Old Website’s Quenya Horse Names

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Quenya Pronunciation

Name Translation of name Words+used+to+make+name
Calarocco Light Horse cala+rocco
Carnirocco Red Horse carni-+rocco
Fanyarocco White Horse fanya+rocco
Haldarocco Shade Horse halda+rocco
Huinerocco Shadow Horse huinë+rocco
Losserocco Snow White Horse lossë+rocco
Mistarocco Grey Horse mista+rocco
Morirocco Black Horse mori-+rocco
Nullarocco Hidden Horse nulla+rocco
Picarocco Spotted Horse pica+rocco
Russarocco Red Horse russa+rocco
Vanyarocco Fair Horse vanya+rocco
Varnerocco Swarthy Horse varnë+rocco
Larcatál Fast Foot larca+tál
Súletál Wind Foot súlë+tál
Tulcarocco Powerful Horse tulca+rocco
Valarocco Mighty Horse vala+rocco
Elerrocco Star Horse elen+rocco
Lómerocco Twilight Horse lómë+rocco
Undomerocco Nightfall Star Horse undomë+rocco
Roccotári Lady of Horses rocco+tári
Sailarocco Wise Horse saila+rocco
Turcanna Powerful Gift turca+anna

Translated by Gildor Inglorion and Tyrhael Idhraen