I’ve never received so many donations before! This has definitely broken all of my records. You guys are generous and thoughtful, and you make me so happy to be part of this fandom! There were a total of 18 donators this year, who donated a total of $1,077. This money was so helpful for me […]

I have some updates to the Donation Page! People have tried to do monthly donations to me on Paypal, but found it cumbersome on their end. So, I’ve devised a way to re-create what Patreon does by creating a monthly payments button. I’ve included the most common donation amounts, and they will continue monthly for […]

I don’t usually post about personal things, but I’m breaking that rule today, because I’m trying to process something that happened to me recently. I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism a few weeks ago. At first, all I saw was the downsides. How it makes me difficult to work with, how it makes it difficult […]

So, here we are. Due to the Middle-earth Network shutting down social-network operations, I had to move the “News and Updates” section to my own website. In this process, I got another subdomain for my website, installed WordPress 4.0 on it, then mucked around until it became something resembling the main website. I’m going to […]

Hi! I’m back from my adventures going to school, doing NaNoWriMo (I won!), and getting surgery (bi-lateral breast-reduction). I’m still a little sore from surgery, but I don’t need the powerful pain meds that make me extremely loopy. Therefore, I have given myself a green light to go back to website editing. We have two […]

We managed to meet our goal, then blow straight past it! The total amount donated is $1420. The rest of the money will go to paying the websites’ bills, and $5 a month will go to a Humanist charity network called “Foundation Beyond Belief“. They carefully screen charities to make certain that they actually help […]

Notice: Our donation goals have been met! Thank you everyone who helped out, you’re life’swork-savers! More info here! Got an update on the status of the data recovery this morning: “Your media is currently in the clean room where our most advanced engineers are working with your drive in order to bypass the failure and […]

Notice: Our donation goals have been met! Thank you everyone who helped out, you’re life’swork-savers! More info here! If you’re wondering what this is about, read this post first: http://realelvish.mymiddleearth.com/2013/07/19/help/ Our goal is to raise $850, so my spouse and I can afford to eat and pay rent and save the new sections of Realelvish.net […]

Notice: Our donation goals have been met! Thank you everyone who helped out, you’re life’swork-savers! More info here! I need help. I lost all of the files on my computer – it’s dying, and I was expecting that, so I had backed them up. Then my external hard-drive died. According to the place I brought […]

Thanks to a generous donation from “Liberty of the USA”, Merin Essi ar Quenteli! is able to keep its doors open for another year! You can view the list of donors (first names and country of origin only) here. Thank you for helping keep our website going! Máriessë ar márienna!

We finally outdid our free bandwidth. The website is down for a few days while we move to a new name server, with lots more bandwidth! Pity it costs so much. Check out the Donate page if you’d like to help keep the website afloat!

Our website now has merchandise! If you want to help keep “Merin Essi ar Quenteli!” running, or maybe some clothes with cool calligraphy on them, please check out our little store!

Hello folks! It’s about time I made another newsletter, isn’t it? While I haven’t been writing newsletters, I have been making updates. Lots of them. In January, I attempted to switch servers, because some of the pages were mysteriously disappearing. The server change didn’t help anything, so I went back to Awardspace and asked the […]

Hello all! Finals are over! I have no idea how I did on them, and won’t know for a while. I return to school in a week. I’m taking two intense summer French classes, the closest thing to spending the summer in France I can afford. So, for this short week I will be updating […]

Thank-you everyone who sent condolences to me! The funeral was two days ago, and your messages helped a lot. I’ve changed the background for a winter theme; I need to move on and start focusing on my life again. Christmas is coming quickly, and I have finally found a way to make money through my […]