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Quenya Pronunciation

Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name

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Meryalë – Holiday (meryalë)
Meryalë Holiday meryalë+-ë
Meryalië Holiday meryalë+-ië
Meryalien Holiday meryalë+-ien
Meryalewen Holiday Girl meryalë+wendë
Meryalenis Holiday Woman meryalë+níssë
Meryaliel Daughter of Holiday meryalë+-iel
Meryalo Holiday meryalë+-o
Meryalon Holiday meryalë+-on
Meryalener Holiday Man meryalë+nér
Meryalion Son of Holiday meryalë+-ion
Meryalë Holiday meryalë
Meryalequen Holiday Person meryalë+quen
Millo – Oil (millo)
Millë Oil millo+-ë
Millië Oil millo+-ië
Millien Oil millo+-ien
Millowen Oil Girl millo+wendë
Millonis Oil Woman millo+níssë
Milliel Daughter of Oil millo+-iel
Millo Oil millo+-o
Millon Oil millo+-on
Millono Oil millo+-no
Milloner Oil Man millo+nér
Million Son of Oil millo+-ion
Millo Oil millo
Milloquen Oil Person millo+quen
Mírima – Valuable (mírima)
Mírimë Valuable One mírima+-ë
Mírimië Valuable One mírima+-ië
Mírimien Valuable One mírima+-ien
Mírimawen Valuable Girl mírima+wendë
Mírimanis Valuable Woman mírima+níssë
Mírimiel Daughter of Valuable One mírima+-iel
Mírimo Valuable One mírima+-o
Mírimon Valuable One mírima+-on
Mírimano Valuable One mírima+-no
Mírimaner Valuable Man mírima+nér
Mírimion Son of Valuable One mírima+-ion
Mírima Valuable mírima
Mírimaquen Valuable Person mírima+quen
Mírimandil Valuable Lover/Friend mírima+-ndil
Mírimandur Valuable Servant mírima+-ndur
Miulë – Whining/Mewing (miulë)
Miulë Whining/Mewing miulë+-ë
Miulië Whining/Mewing miulë+-ië
Miulien Whining/Mewing miulë+-ien
Miulewen Whining/Mewing Girl miulë+wendë
Miulenis Whining/Mewing Woman miulë+níssë
Miuliel Daughter of Whining/Mewing miulë+-iel
Miulo Whining/Mewing miulë+-o
Miulon Whining/Mewing miulë+-on
Miuldo Whining/Mewing miulë+-no
Miulener Whining/Mewing Man miulë+nér
Miulion Son of Whining/Mewing miulë+-ion
Miulë Whining/Mewing miulë
Miulequen Whining/Mewing Person miulë+quen
Miulwë Whining/Mewing Being miulë+-wë
Miulëndil Whining/Mewing Lover/Friend miulë+-ndil
Miulëndur Whining/Mewing Servant miulë+-ndur
Naiquet- – To Curse/Blaspheme (naiquet-)
Naiquetë Curser/Blasphemer naiquet-+-ë
Naiquetissë Curser/Blasphemer naiquet-+-issë
Naiquetindë Curser/Blasphemer naiquet-+-indë
Naiquetiel Daughter of Curser/Blasphemer naiquet-+-ë+-iel
Naiquetissiel Daughter of Curser/Blasphemer naiquet-+-issë+-iel
Naiquetindiel Daughter of Curser/Blasphemer naiquet-+-indë+-iel
Naiqueto Curser/Blasphemer naiquet-+-o
Naiquetindo Curser/Blasphemer naiquet-+-indo
Naiquetion Son of Curser/Blasphemer naiquet-+-o+-ion
Naiquetindion Son of Curser/Blasphemer naiquet-+-indo+-ion
Naitë – True (naitë)
Naitë True One naitë+-ë
Naitië True One naitë+-ië
Naitien True One naitë+-ien
Naitewen True Girl naitë+wendë
Naitenis True Woman naitë+níssë
Naitiel Daughter of True One naitë+-iel
Naito True One naitë+-o
Naiton True One naitë+-on
Naitener True Man naitë+nér
Naition Son of True One naitë+-ion
Naitë True naitë
Naitequen True Person naitë+quen
Naitendil True Lover/Friend naitë+-ndil
Naitendur True Servant naitë+-ndur
Naham- – To Summon (naham-)
Nahamë Summoner naham-+-ë
Nahamissë Summoner naham-+-issë
Nahamindë Summoner naham-+-indë
Nahammë Summoner naham-+-më
Nahamiel Daughter of Summoner naham-+-ë+-iel
Nahamissiel Daughter of Summoner naham-+-issë+-iel
Nahamindiel Daughter of Summoner naham-+-indë+-iel
Nahammiel Daughter of Summoner naham-+-më+-iel
Nahamo Summoner naham-+-o
Nahamno Summoner naham-+-no
Nahamindo Summoner naham-+-indo
Nahammo Summoner naham-+-mo
Nahamion Son of Summoner naham-+-o+-ion
Nahamnion Son of Summoner naham-+-no+-ion
Nahamindion Son of Summoner naham-+-indo+-ion
Nahammion Son of Summoner naham-+-mo+-ion
Nahámë – Summoning/The Summons [to the Elves from the Valar, calling them to Valinor] (nahámë)
Nahámë Summoning nahámë+-ë
Nahámië Summoning nahámë+-ië
Nahámien Summoning nahámë+-ien
Nahámewen Summoning Girl nahámë+wendë
Nahámenis Summoning Woman nahámë+níssë
Nahámiel Daughter of the Summons nahámë+-iel
Nahámo Summoning nahámë+-o
Nahámon Summoning nahámë+-on
Nahámno Summoning nahámë+-no
Nahámener Summoning Man nahámë+nér
Nahámion Son of the Summons nahámë+-ion
Nahámë Summoning nahámë
Nahámequen Summoning Person nahámë+quen
Nahámendil Lover/Friend of the Summons nahámë+-ndil
Nahámendur Servant of the Summons nahámë+-ndur
Nahta – Bite (nahta)
Nahtë Bite nahta+-ë
Nahtië Bite nahta+-ië
Nahtien Bite nahta+-ien
Nahtawen Bite Girl nahta+wendë
Nahtanis Bite Woman nahta+níssë
Nahtiel Daughter of Bite nahta+-iel
Nahto Bite nahta+-o
Nahton Bite nahta+-on
Nahtaner Bite Man nahta+nér
Nahtion Son of Bite nahta+-ion
Nahta Bite nahta
Nahtaquen Bite Person nahta+quen
Nallama – Echo (nallama)
Nallamë Echo nallama+-ë
Nallamië Echo nallama+-ië
Nallamien Echo nallama+-ien
Nallamawen Echo Girl nallama+wendë
Nallamanis Echo Woman nallama+níssë
Nallamiel Daughter of Echo nallama+-iel
Nallamo Echo nallama+-o
Nallamon Echo nallama+-on
Nallamano Echo nallama+-no
Nallamaner Echo Man nallama+nér
Nallamion Son of Echo nallama+-ion
Nallama Echo nallama
Nallamaquen Echo Person nallama+quen
Nanwa – Actual/True (nanwa)
Nanwë Actual/True One nanwa+-ë
Nanwië Actual/True One nanwa+-ië
Nanwien Actual/True One nanwa+-ien
Nanwanis Actual/True Woman +níssë
Nanwiel Daughter of Actual/True One nanwa+-iel
Nano Actual/True One nanwa+-o
Nanon Actual/True One nanwa+-on
Nanwano Actual/True One nanwa+-no
Nanwaner Actual/True Man nanwa+nér
Nanwion Son of Actual/True One nanwa+-ion
Nanwa Actual/True nanwa
Nanwaquen Actual/True Person nanwa+quen
Nanwandil Actual/True Lover/Friend nanwa+-ndil
Nanwandur Actual/True Servant nanwa+-ndur
Nassë – Thorn/Spike (nassë)
Nassë Thorn/Spike nassë+-ë
Nassië Thorn/Spike nassë+-ië
Nassien Thorn/Spike nassë+-ien
Nassewen Thorn/Spike Girl nassë+wendë
Nassenis Thorn/Spike Woman nassë+níssë
Nassiel Daughter of Thorn/Spike nassë+-iel
Nasso Thorn/Spike nassë+-o
Nasson Thorn/Spike nassë+-on
Nassener Thorn/Spike Man nassë+nér
Nassion Son of Thorn/Spike nassë+-ion
Nassë Thorn/Spike nassë
Nassequen Thorn/Spike Person nassë+quen
Naswë Thorn/Spike Being nassë+-wë
Necel – Thorn (necel)
Necelë Thorn necel+-ë
Necelië Thorn necel+-ië
Necelien Thorn necel+-ien
Necelwen Thorn Girl necel+wendë
Neceldis Thorn Woman necel+níssë
Neceliel Daughter of Thorn necel+-iel
Necelo Thorn necel+-o
Necelon Thorn necel+-on
Neceldo Thorn necel+-no
Necelder Thorn Man necel+nér
Necelion Son of Thorn necel+-ion
Necel Thorn necel
Necelquen Thorn Person necel+quen
Necelwë Thorn Being necel+-wë
Nurta- – To Hide (nurta-)
Nurtë Hider nurta-+-ë
Nurtissë Hider nurta-+-issë
Nurtindë Hider nurta-+-indë
Nurtallë Hider nurta-+-llë
Nurtamë Hider nurta-+-më
Nurtarë Hider nurta-+-rë
Nurtiel Daughter of Hider nurta-+-ë+-iel
Nurtissiel Daughter of Hider nurta-+-issë+-iel
Nurtindiel Daughter of Hider nurta-+-indë+-iel
Nurtalliel Daughter of Hider nurta-+-llë+-iel
Nurtamiel Daughter of Hider nurta-+-më+-iel
Nurtariel Daughter of Hider nurta-+-rë+-iel
Nurto Hider nurta-+-o
Nurtano Hider nurta-+-no
Nurtindo Hider nurta-+-indo
Nurtamo Hider nurta-+-mo
Nurtaro Hider nurta-+-ro
Nurtion Son of Hider nurta-+-o+-ion
Nurtanion Son of Hider nurta-+-no+-ion
Nurtindion Son of Hider nurta-+-indo+-ion
Nurtamion Son of Hider nurta-+-mo+-ion
Nurtarion Son of Hider nurta-+-ro+-ion
Nurtar Hider nurta-+-r
Nurtalë – Hiding [the act of] (nurtalë)
Nurtalë Hiding nurtalë+-ë
Nurtalië Hiding nurtalë+-ië
Nurtalien Hiding nurtalë+-ien
Nurtalewen Hiding Girl nurtalë+wendë
Nurtalenis Hiding Woman nurtalë+níssë
Nurtaliel Daughter of Hiding nurtalë+-iel
Nurtalo Hiding nurtalë+-o
Nurtalon Hiding nurtalë+-on
Nurtaldo Hiding nurtalë+-no
Nurtalener Hiding Man nurtalë+nér
Nurtalion Son of Hiding nurtalë+-ion
Nurtalë Hiding nurtalë
Nurtalequen Hiding Person nurtalë+quen
Ñalmë – Clamor (ñalmë)
Ñalmë Clamor ñalmë+-ë
Ñalmië Clamor ñalmë+-ië
Ñalmien Clamor ñalmë+-ien
Ñalmewen Clamor Girl ñalmë+wendë
Ñalmenis Clamor Woman ñalmë+níssë
Ñalmiel Daughter of Clamor ñalmë+-iel
Ñalmo Clamor ñalmë+-o
Ñalmon Clamor ñalmë+-on
Ñalmener Clamor Man ñalmë+nér
Ñalmion Son of Clamor ñalmë+-ion
Ñalmë Clamor ñalmë
Ñalmequen Clamor Person ñalmë+quen
Ñona- – To Groan (ñona-)
Ñonë Groaner ñona-+-ë
Ñonissë Groaner ñona-+-issë
Ñonindë Groaner ñona-+-indë
Ñonallë Groaner ñona-+-llë
Ñonamë Groaner ñona-+-më
Ñonarë Groaner ñona-+-rë
Ñoniel Daughter of Groaner ñona-+-ë+-iel
Ñonissiel Daughter of Groaner ñona-+-issë+-iel
Ñonindiel Daughter of Groaner ñona-+-indë+-iel
Ñonalliel Daughter of Groaner ñona-+-llë+-iel
Ñonamiel Daughter of Groaner ñona-+-më+-iel
Ñonariel Daughter of Groaner ñona-+-rë+-iel
Ñono Groaner ñona-+-o
Ñonano Groaner ñona-+-no
Ñonindo Groaner ñona-+-indo
Ñonamo Groaner ñona-+-mo
Ñonaro Groaner ñona-+-ro
Ñonion Son of Groaner ñona-+-o+-ion
Ñonanion Son of Groaner ñona-+-no+-ion
Ñonindion Son of Groaner ñona-+-indo+-ion
Ñonamion Son of Groaner ñona-+-mo+-ion
Ñonarion Son of Groaner ñona-+-ro+-ion
Ñonar Groaner ñona-+-r
Ñwalma – Pain (ñwalma)
Ñwalmë Pain ñwalma+-ë
Ñwalmië Pain ñwalma+-ië
Ñwalmien Pain ñwalma+-ien
Ñwalmawen Pain Girl ñwalma+wendë
Ñwalmanis Pain Woman ñwalma+níssë
Ñwalmiel Daughter of Pain ñwalma+-iel
Ñwalmo Pain ñwalma+-o
Ñwalmon Pain ñwalma+-on
Ñwalmaner Pain Man ñwalma+nér
Ñwalmion Son of Pain ñwalma+-ion
Ñwalma Pain ñwalma
Ñwalmaquen Pain Person ñwalma+quen
Ñwalwë Pain Being ñwalma+-wë
Ñwalmandil Lover/Friend of Pain ñwalma+-ndil
Ñwalmandur Servant of Pain ñwalma+-ndur
Ñwalmë – Torment (ñwalmë)
Ñwalmë Torment ñwalmë+-ë
Ñwalmië Torment ñwalmë+-ië
Ñwalmien Torment ñwalmë+-ien
Ñwalmewen Torment Girl ñwalmë+wendë
Ñwalmenis Torment Woman ñwalmë+níssë
Ñwalmiel Daughter of Torment ñwalmë+-iel
Ñwalmo Torment ñwalmë+-o
Ñwalmon Torment ñwalmë+-on
Ñwalmener Torment Man ñwalmë+nér
Ñwalmion Son of Torment ñwalmë+-ion
Ñwalmë Torment ñwalmë
Ñwalmequen Torment Person ñwalmë+quen
Ñwalwë Torment Being ñwalmë+-wë
Ñwalmendil Lover/Friend of Torment ñwalmë+-ndil
Ñwalmendur Servant of Torment ñwalmë+-ndur
Oia – Everlasting (oia)
Oië Everlasting One oia+-ë
Oiawen Everlasting Girl oia+wendë
Oianis Everlasting Woman oia+níssë
Oio Everlasting One oia+-o
Oion Everlasting One oia+-on
Oianer Everlasting Man oia+nér
Oia Everlasting oia
Oiaquen Everlasting Person oia+quen
Oiandil Everlasting Lover/Friend oia+-ndil
Oiandur Everlasting Servant oia+-ndur
Oiala – Unceasing/Endless (oiala)
Oialë Unceasing/Endless One oiala+-ë
Oialië Unceasing/Endless One oiala+-ië
Oialien Unceasing/Endless One oiala+-ien
Oialawen Unceasing/Endless Girl oiala+wendë
Oialanis Unceasing/Endless Woman oiala+níssë
Oialiel Daughter of Unceasing/Endless One oiala+-iel
Oialo Unceasing/Endless One oiala+-o
Oialon Unceasing/Endless One oiala+-on
Oialano Unceasing/Endless One oiala+-no
Oialaner Unceasing/Endless Man oiala+nér
Oialion Son of Unceasing/Endless One oiala+-ion
Oiala Unceasing/Endless oiala
Oialaquen Unceasing/Endless Person oiala+quen
Oialandil Unceasing/Endless Lover/Friend oiala+-ndil
Oialandur Unceasing/Endless Servant oiala+-ndur
Oialëa – Eternal (oialëa)
Oialë Eternal One oialëa+-ë
Oialië Eternal One oialëa+-ië
Oialien Eternal One oialëa+-ien
Oialëawen Eternal Girl oialëa+wendë
Oialëanis Eternal Woman oialëa+níssë
Oialiel Daughter of Eternal One oialëa+-iel
Oialëo Eternal One oialëa+-o
Oialëon Eternal One oialëa+-on
Oialëano Eternal One oialëa+-no
Oialëaner Eternal Man oialëa+nér
Oialion Son of Eternal One oialëa+-ion
Oialëa Eternal oialëa
Oialëaquen Eternal Person oialëa+quen
Oialëandil Eternal Lover/Friend oialëa+-ndil
Oialëandur Eternal Servant oialëa+-ndur
Oira – Eternal (oira)
Oirë Eternal One oira+-ë
Oirië Eternal One oira+-ië
Oirien Eternal One oira+-ien
Oirawen Eternal Girl oira+wendë
Oiranis Eternal Woman oira+níssë
Oiriel Daughter of Eternal One oira+-iel
Oiro Eternal One oira+-o
Oiron Eternal One oira+-on
Oirano Eternal One oira+-no
Oiraner Eternal Man oira+nér
Oirion Son of Eternal One oira+-ion
Oira Eternal oira
Oiraquen Eternal Person oira+quen
Oirandil Eternal Lover/Friend oira+-ndil
Oirandur Eternal Servant oira+-ndur
Olor- – To Dream (olor-)
Olórë Dreamer olor-+-ë
Olorissë Dreamer olor-+-issë
Olorindë Dreamer olor-+-indë
Olormë Dreamer olor-+-më
Olorrë Dreamer olor-+-rë
Olóriel Daughter of Dreamer olor-+-ë+-iel
Olorissiel Daughter of Dreamer olor-+-issë+-iel
Olorindiel Daughter of Dreamer olor-+-indë+-iel
Olormiel Daughter of Dreamer olor-+-më+-iel
Olorriel Daughter of Dreamer olor-+-rë+-iel
Olóro Dreamer olor-+-o
Olorindo Dreamer olor-+-indo
Olordo Dreamer olor-+-no
Olormo Dreamer olor-+-mo
Olorro Dreamer olor-+-ro
Olórion Son of Dreamer olor-+-o+-ion
Olorindion Son of Dreamer olor-+-indo+-ion
Olordion Son of Dreamer olor-+-no+-ion
Olormion Son of Dreamer olor-+-mo+-ion
Olorrion Son of Dreamer olor-+-ro+-ion
Olorima – Apt to Dream (olor-+-ima)
Olorimë One Apt to Dream olor-+-ima+-ë
Olorimië One Apt to Dream olor-+-ima+-ië
Olorimien One Apt to Dream olor-+-ima+-ien
Olorimawen Girl Apt to Dream olor-+-ima+wendë
Olorimanis Woman Apt to Dream olor-+-ima+níssë
Olorimiel Daughter of One Apt to Dream olor-+-ima+-iel
Olorimo One Apt to Dream olor-+-ima+-o
Olorimon One Apt to Dream olor-+-ima+-on
Olorimano One Apt to Dream olor-+-ima+-no
Olorimaner Man Apt to Dream olor-+-ima+nér
Olorimion Son of One Apt to Dream olor-+-ima+-ion
Olorima Apt to Dream olor-+-ima
Olorimaquen Person Apt to Dream olor-+-ima+quen
Olos – Dream/Vision (olos)
Olorë Dream/Vision olos+-ë
Olorië Dream/Vision olos+-ië
Olorien Dream/Vision olos+-ien
Oloswen Dream/Vision Girl olos+wendë
Olosnis Dream/Vision Woman olos+níssë
Oloriel Daughter of Dream/Vision olos+-iel
Oloro Dream/Vision olos+-o
Oloron Dream/Vision olos+-on
Olordo Dream/Vision olos+-no
Olosner Dream/Vision Man olos+nér
Olorion Son of Dream/Vision olos+-ion
Olos Dream/Vision olos
Olosquen Dream/Vision Person olos+quen
Oloswë Dream/Vision Being olos+-wë
Olordil Lover/Friend of Dreams/Visions olos+-ndil
Olordur Servant of Dreams/Visions olos+-ndur
Olosta – Dreamy (olosta)
Olostë Dreamy One olosta+-ë
Olostië Dreamy One olosta+-ië
Olostien Dreamy One olosta+-ien
Olostiel Daughter of Dreamy One olosta+-iel
Olostawen Dreamy Girl olosta+wendë
Olostanis Dreamy Woman olosta+níssë
Olosto Dreamy One olosta+-o
Oloston Dreamy One olosta+-on
Olostano Dreamy One olosta+-no
Olostaner Dreamy Man olosta+nér
Olostion Son of Dreamy One olosta+-ion
Olosta Dreamy olosta
Olostaquen Dreamy Person olosta+quen
Olostandil Dreamy Lover/Friend olosta+-ndil
Olostandur Dreamy Servant olosta+-ndur
Onóna – Twin-born (onóna)
Onónë Twin-born onóna+-ë
Onónië Twin-born onóna+-ië
Onónien Twin-born onóna+-ien
Onónawen Twin-born Girl onóna+wendë
Onónanis Twin-born Woman onóna+níssë
Onóniel Daughter of Twin-born One onóna+-iel
Onóno Twin-born One onóna+-o
Onónon Twin-born One onóna+-on
Onónano Twin-born One onóna+-no
Onónaner Twin-born Man onóna+nér
Onónion Son of Twin-born One onóna+-ion
Onóna Twin-born onóna
Onónaquen Twin-born Person onóna+quen
Orólos – Dream of Mountains (oro-+olos)
Orólorë Dream of Mountains oro-+olos+-ë
Orólorië Dream of Mountains oro-+olos+-ië
Orólorien Dream of Mountains oro-+olos+-ien
Oróloswen Dream of Mountains Girl oro-+olos+wendë
Orólosnis Dream of Mountains Woman oro-+olos+níssë
Oróloriel Daughter of Dream of Mountains oro-+olos+-iel
Oróloro Dream of Mountains oro-+olos+-o
Oróloron Dream of Mountains oro-+olos+-on
Orólosno Dream of Mountains oro-+olos+-no
Orólosner Dream of Mountains Man oro-+olos+nér
Orólorion Son of Dream of Mountains oro-+olos+-ion
Orólos Dream of Mountains oro-+olos
Orólosquen Dream of Mountains Person oro-+olos+quen
Oróloswë Dream of Mountains Being oro-+olos+-wë
Ósanwë – Telepathy (ósanwë)
Ósanwë Telepathy ósanwë+-ë
Ósanwië Telepathy ósanwë+-ië
Ósanwien Telepathy ósanwë+-ien
Ósanwenis Telepathy Woman ósanwë+níssë
Ósanwiel Daughter of Telepathy ósanwë+-iel
Ósano Telepathy ósanwë+-o
Ósanon Telepathy ósanwë+-on
Ósanwener Telepathy Man ósanwë+nér
Ósanwion Son of Telepathy ósanwë+-ion
Ósanwë Telepathy ósanwë
Ósanwequen Telepathy Person ósanwë+quen
Ósanwendil Lover/Friend of Telepathy ósanwë+-ndil
Ósanwendur Servant of Telepathy ósanwë+-ndur
Pica – Spot/Dot (pica)
Picë Spot/Dot pica+-ë
Picië Spot/Dot pica+-ië
Picien Spot/Dot pica+-ien
Picawen Spot/Dot Girl pica+wendë
Picanis Spot/Dot Woman pica+níssë
Piciel Daughter of Spot/Dot pica+-iel
Pico Spot/Dot pica+-o
Picon Spot/Dot pica+-on
Picano Spot/Dot pica+-no
Picaner Spot/Dot Man pica+nér
Picion Son of Spot/Dot pica+-ion
Pica Spot/Dot pica
Picaquen Spot/Dot Person pica+quen
Pirya – Juice/Syrup (pirya)
Piryë Juice/Syrup pirya+-ë
Pirië Juice/Syrup pirya+-ië
Pirien Juice/Syrup pirya+-ien
Piryawen Juice/Syrup Girl pirya+wendë
Piryanis Juice/Syrup Woman pirya+níssë
Piriel Daughter of Juice/Syrup pirya+-iel
Piryo Juice/Syrup pirya+-o
Piryon Juice/Syrup pirya+-on
Piryaner Juice/Syrup Man pirya+nér
Pirion Son of Juice/Syrup pirya+-ion
Pirya Juice/Syrup pirya
Piryaquen Juice/Syrup Person pirya+quen
Qualmë – Agony/Death (qualmë)
Qualmë Agony/Death qualmë+-ë
Qualmië Agony/Death qualmë+-ië
Qualmien Agony/Death qualmë+-ien
Qualmewen Agony/Death Girl qualmë+wendë
Qualmenis Agony/Death Woman qualmë+níssë
Qualmiel Daughter of Agony/Death qualmë+-iel
Qualmo Agony/Death qualmë+-o
Qualmon Agony/Death qualmë+-on
Qualmener Agony/Death Man qualmë+nér
Qualmion Son of Agony/Death qualmë+-ion
Qualmë Agony/Death qualmë
Qualmequen Agony/Death Person qualmë+quen
Qualwë Agony/Death Being qualmë+-wë
Qualmendil Lover/Friend of Agony/Death qualmë+-ndil
Qualmendur Servant of Agony/Death qualmë+-ndur
Quentalóra – Pastless (quenta+lóra)
Quentalórë Pastless One quenta+lóra+-ë
Quentalórië Pastless One quenta+lóra+-ië
Quentalórien Pastless One quenta+lóra+-ien
Quentalórawen Pastless Girl quenta+lóra+wendë
Quentalóranis Pastless Woman quenta+lóra+níssë
Quentalóriel Daughter of Pastless One quenta+lóra+-iel
Quentalóro Pastless One quenta+lóra+-o
Quentalóron Pastless One quenta+lóra+-on
Quentalórano Pastless One quenta+lóra+-no
Quentalóraner Pastless Man quenta+lóra+nér
Quentalórion Son of Pastless One quenta+lóra+-ion
Quentalóra Pastless quenta+lóra
Quentalóraquen Pastless Person quenta+lóra+quen
Quentalórandil Pastless Lover/Friend quenta+lóra+-ndil
Quentalórandur Pastless Servant quenta+lóra+-ndur
Quessë – Feather (quessë)
Quessë Feather quessë+-ë
Quessië Feather quessë+-ië
Quessien Feather quessë+-ien
Quessewen Feather Girl quessë+wendë
Quessenis Feather Woman quessë+níssë
Quessiel Daughter of Feather quessë+-iel
Quesso Feather quessë+-o
Quesson Feather quessë+-on
Quessener Feather Man quessë+nér
Quession Son of Feather quessë+-ion
Quessë Feather quessë
Quessequen Feather Person quessë+quen
Queswë Feather Being quessë+-wë
Quesset – Pillow (quesset)
Quessecë Pillow quesset+-ë
Quessecië Pillow quesset+-ië
Quessecien Pillow quesset+-ien
Quessetwen Pillow Girl quesset+wendë
Quessetnis Pillow Woman quesset+níssë
Quesseciel Daughter of Pillow quesset+-iel
Quesseco Pillow quesset+-o
Quessecon Pillow quesset+-on
Quessetner Pillow Man quesset+nér
Quessecion Son of Pillow quesset+-ion
Quesset Pillow quesset
Quessetquen Pillow Person quesset+quen
Quilda – Quiet (quilda)
Quildë Quiet One quilda+-ë
Quildië Quiet One quilda+-ië
Quildien Quiet One quilda+-ien
Quildiel Daughter of Quiet One quilda+-iel
Quildawen Quiet Girl quilda+wendë
Quildanis Quiet Woman quilda+níssë
Quildo Quiet One quilda+-o
Quildon Quiet One quilda+-on
Quildano Quiet One quilda+-no
Quildaner Quiet Man quilda+nér
Quildion Son of Quiet One quilda+-ion
Quilda Quiet quilda
Quildaquen Quiet Person quilda+quen
Quildandil Quiet Lover/Friend quilda+-ndil
Quildandur Quiet Servant quilda+-ndur
Quildë – Hush/Quiet (quildë)
Quildë Hush/Quiet quildë+-ë
Quildië Hush/Quiet quildë+-ië
Quildien Hush/Quiet quildë+-ien
Quildewen Hush/Quiet Girl quildë+wendë
Quildenis Hush/Quiet Woman quildë+níssë
Quildiel Daughter of Hush/Quiet quildë+-iel
Quildo Hush/Quiet quildë+-o
Quildon Hush/Quiet quildë+-on
Quildener Hush/Quiet Man quildë+nér
Quildion Son of Hush/Quiet quildë+-ion
Quildë Hush/Quiet quildë
Quildequen Hush/Quiet Person quildë+quen
Quildendil Lover/Friend of Hush/Quiet quildë+-ndil
Quildendur Servant of Hush/Quiet quildë+-ndur
Quildolor – Quiet Dream (quilda+olor)
Quildolorë Quiet Dream quilda+olor+-ë
Quildolorië Quiet Dream quilda+olor+-ië
Quildolorien Quiet Dream quilda+olor+-ien
Quildolorwen Quiet Dream Girl quilda+olor+wendë
Quildolordis Quiet Dream Woman quilda+olor+níssë
Quildoloriel Daughter of Quiet Dream quilda+olor+-iel
Quildoloro Quiet Dream quilda+olor+-o
Quildoloron Quiet Dream quilda+olor+-on
Quildolordo Quiet Dream quilda+olor+-no
Quildolorder Quiet Dream Man quilda+olor+nér
Quildolorion Son of Quiet Dream quilda+olor+-ion
Quildolos Quiet Dream quilda+olor
Quildolorquen Quiet Dream Person quilda+olor+quen
Quildolorwë Quiet Dream Being quilda+olor+-wë
Quildolordil Lover/Friend of Quiet Dreams quilda+olor+-ndil
Quildolordur Servant of Quiet Dreams quilda+olor+-ndur
Ráma – Wing (ráma)
Rámë Wing ráma+-ë
Rámië Wing ráma+-ië
Rámien Wing ráma+-ien
Rámawen Wing Girl ráma+wendë
Rámanis Wing Woman ráma+níssë
Rámiel Daughter of Wing ráma+-iel
Rámo Wing ráma+-o
Rámon Wing ráma+-on
Rámano Wing ráma+-no
Rámaner Wing Man ráma+nér
Rámion Son of Wing ráma+-ion
Ráma Wing ráma
Rámaquen Wing Person ráma+quen
Rámwë Wing Being ráma+-wë
Rama- – To Shout (rama-)
Ramë Shouter rama-+-ë
Ramissë Shouter rama-+-issë
Ramindë Shouter rama-+-indë
Ramallë Shouter rama-+-llë
Ramamë Shouter rama-+-më
Ramarë Shouter rama-+-rë
Ramiel Daughter of Shouter rama-+-ë+-iel
Ramissiel Daughter of Shouter rama-+-issë+-iel
Ramindiel Daughter of Shouter rama-+-indë+-iel
Ramalliel Daughter of Shouter rama-+-llë+-iel
Ramamiel Daughter of Shouter rama-+-më+-iel
Ramariel Daughter of Shouter rama-+-rë+-iel
Ramo Shouter rama-+-o
Ramindo Shouter rama-+-indo
Ramano Shouter rama-+-no
Ramamo Shouter rama-+-mo
Ramaro Shouter rama-+-ro
Ramion Son of Shouter rama-+-o+-ion
Ramindion Son of Shouter rama-+-indo+-ion
Ramanion Son of Shouter rama-+-no+-ion
Ramamion Son of Shouter rama-+-mo+-ion
Ramarion Son of Shouter rama-+-ro+-ion
Ramar Shouter rama-+-r
Ráta- – To Excel/Surpass (ráta-)
Rátë One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-ë
Rátissë One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-issë
Rátindë One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-indë
Rátallë One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-llë
Rátamë One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-më
Rátarë One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-rë
Rátiel Daughter of One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-ë+-iel
Rátissiel Daughter of One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-issë+-iel
Rátindiel Daughter of One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-indë+-iel
Rátalliel Daughter of One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-llë+-iel
Rátamiel Daughter of One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-më+-iel
Rátariel Daughter of One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-rë+-iel
Ráto One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-o
Rátindo One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-indo
Rátano One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-no
Rátamo One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-mo
Rátaro One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-ro
Rátion Son of One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-o+-ion
Rátindion Son of One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-indo+-ion
Rátanion Son of One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-no+-ion
Rátamion Son of One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-mo+-ion
Rátarion Son of One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-ro+-ion
Rátar One who Excels/Surpasser ráta-+-r
Rávë – Roaring Sound (rávë)
Rávë Roaring Sound rávë+-ë
Rávië Roaring Sound rávë+-ië
Rávien Roaring Sound rávë+-ien
Rávewen Roaring Sound Girl rávë+wendë
Rávenis Roaring Sound Woman rávë+níssë
Ráviel Daughter of Roaring Sound rávë+-iel
Rávo Roaring Sound rávë+-o
Rávon Roaring Sound rávë+-on
Rávener Roaring Sound Man rávë+nér
Rávion Son of Roaring Sound rávë+-ion
Rávë Roaring Sound rávë
Rávequen Roaring Sound Person rávë+quen
Rávëa – Roaring (rávëa)
Rávë Roaring One rávëa+-ë
Rávië Roaring One rávëa+-ië
Rávien Roaring One rávëa+-ien
Rávëawen Roaring Girl rávëa+wendë
Rávëanis Roaring Woman rávëa+níssë
Ráviel Daughter of Roaring One rávëa+-iel
Rávëo Roaring One rávëa+-o
Rávëon Roaring One rávëa+-on
Rávëano Roaring One rávëa+-no
Rávëaner Roaring Man rávëa+nér
Rávion Son of Roaring One rávëa+-ion
Rávëa Roaring rávëa
Rávëaquen Roaring Person rávëa+quen
Rávëandil Roaring Lover/Friend rávëa+-ndil
Rávëandur Roaring Servant rávëa+-ndur
Raxë – Danger (raxë)
Raxë Danger raxë+-ë
Raxië Danger raxë+-ië
Raxien Danger raxë+-ien
Raxewen Danger Girl raxë+wendë
Raxenis Danger Woman raxë+níssë
Raxiel Daughter of Danger raxë+-iel
Raxo Danger raxë+-o
Raxon Danger raxë+-on
Raxener Danger Man raxë+nér
Raxion Son of Danger raxë+-ion
Raxë Danger raxë
Raxequen Danger Person raxë+quen
Raxendil Lover/Friend of Danger raxë+-ndil
Raxendur Servant of Danger raxë+-ndur
Sáma – Mind (sáma)
Sámë Mind sáma+-ë
Sámië Mind sáma+-ië
Sámien Mind sáma+-ien
Sámawen Mind Girl sáma+wendë
Sámanis Mind Woman sáma+níssë
Sámiel Daughter of Mind sáma+-iel
Sámo Mind sáma+-o
Sámon Mind sáma+-on
Sámno Mind sáma+-no
Sámaner Mind Man sáma+nér
Sámion Son of Mind sáma+-ion
Sáma Mind sáma
Sámaquen Mind Person sáma+quen
Sana- – To Think/Reflect (sana-)
Sanë Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-ë
Sanissë Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-issë
Sanindë Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-indë
Sanallë Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-llë
Sanamë Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-më
Sanarë Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-rë
Saniel Daughter of Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-ë+-iel
Sanissiel Daughter of Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-issë+-iel
Sanindiel Daughter of Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-indë+-iel
Sanalliel Daughter of Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-llë+-iel
Sanamiel Daughter of Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-më+-iel
Sanariel Daughter of Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-rë+-iel
Sano Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-o
Sanindo Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-indo
Sanano Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-no
Sanamo Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-mo
Sanaro Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-ro
Sanion Son of Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-o+-ion
Sanindion Son of Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-indo+-ion
Sananion Son of Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-no+-ion
Sanamion Son of Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-mo+-ion
Sanarion Son of Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-ro+-ion
Sanar Thinker/Reflecter sana-+-r
Sanwë – Thought (sanwë)
Sanwë Thought sanwë+-ë
Sanwië Thought sanwë+-ië
Sanwien Thought sanwë+-ien
Sanwenis Thought Woman sanwë+níssë
Sanwiel Daughter of Thought sanwë+-iel
Sano Thought sanwë+-o
Sanon Thought sanwë+-on
Sanwener Thought Man sanwë+nér
Sanwion Son of Thought sanwë+-ion
Sanwë Thought sanwë
Sanwequen Thought Person sanwë+quen
Sanwendil Lover/Friend of Thought sanwë+-ndil
Sanwendur Servant of Thought sanwë+-ndur
Sanwecenda – Mind-reading (sanwecenda)
Sanwecendë Mind-reading sanwecenda+-ë
Sanwecendië Mind-reading sanwecenda+-ië
Sanwecendien Mind-reading sanwecenda+-ien
Sanwecendawen Mind-reading Girl sanwecenda+wendë
Sanwecendanis Mind-reading Woman sanwecenda+níssë
Sanwecendiel Daughter of Mind-reading sanwecenda+-iel
Sanwecendo Mind-reading sanwecenda+-o
Sanwecendon Mind-reading sanwecenda+-on
Sanwecendaner Mind-reading Man sanwecenda+nér
Sanwecendion Son of Mind-reading sanwecenda+-ion
Sanwecenda Mind-reading sanwecenda
Sanwecendaquen Mind-reading Person sanwecenda+quen
Síma – Mind/Imagination (síma)
Símë Mind/Imagination síma+-ë
Símië Mind/Imagination síma+-ië
Símien Mind/Imagination síma+-ien
Símawen Mind/Imagination Girl síma+wendë
Símanis Mind/Imagination Woman síma+níssë
Símiel Daughter of Mind/Imagination síma+-iel
Símo Mind/Imagination síma+-o
Símon Mind/Imagination síma+-on
Símno Mind/Imagination síma+-no
Símaner Mind/Imagination Man síma+nér
Símion Son of Mind/Imagination síma+-ion
Síma Mind/Imagination síma
Símaquen Mind/Imagination Person síma+quen
Thangië – Necessity (thangië)
Thangë Necessity thangië+-ë
Thangië Necessity thangië+-ië
Thangien Necessity thangië+-ien
Thangiewen Necessity Girl thangië+wendë
Thangienis Necessity Woman thangië+níssë
Thangiel Daughter of Necessity thangië+-iel
Thango Necessity thangië+-o
Thangon Necessity thangië+-on
Thangiener Necessity Man thangië+nér
Thangion Son of Necessity thangië+-ion
Thangië Necessity thangië
Thangiequen Necessity Person thangië+quen
Thanya – Truth/Fact (thanya)
Thanyë Truth/Fact thanya+-ë
Thanië Truth/Fact thanya+-ië
Thanien Truth/Fact thanya+-ien
Thanyawen Truth/Fact Girl thanya+wendë
Thanyanis Truth/Fact Woman thanya+níssë
Thaniel Daughter of Truth/Fact thanya+-iel
Thanyo Truth/Fact thanya+-o
Thanyon Truth/Fact thanya+-on
Thanyaner Truth/Fact Man thanya+nér
Thanion Son of Truth/Fact thanya+-ion
Thanya Truth/Fact thanya
Thanyaquen Truth/Fact Person thanya+quen
Thanwë Truth/Fact Being thanya+-wë
Thanyandil Lover/Friend of Truth/Facts thanya+-ndil
Thanyandur Servant of Truth/Facts thanya+-ndur
Thelma – Will (thelma)
Thelmë Will thelma+-ë
Thelmië Will thelma+-ië
Thelmien Will thelma+-ien
Thelmawen Will Girl thelma+wendë
Thelmanis Will Woman thelma+níssë
Thelmiel Daughter of Will thelma+-iel
Thelmo Will thelma+-o
Thelmon Will thelma+-on
Thelmaner Will Man thelma+nér
Thelmion Son of Will thelma+-ion
Thelma Will thelma
Thelmaquen Will Person thelma+quen
Tixë – Dot (tixë)
Tixë Dot tixë+-ë
Tixië Dot tixë+-ië
Tixien Dot tixë+-ien
Tixewen Dot Girl tixë+wendë
Tixenis Dot Woman tixë+níssë
Tixiel Daughter of Dot tixë+-iel
Tixo Dot tixë+-o
Tixon Dot tixë+-on
Tixener Dot Man tixë+nér
Tixion Son of Dot tixë+-ion
Tixë Dot tixë
Tixequen Dot Person tixë+quen
– Wool (tó)
Tówen Wool Girl tó+wendë
Tónis Wool Woman tó+níssë
Tóno Wool tó+-no
Tóner Wool Man tó+nér
Tóquen Wool Person tó+quen
Tówë Wool Being tó+-wë
Tulco – Support/Prop (tulco)
Tulcë Support/Prop tulco+-ë
Tulcië Support/Prop tulco+-ië
Tulcien Support/Prop tulco+-ien
Tulcuwen Support/Prop Girl tulco+wendë
Tulcunis Support/Prop Woman tulco+níssë
Tulciel Daughter of Support/Prop tulco+-iel
Tulco Support/Prop tulco+-o
Tulcon Support/Prop tulco+-on
Tulcuner Support/Prop Man tulco+nér
Tulcion Son of Support/Prop tulco+-ion
Tulco Support/Prop tulco
Tulcuquen Support/Prop Person tulco+quen
Tulta- – To Fetch/Summon (tulta-)
Tultë Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-ë
Tultissë Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-issë
Tultindë Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-indë
Tultallë Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-llë
Tultamë Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-më
Tultarë Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-rë
Tultiel Daughter of Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-ë+-iel
Tultissiel Daughter of Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-issë+-iel
Tultindiel Daughter of Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-indë+-iel
Tultalliel Daughter of Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-llë+-iel
Tultamiel Daughter of Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-më+-iel
Tultariel Daughter of Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-rë+-iel
Tulto Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-o
Tultindo Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-indo
Tultano Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-no
Tultamo Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-mo
Tultaro Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-ro
Tultion Son of Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-o+-ion
Tultindion Son of Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-indo+-ion
Tultanion Son of Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-no+-ion
Tultamion Son of Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-mo+-ion
Tultarion Son of Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-ro+-ion
Tultar Fetcher/Summoner tulta-+-r
Túrë – Mastery/Victory (túrë)
Túrë Mastery/Victory túrë+-ë
Túrië Mastery/Victory túrë+-ië
Túrien Mastery/Victory túrë+-ien
Túrewen Mastery/Victory Girl túrë+wendë
Túrenis Mastery/Victory Woman túrë+níssë
Túriel Daughter of Mastery/Victory túrë+-iel
Túro Mastery/Victory túrë+-o
Túron Mastery/Victory túrë+-on
Túrdo Mastery/Victory túrë+-no
Túrener Mastery/Victory Man túrë+nér
Túrion Son of Mastery/Victory túrë+-ion
Túrë Mastery/Victory túrë
Túrequen Mastery/Victory Person túrë+quen
Túrwë Mastery/Victory Being túrë+-wë
Túrendil Lover/Friend of Mastery/Victory túrë+-ndil
Túrendur Servant of Mastery/Victory túrë+-ndur
Umbar – Fate/Doom (umbar)
Umbartë Fate/Doom umbar+-ë
Umbartië Fate/Doom umbar+-ië
Umbartien Fate/Doom umbar+-ien
Umbarwen Fate/Doom Girl umbar+wendë
Umbardis Fate/Doom Woman umbar+níssë
Umbartiel Daughter of Fate/Doom umbar+-iel
Umbarton Fate/Doom umbar+-on
Umbardo Fate/Doom umbar+-no
Umbarder Fate/Doom Man umbar+nér
Umbartion Son of Fate/Doom umbar+-ion
Umbar Fate/Doom umbar
Umbarquen Fate/Doom Person umbar+quen
Umbarwë Fate/Doom Being umbar+-wë
Umbardil Lover/Friend of Fate/Doom umbar+-ndil
Umbardur Servant of Fate/Doom umbar+-ndur
Ungwalë – Torture (ungwalë)
Ungwalë Torture ungwalë+-ë
Ungwalië Torture ungwalë+-ië
Ungwalien Torture ungwalë+-ien
Ungwalewen Torture Girl ungwalë+wendë
Ungwalenis Torture Woman ungwalë+níssë
Ungwaliel Daughter of Torture ungwalë+-iel
Ungwalo Torture ungwalë+-o
Ungwalon Torture ungwalë+-on
Ungwaldo Torture ungwalë+-no
Ungwalener Torture Man ungwalë+nér
Ungwalion Son of Torture ungwalë+-ion
Ungwalë Torture ungwalë
Ungwalequen Torture Person ungwalë+quen
Ungwalwë Torture Being ungwalë+-wë
Ungwalendil Lover/Friend of Torture ungwalë+-ndil
Ungwalendur Servant of Torture ungwalë+-ndur
Unqualë – Agony/Death (unqualë)
Unqualë Agony/Death unqualë+-ë
Unqualië Agony/Death unqualë+-ië
Unqualien Agony/Death unqualë+-ien
Unqualewen Agony/Death Girl unqualë+wendë
Unqualenis Agony/Death Woman unqualë+níssë
Unqualiel Daughter of Agony/Death unqualë+-iel
Unqualo Agony/Death unqualë+-o
Unqualon Agony/Death unqualë+-on
Unqualdo Agony/Death unqualë+-no
Unqualener Agony/Death Man unqualë+nér
Unqualion Son of Agony/Death unqualë+-ion
Unqualë Agony/Death unqualë
Unqualequen Agony/Death Person unqualë+quen
Unqualwë Agony/Death Being unqualë+-wë
Unqualendil Lover/Friend of Agony/Death unqualë+-ndil
Unqualendur Servant of Agony/Death unqualë+-ndur
Usquë – Reek/Smoke (usquë)
Usquë Reek/Smoke usquë+-ë
Usquië Reek/Smoke usquë+-ië
Usquien Reek/Smoke usquë+-ien
Usquewen Reek/Smoke Girl usquë+wendë
Usquenis Reek/Smoke Woman usquë+níssë
Usquiel Daughter of Reek/Smoke usquë+-iel
Usco Reek/Smoke usquë+-o
Uscon Reek/Smoke usquë+-on
Usquener Reek/Smoke Man usquë+nér
Usquion Son of Reek/Smoke usquë+-ion
Usquë Reek/Smoke usquë
Vórëa – Enduring/Lasting (vórëa)
Vórë Enduring/Lasting One vórëa+-ë
Vórië Enduring/Lasting One vórëa+-ië
Vórien Enduring/Lasting One vórëa+-ien
Vórëawen Enduring/Lasting Girl vórëa+wendë
Vórëanis Enduring/Lasting Woman vórëa+níssë
Vóriel Daughter of Enduring/Lasting One vórëa+-iel
Vórëo Enduring/Lasting One vórëa+-o
Vórëon Enduring/Lasting One vórëa+-on
Vórëano Enduring/Lasting One vórëa+-no
Vórëaner Enduring/Lasting Man vórëa+nér
Vórion Son of Enduring/Lasting One vórëa+-ion
Vórëa Enduring/Lasting vórëa
Vórëaquen Enduring/Lasting Person vórëa+quen
Vórëandil Enduring/Lasting Lover/Friend vórëa+-ndil
Vórëandur Enduring/Lasting Servant vórëa+-ndur
Vorondelda – Elf who is Staying (voronda+elda)
Vorondeldë Elf who is Staying One voronda+eldë
Vorondeldaiel Daughter of Elf who is Staying One voronda+elda+-iel
Vorondeldo Elf who is Staying One voronda+eldo
Vorondeldaion Son of Elf who is Staying One voronda+elda+-ion
Vorondelda Elf who is Staying voronda+elda
Voronwa – Enduring/Long-lasting (voronwa)
Voronwië Enduring/Long-lasting One voronwa+-ië
Voronwien Enduring/Long-lasting One voronwa+-ien
Voronwanis Enduring/Long-lasting Woman voronwa+níssë
Voronwiel Daughter of Enduring/Long-lasting One voronwa+-iel
Vorono Enduring/Long-lasting One voronwa+-o
Voronon Enduring/Long-lasting One voronwa+-on
Voronwano Enduring/Long-lasting One voronwa+-no
Voronwaner Enduring/Long-lasting Man voronwa+nér
Voronwion Son of Enduring/Long-lasting One voronwa+-ion
Voronwa Enduring/Long-lasting voronwa
Voronwaquen Enduring/Long-lasting Person voronwa+quen
Voronwandil Enduring/Long-lasting Lover/Friend voronwa+-ndil
Voronwandur Enduring/Long-lasting Servant voronwa+-ndur
Wanwa – Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead (wanwa)
Wanwë Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead One wanwa+-ë
Wanwië Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead One wanwa+-ië
Wanwien Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead One wanwa+-ien
Wanwanis Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead Woman wanwa+níssë
Wanwiel Daughter of Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead One wanwa+-iel
Wano Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead One wanwa+-o
Wanon Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead One wanwa+-on
Wanwano Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead One wanwa+-no
Wanwaner Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead Man wanwa+nér
Wanwion Son of Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead One wanwa+-ion
Wanwa Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead wanwa
Wanwaquen Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead Person wanwa+quen
Wanwandil Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead Lover/Friend wanwa+-ndil
Wanwandur Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead Servant wanwa+-ndur
Wanya- – To Depart/Die/Disappear (wanya-)
Wanyë Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-ë
Wanyallë Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-llë
Wanyamë Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-më
Wanyarë Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-rë
Waniel Daughter of Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-ë+-iel
Wanyalliel Daughter of Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-llë+-iel
Wanyamiel Daughter of Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-më+-iel
Wanyariel Daughter of Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-rë+-iel
Wanyo Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-o
Wanyano Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-no
Wanyamo Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-mo
Wanyaro Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-ro
Wanion Son of Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-o+-ion
Wanyanion Son of Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-no+-ion
Wanyamion Son of Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-mo+-ion
Wanyarion Son of Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-ro+-ion
Wanyar Departer/Dead One/Disappearer wanya-+-r
Wénëa – Virginal/Maidenly (wénëa)
Wénë Virginal/Maidenly One wénëa+-ë
Wénië Virginal/Maidenly One wénëa+-ië
Wénien Virginal/Maidenly One wénëa+-ien
Wénëanis Virginal/Maidenly Woman wénëa+níssë
Wéniel Daughter of Virginal/Maidenly One wénëa+-iel
Wénëo Virginal/Maidenly One wénëa+-o
Wénëon Virginal/Maidenly One wénëa+-on
Wénëano Virginal/Maidenly One wénëa+-no
Wénëaner Virginal/Maidenly Man wénëa+nér
Wénion Son of Virginal/Maidenly One wénëa+-ion
Wénëa Virginal/Maidenly One wénëa
Wénëaquen Virginal/Maidenly Person wénëa+quen
Wénëandil Virginal/Maidenly Lover/Friend wénëa+-ndil
Wénëandur Virginal/Maidenly Servant wénëa+-ndur
Wil- – To Fly (wil-)
Wílë Flier wil-+-ë
Wilissë Flier wil-+-issë
Wilindë Flier wil-+-indë
Wilmë Flier wil-+-më
Wíliel Daughter of Flier wil-+-ë+-iel
Wilissiel Daughter of Flier wil-+-issë+-iel
Wilindiel Daughter of Flier wil-+-indë+-iel
Wilmiel Daughter of Flier wil-+-më+-iel
Wílo Flier wil-+-o
Wilindo Flier wil-+-indo
Wildo Flier wil-+-no
Wilmo Flier wil-+-mo
Wílion Son of Flier wil-+-o+-ion
Wilindion Son of Flier wil-+-indo+-ion
Wildion Son of Flier wil-+-no+-ion
Wilmion Son of Flier wil-+-mo+-ion
Wirnë – Change (wirnë)
Wirnë Change wirnë+-ë
Wirnië Change wirnë+-ië
Wirnien Change wirnë+-ien
Wirnewen Change Girl wirnë+wendë
Wirnenis Change Woman wirnë+níssë
Wirniel Daughter of Change wirnë+-iel
Wirno Change wirnë+-o
Wirnon Change wirnë+-on
Wirnener Change Man wirnë+nér
Wirnion Son of Change wirnë+-ion
Wirnë Change wirnë
Wirnequen Change Person wirnë+quen
Wirya- – To Change (wirya-)
Wiryë One who is Changing wirya-+-ë
Wiryallë One who is Changing wirya-+-llë
Wiryamë One who is Changing wirya-+-më
Wiryarë One who is Changing wirya-+-rë
Wiriel Daughter of One who is Changing wirya-+-ë+-iel
Wiryalliel Daughter of One who is Changing wirya-+-llë+-iel
Wiryamiel Daughter of One who is Changing wirya-+-më+-iel
Wiryariel Daughter of One who is Changing wirya-+-rë+-iel
Wiryo One who is Changing wirya-+-o
Wiryano One who is Changing wirya-+-no
Wiryamo One who is Changing wirya-+-mo
Wiryaro One who is Changing wirya-+-ro
Wirion Son of One who is Changing wirya-+-o+-ion
Wiryanion Son of One who is Changing wirya-+-no+-ion
Wiryamion Son of One who is Changing wirya-+-mo+-ion
Wiryarion Son of One who is Changing wirya-+-ro+-ion
Wiryar One who is Changing wirya-+-r
Wista- – To Change (wista-)
Wistë Changer wista-+-ë
Wistissë Changer wista-+-issë
Wistindë Changer wista-+-indë
Wistallë Changer wista-+-llë
Wistamë Changer wista-+-më
Wistarë Changer wista-+-rë
Wistiel Daughter of Changer wista-+-ë+-iel
Wistissiel Daughter of Changer wista-+-issë+-iel
Wistindiel Daughter of Changer wista-+-indë+-iel
Wistalliel Daughter of Changer wista-+-llë+-iel
Wistamiel Daughter of Changer wista-+-më+-iel
Wistariel Daughter of Changer wista-+-rë+-iel
Wisto Changer wista-+-o
Wistindo Changer wista-+-indo
Wistano Changer wista-+-no
Wistamo Changer wista-+-mo
Wistaro Changer wista-+-ro
Wistion Son of Changer wista-+-o+-ion
Wistindion Son of Changer wista-+-indo+-ion
Wistanion Son of Changer wista-+-no+-ion
Wistamion Son of Changer wista-+-mo+-ion
Wistarion Son of Changer wista-+-ro+-ion
Wistar Changer wista-+-r
Yaimë – Wailing (yaimë)
Yaimë Wailing yaimë+-ë
Yaimië Wailing yaimë+-ië
Yaimien Wailing yaimë+-ien
Yaimewen Wailing Girl yaimë+wendë
Yaimenis Wailing Woman yaimë+níssë
Yaimiel Daughter of Wailing yaimë+-iel
Yaimo Wailing yaimë+-o
Yaimon Wailing yaimë+-on
Yaimno Wailing yaimë+-no
Yaimener Wailing Man yaimë+nér
Yaimion Son of Wailing yaimë+-ion
Yaimë Wailing yaimë
Yaimequen Wailing Person yaimë+quen
Yaimëa – Wailing (yaimëa)
Yaimë Wailing One +-ë
Yaimië Wailing One +-ië
Yaimien Wailing One yaimëa+-ien
Yaimëawen Wailing Girl +wendë
Yaimëanis Wailing Woman +níssë
Yaimiel Daughter of Wailing One +-iel
Yaimëo Wailing One +-o
Yaimëon Wailing One +-on
Yaimëano Wailing One +-no
Yaimëaner Wailing Man +nér
Yaimion Son of Wailing One +-ion
Yaimëa Wailing
Yaimëaquen Wailing Person +quen
Yaimëandil Wailing Lover/Friend +-ndil
Yaimëandur Wailing Servant +-ndur
Yal- – To Summon (yal-)
Yálë Summoner yal-+-ë
Yalissë Summoner yal-+-issë
Yalindë Summoner yal-+-indë
Yalmë Summoner yal-+-më
Yáliel Daughter of Summoner yal-+-ë+-iel
Yalissiel Daughter of Summoner yal-+-issë+-iel
Yalindiel Daughter of Summoner yal-+-indë+-iel
Yalmiel Daughter of Summoner yal-+-më+-iel
Yálo Summoner yal-+-o
Yalindo Summoner yal-+-indo
Yaldo Summoner yal-+-no
Yalmo Summoner yal-+-mo
Yálion Son of Summoner yal-+-o+-ion
Yalindion Son of Summoner yal-+-indo+-ion
Yaldion Son of Summoner yal-+-no+-ion
Yalmion Son of Summoner yal-+-mo+-ion
Yalmë – Clamor (yalmë)
Yalmë Clamor yalmë+-ë
Yalmië Clamor yalmë+-ië
Yalmien Clamor yalmë+-ien
Yalmewen Clamor Girl yalmë+wendë
Yalmenis Clamor Woman yalmë+níssë
Yalmiel Daughter of Clamor yalmë+-iel
Yalmo Clamor yalmë+-o
Yalmon Clamor yalmë+-on
Yalmener Clamor Man yalmë+nér
Yalmion Son of Clamor yalmë+-ion
Yalmë Clamor yalmë
Yalmequen Clamor Person yalmë+quen
Yalamwë Clamor Being yalmë+-wë
Yello – Triumphant Yell (yello)
Yellë Triumphant Yell yello+-ë
Yellië Triumphant Yell yello+-ië
Yellien Triumphant Yell yello+-ien
Yellowen Triumphant Yell Girl yello+wendë
Yellonis Triumphant Yell Woman yello+níssë
Yelliel Daughter of Triumphant Yell yello+-iel
Yello Triumphant Yell yello+-o
Yellon Triumphant Yell yello+-on
Yelloner Triumphant Yell Man yello+nér
Yellion Son of Triumphant Yell yello+-ion
Yello Triumphant Yell yello
Yelloquen Triumphant Yell Person yello+quen
Yelwë Triumphant Yell Being yello+-wë

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