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Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name

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Accar- – To Avenge (accar-)
Accarë Avenger accar-+-ë
Accarissë Avenger accar-+-issë
Accarindë Avenger accar-+-indë
Accarmë Avenger accar-+-më
Accarrë Avenger accar-+-rë
Accariel Daughter of Avenger accar-+-ë+-iel
Accarissiel Daughter of Avenger accar-+-issë+-iel
Accarindiel Daughter of Avenger accar-+-indë+-iel
Accarmiel Daughter of Avenger accar-+-më+-iel
Accarriel Daughter of Avenger accar-+-rë+-iel
Accaro Avenger accar-+-o
Accardo Avenger accar-+-no
Accarindo Avenger accar-+-indo
Accarmo Avenger accar-+-mo
Accarro Avenger accar-+-ro
Accarion Son of Avenger accar-+-o+-ion
Accardion Son of Avenger accar-+-no+-ion
Accarindion Son of Avenger accar-+-indo+-ion
Accarmion Son of Avenger accar-+-mo+-ion
Accarrion Son of Avenger accar-+-ro+-ion
Ala- – To Plant/Grow (ala-)
Alë Planter ala-+-ë
Alissë Planter ala-+-issë
Alindë Planter ala-+-indë
Alallë Planter ala-+-llë
Alamë Planter ala-+-më
Alarë Planter ala-+-rë
Aliel Daughter of Planter ala-+-ë+-iel
Alissiel Daughter of Planter ala-+-issë+-iel
Alindiel Daughter of Planter ala-+-indë+-iel
Alalliel Daughter of Planter ala-+-llë+-iel
Alamiel Daughter of Planter ala-+-më+-iel
Alariel Daughter of Planter ala-+-rë+-iel
Alo Planter ala-+-o
Alindo Planter ala-+-indo
Alano Planter ala-+-no
Alamo Planter ala-+-mo
Alaro Planter ala-+-ro
Alion Son of Planter ala-+-o+-ion
Alindion Son of Planter ala-+-indo+-ion
Alanion Son of Planter ala-+-no+-ion
Alamion Son of Planter ala-+-mo+-ion
Alarion Son of Planter ala-+-ro+-ion
Alar Planter ala-+-r
Alta- – To Grow [plants] (alta-)
Altë Grower alta-+-ë
Altissë Grower alta-+-issë
Altindë Grower alta-+-indë
Altallë Grower alta-+-llë
Altamë Grower alta-+-më
Altarë Grower alta-+-rë
Altiel Daughter of Grower alta-+-ë+-iel
Altissiel Daughter of Grower alta-+-issë+-iel
Altindiel Daughter of Grower alta-+-indë+-iel
Altalliel Daughter of Grower alta-+-llë+-iel
Altamiel Daughter of Grower alta-+-më+-iel
Altariel Daughter of Grower alta-+-rë+-iel
Alto Grower alta-+-o
Altindo Grower alta-+-indo
Altano Grower alta-+-no
Altamo Grower alta-+-mo
Altaro Grower alta-+-ro
Altion Son of Grower alta-+-o+-ion
Altindion Son of Grower alta-+-indo+-ion
Altanion Son of Grower alta-+-no+-ion
Altamion Son of Grower alta-+-mo+-ion
Altarion Son of Grower alta-+-ro+-ion
Altar Grower alta-+-r

Altohtar – Great Warrior (alta+ohtar)

Ambassë – Breast-plate/Hauberk (ambassë)
Ambassë Breast-plate/Hauberk ambassë+-ë
Ambassië Breast-plate/Hauberk ambassë+-ië
Ambassien Breast-plate/Hauberk ambassë+-ien
Ambassiel Daughter of Breast-plate/Hauberk ambassë+-iel
Ambassewen Breast-plate/Hauberk Girl ambassë+wendë
Ambassenis Breast-plate/Hauberk Woman ambassë+níssë
Ambasso Breast-plate/Hauberk ambassë+-o
Ambasson Breast-plate/Hauberk ambassë+-on
Ambassion Son of Breast-plate/Hauberk ambassë+-ion
Ambassener Breast-plate/Hauberk Man ambassë+nér
Ambassë Breast-plate/Hauberk ambassë
Ambassequen Breast-plate/Hauberk Person ambassë+quen
Ampa – Hook (ampa)
Ampë Hook ampa+-ë
Ampië Hook ampa+-ië
Ampien Hook ampa+-ien
Ampiel Daughter of Hook ampa+-iel
Ampawen Hook Girl ampa+wendë
Ampanis Hook Woman ampa+níssë
Ampo Hook ampa+-o
Ampon Hook ampa+-on
Ampion Son of Hook ampa+-ion
Ampaner Hook Man ampa+nér
Ampa Hook ampa
Ampaquen Hook Person ampa+quen
Ara- – Noble (ara-)
Arë Noble One ar-+-ë
Arië Noble One ar-+-ië
Arien Noble One ar-+-ien
Ariel Daughter of Noble One ar-+-iel
Arawen Noble Girl ara-+wendë
Aranis Noble Woman ara-+níssë
Aro Noble One ar-+-o
Aron Noble One ar-+-on
Arno Noble One ar-+-no
Arion Son of Noble One ar-+-ion
Araner Noble Man ara-+nér
Araquen Noble Person ara-+quen
Arandil Noble Lover/Friend ara-+-ndil
Arandur Noble Servant ara-+-ndur
Arna – Royal/Noble (arna)
Arnë Royal/Noble One arna+-ë
Arnië Royal/Noble One arna+-ië
Arnien Royal/Noble One arna+-ien
Arniel Daughter of Royal/Noble One arna+-iel
Arnawen Royal/Noble Girl arna+wendë
Arnanis Royal/Noble Woman arna+níssë
Arno Royal/Noble One arna+-o
Arnon Royal/Noble One arna+-on
Arnion Son of Royal/Noble One arna+-ion
Arnaner Royal/Noble Man arna+nér
Arna Royal/Noble arna
Arnaquen Royal/Noble Person arna+quen
Arnandil Royal/Noble Lover/Friend arna+-ndil
Arnandur Royal/Noble Servant arna+-ndur
Arossë – Royal Terror (ar-+ossë)
Arossë Royal Terror ar-+ossë+-ë
Arossië Royal Terror ar-+ossë+-ië
Arossien Royal Terror ar-+ossë+-ien
Arossiel Daughter of Royal Terror ar-+ossë+-iel
Arossewen Royal Terror Girl ar-+ossë+wendë
Arossenis Royal Terror Woman ar-+ossë+níssë
Arosso Royal Terror ar-+ossë+-o
Arosson Royal Terror ar-+ossë+-on
Arossion Son of Royal Terror ar-+ossë+-ion
Arossener Royal Terror Man ar-+ossë+nér
Arossë Royal Terror ar-+ossë
Arossequen Royal Terror Person ar-+ossë+quen
Arhesto – Noble Captain (ar-+hesto)
Arhestë Noble Captain ar-+hesto+-ë
Arhestië Noble Captain ar-+hesto+-ië
Arhestien Noble Captain ar-+hesto+-ien
Arhestiel Daughter of Noble Captain ar-+hesto+-iel
Arhesto Noble Captain ar-+hesto+-o
Arheston Noble Captain ar-+hesto+-on Arhestion Son of Noble Captain ar-+hesto+-ion Genderless Arhestendil Lover/Friend of Noble Captain ar-+hesto+-ndil Arhestendur Servant of Noble Captain ar-+hesto+-ndur Arhestondil Lover/Friend of Noble Captain ar-+hesto+-ndil Arhestondur Servant of Noble Captain ar-+hesto+-ndur
Atsa – Hook/Claw (atsa)
Atsë Hook/Claw atsa+-ë
Atsië Hook/Claw atsa+-ië
Atsien Hook/Claw atsa+-ien
Atsiel Daughter of Hook/Claw atsa+-iel
Atsawen Hook/Claw Girl atsa+wendë
Atsanis Hook/Claw Woman atsa+níssë
Atso Hook/Claw atsa+-o
Atson Hook/Claw atsa+-on
Atsion Son of Hook/Claw atsa+-ion
Atsaner Hook/Claw Man atsa+nér
Atsa Hook/Claw atsa
Atsaquen Hook/Claw Person atsa+quen
Aulë – Invention (aulë)
Aulië Invention aulë+-ië
Aulien Invention aulë+-ien
Auliel Daughter of Invention aulë+-iel
Aulewen Invention Girl aulë+wendë
Aulenis Invention Woman aulë+níssë
Aulo Invention aulë+-o
Aulon Invention aulë+-on
Auldo Invention aulë+-no
Aulion Son of Invention aulë+-ion
Aulener Invention Man aulë+nér
Aulequen Invention Person aulë+quen
Aulwë Invention Being aulë+-wë
Auta- – To Invent (auta-)
Autë Inventer auta-+-ë
Autissë Inventer auta-+-issë
Autindë Inventer auta-+-indë
Autallë Inventer auta-+-llë
Autamë Inventer auta-+-më
Autarë Inventer auta-+-rë
Autiel Daughter of Inventer auta-+-ë+-iel
Autissiel Daughter of Inventer auta-+-issë+-iel
Autindiel Daughter of Inventer auta-+-indë+-iel
Autalliel Daughter of Inventer auta-+-llë+-iel
Autamiel Daughter of Inventer auta-+-më+-iel
Autariel Daughter of Inventer auta-+-rë+-iel
Auto Inventer auta-+-o
Autindo Inventer auta-+-indo
Autano Inventer auta-+-no
Autamo Inventer auta-+-mo
Autaro Inventer auta-+-ro
Aution Son of Inventer auta-+-o+-ion
Autindion Son of Inventer auta-+-indo+-ion
Autanion Son of Inventer auta-+-no+-ion
Autamion Son of Inventer auta-+-mo+-ion
Autarion Son of Inventer auta-+-ro+-ion
Autar Inventer auta-+-r
Caima – Bed (caima)
Caimë Bed caima+-ë
Caimië Bed caima+-ië
Caimien Bed caima+-ien
Caimiel Daughter of Bed caima+-iel
Caimawen Bed Girl caima+wendë
Caimanis Bed Woman caima+níssë
Caimo Bed caima+-o
Caimon Bed caima+-on
Caimno Bed caima+-no
Caimion Son of Bed caima+-ion
Caimaner Bed Man caima+nér
Caima Bed caima
Caimaquen Bed Person caima+quen
Calar – Lamp (calar)
Calarë Lamp calar+-ë
Calarië Lamp calar+-ië
Calarien Lamp calar+-ien
Calariel Daughter of Lamp calar+-iel
Calarwen Lamp Girl calar+wendë
Calarnis Lamp Woman calar+níssë
Calaro Lamp calar+-o
Calaron Lamp calar+-on
Calarno Lamp calar+-no
Calarion Son of Lamp calar+-ion
Calarner Lamp Man calar+nér
Calar Lamp calar
Calarquen Lamp Person calar+quen
Callo – Noble Man/Hero (callo)
Callë Noble Woman/Hero callo+-ë
Callië Noble Woman/Hero callo+-ië
Callien Noble Man/Hero callo+-ien
Calliel Daughter of a Noble Man/Hero callo+-iel
Callo Noble Man/Hero callo+-o
Callon Noble Man/Hero callo+-on
Callion Son of Noble Man/Hero +-ion
Callendil Lover/Friend of a Noble Woman/Hero callo+-ë+-ndil
Callendur Servant of a Noble Woman/Hero callo+-ië+-ndur
Callondil Lover/Friend of a Noble Man/Hero callo+-ndil
Callondur Servant of a Noble Man/Hero callo+-ndur
Calma – Lamp/Light (calma)
Calmë Lamp/Light calma+-ë
Calmië Lamp/Light calma+-ië
Calmien Lamp/Light calma+-ien
Calmiel Daughter of Lamp/Light calma+-iel
Calmawen Lamp/Light Girl calma+wendë
Calmanis Lamp/Light Woman calma+níssë
Calmo Lamp/Light calma+-o
Calmon Lamp/Light calma+-on
Calmion Son of Lamp/Light calma+-ion
Calmaner Lamp/Light Man calma+nér
Calma Lamp/Light calma
Calmaquen Lamp/Light Person calma+quen

Calmatan – Lampwright (calmatan)

Calpa – Water-vessel (calpa)
Calpë Water-vessel calpa+-ë
Calpië Water-vessel calpa+-ië
Calpien Water-vessel calpa+-ien
Calpiel Daughter of Water-vessel calpa+-iel
Calpawen Water-vessel Girl calpa+wendë
Calpanis Water-vessel Woman calpa+níssë
Calpo Water-vessel calpa+-o
Calpon Water-vessel calpa+-on
Calpion Son of Water-vessel calpa+-ion
Calpaner Water-vessel Man calpa+nér
Calpa Water-vessel calpa
Calpaquen Water-vessel Person calpa+quen
Can- – To Command (can-)
Cánë Commander can-+-ë
Canissë Commander can-+-issë
Canindë Commander can-+-indë
Cániel Daughter of Commander can-+-ë+-iel
Canissiel Daughter of Commander can-+-issë+-iel
Canindiel Daughter of Commander can-+-indë+-iel
Cáno Commander can-+-o
Cando Commander can-+-no
Canindo Commander can-+-indo
Cánion Son of Commander can-+-o+-ion
Candion Son of Commander can-+-no+-ion
Canindion Son of Commander can-+-indo+-ion
Car- – To Do/Build/Make (car-)
Cárë Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-ë
Carissë Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-issë
Carindë Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-indë
Carmë Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-më
Carrë Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-rë
Cáriel Daughter of Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-ë+-iel
Carissiel Daughter of Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-issë+-iel
Carindiel Daughter of Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-indë+-iel
Carmiel Daughter of Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-më+-iel
Carriel Daughter of Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-rë+-iel
Cáro Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-o
Carindo Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-indo
Cardo Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-no
Carmo Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-mo
Carro Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-ro
Cárion Son of Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-o+-ion
Cardion Son of Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-no+-ion
Carindion Son of Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-indo+-ion
Carmion Son of Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-mo+-ion
Carrion Son of Doer/Builder/Maker car-+-ro+-ion
Carasta- – To Build (carasta-)
Carastë Builer carasta-+-ë
Carastissë Builer carasta-+-issë
Carastindë Builer carasta-+-indë
Carastallë Builder carasta-+-llë
Carastamë Builder carasta-+-më
Carastarë Builder carasta-+-rë
Carastiel Daughter of Builer carasta-+-ë+-iel
Carastissiel Daughter of Builer carasta-+-issë+-iel
Carastindiel Daughter of Builer carasta-+-indë+-iel
Carastalliel Daughter of Builder carasta-+-llë+-iel
Carastamiel Daughter of Builder carasta-+-më+-iel
Carastariel Daughter of Builder carasta-+-rë+-iel
Carasto Builer carasta-+-o
Carastindo Builer carasta-+-indo
Carastano Builder carasta-+-no
Carastamo Builder carasta-+-mo
Carastaro Builder carasta-+-ro
Carastion Son of Builer carasta-+-o+-ion
Carastindion Son of Builer carasta-+-indo+-ion
Carastanion Son of Builder carasta-+-no+-ion
Carastamion Son of Builder carasta-+-mo+-ion
Carastarion Son of Builder carasta-+-ro+-ion
Carastar Builder carasta-+-r
Carma – Tool/Weapon (carma)
Carmë Tool/Weapon carma+-ë
Carmië Tool/Weapon carma+-ië
Carmien Tool/Weapon carma+-ien
Carmiel Daughter of Tool/Weapon carma+-iel
Carmawen Tool/Weapon Girl carma+wendë
Carmanis Tool/Weapon Woman carma+níssë
Carmo Tool/Weapon carma+-o
Carmon Tool/Weapon carma+-on
Carmion Son of Tool/Weapon carma+-ion
Carmaner Tool/Weapon Man carma+nér
Carma Tool/Weapon carma
Carmaquen Tool/Weapon Person carma+quen
Carma – Helmet (carma)
Carmë Helmet carma+-ë
Carmië Helmet carma+-ië
Carmien Helmet carma+-ien
Carmiel Daughter of Helmet carma+-iel
Carmawen Helmet Girl carma+wendë
Carmanis Helmet Woman carma+níssë
Carmo Helmet carma+-o
Carmon Helmet carma+-on
Carmion Son of Helmet carma+-ion
Carmaner Helmet Man carma+nér
Carma Helmet carma
Carmaquen Helmet Person carma+quen
Carmë – Art (carmë)
Carmë Art carmë+-ë
Carmië Art carmë+-ië
Carmien Art carmë+-ien
Carmiel Daughter of Art carmë+-iel
Carmewen Art Girl carmë+wendë
Carmenis Art Woman carmë+níssë
Carmo Art carmë+-o
Carmon Art carmë+-on
Carmion Son of Art carmë+-ion
Carmener Art Man carmë+nér
Carmë Art carmë
Carmequen Art Person carmë+quen
Cassa – Helmet (cassa)
Cassë Helmet cassa+-ë
Cassië Helmet cassa+-ië
Cassien Helmet cassa+-ien
Cassiel Daughter of Helmet cassa+-iel
Cassawen Helmet Girl cassa+wendë
Cassanis Helmet Woman cassa+níssë
Casso Helmet cassa+-o
Casson Helmet cassa+-on
Cassion Son of Helmet cassa+-ion
Cassaner Helmet Man cassa+nér
Cassa Helmet cassa
Cassaquen Helmet Person cassa+quen
Caswë Helmet Being cassa+-wë
Castol – Helmet (castol)
Castolë Helmet castol+-ë
Castolië Helmet castol+-ië
Castolien Helmet castol+-ien
Castoliel Daughter of Helmet castol+-iel
Castolwen Helmet Girl castol+wendë
Castoldis Helmet Woman castol+níssë
Castolo Helmet castol+-o
Castolon Helmet castol+-on
Castoldo Helmet castol+-no
Castolion Son of Helmet castol+-ion
Castolder Helmet Man castol+nér
Castol Helmet castol
Castolquen Helmet Person castol+quen
Castolwë Helmet Being castol+-wë
Cauma – Shelter/Shield (cauma)
Caumë Shelter/Shield cauma+-ë
Caumië Shelter/Shield cauma+-ië
Caumien Shelter/Shield cauma+-ien
Caumiel Daughter of Shelter/Shield cauma+-iel
Caumawen Shelter/Shield Girl cauma+wendë
Caumanis Shelter/Shield Woman cauma+níssë
Caumo Shelter/Shield cauma+-o
Caumon Shelter/Shield cauma+-on
Caumno Shelter/Shield cauma+-no
Caumion Son of Shelter/Shield cauma+-ion
Caumaner Shelter/Shield Man cauma+nér
Cauma Shelter/Shield cauma
Caumaquen Shelter/Shield Person cauma+quen
Cemnar – Potter (cemnar)
Cemnarë Potter cemnarë
Cemnarië Potter cemnarë+-ië
Cemnarien Potter cemnar+-ien
Cemnariel Daughter of Potter cemnarë+-iel
Cemnaro Potter cemnaro+-o
Cemnaron Potter cemnaro+-on
Cemnarion Son of Potter cemnaro+-ion
Cemnar Potter cemnar
Cemnarendil Lover/Friend of a Potter cemnarë+-ndil
Cemnarendur Servant of a Potter cemnarë+-ndur
Cemnarondil Lover/Friend of a Potter cemnaro+-ndil
Cemnarondur Servant of a Potter cemnaro+-ndur
Cenda- – To Watch/Read (cenda-)
Cendë Watcher/Reader cenda-+-ë
Cendissë Watcher/Reader cenda-+-issë
Cendindë Watcher/Reader cenda-+-indë
Cendallë Watcher/Reader cenda-+-llë
Cendamë Watcher/Reader cenda-+-më
Cendarë Watcher/Reader cenda-+-rë
Cendiel Daughter of Watcher/Reader cenda-+-ë+-iel
Cendissiel Daughter of Watcher/Reader cenda-+-issë+-iel
Cendindiel Daughter of Watcher/Reader cenda-+-indë+-iel
Cendalliel Daughter of Watcher/Reader cenda-+-llë+-iel
Cendamiel Daughter of Watcher/Reader cenda-+-më+-iel
Cendariel Daughter of Watcher/Reader cenda-+-rë+-iel
Cendo Watcher/Reader cenda-+-o
Cendindo Watcher/Reader cenda-+-indo
Cendano Watcher/Reader cenda-+-no
Cendamo Watcher/Reader cenda-+-mo
Cendaro Watcher/Reader cenda-+-ro
Cendion Son of Watcher/Reader cenda-+-o+-ion
Cendindion Son of Watcher/Reader cenda-+-indo+-ion
Cendanion Son of Watcher/Reader cenda-+-no+-ion
Cendamion Son of Watcher/Reader cenda-+-mo+-ion
Cendarion Son of Watcher/Reader cenda-+-ro+-ion
Cendar Watcher/Reader cenda-+-r

Centano – Potter [masculine] (centano)

Cesta- – To Seek/Search (cesta-)
Cestë Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-ë
Cestissë Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-issë
Cestindë Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-indë
Cestallë Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-llë
Cestamë Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-më
Cestarë Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-rë
Cestiel Daughter of Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-ë+-iel
Cestissiel Daughter of Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-issë+-iel
Cestindiel Daughter of Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-indë+-iel
Cestalliel Daughter of Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-llë+-iel
Cestamiel Daughter of Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-më+-iel
Cestariel Daughter of Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-rë+-iel
Cesto Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-o
Cestindo Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-indo
Cestano Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-no
Cestamo Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-mo
Cestaro Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-ro
Cestion Son of Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-o+-ion
Cestindion Son of Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-indo+-ion
Cestanion Son of Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-no+-ion
Cestamion Son of Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-mo+-ion
Cestarion Son of Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-ro+-ion
Cestar Seeker/Searcher cesta-+-r
Ceth- – To Search/Examine (ceth-)
Céthë Searcher/Examiner ceth-+-ë
Cethissë Searcher/Examiner ceth-+-issë
Cethindë Searcher/Examiner ceth-+-indë
Céthiel Daughter of Searcher/Examiner ceth-+-ë+-iel
Cethissiel Daughter of Searcher/Examiner ceth-+-issë+-iel
Cethindiel Daughter of Searcher/Examiner ceth-+-indë+-iel
Cétho Searcher/Examiner ceth-+-o
Cethindo Searcher/Examiner ceth-+-indo
Céthion Son of Searcher/Examiner ceth-+-o+-ion
Cethindion Son of Searcher/Examiner ceth-+-indo+-ion
Cilin – Glassware (cilin)
Cilinë Glassware cilin+-ë
Cilinië Glassware cilin+-ië
Cilinien Glassware cilin+-ien
Ciliniel Daughter of Glassware cilin+-iel
Cilinwen Glassware Girl cilin+wendë
Cilindis Glassware Woman cilin+níssë
Cilino Glassware cilin+-o
Cilinon Glassware cilin+-on
Cilindo Glassware cilin+-no
Cilinion Son of Glassware cilin+-ion
Cilinder Glassware Man cilin+nér
Cilin Glassware cilin
Cilinquen Glassware Person cilin+quen
Cilintilla – Mirror (cilintilla)
Cilintillë Mirror cilintilla+-ë
Cilintillië Mirror cilintilla+-ië
Cilintillien Mirror cilintilla+-ien
Cilintilliel Daughter of Mirror cilintilla+-iel
Cilintillawen Mirror Girl cilintilla+wendë
Cilintillanis Mirror Woman cilintilla+níssë
Cilintillo Mirror cilintilla+-o
Cilintillon Mirror cilintilla+-on
Cilintillion Son of Mirror cilintilla+-ion
Cilintillaner Mirror Man cilintilla+nér
Cilintilla Mirror cilintilla
Cilintillaquen Mirror Person cilintilla+quen
Cilintír – Mirror (cilintír)
Cilintírë Mirror cilintír+-ë
Cilintírië Mirror cilintír+-ië
Cilintírien Mirror cilintír+-ien
Cilintíriel Daughter of Mirror cilintír+-iel
Cilintírwen Mirror Girl cilintír+wendë
Cilintírnis Mirror Woman cilintír+níssë
Cilintíro Mirror cilintír+-o
Cilintíron Mirror cilintír+-on
Cilintírno Mirror cilintír+-no
Cilintírion Son of Mirror cilintír+-ion
Cilintírner Mirror Man cilintír+nér
Cilintír Mirror cilintír
Cilintírquen Person cilintír+quen
Cilintírwë Mirror Being cilintír+-wë
Cilinyul – Drinking Glass (cilinyul)
Cilinyulë Drinking Glass cilinyul+-ë
Cilinyulië Drinking Glass cilinyul+-ië
Cilinyulien Drinking Glass cilinyul+-ien
Cilinyuliel Daughter of Drinking Glass cilinyul+-iel
Cilinyulwen Drinking Glass Girl cilinyul+wendë
Cilinyuldis Drinking Glass Woman cilinyul+níssë
Cilinyulo Drinking Glass cilinyul+-o
Cilinyulon Drinking Glass cilinyul+-on
Cilinyuldo Drinking Glass cilinyul+-no
Cilinyulion Son of Drinking Glass cilinyul+-ion
Cilinyulder Drinking Glass Man cilinyul+nér
Cilinyul Drinking Glass cilinyul
Cilinyulquen Drinking Glass Person cilinyul+quen
Cilinyulwë Drinking Glass Being cilinyul+-wë
Círa- – To Sail (círa-)
Círë Sailor círa-+-ë
Círissë Sailor círa-+-issë
Círindë Sailor círa-+-indë
Círallë Sailor círa-+-llë
Círamë Sailor círa-+-më
Círarë Sailor círa-+-rë
Círiel Daughter of Sailor círa-+-ë+-iel
Círissiel Daughter of Sailor círa-+-issë+-iel
Círindiel Daughter of Sailor círa-+-indë+-iel
Círalliel Daughter of Sailor círa-+-llë+-iel
Círamiel Daughter of Sailor círa-+-më+-iel
Círariel Daughter of Sailor círa-+-rë+-iel
Círo Sailor círa-+-o
Círindo Sailor círa-+-indo
Círano Sailor círa-+-no
Círamo Sailor círa-+-mo
Círaro Sailor círa-+-ro
Círion Son of Sailor círa-+-o+-ion
Círindion Son of Sailor círa-+-indo+-ion
Círanion Son of Sailor círa-+-no+-ion
Círamion Son of Sailor círa-+-mo+-ion
Círarion Son of Sailor círa-+-ro+-ion
Círar Sailor círa-+-r
Circa – Sickle (circa)
Circë Sickle circa+-ë
Circië Sickle circa+-ië
Circien Sickle circa+-ien
Circandë Reaper circa+-indë
Circamë Reaper circa+-më
Circawen Sickle Girl circa+wendë
Circanis Sickle Woman circa+níssë
Circiel Daughter of Sickle circa+-iel
Circandiel Daughter of Reaper circa+-indë+-iel
Circamiel Daughter of Reaper circa+-më+-iel
Circo Sickle circa+-o
Circon Sickle circa+-on
Circamo Reaper circa+-mo
Circando Reaper circa+-indo
Circaner Sickle Man circa+nér
Circion Son of Sickle circa+-ion
Circamion Son of Reaper circa+-mo+-ion
Circandion Son of Reaper circa+-indo+-ion
Circa Sickle circa
Circaquen Sickle Person circa+quen
Cirya – Ship (cirya)
Ciryë Ship cirya+-ë
Cirië Ship cirya+-ië
Cirien Ship cirya+-ien
Ciriel Daughter of Ship cirya+-iel
Ciryamë Sailor cirya+-më
Ciryamiel Daughter of Sailor cirya+-më+-iel
Ciryawen Ship Girl cirya+wendë
Ciryanis Ship Woman cirya+níssë
Ciryo Ship cirya+-o
Ciryon Ship cirya+-on
Ciryamo Sailor cirya+-mo
Ciryaner Ship Man cirya+nér
Cirion Son of Ship cirya+-ion
Ciryamion Son of Sailor cirya+-mo+-ion
Ciryandion Son of Sailor cirya+-indo+-ion
Cirya Ship cirya
Ciryaquen Ship Person cirya+quen
Coimas – Life-bread (coimas)
Coimasë Life-bread coimas+-ë
Coimasië Life-bread coimas+-ië
Coimasien Life-bread coimas+-ien
Coimasiel Daughter of Life-bread coimas+-iel
Coimaswen Life-bread Girl coimas+wendë
Coimaso Life-bread coimas+-o
Coimason Life-bread coimas+-on
Coimasion Son of Life-bread coimas+-ion
Coimasner Life-bread Man coimas+nér
Coimas Life-bread coimas
Coimaswë Life-bread Being coimas+-wë
Col- – To Bear/Carry (col-)
Cólë Bearer/Courrier col-+-ë
Colissë Bearer/Courrier col-+-issë
Colindë Bearer/Courrier col-+-indë
Colmë Bearer/Courrier col-+-më
Cóliel Daughter of Bearer/Courrier col-+-ë+-iel
Colissiel Daughter of Bearer/Courrier col-+-issë+-iel
Colindiel Daughter of Bearer/Courrier col-+-indë+-iel
Colmiel Daughter of Bearer/Courrier col-+-më+-iel
Cólo Bearer/Courrier col-+-o
Coldo Bearer/Courrier col-+-no
Colindo Bearer/Courrier col-+-indo
Colmo Bearer/Courrier col-+-mo
Cólion Son of Bearer/Courrier col-+-o+-ion
Coldion Son of Bearer/Courrier col-+-no+-ion
Colindion Son of Bearer/Courrier col-+-indo+-ion
Colmion Son of Bearer/Courrier col-+-mo+-ion
Comya- – To Gather/Assemble (comya-)
Comyë Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-ë
Comyallë Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-llë
Comyamë Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-më
Comyarë Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-rë
Comiel Daughter of Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-ë+-iel
Comyalliel Daughter of Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-llë+-iel
Comyamiel Daughter of Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-më+-iel
Comyariel Daughter of Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-rë+-iel
Comyo Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-o
Comyano Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-no
Comyamo Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-mo
Comyaro Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-ro
Comion Son of Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-o+-ion
Comyanion Son of Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-no+-ion
Comyamion Son of Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-mo+-ion
Comyarion Son of Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-ro+-ion
Comyar Gatherer/Assembler comya-+-r
Condo – Prince/Leader (condo)
Condë Princess/Leader condo+-ë
Condië Princess/Leader condo+-ië
Condien Princess/Leader condo+-ien
Condiel Daughter of Prince/Princess/Leader condo+-iel
Condo Prince/Leader condo+-o
Condon Prince/Leader condo+-on
Condion Son of Prince/Leader condo+-ion
Condondil Lover/Friend of the Princess/Leader condo+-ë+-ndil
Condondur Servant of the Princess/Leader condo+-ë+-ndur
Condondil Lover/Friend of the Prince/Leader condo+-ndil
Condondur Servant of the Prince/Leader condo+-ndur
Cornë – Loaf (cornë)
Cornë Loaf cornë+-ë
Cornië Loaf cornë+-ië
Cornien Loaf cornë+-ien
Corniel Daughter of Loaf cornë+-iel
Cornewen Loaf Girl cornë+wendë
Cornenis Loaf Woman cornë+níssë
Corno Loaf cornë+-o
Cornon Loaf cornë+-on
Cornion Son of Loaf cornë+-ion
Cornener Loaf Man cornë+nér
Cornë Loaf cornë
Cornequen Loaf Person cornë+quen
Coron – Globe/Ball (coron)
Coronë Globe/Ball coron+-ë
Coronië Globe/Ball coron+-ië
Coronien Globe/Ball coron+-ien
Coroniel Daughter of Globe/Ball coron+-iel
Coronwen Globe/Ball Girl coron+wendë
Corondis Globe/Ball Woman coron+níssë
Corono Globe/Ball coron+-o
Coronon Globe/Ball coron+-on
Corondo Globe/Ball coron+-no
Coronion Son of Globe/Ball coron+-ion
Coronder Globe/Ball Man coron+nér
Coron Globe/Ball coron
Coronquen Globe/Ball Person coron+quen
Coronwë Globe/Ball Being coron+-wë
Cundo – Guardian/Lord (cundo)
Cundë Guardian/Lady cundo+-ë
Cundië Guardian/Lady cundo+-ië
Cundien Guardian/Lady cundo+-ien
Cundiel Daughter of Guardian/Lady cundo+-iel
Cundo Guardian/Lord cundo+-o
Cundon Guardian/Lord cundo+-on
Cundion Son of Guardian/Lord cundo+-ion
Cundendil Lover/Friend of Guardian/Lady cundo+-ë+-ndil
Cundendur Servant of Guardian/Lady cundo+-ë+-ndur
Cundondil Lover/Friend of Guardian/Lord cundo+-ndil
Cundondur Servant of Guardian/Lord cundo+-ndur
Cundu – Prince (cundu)
Cundi Princess cund-+-i
Cundiel Daughter of Princess cund-+-iel
Cundu Prince cund-+-u
Cundion Son of Prince cund-+-ion
Cundindil Lover/Friend of a Princess cund-+-i+-ndil
Cundindur Servant of a Princess cund-+-i+-ndur
Cundundil Lover/Friend of a Prince cund-+-u+-ndil
Cundundur Servant of a Prince cund-+-u+-ndur
Cúnë – Crescent/Bow (cúnë)
Cúnë Crescent/Bow cúnë+-ë
Cúnië Crescent/Bow cúnë+-ië
Cúnien Crescent/Bow cúnë+-ien
Cúniel Daughter of Crescent/Bow cúnë+-iel
Cúnewen Crescent/Bow Girl cúnë+wendë
Cúnenis Crescent/Bow Woman cúnë+níssë
Cúno Crescent/Bow cúnë+-o
Cúnon Crescent/Bow cúnë+-on
Cúndo Crescent/Bow cúnë+-no
Cúnion Son of Crescent/Bow cúnë+-ion
Cúnener Crescent/Bow Man cúnë+nér
Cúnë Crescent/Bow cúnë
Cúnequen Crescent/Bow Person cúnë+quen
Cunta- – To Rule (cunta-)
Cuntë Ruler cunta-+-ë
Cuntissë Ruler cunta-+-issë
Cuntindë Ruler cunta-+-indë
Cuntallë Ruler cunta-+-llë
Cuntamë Ruler cunta-+-më
Cuntarë Ruler cunta-+-rë
Cuntiel Daughter of Ruler cunta-+-ë+-iel
Cuntissiel Daughter of Ruler cunta-+-issë+-iel
Cuntindiel Daughter of Ruler cunta-+-indë+-iel
Cuntalliel Daughter of Ruler cunta-+-llë+-iel
Cuntamiel Daughter of Ruler cunta-+-më+-iel
Cuntariel Daughter of Ruler cunta-+-rë+-iel
Cunto Ruler cunta-+-o
Cuntindo Ruler cunta-+-indo
Cuntano Ruler cunta-+-no
Cuntamo Ruler cunta-+-mo
Cuntaro Ruler cunta-+-ro
Cuntion Son of Ruler cunta-+-o+-ion
Cuntindion Son of Ruler cunta-+-indo+-ion
Cuntanion Son of Ruler cunta-+-no+-ion
Cuntamion Son of Ruler cunta-+-mo+-ion
Cuntarion Son of Ruler cunta-+-ro+-ion
Cuntar Ruler cunta-+-r
Cunya- – To Rule (cunya-)
Cunyë Ruler cunya-+-ë
Cunyallë Ruler cunya-+-llë
Cunyamë Ruler cunya-+-më
Cunyarë Ruler cunya-+-rë
Cuniel Daughter of Ruler cunya-+-ë+-iel
Cunyalliel Daughter of Ruler cunya-+-llë+-iel
Cunyamiel Daughter of Ruler cunya-+-më+-iel
Cunyariel Daughter of Ruler cunya-+-rë+-iel
Cunyo Ruler cunya-+-o
Cunyano Ruler cunya-+-no
Cunyamo Ruler cunya-+-mo
Cunyaro Ruler cunya-+-ro
Cunion Son of Ruler cunya-+-o+-ion
Cunyanion Son of Ruler cunya-+-no+-ion
Cunyamion Son of Ruler cunya-+-mo+-ion
Cunyarion Son of Ruler cunya-+-ro+-ion
Cunyar Ruler cunya-+-r
Curu – Skill (curu)
Curë Skill curu+-ë
Curië Skill curu+-ië
Curien Skill curu+-ien
Curiel Daughter of Skill curu+-iel
Curuwen Skill Girl curu+wendë
Curunis Skill Woman curu+níssë
Curo Skill curu+-o
Curon Skill curu+-on
Curno Skill curu+-no
Curion Son of Skill curu+-ion
Curuner Skill Man curu+nér
Curu Skill curu
Curuquen Skill Person curu+quen
Curwë Skill Being curu+-wë
Curulírë – Skill of Song (curu+lírë)
Curulírë Skill of Song curu+lírë+-ë
Curulírië Skill of Song curu+lírë+-ië
Curulírien Skill of Song curu+lírë+-ien
Curulíriel Daughter of Skill of Song curu+lírë+-iel
Curulírewen Skill of Song Girl curu+lírë+wendë
Curulírenis Skill of Song Woman curu+lírë+níssë
Curulíro Skill of Song curu+lírë+-o
Curulíron Skill of Song curu+lírë+-on
Curulírno Skill of Song curu+lírë+-no
Curulírion Son of Skill of Song curu+lírë+-ion
Curulírener Skill of Song Man curu+lírë+nér
Curulír Skill of Song curu+lírë
Curulírequen Skill of Song Person curu+lírë+quen
Curulírwë Skill of Song Being curu+lírë+-wë
Curumaitë – Skilled Hand (curu+maitë)
Curumaitë Skilled Hand curu+maitë+-ë
Curumaitië Skilled Hand curu+maitë+-ië
Curumaitien Skilled Hand curu+maitë+-ien
Curumaitiel Daughter of Skilled Hand curu+maitë+-iel
Curumaitewen Skilled Hand Girl curu+maitë+wendë
Curumaitenis Skilled Hand Woman curu+maitë+níssë
Curumaito Skilled Hand curu+maitë+-o
Curumaiton Skilled Hand curu+maitë+-on
Curumaition Son ofSkilled Hand curu+maitë+-ion
Curumaitener Skilled Hand Man curu+maitë+nér
Curumaitë Skilled Hand curu+maitë
Curumaitequen Skilled Hand Person curu+maitë+quen
Curuni – Witch [a woman who practices divine skills and studies holy knowledge, not a crone on a broomstick, and not a Maia or Vala either.] (curuni)
Curuni Witch curuni
Curuniel Daughter of Witch curuni+-iel
Curunion Son of Witch curuni+-ion
Curunindil Lover/Friend of Witch curuni+-ndil
Curunindur Servant of Witch curuni+-ndur
Curuvar – Wizard [a man who practices divine skills and studies holy knowledge, not an wand-wielding spell-caster, and not a Maia or Vala either.] (curuvar)
Curuvariel Daughter of Wizard curuvar+-iel
Curuvar Wizard curuvar
Curuvarion Son of Wizard curuvar+-ion
Curuvardil Lover/Friend of Wizard curuvar+-ndil
Curuvardur Servant of Wizard curuvar+-ndur
Curwë – Craft (curwë)
Curwë Craft curwë+-ë
Curwië Craft curwë+-ië
Curwien Craft curwë+-ien
Curwiel Daughter of Craft curwë+-iel
Curwewen Craft Girl +wendë
Curwenis Craft Woman curwë+níssë
Curo Craft curwë+-o
Curon Craft curwë+-on
Curwion Son of Craft curwë+-ion
Curwener Craft Man curwë+nér
Curwë Craft curwë
Curwequen Craft Person curwë+quen
Ecceth- – To Discover (ecceth-)
Eccethë Discoverer ecceth-+-ë
Eccethissë Discoverer ecceth-+-issë
Eccethindë Discoverer ecceth-+-indë
Eccethiel Daughter of Discoverer ecceth-+-ë+-iel
Eccethissiel Daughter of Discoverer ecceth-+-issë+-iel
Eccethindiel Daughter of Discoverer ecceth-+-indë+-iel
Eccetho Discoverer ecceth-+-o
Eccethindo Discoverer ecceth-+-indo
Eccethion Son of Discoverer ecceth-+-o+-ion
Eccethindion Son of Discoverer ecceth-+-indo+-ion
Ecet – Broadsword (ecet)
Ecetë Broadsword ecet+-ë
Ecetië Broadsword ecet+-ië
Ecetien Broadsword ecet+-ien
Ecetissë Swordswoman ecet+-issë
Ecetindë Swordswoman ecet+-indë
Ecetiel Daughter of Broadsword ecet+-iel
Ecetissiel Daughter of Swordswoman ecet+-issë+-iel
Ecetindiel Daughter of Swordswoman ecet+-indë+-iel
Eceto Broadsword ecet+-o
Eceton Broadsword ecet+-on
Ecetindo Swordsman ecet+-indo
Ecetion Son of Broadsword ecet+-ion
Ecetindion Son of Swordsman ecet+-indo+-ion
Ecet Broadsword ecet
Ehtar – Spearman (ehtar)
Ehtarë Spearwoman ehtar+-ë
Ehtariel Daughter of Spearman ehtar+-iel
Ehtaro Spearman ehtar+-o
Ehtarion Son of Spearman ehtar+-ion
Ehtar Spearman ehtar
Ehtë – Spear (ehtë)
Ehtë Spear ehtë+-ë
Ehtië Spear ehtë+-ië
Ehtien Spear ehtë+-ien
Ehtissë Spearer ehtë+-issë
Ehtindë Spearer ehtë+-indë
Ehtiwen Spear Girl ehtë+wendë
Ehtinis Spear Woman ehtë+níssë
Ehtiel Daughter of Spear ehtë+-iel
Ehtissiel Daughter of Spearer ehtë+-issë+-iel
Ehtindiel Daughter of Spearer ehtë+-indë+-iel
Ehto Spear ehtë+-o
Ehton Spear ehtë+-on
Ehtindo Spearer ehtë+-indo
Ehtiner Spear Man ehtë+nér
Ehtion Son of Spear ehtë+-ion
Ehtindion Son of Spearer ehtë+-indo+-ion
Ehtë Spear ehtë
Ehtiquen Spear Person ehtë+quen
Ehtyar – Spearman (ehtyar)
Ehtyarë Spearwoman ehtyar+-ë
Ehtyariel Daughter of Spearman ehtyar+-iel
Ehtyaro Spearman ehtyar+-o
Ehtyarion Son of Spearman ehtyar+-ion
Ehtyar Spearman ehtyar
Endaquet- – To Answer (endaquet-)
Endaquetë Answerer endaquet-+-ë
Endaquetissë Answerer endaquet-+-issë
Endaquetindë Answerer endaquet-+-indë
Endaquetiel Daughter of Answerer endaquet-+-ë+-iel
Endaquetissiel Daughter of Answerer endaquet-+-issë+-iel
Endaquetindiel Daughter of Answerer endaquet-+-indë+-iel
Endaqueto Answerer endaquet-+-o
Endaquetindo Answerer endaquet-+-indo
Endaquetion Son of Answerer endaquet-+-o+-ion
Endaquetindion Son of Answerer endaquet-+-indo+-ion
Etelehta- – To Save (etelehta-)
Etelehtë Saver etelehta-+-ë
Etelehtissë Saver etelehta-+-issë
Etelehtindë Saver etelehta-+-indë
Etelehtallë Saver etelehta-+-llë
Etelehtamë Saver etelehta-+-më
Etelehtarë Saver etelehta-+-rë
Etelehtiel Daughter of Saver etelehta-+-ë+-iel
Etelehtissiel Daughter of Saver etelehta-+-issë+-iel
Etelehtindiel Daughter of Saver etelehta-+-indë+-iel
Etelehtalliel Daughter of Saver etelehta-+-llë+-iel
Etelehtamiel Daughter of Saver etelehta-+-më+-iel
Etelehtariel Daughter of Saver etelehta-+-rë+-iel
Etelehto Saver etelehta-+-o
Etelehtindo Saver etelehta-+-indo
Etelehtano Saver etelehta-+-no
Etelehtamo Saver etelehta-+-mo
Etelehtaro Saver etelehta-+-ro
Etelehtion Son of Saver etelehta-+-o+-ion
Etelehtindion Son of Saver etelehta-+-indo+-ion
Etelehtanion Son of Saver etelehta-+-no+-ion
Etelehtamion Son of Saver etelehta-+-mo+-ion
Etelehtarion Son of Saver etelehta-+-ro+-ion
Etelehtar Saver etelehta-+-r
Falquan – Large Sword (falquan)
Falquanë Large Sword falquan+-ë
Falquanië Large Sword falquan+-ië
Falquanien Large Sword falquan+-ien
Falquanissë Swordswoman falquan+-issë
Falquanindë Swordswoman falquan+-indë
Falquanmë Swordswoman falquan+-më
Falquanwen Large Sword Girl falquan+wendë
Falquandis Large Sword Woman falquan+níssë
Falquaniel Daughter of Large Sword falquan+-iel
Falquanissiel Daughter of Swordswoman falquan+-issë+-iel
Falquanindiel Daughter of Swordswoman falquan+-indë+-iel
Falquanmiel Daughter of Swordswoman falquan+-më+-iel
Falquano Large Sword falquan+-o
Falquanon Large Sword falquan+-on
Falquando Large Sword falquan+-no
Falquanindo Swordsman falquan+-indo
Falquanmo Swordsman falquan+-mo
Falquander Large Sword Man falquan+nér
Falquanion Son of Large Sword falquan+-ion
Falquanmion Son of Swordsman falquan+-mo+-ion
Falquanindion Son of Swordsman falquan+-indo+-ion
Falquan Large Sword falquan
Falquanquen Large Sword Person falquan+quen
Falquanwë Large Sword Being falquan+-wë
Ham- – To Judge (ham-)
Hámë Judger ham-+-ë
Hamissë Judger ham-+-issë
Hamindë Judger ham-+-indë
Hámiel Daughter of Judger ham-+-ë+-iel
Hamissiel Daughter of Judger ham-+-issë+-iel
Hamindiel Daughter of Judger ham-+-indë+-iel
Hámo Judger ham-+-o
Hamindo Judger ham-+-indo
Hámion Son of Judger ham-+-o+-ion
Hamindion Son of Judger ham-+-indo+-ion
Harna – Helmet (harna)
Harnë Helmet harna+-ë
Harnië Helmet harna+-ië
Harnien Helmet harna+-ien
Harnawen Helmet Girl harna+wendë
Harnanis Helmet Woman harna+níssë
Harniel Daughter of Helmet harna+-iel
Harno Helmet harna+-o
Harnon Helmet harna+-on
Harnaner Helmet Man harna+nér
Harnion Son of Helmet harna+-ion
Harna Helmet harna
Harnaquen Helmet Person harna+quen
Harpa – Helmet (harpa)
Harpë Helmet harpa+-ë
Harpië Helmet harpa+-ië
Harpien Helmet harpa+-ien
Harpawen Helmet Girl harpa+wendë
Harpanis Helmet Woman harpa+níssë
Harpiel Daughter of Helmet harpa+-iel
Harpo Helmet harpa+-o
Harpon Helmet harpa+-on
Harpaner Helmet Man harpa+nér
Harpion Son of Helmet harpa+-ion
Harpa Helmet harpa
Harpaquen Helmet Person harpa+quen
Hatal – Spear (hatal)
Hatalë Spear hatal+-ë
Hatalië Spear hatal+-ië
Hatalien Spear hatal+-ien
Hatalissë Spearwoman hatal+-issë
Hatalindë Spearwomaner hatal+-indë
Hatalmë Spearwomaner hatal+-më
Hatalwen Spear Girl hatal+wendë
Hataldis Spear Woman hatal+níssë
Hataliel Daughter of Spear hatal+-iel
Hatalissiel Daughter of Spearwoman hatal+-issë+-iel
Hatalindiel Daughter of Spearwoman hatal+-indë+-iel
Hatalmiel Daughter of Spearwoman hatal+-më+-iel
Hatalo Spear hatal+-o
Hatalon Spear hatal+-on
Hataldo Spear hatal+-no
Hatalindo Spearman hatal+-indo
Hatalmo Spearman hatal+-mo
Hatalder Spear Man hatal+nér
Hatalion Son of Spear hatal+-ion
Hatalmion Son of Spearman hatal+-mo+-ion
Hatalindion Son of Spearman hatal+-indo+-ion
Hatal Spear hatal
Hatalquen Spear Person hatal+quen
Hatalwë Spear Being hatal+-wë

Herumacil – Sword Master (heru+macil)

Herimacil – Sword Mistress (heri+macil)

Hestë – Captainesse (hesto+-ë)

Hesto – Captain (hesto)

Hilya- – To Follow (hilya-)
Hilyë Follower hilya-+-ë
Hilyallë Follower hilya-+-llë
Hilyamë Follower hilya-+-më
Hilyarë Follower hilya-+-rë
Hiliel Daughter of Follower hilya-+-ë+-iel
Hilyalliel Daughter of Follower hilya-+-llë+-iel
Hilyamiel Daughter of Follower hilya-+-më+-iel
Hilyariel Daughter of Follower hilya-+-rë+-iel
Hilyo Follower hilya-+-o
Hilyano Follower hilya-+-no
Hilyamo Follower hilya-+-mo
Hilyaro Follower hilya-+-ro
Hilion Son of Follower hilya-+-o+-ion
Hilyanion Son of Follower hilya-+-no+-ion
Hilyamion Son of Follower hilya-+-mo+-ion
Hilyarion Son of Follower hilya-+-ro+-ion
Hilyar Follower hilya-+-r
Hir- – To Find (hir-)
Hírë Finder hir-+-ë
Hirissë Finder hir-+-issë
Hirindë Finder hir-+-indë
Hirmë Finder hir-+-më
Hirrë Finder hir-+-rë
Híriel Daughter of Finder hir-+-ë+-iel
Hirissiel Daughter of Finder hir-+-issë+-iel
Hirindiel Daughter of Finder hir-+-indë+-iel
Hirmiel Daughter of Finder hir-+-më+-iel
Hirriel Daughter of Finder hir-+-rë+-iel
Híro Finder hir-+-o
Hirdo Finder hir-+-no
Hirindo Finder hir-+-indo
Hirmo Finder hir-+-mo
Hirro Finder hir-+-ro
Hírion Son of Finder hir-+-o+-ion
Hirdion Son of Finder hir-+-no+-ion
Hirindion Son of Finder hir-+-indo+-ion
Hirmion Son of Finder hir-+-mo+-ion
Hirrion Son of Finder hir-+-ro+-ion
Hloima – Poison (hloima)
Hloimë Poison hloima+-ë
Hloimië Poison hloima+-ië
Hloimien Poison hloima+-ien
Hloimissë Poisoner hloima+-issë
Hloimindë Poisoner hloima+-indë
Hloimawen Poison Girl hloima+wendë
Hloimanis Poison Woman hloima+níssë
Hloimiel Daughter of Poison hloima+-iel
Hloimissiel Daughter of Poisoner hloima+-issë+-iel
Hloimindiel Daughter of Poisoner hloima+-indë+-iel
Hloimo Poison hloima+-o
Hloimon Poison hloima+-on
Hloimno Poison hloima+-no
Hloimindo Poisoner hloima+-indo
Hloimaner Poison Man hloima+nér
Hloimion Son of Poison hloima+-ion
Hloimindion Son of Poisoner hloima+-indo+-ion
Hloima Poison hloima
Hloimaquen Poison Person hloima+quen
Hloimwë Poison Being hloima+-wë
Hloirë – Venom/Poison (hloirë)
Hloirë Venom/Poison hloirë+-ë
Hloirië Venom/Poison hloirë+-ië
Hloirien Venom/Poison hloirë+-ien
Hloirissë Poisoner hloirë+-issë
Hloirindë Poisoner hloirë+-indë
Hloirmë Poisoner hloirë+-më
Hloirewen Venom/Poison Girl hloirë+wendë
Hloirenis Venom/Poison Woman hloirë+níssë
Hloiriel Daughter of Venom/Poison hloirë+-iel
Hloirissiel Daughter of Poisoner hloirë+-issë+-iel
Hloirindiel Daughter of Poisoner hloirë+-indë+-iel
Hloirmiel Daughter of Poisoner hloirë+-më+-iel
Hloiro Venom/Poison hloirë+-o
Hloiron Venom/Poison hloirë+-on
Hloirdo Venom/Poison hloirë+-no
Hloirindo Poisoner hloirë+-indo
Hloirmo Poisoner hloirë+-mo
Hloirener Venom/Poison Man hloirë+nér
Hloirion Son of Venom/Poison hloirë+-ion
Hloirmion Son of Poisoner hloirë+-mo+-ion
Hloirindion Son of Poisoner hloirë+-indo+-ion
Hloirë Venom/Poison hloirë
Hloirequen Venom/Poison Person hloirë+quen
Hloirwë Venom/Poison Being hloirë+-wë
Hloirëa – Venomous (hloirëa)
Hloirë Venomous One hloirëa+-ë
Hloirië Venomous One hloirëa+-ië
Hloirien Venomous One hloirëa+-ien
Hloirëawen Venomous Girl hloirëa+wendë
Hloirëanis Venomous Woman hloirëa+níssë
Hloiriel Daughter of Venomous One hloirëa+-iel
Hloirëo Venomous One hloirëa+-o
Hloirëon Venomous One hloirëa+-on
Hloirdo Venomous One hloirëa+-no
Hloirëaner Venomous Man hloirëa+nér
Hloirion Son of Venomous One hloirëa+-ion
Hloirëa Venomous hloirëa
Hloirëaquen Venomous Person hloirëa+quen
Hloirëandil Venomous Lover/Friend hloirëa+-ndil
Hloirëandur Venomous Servant hloirëa+-ndur
Hloita- – To Poison (hloita-)
Hloitë Poisoner hloita-+-ë
Hloitissë Poisoner hloita-+-issë
Hloitindë Poisoner hloita-+-indë
Hloitallë Poisoner hloita-+-llë
Hloitamë Poisoner hloita-+-më
Hloitarë Poisoner hloita-+-rë
Hloitiel Daughter of Poisoner hloita-+-ë+-iel
Hloitissiel Daughter of Poisoner hloita-+-issë+-iel
Hloitindiel Daughter of Poisoner hloita-+-indë+-iel
Hloitalliel Daughter of Poisoner hloita-+-llë+-iel
Hloitamiel Daughter of Poisoner hloita-+-më+-iel
Hloitariel Daughter of Poisoner hloita-+-rë+-iel
Hloito Poisoner hloita-+-o
Hloitindo Poisoner hloita-+-indo
Hloitano Poisoner hloita-+-no
Hloitamo Poisoner hloita-+-mo
Hloitaro Poisoner hloita-+-ro
Hloition Son of Poisoner hloita-+-o+-ion
Hloitindion Son of Poisoner hloita-+-indo+-ion
Hloitanion Son of Poisoner hloita-+-no+-ion
Hloitamion Son of Poisoner hloita-+-mo+-ion
Hloitarion Son of Poisoner hloita-+-ro+-ion
Hloitar Poisoner hloita-+-r
Hyalin – Paper (hyalin)
Hyalinë Paper hyalin+-ë
Hyalinië Paper hyalin+-ië
Hyalinien Paper hyalin+-ien
Hyalinwen Paper Girl hyalin+wendë
Hyalindis Paper Woman hyalin+níssë
Hyaliniel Daughter of Paper hyalin+-iel
Hyalino Paper hyalin+-o
Hyalinon Paper hyalin+-on
Hyalindo Paper hyalin+-no
Hyalinder Paper Man hyalin+nér
Hyalinion Son of Paper hyalin+-ion
Hyalin Paper hyalin
Hyalinquen Paper Person hyalin+quen
Hyalinwë Paper Being hyalin+-wë
Hyam- – To Pray (hyam-)
Hyámë Prayer hyam-+-ë
Hyamissë Prayer hyam-+-issë
Hyamindë Prayer hyam-+-indë
Hyammë Prayer hyam-+-më
Hyámiel Daughter of Prayer hyam-+-ë+-iel
Hyamissiel Daughter of Prayer hyam-+-issë+-iel
Hyamindiel Daughter of Prayer hyam-+-indë+-iel
Hyammiel Daughter of Prayer hyam-+-më+-iel
Hyámo Prayer hyam-+-o
Hyamno Prayer hyam-+-no
Hyamindo Prayer hyam-+-indo
Hyammo Prayer hyam-+-mo
Hyámion Son of Prayer hyam-+-o+-ion
Hyamnion Son of Prayer hyam-+-no+-ion
Hyamindion Son of Prayer hyam-+-indo+-ion
Hyammion Son of Prayer hyam-+-mo+-ion
Hyan- – To Injure (hyan-)
Hyánë Injurer hyan-+-ë
Hyanissë Injurer hyan-+-issë
Hyanindë Injurer hyan-+-indë
Hyániel Daughter of Injurer hyan-+-ë+-iel
Hyanissiel Daughter of Injurer hyan-+-issë+-iel
Hyanindiel Daughter of Injurer hyan-+-indë+-iel
Hyáno Injurer hyan-+-o
Hyando Injurer hyan-+-no
Hyanindo Injurer hyan-+-indo
Hyánion Son of Injurer hyan-+-o+-ion
Hyandion Son of Injurer hyan-+-no+-ion
Hyanindion Son of Injurer hyan-+-indo+-ion
Hyanda – Blade (hyanda)
Hyandë Blade hyanda+-ë
Hyandië Blade hyanda+-ië
Hyandien Blade hyanda+-ien
Hyandamë Swordswoman hyanda+-më
Hyandawen Blade Girl hyanda+wendë
Hyandanis Blade Woman hyanda+níssë
Hyandiel Daughter of Blade hyanda+-iel
Hyandamiel Daughter of Swordswoman hyanda+-më+-iel
Hyando Blade hyanda+-o
Hyandon Blade hyanda+-on
Hyandamo Swordsman hyanda+-mo
Hyandaner Blade Man hyanda+nér
Hyandion Son of Blade hyanda+-ion
Hyandamion Son of Swordsman hyanda+-mo+-ion
Hyanda Blade hyanda
Hyandaquen Blade Person hyanda+quen
Hyar – Plough (hyar)
Hyarë Plough hyar+-ë
Hyarië Plough hyar+-ië
Hyarien Plough hyar+-ien
Hyarissë Plougher hyar+-issë
Hyarindë Plougher hyar+-indë
Hyarmë Plougher hyar+-më
Hyarwen Plough Girl hyar+wendë
Hyardis Plough Woman hyar+níssë
Hyariel Daughter of Plough hyar+-iel
Hyarissiel Daughter of Plougher hyar+-issë+-iel
Hyarindiel Daughter of Plougher hyar+-indë+-iel
Hyarmiel Daughter of Plougher hyar+-më+-iel
Hyaro Plough hyar+-o
Hyaron Plough hyar+-on
Hyardo Plough hyar+-no
Hyarindo Plougher hyar+-indo
Hyarmo Plougher hyar+-mo
Hyarder Plough Man hyar+nér
Hyarion Son of Plough hyar+-ion
Hyarmion Son of Plougher hyar+-mo+-ion
Hyarindion Son of Plougher hyar+-indo+-ion
Hyar Plough hyar
Hyarquen Plough Person hyar+quen
Hyarwë Plough Being hyar+-wë
Hyar- – To Cleave (hyar-)
Hyárë Cleaver hyar-+-ë
Hyarissë Cleaver hyar-+-issë
Hyarindë Cleaver hyar-+-indë
Hyarmë Cleaver hyar-+-më
Hyarrë Cleaver hyar-+-rë
Hyáriel Daughter of Cleaver hyar-+-ë+-iel
Hyarissiel Daughter of Cleaver hyar-+-issë+-iel
Hyarindiel Daughter of Cleaver hyar-+-indë+-iel
Hyarmiel Daughter of Cleaver hyar-+-më+-iel
Hyarriel Daughter of Cleaver hyar-+-rë+-iel
Hyáro Cleaver hyar-+-o
Hyardo Cleaver hyar-+-no
Hyarindo Cleaver hyar-+-indo
Hyarmo Cleaver hyar-+-mo
Hyarro Cleaver hyar-+-ro
Hyárion Son of Cleaver hyar-+-o+-ion
Hyardion Son of Cleaver hyar-+-no+-ion
Hyarindion Son of Cleaver hyar-+-indo+-ion
Hyarmion Son of Cleaver hyar-+-mo+-ion
Hyarrion Son of Cleaver hyar-+-ro+-ion
Ingólemo – Scholar/Sage/Wizard (ingólemo)
Ingólemë Scholar/Sage/Witch ingólë+-më
Ingólemiel Daughter of Scholar/Sage/Witch ingólë+-më+-iel
Ingólemo Scholar/Sage/Wizard ingólë+-mo
Ingólemion Son of Scholar/Sage/Wizard ingólë+-mo+-ion
Ingólemendil Lover/Friend of a Scholar/Sage/Witch ingólemë+-ndil
Ingólemendur Servant of Scholar/Sage/Witch ingólemë+-ndur
Ingólemondil Lover/Friend of Scholar/Sage/Wizard ingólemo+-ndil
Ingólemondur Servant of Scholar/Sage/Wizard ingólemo+-ndur
Ingolmo – Loremaster (ingolmo)
Ingolmë Loremistress ingol+-më
Ingolmiel Daughter of Loremistress ingol+-më+-iel
Ingolmo Loremaster ingol+-mo
Ingolmion Son of Loremaster ingol+-mo+-ion
Ingolmendil Lover/Friend of a Loremistress ingol+-më+-ndil
Ingolmendur Servant of a Loremistress ingol+-më+-ndur
Ingolmondil Lover/Friend of a Loremaster ingol+-mo+-ndil
Ingolmondur Servant of a Loremaster ingol+-mo+-ndur
Lairë – Poem (lairë)
Lairë Poem lairë+-ë
Lairië Poem lairë+-ië
Lairien Poem lairë+-ien
Lairewen Poem Girl lairë+wendë
Lairenis Poem Woman lairë+níssë
Lairiel Daughter of Poem lairë+-iel
Lairo Poem lairë+-o
Lairon Poem lairë+-on
Lairdo Poem lairë+-no
Lairener Poem Man lairë+nér
Lairion Son of Poem lairë+-ion
Lairë Poem lairë
Lairequen Poem Person lairë+quen
Lairwë Poem Being lairë+-wë
Lanat – Weft (lanat)
Lanatë Weft lanat+-ë
Lanatië Weft lanat+-ië
Lanatien Weft lanat+-ien
Lanatissë Weaver lanat+-issë
Lanatindë Weaver lanat+-indë
Lanatiel Daughter of Weft lanat+-iel
Lanatissiel Daughter of Weaver lanat+-issë+-iel
Lanatindiel Daughter of Weaver lanat+-indë+-iel
Lanato Weft lanat+-o
Lanaton Weft lanat+-on
Lanatindo Weaver lanat+-indo
Lanation Son of Weft lanat+-ion
Lanatindion Son of Weaver lanat+-indo+-ion
Lanat Weft lanat
Lanë – Hem (lanë)
Lanë Hem lanë+-ë
Lanië Hem lanë+-ië
Lanien Hem lanë+-ien
Laniwen Hem Girl lani-+wendë
Laninis Hem Woman lani-+níssë
Laniel Daughter of Hem lanë+-iel
Lano Hem lanë+-o
Lanon Hem lanë+-on
Laniner Hem Man lani-+nér
Lanion Son of Hem lanë+-ion
Lanë Hem lanë
Laniquen Hem Person lani-+quen
Lango – Broad Sword (lango)
Langë Broad Sword lango+-ë
Langië Broad Sword lango+-ië
Langien Broad Sword lango+-ien
Langowen Broad Sword Girl lango+wendë
Langonis Broad Sword Woman lango+níssë
Langiel Daughter of Broad Sword lango+-iel
Lango Broad Sword lango+-o
Langon Broad Sword lango+-on
Langoner Broad Sword Man lango+nér
Langion Son of Broad Sword lango+-ion
Lango Broad Sword lango
Langoquen Broad Sword Person lango+quen
Lannë – Cloth (lannë)
Lannë Cloth lannë+-ë
Lannië Cloth lannë+-ië
Lannien Cloth lannë+-ien
Lannewen Cloth Girl lannë+wendë
Lannenis Cloth Woman lannë+níssë
Lanniel Daughter of Cloth lannë+-iel
Lanno Cloth lannë+-o
Lannon Cloth lannë+-on
Lannener Cloth Man lannë+nér
Lannion Son of Cloth lannë+-ion
Lannë Cloth lannë
Lannequen Cloth Person lannë+quen
Lanwa – Loom (lanwa)
Lanwë Loom lanwa+-ë
Lanwië Loom lanwa+-ië
Lanwien Loom lanwa+-ien
Lanwamë Weaver lanwa+-më
Lanwawen Loom Girl lanwa+wendë
Lanwanis Loom Woman lanwa+níssë
Lanwiel Daughter of Loom lanwa+-iel
Lanwamiel Daughter of Weaver lanwa+-më+-iel
Lano Loom lanwa+-o
Lanon Loom lanwa+-on
Lanwamo Weaver lanwa+-mo
Lanwaner Loom Man lanwa+nér
Lanwion Son of Loom lanwa+-ion
Lanwamion Son of Weaver lanwa+-mo+-ion
Lanwa Loom lanwa
Lanwaquen Loom Person lanwa+quen
Lanya- – To Weave (lanya-)
Lanyë Weaver lanya-+-ë
Lanyallë Weaver lanya-+-llë
Lanyamë Weaver lanya-+-më
Lanyarë Weaver lanya-+-rë
Laniel Daughter of Weaver lanya-+-ë+-iel
Lanyalliel Daughter of Weaver lanya-+-llë+-iel
Lanyamiel Daughter of Weaver lanya-+-më+-iel
Lanyariel Daughter of Weaver lanya-+-rë+-iel
Lanyo Weaver lanya-+-o
Lanyano Weaver lanya-+-no
Lanyamo Weaver lanya-+-mo
Lanyaro Weaver lanya-+-ro
Lanion Son of Weaver lanya-+-o+-ion
Lanyanion Son of Weaver lanya-+-no+-ion
Lanyamion Son of Weaver lanya-+-mo+-ion
Lanyarion Son of Weaver lanya-+-ro+-ion
Lanyar Weaver lanya-+-r
Lanya – Thread (lanya)
Lanyë Thread lanya+-ë
Lanië Thread lanya+-ië
Lanien Thread lanya+-ien
Lanyawen Thread Girl lanya+wendë
Lanyanis Thread Woman lanya+níssë
Laniel Daughter of Thread lanya+-iel
Lanyo Thread lanya+-o
Lanyon Thread lanya+-on
Lanyaner Thread Man lanya+nér
Lanion Son of Thread lanya+-ion
Lanya Thread lanya
Lanyaquen Thread Person lanya+quen
Lelya- – To Travel (lelya-)
Lelyë Traveler lelya-+-ë
Lelyallë Traveler lelya-+-llë
Lelyamë Traveler lelya-+-më
Lelyarë Traveler lelya-+-rë
Leliel Daughter of Traveler lelya-+-ë+-iel
Lelyalliel Daughter of Traveler lelya-+-llë+-iel
Lelyamiel Daughter of Traveler lelya-+-më+-iel
Lelyariel Daughter of Traveler lelya-+-rë+-iel
Lelyo Traveler lelya-+-o
Lelyano Traveler lelya-+-no
Lelyamo Traveler lelya-+-mo
Lelyaro Traveler lelya-+-ro
Lelion Son of Traveler lelya-+-o+-ion
Lelyanion Son of Traveler lelya-+-no+-ion
Lelyamion Son of Traveler lelya-+-mo+-ion
Lelyarion Son of Traveler lelya-+-ro+-ion
Lelyar Traveler lelya-+-r
Lenda – Journey (lenda)
Lendë Journey lenda+-ë
Lendië Journey lenda+-ië
Lendien Journey lenda+-ien
Lendawen Journey Girl lenda+wendë
Lendanis Journey Woman lenda+níssë
Lendiel Daughter of Journey lenda+-iel
Lendo Journey lenda+-o
Lendon Journey lenda+-on
Lendaner Journey Man lenda+nér
Lendion Son of Journey lenda+-ion
Lenda Journey lenda
Lendaquen Journey Person lenda+quen
Lia – Thread (lia)
Lië Thread lia+-ë
Liawen Thread Girl lia+wendë
Lianis Thread Woman lia+níssë
Liel Daughter of Thread lia+-iel
Lio Thread lia+-o
Lion Thread lia+-on
Lino Thread lia+-no
Lianer Thread Man lia+nér
Lion Son of Thread lia+-ion
Lia Thread lia
Liaquen Thread Person lia+quen
Liwë Thread Being lia+-wë
Lia- – To Entwine (lia-)
Liallë Entwiner lia-+-llë
Liamë Entwiner lia-+-më
Liarë Entwiner lia-+-rë
Lialliel Daughter of Entwiner lia-+-llë+-iel
Liamiel Daughter of Entwiner lia-+-më+-iel
Liariel Daughter of Entwiner lia-+-rë+-iel
Liano Entwiner lia-+-no
Liamo Entwiner lia-+-mo
Liaro Entwiner lia-+-ro
Lianion Son of Entwiner lia-+-no+-ion
Liamion Son of Entwiner lia-+-mo+-ion
Liarion Son of Entwiner lia-+-ro+-ion
Liar Entwiner lia-+-r
Líco – Wax (líco)
Lícë Wax líco+-ë
Lícië Wax líco+-ië
Lícien Wax líco+-ien
Lícuwen Wax Girl lícu-+wendë
Lícunis Wax Woman lícu-+níssë
Líciel Daughter of Wax líco+-iel
Líco Wax líco+-o
Lícon Wax líco+-on
Lícuner Wax Man lícu-+nér
Lícion Son of Wax líco+-ion
Líco Wax líco
Lícuquen Wax Person lícu-+quen
Lícuma – Candle (lícuma)
Lícumë Candle lícuma+-ë
Lícumië Candle lícuma+-ië
Lícumien Candle lícuma+-ien
Lícumawen Candle Girl lícuma+wendë
Lícumanis Candle Woman lícuma+níssë
Lícumiel Daughter of Candle lícuma+-iel
Lícumo Candle lícuma+-o
Lícumon Candle lícuma+-on
Lícumno Candle lícuma+-no
Lícumaner Candle Man lícuma+nér
Lícumion Son of Candle lícuma+-ion
Lícuma Candle lícuma
Lícumaquen Candle Person lícuma+quen
Lilta- – To Dance (lilta-)
Liltë Dancer lilta-+-ë
Liltissë Dancer lilta-+-issë
Liltindë Dancer lilta-+-indë
Liltallë Dancer lilta-+-llë
Liltamë Dancer lilta-+-më
Liltarë Dancer lilta-+-rë
Liltiel Daughter of Dancer lilta-+-ë+-iel
Liltissiel Daughter of Dancer lilta-+-issë+-iel
Liltindiel Daughter of Dancer lilta-+-indë+-iel
Liltalliel Daughter of Dancer lilta-+-llë+-iel
Liltamiel Daughter of Dancer lilta-+-më+-iel
Liltariel Daughter of Dancer lilta-+-rë+-iel
Lilto Dancer lilta-+-o
Liltindo Dancer lilta-+-indo
Liltano Dancer lilta-+-no
Liltamo Dancer lilta-+-mo
Liltaro Dancer lilta-+-ro
Liltion Son of Dancer lilta-+-o+-ion
Liltindion Son of Dancer lilta-+-indo+-ion
Liltanion Son of Dancer lilta-+-no+-ion
Liltamion Son of Dancer lilta-+-mo+-ion
Liltarion Son of Dancer lilta-+-ro+-ion
Liltar Dancer lilta-+-r
Linda- – To Sing (linda-)
Lindë Singer linda-+-ë
Lindissë Singer linda-+-issë
Lindindë Singer linda-+-indë
Lindallë Singer linda-+-llë
Lindamë Singer linda-+-më
Lindarë Singer linda-+-rë
Lindiel Daughter of Singer linda-+-ë+-iel
Lindissiel Daughter of Singer linda-+-issë+-iel
Lindindiel Daughter of Singer linda-+-indë+-iel
Lindalliel Daughter of Singer linda-+-llë+-iel
Lindamiel Daughter of Singer linda-+-më+-iel
Lindariel Daughter of Singer linda-+-rë+-iel
Lindo Singer linda-+-o
Lindindo Singer linda-+-indo
Lindano Singer linda-+-no
Lindamo Singer linda-+-mo
Lindaro Singer linda-+-ro
Lindion Son of Singer linda-+-o+-ion
Lindindion Son of Singer linda-+-indo+-ion
Lindanion Son of Singer linda-+-no+-ion
Lindamion Son of Singer linda-+-mo+-ion
Lindarion Son of Singer linda-+-ro+-ion
Lindar Singer linda-+-r
Lindananda- – To Harp Beautifully (linda+nanda-)
Lindanandë Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-ë
Lindanandissë Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-issë
Lindanandallë Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-llë
Lindanandamë Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-më
Lindanandarë Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-rë
Lindanandiel Daughter of Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-ë+-iel
Lindanandissiel Daughter of Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-issë+-iel
Lindanandalliel Daughter of Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-llë+-iel
Lindanandamiel Daughter of Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-më+-iel
Lindanandariel Daughter of Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-rë+-iel
Lindanando Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-o
Lindanandano Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-no
Lindanandamo Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-mo
Lindanandaro Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-ro
Lindanandion Son of Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-o+-ion
Lindanandanion Son of Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-no+-ion
Lindanandamion Son of Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-mo+-ion
Lindanandarion Son of Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-ro+-ion
Lindanandar Beautiful Harper linda+nanda-+-r
Lindalë – Music (lindalë)
Lindalë Music lindalë+-ë
Lindalië Music lindalë+-ië
Lindalien Music lindalë+-ien
Lindalewen Music Girl lindalë+wendë
Lindalenis Music Woman lindalë+níssë
Lindaliel Daughter of Music lindalë+-iel
Lindalo Music lindalë+-o
Lindalon Music lindalë+-on
Lindaldo Music lindalë+-no
Lindalener Music Man lindalë+nér
Lindalion Son of Music lindalë+-ion
Lindalë Music lindalë
Lindalequen Music Person lindalë+quen
Lindë – Song (lindë)
Lindë Song lindë+-ë
Lindië Song lindë+-ië
Lindien Song lindë+-ien
Lindewen Song Girl lindë+wendë
Lindenis Song Woman lindë+níssë
Lindiel Daughter of Song lindë+-iel
Lindo Song lindë+-o
Lindon Song lindë+-on
Lindener Song Man lindë+nér
Lindion Son of Song lindë+-ion
Lindë Song lindë
Lindequen Song Person lindë+quen
Linwë Song Being lindë+-wë
Lindil Lover/Friend of Song lindë+-ndil
Lir- – To Chant/Sing (lir-)
Lírë Chanter/Singer lir-+-ë
Lirissë Chanter/Singer lir-+-issë
Lirindë Chanter/Singer lir-+-indë
Lirmë Chanter/Singer lir-+-më
Lirrë Chanter/Singer lir-+-rë
Líriel Daughter of Chanter/Singer lir-+-ë+-iel
Lirissiel Daughter of Chanter/Singer lir-+-issë+-iel
Lirindiel Daughter of Chanter/Singer lir-+-indë+-iel
Lirmiel Daughter of Chanter/Singer lir-+-më+-iel
Lirriel Daughter of Chanter/Singer lir-+-rë+-iel
Líro Chanter/Singer lir-+-o
Lirdo Chanter/Singer lir-+-no
Lirindo Chanter/Singer lir-+-indo
Lirmo Chanter/Singer lir-+-mo
Lirro Chanter/Singer lir-+-ro
Lírion Son of Chanter/Singer lir-+-o+-ion
Lirdion Son of Chanter/Singer lir-+-no+-ion
Lirindion Son of Chanter/Singer lir-+-indo+-ion
Lirmion Son of Chanter/Singer lir-+-mo+-ion
Lirrion Son of Chanter/Singer lir-+-ro+-ion
Lírë – Song (lírë)
Lírë Song lírë+-ë
Lírië Song lírë+-ië
Lírien Song lírë+-ien
Líriwen Song Girl líri-+wendë
Lírinis Song Woman líri-+níssë
Líriel Daughter of Song lírë+-iel
Líro Song lírë+-o
Líron Song lírë+-on
Líriner Song Man líri-+nér
Lírion Son of Song lírë+-ion
Lírë Song lírë
Líriquen Song Person líri-+quen
Lírwë Song Being lírë+-wë
Lírindil Lover/Friend of Song líri-+-ndil
Lirilla – Song/Lay (lirilla)
Lirillë Song/Lay lirilla+-ë
Lirillië Song/Lay lirilla+-ië
Lirillien Song/Lay lirilla+-ien
Lirillawen Song/Lay Girl lirilla+wendë
Lirillanis Song/Lay Woman lirilla+níssë
Lirilliel Daughter of Song/Lay lirilla+-iel
Lirillo Song/Lay lirilla+-o
Lirillon Song/Lay lirilla+-on
Lirillaner Song/Lay Man lirilla+nér
Lirillion Son of Song/Lay lirilla+-ion
Lirilla Song/Lay lirilla
Lirillaquen Song/Lay Person lirilla+quen
Lirit – Poem (lirit)
Liritë Poem lirit+-ë
Liritië Poem lirit+-ië
Liritien Poem lirit+-ien
Liritissë Poet lirit+-issë
Liritindë Poet lirit+-indë
Liritiel Daughter of Poem lirit+-iel
Liritissiel Daughter of Poet lirit+-issë+-iel
Liritindiel Daughter of Poet lirit+-indë+-iel
Lirito Poem lirit+-o
Liriton Poem lirit+-on
Liritindo Poet lirit+-indo
Lirition Son of Poem lirit+-ion
Liritindion Son of Poet lirit+-indo+-ion
Lirit Poem lirit
Liritquen Poem Person lirit+quen
Lúcë – Enchantment (lúcë)
Lúcë Enchantment lúcë+-ë
Lúcië Enchantment lúcë+-ië
Lúcien Enchantment lúcë+-ien
Lúcissë Enchantress lúcë+-issë
Lúcindë Enchantress lúcë+-indë
Lúcewen Enchantment Girl lúcë+wendë
Lúcenis Enchantment Woman lúcë+níssë
Lúciel Daughter of Enchantment lúcë+-iel
Lúcissiel Daughter of Enchantress lúcë+-issë+-iel
Lúcindiel Daughter of Enchantress lúcë+-indë+-iel
Lúco Enchantment lúcë+-o
Lúcon Enchantment lúcë+-on
Lúcindo Enchanter lúcë+-indo
Lúcener Enchantment Man lúcë+nér
Lúcion Son of Enchantment lúcë+-ion
Lúcindion Son of Enchanter lúcë+-indo+-ion
Lúcë Enchantment lúcë
Lúcequen Enchantment Person lúcë+quen
Luhta- – To Enchant (luhta-)
Luhtë Enchantress luhta-+-ë
Luhtissë Enchantress luhta-+-issë
Luhtindë Enchantress luhta-+-indë
Luhtallë Enchantress luhta-+-llë
Luhtamë Enchantress luhta-+-më
Luhtarë Enchantress luhta-+-rë
Luhtiel Daughter of Enchantress luhta-+-ë+-iel
Luhtissiel Daughter of Enchantress luhta-+-issë+-iel
Luhtindiel Daughter of Enchantress luhta-+-indë+-iel
Luhtalliel Daughter of Enchantress luhta-+-llë+-iel
Luhtamiel Daughter of Enchantress luhta-+-më+-iel
Luhtariel Daughter of Enchantress luhta-+-rë+-iel
Luhto Enchanter luhta-+-o
Luhtano Enchanter luhta-+-no
Luhtindo Enchanter luhta-+-indo
Luhtamo Enchanter luhta-+-mo
Luhtaro Enchanter luhta-+-ro
Luhtion Son of Enchanter luhta-+-o+-ion
Luhtanion Son of Enchanter luhta-+-no+-ion
Luhtindion Son of Enchanter luhta-+-indo+-ion
Luhtamion Son of Enchanter luhta-+-mo+-ion
Luhtarion Son of Enchanter luhta-+-ro+-ion
Luhtar Enchanter luhta-+-r
Luntë – Boat (luntë)
Luntë Boat luntë+-ë
Luntië Boat luntë+-ië
Luntien Boat luntë+-ien
Luntissë Boater luntë+-issë
Luntindë Boater luntë+-indë
Luntewen Boat Girl luntë+wendë
Luntenis Boat Woman luntë+níssë
Luntiel Daughter of Boat luntë+-iel
Luntissiel Daughter of Boater luntë+-issë+-iel
Luntindiel Daughter of Boater luntë+-indë+-iel
Lunto Boat luntë+-o
Lunton Boat luntë+-on
Luntindo Boater luntë+-indo
Luntener Boat Man luntë+nér
Luntion Son of Boat luntë+-ion
Luntindion Son of Boater luntë+-indo+-ion
Luntë Boat luntë
Luntequen Boat Person luntë+quen
Macil – Sword (macil)
Macilë Sword macil+-ë
Macilië Sword macil+-ië
Macilien Sword macil+-ien
Macilwen Sword Girl macil+wendë
Macildis Sword Woman macil+níssë
Maciliel Daughter of Sword macil+-iel
Macilo Sword macil+-o
Macilon Sword macil+-on
Macildo Sword macil+-no
Macilder Sword Man macil+nér
Macilion Son of Sword macil+-ion
Macil Sword macil
Macilquen Sword Person macil+quen
Macilwë Sword Being macil+-wë
Mahta- – To Wield a Weapon (mahta-)
Mahtë Warrior mahta-+-ë
Mahtissë Warrior mahta-+-issë
Mahtindë Warrior mahta-+-indë
Mahtallë Warrior mahta-+-llë
Mahtamë Warrior mahta-+-më
Mahtarë Warrior mahta-+-rë
Mahtiel Daughter of Warrior mahta-+-ë+-iel
Mahtissiel Daughter of Warrior mahta-+-issë+-iel
Mahtindiel Daughter of Warrior mahta-+-indë+-iel
Mahtalliel Daughter of Warrior mahta-+-llë+-iel
Mahtamiel Daughter of Warrior mahta-+-më+-iel
Mahtariel Daughter of Warrior mahta-+-rë+-iel
Mahto Warrior mahta-+-o
Mahtano Warrior mahta-+-no
Mahtindo Warrior mahta-+-indo
Mahtamo Warrior mahta-+-mo
Mahtaro Warrior mahta-+-ro
Mahtion Son of Warrior mahta-+-o+-ion
Mahtanion Son of Warrior mahta-+-no+-ion
Mahtindion Son of Warrior mahta-+-indo+-ion
Mahtamion Son of Warrior mahta-+-mo+-ion
Mahtarion Son of Warrior mahta-+-ro+-ion
Mahtar Warrior mahta-+-r
Maica – Blade (maica)
Maicë Blade maica+-ë
Maicië Blade maica+-ië
Maicien Blade maica+-ien
Maicawen Blade Girl maica+wendë
Maicanis Blade Woman maica+níssë
Maiciel Daughter of Blade maica+-iel
Maico Blade maica+-o
Maicon Blade maica+-on
Maicaner Blade Man maica+nér
Maicion Son of Blade maica+-ion
Maica Blade maica
Maicaquen Blade Person maica+quen
Manca- – To Trade (manca-)
Mancë Trader manca-+-ë
Mancissë Trader manca-+-issë
Mancindë Trader manca-+-indë
Mancallë Trader manca-+-llë
Mancamë Trader manca-+-më
Mancarë Trader manca-+-rë
Manciel Daughter of Trader manca-+-ë+-iel
Mancissiel Daughter of Trader manca-+-issë+-iel
Mancindiel Daughter of Trader manca-+-indë+-iel
Mancalliel Daughter of Trader manca-+-llë+-iel
Mancamiel Daughter of Trader manca-+-më+-iel
Mancariel Daughter of Trader manca-+-rë+-iel
Manco Trader manca-+-o
Mancano Trader manca-+-no
Mancindo Trader manca-+-indo
Mancamo Trader manca-+-mo
Mancaro Trader manca-+-ro
Mancion Son of Trader manca-+-o+-ion
Mancanion Son of Trader manca-+-no+-ion
Mancindion Son of Trader manca-+-indo+-ion
Mancamion Son of Trader manca-+-mo+-ion
Mancarion Son of Trader manca-+-ro+-ion
Mancar Trader manca-+-r
Massa – Bread (massa)
Massë Bread massa+-ë
Massië Bread massa+-ië
Massien Bread massa+-ien
Massawen Bread Girl massa+wendë
Massanis Bread Woman massa+níssë
Massiel Daughter of Bread massa+-iel
Masso Bread massa+-o
Masson Bread massa+-on
Massaner Bread Man massa+nér
Massion Son of Bread massa+-ion
Massa Bread massa
Massaquen Bread Person massa+quen
Maswë Bread Being massa+-wë
Massë – Bread (massë)
Massë Bread massë+-ë
Massië Bread massë+-ië
Massien Bread massë+-ien
Massewen Bread Girl massë+wendë
Massenis Bread Woman massë+níssë
Massiel Daughter of Bread massë+-iel
Masso Bread massë+-o
Masson Bread massë+-on
Massener Bread Man massë+nér
Massion Son of Bread massë+-ion
Massë Bread massë
Massequen Bread Person massë+quen
Maswë Bread Being massë+-wë
Masta – Cake/Loaf of Bread (masta)
Mastë Cake/Loaf of Bread masta+-ë
Mastië Cake/Loaf of Bread masta+-ië
Mastien Cake/Loaf of Bread masta+-ien
Mastawen Cake/Loaf of Bread Girl masta+wendë
Mastanis Cake/Loaf of Bread Woman masta+níssë
Mastiel Daughter of Cake/Loaf of Bread masta+-iel
Masto Cake/Loaf of Bread masta+-o
Maston Cake/Loaf of Bread masta+-on
Mastaner Cake/Loaf of Bread Man masta+nér
Mastion Son of Cake/Loaf of Bread masta+-ion
Masta Cake/Loaf of Bread masta
Mastaquen Cake/Loaf of Bread Person masta+quen
Maswë Cake/Loaf of Bread Being masta+-wë
Masta- – To Bake (masta-)
Mastë Baker masta-+-ë
Mastissë Baker masta-+-issë
Mastindë Baker masta-+-indë
Mastallë Baker masta-+-llë
Mastamë Baker masta-+-më
Mastarë Baker masta-+-rë
Mastiel Daughter of Baker masta-+-ë+-iel
Mastissiel Daughter of Baker masta-+-issë+-iel
Mastindiel Daughter of Baker masta-+-indë+-iel
Mastalliel Daughter of Baker masta-+-llë+-iel
Mastamiel Daughter of Baker masta-+-më+-iel
Mastariel Daughter of Baker masta-+-rë+-iel
Masto Baker masta-+-o
Mastano Baker masta-+-no
Mastindo Baker masta-+-indo
Mastamo Baker masta-+-mo
Mastaro Baker masta-+-ro
Mastion Son of Baker masta-+-o+-ion
Mastanion Son of Baker masta-+-no+-ion
Mastindion Son of Baker masta-+-indo+-ion
Mastamion Son of Baker masta-+-mo+-ion
Mastarion Son of Baker masta-+-ro+-ion
Mastar Baker masta-+-r
Maxë – Dough (maxë)
Maxë Dough maxë+-ë
Maxië Dough maxë+-ië
Maxien Dough maxë+-ien
Maxewen Dough Girl maxë+wendë
Maxenis Dough Woman maxë+níssë
Maxiel Daughter of Dough maxë+-iel
Maxo Dough maxë+-o
Maxon Dough maxë+-on
Maxener Dough Man maxë+nér
Maxion Son of Dough maxë+-ion
Maxë Dough maxë
Maxequen Dough Person maxë+quen
Mesta – Journey (mesta)
Mestë Journey mesta+-ë
Mestië Journey mesta+-ië
Mestien Journey mesta+-ien
Mestawen Journey Girl mesta+wendë
Mestanis Journey Woman mesta+níssë
Mestiel Daughter of Journey mesta+-iel
Mesto Journey mesta+-o
Meston Journey mesta+-on
Mestaner Journey Man mesta+nér
Mestion Son of Journey mesta+-ion
Mesta Journey mesta
Mestaquen Journey Person mesta+quen
Mista- – To Wander (mista-)
Mistë Wanderer mista-+-ë
Mistissë Wanderer mista-+-issë
Mistindë Wanderer mista-+-indë
Mistallë Wanderer mista-+-llë
Mistamë Wanderer mista-+-më
Mistarë Wanderer mista-+-rë
Mistiel Daughter of Wanderer mista-+-ë+-iel
Mistissiel Daughter of Wanderer mista-+-issë+-iel
Mistindiel Daughter of Wanderer mista-+-indë+-iel
Mistalliel Daughter of Wanderer mista-+-llë+-iel
Mistamiel Daughter of Wanderer mista-+-më+-iel
Mistariel Daughter of Wanderer mista-+-rë+-iel
Misto Wanderer mista-+-o
Mistano Wanderer mista-+-no
Mistindo Wanderer mista-+-indo
Mistamo Wanderer mista-+-mo
Mistaro Wanderer mista-+-ro
Mistion Son of Wanderer mista-+-o+-ion
Mistanion Son of Wanderer mista-+-no+-ion
Mistindion Son of Wanderer mista-+-indo+-ion
Mistamion Son of Wanderer mista-+-mo+-ion
Mistarion Son of Wanderer mista-+-ro+-ion
Mistar Wanderer mista-+-r
Mittanya- – To Lead (mittanya-)
Mittanyë Leader mittanya-+-ë
Mittanyallë Leader mittanya-+-llë
Mittanyamë Leader mittanya-+-më
Mittanyarë Leader mittanya-+-rë
Mittaniel Daughter of Leader mittanya-+-ë+-iel
Mittanyalliel Daughter of Leader mittanya-+-llë+-iel
Mittanyamiel Daughter of Leader mittanya-+-më+-iel
Mittanyariel Daughter of Leader mittanya-+-rë+-iel
Mittanyo Leader mittanya-+-o
Mittanyano Leader mittanya-+-no
Mittanyamo Leader mittanya-+-mo
Mittanyaro Leader mittanya-+-ro
Mittanion Son of Leader mittanya-+-o+-ion
Mittanyanion Son of Leader mittanya-+-no+-ion
Mittanyamion Son of Leader mittanya-+-mo+-ion
Mittanyarion Son of Leader mittanya-+-ro+-ion
Mittanyar Leader mittanya-+-r
Mól – Slave (mól)
Mólë Slave mól+-ë
Mólië Slave mól+-ië
Mólien Slave mól+-ien
Mólwen Slave Girl mól+wendë
Móldis Slave Woman mól+níssë
Móliel Daughter of Slave mól+-iel
Mólo Slave mól+-o
Mólon Slave mól+-on
Móldo Slave mól+-no
Mólder Slave Man mól+nér
Mólion Son of Slave mól+-ion
Mól Slave mól
Mólquen Slave Person mól+quen
Mólwë Slave Being mól+-wë
Móldil Lover/Friend of Slave mól+-ndil
Móldur Servant of Slave mól+-ndur
Mol- – To Labor (mol-)
Mólë Laborer mol-+-ë
Molissë Laborer mol-+-issë
Molindë Laborer mol-+-indë
Molmë Laborer mol-+-më
Molrë Laborer mol-+-rë
Móliel Daughter of Laborer mol-+-ë+-iel
Molissiel Daughter of Laborer mol-+-issë+-iel
Molindiel Daughter of Laborer mol-+-indë+-iel
Molmiel Daughter of Laborer mol-+-më+-iel
Molriel Daughter of Laborer mol-+-rë+-iel
Mólo Laborer mol-+-o
Moldo Laborer mol-+-no
Molindo Laborer mol-+-indo
Molmo Laborer mol-+-mo
Molro Laborer mol-+-ro
Mólion Son of Laborer mol-+-o+-ion
Moldion Son of Laborer mol-+-no+-ion
Molindion Son of Laborer mol-+-indo+-ion
Molmion Son of Laborer mol-+-mo+-ion
Molrion Son of Laborer mol-+-ro+-ion
Móro – Ink (móro)
Mórë Ink móro+-ë
Mórië Ink móro+-ië
Mórien Ink móro+-ien
Mórowen Ink Girl móro+wendë
Móronis Ink Woman móro+níssë
Móriel Daughter of Ink móro+-iel
Móro Ink móro+-o
Móron Ink móro+-on
Mórdo Ink móro+-no
Móroner Ink Man móro+nér
Mórion Son of Ink móro+-ion
Móro Ink móro
Móroquen Ink Person móro+quen
Móta – Labor/Toil (móta)
Mótë Labor/Toil móta+-ë
Mótië Labor/Toil móta+-ië
Mótien Labor/Toil móta+-ien
Mótawen Labor/Toil Girl móta+wendë
Mótanis Labor/Toil Woman móta+níssë
Mótiel Daughter of Labor/Toil móta+-iel
Móto Labor/Toil móta+-o
Móton Labor/Toil móta+-on
Mótaner Labor/Toil Man móta+nér
Mótion Son of Labor/Toil móta+-ion
Móta Labor/Toil móta
Mótaquen Labor/Toil Person móta+quen

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