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Quenya Pronunciation

Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name

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Nac- – To Cut/Hew (nac-)
Nácë Cutter/Hewer nac-+-ë
Nacissë Cutter/Hewer nac-+-issë
Nacindë Cutter/Hewer nac-+-indë
Náciel Daughter of Cutter/Hewer nac-+-ë+-iel
Nacissiel Daughter of Cutter/Hewer nac-+-issë+-iel
Nacindiel Daughter of Cutter/Hewer nac-+-indë+-iel
Náco Cutter/Hewer nac-+-o
Nacindo Cutter/Hewer nac-+-indo
Nácion Son of Cutter/Hewer nac-+-o+-ion
Nacindion Son of Cutter/Hewer nac-+-indo+-ion
Nahta- – To Slay (nahta-)
Nahtë Slayer nahta-+-ë
Nahtissë Slayer nahta-+-issë
Nahtindë Slayer nahta-+-indë
Nahtallë Slayer nahta-+-llë
Nahtamë Slayer nahta-+-më
Nahtarë Slayer nahta-+-rë
Nahtiel Daughter of Slayer nahta-+-ë+-iel
Nahtissiel Daughter of Slayer nahta-+-issë+-iel
Nahtindiel Daughter of Slayer nahta-+-indë+-iel
Nahtalliel Daughter of Slayer nahta-+-llë+-iel
Nahtamiel Daughter of Slayer nahta-+-më+-iel
Nahtariel Daughter of Slayer nahta-+-rë+-iel
Nahto Slayer nahta-+-o
Nahtano Slayer nahta-+-no
Nahtindo Slayer nahta-+-indo
Nahtamo Slayer nahta-+-mo
Nahtaro Slayer nahta-+-ro
Nahtion Son of Slayer nahta-+-o+-ion
Nahtanion Son of Slayer nahta-+-no+-ion
Nahtindion Son of Slayer nahta-+-indo+-ion
Nahtamion Son of Slayer nahta-+-mo+-ion
Nahtarion Son of Slayer nahta-+-ro+-ion
Nahtar Slayer nahta-+-r
Nam- – To Judge (nam-)
Námë Judger nam-+-ë
Namissë Judger nam-+-issë
Namindë Judger nam-+-indë
Nammë Judger nam-+-më
Námiel Daughter of Judger nam-+-ë+-iel
Namissiel Daughter of Judger nam-+-issë+-iel
Namindiel Daughter of Judger nam-+-indë+-iel
Nammiel Daughter of Judger nam-+-më+-iel
Namno Judger nam-+-no
Namindo Judger nam-+-indo
Nammo Judger nam-+-mo
Námion Son of Judger nam-+-o+-ion
Namnion Son of Judger nam-+-no+-ion
Namindion Son of Judger nam-+-indo+-ion
Nammion Son of Judger nam-+-mo+-ion
Náma – Judgement (náma)
Námë Judgement náma+-ë
Námië Judgement náma+-ië
Námien Judgement náma+-ien
Námawen Judgement Girl náma+wendë
Námanis Judgement Woman náma+níssë
Námiel Daughter of Judgement náma+-iel
Námon Judgement náma+-on
Námno Judgement náma+-no
Námaner Judgement Man náma+nér
Námion Son of Judgement náma+-ion
Náma Judgement náma
Námaquen Judgement Person náma+quen
Námwë Judgement Being náma+-wë
Namba – Hammer (namba)
Nambë Hammer namba+-ë
Nambië Hammer namba+-ië
Nambien Hammer namba+-ien
Nambawen Hammer Girl namba+wendë
Nambanis Hammer Woman namba+níssë
Nambiel Daughter of Hammer namba+-iel
Nambo Hammer namba+-o
Nambon Hammer namba+-on
Nambaner Hammer Man namba+nér
Nambion Son of Hammer namba+-ion
Namba Hammer namba
Nambaquen Hammer Person namba+quen
Namba- – To Hammer (namba-)
Nambë Hammerer namba-+-ë
Nambissë Hammerer namba-+-issë
Nambindë Hammerer namba-+-indë
Namballë Hammerer namba-+-llë
Nambamë Hammerer namba-+-më
Nambarë Hammerer namba-+-rë
Nambiel Daughter of Hammerer namba-+-ë+-iel
Nambissiel Daughter of Hammerer namba-+-issë+-iel
Nambindiel Daughter of Hammerer namba-+-indë+-iel
Namballiel Daughter of Hammerer namba-+-llë+-iel
Nambamiel Daughter of Hammerer namba-+-më+-iel
Nambariel Daughter of Hammerer namba-+-rë+-iel
Nambo Hammerer namba-+-o
Nambano Hammerer namba-+-no
Nambindo Hammerer namba-+-indo
Nambamo Hammerer namba-+-mo
Nambaro Hammerer namba-+-ro
Nambion Son of Hammerer namba-+-o+-ion
Nambanion Son of Hammerer namba-+-no+-ion
Nambindion Son of Hammerer namba-+-indo+-ion
Nambamion Son of Hammerer namba-+-mo+-ion
Nambarion Son of Hammerer namba-+-ro+-ion
Nambar Hammerer namba-+-r
Narda – Knot (narda)
Nardë Knot narda+-ë
Nardië Knot narda+-ië
Nardien Knot narda+-ien
Nardawen Knot Girl narda+wendë
Nardanis Knot Woman narda+níssë
Nardiel Daughter of Knot narda+-iel
Nardo Knot narda+-o
Nardon Knot narda+-on
Nardano Knot narda+-no
Nardaner Knot Man narda+nér
Nardion Son of Knot narda+-ion
Narda Knot narda
Nardaquen Knot Person narda+quen
Nasta – Spear-head (nasta)
Nastë Spear-head nasta+-ë
Nastië Spear-head nasta+-ië
Nastien Spear-head nasta+-ien
Nastawen Spear-head Girl nasta+wendë
Nastanis Spear-head Woman nasta+níssë
Nastiel Daughter of Spear-head nasta+-iel
Nasto Spear-head nasta+-o
Naston Spear-head nasta+-on
Nastano Spear-head nasta+-no
Nastaner Spear-head Man nasta+nér
Nastion Son of Spear-head nasta+-ion
Nasta Spear-head nasta
Nastaquen Spear-head Person nasta+quen
Natsë – Web/Net (natsë)
Natsë Web/Net natsë+-ë
Natsië Web/Net natsë+-ië
Natsien Web/Net natsë+-ien
Natsewen Web/Net Girl natsë+wendë
Natsenis Web/Net Woman natsë+níssë
Natsiel Daughter of Web/Net natsë+-iel
Natso Web/Net natsë+-o
Natson Web/Net natsë+-on
Natsener Web/Net Man natsë+nér
Natsion Son of Web/Net natsë+-ion
Natsë Web/Net natsë
Natsequen Web/Net Person natsë+quen
Nav- – To Judge (nav-)
Nehta – Spearhead (nehta)
Nehtë Spearhead nehta+-ë
Nehtië Spearhead nehta+-ië
Nehtien Spearhead nehta+-ien
Nehtawen Spearhead Girl nehta+wendë
Nehtanis Spearhead Woman nehta+níssë
Nehtiel Daughter of Spearhead nehta+-iel
Nehto Spearhead nehta+-o
Nehton Spearhead nehta+-on
Nehtano Spearhead nehta+-no
Nehtaner Spearhead Man nehta+nér
Nehtion Son of Spearhead nehta+-ion
Nehta Spearhead nehta
Nehtaquen Spearhead Person nehta+quen
Nehta- – To Slay (nehta-)
Nehtë Slayer nehta-+-ë
Nehtissë Slayer nehta-+-issë
Nehtindë Slayer nehta-+-indë
Nehtallë Slayer nehta-+-llë
Nehtamë Slayer nehta-+-më
Nehtarë Slayer nehta-+-rë
Nehtiel Daughter of Slayer nehta-+-ë+-iel
Nehtissiel Daughter of Slayer nehta-+-issë+-iel
Nehtindiel Daughter of Slayer nehta-+-indë+-iel
Nehtalliel Daughter of Slayer nehta-+-llë+-iel
Nehtamiel Daughter of Slayer nehta-+-më+-iel
Nehtariel Daughter of Slayer nehta-+-rë+-iel
Nehto Slayer nehta-+-o
Nehtano Slayer nehta-+-no
Nehtindo Slayer nehta-+-indo
Nehtamo Slayer nehta-+-mo
Nehtaro Slayer nehta-+-ro
Nehtion Son of Slayer nehta-+-o+-ion
Nehtanion Son of Slayer nehta-+-no+-ion
Nehtindion Son of Slayer nehta-+-indo+-ion
Nehtamion Son of Slayer nehta-+-mo+-ion
Nehtarion Son of Slayer nehta-+-ro+-ion
Nehtar Slayer nehta-+-r
Netil – Trinket (netil)
Netilë Trinket netil+-ë
Netilië Trinket netil+-ië
Netilien Trinket netil+-ien
Netilwen Trinket Girl netil+wendë
Netildis Trinket Woman netil+níssë
Netiliel Daughter of Trinket netil+-iel
Netilo Trinket netil+-o
Netilon Trinket netil+-on
Netildo Trinket netil+-no
Netilder Trinket Man netil+nér
Netilion Son of Trinket netil+-ion
Netil Trinket netil
Netilquen Trinket Person netil+quen
Netya- – To Adorn (netya-)
Netyë Adorner netya-+-ë
Netyallë Adorner netya-+-llë
Netyamë Adorner netya-+-më
Netyarë Adorner netya-+-rë
Netiel Daughter of Adorner netya-+-ë+-iel
Netyalliel Daughter of Adorner netya-+-llë+-iel
Netyamiel Daughter of Adorner netya-+-më+-iel
Netyariel Daughter of Adorner netya-+-rë+-iel
Netyo Adorner netya-+-o
Netyano Adorner netya-+-no
Netyamo Adorner netya-+-mo
Netyaro Adorner netya-+-ro
Netion Son of Adorner netya-+-o+-ion
Netyanion Son of Adorner netya-+-no+-ion
Netyamion Son of Adorner netya-+-mo+-ion
Netyarion Son of Adorner netya-+-ro+-ion
Netyar Adorner netya-+-r
Neuma – Snare (neuma)
Neumë Snare neuma+-ë
Neumië Snare neuma+-ië
Neumien Snare neuma+-ien
Neumawen Snare Girl neuma+wendë
Neumanis Snare Woman neuma+níssë
Neumiel Daughter of Snare neuma+-iel
Neumo Snare neuma+-o
Neumon Snare neuma+-on
Neumaner Snare Man neuma+nér
Neumion Son of Snare neuma+-ion
Neuma Snare neuma
Neumaquen Snare Person neuma+quen
Nor- – To Run (nor-)
Nórë Runner nor-+-ë
Norissë Runner nor-+-issë
Norindë Runner nor-+-indë
Normë Runner nor-+-më
Norrë Runner nor-+-rë
Nóriel Daughter of Runner nor-+-ë+-iel
Norissiel Daughter of Runner nor-+-issë+-iel
Norindiel Daughter of Runner nor-+-indë+-iel
Normiel Daughter of Runner nor-+-më+-iel
Norriel Daughter of Runner nor-+-rë+-iel
Nóro Runner nor-+-o
Nordo Runner nor-+-no
Norindo Runner nor-+-indo
Normo Runner nor-+-mo
Norro Runner nor-+-ro
Nórion Son of Runner nor-+-o+-ion
Nordion Son of Runner nor-+-no+-ion
Norindion Son of Runner nor-+-indo+-ion
Normion Son of Runner nor-+-mo+-ion
Norrion Son of Runner nor-+-ro+-ion
Norta- – To Ride (norta-)
Nortë Rider norta-+-ë
Nortissë Rider norta-+-issë
Nortindë Rider norta-+-indë
Nortallë Rider norta-+-llë
Nortamë Rider norta-+-më
Nortarë Rider norta-+-rë
Nortiel Daughter of Rider norta-+-ë+-iel
Nortissiel Daughter of Rider norta-+-issë+-iel
Nortindiel Daughter of Rider norta-+-indë+-iel
Nortalliel Daughter of Rider norta-+-llë+-iel
Nortamiel Daughter of Rider norta-+-më+-iel
Nortariel Daughter of Rider norta-+-rë+-iel
Norto Rider norta-+-o
Nortano Rider norta-+-no
Nortindo Rider norta-+-indo
Nortamo Rider norta-+-mo
Nortaro Rider norta-+-ro
Nortion Son of Rider norta-+-o+-ion
Nortanion Son of Rider norta-+-no+-ion
Nortindion Son of Rider norta-+-indo+-ion
Nortamion Son of Rider norta-+-mo+-ion
Nortarion Son of Rider norta-+-ro+-ion
Nortar Rider norta-+-r
Núr- – Servant (núr-)
Núrë Servant núr-+-ë
Núrië Servant núr-+-ië
Núrien Servant núr-+-ien
Núriel Daughter of Servant núr-+-iel
Núro Servant núr-+-o
Núron Servant núr-+-on
Núrdo Servant núr-+-no
Núrion Son of Servant núr-+-ion
Núr Servant núr
Núrwë Servant Being núr-+-wë
Núrdil Lover/Friend of Servants núr-+-ndil
Núrendil Lover/Friend of [female] Servants núr-+-ë+-ndil
Núrondil Lover/Friend of [male] Servants núr-+-o+-ndil
Nútë – Bond/Knot (nútë)
Nútë Bond/Knot nútë+-ë
Nútië Bond/Knot nútë+-ië
Nútien Bond/Knot nútë+-ien
Nútewen Bond/Knot Girl nútë+wendë
Nútenis Bond/Knot Woman nútë+níssë
Nútiel Daughter of Bond/Knot nútë+-iel
Núto Bond/Knot nútë+-o
Núton Bond/Knot nútë+-on
Nútener Bond/Knot Man nútë+nér
Nútion Son of Bond/Knot nútë+-ion
Nútë Bond/Knot nútë
Nútequen Bond/Knot Person nútë+quen
Nyar- – To Tell a Story (nyar-)
Nyárë Story Teller nyar-+-ë
Nyarissë Story Teller nyar-+-issë
Nyarindë Story Teller nyar-+-indë
Nyarmë Story Teller nyar-+-më
Nyarrë Story Teller nyar-+-rë
Nyáriel Daughter of Story Teller nyar-+-ë+-iel
Nyarissiel Daughter of Story Teller nyar-+-issë+-iel
Nyarindiel Daughter of Story Teller nyar-+-indë+-iel
Nyarmiel Daughter of Story Teller nyar-+-më+-iel
Nyarriel Daughter of Story Teller nyar-+-rë+-iel
Nyáro Story Teller nyar-+-o
Nyardo Story Teller nyar-+-no
Nyarindo Story Teller nyar-+-indo
Nyarmo Story Teller nyar-+-mo
Nyarro Story Teller nyar-+-ro
Nyárion Son of Story Teller nyar-+-o+-ion
Nyardion Son of Story Teller nyar-+-no+-ion
Nyarindion Son of Story Teller nyar-+-indo+-ion
Nyarmion Son of Story Teller nyar-+-mo+-ion
Nyarrion Son of Story Teller nyar-+-ro+-ion
Nyárë – Tale/Saga/History (nyárë)
Nyárë Tale/Saga/History nyárë+-ë
Nyárië Tale/Saga/History nyárë+-ië
Nyárien Tale/Saga/History nyárë+-ien
Nyárewen Tale/Saga/History Girl nyárë+wendë
Nyárenis Tale/Saga/History Woman nyárë+níssë
Nyáriel Daughter of Tale/Saga/History nyárë+-iel
Nyáro Tale/Saga/History nyárë+-o
Nyáron Tale/Saga/History nyárë+-on
Nyárdo Tale/Saga/History nyárë+-no
Nyárener Tale/Saga/History Man nyárë+nér
Nyárion Son of Tale/Saga/History nyárë+-ion
Nyárë Tale/Saga/History nyárë
Nyárequen Tale/Saga/History Person nyárë+quen
Nyarwë Tale/Saga/History Being nyárë+-wë
Nyarna – Tale/Saga (nyarna)
Nyarnë Tale/Saga nyarna+-ë
Nyarnië Tale/Saga nyarna+-ië
Nyarnien Tale/Saga nyarna+-ien
Nyarnawen Tale/Saga Girl nyarna+wendë
Nyarnanis Tale/Saga Woman nyarna+níssë
Nyarniel Daughter of Tale/Saga nyarna+-iel
Nyarno Tale/Saga nyarna+-o
Nyarnon Tale/Saga nyarna+-on
Nyarnaner Tale/Saga Man nyarna+nér
Nyarnion Son of Tale/Saga nyarna+-ion
Nyarna Tale/Saga nyarna
Nyarnaquen Tale/Saga Person nyarna+quen
Nyarwë Tale/Saga Being nyarna+-wë
Nyellë – Bell (nyellë)
Nyellë Bell nyellë+-ë
Nyellië Bell nyellë+-ië
Nyellien Bell nyellë+-ien
Nyellewen Bell Girl nyellë+wendë
Nyellenis Bell Woman nyellë+níssë
Nyelliel Daughter of Bell nyellë+-iel
Nyello Bell nyellë+-o
Nyellon Bell nyellë+-on
Nyellener Bell Man nyellë+nér
Nyellion Son of Bell nyellë+-ion
Nyellë Bell nyellë
Nyellequen Bell Person nyellë+quen
Nyelwë Bell Being nyellë+-wë
Nyel – Singer (nyel)
Nyellë Singer nyell-+-ë
Nyellië Singer nyell-+-ië
Nyellien Singer nyel+-ien
Nyelwen Singing Girl nyel+wendë
Nyeldis Singing Woman nyel+níssë
Nyelliel Daughter of Singer nyell-+-iel
Nyello Singer nyell-+-o
Nyellon Singer nyell-+-on
Nyeldo Singer nyel+-no
Nyelder Singing Man nyel+nér
Nyellion Son of Singer nyell-+-ion
Nyel Singer nyel
Nyelquen Singing Person nyel+quen
Nyelwë Singing Being nyel+-wë
Nyellendil Lover/Friend of Singers nyelle+-ndil
Nyellendur Servant of Singers nyelle+-ndur
Nyellondil Lover/Friend of Singers nyello+-ndil
Nyellondur Servant of Singers nyello+-ndur
Ñanda- – To Harp (ñanda-)
Ñandë Harper ñanda-+-ë
Ñandissë Harper ñanda-+-issë
Ñandindë Harper ñanda-+-indë
Ñandallë Harper ñanda-+-llë
Ñandamë Harper ñanda-+-më
Ñandarë Harper ñanda-+-rë
Ñandiel Daughter of Harper ñanda-+-ë+-iel
Ñandissiel Daughter of Harper ñanda-+-issë+-iel
Ñandindiel Daughter of Harper ñanda-+-indë+-iel
Ñandalliel Daughter of Harper ñanda-+-llë+-iel
Ñandamiel Daughter of Harper ñanda-+-më+-iel
Ñandariel Daughter of Harper ñanda-+-rë+-iel
Ñando Harper ñanda-+-o
Ñandano Harper ñanda-+-no
Ñandindo Harper ñanda-+-indo
Ñandamo Harper ñanda-+-mo
Ñandaro Harper ñanda-+-ro
Ñandion Son of Harper ñanda-+-o+-ion
Ñandanion Son of Harper ñanda-+-no+-ion
Ñandindion Son of Harper ñanda-+-indo+-ion
Ñandamion Son of Harper ñanda-+-mo+-ion
Ñandarion Son of Harper ñanda-+-ro+-ion
Ñandar Harper ñanda-+-r
Ñandë – Harp (ñandë)
Ñandë Harp ñandë+-ë
Ñandië Harp ñandë+-ië
Ñandien Harp ñandë+-ien
Ñandewen Harp Girl ñandë+wendë
Ñandenis Harp Woman ñandë+níssë
Ñandiel Daughter of Harp ñandë+-iel
Ñando Harp ñandë+-o
Ñandon Harp ñandë+-on
Ñandener Harp Man ñandë+nér
Ñandion Son of Harp ñandë+-ion
Ñandë Harp ñandë
Ñandequen Harp Person ñandë+quen
Ñandelë – Harping (ñandelë)
Ñandelë Harping ñandelë+-ë
Ñandelië Harping ñandelë+-ië
Ñandelien Harping ñandelë+-ien
Ñandelewen Harping Girl ñandelë+wendë
Ñandelenis Harping Woman ñandelë+níssë
Ñandeliel Daughter of Harping ñandelë+-iel
Ñandelo Harping ñandelë+-o
Ñandelon Harping ñandelë+-on
Ñandelener Harping Man ñandelë+nér
Ñandelion Son of Harping ñandelë+-ion
Ñandelë Harping ñandelë
Ñandelequen Harping Person ñandelë+quen
Ñandellë – Little Harp (ñandellë)
Ñandellë Little Harp ñandellë+-ë
Ñandellië Little Harp ñandellë+-ië
Ñandellien Little Harp ñandellë+-ien
Ñandellewen Little Harp Girl ñandellë+wendë
Ñandellenis Little Harp Woman ñandellë+níssë
Ñandelliel Daughter of Little Harp ñandellë+-iel
Ñandello Little Harp ñandellë+-o
Ñandellon Little Harp ñandellë+-on
Ñandellener Little Harp Man ñandellë+nér
Ñandellion Son of Little Harp ñandellë+-ion
Ñandellë Little Harp ñandellë
Ñandellequen Little Harp Person ñandellë+quen
Ñúlë – Black Arts (ñúlë)
Ñúlë Black Arts ñúlë+-ë
Ñúlië Black Arts ñúlë+-ië
Ñúlien Black Arts ñúlë+-ien
Ñúlewen Black Arts Girl ñúlë+wendë
Ñúlenis Black Arts Woman ñúlë+níssë
Ñúliel Daughter of Black Arts ñúlë+-iel
Ñúlo Black Arts ñúlë+-o
Ñúlon Black Arts ñúlë+-on
Ñúldo Black Arts ñúlë+-no
Ñúlener Black Arts Man ñúlë+nér
Ñúlion Son of Black Arts ñúlë+-ion
Ñúlë Black Arts ñúlë
Ñúlequen Black Arts Person ñúlë+quen
Ñúlwë Black Arts Being ñúlë+-wë
Ñúlendil Lover/Friend of Black Arts ñúlë+-ndil
Ñúlendur Servant of Black Arts ñúlë+-ndur
Ñúlelírë – Song of the Black Arts (ñúlë+lírë)
Ñúlelírë Song of the Black Arts ñúlë+lírë+-ë
Ñúlelírië Song of the Black Arts ñúlë+lírë+-ië
Ñúlelírien Song of the Black Arts ñúlë+lírë+-ien
Ñúlelírewen Song of the Black Arts Girl ñúlë+lírë+wendë
Ñúlelírenis Song of the Black Arts Woman ñúlë+lírë+níssë
Ñúlelíriel Daughter of Song of the Black Arts ñúlë+lírë+-iel
Ñúlelíro Song of the Black Arts ñúlë+lírë+-o
Ñúlelíron Song of the Black Arts ñúlë+lírë+-on
Ñúlelírdo Song of the Black Arts ñúlë+lírë+-no
Ñúlelírener Song of the Black Arts Man ñúlë+lírë+nér
Ñúlelírion Son of Song of the Black Arts ñúlë+lírë+-ion
Ñúlelírë Song of the Black Arts ñúlë+lírë
Ñúlelírequen Song of the Black Arts Person ñúlë+lírë+quen
Ñúlelírendil Lover/Friend of Songs of the Black Arts ñúlë+lírë+-ndil
Ñúlelírendur Servant of Songs of the Black Arts ñúlë+lírë+-ndur
Ohta – War (ohta)
Ohtë War ohta+-ë
Ohtië War ohta+-ië
Ohtien War ohta+-ien
Ohtarë Warrior ohta+-rë
Ohtawen War Girl ohta+wendë
Ohtanis War Woman ohta+níssë
Ohtiel Daughter of War ohta+-iel
Ohtariel Daughter of Warrior ohta+-rë+-iel
Ohto War ohta+-o
Ohton War ohta+-on
Ohtaro Warrior ohta+-ro
Ohtaner War Man ohta+nér
Ohtion Son of War ohta+-ion
Ohtarion Son of Warrior ohta+-ro+-ion
Ohta War ohta
Ohtaquen War Person ohta+quen
Ohtar Warrior ohta+-r
Ohtandil Lover/Friend of War ohta+-ndil
Ohtandur Servant of War ohta+-ndur
Ohtacar- – To Make War (ohtacar-)
Ohtacarë Warrior ohtacar-+-ë
Ohtacarissë Warrior ohtacar-+-issë
Ohtacarindë Warrior ohtacar-+-indë
Ohtacarmë Warrior ohtacar-+-më
Ohtacarrë Warrior ohtacar-+-rë
Ohtacariel Daughter of Warrior ohtacar-+-ë+-iel
Ohtacarissiel Daughter of Warrior ohtacar-+-issë+-iel
Ohtacarindiel Daughter of Warrior ohtacar-+-indë+-iel
Ohtacarmiel Daughter of Warrior ohtacar-+-më+-iel
Ohtacarriel Daughter of Warrior ohtacar-+-rë+-iel
Ohtacaro Warrior ohtacar-+-o
Ohtacarindo Warrior ohtacar-+-indo
Ohtacarno Warrior ohtacar-+-no
Ohtacarmo Warrior ohtacar-+-mo
Ohtacarro Warrior ohtacar-+-ro
Ohtacarion Son of Warrior ohtacar-+-o+-ion
Ohtacarindion Son of Warrior ohtacar-+-indo+-ion
Ohtacarnion Son of Warrior ohtacar-+-no+-ion
Ohtacarmion Son of Warrior ohtacar-+-mo+-ion
Ohtacarrion Son of Warrior ohtacar-+-ro+-ion
Ongwë – Crime (ongwë)
Ongwë Crime ongwë+-ë
Ongwië Crime ongwë+-ië
Ongwien Crime ongwë+-ien
Ongwenis Crime Woman ongwë+níssë
Ongwiel Daughter of Crime ongwë+-iel
Ongo Crime ongwë+-o
Ongon Crime ongwë+-on
Ongwener Crime Man ongwë+nér
Ongwion Son of Crime ongwë+-ion
Ongwë Crime ongwë
Ongwequen Crime Person ongwë+quen
Ontamo – Mason (ontamo)
Ontamë Mason ontamo+-ë
Ontamiel Daughter of Mason ontamo+-iel
Ontamo Mason ontamo
Ontamion Son of Mason ontamo+-ion
Ontamondil Lover/Friend of Masons ontamo+-ndil
Ontamondur Servant of Masons ontamo+-ndur
Ovesta – Treaty/Contract (ovesta)
Ovestë Treaty/Contract ovesta+-ë
Ovestië Treaty/Contract ovesta+-ië
Ovestien Treaty/Contract ovesta+-ien
Ovestawen Treaty/Contract Girl ovesta+wendë
Ovestanis Treaty/Contract Woman ovesta+níssë
Ovestiel Daughter of Treaty/Contract ovesta+-iel
Ovesto Treaty/Contract ovesta+-o
Oveston Treaty/Contract ovesta+-on
Ovestaner Treaty/Contract Man ovesta+nér
Ovestion Son of Treaty/Contract ovesta+-ion
Ovesta Treaty/Contract ovesta
Ovestaquen Treaty/Contract Person ovesta+quen
Pano – Carved Wood (pano)
Panë Carved Wood pano+-ë
Panië Carved Wood pano+-ië
Panien Carved Wood pano+-ien
Panowen Carved Wood Girl pano+wendë
Panonis Carved Wood Woman pano+níssë
Paniel Daughter of Carved Wood pano+-iel
Pano Carved Wood pano+-o
Panon Carved Wood pano+-on
Panoner Carved Wood Man pano+nér
Panion Son of Carved Wood pano+-ion
Pano Carved Wood pano
Panoquen Carved Wood Person pano+quen
Panya- – To Fix (panya-)
Panyë Fixer panya-+-ë
Panyallë Fixer panya-+-llë
Panyamë Fixer panya-+-më
Panyarë Fixer panya-+-rë
Paniel Daughter of Fixer panya-+-ë+-iel
Panyalliel Daughter of Fixer panya-+-llë+-iel
Panyamiel Daughter of Fixer panya-+-më+-iel
Panyariel Daughter of Fixer panya-+-rë+-iel
Panyo Fixer panya-+-o
Panyano Fixer panya-+-no
Panyamo Fixer panya-+-mo
Panyaro Fixer panya-+-ro
Panion Son of Fixer panya-+-o+-ion
Panyanion Son of Fixer panya-+-no+-ion
Panyamion Son of Fixer panya-+-mo+-ion
Panyarion Son of Fixer panya-+-ro+-ion
Panyar Fixer panya-+-r
Par- – To Learn (par-)
Párë Student par-+-ë
Parissë Student par-+-issë
Parindë Student par-+-indë
Parmë Student par-+-më
Parrë Student par-+-rë
Páriel Daughter of Student par-+-ë+-iel
Parissiel Daughter of Student par-+-issë+-iel
Parindiel Daughter of Student par-+-indë+-iel
Parmiel Daughter of Student par-+-më+-iel
Parriel Daughter of Student par-+-rë+-iel
Páro Student par-+-o
Parindo Student par-+-indo
Pardo Student par-+-no
Parmo Student par-+-mo
Parro Student par-+-ro
Párion Son of Student par-+-o+-ion
Parindion Son of Student par-+-indo+-ion
Pardion Son of Student par-+-no+-ion
Parmion Son of Student par-+-mo+-ion
Parrion Son of Student par-+-ro+-ion
Parma – Book (parma)
Parmë Book parma+-ë
Parmië Book parma+-ië
Parmien Book parma+-ien
Parmawen Book Girl parma+wendë
Parmanis Book Woman parma+níssë
Parmiel Daughter of Book parma+-iel
Parmo Book parma+-o
Parmon Book parma+-on
Parmano Book parma+-no
Parmaner Book Man parma+nér
Parmion Son of Book parma+-ion
Parma Book parma
Parmaquen Book Person parma+quen
Parmandil Lover/Friend of Books parma+-ndil
Parmandur Servant of Books parma+-ndur
Pata- – To Walk (pata-)
Patë Walker pata-+-ë
Patissë Walker pata-+-issë
Patindë Walker pata-+-indë
Patallë Walker pata-+-llë
Patamë Walker pata-+-më
Patarë Walker pata-+-rë
Patiel Daughter of Walker pata-+-ë+-iel
Patissiel Daughter of Walker pata-+-issë+-iel
Patindiel Daughter of Walker pata-+-indë+-iel
Patalliel Daughter of Walker pata-+-llë+-iel
Patamiel Daughter of Walker pata-+-më+-iel
Patariel Daughter of Walker pata-+-rë+-iel
Pato Walker pata-+-o
Patindo Walker pata-+-indo
Patano Walker pata-+-no
Patamo Walker pata-+-mo
Pataro Walker pata-+-ro
Pation Son of Walker pata-+-o+-ion
Patindion Son of Walker pata-+-indo+-ion
Patanion Son of Walker pata-+-no+-ion
Patamion Son of Walker pata-+-mo+-ion
Patarion Son of Walker pata-+-ro+-ion
Patar Walker pata-+-r
Pelecco – Axe (pelecco)
Peleccë Axe pelecco+-ë
Peleccië Axe pelecco+-ië
Peleccien Axe pelecco+-ien
Peleccowen Axe Girl pelecco+wendë
Pelecconis Axe Woman pelecco+níssë
Pelecciel Daughter of Axe pelecco+-iel
Pelecco Axe pelecco+-o
Peleccon Axe pelecco+-on
Pelecconer Axe Man pelecco+nér
Peleccion Son of Axe pelecco+-ion
Pelecco Axe pelecco
Peleccoquen Axe Person pelecco+quen
Pilin – Arrow (pilin)
Pilindë Arrow pilin+-ë
Pilindië Arrow pilin+-ië
Pilindien Arrow pilin+-ien
Pilinwen Arrow Girl pilin+wendë
Pilindis Arrow Woman pilin+níssë
Pilindiel Daughter of Arrow pilin+-iel
Pilindo Arrow pilin+-o
Pilindon Arrow pilin+-on
Pilindo Arrow pilin+-no
Pilinder Arrow Man pilin+nér
Pilindion Son of Arrow pilin+-ion
Pilin Arrow pilin
Pilinquen Arrow Person pilin+quen
Quenta – Tale/Story (quenta)
Quentë Tale/Story quenta+-ë
Quentië Tale/Story quenta+-ië
Quentien Tale/Story quenta+-ien
Quentarë Narrator quenta+-rë
Quentawen Tale/Story Girl quenta+wendë
Quentanis Tale/Story Woman quenta+níssë
Quentiel Daughter of Tale/Story quenta+-iel
Quentariel Daughter of Narrator quenta+-rë+-iel
Quento Tale/Story quenta+-o
Quenton Tale/Story quenta+-on
Quentaro Narrator quenta+-ro
Quentaner Tale/Story Man quenta+nér
Quention Son of Tale/Story quenta+-ion
Quentarion Son of Narrator quenta+-ro+-ion
Quenta Tale/Story quenta
Quentar Narrator quenta+-r
Quentaquen Tale/Story Person quenta+quen
Quet- – To Speak (quet-)
Quétë Speaker quet-+-ë
Quetissë Speaker quet-+-issë
Quetindë Speaker quet-+-indë
Quétiel Daughter of Speaker quet-+-ë+-iel
Quetissiel Daughter of Speaker quet-+-issë+-iel
Quetindiel Daughter of Speaker quet-+-indë+-iel
Quéto Speaker quet-+-o
Quetindo Speaker quet-+-indo
Quétion Son of Speaker quet-+-o+-ion
Quetindion Son of Speaker quet-+-indo+-ion
Quildohtar – Quiet Warrior (quilda+ohtar)
Quildohtarë Quiet Warrior quilda+ohta+-rë
Quildohtariel Daughter of Quiet Warrior +-iel
Quildohtaro Quiet Warrior quilda+ohta+-ro
Quildohtarion Son of Quiet Warrior +-ion
Quildohtar Quiet Warrior quilda+ohtar
Quildohtardil Lover/Friend of a Quiet Warrior +-ndil
Quildohtardur Servant of a Quiet Warrior +-ndur
Quinga – Bow (quinga)
Quingë Bow quinga+-ë
Quingië Bow quinga+-ië
Quingien Bow quinga+-ien
Quingawen Bow Girl quinga+wendë
Quinganis Bow Woman quinga+níssë
Quingiel Daughter of Bow quinga+-iel
Quingo Bow quinga+-o
Quingon Bow quinga+-on
Quinganer Bow Man quinga+nér
Quingion Son of Bow quinga+-ion
Quinga Bow quinga
Quingaquen Bow Person quinga+quen
Raima – Net (raima)
Raimë Net raima+-ë
Raimië Net raima+-ië
Raimien Net raima+-ien
Raimawen Net Girl raima+wendë
Raimanis Net Woman raima+níssë
Raimiel Daughter of Net raima+-iel
Raimo Net raima+-o
Raimon Net raima+-on
Raimano Net raima+-no
Raimaner Net Man raima+nér
Raimion Son of Net raima+-ion
Raima Net raima
Raimaquen Net Person raima+quen
Raimwë Net Being raima+-wë
Raimë – Lace (raimë)
Raimë Lace raimë+-ë
Raimië Lace raimë+-ië
Raimien Lace raimë+-ien
Raimewen Lace Girl raimë+wendë
Raimenis Lace Woman raimë+níssë
Raimiel Daughter of Lace raimë+-iel
Raimo Lace raimë+-o
Raimon Lace raimë+-on
Raimno Lace raimë+-no
Raimener Lace Man raimë+nér
Raimion Son of Lace raimë+-ion
Raimë Lace raimë
Raimequen Lace Person raimë+quen
Raimwë Lace Being raimë+-wë
Raita- – To Catch in a Net (raita-)
Raitë Fisher/Trapper raita-+-ë
Raitissë Fisher/Trapper raita-+-issë
Raitindë Fisher/Trapper raita-+-indë
Raitallë Fisher/Trapper raita-+-llë
Raitamë Fisher/Trapper raita-+-më
Raitarë Fisher/Trapper raita-+-rë
Raitiel Daughter of Fisher/Trapper raita-+-ë+-iel
Raitissiel Daughter of Fisher/Trapper raita-+-issë+-iel
Raitindiel Daughter of Fisher/Trapper raita-+-indë+-iel
Raitalliel Daughter of Fisher/Trapper raita-+-llë+-iel
Raitamiel Daughter of Fisher/Trapper raita-+-më+-iel
Raitariel Daughter of Fisher/Trapper raita-+-rë+-iel
Raito Fisher/Trapper raita-+-o
Raitindo Fisher/Trapper raita-+-indo
Raitano Fisher/Trapper raita-+-no
Raitamo Fisher/Trapper raita-+-mo
Raitaro Fisher/Trapper raita-+-ro
Raition Son of Fisher/Trapper raita-+-o+-ion
Raitindion Son of Fisher/Trapper raita-+-indo+-ion
Raitanion Son of Fisher/Trapper raita-+-no+-ion
Raitamion Son of Fisher/Trapper raita-+-mo+-ion
Raitarion Son of Fisher/Trapper raita-+-ro+-ion
Raitar Fisher/Trapper raita-+-r
Raiwë – Lace (raiwë)
Raiwë Lace raiwë+-ë
Raiwië Lace raiwë+-ië
Raiwien Lace raiwë+-ien
Raiwenis Lace Woman raiwë+níssë
Raiwiel Daughter of Lace raiwë+-iel
Raio Lace raiwë+-o
Raion Lace raiwë+-on
Raiwener Lace Man raiwë+nér
Raiwion Son of Lace raiwë+-ion
Raiwë Lace raiwë
Raiwequen Lace Person raiwë+quen
Ránë – Straying/Wandering (ránë)
Ránë Straying/Wandering ránë+-ë
Ránië Straying/Wandering ránë+-ië
Ránien Straying/Wandering ránë+-ien
Ránewen Straying/Wandering Girl ránë+wendë
Ránenis Straying/Wandering Woman ránë+níssë
Rániel Daughter of Straying/Wandering ránë+-iel
Ráno Straying/Wandering ránë+-o
Ránon Straying/Wandering ránë+-on
Rándo Straying/Wandering ránë+-no
Ránener Straying/Wandering Man ránë+nér
Ránion Son of Straying/Wandering ránë+-ion
Ránë Straying/Wandering ránë
Ránequen Straying/Wandering Person ránë+quen
Ranwë Straying/Wandering Being ránë+-wë
Ranya- – To Stray/Wander (ranya-)
Ranyë One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-ë
Ranyallë One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-llë
Ranyamë One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-më
Ranyarë One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-rë
Raniel Daughter of One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-ë+-iel
Ranyalliel Daughter of One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-llë+-iel
Ranyamiel Daughter of One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-më+-iel
Ranyariel Daughter of One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-rë+-iel
Ranyo One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-o
Ranyano One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-no
Ranyamo One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-mo
Ranyaro One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-ro
Ranion Son of One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-o+-ion
Ranyanion Son of One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-no+-ion
Ranyamion Son of One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-mo+-ion
Ranyarion Son of One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-ro+-ion
Ranyar One who Strays/Wanderer ranya-+-r
Ranya – Erratic Wandering (ranya)
Ranyë Erratic Wandering ranya+-ë
Ranië Erratic Wandering ranya+-ië
Ranien Erratic Wandering ranya+-ien
Ranyawen Erratic Wandering Girl ranya+wendë
Ranyanis Erratic Wandering Woman ranya+níssë
Raniel Daughter of Erratic Wandering ranya+-iel
Ranyo Erratic Wandering ranya+-o
Ranyon Erratic Wandering ranya+-on
Ranyano Erratic Wandering ranya+-no
Ranyaner Erratic Wandering Man ranya+nér
Ranion Son of Erratic Wandering ranya+-ion
Ranya Erratic Wandering ranya
Ranyaquen Erratic Wandering Person ranya+quen
Ranwë Erratic Wandering Being ranya+-wë
Rehta- – To Rescue/Save (rehta-)
Rehtë Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-ë
Rehtissë Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-issë
Rehtindë Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-indë
Rehtallë Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-llë
Rehtamë Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-më
Rehtarë Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-rë
Rehtiel Daughter of Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-ë+-iel
Rehtissiel Daughter of Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-issë+-iel
Rehtindiel Daughter of Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-indë+-iel
Rehtalliel Daughter of Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-llë+-iel
Rehtamiel Daughter of Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-më+-iel
Rehtariel Daughter of Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-rë+-iel
Rehto Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-o
Rehtindo Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-indo
Rehtano Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-no
Rehtamo Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-mo
Rehtaro Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-ro
Rehtion Son of Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-o+-ion
Rehtindion Son of Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-indo+-ion
Rehtanion Son of Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-no+-ion
Rehtamion Son of Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-mo+-ion
Rehtarion Son of Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-ro+-ion
Rehtar Rescuer/Saver rehta-+-r
Rem- – To Snare/Trap (rem-)
Rémë Trapper rem-+-ë
Remissë Trapper rem-+-issë
Remindë Trapper rem-+-indë
Remmë Trapper rem-+-më
Rémiel Daughter of Trapper rem-+-ë+-iel
Remissiel Daughter of Trapper rem-+-issë+-iel
Remindiel Daughter of Trapper rem-+-indë+-iel
Remmiel Daughter of Trapper rem-+-më+-iel
Rémo Trapper rem-+-o
Remindo Trapper rem-+-indo
Remno Trapper rem-+-no
Remmo Trapper rem-+-mo
Rémion Son of Trapper rem-+-o+-ion
Remindion Son of Trapper rem-+-indo+-ion
Remnion Son of Trapper rem-+-no+-ion
Remmion Son of Trapper rem-+-mo+-ion
Remba- – To Net/Entrap (remba-)
Rembë Fisher/Trapper remba-+-ë
Rembissë Fisher/Trapper remba-+-issë
Rembindë Fisher/Trapper remba-+-indë
Remballë Fisher/Trapper remba-+-llë
Rembamë Fisher/Trapper remba-+-më
Rembarë Fisher/Trapper remba-+-rë
Rembiel Daughter of Fisher/Trapper remba-+-ë+-iel
Rembissiel Daughter of Fisher/Trapper remba-+-issë+-iel
Rembindiel Daughter of Fisher/Trapper remba-+-indë+-iel
Remballiel Daughter of Fisher/Trapper remba-+-llë+-iel
Rembamiel Daughter of Fisher/Trapper remba-+-më+-iel
Rembariel Daughter of Fisher/Trapper remba-+-rë+-iel
Rembo Fisher/Trapper remba-+-o
Rembindo Fisher/Trapper remba-+-indo
Rembano Fisher/Trapper remba-+-no
Rembamo Fisher/Trapper remba-+-mo
Rembaro Fisher/Trapper remba-+-ro
Rembion Son of Fisher/Trapper remba-+-o+-ion
Rembindion Son of Fisher/Trapper remba-+-indo+-ion
Rembanion Son of Fisher/Trapper remba-+-no+-ion
Rembamion Son of Fisher/Trapper remba-+-mo+-ion
Rembarion Son of Fisher/Trapper remba-+-ro+-ion
Rembar Fisher/Trapper remba-+-r
Rembë – Fishing Net (rembë)
Rembë Fisher rembë+-ë
Rembië Fisher rembë+-ië
Rembien Fisher rembë+-ien
Rembewen Fishing Net Girl rembë+wendë
Rembenis Fishing Net Woman rembë+níssë
Rembiel Daughter of Fisher rembë+-iel
Rembo Fisher rembë+-o
Rembon Fisher rembë+-on
Rembener Fishing Net Man rembë+nér
Rembion Son of Fisher rembë+-ion
Rembë Fishing Net rembë
Rembequen Fishing Net Person rembë+quen
Remwë Fishing Net Being rembë+-wë
Remma – Snare (remma)
Remmë Snare remma+-ë
Remmië Snare remma+-ië
Remmien Snare remma+-ien
Remmawen Snare Girl remma+wendë
Remmanis Snare Woman remma+níssë
Remmiel Daughter of Snare remma+-iel
Remmo Snare remma+-o
Remmon Snare remma+-on
Remmano Snare remma+-no
Remmaner Snare Man remma+nér
Remmion Son of Snare remma+-ion
Remma Snare remma
Remmaquen Snare Person remma+quen
Remwë Snare Being remma+-wë
Rer- – To Sow (rer-)
Rérë Planter rer-+-ë
Rerissë Planter rer-+-issë
Rerindë Planter rer-+-indë
Rermë Planter rer-+-më
Rerrë Planter rer-+-rë
Rériel Daughter of Planter rer-+-ë+-iel
Rerissiel Daughter of Planter rer-+-issë+-iel
Rerindiel Daughter of Planter rer-+-indë+-iel
Rermiel Daughter of Planter rer-+-më+-iel
Rerriel Daughter of Planter rer-+-rë+-iel
Réro Planter rer-+-o
Rerindo Planter rer-+-indo
Rerdo Planter rer-+-no
Rermo Planter rer-+-mo
Rerro Planter rer-+-ro
Rérion Son of Planter rer-+-o+-ion
Rerindion Son of Planter rer-+-indo+-ion
Rerdion Son of Planter rer-+-no+-ion
Rermion Son of Planter rer-+-mo+-ion
Rerrion Son of Planter rer-+-ro+-ion
Rista- – To Cut/Cleave (rista-)
Ristë Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-ë
Ristissë Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-issë
Ristindë Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-indë
Ristallë Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-llë
Ristamë Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-më
Ristarë Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-rë
Ristiel Daughter of Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-ë+-iel
Ristissiel Daughter of Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-issë+-iel
Ristindiel Daughter of Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-indë+-iel
Ristalliel Daughter of Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-llë+-iel
Ristamiel Daughter of Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-më+-iel
Ristariel Daughter of Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-rë+-iel
Risto Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-o
Ristindo Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-indo
Ristano Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-no
Ristamo Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-mo
Ristaro Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-ro
Ristion Son of Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-o+-ion
Ristindion Son of Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-indo+-ion
Ristanion Son of Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-no+-ion
Ristamion Son of Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-mo+-ion
Ristarion Son of Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-ro+-ion
Ristar Cutter/Cleaver rista-+-r
Roimë – Hunting (roimë)
Roimë Hunting roimë+-ë
Roimië Hunting roimë+-ië
Roimien Hunting roimë+-ien
Roimewen Hunting Girl roimë+wendë
Roimenis Hunting Woman roimë+níssë
Roimiel Daughter of Hunting roimë+-iel
Roimo Hunting roimë+-o
Roimon Hunting roimë+-on
Roimno Hunting roimë+-no
Roimener Hunting Man roimë+nér
Roimion Son of Hunting roimë+-ion
Roimë Hunting roimë
Roimequen Hunting Person roimë+quen
Roiwë Hunting Being roimë+-wë
Roita- – To Pursue (roita-)
Roitë Pursuer roita-+-ë
Roitissë Pursuer roita-+-issë
Roitindë Pursuer roita-+-indë
Roitallë Pursuer roita-+-llë
Roitamë Pursuer roita-+-më
Roitarë Pursuer roita-+-rë
Roitiel Daughter of Pursuer roita-+-ë+-iel
Roitissiel Daughter of Pursuer roita-+-issë+-iel
Roitindiel Daughter of Pursuer roita-+-indë+-iel
Roitalliel Daughter of Pursuer roita-+-llë+-iel
Roitamiel Daughter of Pursuer roita-+-më+-iel
Roitariel Daughter of Pursuer roita-+-rë+-iel
Roito Pursuer roita-+-o
Roitindo Pursuer roita-+-indo
Roitano Pursuer roita-+-no
Roitamo Pursuer roita-+-mo
Roitaro Pursuer roita-+-ro
Roition Son of Pursuer roita-+-o+-ion
Roitindion Son of Pursuer roita-+-indo+-ion
Roitanion Son of Pursuer roita-+-no+-ion
Roitamion Son of Pursuer roita-+-mo+-ion
Roitarion Son of Pursuer roita-+-ro+-ion
Roitar Pursuer roita-+-r
Róma – Horn (róma)
Rómë Horn róma+-ë
Rómië Horn róma+-ië
Rómien Horn róma+-ien
Rómawen Horn Girl róma+wendë
Rómanis Horn Woman róma+níssë
Rómiel Daughter of Horn róma+-iel
Rómo Horn róma+-o
Rómon Horn róma+-on
Rómno Horn róma+-no
Rómaner Horn Man róma+nér
Rómion Son of Horn róma+-ion
Róma Horn róma
Rómaquen Horn Person róma+quen
Rómwë Horn Being róma+-wë
Róma – Trumpet-Sound (róma)
Rómë Trumpet-Sound róma+-ë
Rómië Trumpet-Sound róma+-ië
Rómien Trumpet-Sound róma+-ien
Rómawen Trumpet-Sound Girl róma+wendë
Rómanis Trumpet-Sound Woman róma+níssë
Rómiel Daughter of Trumpet-Sound róma+-iel
Rómo Trumpet-Sound róma+-o
Rómon Trumpet-Sound róma+-on
Rómno Trumpet-Sound róma+-no
Rómaner Trumpet-Sound Man róma+nér
Rómion Son of Trumpet-Sound róma+-ion
Róma Trumpet-Sound róma
Rómaquen Trumpet-Sound Person róma+quen
Rómwë Trumpet-Sound Being róma+-wë
Romba – Horn/Trumpet (romba)
Rombë Horn/Trumpet romba+-ë
Rombië Horn/Trumpet romba+-ië
Rombien Horn/Trumpet romba+-ien
Rombawen Horn/Trumpet Girl romba+wendë
Rombanis Horn/Trumpet Woman romba+níssë
Rombiel Daughter of Horn/Trumpet romba+-iel
Rombo Horn/Trumpet romba+-o
Rombon Horn/Trumpet romba+-on
Rombaner Horn/Trumpet Man romba+nér
Rombion Son of Horn/Trumpet romba+-ion
Romba Horn/Trumpet romba
Rombaquen Horn/Trumpet Person romba+quen
Romwë Horn/Trumpet Being romba+-wë
Roquen – Rider/Knight (roquen)
Roquenë Rider/Knight roquen+-ë
Roquenië Rider/Knight roquen+-ië
Roquenien Rider/Knight roquen+-ien
Roqueniel Daughter of Rider/Knight roquen+-iel
Roqueno Rider/Knight roquen+-o
Roquenon Rider/Knight roquen+-on
Roquendo Rider/Knight roquen+-no
Roquenion Son of Rider/Knight roquen+-ion
Roquen Rider/Knight roquen
Roquendil Lover/Friend of Riders/Knights roquen+-ndil
Roquendur Servant of Riders/Knights roquen+-ndur
Rúna- – To Free (rúna-)
Rúnë Freer rúna-+-ë
Rúnissë Freer rúna-+-issë
Rúnindë Freer rúna-+-indë
Rúnallë Freer rúna-+-llë
Rúnamë Freer rúna-+-më
Rúnarë Freer rúna-+-rë
Rúniel Daughter of Freer rúna-+-ë+-iel
Rúnissiel Daughter of Freer rúna-+-issë+-iel
Rúnindiel Daughter of Freer rúna-+-indë+-iel
Rúnalliel Daughter of Freer rúna-+-llë+-iel
Rúnamiel Daughter of Freer rúna-+-më+-iel
Rúnariel Daughter of Freer rúna-+-rë+-iel
Rúno Freer rúna-+-o
Rúnindo Freer rúna-+-indo
Rúnano Freer rúna-+-no
Rúnamo Freer rúna-+-mo
Rúnaro Freer rúna-+-ro
Rúnion Son of Freer rúna-+-o+-ion
Rúnindion Son of Freer rúna-+-indo+-ion
Rúnanion Son of Freer rúna-+-no+-ion
Rúnamion Son of Freer rúna-+-mo+-ion
Rúnarion Son of Freer rúna-+-ro+-ion
Rúnar Freer rúna-+-r
Runando – Redeemer (runando)
Runandë Redeemer runando+-ë
Runandië Redeemer runando+-ië
Runandien Redeemer runando+-ien
Runandiel Daughter of Redeemer runando+-iel
Runando Redeemer runando+-o
Runandon Redeemer runando+-on
Runandion Son of Redeemer runando+-ion
Runandendil Lover/Friend of Redeemers runandë+-ndil
Runandendur Servant of Redeemers runandë+-ndur
Runandondil Lover/Friend of Redeemers runando+-ndil
Runandondur Servant of Redeemers runando+-ndur
Russë – Sword Blade (russë)
Russë Sword Blade russë+-ë
Russië Sword Blade russë+-ië
Russien Sword Blade russë+-ien
Russewen Sword Blade Girl russë+wendë
Russenis Sword Blade Woman russë+níssë
Russiel Daughter of Sword Blade russë+-iel
Russo Sword Blade russë+-o
Russon Sword Blade russë+-on
Russener Sword Blade Man russë+nér
Russion Son of Sword Blade russë+-ion
Russë Sword Blade russë
Russequen Sword Blade Person russë+quen

Sailatar – Wise Ruler (saila+-tar)

Samno – Carpenter/Wright/Builder (samno)
Samnë Carpenter/Wright/Builder samno+-ë
Samniel Daughter of Carpenter/Wright/Builder samno+-iel
Samno Carpenter/Wright/Builder samno
Samnion Son of Carpenter/Wright/Builder samno+-ion
Samnendil Lover/Friend of a Carpenter/Wright/Builder samno+-ë+-ndil
Samnendur Servant of a Carpenter/Wright/Builder samno+-ë+-ndur
Samnondil Lover/Friend of a Carpenter/Wright/Builder samno+-ndil
Samnondur Servant of a Carpenter/Wright/Builder samno+-ndur
Sangwa – Poison (sangwa)
Sangwë Poison sangwa+-ë
Sangwië Poison sangwa+-ië
Sangwien Poison sangwa+-ien
Sangwanis Poison Woman sangwa+níssë
Sangwiel Daughter of Poison sangwa+-iel
Sango Poison sangwa+-o
Sangon Poison sangwa+-on
Sangwano Poison sangwa+-no
Sangwaner Poison Man sangwa+nér
Sangwion Son of Poison sangwa+-ion
Sangwa Poison sangwa
Sangwaquen Poison Person sangwa+quen
Sarmë – Writing (sarmë)
Sarmë Writing sarmë+-ë
Sarmië Writing sarmë+-ië
Sarmien Writing sarmë+-ien
Sarmewen Writing Girl sarmë+wendë
Sarmenis Writing Woman sarmë+níssë
Sarmiel Daughter of Writing sarmë+-iel
Sarmo Writing sarmë+-o
Sarmon Writing sarmë+-on
Sarmener Writing Man sarmë+nér
Sarmion Son of Writing sarmë+-ion
Sarmë Writing sarmë
Sarmequen Writing Person sarmë+quen
Sicil – Dagger/Knife (sicil)
Sicilë Dagger/Knife sicil+-ë
Sicilië Dagger/Knife sicil+-ië
Sicilien Dagger/Knife sicil+-ien
Sicilwen Dagger/Knife Girl sicil+wendë
Sicildis Dagger/Knife Woman sicil+níssë
Siciliel Daughter of Dagger/Knife sicil+-iel
Sicilo Dagger/Knife sicil+-o
Sicilon Dagger/Knife sicil+-on
Sicildo Dagger/Knife sicil+-no
Sicilder Dagger/Knife Man sicil+nér
Sicilion Son of Dagger/Knife sicil+-ion
Sicil Dagger/Knife sicil
Sicilquen Dagger/Knife Person sicil+quen
Sicilwë Dagger/Knife Being sicil+-wë
Taman – Handmade Item (taman)
Tamanë Handmade Item taman+-ë
Tamanië Handmade Item taman+-ië
Tamanien Handmade Item taman+-ien
Tamanwen Handmade Item Girl taman+wendë
Tamandis Handmade Item Woman taman+níssë
Tamaniel Daughter of Handmade Item taman+-iel
Tamano Handmade Item taman+-o
Tamanon Handmade Item taman+-on
Tamando Handmade Item taman+-no
Tamander Handmade Item Man taman+nér
Tamanion Son of Handmade Item taman+-ion
Taman Handmade Item taman
Tamanquen Handmade Item Person taman+quen
Tamma – Tool (tamma)
Tammë Tool tamma+-ë
Tammië Tool tamma+-ië
Tammien Tool tamma+-ien
Tammawen Tool Girl tamma+wendë
Tammanis Tool Woman tamma+níssë
Tammiel Daughter of Tool tamma+-iel
Tammo Tool tamma+-o
Tammon Tool tamma+-on
Tammaner Tool Man tamma+nér
Tammion Son of Tool tamma+-ion
Tamma Tool tamma
Tammaquen Tool Person tamma+quen
Tamo – Smith (tamo)
Tamë Smith tamo+-ë
Tamiel Daughter of Smith tamo+-iel
Tamo Smith tamo
Tamion Son of Smith tamo+-ion
Tamendil Lover/Friend of a Smith tamo+-ë+-ndil
Tamendur Servant of a Smith tamo+-ë+-ndur
Tamondil Lover/Friend of a Smith tamo+-ndil
Tamondur Servant of a Smith tamo+-ndur
Tancil – Pin/Brooch (tancil)
Tancilë Pin/Brooch tancil+-ë
Tancilië Pin/Brooch tancil+-ië
Tancilien Pin/Brooch tancil+-ien
Tancilwen Pin/Brooch Girl tancil+wendë
Tancildis Pin/Brooch Woman tancil+níssë
Tanciliel Daughter of Pin/Brooch tancil+-iel
Tancilo Pin/Brooch tancil+-o
Tancilon Pin/Brooch tancil+-on
Tancildo Pin/Brooch tancil+-no
Tancilder Pin/Brooch Man tancil+nér
Tancilion Son of Pin/Brooch tancil+-ion
Tancil Pin/Brooch tancil
Tancilquen Pin/Brooch Person tancil+quen
Tancilwë Pin/Brooch Being tancil+-wë
Tan – Craftsman/Smith (tan)
Tanë Craftsman/Smith tan+-ë
Tanië Craftsman/Smith tan+-ië
Tanien Craftsman/Smith tan+-ien
Taniel Daughter of Craftsman/Smith tan+-iel
Tano Craftsman/Smith tan+-o
Tanon Craftsman/Smith tan+-on
Tando Craftsman/Smith tan+-no
Tanion Son of Craftsman/Smith tan+-ion
Tan Craftsman/Smith tan
Tanwë Craftsman/Smith Being tan+-wë
Tandil Lover/Friend of a Craftsman/Smith tan+-ndil
Tandur Servant of a Craftsman/Smith tan+-ndur
Tanta – Harp (tanta)
Tantë Harp tanta+-ë
Tantië Harp tanta+-ië
Tantien Harp tanta+-ien
Tantissë Harper tanta+-issë
Tantindë Harper tanta+-indë
Tantallë Harper tanta+-llë
Tantamë Harper tanta+-më
Tantarë Harper tanta+-rë
Tantawen Harp Girl tanta+wendë
Tantanis Harp Woman tanta+níssë
Tantiel Daughter of Harp tanta+-iel
Tantissiel Daughter of Harper tanta+-issë+-iel
Tantindiel Daughter of Harper tanta+-indë+-iel
Tantalliel Daughter of Harper tanta+-llë+-iel
Tantamiel Daughter of Harper tanta+-më+-iel
Tantariel Daughter of Harper tanta+-rë+-iel
Tanto Harp tanta+-o
Tanton Harp tanta+-on
Tantindo Harper tanta+-indo
Tantano Harper tanta+-no
Tantamo Harper tanta+-mo
Tantaro Harper tanta+-ro
Tantaner Harp Man tanta+nér
Tantion Son of Harp tanta+-ion
Tantindion Son of Harper tanta+-indo+-ion
Tantanion Son of Harper tanta+-no+-ion
Tantamion Son of Harper tanta+-mo+-ion
Tantarion Son of Harper tanta+-ro+-ion
Tanta Harp tanta
Tantar Harper tanta+-r
Tantaquen Harp Person tanta+quen
Tantila – Harp (tantila)
Tantilë Harp tantila+-ë
Tantilië Harp tantila+-ië
Tantilien Harp tantila+-ien
Tantilawen Harp Girl tantila+wendë
Tantilanis Harp Woman tantila+níssë
Tantiliel Daughter of Harp tantila+-iel
Tantilo Harp tantila+-o
Tantilon Harp tantila+-on
Tantildo Harp tantila+-no
Tantilaner Harp Man tantila+nér
Tantilion Son of Harp tantila+-ion
Tantila Harp tantila
Tantilaquen Harp Person tantila+quen
Tanwë – Craft/Device (tanwë)
Tanwë Craft/Device tanwë+-ë
Tanwië Craft/Device tanwë+-ië
Tanwien Craft/Device tanwë+-ien
Tanwenis Craft/Device Woman tanwë+níssë
Tanwiel Daughter of Craft/Device tanwë+-iel
Tano Craft/Device tanwë+-o
Tanon Craft/Device tanwë+-on
Tanwener Craft/Device Man tanwë+nér
Tanwion Son of Craft/Device tanwë+-ion
Tanwë Craft/Device tanwë
Tanwequen Craft/Device Person tanwë+quen
Tautamo – Carpenter (tautamo)
Tautamë Carpenter tautamo+-ë
Tautamiel Daughter of Carpenter tautamo+-iel
Tautamo Carpenter tautamo+-o
Tautamion Son of Carpenter tautamo+-ion
Tautamendil Lover/Friend of Carpenters tautamo+-ndil
Tautamendur Servant of Carpenters tautamo+-ndur
Tautamondil Lover/Friend of Carpenters tautamo+-ndil
Tautamondur Servant of Carpenters tautamo+-ndur
Tec- – To Write (tec-)
Técë Writer tec-+-ë
Tecissë Writer tec-+-issë
Tecindë Writer tec-+-indë
Téciel Daughter of Writer tec-+-ë+-iel
Tecissiel Daughter of Writer tec-+-issë+-iel
Tecindiel Daughter of Writer tec-+-indë+-iel
Téco Writer tec-+-o
Tecindo Writer tec-+-indo
Técion Son of Writer tec-+-o+-ion
Tecindion Son of Writer tec-+-indo+-ion
Tecil – Pen (tecil)
Tecilë Pen tecil+-ë
Tecilië Pen tecil+-ië
Tecilien Pen tecil+-ien
Tecilwen Pen Girl tecil+wendë
Tecildis Pen Woman tecil+níssë
Teciliel Daughter of Pen tecil+-iel
Tecilo Pen tecil+-o
Tecilon Pen tecil+-on
Tecildo Pen tecil+-no
Tecilder Pen Man tecil+nér
Tecilion Son of Pen tecil+-ion
Tecil Pen tecil
Tecilquen Pen Person tecil+quen
Tecilwë Pen Being tecil+-wë
Tercáno – Herald (tercáno)
Tercánë Herald tercáno+-ë
Tercániel Daughter of Herald tercáno+-iel
Tercáno Herald tercáno
Tercánion Son of Herald tercáno+-ion
Tercánendil Lover/Friend of a Herald tercáno+-ë+-ndil
Tercánendur Servant of a Herald tercáno+-ë+-ndur
Tercánondil Lover/Friend of a Herald tercáno+-ndil
Tercánondur Servant of a Herald tercáno+-ndur
Thámo – Helper (thámo)
Thámë Helper thámo+-ë
Thámiel Daughter of Helper thámo+-iel
Thámo Helper thámo
Thámion Son of Helper thámo+-ion
Thámendil Lover/Friend of a Helper thámo+-ë+-ndil
Thámendur Servant of a Helper thámo+-ë+-ndur
Thámondil Lover/Friend of a Helper thámo+-ndil
Thámondur Servant of a Helper thámo+-ndur
Thanyë – Rule/Law (thanyë)
Thanyë Rule/Law thanyë+-ë
Thanië Rule/Law thanyë+-ië
Thanien Rule/Law thanyë+-ien
Thanyewen Rule/Law Girl thanyë+wendë
Thanyenis Rule/Law Woman thanyë+níssë
Thaniel Daughter of Rule/Law thanyë+-iel
Thanyo Rule/Law thanyë+-o
Thanyon Rule/Law thanyë+-on
Thanyener Rule/Law Man thanyë+nér
Thanion Son of Rule/Law thanyë+-ion
Thanyë Rule/Law thanyë
Thanyequen Rule/Law Person thanyë+quen
Thanwë Rule/Law Being thanyë+-wë
Thanyendil Lover/Friend of Rules/Laws thanyë+-ndil
Thanyendur Servant of Rules/Laws thanyë+-ndur
Tir- – To Watch/Guard (tir-)
Tírë Watcher/Guard tir-+-ë
Tirissë Watcher/Guard tir-+-issë
Tirindë Watcher/Guard tir-+-indë
Tirmë Watcher/Guard tir-+-më
Tirrë Watcher/Guard tir-+-rë
Tíriel Daughter of Watcher/Guard tir-+-ë+-iel
Tirissiel Daughter of Watcher/Guard tir-+-issë+-iel
Tirindiel Daughter of Watcher/Guard tir-+-indë+-iel
Tirmiel Daughter of Watcher/Guard tir-+-më+-iel
Tirriel Daughter of Watcher/Guard tir-+-rë+-iel
Tíro Watcher/Guard tir-+-o
Tirindo Watcher/Guard tir-+-indo
Tirdo Watcher/Guard tir-+-no
Tirmo Watcher/Guard tir-+-mo
Tirro Watcher/Guard tir-+-ro
Tírion Son of Watcher/Guard tir-+-o+-ion
Tirindion Son of Watcher/Guard tir-+-indo+-ion
Tirdion Son of Watcher/Guard tir-+-no+-ion
Tirmion Son of Watcher/Guard tir-+-mo+-ion
Tirrion Son of Watcher/Guard tir-+-ro+-ion
Tulya- – To Lead (tulya-)
Tulyë Leader tulya-+-ë
Tulyallë Leader tulya-+-llë
Tulyamë Leader tulya-+-më
Tulyarë Leader tulya-+-rë
Tuliel Daughter of Leader tulya-+-ë+-iel
Tulyalliel Daughter of Leader tulya-+-llë+-iel
Tulyamiel Daughter of Leader tulya-+-më+-iel
Tulyariel Daughter of Leader tulya-+-rë+-iel
Tulyo Leader tulya-+-o
Tulyano Leader tulya-+-no
Tulyamo Leader tulya-+-mo
Tulyaro Leader tulya-+-ro
Tulion Son of Leader tulya-+-o+-ion
Tulyanion Son of Leader tulya-+-no+-ion
Tulyamion Son of Leader tulya-+-mo+-ion
Tulyarion Son of Leader tulya-+-ro+-ion
Tulyar Leader tulya-+-r
Tur- – To Wield/Control/Govern (tur-)
Túrë Wielder/Controller/Governer/Mistress tur-+-ë
Turissë Wielder/Controller/Governer/Mistress tur-+-issë
Turindë Wielder/Controller/Governer/Mistress tur-+-indë
Turmë Wielder/Controller/Governer/Mistress tur-+-më
Turrë Wielder/Controller/Governer/Mistress tur-+-rë
Túriel Daughter of Wielder/Controller/Governer/Mistress tur-+-ë+-iel
Turissiel Daughter of Wielder/Controller/Governer/Mistress tur-+-issë+-iel
Turindiel Daughter of Wielder/Controller/Governer/Mistress tur-+-indë+-iel
Turmiel Daughter of Wielder/Controller/Governer/Mistress tur-+-më+-iel
Turriel Daughter of Wielder/Controller/Governer/Mistress tur-+-rë+-iel
Túro Wielder/Controller/Governer/Master tur-+-o
Turindo Wielder/Controller/Governer/Master tur-+-indo
Turdo Wielder/Controller/Governer/Master tur-+-no
Turmo Wielder/Controller/Governer/Master tur-+-mo
Turro Wielder/Controller/Governer/Master tur-+-ro
Túrion Son of Wielder/Controller/Governer/Master tur-+-o+-ion
Turindion Son of Wielder/Controller/Governer/Master tur-+-indo+-ion
Turdion Son of Wielder/Controller/Governer/Master tur-+-no+-ion
Turmion Son of Wielder/Controller/Governer/Master tur-+-mo+-ion
Turrion Son of Wielder/Controller/Governer/Master tur-+-ro+-ion
Turma – Shield (turma)
Turmë Shield turma+-ë
Turmië Shield turma+-ië
Turmien Shield turma+-ien
Turmawen Shield Girl turma+wendë
Turmanis Shield Woman turma+níssë
Turmiel Daughter of Shield turma+-iel
Turmo Shield turma+-o
Turmon Shield turma+-on
Turmaner Shield Man turmaturma+nér
Turmion Son of Shield turma+-ion
Turma Shield turma
Turmaquen Shield Person turma+quen
Tuv- – To Find (tuv-)
Túvë Finder tuv-+-ë
Tuvissë Finder tuv-+-issë
Tuvindë Finder tuv-+-indë
Túviel Daughter of Finder tuv-+-ë+-iel
Tuvissiel Daughter of Finder tuv-+-issë+-iel
Tuvindiel Daughter of Finder tuv-+-indë+-iel
Túvo Finder tuv-+-o
Tuvindo Finder tuv-+-indo
Túvion Son of Finder tuv-+-o+-ion
Tuvindion Son of Finder tuv-+-indo+-ion
Tyal- – To Play (tyal-)
Tyálë Player tyal-+-ë
Tyalissë Player tyal-+-issë
Tyalindë Player tyal-+-indë
Tyalmë Player tyal-+-më
Tyáliel Daughter of Player tyal-+-ë+-iel
Tyalissiel Daughter of Player tyal-+-issë+-iel
Tyalindiel Daughter of Player tyal-+-indë+-iel
Tyalmiel Daughter of Player tyal-+-më+-iel
Tyálo Player tyal-+-o
Tyalindo Player tyal-+-indo
Tyaldo Player tyal-+-no
Tyalmo Player tyal-+-mo
Tyálion Son of Player tyal-+-o+-ion
Tyalindion Son of Player tyal-+-indo+-ion
Tyaldion Son of Player tyal-+-no+-ion
Tyalmion Son of Player tyal-+-mo+-ion
Tyalangan – Harpist (tyalangan)
Tyalanganë Harpist tyalangan+-ë
Tyalanganië Harpist tyalangan+-ië
Tyalanganien Harpist tyalangan+-ien
Tyalanganiel Daughter of Harpist tyalangan+-iel
Tyalangano Harpist tyalangan+-o
Tyalanganon Harpist tyalangan+-on
Tyalangando Harpist tyalangan+-no
Tyalanganion Son of Harpist tyalangan+-ion
Tyalangan Harpist tyalangan
Tyalangandil Lover/Friend of a Harpist tyalangan+-ndil
Tyalangandur Servant of a Harpist tyalangan+-ndur
Tyalië – Sport/Game (tyalië)
Tyalië Sport/Game tyalië+-ë
Tyalië Sport/Game tyalië+-ië
Tyalien Sport/Game tyalië+-ien
Tyaliewen Sport/Game Girl tyalië+wendë
Tyalienis Sport/Game Woman tyalië+níssë
Tyaliel Daughter of Sport/Game tyalië+-iel
Tyalio Sport/Game tyalië+-o
Tyalion Sport/Game tyalië+-on
Tyaliener Sport/Game Man tyalië+nér
Tyalion Son of Sport/Game tyalië+-ion
Tyalië Sport/Game tyalië
Tyaliequen Sport/Game Person tyalië+quen
Tyav- – To Taste (tyav-)
Tyávë Taster tyav-+-ë
Tyavissë Taster tyav-+-issë
Tyavindë Taster tyav-+-indë
Tyáviel Daughter of Taster tyav-+-ë+-iel
Tyavissiel Daughter of Taster tyav-+-issë+-iel
Tyavindiel Daughter of Taster tyav-+-indë+-iel
Tyávo Taster tyav-+-o
Tyavindo Taster tyav-+-indo
Tyávion Son of Taster tyav-+-o+-ion
Tyavindion Son of Taster tyav-+-indo+-ion
Umbath – Shield (umbath)
Umbathë Shield umbath+-ë
Umbathië Shield umbath+-ië
Umbathien Shield umbath+-ien
Umbathwen Shield Girl umbath+wendë
Umbathnis Shield Woman umbath+níssë
Umbathiel Daughter of Shield umbath+-iel
Umbatho Shield umbath+-o
Umbathon Shield umbath+-on
Umbathno Shield umbath+-no
Umbathner Shield Man umbath+nér
Umbathion Son of Shield umbath+-ion
Umbath Shield umbath
Umbathquen Shield Person umbath+quen
Vanta- – To Walk (vanta-)
Vantë Walker vanta-+-ë
Vantissë Walker vanta-+-issë
Vantindë Walker vanta-+-indë
Vantallë Walker vanta-+-llë
Vantamë Walker vanta-+-më
Vantarë Walker vanta-+-rë
Vantiel Daughter of Walker vanta-+-ë+-iel
Vantissiel Daughter of Walker vanta-+-issë+-iel
Vantindiel Daughter of Walker vanta-+-indë+-iel
Vantalliel Daughter of Walker vanta-+-llë+-iel
Vantamiel Daughter of Walker vanta-+-më+-iel
Vantariel Daughter of Walker vanta-+-rë+-iel
Vanto Walker vanta-+-o
Vantindo Walker vanta-+-indo
Vantano Walker vanta-+-no
Vantamo Walker vanta-+-mo
Vantaro Walker vanta-+-ro
Vantion Son of Walker vanta-+-o+-ion
Vantindion Son of Walker vanta-+-indo+-ion
Vantanion Son of Walker vanta-+-no+-ion
Vantamion Son of Walker vanta-+-mo+-ion
Vantarion Son of Walker vanta-+-ro+-ion
Vantar Walker vanta-+-r
Varnassë – Security (varnassë)
Varnassë Security varnassë+-ë
Varnassië Security varnassë+-ië
Varnassien Security varnassë+-ien
Varnassewen Security Girl varnassë+wendë
Varnassenis Security Woman varnassë+níssë
Varnassiel Daughter of Security varnassë+-iel
Varnasso Security varnassë+-o
Varnasson Security varnassë+-on
Varnassener Security Man varnassë+nér
Varnassion Son of Security varnassë+-ion
Varnassë Security varnassë
Varnassequen Security Person varnassë+quen
Varnë – Protection (varnë)
Varnë Protection One varnë+-ë
Varnië Protection One varnë+-ië
Varnien Protection One varnë+-ien
Varnewen Protection Girl varnë+wendë
Varnenis Protection Woman varnë+níssë
Varniel Daughter of Protection One varnë+-iel
Varno Protection One varnë+-o
Varnon Protection One varnë+-on
Varnener Protection Man varnë+nér
Varnion Son of Protection One varnë+-ion
Varnë Protection varnë
Varnequen Protection Person varnë+quen
Varwë Protection Being varnë+-wë
Varilë – Protection (varilë)
Varilë Protection varilë+-ë
Varilië Protection varilë+-ië
Varilien Protection varilë+-ien
Varilewen Protection Girl varilë+wendë
Varilenis Protection Woman varilë+níssë
Variliel Daughter of Protection varilë+-iel
Varilo Protection varilë+-o
Varilon Protection varilë+-on
Varildo Protection varilë+-no
Varilener Protection Man varilë+nér
Varilion Son of Protection varilë+-ion
Varilë Protection varilë
Varilequen Protection Person varilë+quen
Varwë Protection Being varilë+-wë
Varya- – To Protect (varya-)
Varyë Protecter varya-+-ë
Varyallë Protecter varya-+-llë
Varyamë Protecter varya-+-më
Varyarë Protecter varya-+-rë
Variel Daughter of Protecter varya-+-ë+-iel
Varyalliel Daughter of Protecter varya-+-llë+-iel
Varyamiel Daughter of Protecter varya-+-më+-iel
Varyariel Daughter of Protecter varya-+-rë+-iel
Varyo Protecter varya-+-o
Varyano Protecter varya-+-no
Varyamo Protecter varya-+-mo
Varyaro Protecter varya-+-ro
Varion Son of Protecter varya-+-o+-ion
Varyanion Son of Protecter varya-+-no+-ion
Varyamion Son of Protecter varya-+-mo+-ion
Varyarion Son of Protecter varya-+-ro+-ion
Varyar Protecter varya-+-r
Watharya- – To Veil (watharya-)
Watharyë Veiler watharya-+-ë
Watharyallë Veiler watharya-+-llë
Watharyamë Veiler watharya-+-më
Watharyarë Veiler watharya-+-rë
Wathariel Daughter of Veiler watharya-+-ë+-iel
Watharyalliel Daughter of Veiler watharya-+-llë+-iel
Watharyamiel Daughter of Veiler watharya-+-më+-iel
Watharyariel Daughter of Veiler watharya-+-rë+-iel
Watharyo Veiler watharya-+-o
Watharyano Veiler watharya-+-no
Watharyamo Veiler watharya-+-mo
Watharyaro Veiler watharya-+-ro
Watharion Son of Veiler watharya-+-o+-ion
Watharyanion Son of Veiler watharya-+-no+-ion
Watharyamion Son of Veiler watharya-+-mo+-ion
Watharyarion Son of Veiler watharya-+-ro+-ion
Watharyar Veiler watharya-+-r
Wérë – Bond/Oath (wérë)
Wérë Bond/Oath wérë+-ë
Wérië Bond/Oath wérë+-ië
Wérien Bond/Oath wérë+-ien
Wérewen Bond/Oath Girl wérë+wendë
Wérenis Bond/Oath Woman wérë+níssë
Wériel Daughter of Bond/Oath wérë+-iel
Wéro Bond/Oath wérë+-o
Wéron Bond/Oath wérë+-on
Wérdo Bond/Oath wérë+-no
Wérener Bond/Oath Man wérë+nér
Wérion Son of Bond/Oath wérë+-ion
Wérë Bond/Oath wérë
Wérequen Bond/Oath Person wérë+quen
Wérwë Bond/Oath Being wérë+-wë
Yulma – Brand (yulma)
Yulmë Brand yulma+-ë
Yulmië Brand yulma+-ië
Yulmien Brand yulma+-ien
Yulmawen Brand Girl yulma+wendë
Yulmanis Brand Woman yulma+níssë
Yulmiel Daughter of Brand yulma+-iel
Yulmo Brand yulma+-o
Yulmon Brand yulma+-on
Yulmaner Brand Man yulma+nér
Yulmion Son of Brand yulma+-ion
Yulma Brand yulma
Yulmaquen Brand Person yulma+quen
Yulwë Brand Being yulma+-wë
Yur- – To Run (yur-)
Yúrë Runner yur-+-ë
Yurissë Runner yur-+-issë
Yurindë Runner yur-+-indë
Yurmë Runner yur-+-më
Yurrë Runner yur-+-rë
Yúriel Daughter of Runner yur-+-ë+-iel
Yurissiel Daughter of Runner yur-+-issë+-iel
Yurindiel Daughter of Runner yur-+-indë+-iel
Yurmiel Daughter of Runner yur-+-më+-iel
Yurriel Daughter of Runner yur-+-rë+-iel
Yúro Runner yur-+-o
Yurindo Runner yur-+-indo
Yurdo Runner yur-+-no
Yurmo Runner yur-+-mo
Yurro Runner yur-+-ro
Yúrion Son of Runner yur-+-o+-ion
Yurindion Son of Runner yur-+-indo+-ion
Yurdion Son of Runner yur-+-no+-ion
Yurmion Son of Runner yur-+-mo+-ion
Yurrion Son of Runner yur-+-ro+-ion

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