Mean faica+-ien
Faicawen Contemptible/Mean Girl faica+wendë
Faicanis Contemptible/Mean Woman faica+níssë
Faiciel Daughter of Contemptible/Mean One faica+-iel
Faico Contemptible/Mean One faica+-o
Faicon Contemptible/Mean One faica+-on
Faicaner Contemptible/Mean Man faica+nér
Faicion Son of Contemptible/Mean One faica+-ion
Faica Contemptible/Mean faica
Faicaquen Contemptible/Mean Person faica+quen
Faicandil Contemptible/Mean Lover/Friend faica+-ndil
Faicandur Contemptible/Mean Servant faica+-ndur
Faila – Fair-minded/Just/Generous (faila)
Failë Fair-minded/Just/Generous One faila+-ë
Failië Fair-minded/Just/Generous One faila+-ië
Failien Fair-minded/Just/Generous One faila+-ien
Failawen Fair-minded/Just/Generous Girl faila+wendë
Failanis Fair-minded/Just/Generous Woman faila+níssë
Failiel Daughter of Fair-minded/Just/Generous One faila+-iel
Failo Fair-minded/Just/Generous One faila+-o
Failon Fair-minded/Just/Generous One faila+-on
Faildo Fair-minded/Just/Generous One faila+-no
Failaner Fair-minded/Just/Generous Man faila+nér
Failion Son of Fair-minded/Just/Generous One faila+-ion
Faila Fair-minded/Just/Generous faila
Failaquen Fair-minded/Just/Generous Person faila+quen
Failandil Fair-minded/Just/Generous Lover/Friend faila+-ndil
Failandur Fair-minded/Just/Generous Servant faila+-ndur
Fárëa – Sufficient (fárëa)
Fárë Sufficient One fárëa+-ë
Fárië Sufficient One fárëa+-ië
Fárien Sufficient One fárëa+-ien
Fárëawen Sufficient Girl fárëa+wendë
Fárëanis Sufficient Woman fárëa+níssë
Fáriel Daughter of Sufficient One fárëa+-iel
Fárëo Sufficient One fárëa+-o
Fárëon Sufficient One fárëa+-on
Fárëaner Sufficient Man fárëa+nér
Fárion Son of Sufficient One fárëa+-ion
Fárëa Sufficient fárëa
Fárëaquen Sufficient Person fárëa+quen
Fárëandil Sufficient Lover/Friend fárëa+-ndil
Fárëandur Sufficient Servant fárëa+-ndur
Fëalassë – Joyous Spirit (fëa+alassë)
Fëalassë Joyous Spirit fëa+alassë+-ë
Fëalassië Joyous Spirit fëa+alassë+-ië
Fëalassien Joyous Spirit fëa+alassë+-ien
Fëalassiel Daughter of Joyous Spirit fëa+alassë+-iel
Fëalasso Joyous Spirit fëa+alassë+-o
Fëalasson Joyous Spirit fëa+alassë+-on
Fëalassion Son of Joyous Spirit fëa+alassë+-ion
Fëalassë Joyous Spirit fëa+alassë
Fëalaswë Joyous Spirit Being fëa+alassë+-wë
Fëalassendil Lover/Friend of Joyous Spirits fëa+alass&euml+-ndil
Fëalassendur Servant of Joyous Spirits fëa+alass&euml+-ndur
Fëamára – Good Spirit (fëamára)
Fëamárë Good Spirit fëamára+-ë
Fëamárië Good Spirit fëamára+-ië
Fëamárien Good Spirit fëamára+-ien
Fëamáriel Daughter of Good Spirit fëamára+-iel
Fëamáro Good Spirit fëamára+-o
Fëamáron Good Spirit fëamára+-on
Fëamárdo Good Spirit fëamára+-no
Fëamárion Son of Good Spirit fëamára+-ion
Fëamára Good Spirit fëamára
Fëamárwë Good Spirit Being fëamára+-wë
Fëamárandil Lover/Friend of Good Spirit fëamára+-ndil
Fëamárandur Servant of Good Spirit fëamára+-ndur
Fëanulda – Secret Spirit (fëa+nulda)
Fëanuldë Secret Spirit fëa+nulda+-ë
Fëanuldië Secret Spirit fëa+nulda+-ië
Fëanuldien Secret Spirit fëa+nulda+-ien
Fëanuldiel Daughter of Secret Spirit fëa+nulda+-iel
Fëanuldo Secret Spirit fëa+nulda+-o
Fëanuldon Secret Spirit fëa+nulda+-on
Fëanuldion Son of Secret Spirit fëa+nulda+-ion
Fëanulda Secret Spirit fëa+nulda
Fëanuldandil Lover/Friend of Secret Spirit fëa+nulda+-ndil
Fëanuldandur Servant of Secret Spirit fëa+nulda+-ndur
Fëapolda – Strong Spirit (fëa+polda)
Fëapoldë Strong Spirit fëa+polda+-ë
Fëapoldië Strong Spirit fëa+polda+-ië
Fëapoldien Strong Spirit fëa+polda+-ien
Fëapoldiel Daughter of Strong Spirit fëa+polda+-iel
Fëapoldo Strong Spirit fëa+polda+-o
Fëapoldon Strong Spirit fëa+polda+-on
Fëapoldion Son of Strong Spirit fëa+polda+-ion
Fëapolda Strong Spirit fëa+polda
Fëapoldandil Lover/Friend of Strong Spirit fëa+polda+-ndil
Fëapoldandur Servant of Strong Spirit fëa+polda+-ndur
Fëaquilda – Quiet Spirit (fëa+quilda)
Fëaquildë Quiet Spirit fëa+quilda+-ë
Fëaquildië Quiet Spirit fëa+quilda+-ië
Fëaquildien Quiet Spirit fëa+quilda+-ien
Fëaquildiel Daughter of Quiet Spirit fëa+quilda+-iel
Fëaquildo Quiet Spirit fëa+quilda+-o
Fëaquildon Quiet Spirit fëa+quilda+-on
Fëaquildion Son of Quiet Spirit fëa+quilda+-ion
Fëaquilda Quiet Spirit fëa+quilda
Fëaquildandil Lover/Friend of Quiet Spirit fëa+quilda+-ndil
Fëaquildandur Servant of Quiet Spirit fëa+quilda+-ndur
Fëaranya – Free Spirit (fëa+ranya)
Fëaranyë Free Spirit fëa+ranya+-ë
Fëaranië Free Spirit fëa+ranya+-ië
Fëaranien Free Spirit fëa+ranya+-ien
Fëaraniel Daughter of Free Spirit fëa+ranya+-iel
Fëaranyo Free Spirit fëa+ranya+-o
Fëaranyon Free Spirit fëa+ranya+-on
Fëaranion Son of Free Spirit fëa+ranya+-ion
Fëaranya Free Spirit fëa+ranya
Fëaranyandil Lover/Friend of Free Spirit fëa+ranya+-ndil
Fëaranyandur Servant of Free Spirit fëa+ranya+-ndur
Finca – Clever (finca)
Fincë Clever One finca+-ë
Fincië Clever One finca+-ië
Fincien Clever One finca+-ien
Fincawen Clever Girl finca+wendë
Fincanis Clever Woman finca+níssë
Finciel Daughter of Clever One finca+-iel
Finco Clever One finca+-o
Fincon Clever One finca+-on
Fincaner Clever Man finca+nér
Fincion Son of Clever One finca+-ion
Finca Clever finca
Fincaquen Clever Person finca+quen
Fincandil Clever Lover/Friend finca+-ndil
Fincandur Clever Servant finca+-ndur
Finië – Cunning (finië)
Finë Cunning finië+-ë
Finië Cunning finië+-ië
Finien Cunning finië+-ien
Finiewen Cunning Girl finië+wendë
Finienis Cunning Woman finië+níssë
Finiel Daughter of Cunning finië+-iel
Fino Cunning finië+-o
Finon Cunning finië+-on
Finiener Cunning Man finië+nér
Finion Son of Cunning finië+-ion
Finië Cunning finië
Finiequen Cunning Person finië+quen
Finwa – Dexterous/Clever (finwa)
Finwë Dexterous/Clever One finwa+-ë
Finwië Dexterous/Clever One finwa+-ië
Finwien Dexterous/Clever One finwa+-ien
Finwanis Dexterous/Clever Woman finwa+níssë
Finwiel Daughter of Dexterous/Clever One finwa+-iel
Fino Dexterous/Clever One finwa+-o
Finon Dexterous/Clever One finwa+-on
Finwaner Dexterous/Clever Man finwa+nér
Finwion Son of Dexterous/Clever One finwa+-ion
Finwa Dexterous/Clever finwa
Finwaquen Dexterous/Clever Person finwa+quen
Finwandil Dexterous/Clever Lover/Friend finwa+-ndil
Finwandur Dexterous/Clever Servant finwa+-ndur
Finya – Clever (finya)
Finyë Clever One finya+-ë
Finië Clever One finya+-ië
Finien Clever One finya+-ien
Finyawen Clever Girl finya+wendë
Finyanis Clever Woman finya+níssë
Finiel Daughter of Clever One finya+-iel
Finyo Clever One finya+-o
Finyon Clever One finya+-on
Finyaner Clever Man finya+nér
Finion Son of Clever One finya+-ion
Finya Clever finya
Finyaquen Clever Person finya+quen
Finyandil Clever Lover/Friend finya+-ndil
Finyandur Clever Servant finya+-ndur
Handa – Intelligent (handa)
Handë Intelligent One handa+-ë
Handië Intelligent One handa+-ië
Handien Intelligent One handa+-ien
Handawen Intelligent Girl handa+wendë
Handanis Intelligent Woman handa+níssë
Handiel Daughter of Intelligent One handa+-iel
Hando Intelligent One handa+-o
Handon Intelligent One handa+-on
Handaner Intelligent Man handa+nér
Handion Son of Intelligent One handa+-ion
Handa Intelligent handa
Handaquen Intelligent Person handa+quen
Handandil Intelligent Lover/Friend handa+-ndil
Handandur Intelligent Servant handa+-ndur
Handassë – Intelligence (handassë)
Handassë Intelligence handassë+-ë
Handassië Intelligence handassë+-ië
Handassien Intelligence handassë+-ien
Handassewen Intelligence Girl handassë+wendë
Handassenis Intelligence Woman handassë+níssë
Handassiel Daughter of Intelligence handassë+-iel
Handasso Intelligence handassë+-o
Handasson Intelligence handassë+-on
Handassener Intelligence Man handassë+nér
Handassion Son of Intelligence handassë+-ion
Handassë Intelligence handassë
Handassequen Intelligence Person handassë+quen
Handë – Knowledge/Understanding/Intelligence (handë)
Handë Knowledge/Understanding/Intelligence handë+-ë
Handië Knowledge/Understanding/Intelligence handë+-ië
Handien Knowledge/Understanding/Intelligence handë+-ien
Handewen Knowledge/Understanding/Intelligence Girl handë+wendë
Handenis Knowledge/Understanding/Intelligence Woman handë+níssë
Handiel Daughter of Knowledge/Understanding/Intelligence handë+-iel
Hando Knowledge/Understanding/Intelligence handë+-o
Handon Knowledge/Understanding/Intelligence handë+-on
Handener Knowledge/Understanding/Intelligence Man handë+nér
Handion Son of Knowledge/Understanding/Intelligence handë+-ion
Handë Knowledge/Understanding/Intelligence handë
Handequen Knowledge/Understanding/Intelligence Person handë+quen
Handelë – Intellect (handelë)
Handelë Intellect handelë+-ë
Handelië Intellect handelë+-ië
Handelien Intellect handelë+-ien
Handelewen Intellect Girl handelë+wendë
Handelenis Intellect Woman handelë+níssë
Handeliel Daughter of Intellect handelë+-iel
Handelo Intellect handelë+-o
Handelon Intellect handelë+-on
Handeldo Intellect handelë+-no
Handelener Intellect Man handelë+nér
Handelion Son of Intellect handelë+-ion
Handelë Intellect handelë
Handelequen Intellect Person handelë+quen
Hanquenta – Answer (hanquenta)
Hanquentë Answer hanquenta+-ë
Hanquentië Answer hanquenta+-ië
Hanquentien Answer hanquenta+-ien
Hanquentamë Answerer hanquenta+-më
Hanquentawen Answer Girl hanquenta+wendë
Hanquentanis Answer Woman hanquenta+níssë
Hanquentiel Daughter of Answer hanquenta+-iel
Hanquentamiel Daughter of Answerer hanquenta+-më+-iel
Hanquento Answer hanquenta+-o
Hanquenton Answer hanquenta+-on
Hanquentano Answer hanquenta+-no
Hanquentamo Answerer hanquenta+-mo
Hanquentaner Answer Man hanquenta+nér
Hanquention Son of Answer hanquenta+-ion
Hanquentamion Son of Answerer hanquenta+-mo+-ion
Hanquenta Answer hanquenta
Hanquentaquen Answer Person hanquenta+quen
Hecil – Forsaken/Outcast (hecil)
Hecilë Forsaken/Outcast One hecil+-ë
Hecilië Forsaken/Outcast One hecil+-ië
Hecilien Forsaken/Outcast One hecil+-ien
Hecilwen Forsaken/Outcast Girl hecil+wendë
Hecildis Forsaken/Outcast Woman hecil+níssë
Heciliel Daughter of Forsaken/Outcast One hecil+-iel
Hecilo Forsaken/Outcast One hecil+-o
Hecilon Forsaken/Outcast One hecil+-on
Hecildo Forsaken/Outcast One hecil+-no
Hecilder Forsaken/Outcast Man hecil+nér
Hecilion Son of Forsaken/Outcast One hecil+-ion
Hecil Forsaken/Outcast hecil
Hecilquen Forsaken/Outcast Person hecil+quen
Hecildur Forsaken/Outcast Servant hecil+-ndur
Hendusaila – Wise-Eyed (hendu+saila)
Hendusailë Wise-Eyed One hendu+saila+-ë
Hendusailië Wise-Eyed One hendu+saila+-ië
Hendusailien Wise-Eyed One hendu+saila+-ien
Hendusailawen Wise-Eyed Girl hendu+saila+wendë
Hendusailanis Wise-Eyed Woman hendu+saila+níssë
Hendusailiel Daughter of Wise-Eyed One hendu+saila+-iel
Hendusailo Wise-Eyed One hendu+saila+-o
Hendusailon Wise-Eyed One hendu+saila+-on
Hendusaildo Wise-Eyed One hendu+saila+-no
Hendusailaner Wise-Eyed Man hendu+saila+nér
Hendusailion Son of Wise-Eyed One hendu+saila+-ion
Hendusaila Wise-Eyed hendu+saila
Hendusailaquen Wise-Eyed Person hendu+saila+quen
Hendusailandil Wise-Eyed Lover/Friend hendu+saila+-ndil
Hendusailandur Wise-Eyed Servant hendu+saila+-ndur
Heren – Fortune (heren)
Herenë Fortune heren+-ë
Herenië Fortune heren+-ië
Herenien Fortune heren+-ien
Herenwen Fortune Girl heren+wendë
Herendis Fortune Woman heren+níssë
Hereniel Daughter of Fortune heren+-iel
Hereno Fortune heren+-o
Herenon Fortune heren+-on
Herendo Fortune heren+-no
Herender Fortune Man heren+nér
Herenion Son of Fortune heren+-ion
Heren Fortune heren
Herenquen Fortune Person heren+quen
Herenwë Fortune Being heren+-wë
Herenya – Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich (herenya)
Herenyë Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich One herenya+-ë
Herenië Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich One herenya+-ië
Herenien Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich One herenya+-ien
Herenyawen Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich Girl herenya+wendë
Herenyanis Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich Woman herenya+níssë
Hereniel Daughter of Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich One herenya+-iel
Herenyo Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich One herenya+-o
Herenyon Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich One herenya+-on
Herenyaner Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich Man herenya+nér
Herenion Son of Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich One herenya+-ion
Herenya Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich herenya
Herenyaquen Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich Person herenya+quen
Herenyandil Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich Lover/Friend herenya+-ndil
Herenyandur Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich Servant herenya+-ndur
Hórëa – Impulsive (hórëa)
Hórë Impulsive One hórëa+-ë
Hórië Impulsive One hórëa+-ië
Hórien Impulsive One hórëa+-ien
Hórëawen Impulsive Girl hórëa+wendë
Hórëanis Impulsive Woman hórëa+níssë
Hóriel Daughter of Impulsive One hórëa+-iel
Hórëo Impulsive One hórëa+-o
Hórëon Impulsive One hórëa+-on
Hórëaner Impulsive Man hórëa+nér
Hórion Son of Impulsive One hórëa+-ion
Hórëa Impulsive hórëa
Hórëaquen Impulsive Person hórëa+quen
Hórëandil Impulsive Lover/Friend hórëa+-ndil
Hórëandur Impulsive Servant hórëa+-ndur
Hormë – Urgency (hormë)
Hormë Urgency hormë+-ë
Hormië Urgency hormë+-ië
Hormien Urgency hormë+-ien
Hormewen Urgency Girl hormë+wendë
Hormenis Urgency Woman hormë+níssë
Hormiel Daughter of Urgency hormë+-iel
Hormo Urgency hormë+-o
Hormon Urgency hormë+-on
Hormener Urgency Man hormë+nér
Hormion Son of Urgency hormë+-ion
Hormë Urgency hormë
Hormequen Urgency Person hormë+quen
Hraia – Awkward/Difficult (hraia)
Hraië Awkward/Difficult One hraia+-ë
Hraiawen Awkward/Difficult Girl hraia+wendë
Hraianis Awkward/Difficult Woman hraia+níssë
Hraio Awkward/Difficult One hraia+-o
Hraion Awkward/Difficult One hraia+-on
Hraianer Awkward/Difficult Man hraia+nér
Hraia Awkward/Difficult hraia
Hraiaquen Awkward/Difficult Person hraia+quen
Hraiandil Awkward/Difficult Lover/Friend hraia+-ndil
Hraiandur Awkward/Difficult Servant hraia+-ndur
Hranga – Awkward/Hard (hranga)
Hrangë Awkward/Hard One hranga+-ë
Hrangië Awkward/Hard One hranga+-ië
Hrangien Awkward/Hard One hranga+-ien
Hrangawen Awkward/Hard Girl hranga+wendë
Hranganis Awkward/Hard Woman hranga+níssë
Hrangiel Daughter of Awkward/Hard One hranga+-iel
Hrango Awkward/Hard One hranga+-o
Hrangon Awkward/Hard One hranga+-on
Hranganer Awkward/Hard Man hranga+nér
Hrangion Son of Awkward/Hard One hranga+-ion
Hranga Awkward/Hard hranga
Hrangaquen Awkward/Hard Person hranga+quen
Hrangandil Awkward/Hard Lover/Friend hranga+-ndil
Hrangandur Awkward/Hard Servant hranga+-ndur
Hráva – Wild (hráva)
Hrávë Wild One hráva+-ë
Hrávië Wild One hráva+-ië
Hrávien Wild One hráva++-ien
Hrávawen Wild Girl hráva+wendë
Hrávanis Wild Woman hráva+níssë
Hráviel Daughter of Wild One hráva+-iel
Hrávo Wild One hráva+-o
Hrávon Wild One hráva+-on
Hrávaner Wild Man hráva+nér
Hrávion Son of Wild One hráva+-ion
Hráva Wild hráva
Hrávaquen Wild Person hráva+quen
Hrávandil Wild Lover/Friend hráva+-ndil
Hrávandur Wild Servant hráva+-ndur
Húna – Accursed (húna)
Húnë Accursed One húna+-ë
Húnië Accursed One húna+-ië
Húnien Accursed One húna+-ien
Húnawen Accursed Girl húna+wendë
Húnanis Accursed Woman húna+níssë
Húniel Daughter of Accursed One húna+-iel
Húno Accursed One húna+-o
Húnon Accursed One húna+-on
Húndo Accursed One húna+-no
Húnaner Accursed Man húna+nér
Húnion Son of Accursed One húna+-ion
Húna Accursed húna
Húnaquen Accursed Person húna+quen
Húnandil Accursed Lover/Friend húna+-ndil
Húnandur Accursed Servant húna+-ndur
Ilestel – No Hope (il-+estel)
Ilestelë No Hope il-+estel+-ë
Ilestelië No Hope il-+estel+-ië
Ilestelien No Hope il-+estel+-ien
Ilestelwen No Hope Girl il-+estel+wendë
Ilesteldis No Hope Woman il-+estel+níssë
Ilesteliel Daughter of No Hope il-+estel+-iel
Ilestelo No Hope il-+estel+-o
Ilestelon No Hope il-+estel+-on
Ilesteldo No Hope il-+estel+-no
Ilestelder No Hope Man il-+estel+nér
Ilestelion Son of No Hope il-+estel+-ion
Ilestel No Hope il-+estel
Ilestelquen No Hope Person il-+estel+quen
Ilestelwë No Hope Being il-+estel+-wë
Ilvana – Perfect (ilvana)
Ilvanë Perfect One ilvana+-ë
Ilvanië Perfect One ilvana+-ië
Ilvanien Perfect ilvana+-ien
Ilvanawen Perfect Girl ilvana+wendë
Ilvananis Perfect Woman ilvana+níssë
Ilvaniel Daughter of Perfect One ilvana+-iel
Ilvano Perfect One ilvana+-o
Ilvanon Perfect One ilvana+-on
Ilvando Perfect One ilvana+-no
Ilvananer Perfect Man ilvana+nér
Ilvanion Son of Perfect One ilvana+-ion
Ilvana Perfect ilvana
Ilvanaquen Perfect Person ilvana+quen
Ilvanandil Perfect Lover/Friend ilvana+-ndil
Ilvanandur Perfect Servant ilvana+-ndur
Ilvanya – Perfect (ilvanya)
Ilvanyë Perfect One ilvanya+-ë
Ilvanië Perfect One ilvanya+-ië
Ilvanien Perfect One ilvanya+-ien
Ilvanyawen Perfect Girl ilvanya+wendë
Ilvanyanis Perfect Woman ilvanya+níssë
Ilvaniel Daughter of Perfect One ilvanya+-iel
Ilvanyo Perfect One ilvanya+-o
Ilvanyon Perfect One ilvanya+-on
Ilvanyaner Perfect Man ilvanya+nér
Ilvanion Son of Perfect One ilvanya+-ion
Ilvanya Perfect ilvanya
Ilvanyaquen Perfect Person ilvanya+quen
Ilvanyandil Perfect Lover/Friend ilvanya+-ndil
Ilvanyandur Perfect Servant ilvanya+-ndur
Indo – Heart (indo)
Indë Heart indo+-ë
Indië Heart indo+-ië
Indien Heart indo+-ien
Indowen Heart Girl indo+wendë
Indonis Heart Woman indo+níssë
Indiel Daughter of Heart indo+-iel
Indo Heart indo+-o
Indon Heart indo+-on
Indoner Heart Man indo+nér
Indion Son of Heart indo+-ion
Indo Heart indo
Indoquen Heart Person indo+quen
Intyalë – Imagination (intyalë)
Intyalë Imagination intyalë+-ë
Intyalië Imagination intyalë+-ië
Intyalien Imagination intyalë+-ien
Intyalewen Imagination Girl intyalë+wendë
Intyalenis Imagination Woman intyalë+níssë
Intyaliel Daughter of Imagination intyalë+-iel
Intyalo Imagination intyalë+-o
Intyalon Imagination intyalë+-on
Intyaldo Imagination intyalë+-no
Intyalener Imagination Man intyalë+nér
Intyalion Son of Imagination intyalë+-ion
Intyalë Imagination intyalë
Intyalequen Imagination Person intyalë+quen
Inwis – Changeable Mood (inwis)
Inwistë Changeable Mood inwist-+-ë
Inwistië Changeable Mood inwist-+-ië
Inwistien Changeable Mood inwis+-ien
Inwistiwen Changeable Mood Girl inwisti+wendë
Inwistinis Changeable Mood Woman inwisti+níssë
Inwistiel Daughter of Changeable Mood inwist-+-iel
Inwisto Changeable Mood inwist-+-o
Inwiston Changeable Mood inwist-+-on
Inwistiner Changeable Mood Man inwisti+nér
Inwistion Son of Changeable Mood inwist-+-ion
Inwis Changeable Mood inwis
Inwistiquen Changeable Mood Person inwisti+quen
Inwiswë Changeable Mood Being inwis+-wë
Írë – Desire (írë)
Írë Desire írë+-ë
Írië Desire írë+-ië
Írien Desire írë+-ien
Írewen Desire Girl írë+wendë
Írenis Desire Woman írë+níssë
Íriel Daughter of Desire írë+-iel
Íro Desire írë+-o
Íron Desire írë+-on
Írdo Desire írë+-no
Írener Desire Man írë+nér
Írion Son of Desire írë+-ion
Írë Desire írë
Írequen Desire Person írë+quen
Írwë Desire Being írë+-wë
Ista – Knowledge (ista)
Istë Knowledge ista+-ë
Istië Knowledge ista+-ië
Istien Knowledge ista+-ien
Istamë Knower ista-+-më
Istawen Knowledge Girl ista+wendë
Istanis Knowledge Woman ista+níssë
Istiel Daughter of Knowledge ista+-iel
Istamiel Daughter of Knower ista-+-më+-iel
Isto Knowledge ista+-o
Iston Knowledge ista+-on
Istano Knower ista-+-no
Istamo Knower ista-+-mo
Istaner Knowledge Man ista+nér
Istion Son of Knowledge ista+-ion
Istamion Son of Knower ista-+-mo+-ion
Ista Knowledge ista
Istar Knower ista-+-r
Istaquen Knowledge Person ista+quen
Istima – Knowledgeable (istima)
Istimë Knowledgeable One istima+-ë
Istimië Knowledgeable One istima+-ië
Istimien Knowledgeable One istima+-ien
Istimawen Knowledgeable Girl istima+wendë
Istimanis Knowledgeable Woman istima+níssë
Istimiel Daughter of Knowledgeable One istima+-iel
Istimo Knowledgeable One istima+-o
Istimon Knowledgeable One istima+-on
Istimano Knowledgeable One istima+-no
Istimaner Knowledgeable Man istima+nér
Istimion Son of Knowledgeable One istima+-ion
Istima Knowledgeable istima
Istimaquen Knowledgeable Person istima+quen
Istimandil Knowledgeable Lover/Friend istima+-ndil
Istimandur Knowledgeable Servant istima+-ndur
Istya – Knowledge (istya)
Istyë Knowledge istya+-ë
Istië Knowledge istya+-ië
Istien Knowledge istya+-ien
Istyawen Knowledge Girl istya+wendë
Istyanis Knowledge Woman istya+níssë
Istiel Daughter of Knowledge istya+-iel
Istyo Knowledge istya+-o
Istyon Knowledge istya+-on
Istyaner Knowledge Man istya+nér
Istion Son of Knowledge istya+-ion
Istya Knowledge istya
Istyaquen Knowledge Person istya+quen
Lacarëa – Slothful/Inactive (lacarëa)
Lacarë Slothful/Inactive One lacarëa+-ë
Lacarië Slothful/Inactive One lacarëa+-ië
Lacarien Slothful/Inactive One lacarëa+-ien
Lacarëawen Slothful/Inactive Girl lacarëa+wendë
Lacarëanis Slothful/Inactive Woman lacarëa+níssë
Lacariel Daughter of Slothful/Inactive One lacarëa+-iel
Lacarëo Slothful/Inactive One lacarëa+-o
Lacarëon Slothful/Inactive One lacarëa+-on
Lacardo Slothful/Inactive One lacarëa+-no
Lacarëaner Slothful/Inactive Man lacarëa+nér
Lacarion Son of Slothful/Inactive One lacarëa+-ion
Lacarëa Slothful/Inactive lacarëa
Lacarëaquen Slothful/Inactive Person lacarëa+quen
Lacarëandil Slothful/Inactive Lover/Friend lacarëa+-ndil
Lacarëandur Slothful/Inactive Servant lacarëa+-ndur
Laita- – To Bless/Praise (laita-)
Laitë Blesser/Praiser laita-+-ë
Laitissë Blesser/Praiser laita-+-issë
Laitindë Blesser/Praiser laita-+-indë
Laitallë Blesser/Praiser laita-+-llë
Laitamë Blesser/Praiser laita-+-më
Laitarë Blesser/Praiser laita-+-rë
Laitiel Daughter of Blesser/Praiser laita-+-ë+-iel
Laitissiel Daughter of Blesser/Praiser laita-+-issë+-iel
Laitindiel Daughter of Blesser/Praiser laita-+-indë+-iel
Laitalliel Daughter of Blesser/Praiser laita-+-llë+-iel
Laitamiel Daughter of Blesser/Praiser laita-+-më+-iel
Laitariel Daughter of Blesser/Praiser laita-+-rë+-iel
Laito Blesser/Praiser laita-+-o
Laitindo Blesser/Praiser laita-+-indo
Laitano Blesser/Praiser laita-+-no
Laitamo Blesser/Praiser laita-+-mo
Laitaro Blesser/Praiser laita-+-ro
Laition Son of Blesser/Praiser laita-+-o+-ion
Laitindion Son of Blesser/Praiser laita-+-indo+-ion
Laitanion Son of Blesser/Praiser laita-+-no+-ion
Laitamion Son of Blesser/Praiser laita-+-mo+-ion
Laitarion Son of Blesser/Praiser laita-+-ro+-ion
Laitar Blesser/Praiser laita-+-r
Lala- – To Laugh (lala-)
Lalë Laugher lala-+-ë
Lalissë Laugher lala-+-issë
Lalindë Laugher lala-+-indë
Lalallë Laugher lala-+-llë
Lalamë Laugher lala-+-më
Lalarë Laugher lala-+-rë
Laliel Daughter of Laugher lala-+-ë+-iel
Lalissiel Daughter of Laugher lala-+-issë+-iel
Lalindiel Daughter of Laugher lala-+-indë+-iel
Lalalliel Daughter of Laugher lala-+-llë+-iel
Lalamiel Daughter of Laugher lala-+-më+-iel
Lalariel Daughter of Laugher lala-+-rë+-iel
Lalo Laugher lala-+-o
Lalindo Laugher lala-+-indo
Lalano Laugher lala-+-no
Lalamo Laugher lala-+-mo
Lalaro Laugher lala-+-ro
Lalion Son of Laugher lala-+-o+-ion
Lalindion Son of Laugher lala-+-indo+-ion
Lalanion Son of Laugher lala-+-no+-ion
Lalamion Son of Laugher lala-+-mo+-ion
Lalarion Son of Laugher lala-+-ro+-ion
Lalar Laugher lala-+-r
Lala- – To Deny (lala-)
Lalë Denier lala-+-ë
Lalissë Denier lala-+-issë
Lalindë Denier lala-+-indë
Lalallë Denier lala-+-llë
Lalamë Denier lala-+-më
Lalarë Denier lala-+-rë
Laliel Daughter of Denier lala-+-ë+-iel
Lalissiel Daughter of Denier lala-+-issë+-iel
Lalindiel Daughter of Denier lala-+-indë+-iel
Lalalliel Daughter of Denier lala-+-llë+-iel
Lalamiel Daughter of Denier lala-+-më+-iel
Lalariel Daughter of Denier lala-+-rë+-iel
Lalo Denier lala-+-o
Lalindo Denier lala-+-indo
Lalano Denier lala-+-no
Lalamo Denier lala-+-mo
Lalaro Denier lala-+-ro
Lalion Son of Denier lala-+-o+-ion
Lalindion Son of Denier lala-+-indo+-ion
Lalanion Son of Denier lala-+-no+-ion
Lalamion Son of Denier lala-+-mo+-ion
Lalarion Son of Denier lala-+-ro+-ion
Lalar Denier lala-+-r
Laquet- – To Deny (laquet-)
Laquetë Denier laquet-+-ë
Laquetissë Denier laquet-+-issë
Laquetindë Denier laquet-+-indë
Laquetiel Daughter of Denier laquet-+-ë+-iel
Laquetissiel Daughter of Denier laquet-+-issë+-iel
Laquetindiel Daughter of Denier laquet-+-indë+-iel
Laqueto Denier laquet-+-o
Laquetindo Denier laquet-+-indo
Laquetion Son of Denier laquet-+-o+-ion
Laquetindion Son of Denier laquet-+-indo+-ion
Lasta- – To Listen (lasta-)
Lastë Listener lasta-+-ë
Lastissë Listener lasta-+-issë
Lastindë Listener lasta-+-indë
Lastallë Listener lasta-+-llë
Lastamë Listener lasta-+-më
Lastarë Listener lasta-+-rë
Lastiel Daughter of Listener lasta-+-ë+-iel
Lastissiel Daughter of Listener lasta-+-issë+-iel
Lastindiel Daughter of Listener lasta-+-indë+-iel
Lastalliel Daughter of Listener lasta-+-llë+-iel
Lastamiel Daughter of Listener lasta-+-më+-iel
Lastariel Daughter of Listener lasta-+-rë+-iel
Lasto Listener lasta-+-o
Lastindo Listener lasta-+-indo
Lastano Listener lasta-+-no
Lastamo Listener lasta-+-mo
Lastaro Listener lasta-+-ro
Lastion Son of Listener lasta-+-o+-ion
Lastindion Son of Listener lasta-+-indo+-ion
Lastanion Son of Listener lasta-+-no+-ion
Lastamion Son of Listener lasta-+-mo+-ion
Lastarion Son of Listener lasta-+-ro+-ion
Lastar Listener lasta-+-r
Laurëalassë – Golden Joy (laurëa+alassë)
Laurëalassë Golden Joy laurëa+alassë+-ë
Laurëalassië Golden Joy laurëa+alassë+-ië
Laurëalassien Golden Joy laurëa+alassë+-ien
Laurëalassewen Golden Joy Girl laurëa+alassë+wendë
Laurëalassenis Golden Joy Woman laurëa+alassë+níssë
Laurëalassiel Daughter of Golden Joy laurëa+alassë+-iel
Laurëalasso Golden Joy laurëa+alassë+-o
Laurëalasson Golden Joy laurëa+alassë+-on
Laurëalassener Golden Joy Man laurëa+alassë+nér
Laurëalassion Son of Golden Joy laurëa+alassë+-ion
Laurëalassë Golden Joy laurëa+alassë
Laurëalassequen Golden Joy Person laurëa+alassë+quen
Lehta – Free (lehta)
Lehtë Free One lehta+-ë
Lehtië Free One lehta+-ië
Lehtien Free One lehta+-ien
Lehtawen Free Girl lehta+wendë
Lehtanis Free Woman lehta+níssë
Lehtiel Daughter of Free One lehta+-iel
Lehto Free One lehta+-o
Lehton Free One lehta+-on
Lehtano Free One lehta+-no
Lehtaner Free Man lehta+nér
Lehtion Son of Free One lehta+-ion
Lehta Free lehta
Lehtaquen Free Person lehta+quen
Lehtandil Free Lover/Friend lehta+-ndil
Lehtandur Free Servant lehta+-ndur
Léra – Free (léra)
Lérë Free One léra+-ë
Lérië Free One léra+-ië
Lérien Free One léra+-ien
Lérawen Free Girl léra+wendë
Léranis Free Woman léra+níssë
Lériel Daughter of Free One léra+-iel
Léro Free One léra+-o
Léron Free One léra+-on
Lérano Free One léra+-no
Léraner Free Man léra+nér
Lérion Son of Free One léra+-ion
Léra Free léra
Léraquen Free Person léra+quen
Lérwë Free Being léra+-wë
Lérandil Free Lover/Friend léra+-ndil
Lérandur Free Servant léra+-ndur
Lerina – Free (lerina)
Lerinë Free One lerina+-ë
Lerinië Free One lerina+-ië
Lerinien Free One lerina+-ien
Lerinawen Free Girl lerina+wendë
Lerinanis Free Woman lerina+níssë
Leriniel Daughter of Free One lerina+-iel
Lerino Free One lerina+-o
Lerinon Free One lerina+-on
Lerinano Free One lerina+-no
Lerinaner Free Man lerina+nér
Lerinion Son of Free One lerina+-ion
Lerina Free lerina
Lerinaquen Free Person lerina+quen
Lerinandil Free Lover/Friend lerina+-ndil
Lerinandur Free Servant lerina+-ndur
Lissë – Grace (lissë)
Lissë Grace lissë+-ë
Lissië Grace lissë+-ië
Lissien Grace lissë+-ien
Lissewen Grace Girl lissë+wendë
Lissenis Grace Woman lissë+níssë
Lissiel Daughter of Grace lissë+-iel
Lisso Grace lissë+-o
Lisson Grace lissë+-on
Lissener Grace Man lissë+nér
Lission Son of Grace lissë+-ion
Lissë Grace lissë
Lissequen Grace Person lissë+quen
Lumba – Weary (lumba)
Lumbë Weary One lumba+-ë
Lumbië Weary One lumba+-ië
Lumbien Weary One lumba+-ien
Lumbawen Weary Girl lumba+wendë
Lumbanis Weary Woman lumba+níssë
Lumbiel Daughter of Weary One lumba+-iel
Lumbo Weary One lumba+-o
Lumbon Weary One lumba+-on
Lumbano Weary One lumba+-no
Lumbaner Weary Man lumba+nér
Lumbion Son of Weary One lumba+-ion
Lumba Weary lumba
Lumbaquen Weary Person lumba+quen
Lumbandil Weary Lover/Friend lumba+-ndil
Lumbandur Weary Servant lumba+-ndur
Lumna – Burdensome/Oppressive (lumna)
Lumnë Burdensome/Oppressive One lumna+-ë
Lumnië Burdensome/Oppressive One lumna+-ië
Lumnien Burdensome/Oppressive One lumna+-ien
Lumnawen Burdensome/Oppressive Girl lumna+wendë
Lumnanis Burdensome/Oppressive Woman lumna+níssë
Lumniel Daughter of Burdensome/Oppressive One lumna+-iel
Lumno Burdensome/Oppressive One lumna+-o
Lumnon Burdensome/Oppressive One lumna+-on
Lumnaner Burdensome/Oppressive Man lumna+nér
Lumnion Son of Burdensome/Oppressive One lumna+-ion
Lumna Burdensome/Oppressive lumna
Lumnaquen Burdensome/Oppressive Person lumna+quen
Lumnandil Burdensome/Oppressive Lover/Friend lumna+-ndil
Lumnandur Burdensome/Oppressive Servant lumna+-ndur
Mailë – Lust (mailë)
Mailë Lust mailë+-ë
Mailië Lust mailë+-ië
Mailien Lust mailë+-ien
Mailewen Lust Girl mailë+wendë
Mailenis Lust Woman mailë+níssë
Mailiel Daughter of Lust mailë+-iel
Mailo Lust mailë+-o
Mailon Lust mailë+-on
Maildo Lust mailë+-no
Mailener Lust Man mailë+nér
Mailion Son of Lust mailë+-ion
Mailë Lust mailë
Mailequen Lust Person mailë+quen
Mailwë Lust Being mailë+-wë
Mailëa – Lustful (mailëa)
Mailë Lustful One mailëa+-ë
Mailië Lustful One mailëa+-ië
Mailien Lustful One mailëa+-ien
Mailëawen Lustful Girl mailëa+wendë
Mailëanis Lustful Woman mailëa+níssë
Mailiel Daughter of Lustful One mailëa+-iel
Mailëo Lustful One mailëa+-o
Mailëon Lustful One mailëa+-on
Mailëano Lustful One mailëa+-no
Mailëaner Lustful Man mailëa+nér
Mailion Son of Lustful One mailëa+-ion
Mailëa Lustful mailëa
Mailëaquen Lustful Person mailëa+quen
Mailëandil Lustful Lover/Friend mailëa+-ndil
Mailëandur Lustful Servant mailëa+-ndur
Manë – Morally Good (manë)
Manë Morally Good One manë+-ë
Manië Morally Good One manë+-ië
Manien Morally Good One manë+-ien
Manewen Morally Good Girl manë+wendë
Manenis Morally Good Woman manë+níssë
Maniel Daughter of Morally Good One manë+-iel
Mano Morally Good One manë+-o
Manon Morally Good One manë+-on
Mando Morally Good One manë+-no
Manener Morally Good Man manë+nér
Manion Son of Morally Good One manë+-ion
Manë Morally Good manë
Manequen Morally Good Person manë+quen
Manendil Morally Good Lover/Friend manë+-ndil
Manendur Morally Good Servant manë+-ndur
Maquet- – To Ask/Question (maquet-)
Maquetë Asker/Questioner maquet-+-ë
Maquetissë Asker/Questioner maquet-+-issë
Maquetindë Asker/Questioner maquet-+-indë
Maquetiel Daughter of Asker/Questioner maquet-+-ë+-iel
Maquetissiel Daughter of Asker/Questioner maquet-+-issë+-iel
Maquetindiel Daughter of Asker/Questioner maquet-+-indë+-iel
Maqueto Asker/Questioner maquet-+-o
Maquetindo Asker/Questioner maquet-+-indo
Maquetion Son of Asker/Questioner maquet-+-o+-ion
Maquetindion Son of Asker/Questioner maquet-+-indo+-ion
Maquetima – Curious (maquet-+-ima)
Maquetimë Curious One maquet-+-ima+-ë
Maquetimië Curious One maquet-+-ima+-ië
Maquetimien Curious One maquet-+-ima+-ien
Maquetimawen Curious Girl maquet-+-ima+wendë
Maquetimanis Curious Woman maquet-+-ima+níssë
Maquetimiel Daughter of Curious One maquet-+-ima+-iel
Maquetimo Curious One maquet-+-ima+-o
Maquetimon Curious One maquet-+-ima+-on
Maquetimano Curious One maquet-+-ima+-no
Maquetimaner Curious Man maquet-+-ima+nér
Maquetimion Son of Curious One maquet-+-ima+-ion
Maquetima Curious maquet-+-ima
Maquetimaquen Curious Person maquet-+-ima+quen
Maquetimandil Curious Lover/Friend maquet-+-ima+-ndil
Maquetimandur Curious Servant maquet-+-ima+-ndur
Mára – Good/Useful (mára)
Márë Good/Useful One mára+-ë
Márië Good/Useful One mára+-ië
Márien Good/Useful One mára+-ien
Márawen Good/Useful Girl mára+wendë
Máranis Good/Useful Woman mára+níssë
Máriel Daughter of Good/Useful One mára+-iel
Máro Good/Useful One mára+-o
Máron Good/Useful One mára+-on
Márano Good/Useful One mára+-no
Máraner Good/Useful Man mára+nér
Márion Son of Good/Useful One mára+-ion
Mára Good/Useful mára
Máraquen Good/Useful Person mára+quen
Márandil Good/Useful Lover/Friend mára+-ndil
Márandur Good/Useful Servant mára+-ndur


Márafëa – Morally Good Spirit (mára+fëa)


Maurëa – Needy/Needful (maurëa)
Maurë Needy/Needful One maurëa+-ë
Maurië Needy/Needful One maurëa+-ië
Maurien Needy/Needful One maurëa+-ien
Maurëawen Needy/Needful Girl maurëa+wendë
Maurëanis Needy/Needful Woman maurëa+níssë
Mauriel Daughter of Needy/Needful One maurëa+-iel
Maurëo Needy/Needful One maurëa+-o
Maurëon Needy/Needful One maurëa+-on
Maurëano Needy/Needful One maurëa+-no
Maurëaner Needy/Needful Man maurëa+nér
Maurion Son of Needy/Needful One maurëa+-ion
Maurëa Needy/Needful maurëa
Maurëaquen Needy/Needful Person maurëa+quen
Maurëandil Needy/Needful Lover/Friend maurëa+-ndil
Maurëandur Needy/Needful Servant maurëa+-ndur
Mausta – Compulsion (mausta)
Maustë Compulsion mausta+-ë
Maustië Compulsion mausta+-ië
Maustien Compulsion mausta+-ien
Maustawen Compulsion Girl mausta+wendë
Maustanis Compulsion Woman mausta+níssë
Maustiel Daughter of Compulsion mausta+-iel
Mausto Compulsion mausta+-o
Mauston Compulsion mausta+-on
Maustaner Compulsion Man mausta+nér
Maustion Son of Compulsion mausta+-ion
Mausta Compulsion mausta
Maustaquen Compulsion Person mausta+quen
Mel- – To Love (mel-)
Mélë Lover mel-+-ë
Melissë Lover mel-+-issë
Melindë Lover mel-+-indë
Melmë Lover mel-+-më
Melrë Lover mel-+-rë
Méliel Daughter of Lover mel-+-ë+-iel
Melissiel Daughter of Lover mel-+-issë+-iel
Melindiel Daughter of Lover mel-+-indë+-iel
Melmiel Daughter of Lover mel-+-më+-iel
Melriel Daughter of Lover mel-+-rë+-iel
Mélo Lover mel-+-o
Meldo Lover mel-+-no
Melindo Lover mel-+-indo
Melmo Lover mel-+-mo
Melro Lover mel-+-ro
Mélion Son of Lover mel-+-o+-ion
Meldion Son of Lover mel-+-no+-ion
Melindion Son of Lover mel-+-indo+-ion
Melmion Son of Lover mel-+-mo+-ion
Melrion Son of Lover mel-+-ro+-ion
Méla – Affectionate/Loving (méla)
Mélë Affectionate/Loving One méla+-ë
Mélië Affectionate/Loving One méla+-ië
Mélien Affectionate/Loving One méla+-ien
Mélawen Affectionate/Loving Girl méla+wendë
Mélanis Affectionate/Loving Woman méla+níssë
Méliel Daughter of Affectionate/Loving One méla+-iel
Mélo Affectionate/Loving One méla+-o
Mélon Affectionate/Loving One méla+-on
Mélano Affectionate/Loving One méla+-no
Mélaner Affectionate/Loving Man méla+nér
Mélion Son of Affectionate/Loving One méla+-ion
Méla Affectionate/Loving méla
Mélaquen Affectionate/Loving Person méla+quen
Mélandil Affectionate/Loving Lover/Friend méla+-ndil
Mélandur Affectionate/Loving Servant méla+-ndur
Melda – Beloved/Dear (melda)
Meldë Beloved/Dear One/Friend melda+-ë
Meldië Beloved/Dear One melda+-ië
Meldien Beloved/Dear One melda+-ien
Meldawen Beloved/Dear Girl melda+wendë
Meldanis Beloved/Dear Woman melda+níssë
Meldiel Daughter of Beloved/Dear One melda+-iel
Meldo Beloved/Dear One/Friend melda+-o
Meldon Beloved/Dear One melda+-on
Meldano Beloved/Dear One melda+-no
Meldaner Beloved/Dear Man melda+nér
Meldion Son of Beloved/Dear One melda+-ion
Melda Beloved/Dear melda
Meldaquen Beloved/Dear Person melda+quen
Meldandil Beloved/Dear Lover/Friend melda+-ndil
Meldandur Beloved/Dear Servant melda+-ndur
Melehta – Mighty (melehta)
Melehtë Mighty One melehta+-ë
Melehtië Mighty One melehta+-ië
Melehtien Mighty One melehta+-ien
Melehtawen Mighty Girl melehta+wendë
Melehtanis Mighty Woman melehta+níssë
Melehtiel Daughter of Mighty One melehta+-iel
Melehto Mighty One melehta+-o
Melehton Mighty One melehta+-on
Melehtano Mighty One melehta+-no
Melehtaner Mighty Man melehta+nér
Melehtion Son of Mighty One melehta+-ion
Melehta Mighty melehta
Melehtaquen Mighty Person melehta+quen
Melehtandil Mighty Lover/Friend melehta+-ndil
Melehtandur Mighty Servant melehta+-ndur
Melehtë – Might/Power (melehtë)
Melehtë Might/Power melehtë+-ë
Melehtië Might/Power melehtë+-ië
Melehtien Might/Power melehtë+-ien
Melehtewen Might/Power Girl melehtë+wendë
Melehtenis Might/Power Woman melehtë+níssë
Melehtiel Daughter of Might/Power melehtë+-iel
Melehto Might/Power melehtë+-o
Melehton Might/Power melehtë+-on
Melehtener Might/Power Man melehtë+nér
Melehtion Son of Might/Power melehtë+-ion
Melehtë Might/Power melehtë
Melehtequen Might/Power Person melehtë+quen
Meletya – Mighty (meletya)
Meletyë Mighty One meletya+-ë
Meletië Mighty One meletya+-ië
Meletien Mighty One meletya+-ien
Meletyawen Mighty Girl meletya+wendë
Meletyanis Mighty Woman meletya+níssë
Meletiel Daughter of Mighty One meletya+-iel
Meletyo Mighty One meletya+-o
Meletyon Mighty One meletya+-on
Meletyaner Mighty Man meletya+nér
Meletion Son of Mighty One meletya+-ion
Meletya Mighty meletya
Meletyaquen Mighty Person meletya+quen
Meletyandil Mighty Lover/Friend meletya+-ndil
Meletyandur Mighty Servant meletya+-ndur
Melima – Loveable/Fair (melima)
Melimë Loveable/Fair One melima+-ë
Melimië Loveable/Fair One melima+-ië
Melimien Loveable/Fair One melima+-ien
Melimawen Loveable/Fair Girl melima+wendë
Melimanis Loveable/Fair Woman melima+níssë
Melimiel Daughter of Loveable/Fair One melima+-iel
Melimo Loveable/Fair One melima+-o
Melimon Loveable/Fair One melima+-on
Melimano Loveable/Fair One melima+-no
Melimaner Loveable/Fair Man melima+nér
Melimion Son of Loveable/Fair One melima+-ion
Melima Loveable/Fair melima
Melimaquen Loveable/Fair Person melima+quen
Melimandil Loveable/Fair Lover/Friend melima+-ndil
Melimandur Loveable/Fair Servant melima+-ndur
Melin – Dear (melin)
Melinë Dear One melin+-ë
Melinië Dear One melin+-ië
Melinien Dear One melin+-ien
Melinwen Dear Girl melin+wendë
Melindis Dear Woman melin+níssë
Meliniel Daughter of Dear One melin+-iel
Melino Dear One melin+-o
Melinon Dear One melin+-on
Melindo Dear One melin+-no
Melinder Dear Man melin+nér
Melinion Son of Dear One melin+-ion
Melin Dear melin
Melinquen Dear Person melin+quen
Melindil Dear Lover/Friend melin+-ndil
Melindur Dear Servant melin+-ndur
Melmë – Love (melmë)
Melmë Love melmë+-ë
Melmië Love melmë+-ië
Melmien Love melmë+-ien
Melmewen Love Girl melmë+wendë
Melmenis Love Woman melmë+níssë
Melmiel Daughter of Love melmë+-iel
Melmo Love melmë+-o
Melmon Love melmë+-on
Melmener Love Man melmë+nér
Melmion Son of Love melmë+-ion
Melmë Love melmë
Melmequen Love Person melmë+quen
Melwë Love Being melmë+-wë
Melwa – Lovely (melwa)
Melwë Lovely One melwa+-ë
Melwië Lovely One melwa+-ië
Melwien Lovely One melwa+-ien
Melwanis Lovely Woman melwa+níssë
Melwiel Daughter of Lovely One melwa+-iel
Melwo Lovely One melwa+-o
Melwon Lovely One melwa+-on
Melwano Lovely One melwa+-no
Melwaner Lovely Man melwa+nér
Melwion Son of Lovely One melwa+-ion
Melwa Lovely melwa
Melwaquen Lovely Person melwa+quen
Melwandil Lovely Lover/Friend melwa+-ndil
Melwandur Lovely Servant melwa+-ndur
Merca – Fierce (merca)
Mercë Fierce One merca+-ë
Mercië Fierce One merca+-ië
Mercien Fierce One merca+-ien
Mercawen Fierce Girl merca+wendë
Mercanis Fierce Woman merca+níssë
Merciel Daughter of Fierce One merca+-iel
Merco Fierce One merca+-o
Mercon Fierce One merca+-on
Mercano Fierce One merca+-no
Mercaner Fierce Man merca+nér
Mercion Son of Fierce One merca+-ion
Merca Fierce merca
Mercaquen Fierce Person merca+quen
Mercandil Fierce Lover/Friend merca+-ndil
Mercandur Fierce Servant merca+-ndur
Merya – Festive (merya)
Meryë Festive One merya+-ë
Merië Festive One merya+-ië
Merien Festive One merya+-ien
Meriel Daughter of Festive One merya+-iel
Meryawen Festive Girl merya+wendë
Meryanis Festive Woman merya+níssë
Meryo Festive One merya+-o
Meryon Festive One merya+-on
Meryano Festive One merya+-no
Meryaner Festive Man merya+nér
Merion Son of Festive One merya+-ion
Merya Festive merya
Meryaquen Festive Person merya+quen
Meryandil Festive Lover/Friend merya+-ndil
Meryandur Festive Servant merya+-ndur
Milca – Greedy (milca)
Milcë Greedy One milca+-ë
Milcië Greedy One milca+-ië
Milcien Greedy One milca+-ien
Milcawen Greedy Girl milca+wendë
Milcanis Greedy Woman milca+níssë
Milciel Daughter of Greedy One milca+-iel
Milco Greedy One milca+-o
Milcon Greedy One milca+-on
Milcano Greedy One milca+-no
Milcaner Greedy Man milca+nér
Milcion Son of Greedy One milca+-ion
Milca Greedy milca
Milcaquen Greedy Person milca+quen
Milcandil Greedy Lover/Friend milca+-ndil
Milcandur Greedy Servant milca+-ndur
Milmë – Desire/Greed (milmë)
Milmë Desire/Greed milmë+-ë
Milmië Desire/Greed milmë+-ië
Milmien Desire/Greed milmë+-ien
Milmewen Desire/Greed Girl milmë+wendë
Milmenis Desire/Greed Woman milmë+níssë
Milmiel Daughter of Desire/Greed milmë+-iel
Milmo Desire/Greed milmë+-o
Milmon Desire/Greed milmë+-on
Milmener Desire/Greed Man milmë+nér
Milmion Son of Desire/Greed milmë+-ion
Milmë Desire/Greed milmë
Milmequen Desire/Greed Person milmë+quen
Mirwa – Precious/Valuable (mirwa)
Mirwë Precious/Valuable One mirwa+-ë
Mirwië Precious/Valuable One mirwa+-ië
Mirwien Precious/Valuable One mirwa+-ien
Mirwanis Precious/Valuable Woman mirwa+níssë
Mirwiel Daughter of Precious/Valuable One mirwa+-iel
Miro Precious/Valuable One mirwa+-o
Miron Precious/Valuable One mirwa+-on
Mirwano Precious/Valuable One mirwa+-no
Mirwaner Precious/Valuable Man mirwa+nér
Mirwion Son of Precious/Valuable One mirwa+-ion
Mirwa Precious/Valuable mirwa
Mirwaquen Precious/Valuable Person mirwa+quen
Mirwandil Precious/Valuable Lover/Friend mirwa+-ndil
Mirwandur Precious/Valuable Servant mirwa+-ndur
Moina – Familiar/Dear (moina)
Moinë Familiar/Dear One moina+-ë
Moinië Familiar/Dear One moina+-ië
Moinien Familiar/Dear One moina+-ien
Moinawen Familiar/Dear Girl moina+wendë
Moinanis Familiar/Dear Woman moina+níssë
Moiniel Daughter of Familiar/Dear One moina+-iel
Moino Familiar/Dear One moina+-o
Moinon Familiar/Dear One moina+-on
Moinano Familiar/Dear One moina+-no
Moinaner Familiar/Dear Man moina+nér
Moinion Son of Familiar/Dear One moina+-ion
Moina Familiar/Dear moina
Moinaquen Familiar/Dear Person moina+quen
Moinandil Familiar/Dear Lover/Friend moina+-ndil
Moinandur Familiar/Dear Servant moina+-ndur
Naina- – To Lament (naina-)
Nainë Lamenter naina-+-ë
Nainissë Lamenter naina-+-issë
Nainindë Lamenter naina-+-indë
Nainallë Lamenter naina-+-llë
Nainamë Lamenter naina-+-më
Nainarë Lamenter naina-+-rë
Nainiel Daughter of Lamenter naina-+-ë+-iel
Nainissiel Daughter of Lamenter naina-+-issë+-iel
Nainindiel Daughter of Lamenter naina-+-indë+-iel
Nainalliel Daughter of Lamenter naina-+-llë+-iel
Nainamiel Daughter of Lamenter naina-+-më+-iel
Nainariel Daughter of Lamenter naina-+-rë+-iel
Naino Lamenter naina-+-o
Nainano Lamenter naina-+-no
Nainindo Lamenter naina-+-indo
Nainamo Lamenter naina-+-mo
Nainaro Lamenter naina-+-ro
Nainion Son of Lamenter naina-+-o+-ion
Nainanion Son of Lamenter naina-+-no+-ion
Nainindion Son of Lamenter naina-+-indo+-ion
Nainamion Son of Lamenter naina-+-mo+-ion
Nainarion Son of Lamenter naina-+-ro+-ion
Nainar Lamenter naina-+-r
Naira – Dreadful/Horrible (naira)
Nairë Dreadful/Horrible One naira+-ë
Nairië Dreadful/Horrible One naira+-ië
Nairien Dreadful/Horrible One naira+-ien
Nairawen Dreadful/Horrible Girl naira+wendë
Nairanis Dreadful/Horrible Woman naira+níssë
Nairiel Daughter of Dreadful/Horrible One naira+-iel
Nairo Dreadful/Horrible One naira+-o
Nairon Dreadful/Horrible One naira+-on
Nairano Dreadful/Horrible One naira+-no
Nairaner Dreadful/Horrible Man naira+nér
Nairion Son of Dreadful/Horrible One naira+-ion
Naira Dreadful/Horrible naira
Nairaquen Dreadful/Horrible Person naira+quen
Nairandil Dreadful/Horrible Lover/Friend naira+-ndil
Nairandur Dreadful/Horrible Servant naira+-ndur
Nairë – Lament (nairë)
Nairë Lament nairë+-ë
Nairië Lament nairë+-ië
Nairien Lament nairë+-ien
Nairewen Lament Girl nairë+wendë
Nairenis Lament Woman nairë+níssë
Nairiel Daughter of Lament nairë+-iel
Nairo Lament nairë+-o
Nairon Lament nairë+-on
Nairdo Lament nairë+-no
Nairener Lament Man nairë+nér
Nairion Son of Lament nairë+-ion
Nairë Lament nairë
Nairequen Lament Person nairë+quen
Nairwë Lament Being nairë+-wë
Naraca – Harsh/Violent (naraca)
Naracë Harsh/Violent One naraca+-ë
Naracië Harsh/Violent One naraca+-ië
Naracien Harsh/Violent One naraca+-ien
Naracawen Harsh/Violent Girl naraca+wendë
Naracanis Harsh/Violent Woman naraca+níssë
Naraciel Daughter of Harsh/Violent One naraca+-iel
Naraco Harsh/Violent One naraca+-o
Naracon Harsh/Violent One naraca+-on
Naracano Harsh/Violent One naraca+-no
Naracaner Harsh/Violent Man naraca+nér
Naracion Son of Harsh/Violent One naraca+-ion
Naraca Harsh/Violent naraca
Naracaquen Harsh/Violent Person naraca+quen
Naracandil Harsh/Violent Lover/Friend naraca+-ndil
Naracandur Harsh/Violent Servant naraca+-ndur
Nausë – Imagination (nausë)
Nausë Imagination nausë+-ë
Nausië Imagination nausë+-ië
Nausien Imagination nausë+-ien
Nausewen Imagination Girl nausë+wendë
Nausenis Imagination Woman nausë+níssë
Nausiel Daughter of Imagination nausë+-iel
Nauso Imagination nausë+-o
Nauson Imagination nausë+-on
Nausener Imagination Man nausë+nér
Nausion Son of Imagination nausë+-ion
Nausë Imagination nausë
Nausequen Imagination Person nausë+quen
Nauta – Bound/Obliged (nauta)
Nautë Bound/Obliged One nauta+-ë
Nautië Bound/Obliged One nauta+-ië
Nautien Bound/Obliged One nauta+-ien
Nautawen Bound/Obliged Girl nauta+wendë
Nautanis Bound/Obliged Woman nauta+níssë
Nautiel Daughter of Bound/Obliged One nauta+-iel
Nauto Bound/Obliged One nauta+-o
Nauton Bound/Obliged One nauta+-on
Nautano Bound/Obliged One nauta+-no
Nautaner Bound/Obliged Man nauta+nér
Naution Son of Bound/Obliged One nauta+-ion
Nauta Bound/Obliged nauta
Nautaquen Bound/Obliged Person nauta+quen
Nautandil Bound/Obliged Lover/Friend nauta+-ndil
Nautandur Bound/Obliged Servant nauta+-ndur
Nenalassë – Water Joy (nen-+alassë)
Nenalassë Water Joy nen-+alassë+-ë
Nenalassië Water Joy nen-+alassë+-ië
Nenalassien Water Joy nen-+alassë+-ien
Nenalassewen Water Joy Girl nen-+alassë+wendë
Nenalassenis Water Joy Woman nen-+alassë+níssë
Nenalassiel Daughter of Water Joy nen-+alassë+-iel
Nenalasso Water Joy nen-+alassë+-o
Nenalasson Water Joy nen-+alassë+-on
Nenalassener Water Joy Man nen-+alassë+nér
Nenalassion Son of Water Joy nen-+alassë+-ion
Nenalassë Water Joy nen-+alassë
Nenalassequen Water Joy Person nen-+alassë+quen
Nenalaswë Water Joy Being nen-+alassë+-wë
Nië – Tear (nië)
Niewen Tear Girl nië+wendë
Nienis Tear Woman nië+níssë
Nieno Tear nië+-no
Niener Tear Man nië+nér
Nië Tear nië
Niequen Tear Person nië+quen
Níwë Tear Being nië+-wë
Niendil Lover/Friend of Tears nië+-ndil
Niendur Servant of Tears nië+-ndur
Nielinya – Pool of Tears (nië+linya)
Nielinyë Pool of Tears nië+linya+-ë
Nielinië Pool of Tears nië+linya+-ië
Nielinien Pool of Tears nië+linya+-ien
Nielinyawen Pool of Tears Girl nië+linya+wendë
Nielinyanis Pool of Tears Woman nië+linya+níssë
Nieliniel Daughter of Pool of Tears nië+linya+-iel
Nielinyo Pool of Tears nië+linya+-o
Nielinyon Pool of Tears nië+linya+-on
Nielinyaner Pool of Tears Man nië+linya+nér
Nielinion Son of Pool of Tears nië+linya+-ion
Nielinya Pool of Tears nië+linya
Nielinyaquen Pool of Tears Person nië+linya+quen
Nienainalë – Tears from Lamenting (nië+nainalë)
Nienainalë Tears from Lamenting nië+nainalë+-ë
Nienainalië Tears from Lamenting nië+nainalë+-ië
Nienainalien Tears from Lamenting nië+nainalë+-ien
Nienainalewen Tears from Lamenting Girl nië+nainalë+wendë
Nienainalenis Tears from Lamenting Woman nië+nainalë+níssë
Nienainaliel Daughter of Tears from Lamenting nië+nainalë+-iel
Nienainalo Tears from Lamenting nië+nainalë+-o
Nienainalon Tears from Lamenting nië+nainalë+-on
Nienainaldo Tears from Lamenting nië+nainalë+-no
Nienainalener Tears from Lamenting Man nië+nainalë+nér
Nienainalion Son of Tears from Lamenting nië+nainalë+-ion
Nienainalë Tears from Lamenting nië+nainalë
Nienainalequen Tears from Lamenting Person nië+nainalë+quen
Nil – Friend (nil)
Nildë Friend nild-+-ë
Nildië Friend nild-+-ië
Nildien Friend nild-+-ien
Nildewen Friend Girl nildë+wendë
Nildenis Friend Woman nildë+níssë
Nildiel Daughter of Friend nild-+-iel
Nildo Friend nild-+-o
Nildon Friend nild-+-on
Nildoner Friend Man nildo+nér
Nildion Son of Friend nild-+-ion
Nil Friend nil
Nilwë Friend Being nild-+-wë
Nilda – Friendly/Loving (nilda)
Nildë Friendly/Loving One nilda+-ë
Nildië Friendly/Loving One nilda+-ië
Nildien Friendly/Loving One nilda+-ien
Nildawen Friendly/Loving Girl nilda+wendë
Nildanis Friendly/Loving Woman nilda+níssë
Nildiel Daughter of Friendly/Loving One nilda+-iel
Nildo Friendly/Loving One nilda+-o
Nildon Friendly/Loving One nilda+-on
Nildano Friendly/Loving One nilda+-no
Nildaner Friendly/Loving Man nilda+nér
Nildion Son of Friendly/Loving One nilda+-ion
Nilda Friendly/Loving nilda
Nildaquen Friendly/Loving Person nilda+quen
Nildandil Friendly/Loving Lover/Friend nilda+-ndil
Nildandur Friendly/Loving Servant nilda+-ndur
Nilmë – Friendship (nilmë)
Nilmë Friendship nilmë+-ë
Nilmië Friendship nilmë+-ië
Nilmien Friendship nilmë+-ien
Nilmewen Friendship Girl nilmë+wendë
Nilmenis Friendship Woman nilmë+níssë
Nilmiel Daughter of Friendship nilmë+-iel
Nilmo Friendship nilmë+-o
Nilmon Friendship nilmë+-on
Nilmener Friendship Man nilmë+nér
Nilmion Son of Friendship nilmë+-ion
Nilmë Friendship nilmë
Nilmequen Friendship Person nilmë+quen
Nilwë Friendship Being nilmë+-wë
Nírë – Tear (nírë)
Nírë Tear nírë+-ë
Nírië Tear nírë+-ië
Nírien Tear nírë+-ien
Nírewen Tear Girl nírë+wendë
Nírenis Tear Woman nírë+níssë
Níriel Daughter of Tear nírë+-iel
Níro Tear nírë+-o
Níron Tear nírë+-on
Nírdo Tear nírë+-no
Nírener Tear Man nírë+nér
Nírion Son of Tear nírë+-ion
Nírë Tear nírë
Nírequen Tear Person nírë+quen
Nírwë Tear Being nírë+-wë
Nírendil Lover/Friend of Tears nírë+-ndil
Nírendur Servant of Tears nírë+-ndur
Níreär – Sea of Tears (nírë+ëar)
Níreärë Sea of Tears nírë+ëar+-ë
Níreärië Sea of Tears nírë+ëar+-ië
Níreärien Sea of Tears nírë+ëar+-ien
Níreärwen Sea of Tears Girl nírë+ëar+wendë
Níreärdis Sea of Tears Woman nírë+ëar+níssë
Níreäriel Daughter of Sea of Tears nírë+ëar+-iel
Níreäro Sea of Tears nírë+ëar+-o
Níreäron Sea of Tears nírë+ëar+-on
Níreärdo Sea of Tears nírë+ëar+-no
Níreärder Sea of Tears Man nírë+ëar+nér
Níreärion Son of Sea of Tears nírë+ëar+-ion
Níreär Sea of Tears nírë+ëar
Níreärquen Sea of Tears Person nírë+ëar+quen
Níreärwë Sea of Tears Being nírë+ëar+-wë


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