feminine agental suffix

Names made with this word:

Aice Fell/Terrible/Dire One (Female) Quenya
Aicanassie Piercing Thorn (Female) Quenya
Aire Red/Copper-colored One (Female) Quenya
Aire Holy One (Female) Quenya
Airehísie Sea Mist (Female) Exilic Quenya
Airehíþie Sea Mist (Female) Valinor Quenya
Aireraume Sea Storm (Female) Quenya
Airesarnie Small Sea Stone (Female) Quenya
Aiste Holy One (Female) Quenya
Alarce Swift/Rapid One (Female) Quenya
Alasaile Unwise One (Female) Quenya
Alcarine Glorious/Brilliant One (Female) Quenya
Alime Fair/Good One (Female) Quenya
Almárie Blessed One (Female) Quenya
Alate Large/Great One (Female) Quenya
Alwe Healthy/Strong/Flourishing One (Female) Quenya
Alye Prosperous/Rich/Blessed One (Female) Quenya
Amanye Blessed One (Female) Quenya
Ampatame Hook Maker (Female) Quenya
Ande Long One (Female) Quenya
Andúne Western One (Female) Quenya
Angaine Iron One (Female) Quenya
Antare Very High/Very Lofty One (Female) Quenya
Anwe Real/Actual/True One (Female) Quenya
Are Noble One (Female) Quenya
Arheste Noble Captain (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Arossie Royal Terror (Female) Quenya
Aranye Free One (Female) Quenya
Arate High/Lofty/Noble One (Female) Quenya
Arce Narrow One (Female) Quenya
Arne Royal/Noble One (Female) Quenya
Arte Exalted/Lofty One (Female) Quenya
Asie Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Aþie Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Atse Hook/Claw Woman (Female) Quenya
Ause Dim Shape/Apparition (Female) Exilic Quenya
Auþe Dim Shape/Apparition (Female) Valinor Quenya
Avahaire Remote/Far One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Avalde Excited One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Avanwe Forbidden/Banned One (Female) Quenya
Awahaire Remote/Far One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Awalde Excited One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Caile Bedridden/Sick One (Female) Quenya
Caimatame Bed Maker (Female) Quenya
Caimassie Bedridden/Sick One (Female) Quenya
Calairie Sea Light (Female) Quenya
Calartame Lamp Maker (Female) Quenya
Calime Bright One (Female) Quenya
Caline Bright One (Female) Quenya
Calle Heroine (Female) Quenya
Calmatame Lamp/Light Maker (Female) Quenya
Calpatame Water-vessel Maker (Female) Quenya
Cambamírie Hand of Treasure (Female) Quenya
Cáne Commander (Female) Quenya
Cániel Daughter of Commander (Female) Quenya
Canye Bold One (Female) Quenya
Cáre Doer/Builder/Maker (Female) Quenya
Cáriel Daughter of Doer/Builder/Maker (Female) Quenya
Carmatame Tool/Weapon Maker (Female) Quenya
Carmatame Helmet Maker (Female) Quenya
Carmetame Artist (Female) Quenya
Carnie Red One (Female) Quenya
Carnifinde Red Haired (Female) Quenya
Carningorte Red Horror (Female) Exilic Quenya
Carningorte Red Horror (Female) Valinor Quenya
Cassatame Helmet Maker (Female) Quenya
Caumatame Shelter/Shield Maker (Female) Quenya
Cemne Earthen One (Female) Quenya
Cemnare Potter (Female) Quenya
Centame Potter (Female) Quenya
Ceure Renewed One (Female) Quenya
Céve Fresh/New One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Céwe Fresh/New One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Cilintame Glassware Maker (Female) Quenya
Cilintillatame Mirror Maker (Female) Quenya
Cilinyultame Drinking Glass Maker (Female) Quenya
Circatame Sickle Maker (Female) Quenya
Ciryatame Ship Maker (Female) Quenya
Coine Alive One (Female) Quenya
Corime Round One (Female) Quenya
Corne Round/Globed One (Female) Quenya
Cotte Enemy (Female) Quenya
Cotume Enemy (Female) Quenya
Cotye Hostile One (Female) Quenya
Cúnetame Crescent/Bow Maker (Female) Quenya
Culde Flame-coloured/Golden-red One (Female) Quenya
Culine Flame-coloured/Golden-red One (Female) Quenya
Culuine Orange One (Female) Quenya
Cumne Empty One (Female) Quenya
Cúne Bent/Curved One (Female) Quenya
Cunde Guardian/Lady (Female) Quenya
Cundendil Lover/Friend of Guardian/Lady (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Cundendur Servant of Guardian/Lady (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Curulambie Clever Tongue (Female) Quenya
Curulírie Skill of Song (Female) Quenya
Curumaitie Skilled Hand (Female) Quenya
Earcale Sea Light (Female) Quenya
Eccaire Remote One (Female) Quenya
Ecettame Dager Maker (Female) Quenya
Ehtitame Spear Maker (Female) Quenya
Ehtyare Spearwoman (Female) Quenya
Elfirile Waning Star (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Elquassie Star Feather (Female) Quenya
Eldacale Elf Light (Female) Quenya
Elennúmene Star of the West (Female) Quenya
Elenye Celestial One (Female) Quenya
Elvie Starlike One (Female) Quenya
Endie Middle One (Female) Quenya
Engwe Sickly One (Female) Quenya
Enwine Old One (Female) Quenya
Ere Lone One (Female) Quenya
Erde Solitary/Deserted One (Female) Quenya
Erie Single One (Female) Quenya
Eressie Lonely One (Female) Quenya
Erinque Single/Alone One (Female) Quenya
Erye Single/Sole One (Female) Quenya
Eteminye Prominent One (Female) Quenya
Ettie Outside (Female) Quenya
Ettelie Foreign One (Female) Quenya
Ezelle Green One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Faice Contemptible/Mean One (Female) Quenya
Faile Fair-minded/Just/Generous One (Female) Quenya
Fáne White One (Female) Quenya
Fárie Sufficient One (Female) Quenya
Fauce Thirsty One (Female) Quenya
Fealassie Joyous Spirit (Female) Quenya
Fealehte Free Spirit (Female) Quenya
Feamáre Good Spirit (Female) Quenya
Feanulde Secret Spirit (Female) Quenya
Feapolde Strong Spirit (Female) Quenya
Feaquilde Quiet Spirit (Female) Quenya
Fearillie Spirit of Brilliance (Female) Quenya
Ferinye Beechen One (Female) Quenya
Fimbie Slender One (Female) Quenya
Fince Clever One (Female) Quenya
Fínie Dexterous One (Female) Quenya
Finwe Dexterous/Clever One (Female) Quenya
Finye Clever One (Female) Quenya
Formenye Northern One (Female) Quenya
Forne Northern One (Female) Quenya
Fortie Northern One (Female) Quenya
Haire Remote/Far One (Female) Quenya
Haiye Far One (Female) Quenya
Halde Veiled/Hidden/Shadowed/Shady One (Female) Quenya
Haldalótie Hiding Flower (Female) Quenya
Haldamírie Hidden Jewel (Female) Quenya
Haldanárie Hiding Fire (Female) Quenya
Halle Tall One (Female) Quenya
Hampe Restrained/Delayed/Kept One (Female) Quenya
Hande Intelligent One (Female) Quenya
Harne Wounded One (Female) Quenya
Hataltame Spear Maker (Female) Quenya
Hecile Forsaken/Outcast One (Female) Quenya
Helce Icy Cold One (Female) Quenya
Helde Naked One (Female) Quenya
Helwe Pale Blue One (Female) Quenya
Hendunárie Fire-Eyed One (Female) Quenya
Hendusaile Wise-Eyed One (Female) Quenya
Hendumaice Sharp-eyed One (Female) Quenya
Herenye Fortunate/Wealthy/Blessed/Rich One (Female) Quenya
Heste Captainesse (Female) Quenya
Hestendil Lover/Friend of Captainesse (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Hestendur Servant of Captainesse (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Himbe Adhering/Sticking One (Female) Quenya
Hísealie Mist Spirit (Female) Exilic Quenya
Hiswe Grey/Foggy One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Híþealie Mist Spirit (Female) Valinor Quenya
Hiþwe Grey/Foggy One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Hlaiwe Sickly/Ill One (Female) Quenya
Hloirie Venomous One (Female) Quenya
Hórie Impulsive One (Female) Quenya
Hrange Awkward/Hard One (Female) Quenya
Hráve Wild One (Female) Quenya
Hrómenye Eastern One (Female) Quenya
Hróne Eastern One (Female) Quenya
Hróve Dark Brown One (Female) Quenya
Húne Accursed One (Female) Quenya
Hwarine Crooked One (Female) Quenya
Hyandotame Cleaver Maker (Female) Quenya
Hyartame Plough Maker (Female) Quenya
Hyarmenye Southern One (Female) Quenya
Hyarne Southern One (Female) Quenya
Ilfirine Immortal One (Female) Quenya
Ilvane Perfect One (Female) Quenya
Ilvanye Perfect One (Female) Quenya
Imbelossie One Within the Snow (Female) Quenya
Inwiste Changeable Mood Woman (Female) Quenya
Írime Lovely/Beautiful/Desirable One (Female) Quenya
Istime Knowledgeable One (Female) Quenya
Laice Keen/Sharp/Piercing One (Female) Quenya
Laice Green One (Female) Quenya
Lámine Echoing One (Female) Quenya
Lande Wide One (Female) Quenya
Langotame Broad Sword Maker (Female) Quenya
Lannetame Cloth Maker (Female) Quenya
Lanwatame Loom Maker (Female) Quenya
Larce Swift/Rapid One (Female) Quenya
Lassecante Leaf-shaped One (Female) Quenya
Lauce Warm One (Female) Quenya
Laurorne Golden Light Tree (Female) Quenya
Laurealassie Golden Joy Woman (Female) Quenya
Laurie Golden One (Female) Quenya
Laurealoxie Golden Hair (Female) Quenya
Lehte Free One (Female) Quenya
Lelye Delicate/Slender/Lovely One (Female) Quenya
Lembe One Left Behind (Female) Quenya
Leptafinye Clever-fingered One (Female) Quenya
Lére Free One (Female) Quenya
Liatame Thread Maker (Female) Quenya
Lícumatame Candle Maker (Female) Quenya
Lillassie Leafy/Having Many Leaves One (Female) Quenya
Lilóme One Full of Darkness (Female) Quenya
Lilótie One Having Many Flowers (Female) Quenya
Limpe Frail One (Female) Quenya
Lindacelumie Musical Stream (Female) Quenya
Linde Beautiful Sounding One (Female) Quenya
Lindanandie Beautiful Harper (Female) Exilic Quenya
Lindangandie Beautiful Harper (Female) Valinor Quenya
Lindóme Sweet Voice (Female) Quenya
Lindalie Melodious One (Female) Quenya
Linquie Wet One (Female) Quenya
Linte Swift One (Female) Quenya
Linyenwe Old/Year-full One (Female) Quenya
Lissie Sweet One (Female) Quenya
Lómie Gloomy One (Female) Quenya
Lossie Snow-white One (Female) Quenya
Lótealoxie Flowery Hair (Female) Quenya
Luinie Blue One (Female) Quenya
Lumbe Weary One (Female) Quenya
Lumbe Gloomy One (Female) Quenya
Lumne Burdensome/Oppressive One (Female) Quenya
Lúne Dark One (Female) Quenya
Luste Empty One (Female) Quenya
Maciltame Swordsmith (Female) Quenya
Maicatame Blade Maker (Female) Quenya
Maice Sharp/Piercing One (Female) Quenya
Mailie Lustful One (Female) Quenya
Maite Hungry One (Female) Quenya
Maline Yellow/Golden One (Female) Quenya
Malwe Pale One (Female) Quenya
Malwafinde Flaxen Haired (Female) Quenya
Mánie Morally Good One (Female) Quenya
Maquetime Curious One (Female) Quenya
Máre Good/Useful One (Female) Quenya
Marte Fated One (Female) Quenya
Marye Pale/Fallow One (Female) Quenya
Maxe Pliable/Soft One (Female) Quenya
Méle Affectionate/Loving One (Female) Quenya
Melde Beloved/Dear One/Friend (Female) Quenya
Melehte Mighty One (Female) Quenya
Meletye Mighty One (Female) Quenya
Melime Loveable/Fair One (Female) Quenya
Meline Dear One (Female) Quenya
Merce Wild/Untamed One (Female) Quenya
Merye Festive One (Female) Quenya
Métime Last One (Female) Quenya
Métimelde Last Elf (Female) Quenya
Milce Greedy One (Female) Quenya
Milye Soft/Gentle/Weak One (Female) Quenya
Minde Prominent/Conspicuous One (Female) Quenya
Mírime Valuable One (Female) Quenya
Mirwe Precious/Valuable One (Female) Quenya
Mísie Grey One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Miste Grey One (Female) Quenya
Míþie Grey One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Mitye Interior One (Female) Quenya
Mixe Wet One (Female) Quenya
Moine Familiar/Dear One (Female) Quenya
Móle Slave (Female) Quenya
Morifinde Black Hair (Female) Quenya
Morivanessie Dark Beauty (Female) Quenya
Morne Black-haired One (Female) Quenya
Morne Dark/Black One (Female) Quenya
Muine Hidden/Secret One (Female) Quenya
Mussie Soft One (Female) Quenya
Náhe Narrow One (Female) Quenya
Naice Bitterly Painful/Egregious One (Female) Quenya
Naicelie Painful One (Female) Quenya
Naire Vast/Wide/Empty One (Female) Quenya
Naire Dreadful/Horrible One (Female) Quenya
Naitie True One (Female) Quenya
Naltanárie Fire Radiance (Female) Exilic Quenya
Ñaltanárie Fire Radiance (Female) Valinor Quenya
Nambatame Hammer Maker (Female) Quenya
Nandetame Harp Maker (Female) Exilic Quenya
Ñandetame Harp Maker (Female) Valinor Quenya
Nandelletame Little Harp Maker (Female) Exilic Quenya
Ñandelletame Little Harp Maker (Female) Valinor Quenya
Nanwe Actual/True/Real One (Female) Quenya
Narace Harsh/Violent One (Female) Quenya
Narwante Red Face (Female) Quenya
Narwe Fiery Red One (Female) Quenya
Narwafinde Fiery Red-Haired One (Female) Quenya
Narye Fiery One (Female) Quenya
Nasare Red One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Natsetame Web/Net Maker (Female) Quenya
Nauce Stunted/Shortened One (Female) Quenya
Naute Bound/Obliged One (Female) Quenya
Néce Pale/Vague/Faint One (Female) Quenya
Nenalassie Water Joy (Female) Quenya
Nemmírie Water Jewel (Female) Quenya
Nemmirile Shining Water Jewel (Female) Quenya
Nende Wet One (Female) Quenya
Nenye Wet/Watery One (Female) Quenya
Nerce Sharp/Angular One (Female) Quenya
Nesse Youthful/Young One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Nessime Youthful One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Neþþe Youthful/Young One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Neþþime Youthful One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Netiltame Trinket Maker (Female) Quenya
Netye Pretty/Dainty One (Female) Quenya
Neumatame Snare Maker (Female) Quenya
Níce Small One (Female) Quenya
Nielinye Pool of Tears (Female) Quenya
Nilde Friendly/Loving One (Female) Quenya
Nimpe Wilting/Ailing One (Female) Quenya
Nindie Slender One (Female) Quenya
Ninquie White/Palid/Cold One (Female) Quenya
Nípe Small/Frail One (Female) Quenya
Nísime Fragrant One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Nítie Moist/Dewy One (Female) Quenya
Níþime Fragrant One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Nitye Small One (Female) Quenya
Nóle Wise/Learned One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Ñóle Wise/Learned One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Nolye Dark-haired One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Ñolye Dark-haired One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Nórime Swift Runner (Female) Quenya
Norne Thrawn/Tough One (Female) Quenya
Norte Horrible One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Ñorte Horrible One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Nossence Family-less One (Female) Quenya
Nucemene Underground One (Female) Quenya
Nuhuinie Shadowed One (Female) Quenya
Núle Dark/Occult/Mysterious One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Ñúle Dark/Occult/Mysterious One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Núlelírie Song of Sorcery (Female) Exilic Quenya
Ñúlelírie Song of Sorcery (Female) Valinor Quenya
Nulle Secret One (Female) Quenya
Nulle Dark/Dusky/Obscure One (Female) Quenya
Numbe Bent/Hunched One (Female) Quenya
Númenye Western One (Female) Quenya
Núne Western One (Female) Quenya
Núre Deep One (Female) Quenya
Núre Servant (Female) Quenya
Nwalce Cruel One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Ñwalce Cruel One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Nyelletame Bell Maker (Female) Quenya
Nyelle Singer (Female) Quenya
Ohtare Warrior (Female) Quenya
Oie Everlasting One (Female) Quenya
Oiale Unceasing/Endless One (Female) Quenya
Oialie Eternal One (Female) Quenya
Oire Eternal One (Female) Quenya
Olce Evil/Bad/Wicked One (Female) Quenya
Olmelóte Scent of a Flower (Female) Exilic Quenya
Oloste Dreamy One (Female) Quenya
Onóne Twin-born One (Female) Quenya
Ontame Mason (Female) Quenya
Orne Hasty One (Female) Quenya
Ornelene Tree of Stars (Female) Quenya
Ortólore Dream of Mountains (Female) Quenya
Orwe Tall/High/Lofty One (Female) Quenya
Orwalaurie Tall and Golden One (Female) Quenya
Ossehuinie Dreaded Gloom (Female) Quenya
Pahte Private One (Female) Quenya
Palde Wide One (Female) Quenya
Panotame Carpenter (Female) Quenya
Pante Open One (Female) Quenya
Parce Dry/Thirsty One (Female) Quenya
Parce Naked One (Female) Quenya
Parmatame Book Maker (Female) Quenya
Parnie Bare/Bold/Naked One (Female) Quenya
Paste Smooth One (Female) Quenya
Peleccotame Axe Maker (Female) Quenya
Penye Inadequate/Poor One (Female) Quenya
Pertunde Half Tall One (Female) Quenya
Pilintame Arrow Maker (Female) Quenya
Pirucendie Pirouetting One (Female) Quenya
Pitye Little One (Female) Quenya
Poice Clean/Pure One (Female) Quenya
Polde Big/Strong/Burly One (Female) Quenya
Púrie Smeared/Discoloured One (Female) Quenya
Quante Full One (Female) Quenya
Quentalóre Pastless One (Female) Quenya
Quildalace Quiet Storm (Female) Quenya
Quilde Quiet One (Female) Quenya
Quildalótie Quiet Flower (Female) Quenya
Quildohtare Quiet Warrior (Female) Quenya
Quildolore Quiet Dream (Female) Quenya
Quildossie Quiet Horror (Female) Quenya
Quildaraume Quiet Storm (Female) Quenya
Quingatame Bow Maker (Female) Quenya
Rácine Broken One (Female) Quenya
Raice Crooked/Wrong One (Female) Quenya
Raimatame Net Maker (Female) Quenya
Raine Smiling/Gracious/Sweet-faced One (Female) Quenya
Raine One Caught in a Net (Female) Quenya
Raiwetame Lace Maker (Female) Quenya
Raumolírie Storm Song (Female) Quenya
Rávie Roaring One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Ráwie Roaring One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Rembetame Fishing Net Maker (Female) Quenya
Remmatame Snare Maker (Female) Quenya
Rempe Crooked One (Female) Quenya
Rilye Glittering One (Female) Quenya
Rimpe Rushing/Flying One (Female) Quenya
Ríne Garlanded/Crowned One (Female) Quenya
Rinde Circular One (Female) Quenya
Ringe Cold One (Female) Quenya
Ringelene Cold Star (Female) Quenya
Roine Ruddy One (Female) Quenya
Rómatame Horn Maker (Female) Quenya
Ronde Solid/Firm One (Female) Quenya
Rúcime Terrible One (Female) Quenya
Rúcine Confused/Disordered/Ruined One (Female) Quenya
Ruine Blazing/Fiery One (Female) Quenya
Runande Redeemer (Female) Quenya
Runde Smooth/Polished One (Female) Quenya
Ruscuitie Foxy One (Female) Quenya
Rúsie Wrathful One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Rúseasercie Angry Blood (Female) Exilic Quenya
Russe Red-Haired One (Female) Quenya
Russelde Red Haired Elf (Female) Quenya
Rúþie Wrathful One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Rúþeasercie Angry Blood (Female) Valinor Quenya
Ruxe Wroth/Angry One (Female) Quenya
Saile Wise One (Female) Quenya
Sailelde Wise Elf (Female) Quenya
Samne Carpenter/Wright/Builder (Female) Exilic Quenya
Sáme Helper (Female) Exilic Quenya
Sámendil Lover/Friend of a Helper (Gender-Neutral) Exilic Quenya
Sámendur Servant of a Helper (Gender-Neutral) Exilic Quenya
Sande Firm/True/Abiding One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Sanye Regular/Law-abiding/Normal One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Sareare Sea Stone (Female) Quenya
Sáre Bitter One (Female) Quenya
Sarde Hard One (Female) Quenya
Sarne Stony One (Female) Quenya
Sarte Steadfast/Trusty/Loyal One (Female) Quenya
Satare Trusty Follower (Female) Quenya
Satye Private/Uncommon One (Female) Quenya
Saure Foul/Putrid One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Sende Resting/At Peace One (Female) Quenya
Senne Short One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Senye Usual/Common/Typical One (Female) Quenya
Siciltame Dagger/Knife Maker (Female) Quenya
Sincahonde Flint-hearted One (Female) Quenya
Sinde Grey One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Sindie Grey/Silvery One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Sinwe Known/Certain One (Female) Quenya
Soice Thirsty One (Female) Quenya
Sorne Steadfast One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Taine Lengthened/Extended One (Female) Quenya
Tame Smith (Female) Quenya
Tamantame Handmade Item Maker (Female) Quenya
Tammatame Tool Maker (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Tamne Artificial One (Female) Quenya
Táne High One (Female) Quenya
Tance Firm/Fixed/Sure One (Female) Quenya
Tanwetame Craft/Device Maker (Female) Quenya
Táre High/Lofty/Tall One (Female) Quenya
Tarye Tough/Stiff One (Female) Quenya
Tauce Stiff/Wooden One (Female) Quenya
Taure Mighty/Masterful One (Female) Quenya
Tautame Carpenter (Female) Quenya
Teciltame Pen Maker (Female) Quenya
Telde Last/Final One (Female) Quenya
Telemne Silver One (Female) Quenya
Telepte Silver One (Female) Quenya
Telle Hindmost/Last One (Female) Quenya
Telpine Silver One (Female) Quenya
Tére Straight/Right One (Female) Quenya
Tercáne Herald (Female) Quenya
Terene Slender One (Female) Quenya
Tereve Fine/Acute One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Terewe Fine/Acute One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Þamne Carpenter/Wright/Builder (Female) Quenya
Þamne Carpenter/Wright/Builder (Female) Valinor Quenya
Þáme Helper (Female) Valinor Quenya
Þande Firm/True/Abiding One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Þanye Regular/Law-abiding/Normal One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Þaure Foul/Putrid One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Þenne Short One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Þinde Grey One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Þindie Grey/Silvery One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Þorne Steadfast One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Tielóre Pathless/Directionless One (Female) Quenya
Tinde Glinting/Silver One (Female) Quenya
Titte Little/Tiny One (Female) Quenya
Tiuce Thick/Fat One (Female) Quenya
Torne Hard One (Female) Quenya
Tornange Iron Hard One (Female) Quenya
Tulce Firm/Strong/Steadfast One (Female) Quenya
Tumne Lowlying/Deep/Low One (Female) Quenya
Tunde Tall One (Female) Quenya
Túre Great One (Female) Quenya
Túrie Mighty/Masterful/Victorious One (Female) Quenya
Turmatame Shield Maker (Female) Quenya
Tyalangande Harpist (Female) Quenya
Tyelce Swift/Agile One (Female) Quenya
Tyelpefinde Silver Haired One (Female) Quenya
Úfanwie Obvious/Unveiled One (Female) Quenya
Úfárie Insufficient One (Female) Quenya
Ulce Evil/Bad/Wicked One (Female) Quenya
Úne Destitute/Forlorn One (Female) Quenya
Unque Hollow One (Female) Quenya
Úre Nasty One (Female) Quenya
Úre Torrid/Sultry/Unpleasantly Hot One (Female) Quenya
Urde Hard/Difficult One (Female) Quenya
Úvanie Beautiless One (Female) Quenya
Úvanime Ugly One (Female) Quenya
Vahaiye Far Away One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Vailime Windy One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Vaine Blonde One (Female) Quenya
Valde Excited/Wild One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Vanie Fair One (Female) Quenya
Vanimórie Dark Beauty (Female) Quenya
Vanisaile Fair and Wise One (Female) Quenya
Vanisaure Beautiful and Foul One/Mary Sue (Female) Quenya
Vaniþaure Beautiful and Foul One/Mary Sue (Female) Quenya
Vanime Beautiful/Fair One (Female) Quenya
Vanimelde Beloved and Beautiful One (Female) Quenya
Vanwe Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Vanwestele Lost Hope (Female) Exilic Quenya
Vanye Beautiful/Fair One (Female) Quenya
Váre Soiled/Dirty One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Varande Sublime One (Female) Quenya
Varne Protected/Secure One (Female) Quenya
Varnie Brown One (Female) Quenya
Vénie Virginal/Maidenly One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Venye Green/Yellow-green/Fresh One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Vére Personal/Private One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Verce Wild One (Female) Quenya
Verye Bold One (Female) Quenya
Vilwe Fluttering About One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Vilwarindie Butterfly-Like One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Vinime Childish One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Vinyáre Fresh Dawn (Female) Exilic Quenya
Vinye New/Fresh/Young One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Virye Fresh One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Vórie Enduring/Lasting One (Female) Quenya
Vorinde Enduring Will (Female) Quenya
Vórime Steadfast/Faithful One (Female) Quenya
Voronde Steadfast/Faithful One (Female) Quenya
Vorondelde Steadfast Elf (Female) Quenya
Voronwe Enduring/Long-lasting One (Female) Quenya
Vorosanye Law-abiding/Normal One (Female) Exilic Quenya
Voroþanye Law-abiding/Normal One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Wahaiye Far Away One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Wailime Windy One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Walde Excited/Wild One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Wanwe Lost/Vanished/Departed/Dead One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Wanwestele Lost Hope (Female) Valinor Quenya
Wáre Soiled/Dirty One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Wénie Virginal/Maidenly One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Wenye Green/Yellow-green/Fresh One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Wére Personal/Private One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Wilde Vague/Wishy-washy/Fluttering About One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Wilwe Vague/Wishy-washy/Fluttering About One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Wilwarindie Butterfly-Like One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Winime Childish One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Winyáre Fresh Dawn (Female) Valinor Quenya
Winye New/Fresh/Young One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Wirye Fresh One (Female) Valinor Quenya
Yaimie Wailing One (Female) Quenya
Yalúmie Old One (Female) Quenya
Yáne Vast/Huge/Wide One (Female) Quenya
Yáralde Ancient Tree (Female) Quenya
Yáre Ancient One (Female) Quenya
Yárie Old One (Female) Quenya
Yelwe Loathsome One (Female) Quenya
Yulmatame Cup Maker (Female) Quenya

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