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Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name

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Ahya- – To Change (ahya-)
Ahyë Changer ahya-+-ë
Ahyallë Changer ahya-+-llë
Ahyamë Changer ahya-+-më
Ahyarë Changer ahya-+-rë
Ahiel Daughter of Changer ahya-+-ë+-iel
Ahyalliel Daughter of Changer ahya-+-llë+-iel
Ahyamiel Daughter of Changer ahya-+-më+-iel
Ahyariel Daughter of Changer ahya-+-rë+-iel
Ahyo Changer ahya-+-o
Ahyano Changer ahya-+-no
Ahyamo Changer ahya-+-mo
Ahyaro Changer ahya-+-ro
Ahion Son of Changer ahya-+-o+-ion
Ahyanion Son of Changer ahya-+-no+-ion
Ahyamion Son of Changer ahya-+-mo+-ion
Ahyarion Son of Changer ahya-+-ro+-ion
Ahyar Changer ahya-+-r
Aira – Holy (aira)
Airë Holy One aira+-ë
Airië Holy One aira+-ië
Airien Holy One aira+-ien
Airawen Holy Girl aira+wendë
Airanis Holy Woman aira+níssë
Airiel Daughter of Holy One aira+-iel
Airo Holy One aira+-o
Airon Holy One aira+-on
Airno Holy One aira+-no
Airaner Holy Man aira+nér
Airion Son of Holy One aira+-ion
Aira Holy aira
Airaquen Holy Person aira+quen
Airwë Holy Being aira+-wë
Airandil Holy Lover/Friend aira+-ndil
Airandur Holy Servant aira+-ndur
Aista – Holy (aista)
Aistë Holy One aista+-ë
Aistië Holy One aista+-ië
Aistien Holy One aista+-ien
Aistawen Holy Girl aista+wendë
Aistanis Holy Woman aista+níssë
Aistiel Daughter of Holy One aista+-iel
Aisto Holy One aista+-o
Aiston Holy One aista+-on
Aistaner Holy Man aista+nér
Aistion Son of Holy One aista+-ion
Aista Holy aista
Aistaquen Holy Person aista+quen
Aistandil Holy Lover/Friend aista+-ndil
Aistandur Holy Servant aista+-ndur
Aista- – To Bless (aista-)
Aistë Blesser aista-+-ë
Aistissë Blesser aista-+-issë
Aistindë Blesser aista-+-indë
Aistallë Blesser aista-+-llë
Aistamë Blesser aista-+-më
Aistarë Blesser aista-+-rë
Aistiel Daughter of Blesser aista-+-ë+-iel
Aistissiel Daughter of Blesser aista-+-issë+-iel
Aistindiel Daughter of Blesser aista-+-indë+-iel
Aistalliel Daughter of Blesser aista-+-llë+-iel
Aistamiel Daughter of Blesser aista-+-më+-iel
Aistariel Daughter of Blesser aista-+-rë+-iel
Aisto Blesser aista-+-o
Aistano Blesser aista-+-no
Aistindo Blesser aista-+-indo
Aistamo Blesser aista-+-mo
Aistaro Blesser aista-+-ro
Aistion Son of Blesser aista-+-o+-ion
Aistindion Son of Blesser aista-+-indo+-ion
Aistanion Son of Blesser aista-+-no+-ion
Aistamion Son of Blesser aista-+-mo+-ion
Aistarion Son of Blesser aista-+-ro+-ion
Aistar Blesser aista-+-r
Alanossë – Family-less (ala-+nossë)
Alanossë Family-less One ala-+nossë+-ë
Alanossië Family-less One ala-+nossë+-ië
Alanossien Family-less One ala-+nossë+-ien
Alanossiel Daughter of One ala-+nossë+-iel
Alanosso Family-less One ala-+nossë+-o
Alanosson Family-less One ala-+nossë+-on
Alanossion Son of Family-less One ala-+nossë+-ion
Alanossë Family-less ala-+nossë
Alanossequen Family-less Person ala-+nossë+quen
Alanossendil Family-less Lover/Friend ala-+nossë+-ndil
Alanossendur Family-less Servant ala-+nossë+-ndur
Aman – Blessed/Pure (aman)
Amanë Blessed/Pure One aman+-ë
Amanië Blessed/Pure One aman+-ië
Amanien Blessed/Pure One aman+-ien
Amaniel Daughter of Blessed/Pure One aman+-iel
Amanwen Blessed/Pure Girl aman+wendë
Amandis Blessed/Pure Woman aman+níssë
Amano Blessed/Pure One aman+-o
Amanon Blessed/Pure One aman+-on
Amando Blessed/Pure One aman+-no
Amanion Son of Blessed/Pure One aman+-ion
Amander Blessed/Pure Man aman+nér
Amanquen Blessed/Pure Person aman+quen
Amandil Blessed/Pure Lover/Friend aman+-ndil
Amandur Blessed/Pure Servant aman+-ndur
Amanya – Blessed (amanya)
Amanyë Blessed One amanya+-ë
Amanië Blessed One amanya+-ië
Amanien Blessed One amanya+-ien
Amaniel Daughter of Blessed One amanya+-iel
Amanyawen Blessed Girl amanya+wendë
Amanyanis Blessed Woman amanya+níssë
Amanyo Blessed One amanya+-o
Amanyon Blessed One amanya+-on
Amanion Son of Blessed One amanya+-ion
Amanyaner Blessed Man amanya+nér
Amanya Blessed amanya
Amanyaquen Blessed Person amanya+quen
Amanyandil Blessed Lover/Friend amanya+-ndil
Amanyandur Blessed Servant amanya+-ndur
Amarto – Fate (amarto)
Amartë Fate amarto+-ë
Amartië Fate amarto+-ië
Amartien Fate amarto+-ien
Amartiel Daughter of Fate amarto+-iel
Amartowen Fate Girl amarto+wendë
Amartonis Fate Woman amarto+níssë
Amarto Fate amarto+-o
Amarton Fate amarto+-on
Amartion Son of Fate amarto+-ion
Amartoner Fate Man amarto+nér
Amarto Fate amarto
Amartoquen Fate Person amarto+quen
Amartondil Lover of Fate amarto+-ndil
Amartondur Servant of Fate amarto+-ndur
Ambar – Fate/Doom (ambar)
Ambarë Fate/Doom ambar+-ë
Ambarië Fate/Doom ambar+-ië
Ambarien Fate/Doom ambar+-ien
Ambariel Daughter of Fate/Doom ambar+-iel
Ambarwen Fate/Doom Girl ambar+wendë
Ambarnis Fate/Doom Woman ambar+níssë
Ambaro Fate/Doom ambar+-o
Ambaron Fate/Doom ambar+-on
Ambarno Fate/Doom ambar+-no
Ambarion Son of Fate/Doom ambar+-ion
Ambarner Fate/Doom Man ambar+nér
Ambar Fate/Doom ambar
Ambarquen Fate/Doom Person ambar+quen
Ambarwë Fate/Doom Being ambar+-wë
Ambardil Lover of Fate/Doom ambar+-ndil
Ambardur Servant of Fate/Doom ambar+-ndur
Anna – Gift (anna)
Annë Gift anna+-ë
Annië Gift anna+-ië
Annien Gift anna+-ien
Anniel Daughter of Gift anna+-iel
Annawen Gift Girl anna+wendë
Annanis Gift Woman anna+níssë
Anno Gift anna+-o
Annon Gift anna+-on
Ando Gift anna+-no
Annion Son of Gift anna+-ion
Annaner Gift Man anna+nér
Anna Gift anna
Annaquen Gift Person anna+quen
Anwë Gift Being anna+-wë
Anqualë – Agony/Death (anqualë)
Anqualë Agony/Death anqualë+-ë
Anqualië Agony/Death anqualë+-ië
Anqualien Agony/Death anqualë+-ien
Anqualiel Daughter of Agony/Death anqualë+-iel
Anqualewen Agony/Death Girl anqualë+wendë
Anqualenis Agony/Death Woman anqualë+níssë
Anqualo Agony/Death anqualë+-o
Anqualon Agony/Death anqualë+-on
Anqualdo Agony/Death anqualë+-no
Anqualion Son of Agony/Death anqualë+-ion
Anqualener Agony/Death Man anqualë+nér
Anqualë Agony/Death anqualë
Anqualequen Agony/Death Person anqualë+quen
Anqualwë Agony/Death Being anqualë+-wë
Anta- – To Give (anta-)
Antë Giver anta-+-ë
Antissë Giver anta-+-issë
Antindë Giver anta-+-indë
Antallë Giver anta-+-llë
Antamë Giver anta-+-më
Antarë Giver anta-+-rë
Antiel Daughter of Giver anta-+-ë+-iel
Antissiel Daughter of Giver anta-+-issë+-iel
Antindiel Daughter of Giver anta-+-indë+-iel
Antalliel Daughter of Giver anta-+-llë+-iel
Antamiel Daughter of Giver anta-+-më+-iel
Antariel Daughter of Giver anta-+-rë+-iel
Anto Giver anta-+-o
Antindo Giver anta-+-indo
Antano Giver anta-+-no
Antamo Giver anta-+-mo
Antaro Giver anta-+-ro
Antion Son of Giver anta-+-o+-ion
Antindion Son of Giver anta-+-indo+-ion
Antanion Son of Giver anta-+-no+-ion
Antamion Son of Giver anta-+-mo+-ion
Antarion Son of Giver anta-+-ro+-ion
Antar Giver anta-+-r
Anwa – Real/Actual/True (anwa)
Anwë Real/Actual/True One anwa+-ë
Anwië Real/Actual/True One anwa+-ië
Anwien Real/Actual/True One anwa+-ien
Anwiel Daughter of Real/Actual/True One anwa+-iel
Anwanis Real/Actual/True Woman anwa+níssë
Ano Real/Actual/True One anwa+-o
Anon Real/Actual/True One anwa+-on
Anwion Son of Real/Actual/True One anwa+-ion
Anwaner Real/Actual/True Man anwa+nér
Anwa Real/Actual/True anwa
Anwaquen Real/Actual/True Person anwa+quen
Anwandil Real/Actual/True Lover/Friend anwa+-ndil
Anwandur Real/Actual/True Servant anwa+-ndur
Arca- – To Pray (arca-)
Arcë Prayer arca-+-ë
Arcissë Prayer arca-+-issë
Arcindë Prayer arca-+-indë
Arcallë Prayer arca-+-llë
Arcamë Prayer arca-+-më
Arcarë Prayer arca-+-rë
Arciel Daughter of Prayer arca-+-ë+-iel
Arcissiel Daughter of Prayer arca-+-issë+-iel
Arcindiel Daughter of Prayer arca-+-indë+-iel
Arcalliel Daughter of Prayer arca-+-llë+-iel
Arcamiel Daughter of Prayer arca-+-më+-iel
Arcariel Daughter of Prayer arca-+-rë+-iel
Arco Prayer arca-+-o
Arcindo Prayer arca-+-indo
Arcano Prayer arca-+-no
Arcamo Prayer arca-+-mo
Arcaro Prayer arca-+-ro
Arcion Son of Prayer arca-+-o+-ion
Arcindion Son of Prayer arca-+-indo+-ion
Arcanion Son of Prayer arca-+-no+-ion
Arcamion Son of Prayer arca-+-mo+-ion
Arcarion Son of Prayer arca-+-ro+-ion
Arcar Prayer arca-+-r
Apacen – Foresight (apacen)
Apacenë Foresight apacen+-ë
Apacenië Foresight apacen+-ië
Apacenien Foresight apacen+-ien
Apaceniel Daughter of Foresight apacen+-iel
Apacenwen Foresight Girl apacen+wendë
Apacendis Foresight Woman apacen+níssë
Apaceno Foresight apacen+-o
Apacenon Foresight apacen+-on
Apacendo Foresight apacen+-no
Apacenion Son of Foresight apacen+-ion
Apacender Foresight Man apacen+nér
Apacen Foresight apacen
Apacenquen Foresight Person apacen+quen
Apacenwë Foresight Being apacen+-wë
Apairë – Victory (apairë)
Apairë Victory apairë+-ë
Apairië Victory apairë+-ië
Apairien Victory apairë+-ien
Apairiel Daughter of Victory apairë+-iel
Apairewen Victory Girl apairë+wendë
Apairenis Victory Woman apairë+níssë
Apairo Victory apairë+-o
Apairon Victory apairë+-on
Apairno Victory apairë+-no
Apairion Son of Victory apairë+-ion
Apairener Victory Man apairë+nér
Apairë Victory apairë
Apairequen Victory Person apairë+quen
Apairewë Victory Being apairë+-wë
Cáma – Guilt/Responsibility (cáma)
Cámë Guilt/Responsibility cáma+-ë
Cámië Guilt/Responsibility cáma+-ië
Cámien Guilt/Responsibility cáma+-ien
Cámiel Daughter of Guilt/Responsibility cáma+-iel
Cámawen Guilt/Responsibility Girl cáma+wendë
Cámanis Guilt/Responsibility Woman cáma+níssë
Cámo Guilt/Responsibility cáma+-o
Cámon Guilt/Responsibility cáma+-on
Cámno Guilt/Responsibility cáma+-no
Cámion Son of Guilt/Responsibility cáma+-ion
Cámaner Guilt/Responsibility Man cáma+nér
Cáma Guilt/Responsibility cáma
Cámaquen Guilt/Responsibility Person cáma+quen
Cammírë – Hand of Treasure (camba+mírë)
Cammírë Hand of Treasure camba+mírë+-ë
Cammírië Hand of Treasure camba+mírë+-ië
Cammírien Hand of Treasure camba+mírë+-ien
Cammíriel Daughter of Hand of Treasure camba+mírë+-iel
Cammírewen Hand of Treasure Girl camba+mírë+wendë
Cammírenis Hand of Treasure Woman camba+mírë+níssë
Cammíro Hand of Treasure camba+mírë+-o
Cammíron Hand of Treasure camba+mírë+-on
Cammírno Hand of Treasure camba+mírë+-no
Cammírion Son of Hand of Treasure camba+mírë+-ion
Cammírener Hand of Treasure Man camba+mírë+nér
Cammírë Hand of Treasure camba+mírë
Cammírequen Hand of Treasure Person camba+mírë+quen
Canwa – Order (canwa)
Canwë Order canwa+-ë
Canwië Order canwa+-ië
Canwien Order canwa+-ien
Canwiel Daughter of Order canwa+-iel
Canwanis Order Woman canwa+níssë
Cano Order canwa+-o
Canon Order canwa+-on
Canwion Son of Order canwa+-ion
Canwaner Order Man canwa+nér
Canwa Order canwa
Canwaquen Order Person canwa+quen
Cap- – To Jump/Leap (cap-)
Cápë Jumper/Leaper cap-+-ë
Capissë Jumper/Leaper cap-+-issë
Capindë Jumper/Leaper cap-+-indë
Cápiel Daughter of Jumper/Leaper cap-+-ë+-iel
Capissiel Daughter of Jumper/Leaper cap-+-issë+-iel
Capindiel Daughter of Jumper/Leaper cap-+-indë+-iel
Cápo Jumper/Leaper cap-+-o
Capindo Jumper/Leaper cap-+-indo
Cápion Son of Jumper/Leaper cap-+-o+-ion
Capindion Son of Jumper/Leaper cap-+-indo+-ion
Ceulë – Renewal (ceulë)
Ceulë Renewal ceulë+-ë
Ceulië Renewal ceulë+-ië
Ceulien Renewal ceulë+-ien
Ceuliel Daughter of Renewal ceulë+-iel
Ceulewen Renewal Girl ceulë+wendë
Ceulenis Renewal Woman +níssë
Ceulo Renewal ceulë+-o
Ceulon Renewal ceulë+-on
Ceuldo Renewal ceulë+-no
Ceulion Son of Renewal ceulë+-ion
Ceulener Renewal Man ceulë+nér
Ceulë Renewal ceulë
Ceulequen Renewal Person ceulë+quen
Ceulwë Renewal Being ceulë+-wë
Ceura – Renewed (ceura)
Ceurë Renewed One ceura+-ë
Ceurië Renewed One ceura+-ië
Ceurien Renewed One ceura+-ien
Ceuriel Daughter of Renewed One ceura+-iel
Ceurawen Renewed Girl ceura+wendë
Ceuranis Renewed Woman ceura+níssë
Ceuro Renewed One ceura+-o
Ceuron Renewed One ceura+-on
Ceurno Renewed One ceura+-no
Ceurion Son of Renewed One ceura+-ion
Ceuraner Renewed Man ceura+nér
Ceura Renewed ceura
Ceuraquen Renewed Person ceura+quen
Ceurandil Renewed Lover/Friend ceura+-ndil
Ceurandur Renewed Servant ceura+-ndur
Ceuta- – To Renew/Refresh (ceuta-)
Ceutë Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-ë
Ceutissë Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-issë
Ceutindë Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-indë
Ceutallë Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-llë
Ceutamë Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-më
Ceutarë Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-rë
Ceutiel Daughter of Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-ë+-iel
Ceutissiel Daughter of Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-issë+-iel
Ceutindiel Daughter of Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-indë+-iel
Ceutalliel Daughter of Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-llë+-iel
Ceutamiel Daughter of Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-më+-iel
Ceutariel Daughter of Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-rë+-iel
Ceuto Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-o
Ceutindo Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-indo
Ceutano Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-no
Ceutamo Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-mo
Ceutaro Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-ro
Ceution Son of Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-o+-ion
indion Son of Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-indo+-ion
Ceutanion Son of Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-no+-ion
Ceutamion Son of Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-mo+-ion
Ceutarion Son of Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-ro+-ion
Ceutar Renewer/Refresher ceuta-+-r
Cordon – Idol (cordon)
Cordonë Idol cordon+-ë
Cordonië Idol cordon+-ië
Cordonien Idol cordon+-ien
Cordoniel Daughter of Idol cordon+-iel
Cordonwen Idol Girl cordon+wendë
Cordondis Idol Woman cordon+níssë
Cordono Idol cordon+-o
Cordonon Idol cordon+-on
Cordondo Idol cordon+-no
Cordonion Son of Idol cordon+-ion
Cordonder Idol Man cordon+nér
Cordon Idol cordon
Cordonquen Idol Person cordon+quen
Cordonwë Idol Being cordon+-wë
Cordondil Lover/Friend of an Idol cordon+-ndil
Cordondur Servant of an Idol cordon+-ndur
Cuilë – Life (cuilë)
Cuilë Life cuilë+-ë
Cuilië Life cuilë+-ië
Cuilien Life cuilë+-ien
Cuiliel Daughter of Life cuilë+-iel
Cuilewen Life Girl cuilë+wendë
Cuilenis Life Woman cuilë+níssë
Cuilo Life cuilë+-o
Cuilon Life cuilë+-on
Cuildo Life cuilë+-no
Cuilion Son of Life cuilë+-ion
Cuilener Life Man cuilë+nér
Cuilë Life cuilë
Cuilequen Life Person cuilë+quen
Cuilwë Life Being cuilë+-wë
Cuilendil Lover/Friend of Life cuilë+-ndil
Cuilendur Servant of Life +cuilë-ndur
Cuina – Alive (cuina)
Cuinë Alive One cuina+-ë
Cuinië Alive One cuina+-ië
Cuinien Alive One cuina+-ien
Cuiniel Daughter of Alive One cuina+-iel
Cuinawen Alive Girl cuina+wendë
Cuinanis Alive Woman cuina+níssë
Cuino Alive One cuina+-o
Cuinon Alive One cuina+-on
Cuindo Alive One cuina+-no
Cuinion Son of Alive One cuina+-ion
Cuinaner Alive Man cuina+nér
Cuina Alive cuina
Cuinaquen Alive Person cuina+quen
Cuinandil Alive Lover/Friend cuina+-ndil
Cuinandur Alive Servant cuina+-ndur
Ecya – Sharp (ecya)
Ecyë Sharp One ecya+-ë
Ecië Sharp One ecya+-ië
Ecien Sharp One ecya+-ien
Ecyawen Sharp Girl ecya+wendë
Ecyanis Sharp Woman ecya+níssë
Eciel Daughter of Sharp One ecya+-iel
Ecyo Sharp One ecya+-o
Ecyon Sharp One ecya+-on
Ecyaner Sharp Man ecya+nér
Ecion Son of Sharp One ecya+-ion
Ecya Sharp ecya
Ecyaquen Sharp Person ecya+quen
Ecyandil Sharp Lover/Friend ecya+-ndil
Ecyandur Sharp Servant ecya+-ndur

Eldamando – Elven Doom (elda+mando)

Ello – Triumphant Yell (ello)
Ellë Triumphant Yell ello+-ë
Ellië Triumphant Yell ello+-ië
Ellien Triumphant Yell ello+-ien
Ellowen Triumphant Yell Girl ello+wendë
Ellonis Triumphant Yell Woman ello+níssë
Elliel Daughter of Triumphant Yell ello+-iel
Ello Triumphant Yell ello+-o
Ellon Triumphant Yell ello+-on
Elloner Triumphant Yell Man ello+nér
Ellion Son of Triumphant Yell ello+-ion
Ello Triumphant Yell ello
Elloquen Triumphant Yell Person ello+quen
Elmenda – Wonder (elmenda)
Elmendë Wonder elmenda+-ë
Elmendië Wonder elmenda+-ië
Elmendien Wonder elmenda+-ien
Elmendawen Wonder Girl elmenda+wendë
Elmendanis Wonder Woman elmenda+níssë
Elmendiel Daughter of Wonder elmenda+-iel
Elmendo Wonder elmenda+-o
Elmendon Wonder elmenda+-on
Elmendaner Wonder Man elmenda+nér
Elmendion Son of Wonder elmenda+-ion
Elmenda Wonder elmenda
Elmendaquen Wonder Person elmenda+quen
Emma – Picture (emma)
Emmë Picture emma+-ë
Emmië Picture emma+-ië
Emmien Picture emma+-ien
Emmawen Picture Girl emma+wendë
Emmanis Picture Woman emma+níssë
Emmiel Daughter of Picture emma+-iel
Emmo Picture emma+-o
Emmon Picture emma+-on
Emmaner Picture Man emma+nér
Emmion Son of Picture emma+-ion
Emma Picture emma
Emmaquen Picture Person emma+quen
Erca – Prickle (erca)
Ercë Prickle erca+-ë
Ercië Prickle erca+-ië
Ercien Prickle erca+-ien
Ercawen Prickle Girl erca+wendë
Ercanis Prickle Woman erca+níssë
Erciel Daughter of Prickle erca+-iel
Erco Prickle erca+-o
Ercon Prickle erca+-on
Ercaner Prickle Man erca+nér
Ercion Son of Prickle erca+-ion
Erca Prickle erca
Ercaquen Prickle Person erca+quen
Esta- – To Name (esta-)
Estë Namer esta-+-ë
Estissë Namer esta-+-issë
Estindë Namer esta-+-indë
Estallë Namer esta-+-llë
Estamë Namer esta-+-më
Estarë Namer esta-+-rë
Estiel Daughter of Namer esta-+-ë+-iel
Estissiel Daughter of Namer esta-+-issë+-iel
Estindiel Daughter of Namer esta-+-indë+-iel
Estalliel Daughter of Namer esta-+-llë+-iel
Estamiel Daughter of Namer esta-+-më+-iel
Estariel Daughter of Namer esta-+-rë+-iel
Esto Namer esta-+-o
Estindo Namer esta-+-indo
Estano Namer esta-+-no
Estamo Namer esta-+-mo
Estaro Namer esta-+-ro
Estion Son of Namer esta-+-o+-ion
Estindion Son of Namer esta-+-indo+-ion
Estanion Son of Namer esta-+-no+-ion
Estamion Son of Namer esta-+-mo+-ion
Estarion Son of Namer esta-+-ro+-ion
Estar Namer esta-+-r
Eterúna- – To Redeem (eterúna-)
Eterúnë Redeemer eterúna-+-ë
Eterúnissë Redeemer eterúna-+-issë
Eterúnindë Redeemer eterúna-+-indë
Eterúnallë Redeemer eterúna-+-llë
Eterúnamë Redeemer eterúna-+-më
Eterúnarë Redeemer eterúna-+-rë
Eterúniel Daughter of Redeemer eterúna-+-ë+-iel
Eterúnissiel Daughter of Redeemer eterúna-+-issë+-iel
Eterúnindiel Daughter of Redeemer eterúna-+-indë+-iel
Eterúnalliel Daughter of Redeemer eterúna-+-llë+-iel
Eterúnamiel Daughter of Redeemer eterúna-+-më+-iel
Eterúnariel Daughter of Redeemer eterúna-+-rë+-iel
Eterúno Redeemer eterúna-+-o
Eterúnindo Redeemer eterúna-+-indo
Eterúnano Redeemer eterúna-+-no
Eterúnamo Redeemer eterúna-+-mo
Eterúnaro Redeemer eterúna-+-ro
Eterúnion Son of Redeemer eterúna-+-o+-ion
Eterúnindion Son of Redeemer eterúna-+-indo+-ion
Eterúnanion Son of Redeemer eterúna-+-no+-ion
Eterúnamion Son of Redeemer eterúna-+-mo+-ion
Eterúnarion Son of Redeemer eterúna-+-ro+-ion
Eterúnar Redeemer eterúna-+-r
Fairë – Phantom/Disembodied Spirit (fairë)
Fairë Phantom/Disembodied Spirit fairë+-ë
Fairië Phantom/Disembodied Spirit fairë+-ië
Fairien Phantom/Disembodied Spirit fairë+-ien
Fairewen Phantom/Disembodied Spirit Girl fairë+wendë
Fairenis Phantom/Disembodied Spirit Woman fairë+níssë
Fairiel Daughter of Phantom/Disembodied Spirit fairë+-iel
Fairo Phantom/Disembodied Spirit fairë+-o
Fairon Phantom/Disembodied Spirit fairë+-on
Fairdo Phantom/Disembodied Spirit fairë+-no
Fairener Phantom/Disembodied Spirit Man fairë+nér
Fairion Son of Phantom/Disembodied Spirit fairë+-ion
Fairë Phantom/Disembodied Spirit fairë
Fairequen Phantom/Disembodied Spirit Person fairë+quen
Fairwë Phantom/Disembodied Spirit Being fairë+-wë
Fairendil Lover/Friend of Phantoms/Disembodied Spirits fairë+-ndil
Fairendur Servant of Phantoms/Disembodied Spirits fairë+-ndur
Felmë – Impulse/Emotion (felmë)
Felmë Impulse/Emotion felmë+-ë
Felmië Impulse/Emotion felmë+-ië
Felmien Impulse/Emotion felmë+-ien
Felmewen Impulse/Emotion Girl felmë+wendë
Felmenis Impulse/Emotion Woman felmë+níssë
Felmiel Daughter of Impulse/Emotion felmë+-iel
Felmo Impulse/Emotion felmë+-o
Felmon Impulse/Emotion felmë+-on
Felmener Impulse/Emotion Man felmë+nér
Felmion Son of Impulse/Emotion felmë+-ion
Felmë Impulse/Emotion felmë
Felmequen Impulse/Emotion Person felmë+quen
Fintalë – Trick (fintalë)
Fintalë Trick fintalë+-ë
Fintalië Trick fintalë+-ië
Fintalien Trick fintalë+-ien
Fintalewen Trick Girl fintalë+wendë
Fintalenis Trick Woman fintalë+níssë
Fintaliel Daughter of Trick fintalë+-iel
Fintalo Trick fintalë+-o
Fintalon Trick fintalë+-on
Fintaldo Trick fintalë+-no
Fintalener Trick Man fintalë+nér
Fintalion Son of Trick fintalë+-ion
Fintalë Trick fintalë
Fintalequen Trick Person fintalë+quen
Hampa – Restrained/Delayed/Kept (hampa)
Hampë Restrained/Delayed/Kept One hampa+-ë
Hampië Restrained/Delayed/Kept One hampa+-ië
Hampien Restrained/Delayed/Kept One hampa+-ien
Hampawen Restrained/Delayed/Kept Girl hampa+wendë
Hampanis Restrained/Delayed/Kept Woman hampa+níssë
Hampiel Daughter of Restrained/Delayed/Kept One hampa+-iel
Hampo Restrained/Delayed/Kept One hampa+-o
Hampon Restrained/Delayed/Kept One hampa+-on
Hampaner Restrained/Delayed/Kept Man hampa+nér
Hampion Son of Restrained/Delayed/Kept One hampa+-ion
Hampa Restrained/Delayed/Kept hampa
Hampaquen Restrained/Delayed/Kept Person hampa+quen
Hampandil Restrained/Delayed/Kept Lover/Friend hampa+-ndil
Hampandur Restrained/Delayed/Kept Servant hampa+-ndur
Harma – Treasure (harma)
Harmë Treasure harma+-ë
Harmië Treasure harma+-ië
Harmien Treasure harma+-ien
Harmawen Treasure Girl harma+wendë
Harmanis Treasure Woman harma+níssë
Harmiel Daughter of Treasure harma+-iel
Harmo Treasure harma+-o
Harmon Treasure harma+-on
Harmaner Treasure Man harma+nér
Harmion Son of Treasure harma+-ion
Harma Treasure harma
Harmaquen Treasure Person harma+quen
Harwë – Treasure/Treasury (harwë)
Harwë Treasure/Treasury harwë+-ë
Harwië Treasure/Treasury harwë+-ië
Harwien Treasure/Treasury harwë+-ien
Harwenis Treasure/Treasury Woman harwë+níssë
Harwiel Daughter of Treasure/Treasury harwë+-iel
Haro Treasure/Treasury harwë+-o
Haron Treasure/Treasury harwë+-on
Harwener Treasure/Treasury Man harwë+nér
Harwion Son of Treasure/Treasury harwë+-ion
Harwë Treasure/Treasury harwë
Harwequen Treasure/Treasury Person harwë+quen
Himba – Adhering/Sticking (himba)
Himbë Adhering/Sticking One himba+-ë
Himbië Adhering/Sticking One himba+-ië
Himbien Adhering/Sticking One himba+-ien
Himbawen Adhering/Sticking Girl +himbawendë
Himbanis Adhering/Sticking Woman himba+níssë
Himbiel Daughter of Adhering/Sticking One himba+-iel
Himbo Adhering/Sticking One himba+-o
Himbon Adhering/Sticking One himba+-on
Himbaner Adhering/Sticking Man himba+nér
Himbion Son of Adhering/Sticking One himba+-ion
Himba Adhering/Sticking himba
Himbaquen Adhering/Sticking Person himba+quen
Himbandil Adhering/Sticking Lover/Friend himba+-ndil
Himbandur Adhering/Sticking Servant himba+-ndur
Hlóna – Noise (hlóna)
Hlónë Noise hlóna+-ë
Hlónië Noise hlóna+-ië
Hlónien Noise hlóna+-ien
Hlónawen Noise Girl hlóna+wendë
Hlónanis Noise Woman hlóna+níssë
Hlóniel Daughter of Noise hlóna+-iel
Hlóno Noise hlóna+-o
Hlónon Noise hlóna+-on
Hlóndo Noise hlóna+-no
Hlónaner Noise Man hlóna+nér
Hlónion Son of Noise hlóna+-ion
Hlóna Noise hlóna
Hlónaquen Noise Person hlóna+quen
Hlónwë Noise Being hlóna+-wë
Hranga- – To Thwart (hranga-)
Hrangë Thwarter hranga-+-ë
Hrangissë Thwarter hranga-+-issë
Hrangindë Thwarter hranga-+-indë
Hrangallë Thwarter hranga-+-llë
Hrangamë Thwarter hranga-+-më
Hrangarë Thwarter hranga-+-rë
Hrangiel Daughter of Thwarter hranga-+-ë+-iel
Hrangissiel Daughter of Thwarter hranga-+-issë+-iel
Hrangindiel Daughter of Thwarter hranga-+-indë+-iel
Hrangalliel Daughter of Thwarter hranga-+-llë+-iel
Hrangamiel Daughter of Thwarter hranga-+-më+-iel
Hrangariel Daughter of Thwarter hranga-+-rë+-iel
Hrango Thwarter hranga-+-o
Hrangindo Thwarter hranga-+-indo
Hrangano Thwarter hranga-+-no
Hrangamo Thwarter hranga-+-mo
Hrangaro Thwarter hranga-+-ro
Hrangion Son of Thwarter hranga-+-o+-ion
Hrangindion Son of Thwarter hranga-+-indo+-ion
Hranganion Son of Thwarter hranga-+-no+-ion
Hrangamion Son of Thwarter hranga-+-mo+-ion
Hrangarion Son of Thwarter hranga-+-ro+-ion
Hrangar Thwarter hranga-+-r
Húna- – To Howl (húna-)
Húnë Howler húna-+-ë
Húnissë Howler húna-+-issë
Húnindë Howler húna-+-indë
Húnallë Howler húna-+-llë
Húnamë Howler húna-+-më
Húnarë Howler húna-+-rë
Húniel Daughter of Howler húna-+-ë+-iel
Húnissiel Daughter of Howler húna-+-issë+-iel
Húnindiel Daughter of Howler húna-+-indë+-iel
Húnalliel Daughter of Howler húna-+-llë+-iel
Húnamiel Daughter of Howler húna-+-më+-iel
Húnariel Daughter of Howler húna-+-rë+-iel
Húno Howler húna-+-o
Húnindo Howler húna-+-indo
Húnano Howler húna-+-no
Húnamo Howler húna-+-mo
Húnaro Howler húna-+-ro
Húnion Son of Howler húna-+-o+-ion
Húnindion Son of Howler húna-+-indo+-ion
Húnanion Son of Howler húna-+-no+-ion
Húnamion Son of Howler húna-+-mo+-ion
Húnarion Son of Howler húna-+-ro+-ion
Húnar Howler húna-+-r
Húta- – To Curse (húta-)
Hútë Curser húta-+-ë
Hútissë Curser húta-+-issë
Hútindë Curser húta-+-indë
Hútallë Curser húta-+-llë
Hútamë Curser húta-+-më
Hútarë Curser húta-+-rë
Hútiel Daughter of Curser húta-+-ë+-iel
Hútissiel Daughter of Curser húta-+-issë+-iel
Hútindiel Daughter of Curser húta-+-indë+-iel
Hútalliel Daughter of Curser húta-+-llë+-iel
Hútamiel Daughter of Curser húta-+-më+-iel
Hútariel Daughter of Curser húta-+-rë+-iel
Húto Curser húta-+-o
Hútindo Curser húta-+-indo
Hútano Curser húta-+-no
Hútamo Curser húta-+-mo
Hútaro Curser húta-+-ro
Hútion Son of Curser húta-+-o+-ion
Hútindion Son of Curser húta-+-indo+-ion
Hútanion Son of Curser húta-+-no+-ion
Hútamion Son of Curser húta-+-mo+-ion
Hútarion Son of Curser húta-+-ro+-ion
Hútar Curser húta-+-r
Inca – Idea (inca)
Incë Idea inca+-ë
Incië Idea inca+-ië
Incien Idea inca+-ien
Incawen Idea Girl inca+wendë
Incanis Idea Woman inca+níssë
Inciel Daughter of Idea inca+-iel
Inco Idea inca+-o
Incon Idea inca+-on
Incaner Idea Man inca+nér
Incion Son of Idea inca+-ion
Inca Idea inca
Incaquen Idea Person inca+quen
Indemma – Telepathic Image (indemma)
Indemmë Telepathic Image indemma+-ë
Indemmië Telepathic Image indemma+-ië
Indemmien Telepathic Image indemma+-ien
Indemmawen Telepathic Girl indemma+wendë
Indemmanis Telepathic Woman indemma+níssë
Indemmiel Daughter of a Telepath indemma+-iel
Indemmo Telepathic Image indemma+-o
Indemmon Telepathic Image indemma+-on
Indemmaner Telepathic Man indemma+nér
Indemmion Son of a Telepath indemma+-ion
Indemma Telepathic Image indemma
Indemmaquen Telepath Person indemma+quen
Indyalmë – Clamour (indyalmë)
Indyalmë Clamour indyalmë+-ë
Indyalmië Clamour indyalmë+-ië
Indyalmien Clamour indyalmë+-ien
Indyalmewen Clamour Girl indyalmë+wendë
Indyalmenis Clamour Woman indyalmë+níssë
Indyalmiel Daughter of Clamour indyalmë+-iel
Indyalmo Clamour indyalmë+-o
Indyalmon Clamour indyalmë+-on
Indyalmener Clamour Man indyalmë+nér
Indyalmion Son of Clamour indyalmë+-ion
Indyalmë Clamour indyalmë
Indyalmequen Clamour Person indyalmë+quen
Intya- – To Guess (intya-)
Intyë Guesser intya-+-ë
Intyallë Guesser intya-+-llë
Intyamë Guesser intya-+-më
Intyarë Guesser intya-+-rë
Intiel Daughter of Guesser intya-+-ë+-iel
Intyalliel Daughter of Guesser intya-+-llë+-iel
Intyamiel Daughter of Guesser intya-+-më+-iel
Intyariel Daughter of Guesser intya-+-rë+-iel
Intyo Guesser intya-+-o
Intyano Guesser intya-+-no
Intyamo Guesser intya-+-mo
Intyaro Guesser intya-+-ro
Intion Son of Guesser intya-+-o+-ion
Intyanion Son of Guesser intya-+-no+-ion
Intyamion Son of Guesser intya-+-mo+-ion
Intyarion Son of Guesser intya-+-ro+-ion
Intyar Guesser intya-+-r
Lahta- – To Surpass (lahta-)
Lahtë Surpasser lahta-+-ë
Lahtissë Surpasser lahta-+-issë
Lahtindë Surpasser lahta-+-indë
Lahtallë Surpasser lahta-+-llë
Lahtamë Surpasser lahta-+-më
Lahtarë Surpasser lahta-+-rë
Lahtiel Daughter of Surpasser lahta-+-ë+-iel
Lahtissiel Daughter of Surpasser lahta-+-issë+-iel
Lahtindiel Daughter of Surpasser lahta-+-indë+-iel
Lahtalliel Daughter of Surpasser lahta-+-llë+-iel
Lahtamiel Daughter of Surpasser lahta-+-më+-iel
Lahtariel Daughter of Surpasser lahta-+-rë+-iel
Lahto Surpasser lahta-+-o
Lahtindo Surpasser lahta-+-indo
Lahtano Surpasser lahta-+-no
Lahtamo Surpasser lahta-+-mo
Lahtaro Surpasser lahta-+-ro
Lahtion Son of Surpasser lahta-+-o+-ion
Lahtindion Son of Surpasser lahta-+-indo+-ion
Lahtanion Son of Surpasser lahta-+-no+-ion
Lahtamion Son of Surpasser lahta-+-mo+-ion
Lahtarion Son of Surpasser lahta-+-ro+-ion
Lahtar Surpasser lahta-+-r
Láma – Echo (láma)
Lámë Echo láma+-ë
Lámië Echo láma+-ië
Lámien Echo láma+-ien
Lámawen Echo Girl láma+wendë
Lámanis Echo Woman láma+níssë
Lámiel Daughter of Echo láma+-iel
Lámo Echo láma+-o
Lámon Echo láma+-on
Lámno Echo láma+-no
Lámaner Echo Man láma+nér
Lámion Son of Echo láma+-ion
Láma Echo láma
Lámaquen Echo Person láma+quen
Lámina – Echoing (lámina)
Láminë Echoing One lámina+-ë
Láminië Echoing One lámina+-ië
Láminien Echoing One lámina+-ien
Láminawen Echoing Girl lámina+wendë
Láminanis Echoing Woman lámina+níssë
Láminiel Daughter of Echoing One lámina+-iel
Lámino Echoing One lámina+-o
Láminon Echoing One lámina+-on
Láminano Echoing One lámina+-no
Láminaner Echoing Man lámina+nér
ion Son of Echoing One lámina+-ion
Lámina Echoing lámina
Láminaquen Echoing Person lámina+quen
Láminandil Echoing Lover/Friend lámina+-ndil
Láminandur Echoing Servant lámina+-ndur
Lemba – Left Behind (lemba)
Lembë One Left Behind lemba+-ë
Lembië One Left Behind lemba+-ië
Lembien One Left Behind lemba+-ien
Lembawen Girl Left Behind lemba+wendë
Lembanis Woman Left Behind lemba+níssë
Lembiel Daughter of One Left Behind lemba+-iel
Lembo One Left Behind lemba+-o
Lembon One Left Behind lemba+-on
Lembano One Left Behind lemba+-no
Lembaner Man Left Behind lemba+nér
Lembion Son of One Left Behind lemba+-ion
Lemba Left Behind lemba
Lembaquen Person Left Behind lemba+quen
Lembandil Lover/Friend Left Behind lemba+-ndil
Lembandur Servant Left Behind lemba+-ndur
Lemya- – To Remain (lemya-)
Lemyë One Who Remained lemya-+-ë
Lemyallë One Who Remained lemya-+-llë
Lemyamë One Who Remained lemya-+-më
Lemyarë One Who Remained lemya-+-rë
Lemiel Daughter of One Who Remained lemya-+-ë+-iel
Lemyalliel Daughter of One Who Remained lemya-+-llë+-iel
Lemyamiel Daughter of One Who Remained lemya-+-më+-iel
Lemyariel Daughter of One Who Remained lemya-+-rë+-iel
Lemyo One Who Remained lemya-+-o
Lemyano One Who Remained lemya-+-no
Lemyamo One Who Remained lemya-+-mo
Lemyaro One Who Remained lemya-+-ro
Lemion Son of One Who Remained lemya-+-o+-ion
Lemyanion Son of One Who Remained lemya-+-no+-ion
Lemyamion Son of One Who Remained lemya-+-mo+-ion
Lemyarion Son of One Who Remained lemya-+-ro+-ion
Lemyar One Who Remained lemya-+-r
Lerya- – To Release/Free (lerya-)
Leryë Releaser/Freer lerya-+-ë
Leryallë Releaser/Freer lerya-+-llë
Leryamë Releaser/Freer lerya-+-më
Leryarë Releaser/Freer lerya-+-rë
Leriel Daughter of Releaser/Freer lerya-+-ë+-iel
Leryalliel Daughter of Releaser/Freer lerya-+-llë+-iel
Leryamiel Daughter of Releaser/Freer lerya-+-më+-iel
Leryariel Daughter of Releaser/Freer lerya-+-rë+-iel
Leryo Releaser/Freer lerya-+-o
Leryano Releaser/Freer lerya-+-no
Leryamo Releaser/Freer lerya-+-mo
Leryaro Releaser/Freer lerya-+-ro
Lerion Son of Releaser/Freer lerya-+-o+-ion
Leryanion Son of Releaser/Freer lerya-+-no+-ion
Leryamion Son of Releaser/Freer lerya-+-mo+-ion
Leryarion Son of Releaser/Freer lerya-+-ro+-ion
Leryar Releaser/Freer lerya-+-r
Lís – Honey (lís)
Líssë Honey lís+-ë
Líssië Honey lís+-ië
Líssien Honey lís+-ien
Líswen Honey Girl lís+wendë
Lísnis Honey Woman lís+níssë
Líssiel Daughter of Honey lís+-iel
Lísso Honey lís+-o
Lísson Honey lís+-on
Lísner Honey Man lís+nér
Líssion Son of Honey lís+-ion
Lís Honey lís
Lísquen Honey Person lís+quen
Líswë Honey Being lís+-wë
Loita- – To Fail (loita-)
Loitë Failer loita-+-ë
Loitissë Failer loita-+-issë
Loitindë Failer loita-+-indë
Loitallë Failer loita-+-llë
Loitamë Failer loita-+-më
Loitarë Failer loita-+-rë
Loitissiel Daughter of Failer loita-+-issë+-iel
Loitindiel Daughter of Failer loita-+-indë+-iel
Loitalliel Daughter of Failer loita-+-llë+-iel
Loitamiel Daughter of Failer loita-+-më+-iel
Loitariel Daughter of Failer loita-+-rë+-iel
Loito Failer loita-+-o
Loitano Failer loita-+-no
Loitindo Failer loita-+-indo
Loitamo Failer loita-+-mo
Loitaro Failer loita-+-ro
Loitanion Son of Failer loita-+-no+-ion
Loitindion Son of Failer loita-+-indo+-ion
Loitamion Son of Failer loita-+-mo+-ion
Loitarion Son of Failer loita-+-ro+-ion
Loitar Failer loita-+-r
Lor- – To Sleep (lor-)
Lórë Sleeper lor-+-ë
Lorissë Sleeper lor-+-issë
Lorindë Sleeper lor-+-indë
Lormë Sleeper lor-+-më
Lorrë Sleeper lor-+-rë
Lóriel Daughter of Sleeper lor-+-ë+-iel
Lorissiel Daughter of Sleeper lor-+-issë+-iel
Lorindiel Daughter of Sleeper lor-+-indë+-iel
Lormiel Daughter of Sleeper lor-+-më+-iel
Lorriel Daughter of Sleeper lor-+-rë+-iel
Lóro Sleeper lor-+-o
Lordo Sleeper lor-+-no
Lorindo Sleeper lor-+-indo
Lormo Sleeper lor-+-mo
Lorro Sleeper lor-+-ro
Lórion Son of Sleeper lor-+-o+-ion
Lordion Son of Sleeper lor-+-no+-ion
Lorindion Son of Sleeper lor-+-indo+-ion
Lormion Son of Sleeper lor-+-mo+-ion
Lorrion Son of Sleeper lor-+-ro+-ion
Lórë – Slumber/Dream (lórë)
Lórë Slumber/Dream lórë+-ë
Lórië Slumber/Dream lórë+-ië
Lórien Slumber/Dream lórë+-ien
Lórewen Slumber/Dream Girl lórë+wendë
Lórenis Slumber/Dream Woman lórë+níssë
Lóriel Daughter of Slumber/Dream lórë+-iel
Lóro Slumber/Dream lórë+-o
Lóron Slumber/Dream lórë+-on
Lórdo Slumber/Dream lórë+-no
Lórener Slumber/Dream Man lórë+nér
Lórion Son of Slumber/Dream lórë+-ion
Lórë Slumber/Dream lórë
Lórequen Slumber/Dream Person lórë+quen
Lórwë Slumber/Dream Being lórë+-wë
Lustamuina – Empty Secret (lusta+muina)
Lustamuinë Empty Secret lusta+muina+-ë
Lustamuinië Empty Secret lusta+muina+-ië
Lustamuinien Empty Secret lusta+muina+-ien
Lustamuinawen Empty Secret Girl lusta+muina+wendë
Lustamuinanis Empty Secret Woman lusta+muina+níssë
Lustamuiniel Daughter of Empty Secret lusta+muina+-iel
Lustamuino Empty Secret lusta+muina+-o
Lustamuinon Empty Secret lusta+muina+-on
Lustamuindo Empty Secret lusta+muina+-no
Lustamuinaner Empty Secret Man lusta+muina+nér
Lustamuinion Son of Empty Secret lusta+muina+-ion
Lustamuina Empty Secret lusta+muina
Lustamuinaquen Empty Secret Person lusta+muina+quen
Maica – Sharp/Piercing (maica)
Maicë Sharp/Piercing One maica+-ë
Maicië Sharp/Piercing One maica+-ië
Maicien Sharp/Piercing One maica+-ien
Maicawen Sharp/Piercing Girl maica+wendë
Maicanis Sharp/Piercing Woman maica+níssë
Maiciel Daughter of Sharp/Piercing One maica+-iel
Maico Sharp/Piercing One maica+-o
Maicon Sharp/Piercing One maica+-on
Maicano Sharp/Piercing One maica+-no
Maicaner Sharp/Piercing Man maica+nér
Maicion Son of Sharp/Piercing One maica+-ion
Maica Sharp/Piercing maica
Maicaquen Sharp/Piercing Person maica+quen
Maicandil Sharp/Piercing Lover/Friend maica+-ndil
Maicandur Sharp/Piercing Servant maica+-ndur
Malo – Pollen (malo)
Malë Pollen malo+-ë
Malië Pollen malo+-ië
Malien Pollen malo+-ien
Maluwen Pollen Girl malu-+wendë
Malunis Pollen Woman malu-+níssë
Maliel Daughter of Pollen malo+-iel
Malo Pollen malo+-o
Malon Pollen malo+-on
Maldo Pollen malo+-no
Maluner Pollen Man malu-+nér
Malion Son of Pollen malo+-ion
Malo Pollen malo
Maluquen Pollen Person malu-+quen
Malwë Pollen Being malo+-wë
Mána – Blessed (mána)
Mánë Blessed One mána+-ë
Mánië Blessed One mána+-ië
Mánien Blessed One mána+-ien
Mánawen Blessed Girl mána+wendë
Mánanis Blessed Woman mána+níssë
Mániel Daughter of Blessed One mána+-iel
Máno Blessed One mána+-o
Mánon Blessed One mána+-on
Mánano Blessed One mána+-no
Mánaner Blessed Man mána+nér
Mánion Son of Blessed One mána+-ion
Mána Blessed mána
Mánaquen Blessed Person mána+quen
Mánandil Blessed Lover/Friend mána+-ndil
Mánandur Blessed Servant mána+-ndur
Manar – Doom/Fate (manar)
Manarë Doom/Fate manar+-ë
Manarië Doom/Fate manar+-ië
Manarien Doom/Fate manar+-ien
Manarwen Doom/Fate Girl manar+wendë
Manardis Doom/Fate Woman manar+níssë
Manariel Daughter of Doom/Fate manar+-iel
Manaro Doom/Fate manar+-o
Manaron Doom/Fate manar+-on
Manardo Doom/Fate manar+-no
Manarder Doom/Fate Man manar+nér
Manarion Son of Doom/Fate manar+-ion
Manar Doom/Fate manar
Manarquen Doom/Fate Person manar+quen
Manarwë Doom/Fate Being manar+-wë
Mandë – Doom/Fate (mandë)
Mandë Doom/Fate mandë+-ë
Mandië Doom/Fate mandë+-ië
Mandien Doom/Fate mandë+-ien
Mandewen Doom/Fate Girl mandë+wendë
Mandenis Doom/Fate Woman mandë+níssë
Mandiel Daughter of Doom/Fate mandë+-iel
Mando Doom/Fate mandë+-o
Mandon Doom/Fate mandë+-on
Mandener Doom/Fate Man mandë+nér
Mandion Son of Doom/Fate mandë+-ion
Mandë Doom/Fate mandë
Mandequen Doom/Fate Person mandë+quen
Manna – Blessed (manna)
Mannë Blessed One manna+-ë
Mannië Blessed One manna+-ië
Mannien Blessed One manna+-ien
Mannawen Blessed Girl manna+wendë
Mannanis Blessed Woman manna+níssë
Manniel Daughter of Blessed One manna+-iel
Manno Blessed One manna+-o
Mannon Blessed One manna+-on
Mannano Blessed One manna+-no
Mannaner Blessed Man manna+nér
Mannion Son of Blessed One manna+-ion
Manna Blessed manna
Mannaquen Blessed Person manna+quen
Mannandil Blessed Lover/Friend manna+-ndil
Mannandur Blessed Servant manna+-ndur
Manta- – To Bless (manta-)
Mantë Blesser manta-+-ë
Mantissë Blesser manta-+-issë
Mantindë Blesser manta-+-indë
Mantallë Blesser manta-+-llë
Mantamë Blesser manta-+-më
Mantarë Blesser manta-+-rë
Mantiel Daughter of Blesser manta-+-ë+-iel
Mantissiel Daughter of Blesser manta-+-issë+-iel
Mantindiel Daughter of Blesser manta-+-indë+-iel
Mantalliel Daughter of Blesser manta-+-llë+-iel
Mantamiel Daughter of Blesser manta-+-më+-iel
Mantariel Daughter of Blesser manta-+-rë+-iel
Manto Blesser manta-+-o
Mantano Blesser manta-+-no
Mantindo Blesser manta-+-indo
Mantamo Blesser manta-+-mo
Mantaro Blesser manta-+-ro
Mantion Son of Blesser manta-+-o+-ion
Mantanion Son of Blesser manta-+-no+-ion
Mantindion Son of Blesser manta-+-indo+-ion
Mantamion Son of Blesser manta-+-mo+-ion
Mantarion Son of Blesser manta-+-ro+-ion
Mantar Blesser manta-+-r
Manquenta – Blessed (manquenta)
Manquentë Blessed One manquenta+-ë
Manquentië Blessed One manquenta+-ië
Manquentien Blessed One manquenta+-ien
Manquentawen Blessed Girl manquenta+wendë
Manquentanis Blessed Woman manquenta+níssë
Manquentiel Daughter of Blessed One manquenta+-iel
Manquento Blessed One manquenta+-o
Manquenton Blessed One manquenta+-on
Manquentano Blessed One manquenta+-no
Manquentaner Blessed Man manquenta+nér
Manquention Son of Blessed One manquenta+-ion
Manquenta Blessed manquenta
Manquentaquen Blessed Person manquenta+quen
Manquentandil Blessed Lover/Friend manquenta+-ndil
Manquentandur Blessed Servant manquenta+-ndur
Manya- – To Bless (manya-)
Manyë Blesser manya-+-ë
Manyallë Blesser manya-+-llë
Manyamë Blesser manya-+-më
Manyarë Blesser manya-+-rë
Manyiel Daughter of Blesser manya-+-ë+-iel
Manyalliel Daughter of Blesser manya-+-llë+-iel
Manyamiel Daughter of Blesser manya-+-më+-iel
Manyariel Daughter of Blesser manya-+-rë+-iel
Manyo Blesser manya-+-o
Manyano Blesser manya-+-no
Manyamo Blesser manya-+-mo
Manyaro Blesser manya-+-ro
Manyion Son of Blesser manya-+-o+-ion
Manyanion Son of Blesser manya-+-no+-ion
Manyamion Son of Blesser manya-+-mo+-ion
Manyarion Son of Blesser manya-+-ro+-ion
Manyar Blesser manya-+-r
Mapta- – To Rape (mapta-)
Maptë Rapist mapta-+-ë
Maptissë Rapist mapta-+-issë
Maptindë Rapist mapta-+-indë
Maptallë Rapist mapta-+-llë
Maptamë Rapistr mapta-+-më
Maptarë Rapist mapta-+-rë
Maptiel Daughter of Rapist mapta-+-ë+-iel
Maptissiel Daughter of Rapist mapta-+-issë+-iel
Maptindiel Daughter of Rapist mapta-+-indë+-iel
Maptalliel Daughter of Rapist mapta-+-llë+-iel
Maptamiel Daughter of Rapist mapta-+-më+-iel
Maptariel Daughter of Rapist mapta-+-rë+-iel
Mapto Rapist mapta-+-o
Maptindo Rapist mapta-+-indo
Maptano Rapist mapta-+-no
Maptamo Rapist mapta-+-mo
Maptaro Rapist mapta-+-ro
Maption Son of Rapist mapta-+-o+-ion
Maptindion Son of Rapist mapta-+-indo+-ion
Maptanion Son of Rapist mapta-+-no+-ion
Maptamion Son of Rapist mapta-+-mo+-ion
Maptarion Son of Rapist mapta-+-ro+-ion
Maptar Rapist mapta-+-r
Maptalë – Rape (maptalë)
Maptalë Rape maptalë+-ë
Maptalië Rape maptalë+-ië
Maptalien Rape maptalë+-ien
Maptalewen Rape Girl maptalë+wendë
Maptalenis Rape Woman maptalë+níssë
Maptaliel Daughter of Rape maptalë+-iel
Maptalo Rape maptalë+-o
Maptalon Rape maptalë+-on
Maptaldo Rape maptalë+-no
Maptalener Rape Man maptalë+nér
Maptalion Son of Rape maptalë+-ion
Maptalë Rape maptalë
Maptalequen Rape Person maptalë+quen
Maranwë – Destiny (maranwë)
Maranwë Destiny maranwë+-ë
Maranwië Destiny maranwë+-ië
Maranwien Destiny maranwë+-ien
Maranwenis Destiny Woman maranwë+níssë
Maranwiel Daughter of Destiny maranwë+-iel
Marano Destiny maranwë+-o
Maranon Destiny maranwë+-on
Maranwener Destiny Man maranwë+nér
Maranwion Son of Destiny maranwë+-ion
Maranwë Destiny maranwë
Maranwequen Destiny Person maranwë+quen
Marta – Fated (marta)
Martë Fated One marta+-ë
Martië Fated One marta+-ië
Martien Fated One marta+-ien
Martawen Fated Girl marta+wendë
Martanis Fated Woman marta+níssë
Martiel Daughter of Fated One marta+-iel
Marto Fated One marta+-o
Marton Fated One marta+-on
Martano Fated One marta+-no
Martaner Fated Man marta+nér
Martion Son of Fated One marta+-ion
Marta Fated marta
Martaquen Fated Person marta+quen
Martandil Fated Lover/Friend marta+-ndil
Martandur Fated Servant marta+-ndur
Marto – Fate/Fortune (marto)
Martë Fate/Fortune marto+-ë
Martië Fate/Fortune marto+-ië
Martien Fate/Fortune marto+-ien
Martowen Fate/Fortune Girl marto+wendë
Martonis Fate/Fortune Woman marto+níssë
Martiel Daughter of Fate/Fortune marto+-iel
Marto Fate/Fortune marto+-o
Marton Fate/Fortune marto+-on
Martoner Fate/Fortune Man marto+nér
Martion Son of Fate/Fortune marto+-ion
Marto Fate/Fortune marto
Martoquen Fate/Fortune Person marto+quen
Mendë – Will (mendë)
Mendë Will mendë+-ë
Mendië Will mendë+-ië
Mendien Will mendë+-ien
Mendewen Will Girl mendë+wendë
Mendenis Will Woman mendë+níssë
Mendiel Daughter of Will mendë+-iel
Mendo Will mendë+-o
Mendon Will mendë+-on
Mendener Will Man mendë+nér
Mendion Son of Will mendë+-ion
Mendë Will mendë
Mendequen Will Person mendë+quen
Meren – Festival (meren)
Merendë Festival meren+-ë
Merendië Festival meren+-ië
Merendien Festival meren+-ien
Merenwen Festival Girl meren+wendë
Merendis Festival Woman meren+níssë
Merendiel Daughter of Festival meren+-iel
Merendo Festival meren+-o
Merendon Festival meren+-on
Merendo Festival meren+-no
Merender Festival Man meren+nér
Merendion Son of Festival meren+-ion
Meren Festival meren
Merenquen Festival Person meren+quen

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