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Quenya Pronunciation

Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name
Aira – Red/Copper-colored (aira)
Airë Red/Copper-coloured One aira+-ë
Airië Red/Copper-coloured One aira+-ië
Airien Red/Copper-coloured One aira+-ien
Airwë Red/Copper-coloured Being aira+-wë
Airiel Daughter of Red/Copper-coloured One aira+-iel
Airawen Red/Copper-coloured Girl aira+wendë
Airanis Red/Copper-coloured Woman aira+níssë
Airo Red/Copper-coloured One aira+-o
Airon Red/Copper-coloured One aira+-on
Airno Red/Copper-coloured One aira+-no
Airwë Red/Copper-coloured Being aira+-wë
Airion Son of Red/Copper-coloured One aira+-ion
Airaner Red/Copper-coloured Man aira+nér
Aira Red/Copper-coloured aira
Airaquen Red/Copper-coloured Person aira+quen
Airandil Red/Copper-coloured Lover/Friend aira+-ndil
Airandur Red/Copper-coloured Servant aira+-ndur
Carnë – Red (carnë)
Carnë Red One carnë+-ë
Carnië Red One carnë+-ië
Carnien Red One carnë+-ien
Carniel Daughter of Red One carnë+-iel
Carniwen Red Girl carni-+wendë
Carninis Red Woman carni-+níssë
Carno Red One carnë+-o
Carnon Red One carnë+-on
Carnion Son of Red One carnë+-ion
Carniner Red Man carni-+nér
Carnë Red carnë
Carniquen Red Person carnë+quen
Carnindil Lover/Friend +-ndil
Carnindur Servant +-ndur
Culda – Flame-coloured/Golden-red (culda)
Culdë Flame-coloured/Golden-red One culda+-ë
Culdië Flame-coloured/Golden-red One culda+-ië
Culdien Flame-coloured/Golden-red One culda+-ien
Culdiel Daughter of Flame-coloured/Golden-red One culda+-iel
Culdawen Flame-coloured/Golden-red Girl culda+wendë
Culdanis Flame-coloured/Golden-red Woman culda+níssë
Culdo Flame-coloured/Golden-red One culda+-o
Culdon Flame-coloured/Golden-red One culda+-on
Culdion Son of Flame-coloured/Golden-red One culda+-ion
Culdaner Flame-coloured/Golden-red Man culda+nér
Culda Flame-coloured/Golden-red culda
Culdaquen Flame-coloured/Golden-red Person culda+quen
Culdandil Flame-coloured/Golden-red Lover/Friend culda+-ndil
Culdandur Flame-coloured/Golden-red Servant culda+-ndur
Culina – Flame-coloured/Golden-red (culina)
Culinë Flame-coloured/Golden-red One culina+-ë
Culinië Flame-coloured/Golden-red One culina+-ië
Culinien Flame-coloured/Golden-red One culina+-ien
Culiniel Daughter of Flame-coloured/Golden-red One culina+-iel
Culinawen Flame-coloured/Golden-red Girl culina+wendë
Culinanis Flame-coloured/Golden-red Woman culina+níssë
Culino Flame-coloured/Golden-red One culina+-o
Culinon Flame-coloured/Golden-red One culina+-on
Culinion Son of Flame-coloured/Golden-red One culina+-ion
Culinaner Flame-coloured/Golden-red Man culina+nér
Culina Flame-coloured/Golden-red culina
Culinaquen Flame-coloured/Golden-red Person culina+quen
Culinandil Flame-coloured/Golden-red Lover/Friend culina+-ndil
Culinandur Flame-coloured/Golden-red Servant culina+-ndur
Cullo – Golden Red (cullo)
Cullë Golden Red cullo+-ë
Cullië Golden Red cullo+-ië
Cullien Golden Red cullo+-ien
Culliel Daughter of Golden Red cullo+-iel
Cullowen Golden Red Girl cullo+wendë
Cullonis Golden Red Woman cullo+níssë
Cullo Golden Red cullo+-o
Cullon Golden Red cullo+-on
Culdo Golden Red cullo+-no
Cullion Son of Golden Red cullo+-ion
Culloner Golden Red Man cullo+nér
Cullo Golden Red cullo
Culloquen Golden Red Person cullo+quen
Cullondil Golden Red Lover/Friend cullo+-ndil
Cullondur Golden Red Servant cullo+-ndur
Culuina – Orange [the color] (culuina)
Culuinë Orange One culuina+-ë
Culuinië Orange One culuina+-ië
Culuinien Orange One culuina+-ien
Culuiniel Daughter of Orange One culuina+-iel
Culuinawen Orange Girl culuina+wendë
Culuinanis Orange Woman culuina+níssë
Culuino Orange One culuina+-o
Culuinon Orange One culuina+-on
Culuindo Orange One culuina+-no
Culuinion Son of Orange One culuina+-ion
Culuinaner Orange Man culuina+nér
Culuina Orange culuina
Culuinaquen Orange Person culuina+quen
Culuinandil Orange Lover/Friend culuina+-ndil
Culuinandur Orange Servant culuina+-ndur
Ezella – Green [for the Vanyar only] (ezella)
Ezellë Green One ezella+-ë
Ezellië Green One ezella+-ië
Ezellien Green One ezella+-ien
Ezellawen Green Girl ezella+wendë
Ezellanis Green Woman ezella+níssë
Ezelliel Daughter of Green One ezella+-iel
Ezello Green One ezella+-o
Ezellon Green One ezella+-on
Ezeldo Green One ezella+-no
Ezellaner Green Man ezella+nér
Ezellion Son of Green One ezella+-ion
Ezella Green ezella
Ezellaquen Green Person ezella+quen
Ezellandil Green Lover/Friend ezella+-ndil
Ezellandur Green Servant ezella+-ndur
Fána – White (fána)
Fánë White One fána+-ë
Fánië White One fána+-ië
Fánien White One fána+-ien
Fánawen White Girl fána+wendë
Fánanis White Woman fána+níssë
Fániel Daughter of White One fána+-iel
Fáno White One fána+-o
Fánon White One fána+-on
Fándo White One fána+-no
Fánaner White Man fána+nér
Fánion Son of White One fána+-ion
Fána White fána
Fánaquen White Person fána+quen
Fánandil White Lover/Friend fána+-ndil
Fánandur White Servant fána+-ndur
Helwa – Pale Blue (helwa)
Helwë Pale Blue One helwa+-ë
Helwië Pale Blue One helwa+-ië
Helwien Pale Blue One helwa+-ien
Helwanis Pale Blue Woman helwa+níssë
Helwiel Daughter of Pale Blue One helwa+-iel
Helo Pale Blue One helwa+-o
Helon Pale Blue One helwa+-on
Helwaner Pale Blue Man helwa+nér
Helwion Son of Pale Blue One helwa+-ion
Helwa Pale Blue helwa
Helwaquen Pale Blue Person helwa+quen
Helwandil Pale Blue Lover/Friend helwa+-ndil
Helwandur Pale Blue Servant helwa+-ndur
Hithwa – Grey (hithwa)
Hithwë Grey One hithwa+-ë
Hithwië Grey One hithwa+-ië
Hithwien Grey One hithwa+-ien
Hithwanis Grey Woman hithwa+níssë
Hithwiel Daughter of Grey One hithwa+-iel
Hitho Grey One hithwa+-o
Hithon Grey One hithwa+-on
Hithwaner Grey Man hithwa+nér
Hithwion Son of Grey One hithwa+-ion
Hithwa Grey hithwa
Hithwaquen Grey Person hithwa+quen
Hithwandil Grey Lover/Friend hithwa+-ndil
Hithwandur Grey Servant hithwa+-ndur
Hróva – Dark Brown (hróva)
Hróvë Dark Brown One hróva+-ë
Hróvië Dark Brown One hróva+-ië
Hróvien Dark Brown One hróva+-ien
Hróvawen Dark Brown Girl hróva+wendë
Hróvanis Dark Brown Woman hróva+níssë
Hróviel Daughter of Dark Brown One hróva+-iel
Hróvo Dark Brown One hróva+-o
Hróvon Dark Brown One hróva+-on
Hróvaner Dark Brown Man hróva+nér
Hróvion Son of Dark Brown One hróva+-ion
Hróva Dark Brown hróva
Hróvaquen Dark Brown Person hróva+quen
Hróvandil Dark Brown Lover/Friend hróva+-ndil
Hróvandur Dark Brown Servant hróva+-ndur
Ilin – Pale Blue (ilin)
Ilinë Pale Blue One ilin+-ë
Ilinië Pale Blue One ilin+-ië
Ilinien Pale Blue One ilin+-ien
Ilinwen Pale Blue Girl ilin+wendë
Ilindis Pale Blue Woman ilin+níssë
Iliniel Daughter of Pale Blue One ilin+-iel
Ilino Pale Blue One ilin+-o
Ilinon Pale Blue One ilin+-on
Ilindo Pale Blue One ilin+-no
Ilinder Pale Blue Man ilin+nér
Ilinion Son of Pale Blue One ilin+-ion
Ilin Pale Blue ilin
Ilinquen Pale Blue Person ilin+quen
Ilindil Pale Blue Lover/Friend ilin+-ndil
Ilindur Pale Blue Servant ilin+-ndur
Laiqua – Green (laiqua)
Laiquë Green One laiqua+-ë
Laiquië Green One laiqua+-ië
Laiquien Green One laiqua+-ien
Laiquawen Green Girl laiqua+wendë
Laiquanis Green Woman laiqua+níssë
Laiquiel Daughter of Green One laiqua+-iel
Laico Green One laiqua+-o
Laicon Green One laiqua+-on
Laiquano Green One laiqua+-no
Laiquaner Green Man laiqua+nér
Laiquion Son of Green One laiqua+-ion
Laiqua Green laiqua
Laiquandil Green Lover/Friend laiqua+-ndil
Laiquandur Green Servant laiqua+-ndur
Laiquaninwa – Bluegreen (laiquaninwa)
Laiquaninwë Bluegreen One laiquaninwa+-ë
Laiquaninwië Bluegreen One laiquaninwa+-ië
Laiquaninwien Bluegreen One laiquaninwa+-ien
Laiquaninwanis Bluegreen Woman laiquaninwa+níssë
Laiquaninwiel Daughter of Bluegreen One laiquaninwa+-iel
Laiquanino Bluegreen One laiquaninwa+-o
Laiquaninon Bluegreen One laiquaninwa+-on
Laiquaninwaner Bluegreen Man laiquaninwa+nér
Laiquaninwion Son of Bluegreen One laiquaninwa+-ion
Laiquaninwa Bluegreen laiquaninwa
Laiquaninwaquen Bluegreen Person laiquaninwa+quen
Laiquaninwandil Bluegreen Lover/Friend laiquaninwa+-ndil
Laiquaninwandur Bluegreen Servant laiquaninwa+-ndur
Laurëa – Golden (laurëa)
Laurë Golden One laurëa+-ë
Laurië Golden One laurëa+-ië
Laurien Golden One laurëa+-ien
Laurëawen Golden Girl laurëa+wendë
Laurëanis Golden Woman laurëa+níssë
Lauriel Daughter of Golden One laurëa+-iel
Laurëo Golden One laurëa+-o
Laurëon Golden One laurëa+-on
Laurëano Golden One laurëa+-no
Laurëaner Golden Man laurëa+nér
Laurion Son of Golden One laurëa+-ion
Laurëa Golden laurëa
Laurëaquen Golden Person laurëa+quen
Laurëandil Golden Lover/Friend laurëa+-ndil
Laurëandur Golden Servant laurëa+-ndur
Lossëa – Snow-white (lossëa)
Lossë Snow-white One lossëa+-ë
Lossië Snow-white One lossëa+-ië
Lossien Snow-white One lossëa+-ien
Lossëawen Snow-white Girl lossëa+wendë
Lossëanis Snow-white Woman lossëa+níssë
Lossiel Daughter of Snow-white One lossëa+-iel
Lossëo Snow-white One lossëa+-o
Lossëon Snow-white One lossëa+-on
Lossëano Snow-white One lossëa+-no
Lossëaner Snow-white Man lossëa+nér
Lossion Son of Snow-white One lossëa+-ion
Lossëa Snow-white lossëa
Lossëaquen Snow-white Person lossëa+quen
Lossëandil Snow-white Lover/Friend lossëa+-ndil
Lossëandur Snow-white Servant lossëa+-ndur
Luina – Pale (luina)
Luinë Pale One luina+-ë
Luinië Pale One luina+-ië
Luinien Pale One luina+-ien
Luinawen Pale Girl luina+wendë
Luinanis Pale Woman luina+níssë
Luiniel Daughter of Pale One luina+-iel
Luino Pale One luina+-o
Luinon Pale One luina+-on
Luinano Pale One luina+-no
Luinaner Pale Man luina+nér
Luinion Son of Pale One luina+-ion
Luina Pale luina
Luinaquen Pale Person luina+quen
Luinandil Pale Lover/Friend luina+-ndil
Luinandur Pale Servant luina+-ndur
Luinë – Blue (luinë)
Luinë Blue One luinë+-ë
Luinië Blue One luinë+-ië
Luinien Blue One luinë+-ien
Luiniwen Blue Girl luini-+wendë
Luininis Blue Woman luini-+níssë
Luiniel Daughter of Blue One luinë+-iel
Luino Blue One luinë+-o
Luinon Blue One luinë+-on
Luindo Blue One luinë+-no
Luininer Blue Man luini-+nér
Luinion Son of Blue One luinë+-ion
Luinë Blue luinë
Luiniquen Blue Person luini-+quen
Luinëndil Blue Lover/Friend luinë+-ndil
Luinëndur Blue Servant luinë+-ndur
Luinincë – Bluish (luinincë)
Luinincë Bluish One luinincë+-ë
Luinincië Bluish One luinincë+-ië
Luinincien Bluish One luinincë+-ien
Luininciwen Bluish Girl luininci-+wendë
Luinincinis Bluish Woman luininci-+níssë
Luininciel Daughter of Bluish One luinincë+-iel
Luininco Bluish One luinincë+-o
Luinincon Bluish One luinincë+-on
Luininciner Bluish Man luininci-+nér
Luinincion Son of Bluish One luinincë+-ion
Luinincë Bluish luinincë
Luininciquen Bluish Person luininci-+quen
Luinincindil Bluish Lover/Friend luinincë+-ndil
Luinincindur Bluish Servant luinincë+-ndur
Malda – Yellow/Golden (malda)
Maldë Yellow/Golden One malda+-ë
Maldië Yellow/Golden One malda+-ië
Maldien Yellow/Golden One malda+-ien
Maldawen Yellow/Golden Girl malda+wendë
Maldanis Yellow/Golden Woman malda+níssë
Maldiel Daughter of Yellow/Golden One malda+-iel
Maldo Yellow/Golden One malda+-o
Maldon Yellow/Golden One malda+-on
Maldano Yellow/Golden One malda+-no
Maldaner Yellow/Golden Man malda+nér
Maldion Son of Yellow/Golden One malda+-ion
Malda Yellow/Golden malda
Maldaquen Yellow/Golden Person malda+quen
Maldandil Yellow/Golden Lover/Friend malda+-ndil
Maldandur Yellow/Golden Servant malda+-ndur
Malina – Yellow/Golden (malina)
Malinë Yellow/Golden One malina+-ë
Malinië Yellow/Golden One malina+-ië
Malinien Yellow/Golden One malina+-ien
Malinawen Yellow/Golden Girl malina+wendë
Malinanis Yellow/Golden Woman malina+níssë
Maliniel Daughter of Yellow/Golden One malina+-iel
Malino Yellow/Golden One malina+-o
Malinon Yellow/Golden One malina+-on
Malinaner Yellow/Golden Man malina+nér
Malinion Son of Yellow/Golden One malina+-ion
Malina Yellow/Golden malina
Malinaquen Yellow/Golden Person malina+quen
Malinandil Yellow/Golden Lover/Friend malina+-ndil
Malinandur Yellow/Golden Servant malina+-ndur
Malwa – Pale (malwa)
Malwë Pale One malwa+-ë
Malwië Pale One malwa+-ië
Malwien Pale One malwa+-ien
Malwawen Pale Girl malwa+wendë
Malwanis Pale Woman malwa+níssë
Malwiel Daughter of Pale One malwa+-iel
Malo Pale One malwa+-o
Malon Pale One malwa+-on
Malwano Pale One malwa+-no
Malwaner Pale Man malwa+nér
Malwion Son of Pale One malwa+-ion
Malwa Pale malwa
Malwaquen Pale Person malwa+quen
Malwandil Pale Lover/Friend malwa+-ndil
Malwandur Pale Servant malwa+-ndur
Marya – Pale/Fallow (marya)
Maryë Pale/Fallow One marya+-ë
Marië Pale/Fallow One marya+-ië
Marien Pale/Fallow One marya+-ien
Maryawen Pale/Fallow Girl marya+wendë
Maryanis Pale/Fallow Woman marya+níssë
Mariel Daughter of Pale/Fallow One marya+-iel
Maryo Pale/Fallow One marya+-o
Maryon Pale/Fallow One marya+-on
Maryaner Pale/Fallow Man marya+nér
Marion Son of Pale/Fallow One marya+-ion
Marya Pale/Fallow marya
Maryaquen Pale/Fallow Person marya+quen
Maryandil Pale/Fallow Lover/Friend marya+-ndil
Maryandur Pale/Fallow Servant marya+-ndur
Mista – Grey (mista)
Mistë Grey One mista+-ë
Mistië Grey One mista+-ië
Mistien Grey One mista+-ien
Mistawen Grey Girl mista+wendë
Mistanis Grey Woman mista+níssë
Mistiel Daughter of Grey One mista+-iel
Misto Grey One mista+-o
Miston Grey One mista+-on
Mistano Grey One mista+-no
Mistaner Grey Man mista+nér
Mistion Son of Grey One mista+-ion
Mista Grey mista
Mistaquen Grey Person mista+quen
Mistandil Grey Lover/Friend mista+-ndil
Mistandur Grey Servant mista+-ndur
Míthë – Grey (míthë)
Míthë Grey One míthë+-ë
Míthië Grey One míthë+-ië
Míthien Grey One míthë+-ien
Míthewen Grey Girl míthë+wendë
Míthenis Grey Woman míthë+níthsë
Míthiel Daughter of Grey One míthë+-iel
Mítho Grey One míthë+-o
Míthon Grey One míthë+-on
Míthener Grey Man míthë+nér
Míthion Son of Grey One míthë+-ion
Míthë Grey míthë
Míthequen Grey Person míthë+quen
Míthendil Grey Lover/Friend míthë+-ndil
Míthendur Grey Servant míthë+-ndur
Morna – Dark/Black (morna)
Mornë Dark/Black One morna+-ë
Mornië Dark/Black One morna+-ië
Mornien Dark/Black One morna+-ien
Mornawen Dark/Black Girl morna+wendë
Mornanis Dark/Black Woman morna+níssë
Morniel Daughter of Dark/Black One morna+-iel
Morno Dark/Black One morna+-o
Mornon Dark/Black One morna+-on
Mornano Dark/Black One morna+-no
Mornaner Dark/Black Man morna+nér
Mornion Son of Dark/Black One morna+-ion
Morna Dark/Black morna
Mornaquen Dark/Black Person morna+quen
Mornandil Dark/Black Lover/Friend morna+-ndil
Mornandur Dark/Black Servant morna+-ndur
Narwa – Fiery Red (narwa)
Narwë Fiery Red One narwa+-ë
Narwië Fiery Red One narwa+-ië
Narwien Fiery Red One narwa+-ien
Narwawen Fiery Red Girl narwa+wendë
Narwanis Fiery Red Woman narwa+níssë
Narwiel Daughter of One narwa+-iel
Naro Fiery Red One narwa+-o
Naron Fiery Red One narwa+-on
Narwaner Fiery Red Man narwa+nér
Narwion Son of Fiery Red One narwa+-ion
Narwa Fiery Red narwa
Narwaquen Fiery Red Person narwa+quen
Narwandil Fiery Red Lover/Friend narwa+-ndil
Narwandur Fiery Red Servant narwa+-ndur
Nasar – Red [only for the Vanyar] (nasar)
Nasarë Red One nasar+-ë
Nasarië Red One nasar+-ië
Nasarien Red One nasar+-ien
Nasarwen Red Girl nasar+wendë
Nasardis Red Woman nasar+níssë
Nasariel Daughter of Red One nasar+-iel
Nasaro Red One nasar+-o
Nasaron Red One nasar+-on
Nasardo Red One nasar+-no
Nasarder Red Man nasar+nér
Nasarion Son of Red One nasar+-ion
Nasar Red nasar
Nasarquen Red Person nasar+quen
Nasardil Red Lover/Friend nasar+-ndil
Nasardur Red Servant nasar+-ndur
Néca – Pale/Vague/Faint (néca)
Nécë Pale/Vague/Faint One néca+-ë
Nécië Pale/Vague/Faint One néca+-ië
Nécien Pale/Vague/Faint One néca+-ien
Nécawen Pale/Vague/Faint Girl néca+wendë
Nécanis Pale/Vague/Faint Woman néca+níssë
Néciel Daughter of Pale/Vague/Faint One néca+-iel
Néco Pale/Vague/Faint One néca+-o
Nécon Pale/Vague/Faint One néca+-on
Nécano Pale/Vague/Faint One néca+-no
Nécaner Pale/Vague/Faint Man néca+nér
Nécion Son of Pale/Vague/Faint One néca+-ion
Néca Pale/Vague/Faint néca
Nécaquen Pale/Vague/Faint Person néca+quen
Nécandil Pale/Vague/Faint Lover/Friend néca+-ndil
Nécandur Pale/Vague/Faint Servant néca+-ndur
Ninquë – White/Palid (ninquë)
Ninquë White/Palid One ninquë+-ë
Ninquië White/Palid One ninquë+-ië
Ninquien White/Palid One ninquë+-ien
Ninquiwen White/Palid Girl ninquë+wendë
Ninquinis White/Palid Woman ninquë+níssë
Ninquiel Daughter of White/Palid One ninquë+-iel
Ninco White/Palid One ninquë+-o
Nincon White/Palid One ninquë+-on
Ninquiner White/Palid Man ninquë+nér
Ninquion Son of White/Palid One ninquë+-ion
Ninquë White/Palid ninquë
Ninquindil White/Palid Lover/Friend ninquë+-ndil
Ninquindur White/Palid Servant ninquë+-ndur
Ninquiraitë – Pallor (ninquiraitë)
Ninquiraitë Pallor ninquiraitë+-ë
Ninquiraitië Pallor ninquiraitë+-ië
Ninquiraitien Pallor ninquiraitë+-ien
Ninquiraitewen Pallor Girl ninquiraitë+wendë
Ninquiraitenis Pallor Woman ninquiraitë+níssë
Ninquiraitiel Daughter of Pallor ninquiraitë+-iel
Ninquiraito Pallor ninquiraitë+-o
Ninquiraiton Pallor ninquiraitë+-on
Ninquiraitener Pallor Man ninquiraitë+nér
Ninquiraition Son of Pallor ninquiraitë+-ion
Ninquiraitë Pallor ninquiraitë
Ninquiraitequen Pallor Person ninquiraitë+quen
Ninquita- – To Shine White (ninquita-)
Ninquitë One who Shines White ninquita-+-ë
Ninquitissë One who Shines White ninquita-+-issë
Ninquitindë One who Shines White ninquita-+-indë
Ninquitallë One who Shines White ninquita-+-llë
Ninquitamë One who Shines White ninquita-+-më
Ninquitarë One who Shines White ninquita-+-rë
Ninquitiel Daughter of One who Shines White ninquita-+-ë+-iel
Ninquitissiel Daughter of One who Shines White ninquita-+-issë+-iel
Ninquitindiel Daughter of One who Shines White ninquita-+-indë+-iel
Ninquitalliel Daughter of One who Shines White ninquita-+-llë+-iel
Ninquitamiel Daughter of One who Shines White ninquita-+-më+-iel
Ninquitariel Daughter of One who Shines White ninquita-+-rë+-iel
Ninquito One who Shines White ninquita-+-o
Ninquitano One who Shines White ninquita-+-no
Ninquitindo One who Shines White ninquita-+-indo
Ninquitamo One who Shines White ninquita-+-mo
Ninquitaro One who Shines White ninquita-+-ro
Ninquition Son of One who Shines White ninquita-+-o+-ion
Ninquitanion Son of One who Shines White ninquita-+-no+-ion
Ninquitindion Son of One who Shines White ninquita-+-indo+-ion
Ninquitamion Son of One who Shines White ninquita-+-mo+-ion
Ninquitarion Son of One who Shines White ninquita-+-ro+-ion
Ninquitar One who Shines White ninquita-+-r
Rusca – Red-brown (rusca)
Ruscë Red-brown One rusca+-ë
Ruscië Red-brown One rusca+-ië
Ruscien Red-brown One rusca+-ien
Ruscawen Red-brown Girl rusca+wendë
Ruscanis Red-brown Woman rusca+níssë
Rusciel Daughter of Red-brown One rusca+-iel
Rusco Red-brown One rusca+-o
Ruscon Red-brown One rusca+-on
Ruscano Red-brown One rusca+-no
Ruscaner Red-brown Man rusca+nér
Ruscion Son of Red-brown One rusca+-ion
Rusca Red-brown rusca
Ruscaquen Red-brown Person rusca+quen
Ruscandil Red-brown Lover/Friend rusca+-ndil
Ruscandur Red-brown Servant rusca+-ndur
Thinda – Grey (thinda)
Thindë Grey One thinda+-ë
Thindië Grey One thinda+-ië
Thindien Grey One thinda+-ien
Thindawen Grey Girl thinda+wendë
Thindanis Grey Woman thinda+níssë
Thindiel Daughter of Grey One thinda+-iel
Thindon Grey One thinda+-on
Thindano Grey One thinda+-no
Thindaner Grey Man thinda+nér
Thindion Son of Grey One thinda+-ion
Thinda Grey thinda
Thindaquen Grey Person thinda+quen
Thindandil Grey Lover/Friend thinda+-ndil
Thindandur Grey Servant thinda+-ndur
Thindë – Grey/Silvery (thindë)
Thindë Grey/Silvery One thindë+-ë
Thindië Grey/Silvery One thindë+-ië
Thindien Grey/Silvery One thindë+-ien
Thindiwen Grey/Silvery Girl thindë+wendë
Thindinis Grey/Silvery Woman thindë+níssë
Thindiel Daughter of Grey/Silvery One thindë+-iel
Thindo Grey/Silvery One thindë+-o
Thindon Grey/Silvery One thindë+-on
Thindiner Grey/Silvery Man thindë+nér
Thindion Son of Grey/Silvery One thindë+-ion
Thindë Grey/Silvery thindë
Thindequen Grey/Silvery Person thindë+quen
Thindindil Grey/Silvery Lover/Friend thindë+-ndil
Thindindur Grey/Silvery Servant thindë+-ndur
Thinta- – To Fade/Turn Grey (thinta-)
Thintë One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-ë
Thintissë One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-issë
Thintindë One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-indë
Thintallë One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-llë
Thintamë One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-më
Thintarë One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-rë
Thintiel Daughter of One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-ë+-iel
Thintissiel Daughter of One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-issë+-iel
Thintindiel Daughter of One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-indë+-iel
Thintalliel Daughter of One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-llë+-iel
Thintamiel Daughter of One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-më+-iel
Thintariel Daughter of One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-rë+-iel
Thinto One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-o
Thintindo One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-indo
Thintano One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-no
Thintamo One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-mo
Thintaro One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-ro
Thintion Son of One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-o+-ion
Thintindion Son of One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-indo+-ion
Thintanion Son of One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-no+-ion
Thintamion Son of One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-mo+-ion
Thintarion Son of One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-ro+-ion
Thintar One who Fades/Turns Grey thinta-+-r
Varnë – Brown (varnë)
Varnë Brown One varnë+-ë
Varnië Brown One varnë+-ië
Varnien Brown One varnë+-ien
Varniwen Brown Girl varnë+wendë
Varninis Brown Woman varnë+níssë
Varniel Daughter of Brown One varnë+-iel
Varno Brown One varnë+-o
Varnon Brown One varnë+-on
Varniner Brown Man varnë+nér
Varnion Son of Brown One varnë+-ion
Varnë Brown varnë
Varniquen Brown Person varnë+quen
Varnindil Brown Lover/Friend varnë+-ndil
Varnindur Brown Servant varnë+-ndur
Wenya – Green/Yellow-green (wenya)
Wenyë Green/Yellow-green One wenya+-ë
Wenië Green/Yellow-green One wenya+-ië
Wenien Green/Yellow-green One wenya+-ien
Wenyanis Green/Yellow-green Woman wenya+níssë
Weniel Daughter of Green/Yellow-green One wenya+-iel
Wenyo Green/Yellow-green One wenya+-o
Wenyon Green/Yellow-green One wenya+-on
Wenyano Green/Yellow-green One wenya+-no
Wenyaner Green/Yellow-green Man wenya+nér
Wenion Son of Green/Yellow-green One wenya+-ion
Wenya Green/Yellow-green wenya
Wenyaquen Green/Yellow-green Person wenya+quen
Wenyandil Green/Yellow-green Lover/Friend wenya+-ndil
Wenyandur Green/Yellow-green Servant wenya+-ndur
Winda- – To Fade (winda-)
Windë One who is Fading winda-+-ë
Windissë One who is Fading winda-+-issë
Windindë One who is Fading winda-+-indë
Windallë One who is Fading winda-+-llë
Windamë One who is Fading winda-+-më
Windarë One who is Fading winda-+-rë
Windiel Daughter of One who is Fading winda-+-ë+-iel
Windissiel Daughter of One who is Fading winda-+-issë+-iel
Windindiel Daughter of One who is Fading winda-+-indë+-iel
Windalliel Daughter of One who is Fading winda-+-llë+-iel
Windamiel Daughter of One who is Fading winda-+-më+-iel
Windariel Daughter of One who is Fading winda-+-rë+-iel
Windo One who is Fading winda-+-o
Windindo One who is Fading winda-+-indo
Windano One who is Fading winda-+-no
Windamo One who is Fading winda-+-mo
Windaro One who is Fadingr winda-+-ro
Windion Son of One who is Fading winda-+-o+-ion
Windindion Son of One who is Fading winda-+-indo+-ion
Windanion Son of One who is Fading winda-+-no+-ion
Windamion Son of One who is Fading winda-+-mo+-ion
Windarion Son of One who is Fading winda-+-ro+-ion
Windar One who is Fading winda-+-r
Windë – Pale Blue (windë)
Windë Pale Blue One windë+-ë
Windië Pale Blue One windë+-ië
Windien Pale Blue One windë+-ien
Windiwen Pale Blue Girl windë+wendë
Windinis Pale Blue Woman windë+níssë
Windiel Daughter of Pale Blue One windë+-iel
Windo Pale Blue One windë+-o
Windon Pale Blue One windë+-on
Windiner Pale Blue Man windë+nér
Windion Son of Pale Blue One windë+-ion
Windë Pale Blue windë
Windiquen Pale Blue Person windë+quen
Windindil Pale Blue Lover/Friend windë+-ndil
Windindur Pale Blue Servant windë+-ndur
Windya – Pale Blue (windya) [The New Quenya form of this word is "Vinya"]
Windyë Pale Blue One windya+-ë
Windië Pale Blue One windya+-ië
Windien Pale Blue One windya+-ien
Windyawen Pale Blue Girl windya+wendë
Windyanis Pale Blue Woman windya+níssë
Windiel Daughter of Pale Blue One windya+-iel
Windyo Pale Blue One windya+-o
Windyon Pale Blue One windya+-on
Windyano Pale Blue One windya+-no
Windyaner Pale Blue Man windya+nér
Windion Son of Pale Blue One windya+-ion
Windya Pale Blue windya
Windyaquen Pale Blue Person windya+quen
Windyandil Pale Blue Lover/Friend windya+-ndil
Windyandur Pale Blue Servant windya+-ndur
Winta- – To Fade (winta-)
Wintë One who is Fading winta-+-ë
Wintissë One who is Fading winta-+-issë
Wintindë One who is Fading winta-+-indë
Wintallë One who is Fading winta-+-llë
Wintamë One who is Fading winta-+-më
Wintarë One who is Fading winta-+-rë
Wintiel Daughter of One who is Fading winta-+-ë+-iel
Wintissiel Daughter of One who is Fading winta-+-issë+-iel
Wintindiel Daughter of One who is Fading winta-+-indë+-iel
Wintalliel Daughter of One who is Fading winta-+-llë+-iel
Wintamiel Daughter of One who is Fading winta-+-më+-iel
Wintariel Daughter of One who is Fading winta-+-rë+-iel
Winto One who is Fading winta-+-o
Wintindo One who is Fading winta-+-indo
Wintano One who is Fading winta-+-no
Wintamo One who is Fading winta-+-mo
Wintaro One who is Fadingr winta-+-ro
Wintion Son of One who is Fading winta-+-o+-ion
Wintindion Son of One who is Fading winta-+-indo+-ion
Wintanion Son of One who is Fading winta-+-no+-ion
Wintamion Son of One who is Fading winta-+-mo+-ion
Wintarion Son of One who is Fading winta-+-ro+-ion
Wintar One who is Fading winta-+-r