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High/Lofty/Noble One

Sindarin Pronunciation

…rather than as the first two letters in a word, then it is two separate sounds, L and H. Recording features the words: Lhaew, Lhain, Lhê, Lhind, Lhing, Lhîw, Lhoss…

Sophia in Elvish

…so we’ll have separate names for each. Let’s add a feminine name suffix to these, making: Maitie, Finye, and Saile. We can also add feminine words “wende – maiden” and…


…khyarate. “kalama“, happy, merry. From Westron “Kali“, Merry. “kalda“, to be happy. From Westron “Kali“, Merry. “kastar“, treasure. From Westron “kastar“, mathom, mirian. “nakhat“, meeting. Literally, “two comings”. “narag“, dwarf….


feminine agental suffix