masculine agental suffix

Names made with this word:

Aicanasso Piercing Thorn (Male) Quenya
Aico Fell/Terrible/Dire One (Male) Quenya
Airo Red/Copper-colored One (Male) Quenya
Airo Holy One (Male) Quenya
Airehíso Sea Mist (Male) Exilic Quenya
Airehíþo Sea Mist (Male) Valinor Quenya
Airesarno Small Sea Stone (Male) Quenya
Aisto Holy One (Male) Quenya
Alarco Swift/Rapid One (Male) Quenya
Alasailo Unwise One (Male) Quenya
Alassinde Joy Soul (Male) Quenya
Alcarino Glorious/Brilliant One (Male) Quenya
Alimo Fair/Good One (Male) Quenya
Almáreo Blessed One (Male) Quenya
Alato Large/Great One (Male) Quenya
Alwo Healthy/Strong/Flourishing One (Male) Quenya
Alyo Prosperous/Rich/Blessed One (Male) Quenya
Amanyo Blessed One (Male) Quenya
Ampatamo Hook Maker (Male) Quenya
Ando Long One (Male) Quenya
Andúno Western One (Male) Quenya
Angaino Iron One (Male) Quenya
Antaro Very High/Very Lofty One (Male) Quenya
Anwo Real/Actual/True One (Male) Quenya
Aro Noble One (Male) Quenya
Arosso Royal Terror (Male) Quenya
Aranyo Free One (Male) Quenya
Arato High/Lofty/Noble One (Male) Quenya
Arco Narrow One (Male) Quenya
Arno Royal/Noble One (Male) Quenya
Arto Exalted/Lofty One (Male) Quenya
Aseo Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Aþeo Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Atso Hook/Claw Man (Male) Quenya
Auso Dim Shape/Apparition (Male) Exilic Quenya
Auþo Dim Shape/Apparition (Male) Valinor Quenya
Avahairo Remote/Far One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Avaldo Excited One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Avanwo Forbidden/Banned One (Male) Quenya
Awahairo Remote/Far One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Awaldo Excited One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Cailo Bedridden/Sick One (Male) Quenya
Caimatamo Bed Maker (Male) Quenya
Caimasso Bedridden/Sick One (Male) Quenya
Calairo Sea Light (Male) Quenya
Calartamo Lamp Maker (Male) Quenya
Calimo Bright One (Male) Quenya
Calino Bright One (Male) Quenya
Calmatamo Lamp/Light Maker (Male) Quenya
Calpatamo Water-vessel Maker (Male) Quenya
Cambamíro Hand of Treasure (Male) Quenya
Cáno Commander (Male) Quenya
Cánion Son of Commander (Male) Quenya
Canyo Bold One (Male) Quenya
Cáro Doer/Builder/Maker (Male) Quenya
Cárion Son of Doer/Builder/Maker (Male) Quenya
Carmatamo Tool/Weapon Maker (Male) Quenya
Carmatamo Helmet Maker (Male) Quenya
Carmetamo Artist (Male) Quenya
Carnifindo Red Haired (Male) Quenya
Carno Red One (Male) Quenya
Cassatamo Helmet Maker (Male) Quenya
Caumatamo Shelter/Shield Maker (Male) Quenya
Cemno Earthen One (Male) Quenya
Cemnaro Potter (Male) Quenya
Centamo Potter (Male) Quenya
Ceuro Renewed One (Male) Quenya
Cévo Fresh/New One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Céwo Fresh/New One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Cilintamo Glassware Maker (Male) Quenya
Cilintillatamo Mirror Maker (Male) Quenya
Cilinyultamo Drinking Glass Maker (Male) Quenya
Circatamo Sickle Maker (Male) Quenya
Ciryatamo Ship Maker (Male) Quenya
Coino Alive One (Male) Quenya
Corimo Round One (Male) Quenya
Corno Round/Globed One (Male) Quenya
Cotyo Hostile One (Male) Quenya
Cúnetamo Crescent/Bow Maker (Male) Quenya
Culdo Flame-coloured/Golden-red One (Male) Quenya
Culino Flame-coloured/Golden-red One (Male) Quenya
Culuino Orange One (Male) Quenya
Cumno Empty One (Male) Quenya
Cúno Bent/Curved One (Male) Quenya
Curulambo Clever Tongue (Male) Quenya
Curulíro Skill of Song (Male) Quenya
Curumaito Skilled Hand (Male) Quenya
Earcalo Sea Light (Male) Quenya
Earnio Sea of Tears (Male) Quenya
Eccairo Remote One (Male) Quenya
Ecettamo Dager Maker (Male) Quenya
Ehtitamo Spear Maker (Male) Quenya
Ehtyaro Spearman (Male) Quenya
Elfirilo Waning Star (Male) Quenya
Elquasso Star Feather (Male) Quenya
Eldacalo Elf Light (Male) Quenya
Elennúmeno Star of the West (Male) Quenya
Elenyo Celestial One (Male) Quenya
Elveo Starlike One (Male) Quenya
Endeo Middle One (Male) Quenya
Engwo Sickly One (Male) Quenya
Enwino Old One (Male) Quenya
Ero Lone One (Male) Quenya
Erdo Solitary/Deserted One (Male) Quenya
Ereo Single One (Male) Quenya
Eresseo Lonely One (Male) Quenya
Erinco Single/Alone One (Male) Quenya
Eryo Single/Sole One (Male) Quenya
Eteminyo Prominent One (Male) Quenya
Etto Outside (Male) Quenya
Etteleo Foreign One (Male) Quenya
Ezello Green One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Faico Contemptible/Mean One (Male) Quenya
Failo Fair-minded/Just/Generous One (Male) Quenya
Fáno White One (Male) Quenya
Fáreo Sufficient One (Male) Quenya
Fauco Thirsty One (Male) Quenya
Fealasso Joyous Spirit (Male) Quenya
Fealehto Free Spirit (Male) Quenya
Feamáro Good Spirit (Male) Quenya
Feanuldo Secret Spirit (Male) Quenya
Feapoldo Strong Spirit (Male) Quenya
Feaquildo Quiet Spirit (Male) Quenya
Fearillo Spirit of Brilliance (Male) Quenya
Ferinyo Beechen One (Male) Quenya
Fimbo Slender One (Male) Quenya
Finco Clever One (Male) Quenya
Fíneo Dexterous One (Male) Quenya
Finwo Dexterous/Clever One (Male) Quenya
Finyo Clever One (Male) Quenya
Formenyo Northern One (Male) Quenya
Forno Northern One (Male) Quenya
Forto Northern One (Male) Quenya
Hairo Remote/Far One (Male) Quenya
Haiyo Far One (Male) Quenya
Haldalóto Hiding Flower (Male) Quenya
Haldamíro Hidden Jewel (Male) Quenya
Haldanáro Hiding Fire (Male) Quenya
Haldo Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady One (Male) Quenya
Hallo Tall One (Male) Quenya
Hampo Restrained/Delayed/Kept One (Male) Quenya
Hando Intelligent One (Male) Quenya
Harno Wounded One (Male) Quenya
Hataltamo Spear Maker (Male) Quenya
Hecilo Forsaken/Outcast One (Male) Quenya
Helco Icy Cold One (Male) Quenya
Heldo Naked One (Male) Quenya
Helwo Pale Blue One (Male) Quenya
Hendunáro Fire-Eyed One (Male) Quenya
Hendusailo Wise-Eyed One (Male) Quenya
Hendumaico Sharp-eyed One (Male) Quenya
Herenyo Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich One (Male) Quenya
Himbo Adhering/Sticking One (Male) Quenya
Hísealo Mist Spirit (Male) Exilic Quenya
Hiswo Grey/Foggy One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Híþealo Mist Spirit (Male) Valinor Quenya
Hiþwo Grey/Foggy One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Hlaiwo Sickly/Ill One (Male) Quenya
Hloireo Venomous One (Male) Quenya
Hóreo Impulsive One (Male) Quenya
Hrango Awkward/Hard One (Male) Quenya
Hrávo Wild One (Male) Quenya
Hrómenyo Eastern One (Male) Quenya
Hróno Eastern One (Male) Quenya
Hróvo Dark Brown One (Male) Quenya
Húno Accursed One (Male) Quenya
Hwarino Crooked One (Male) Quenya
Hyandotamo Cleaver Maker (Male) Quenya
Hyartamo Plough Maker (Male) Quenya
Hyarmenyo Southern One (Male) Quenya
Hyarno Southern One (Male) Quenya
Ilfirino Immortal One (Male) Quenya
Ilvano Perfect One (Male) Quenya
Ilvanyo Perfect One (Male) Quenya
Imbelosso One Within the Snow (Male) Quenya
Inwisto Changeable Mood Man (Male) Quenya
Inyo Feminine One (Male) Quenya
Írimo Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable One (Male) Quenya
Istimo Knowledgeable One (Male) Quenya
Laico Keen/Sharp/Piercing One (Male) Quenya
Laico Green One (Male) Quenya
Lámino Echoing One (Male) Quenya
Lando Wide One (Male) Quenya
Langotamo Broad Sword Maker (Male) Quenya
Lannetamo Cloth Maker (Male) Quenya
Lanwatamo Loom Maker (Male) Quenya
Larco Swift/Rapid One (Male) Quenya
Lassecanto Leaf-shaped One (Male) Quenya
Lauco Warm One (Male) Quenya
Laurealasso Golden Joy Man (Male) Quenya
Laurealoxo Golden Hair (Male) Quenya
Laureo Golden One (Male) Quenya
Lehto Free One (Male) Quenya
Lelyo Delicate/Slender/Lovely One (Male) Quenya
Lembo One Left Behind (Male) Quenya
Leptafinyo Clever-fingered One (Male) Quenya
Léro Free One (Male) Quenya
Liatamo Thread Maker (Male) Quenya
Lícumatamo Candle Maker (Male) Quenya
Lillasseo Leafy/Having Many Leaves One (Male) Quenya
Lilómeo One Full of Darkness (Male) Quenya
Lilóteo One Having Many Flowers (Male) Quenya
Limpo Frail One (Male) Quenya
Lindacelumo Musical Stream (Male) Quenya
Lindanando Beautiful Harper (Male) Exilic Quenya
Lindangando Beautiful Harper (Male) Valinor Quenya
Lindo Beautiful Sounding One (Male) Quenya
Lindómo Sweet Voice (Male) Quenya
Lindaleo Melodious One (Male) Quenya
Linco Wet One (Male) Quenya
Linto Swift One (Male) Quenya
Linyenwo Old/Year-full One (Male) Quenya
Lisso Sweet One (Male) Quenya
Lómeo Gloomy One (Male) Quenya
Losseo Snow-white One (Male) Quenya
Lótealoxo Flowery Hair (Male) Quenya
Luino Blue One (Male) Quenya
Lumbo Weary One (Male) Quenya
Lumbo Gloomy One (Male) Quenya
Lumno Burdensome/Oppressive One (Male) Quenya
Lúno Dark One (Male) Quenya
Lusto Empty One (Male) Quenya
Maciltamo Swordsmith (Male) Quenya
Maicatamo Blade Maker (Male) Quenya
Maico Sharp/Piercing One (Male) Quenya
Maileo Lustful One (Male) Quenya
Maito Hungry One (Male) Quenya
Malino Yellow/Golden One (Male) Quenya
Malwafindo Flaxen Haired (Male) Quenya
Malwo Pale One (Male) Quenya
Máno Morally Good One (Male) Quenya
Maquetimo Curious One (Male) Quenya
Máro Good/Useful One (Male) Quenya
Marto Fated One (Male) Quenya
Maryo Pale/Fallow One (Male) Quenya
Maxo Pliable/Soft One (Male) Quenya
Mélo Affectionate/Loving One (Male) Quenya
Meldo Beloved/Dear One/Friend (Male) Quenya
Melehto Mighty One (Male) Quenya
Meletyo Mighty One (Male) Quenya
Melimo Loveable/Fair One (Male) Quenya
Melino Dear One (Male) Quenya
Merco Wild/Untamed One (Male) Quenya
Meryo Festive One (Male) Quenya
Métimeldo Last Elf (Male) Quenya
Métimo Last One (Male) Quenya
Milco Greedy One (Male) Quenya
Milyo Soft/Gentle/Weak One (Male) Quenya
Mindo Prominent/Conspicuous One (Male) Quenya
Mírimo Valuable One (Male) Quenya
Mirwo Precious/Valuable One (Male) Quenya
Míso Grey One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Misto Grey One (Male) Quenya
Míþo Grey One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Mityo Interior One (Male) Quenya
Mixo Wet One (Male) Quenya
Moino Familiar/Dear One (Male) Quenya
Mólo Slave (Male) Quenya
Morifindo Black Hair (Male) Quenya
Morivanesso Dark Beauty (Male) Quenya
Morno Black-haired One (Male) Quenya
Morno Dark/Black One (Male) Quenya
Muino Hidden/Secret One (Male) Quenya
Musso Soft One (Male) Quenya
Náho Narrow One (Male) Quenya
Naico Bitterly Painful/Egregious One (Male) Quenya
Naiceleo Painful One (Male) Quenya
Nairo Vast/Wide/Empty One (Male) Quenya
Nairo Dreadful/Horrible One (Male) Quenya
Naito True One (Male) Quenya
Naltanáro Fire Radiance (Male) Exilic Quenya
Ñaltanáro Fire Radiance (Male) Valinor Quenya
Nambatamo Hammer Maker (Male) Quenya
Nandetamo Harp Maker (Male) Exilic Quenya
Ñandetamo Harp Maker (Male) Valinor Quenya
Nandelletamo Little Harp Maker (Male) Exilic Quenya
Ñandelletamo Little Harp Maker (Male) Valinor Quenya
Nanwo Actual/True/Real One (Male) Quenya
Naraco Harsh/Violent One (Male) Quenya
Narwanto Red Face (Male) Quenya
Narwafindo Fiery Red-Haired One (Male) Quenya
Narwo Fiery Red One (Male) Quenya
Naryo Fiery One (Male) Quenya
Nasaro Red One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Natsetamo Web/Net Maker (Male) Quenya
Nauco Stunted/Shortened One (Male) Quenya
Nauto Bound/Obliged One (Male) Quenya
Néco Pale/Vague/Faint One (Male) Quenya
Nenalasso Water Joy (Male) Quenya
Nemmíro Water Jewel (Male) Quenya
Nemmirilo Shining Water Jewel (Male) Quenya
Nendo Wet One (Male) Quenya
Nenyo Wet/Watery One (Male) Quenya
Nerco Sharp/Angular One (Male) Quenya
Nesso Youthful/Young One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Nessimo Youthful One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Neþþo Youthful/Young One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Neþþimo Youthful One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Netiltamo Trinket Maker (Male) Quenya
Netyo Pretty/Dainty One (Male) Quenya
Neumatamo Snare Maker (Male) Quenya
Níco Small One (Male) Quenya
Nielinyo Pool of Tears (Male) Quenya
Nildo Friendly/Loving One (Male) Quenya
Nimpo Wilting/Ailing One (Male) Quenya
Nindo Slender One (Male) Quenya
Ninquo White/Palid/Cold One (Male) Quenya
Nípo Small/Frail One (Male) Quenya
Nísimo Fragrant One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Níto Moist/Dewy One (Male) Quenya
Níþimo Fragrant One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Nityo Small One (Male) Quenya
Nólo Wise/Learned One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Ñólo Wise/Learned One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Nolyo Dark-haired One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Ñolyo Dark-haired One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Nórimo Swift Runner (Male) Quenya
Norno Thrawn/Tough One (Male) Quenya
Norto Horrible One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Ñorto Horrible One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Nossenco Family-less One (Male) Quenya
Nucemeno Underground One (Male) Quenya
Nuhuino Shadowed One (Male) Quenya
Núlo Dark/Occult/Mysterious One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Ñúlo Dark/Occult/Mysterious One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Núlelíro Song of Sorcery (Male) Exilic Quenya
Ñúlelíro Song of Sorcery (Male) Valinor Quenya
Nullo Secret One (Male) Quenya
Nullo Dark/Dusky/Obscure One (Male) Quenya
Numbo Bent/Hunched One (Male) Quenya
Númenyo Western One (Male) Quenya
Núno Western One (Male) Quenya
Núro Deep One (Male) Quenya
Nwalco Cruel One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Ñwalco Cruel One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Nyelletamo Bell Maker (Male) Quenya
Ohtaro Warrior (Male) Quenya
Oio Everlasting One (Male) Quenya
Oialo Unceasing/Endless One (Male) Quenya
Oialeo Eternal One (Male) Quenya
Oiro Eternal One (Male) Quenya
Olco Evil/Bad/Wicked One (Male) Quenya
Olmelóto Scent of a Flower (Male) Exilic Quenya
Olosto Dreamy One (Male) Quenya
Onóno Twin-born One (Male) Quenya
Ontamo Mason (Male) Quenya
Orno Hasty One (Male) Quenya
Orneleno Tree of Stars (Male) Quenya
Ortóloro Dream of Mountains (Male) Quenya
Orwalaureo Tall and Golden One (Male) Quenya
Orwo Tall/High/Lofty One (Male) Quenya
Ossehuino Dreaded Gloom (Male) Quenya
Pahto Private One (Male) Quenya
Paldo Wide One (Male) Quenya
Panotamo Carpenter (Male) Quenya
Panto Open One (Male) Quenya
Parco Dry/Thirsty One (Male) Quenya
Parco Naked One (Male) Quenya
Parmatamo Book Maker (Male) Quenya
Parno Bare/Bold/Naked One (Male) Quenya
Pasto Smooth One (Male) Quenya
Peleccotamo Axe Maker (Male) Quenya
Penyo Inadequate/Poor One (Male) Quenya
Pertundo Half Tall One (Male) Quenya
Pilintamo Arrow Maker (Male) Quenya
Pirucendeo Pirouetting One (Male) Quenya
Pityo Little One (Male) Quenya
Poico Clean/Pure One (Male) Quenya
Poldo Big/Strong/Burly One (Male) Quenya
Púreo Smeared/Discoloured One (Male) Quenya
Quanto Full One (Male) Quenya
Quentalóro Pastless One (Male) Quenya
Quildalóto Quiet Flower (Male) Quenya
Quildo Quiet One (Male) Quenya
Quildohtaro Quiet Warrior (Male) Quenya
Quildoloro Quiet Dream (Male) Quenya
Quildosso Quiet Horror (Male) Quenya
Quingatamo Bow Maker (Male) Quenya
Rácino Broken One (Male) Quenya
Raico Crooked/Wrong One (Male) Quenya
Raimatamo Net Maker (Male) Quenya
Raino Smiling/Gracious/Sweet-faced One (Male) Quenya
Raino One Caught in a Net (Male) Quenya
Raiwetamo Lace Maker (Male) Quenya
Raumolíro Storm Song (Male) Quenya
Ráveo Roaring One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Ráweo Roaring One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Rembetamo Fishing Net Maker (Male) Quenya
Remmatamo Snare Maker (Male) Quenya
Rempo Crooked One (Male) Quenya
Rilyo Glittering One (Male) Quenya
Rimpo Rushing/Flying One (Male) Quenya
Ríno Garlanded/Crowned One (Male) Quenya
Rindo Circular One (Male) Quenya
Ringeleno Cold Star (Male) Quenya
Ringo Cold One (Male) Quenya
Roino Ruddy One (Male) Quenya
Rómatamo Horn Maker (Male) Quenya
Rondo Solid/Firm One (Male) Quenya
Rúcimo Terrible One (Male) Quenya
Rúcino Confused/Disordered/Ruined One (Male) Quenya
Ruino Blazing/Fiery One (Male) Quenya
Rundo Smooth/Polished One (Male) Quenya
Ruscuito Foxy One (Male) Quenya
Rúseo Wrathful One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Rúseaserco Angry Blood (Male) Exilic Quenya
Russeldo Red Haired Elf (Male) Quenya
Russo Red-Haired One (Male) Quenya
Rúþeo Wrathful One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Rúþeaserco Angry Blood (Male) Valinor Quenya
Ruxo Wroth/Angry One (Male) Quenya
Saileldo Wise Elf (Male) Quenya
Sailo Wise One (Male) Quenya
Sailatio Wise Course (Male) Quenya
Sando Firm/True/Abiding One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Sanyo Regular/Law-abiding/Normal One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Sarearo Sea Stone (Male) Quenya
Sáro Bitter One (Male) Quenya
Sardo Hard One (Male) Quenya
Sarno Stony One (Male) Quenya
Sarto Steadfast/Trusty/Loyal One (Male) Quenya
Sataro Trusty Follower (Male) Quenya
Satyo Private/Uncommon One (Male) Quenya
Sauro Foul/Putrid One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Sendo Resting/At Peace One (Male) Quenya
Senno Short One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Senyo Usual/Common/Typical One (Male) Quenya
Siciltamo Dagger/Knife Maker (Male) Quenya
Sincahondo Flint-hearted One (Male) Quenya
Sindo Grey One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Sindo Grey/Silvery One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Sinwo Known/Certain One (Male) Quenya
Soico Thirsty One (Male) Quenya
Sorno Steadfast One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Taino Lengthened/Extended One (Male) Quenya
Tamo Smith (Male) Quenya
Tamantamo Handmade Item Maker (Male) Quenya
Tammatamo Tool Maker (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Tamno Artificial One (Male) Quenya
Táno High One (Male) Quenya
Tanco Firm/Fixed/Sure One (Male) Quenya
Tanwetamo Craft/Device Maker (Male) Quenya
Táro High/Lofty/Tall One (Male) Quenya
Taryo Tough/Stiff One (Male) Quenya
Tauco Stiff/Wooden One (Male) Quenya
Tauro Mighty/Masterful One (Male) Quenya
Tautamo Carpenter (Male) Quenya
Teciltamo Pen Maker (Male) Quenya
Teldo Last/Final One (Male) Quenya
Telemno Silver One (Male) Quenya
Telepto Silver One (Male) Quenya
Tello Hindmost/Last One (Male) Quenya
Telpino Silver One (Male) Quenya
Téro Straight/Right One (Male) Quenya
Tereno Slender One (Male) Quenya
Terevo Fine/Acute One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Terewo Fine/Acute One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Þando Firm/True/Abiding One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Þanyo Regular/Law-abiding/Normal One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Þauro Foul/Putrid One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Þenno Short One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Þindo Grey One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Þindo Grey/Silvery One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Þorno Steadfast One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Tielóro Pathless/Directionless One (Male) Quenya
Tindo Glinting/Silver One (Male) Quenya
Titto Little/Tiny One (Male) Quenya
Tiuco Thick/Fat One (Male) Quenya
Torno Hard One (Male) Quenya
Tornango Iron Hard One (Male) Quenya
Tulco Firm/Strong/Steadfast One (Male) Quenya
Tulcatio Steadfast Course (Male) Quenya
Tumno Lowlying/Deep/Low One (Male) Quenya
Tundo Tall One (Male) Quenya
Túro Great One (Male) Quenya
Túreo Mighty/Masterful/Victorious One (Male) Quenya
Turmatamo Shield Maker (Male) Quenya
Tyalangando Harpist (Male) Quenya
Tyelco Swift/Agile One (Male) Quenya
Tyelpefindo Silver Haired One (Male) Quenya
Úfanweo Obvious/Unveiled One (Male) Quenya
Úfáreo Insufficient One (Male) Quenya
Ulco Evil/Bad/Wicked One (Male) Quenya
Úno Destitute/Forlorn One (Male) Quenya
Unco Hollow One (Male) Quenya
Úro Nasty One (Male) Quenya
Úro Torrid/Sultry/Unpleasantly Hot One (Male) Quenya
Urdo Hard/Difficult One (Male) Quenya
Úvaneo Beautiless One (Male) Quenya
Úvanimo Ugly One (Male) Quenya
Vahaiyo Far Away One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Vailimo Windy One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Vaino Blond One (Male) Quenya
Valdo Excited/Wild One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Vanimóro Dark Beauty (Male) Quenya
Vano Fair One (Male) Quenya
Vanisailo Fair and Wise One (Male) Quenya
Vanisauro Beautiful and Foul One/Gary Stu (Male) Quenya
Vaniþauro Beautiful and Foul One/Gary Stu (Male) Quenya
Vanimeldo Beloved and Beautiful One (Male) Quenya
Vanwestelo Lost Hope (Male) Exilic Quenya
Vanwo Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Vanyo Beautiful/Fair One (Male) Quenya
Váro Soiled/Dirty One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Varando Sublime One (Male) Quenya
Varno Protected/Secure One (Male) Quenya
Varno Brown One (Male) Quenya
Veo Manly/Vigorous One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Véneo Virginal/Maidenly One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Venyo Green/Yellow-green/Fresh One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Véro Personal/Private One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Verco Wild One (Male) Quenya
Veryo Bold One (Male) Quenya
Vilwo Fluttering About One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Vilwarindeo Butterfly-Like One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Vinimo Childish One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Vinyáro Fresh Dawn (Male) Exilic Quenya
Vinyo New/Fresh/Young One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Viryo Fresh One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Vóreo Enduring/Lasting One (Male) Quenya
Vórimo Steadfast/Faithful One (Male) Quenya
Vorondeldo Steadfast Elf (Male) Quenya
Vorondo Steadfast/Faithful One (Male) Quenya
Voronwo Enduring/Long-lasting One (Male) Quenya
Vorosanyo Law-abiding/Normal One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Voroþanyo Law-abiding/Normal One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wahaiyo Far Away One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wailimo Windy One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Waldo Excited/Wild One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wanwestelo Lost Hope (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wanwo Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wáro Soiled/Dirty One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Weo Manly/Vigorous One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wéneo Virginal/Maidenly One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wenyo Green/Yellow-green/Fresh One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wéro Personal/Private One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wildo Vague/Wishy-washy/Fluttering About One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wilwo Vague/Wishy-washy/Fluttering About One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wilwarindeo Butterfly-Like One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Winimo Childish One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Winyáro Fresh Dawn (Male) Valinor Quenya
Winyo New/Fresh/Young One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wiryo Fresh One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Yaimeo Wailing One (Male) Quenya
Yalúmeo Old One (Male) Quenya
Yáno Vast/Huge/Wide One (Male) Quenya
Yáraldo Ancient Tree (Male) Quenya
Yáro Ancient One (Male) Quenya
Yáreo Old One (Male) Quenya
Yelwo Loathsome One (Male) Quenya
Yulmatamo Cup Maker (Male) Quenya

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  • Language(s): Quenya,
  • Categories this word falls under: Miscellaneous

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